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Hope ordered Katie and Ridge to sort out their feelings while Hope and Brooke went Paris. Bill insisted that his romp with Quinn would never happen again, but Quinn begged to differ. In Paris, Aly's dark side unleashed itself upon Wyatt.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 24, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, February 24, 2014

At the cliff house, Quinn and Bill were tearing the upstairs bedroom apart during their power sex game. She grabbed his sword charm, and he realized that she liked drawing blood. Quinn replied that she loved every painful moment of it, and before ravaging her again, Bill said she was more disturbed that he'd remembered. He put the tiny blade against her throat, and she huffed in ecstasy.

Downstairs, Liam groaned as he listened to the noises from upstairs. Hope arrived at the house, and Liam asked why she wasn't at the reception. Hope explained that Katie had passed out during the ceremony, and Brooke was with Katie at the hospital. Hope had decided to tell Liam about it in case he had to handle something for Katie at work.

Hope heard crashing noises and Bill's moaning. Liam quickly said that Bill wasn't feeling well. Hope asked if they should tell Bill about Katie or at least check on him; however, Liam awkwardly responded that Bill would be just fine, and they shouldn't disturb him.

Liam switched the topic back to the wedding, and Hope explained that Carter had recited a beautiful passage before Katie had fallen down. Though no one knew whether it had been a heart attack, Hope said that Katie had been alert again rather quickly and had insisted that she hadn't needed help. Liam guessed it had been too stressful for Katie, and Hope asked why he'd say that.

Liam decided that he had something to tell Hope. He stammered but finally said that Katie and Ridge had feelings for each other. Hope gasped, saying it was ridiculous, but Liam explained that Ridge and Katie had bonded over the Brooke and Bill incident and over poetry. Liam cited that Ridge had returned from Paris a totally different man and had been blindsided by what Brooke had done to Katie.

Liam felt that Katie would be upset with him for telling Hope, but he couldn't keep the secret if Katie's health was involved. Hope stated that Ridge had gone to the hospital, too, and she suddenly realized that the news about Katie and Ridge could be "coming out" at that very moment.

Hope asked more about the poetry bonding and recalled that Carter had read a poem when Katie had gone down. Gathering her thoughts, Hope decided that she couldn't fault Katie and Ridge because circumstances had drawn them together; however, Hope didn't want to see her mother hurt. Hope gave Liam a hug and a kiss and thanked him for telling her. Grabbing her purse, she took off for the hospital to get to the bottom of it.

Back upstairs, Quinn and Bill lay on the floor, exhausted from their activities. She claimed that it had been just as she'd remembered, and it was no wonder that Brooke had left him. Bill quipped that Quinn had been alone all those years because no man could put up with her. He claimed to be glad that he'd been drinking when he'd dated her.

Quinn advised Bill to go wipe off the blood, but Bill said it had just been a scratch. He suggested that she get a bandage, and she laughed, noting that she'd hardly been hurt by the tiny dagger's sting on her neck. The two got dressed, and Quinn said, "If you find my underwear -- "

"Yeah, I'll burn it," Bill quipped. Quinn decided that she should go, and she told him to enjoy his hangover. Bill seemed to be glad to get rid of her, but he leaned in when she kissed him before exiting.

Bill went downstairs, and shirtless, he fumed on the sofa. Liam entered and asked if they were alone. He stated that Hope had been there, Brooke's wedding hadn't happened because Katie had passed out. Liam said that Katie was okay, but Ridge and Brooke weren't married.

At the hospital, Katie told Ridge that she was sorry, but he replied that he wasn't. Katie insisted that it wasn't in her nature to do what she'd done at the wedding.

Brooke entered from the corridor, and Katie apologized for ruining the wedding. Brooke didn't believe that Katie had ruined it, but Brooke was glad that they'd gotten Katie to the hospital. Katie insisted that she was fine, but Brooke preferred to hold out for the doctor's assessment. Katie murmured that it might not be medical, and she could have been feeling something.

Brooke urged Katie to describe her feelings to her doctor so that they could get to the bottom of it. "There aren't words," Katie responded.

As Brooke persisted in questioning Katie about how she'd felt at the wedding, Hope arrived, full of concern for what had happened to Katie. Hope asked if Katie had been taking her medication, and Katie insisted that she had. Brooke stated that the medications weren't the problem, but she decided to find the doctor to see if she could get more information.

After Brooke had gone, Hope asked if Katie could go home that day. Katie figured that she would, because there was nothing wrong with her. Surprised, Hope responded that Katie had fainted at Brooke's wedding, so Katie couldn't say that something wasn't seriously wrong. Katie insisted that she was okay, and knowingly, Hope replied that Katie was just fine.

Hope noted that stress had caused Katie to fall to the floor. Hope declared that nothing was wrong with Katie, but she'd stopped the wedding because she hadn't wanted Brooke to marry Ridge. Katie admitted that she'd stopped the wedding, and Hope stated that it was because Katie loved Ridge. Katie admitted that she did.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

by Pam

At the hospital, Hope told Ridge and Katie that she had been disillusioned with both of them. Hope chastised Ridge because Brooke had been trying to prove that she was good enough for him. Hope was surprised that Katie had been secretly in love with Ridge. Hope agreed that Katie had had good intentions in stopping the wedding due to their feelings for one another, and Hope warned that Ridge could never marry Brooke if he had feelings for Katie.

Outside Katie's room, Brooke talked to the doctor in the hallway. The doctor told Brooke that he had received the test results and would disclose them to Katie. Brooke and the doctor entered Katie's room, and the doctor told Katie that she had not had a heart attack. He said that her cardiac function was fine, and he promised to discharge her as long as she had an adult to stay with her for at least 24 hours. The doctor left.

Katie apologized to Brooke for all the trouble. Brooke said that she and Ridge would get married after Katie had been supervised for 24 hours. Katie asked Hope to stay with her, but Hope had to go to Paris. Brooke offered to stay with Katie, but Hope said that she needed Brooke to go to France with her.

Hope insisted that Ridge could stay with Katie. Ridge offered to accompany Hope, but Hope refused. Hope added that Brooke had to go to Paris because Hope needed reinforcements. Hope persuaded her mother to leave and pack. Brooke agreed, and she kissed Ridge. Brooke cooed that it was supposed to be their wedding night. Ridge promised to see Brooke when she returned. Brooke left.

Hope, Ridge, and Katie discussed what to do next. "Work this out -- figure out what you are doing, and now you have time to do that," Hope advised. Hope warned that she didn't want Ridge and Katie to hurt Brooke. Hope called their relationship an affair, but Ridge and Katie argued that nothing had happened. They had crossed no lines.

Hope marveled that Ridge would have married Brooke even though he had feelings for Katie. Hope added that if Brooke had known about it, she would think it was an affair no matter what had happened. Ridge said that he had planned to make Brooke happy and that Katie had planned to support it. Hope asked if a little piece of Katie would have died inside to watch Brooke and Ridge marry, and Katie agreed it would have hurt her to let Ridge go.

Ridge said that he had never meant to mislead Brooke. His vows hadn't been just words, he said. Hope said that she admired Ridge and Katie, but they had to figure out what they wanted. Hope warned that she and Brooke would be gone for only a few days. Hope left.

Ridge told Katie they had to be careful. Katie shook her head. "You know how I feel," she said. "I knew before," Ridge said. A couple of days alone with Ridge seemed dangerous to Katie. Ridge sat down next to Katie and put his arm around her. He asked what Katie feared. "Myself," she answered.

At Liam's house, Liam and Bill talked about how Katie's collapse might have been fate or something else. Bill wondered if Katie had done it for Bill. Liam scoffed that Katie wouldn't do that. Liam added that Bill didn't believe in fate. Bill believed he had a second chance with Brooke.

Liam called the hospital to check on Katie, and he told Bill that Katie had been discharged. Bill said that Ridge had always cast Brooke in the role of the woman who had never been worthy of Ridge. Bill felt he had to see Brooke. Since he had been drinking, Bill decided he needed coffee and a shower before he visited Brooke. Liam didn't think it was Bill's best idea.

Bill lamented that he had lost everything -- his company, his wife, his child, and the woman he had wanted to marry. Bill decided he would seize the moment to be with Brooke. He left to take a shower.

When Bill returned, he was wearing a suit -- he noted that it was the same suit he had worn in a magazine interview about the power behind the Spencer name. Bill reminded Liam that the Spencer men had to stand up for themselves. Bill advised that Hope was still interested in Liam because she had visited Liam to tell him about Brooke and Ridge's wedding. Liam disagreed. Bill warned that Liam needed to forget the old history he had with Hope by making new history.

Liam disagreed. He felt there had been too much history, and he had put himself into a meat grinder too many times. Liam reminded Bill that Brooke would be committed to Ridge -- just as she had been before Katie's collapse had stopped the wedding. Bill said he didn't care about Ridge. He cared about Brooke. Bill left.

At Brooke's, the doorbell rang, and Brooke greeted Bill, who said he had heard about the failed wedding. "I'd be lying if I said I'm sorry," Bill confessed. He asked about Katie. Brooke said Katie was fine. Bill promised to love Brooke the way she deserved to be loved. Brooke asked if he had been drinking.

Bill asked to take Brooke to dinner. Bill asked her to let him love her for the rest of her life. Brooke said their love had been poisoned, but Brooke cooed that Bill was special to her. "There's no one like you," she said. Bill wanted to kiss Brooke and take her upstairs, but Brooke refused.

"He doesn't love you the way I do," Bill said about Ridge.

"I don't want him to," Brooke answered.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

by Pam

At Katie's, Ridge and Katie discussed their time alone. Katie said that Will was with his nanny at a play date so they were alone. Ridge said that the doctor had been mystified about what made Katie collapse. Katie wondered how Hope figured everything out. Ridge explained that Hope was protecting Brooke.

Ridge recalled that when he had first proposed to Brooke, she hadn't agreed immediately because she wanted to be sure that it was forever. Ridge said that Hope wanted Ridge to figure out what he wanted. Katie noted that Ridge was free to marry Brooke, but he felt he and Katie had to figure out what had happened between them. "It's time we're honest with each other," he said.

Katie worried that she had made a mistake when she interrupted Ridge and Brooke's wedding. Katie tried to call the Forrester jet to get the pilot to wait for Ridge to go with Brooke to Paris. Ridge took her phone away. "We can't deny this," he said. He added that neither one of them had expected it.

Ridge called their connection an amazing and wonderful surprise. Ridge caressed Katie's cheek with his hand, and Katie put her hand on his. Later, Ridge brought Katie something to eat. Katie chastised herself because she had feigned illness at the wedding. "Everything I accused her of -- that's me now," Katie said of Brooke. Ridge disagreed. "You fought how you felt," he reminded her. Ridge said that he was glad it was just the two of them. He kissed her on the forehead. Katie smiled at Ridge, and they looked into each other's eyes.

At Forrester, Wyatt studied pieces from Stephanie Forrester's personal collection. Quinn was smiling and appeared to be distracted. Wyatt told Quinn that he had been blown away when Eric asked him to appraise the collection. Wyatt noted that Quinn had been too quiet.

"I had the most fascinating encounter earlier with your father," Quinn said. Wyatt wondered what had happened. Quinn explained that she had learned Brooke and Ridge were getting married, and she knew that Bill would be in pain because he had lost Brooke. Quinn said that she noticed Bill was in so much pain that he was vulnerable, and she found herself feeling sorry for him but enjoying his sorrow at the same time.

Wyatt said that Quinn clearly loved and hated Bill at the same time. Quinn explained that she and Bill had a new level of understanding. Wyatt told Quinn that Katie had collapsed at the wedding, and Brooke and Ridge had never officially been married. Quinn looked thoughtful. Wyatt had to leave because he had received a text from Hope.

At Brooke's, Bill claimed that the failed wedding between Brooke and Ridge had been an omen. Bill grabbed Brooke and tried to kiss her, but Hope entered and interrupted. Hope wondered why Bill had arrived. Bill claimed that he was there because of the aborted wedding. Bill wanted Hope to convince Brooke to give him a second chance. Hope laughed.

Hope wondered if Bill had recovered from whatever ailment he'd had. Bill looked confused, and Hope reminded him that she had been at Liam's when Bill had been upstairs making a lot of noise. It must have been a fever, Hope said. Hope explained that Liam had said that Bill wasn't feeling well. Bill confessed that he had been drinking and was not himself, but it would never happen again. Bill said he wanted to go to Paris with Brooke, but Hope refused. Bill questioned if Ridge and Brooke would ever marry. He asked Hope what she thought, but Hope ignored him. She went upstairs to pack for the trip to Paris.

Bill wondered why Brooke would leave her fiancÚ on her almost wedding day to go to Paris. Bill promised to wait for Brooke, and he insisted they were not over. Brooke did not discourage him. Bill left, and Brooke looked thoughtful.

Later, Wyatt showed up at Hope's, and Hope broke the news that she was headed to Paris with her mom. "Invite me," Wyatt said. Wyatt started speaking French, and Hope laughed at his French accent. Wyatt promised nonstop romance, but Hope said it was impossible. She was spearheading a campaign, and she would be busy on Hope for the Future the entire time. She added that she had planned to spend any free time with her mom. Brooke entered and greeted Wyatt. Wyatt said he would miss Hope. They kissed passionately, and Brooke looked uncomfortable.

Later on the plane, Brooke confessed to Hope that she couldn't stop thinking about Ridge. Brooke said that it should have been her wedding night. She felt married to Ridge in her heart. Hope apologized for spiriting Brooke away. Brooke said she worried about Katie. Brooke knew that Katie would be feeling guilty for interrupting the wedding, but it was crazy after all that Brooke had done to Katie. Hope advised Brooke to stop beating herself up. "Aunt Katie isn't perfect either," Hope said. Brooke looked at a picture of Ridge on her phone.

Hope yawned and said she needed some sleep. Brooke encouraged her to go into the cabin to take a nap on the bed. Hope opened the door to the bedroom, and she looked at the bed. Wyatt crawled out from under the covers. Hope got onto the bed with him. Wyatt said that she hadn't told him NOT to accompany her to Paris. "I couldn't let you go to the most romantic city in the world alone," he said. They made out on the bed.

At Liam's, Bill had returned, and Liam wondered if Bill was alone or with Quinn ... or Brooke. Bill wondered how Liam had known about Quinn. Liam teased that the entire community of Malibu knew about it. Liam wondered if Bill had a case of temporary insanity, and Bill agreed. He told Liam to pretend that it had never happened. Liam asked about Brooke, and Bill said that Brooke and Hope were on their way to Paris without Ridge. Bill claimed there had to be more to the story. Liam left, and Bill sat down and recalled his time with Brooke in Monte Carlo.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

On the jet, Brooke was surprised when Hope revealed Wyatt, the stowaway, to her. Brooke cooed that Wyatt and Hope reminded her of herself and Ridge, who'd seized every opportunity to be together in their youth. Brooke advised Wyatt and Hope to keep it up because it was hard to remain steadfast in a world of constant distractions.

Brooke missed Ridge already but dedicated herself to helping Hope with the event. Wyatt chuckled to himself, and Hope said it was a clue that he was up to something. He assured her that they'd make headlines due to his plan, and the key to the plan was in a nearby suitcase.

In Eric's office, Eric was on a conference call with Thorne and Aly, who were in Paris. Aly was excited about Hope's arrival but asked if Liam would be with Hope. Eric said Hope was with Wyatt, but Aly hoped Wyatt wouldn't be in Paris. Eric didn't think Wyatt would be there, and Aly was relieved.

After the call, Pam arrived to let Eric know that Wyatt had taken off for Paris. Eric recalled that Wyatt had planned to take Stephanie's jewelry collection to Paris for an appraisal before displaying it at a future HFTF event in Paris; however, Eric hadn't been aware that Wyatt had chosen to do it so quickly. Pam snipped that Wyatt assumed a lot, but Eric replied that Wyatt had Eric's full approval.

Eric remarked that Aly didn't feel good about Wyatt. Pam became concerned when Eric noted that Aly had been a bit off on their call earlier. Pam asked if Eric thought Aly was having trouble again. Eric was worried because something about Aly's attitude toward Wyatt had alarmed Eric.

Pam said Thorne would watch over Aly. "As always," Eric drearily replied. Pam asked if Aly's cousins knew what was going on with her. Eric said Thorne and Aly hadn't wanted them to. Pam, who had issues of her own, said the worst of the issues was becoming confused by one's own self.

Pam figured that Thorne would be able to see the signs and head it off. Eric said he'd seen it before where Aly was calm and quiet before a switch flipped, causing her to get confrontational, angry, and violent. Eric recalled that Aly had had incidents of rage, which had worsened after "the bullying." Pam was upset about the problem, but Eric wondered if he was making more of it than he should.

In Paris after the call with Eric, Aly seemed frustrated that Hope was smart -- except for where Wyatt was concerned. Aly felt that Wyatt made Hope "different," and he was too smooth and slick. Aly didn't like him, and she concluded that he was bad for business and for Hope.

Thorne asked how long Aly had felt that way about Wyatt. Aly seethed that to know Wyatt was to dislike him, and she spat out a string of bad things about him. Thorne reasoned that Hope might be with Wyatt because she needed a break from her intense relationship with Liam. Aly declared that Hope shouldn't be with Wyatt at all, and the best time for HFTF had been when Hope had been with Liam.

Aly recalled that back then, Hope had been inspiring to Aly. "And now Wyatt's here, ruining everything and making a hypocrite of Hope. I wished he'd just go away!" Aly spat out.

Later, Brooke arrived in Thorne's office and complimented him on the job he'd been doing in Paris. Aly rushed off to find Hope, and after Aly had left, Brooke mentioned that Wyatt was there, too. Thorne became concerned, and Brooke asked what was wrong.

Thorne said he'd just learned that Aly did not like Wyatt, who she felt was a disaster for Hope and the company. Brooke said it sounded extreme, and Thorne admitted that it was what worried him.

Thorne liked having Aly in Paris, where he could keep an eye on her, and Brooke recalled that Aly had been through a lot and had anger issues over losing Darla at a young age. Thorne stated that Aly had been happy, but he'd seen darkness in her eyes when she'd talked about Wyatt. Thorne prayed that Wyatt wouldn't be the trigger to set Aly off.

In a nearby conference room, Hope was eager to see what Wyatt had in the suitcase. Wyatt revealed Stephanie's jewelry collection and called himself a marketing genius. He said he'd imagined what attention the jewelry would draw to Hope and her line, and he'd gotten Eric's permission to take the jewelry to Paris. Wyatt planned to pitch his marketing idea to Thorne after the appraisal.

Hope said it was a turn-on how Wyatt never stopped thinking. As she kissed him, Aly peaked in through the doorway. "Get your hands off of her!" Aly yelled, charging into the room. "I said get them off now!" she screamed at the shocked Wyatt.

At the cliff house, Quinn entered, and Bill told her that she had to stop "coming and going" as she pleased. Quinn claimed that door had been unlocked, and he assured her that he'd be more vigilant. Quinn told him to lighten up because they were family, but Bill declared that she was just the mother of his child. Quinn quipped that he hadn't been so discerning in the bedroom earlier.

Bill apologized and attributed it to the evils of alcohol. Quinn wasn't sorry about it and said they couldn't take it back. "But I can make sure it doesn't happen again," he retorted.

Quinn advised Bill not to make promises he couldn't keep, and she awed at the idea of them becoming lovers again. "No, no. That's what I'm trying to make you understand. We are not lovers. We had sex...and I shouldn't have let that happen," Bill asserted.

Bill explained that he was in love with Brooke, but Quinn stated that Brooke wasn't that into him. Quinn imagined that she and Bill could be the "bizzaro couple for the ages," and she offered to make him dinner and unleash her inner beast on him.

Bill stated that he'd been drunk, and Quinn had been single-minded. Quinn quipped that she'd taken advantage of poor Bill, but he insisted that he wouldn't have initiated anything. To him, it had been as if she'd had an agenda. "Which begs the question. Are you going to come to me in a couple of months and tell me you're pregnant?" he asked.

Quinn laughed at Bill. She told him to get over himself because there was no way she'd bring her life to a halt to have a baby with him after the kind of father he'd been to Wyatt. Bill stated that she'd never given him a chance, and she retorted that she wouldn't give it to him again, either. A child was nowhere on her list of priorities -- and certainly not having one with him.

Quinn asked if Bill had wondered what it would be like if they'd remained together. Bill claimed that that ship had sailed, but she replied that it had been docked in the harbor mere hours earlier. He asserted that it would never happen again.

Quinn figured that she'd blown her cover by showing that she still desired Bill on some strange level. She reasoned that she couldn't hate Bill entirely because part of him was within Wyatt. She promised not to let news of their tryst get out, but he said she'd hold it in until he "pissed" her off. Quinn gave her word and asked if that was the end. He said it was, but she replied that she'd see him again.

Bill asked if Quinn had heard what he'd just said. Quinn dismissively said Brooke and the "prom queen bimbos" would never give him what he wanted. She stated that he was ruthless, but she could take what he gave and throw it back harder. To her, he'd never met his real match, and that scared him.

Quinn had faith Bill would overcome his fear and look for her. She said, at that point, she might be interested, or she might not; however, he'd be wise to pursue her, the only woman who knew what he wanted and how and when to give it to him.

Friday, February 28, 2014

In Eric's office, Eric hopped from his chair and hurried to the door to hug Taylor, who'd arrived in town the previous night. Though Taylor had moved to Paris, she still saw patients in Los Angeles. Eric excitedly showed her the work that Hope and Wyatt had been doing and said Stephanie's jewelry collection would be debuting in Paris.

"On a more predictable note," Taylor said, and she relayed that she'd heard about Brooke and Ridge's reunion. Eric asked if Taylor had seen Aly in Paris. Taylor sensed that something troubled Eric about Aly, and Eric explained his uneasiness about Aly's attitude toward Wyatt.

Taylor reminded Eric that she had a bad history with Aly. Eric said he'd thought that having Aly shadow Hope would be positive for Aly, who'd had violent reactions at school. After assessing Aly's attitude about Wyatt, Eric had decided that Aly needed therapy. Though Taylor wanted to help, she doubted she was the person for the job.

Taylor reasoned that Aly hadn't gotten over what had happened with Taylor and Darla. Eric said that it had been an accident; however, Taylor replied that she'd killed Aly's mother, which was unforgivable -- accident or not. Taylor flashed back to telling Aly that Darla had died and to Aly destroying Taylor's wedding dress when Taylor had been about to marry Thorne.

Taylor hadn't forgiven herself for Darla's death. She suspected that Aly's troubles went even deeper than the death, and Hope and Wyatt would have their hands full with an out-of-control Aly.

In Thorne's office in Paris, Thorne conveyed to Brooke that Aly had wanted to be at the wedding, but he'd requested for her to be in Paris because he'd sensed something troubling within her. He said that Aly adored Hope and had really taken to the HFTF message, but Aly believed that Hope had lost her way after meeting Wyatt.

Thorne and Brooke discussed how none of the younger generation knew that Aly had problems. Thorne wanted to keep it that way, and Brooke hoped that her daughter and Wyatt would win Aly over. The skeptical Thorne conveyed that when Hope had started seeing Wyatt, Aly had viewed it as a betrayal, and she'd been devastated when Liam and Hope's wedding hadn't happened.

In a conference room, Aly ordered Wyatt to take his hands off Hope. Hope asked what the problem was, and Aly answered that it was Wyatt. She didn't know how Hope could let him kiss her. "It's disgusting," Aly said, grimacing.

Aly stated that she'd admired Hope a great deal; however, Wyatt was ruining Hope's message. Aly asked what had happened to commitment and self-respect, and she stated that she didn't even know Hope anymore. Hope asked how long Aly had felt that way, and Aly replied that it had been since Wyatt. "I hate it. I hate it!" Aly shouted.

Just then, Thorne and Brooke arrived. They were cheerful but seemed to sense the tension in the room. Thomas arrived and excitedly greeted his cousin, Aly. Thorne announced that Wyatt had a presentation to make, and Aly glared at Wyatt.

Wyatt told listeners that HFTF had become the industry's darling, but they would make it the industry's addiction "with this." He unveiled what he called the Stephanie Forrester Collection. Everyone was awed at the jewels -- except Aly, whose dagger-like stare penetrated Wyatt.

Wyatt remarked that Stephanie's name was synonymous with elegance, and people had seen Stephanie at events in her jewels. Lifting up a pearl necklace, he said everyone had seen her wearing it on magazine covers. Wyatt asserted that the collection was a fashion artifact, and Forrester had the responsibility to show it to the world.

Wyatt suggested that they display the collection at the upcoming show in Paris. As Thorne listened, he carefully studied the expressions on his daughter's face. Everyone agreed that Wyatt had a good idea. -- except Aly. "How dare you make a spectacle of my grandmother!" Aly asserted.

Aly told Wyatt that the jewels were precious heirlooms, but he wanted to make a sideshow out of them. Thorne and Thomas tried to explain to Aly that it would honor Stephanie, but Aly called it a publicity stunt in line with "that stupid blue diamond."

Aly wanted HFTF to get back on track with its message. Wyatt said that the sales were off the charts, but Aly told everyone to notice that it was all about money for Wyatt. "We don't need money," Aly contended; instead, they needed to stay true to what Hope represented.

Brooke agreed that HFTF message had been good, but she added that it had caused problems. Aly claimed that it hadn't done that for her and Hope's admirers. Aly said she was online every day, reminding people of what HFTF stood for, and they couldn't let the Fullers pollute the message.

Hope explained that the message had been good but problematic, and the line was no longer about the message. Aly yelled that it should be, because the message had been the best part.

Later, the meeting had concluded, and alone with Wyatt, Hope told him that he'd done well. Wyatt murmured that one person didn't think so, and Hope apologized for Aly's unexpected outburst. Wyatt assumed that Aly would eventually "come around -- or not." As the two began kissing, Aly cracked the door open and glared into the room.

Hope exited to search for her mother, and Aly returned to the room. Wyatt looked up when the door closed. In a measured tone, Aly said that kids had made fun of her in school; they'd called her nerdy and self-absorbed. Wyatt replied that she wasn't self-absorbed. "No, you are," Aly asserted.

Aly accused Wyatt of destroying Hope, the line, and even the Forrester family by turning her grandmother's legacy into a circus act. Wyatt began to speak; however, she cut him off, saying that he could do what he wanted regarding the Fullers, but he'd respect the Forresters and their company.

Aly said that Hope couldn't see how bad Wyatt was for her, but Aly could. Aly felt that Hope should have married Liam, but instead, Hope had compromised everything she'd believed in. "I have to save her -- from you!" Aly declared.

Later, Hope found Thorne and Brooke to discuss what had happened with Wyatt and Aly. Brooke and Thorne explained that Aly really looked up to Hope and had really absorbed Hope's message. The uncertain Hope murmured, "But to go off on Wyatt like that..."

Brooke was sure Aly would get used to Wyatt, and Hope remarked that it was possible because he could charm the skin off a snake. Thorne smiled, but his concern was evident on his face.

Back in the conference room, Wyatt advised Aly to calm down. Furious, Aly accused Wyatt of using jewelry that didn't belong to him to entice Hope away from Liam, the sweetest man anyone could want. Wyatt ordered her to slow down, but she said there was nothing to him but his greed.

Pointing her finger in his face, Aly called Wyatt "Big Shot, Mr. Popular." To her, he loved turning heads and trending without giving a darn about Hope or the collection. Wyatt asked if Aly was finished. Aly vowed to see to it that Wyatt wouldn't have Hope bedazzled for much longer.

Aly claimed that she hadn't been the most popular girl in school, but she knew Wyatt's type. He was like the ones who'd hung out with the jocks and dumb cheer girls. "I know exactly who you are," she seethed. Wyatt said it hadn't been like that for him. He wanted to get along with Aly, and he suggested that she try to see the benefits of his campaign.

Wyatt stated that Stephanie wouldn't mind the campaign, and Aly swooped into his personal space and shouted that he hadn't known her grandmother. Wyatt told Aly that they were on the same team, but she insisted that he'd never touch Hope again. Wyatt quipped that it was too late for that because he and Hope were members of the mile-high club.

"How dare you!" Aly shrieked and backhanded Wyatt. Aly ordered him to pack up his jewels and mother and return to the slimy place they'd emerged from. "You are officially fired from Forrester Creations, and you will not go near Hope again. Have I made myself perfectly clear?" she asked.

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