The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 24, 2014 on Y&R

Chloe was arrested for kidnapping Connor. Chelsea received a mysterious call from an unknown party. Leslie and Neil broke up. Ian attempted to blackmail Nikki, but Paul arrested Ian. Victoria and Stitch shared a kiss.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 24, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, February 24, 2014

At Crimson Lights, Avery was taken aback when she discovered Dylan and Nick sitting together at a table. The pair was actively engaged in a civil conversation. Avery joined the men. Nick and Dylan expressed their disappointment in Paul after he had refused to force Ian Ward to leave town. Noting that they intended to take matters into their own hands, Nick and Dylan explained to Avery that she shouldn't be involved. Avery nodded when the men pointed out that Avery, an attorney, had sworn to uphold the law.

Nick became cross when he learned that Avery had already approached Ian. Dylan wrapped his arm around Avery and vowed to protect her. Nick winced uncomfortably and fixed his eyes on the fringed tablecloth. Avery seemed tense. Nick and Dylan headed to the Genoa City Athletic Club after Avery said she'd seen Ian there. Avery advised Nick and Dylan not to do anything to Ian that was illegal or dangerous. Nick said, "I can't make that promise."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, an unsuspecting Summer followed Ian Ward upstairs to his private suite. Summer was eager to undergo a personality assessment, which would be used to help Ian guide her life path. Ian mentioned that Summer could take the test home if she preferred. Just before Summer followed Ian inside, he asked, "Would you like to stay and do it?" Summer nodded and took a seat at a desk in the suite.

Summer busily filled in answers on the questionnaire while Ian hovered and glanced over her shoulder. She picked up a domed-shaped, glass paperweight, which magnified a colored graphic of the globe affixed beneath. The words "New" and "World" encircled the globe. Summer noted that her biological father collected glass objects. Ian picked up the paperweight and set it on a table near a sofa. Summer laughed nervously and said that Ian would soon know everything about her after he read her written responses to the questions.

Ian, playing the role of thoughtful host, served Summer a glass of iced tea. After Summer completed the test, Ian said he'd reflect on her responses and determine the next step to her path. Summer smiled when Ian aimed a camera at her to snap a photo. Before he snapped a second photo, he squeezed in close to Summer and posed with her. Summer was bubbling with enthusiasm as she exited Ian's room.

Just after Summer left, Nick and Dylan knocked on the door to Ian's suite. Ian greeted Dylan. Nick introduced himself. Ian said, "I once knew your lovely mother." Nick punched Ian in the face. While dabbing at his bloody lip with a white handkerchief, Ian later apologized to Nick. Ian claimed that Nikki's memories of her life with him had been distorted with time. Nick glared at Ian.

Dylan demanded that Ian leave town. Ian, addressing Dylan, explained that it was a primal urge to get to know one's child. Ian turned his attention to Nick and asked if he had children. Nick angrily replied, "I'm not doing this with you." Ian again appealed to Dylan and said that Dylan's traumatic experiences in combat had likely left him dealing with emotional pain.

Defiant, Nick said, "You need to take this somewhere else, now!" Ian persisted after Dylan echoed Nick's warning. Ian said that he could visualize Dylan in his service uniform, dispensing orders. Nick moved in close and issued a final warning. Nick said, "We're going to be watching you. If you cross the line with my mother..." Nick turned to leave without finishing his threatening statement. Alone later, Ian smiled as he admired the photo he had taken of Summer that was displayed on the screen of his laptop.

Summer joined Avery at Crimson Lights. Summer asked, "If you were a tree in a thunderstorm, would you fear the lightning or exalt in the electricity." Confused, Avery replied, "Why am I a tree? Where is this coming from?" Summer explained that she'd read the question on a personality-evaluation test. Excitedly, Summer said she was on a journey to discover what the universe might offer her.

Avery noted that Phyllis would be proud to know that Summer felt positive about the future. Summer said she'd share the news with Phyllis over the phone by calling the rehabilitation center and having a nurse hold the receiver close to Phyllis' ear. Summer added that Jack often played music to Phyllis over the phone. Avery agreed that Summer could do anything she wanted with her life and had already taken the first step. Summer nodded in agreement, and her eyes sparkled with joy.

Nick and Dylan returned to Crimson Lights, and Summer was surprised to see the two men together. Nick said that he and Dylan were working on something. Summer asked for details. Avery sighed. Nick said that he and Dylan had just run into each other outside and were being civil. Summer embraced Avery and left. Avery asked about Ian. Nick admitted that he'd punched Ian. Dylan, referring to Ian, said, "That guy is into power plays and head games. There's no telling what he's going to do next." Nick angrily noted that Ian had no plans to leave town.

In Paris, Chloe clung to Connor when Victor and Chelsea showed up at the unfinished apartment. Chloe cried, "Connor belongs here with me because I deserve him, and you don't." Sobbing, Chloe declared that both Victor and Chelsea were undeserving of Connor. Chelsea exercised restraint, but she appeared to be holding her breath in fear. Chloe added that Victor and Chelsea had defended Adam after he had left poor Delia broken and dying on the side of the road. Chelsea swore that she hadn't known about Adam's involvement. Chloe turned her back when Victor stepped forward and gently explained that she'd kidnapped Connor.

Kevin arrived and stood near Chelsea when she calmly noted that Chloe had simply made a mistake. Chloe saw Kevin and petitioned him for help. Chloe cried, "Tell them that Connor belongs with me." Chloe directed her attention to Chelsea and said, "It's just like when you gave Johnny to Billy and Victoria because you knew Johnny would be better off with them." Kevin explained that Connor needed his mother. Kevin added that he and many others needed Chloe.

Victor tried to console Chloe when she said she could barely breathe because she missed Delia so much. Victor gently urged Chloe to hand Connor over to Chelsea. Chloe complied when Chelsea reached for her son. Chelsea, relieved, cradled her baby tightly. Before Chelsea and Victor left with Connor, Chelsea promised to wait at the airport for an hour to give Chloe and Kevin time to arrange travel back to Genoa City on Victor's jet.

Alone together, Kevin told Chloe that it was time to head home. He offered to travel with her on the private jet he'd chartered through friends of Katherine's. Sobbing softly, Chloe said that she'd initially returned to Genoa City after she became pregnant with Delia, so there was no longer any reason to return. Chloe said she feared that people would label her a baby-snatcher. Chloe cried that she no longer had to try to be herself because Delia was gone. Kevin replied, "But her heart and her soul are not gone -- they are a part of you the same way you were a part of her." Kevin added that if Chloe drifted away, then everyone would lose Delia, too. Kevin cried that he was not willing to lose Delia again.

On Victor's jet, Chelsea cradled Connor and said that if anything ever happened to her son, she'd fall apart just like Chloe had. Victor lovingly stroked Connor's head and said he understood. Chelsea thanked Victor for his role in reuniting her with Connor, though Chelsea noted that she hadn't forgotten the unsettling history in her dealings with Victor. Chelsea said she was grateful that Victor had agreed to wait for Chloe and Kevin. Chelsea added, "You're being so nice. That's strange."

Victor, explaining his change of heart to Chelsea, said, "Connor is here, and Adam is not. Those two facts will always connect us -- always." Victor checked his watch and noted that Connor should be on his way back to Genoa City. Chelsea insisted on waiting a bit longer for Chloe and Kevin. Chloe and Kevin entered the jet, and Victor kindly directed them to take a seat. Chloe appeared to be emotionally drained. Victor contacted the pilot and said it was time to head toward Genoa City.

At Victoria and Billy's house, Victoria was cold and aloof. Billy pleaded with Victoria to talk about what was swirling in her head. Angrily, Victoria broke her silence and demanded to know the details of Billy's affair with Kelly. Billy cried that being with Kelly had had nothing to do with seduction. Victoria asked why Billy hadn't reached out to her instead. Billy sighed heavily.

Billy recalled that he'd had sex with Kelly the day Victoria was on her way to see Reed. Victoria noted that she'd returned home after the flight was canceled and that she and Billy had made love. Victoria cried, "Because we'd made love, I thought we were healing, but you had sex with somebody else first." Victoria said that Billy had broken her heart. Victoria admitted that she, too, had cheated in a past relationship and was acquainted with grief. Victoria added that she still felt a pit in her stomach because she loved Billy so much, and it seemed not to matter to him. Billy pleaded with Victoria to tell him how to get past what had happened.

At the police station, Courtney was crestfallen after Noah showed up and returned a Valentine's Day present she'd sent to him. Noah, still angry because he felt Courtney had deceived him, noted that he had no idea where she lived. Courtney led Noah by the hand into an interrogation room for privacy. Courtney admitted that she'd been untruthful because her job relied on her ability to remain undercover. Courtney added that arresting drug dealers helped save the lives of young people.

Noah's anger seemed to give way to empathy when Courtney mentioned Summer's recent overdose and brush with death. Courtney assured Noah that she'd been off-duty whenever they had spent time together laughing, dancing, and making love. Noah suddenly kissed Courtney on the lips. Courtney promised not to keep secrets from Noah, and he promised not to keep secrets from her. The couple kissed to seal their mutual agreement.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

At the Athletic Club, Jack instructed Hilary to set up a meeting that afternoon, and she asked if he wanted to include someone from Jabot's advertising department. Jack said that he'd heard positive things about the latest campaign, and he asked Hilary to pull the numbers when they returned to the office. Hilary announced that she already had, and she handed him the file. Jack marveled that she had anticipated his every need, and Hilary blurted out that they needed to talk about the kiss.

Hilary appreciated that Jack had pretended that the kiss hadn't happened, but she recognized that it had been inappropriate, since he should be able to trust and respect her as his assistant. He assured her that the kiss hadn't changed anything, but she maintained that some lines shouldn't be crossed, and it hadn't been right for her to take advantage of him. He said that everyone made mistakes, and he was confident that she would find the perfect person to share her life with, but it wasn't him. Hilary mentioned that she was interested in someone, but nothing would ever happen, and Jack advised her to give it time.

In the ballroom, Devon reviewed a headline about the hostage situation at the club. Devon grumbled about the bad publicity, and Neil overheard and commented that it could have been worse. Neil assured Devon that the mess could be cleaned up and that the insurance company would cover the damage, but Devon groused that it could take years to repair the club's reputation. Neil inquired whether Devon intended to give up the place, and Devon recounted that it had felt right to buy it to give people the things he hadn't had when he'd been growing up.

Neil urged Devon to stick with the club for Devon's own sake as well as for others, and Devon conceded that he didn't want to let Lily and Cane down. Neil pointed out that the club had survived tough times, and he rattled off a list of incidents that had occurred there. Neil believed that Devon had the determination to push the place forward, and Devon half-heartedly resolved to do so. Devon said that he'd thought a lot about the fact that someone could have been killed during the hostage situation, and he imagined that Leslie couldn't wait to get Neil down the aisle.

Later, Hilary surveyed the ballroom, and Devon asked why she'd returned to the scene. She said that she couldn't live without her phone, and he remarked that at least one thing had been salvaged from that night. She asked if hostages got a discount at the hotel, and he reported that guests had been checking out in bunches. She reasoned that the chances of another standoff were slim, and she joked that guys with guns had been nothing after her dealings with Lily. Esmerelda entered and rambled that she'd read about what had happened, and she hugged Devon. Hilary looked uncomfortable.

Esmerelda said that she'd been mad at first when Devon had canceled their plans, but she'd understood once she'd heard about the gunmen. Devon said that he had to deal with the safety inspector, and Esmerelda offered to wait. Devon left, and Esmerelda remarked to Hilary that Devon seemed to be a great guy. Hilary said that Esmerelda should know, but Esmerelda replied that she didn't know much about him other than that he was rich. Esmerelda bragged that her relationship with Devon was just amazing sex, and she asked if Hilary was sleeping with him, too.

Devon returned, and Hilary reported that Esmerelda had said that she'd needed to fix her face. Hilary noted that things seemed to be going well for Devon and his girlfriend, and Devon remarked that he wouldn't call Esmerelda that. He asked how things were with Hilary and Jack, and she realized that he'd witnessed their kiss. She said that it had been nothing, but he teased that it hadn't looked like nothing. Esmerelda reentered and proclaimed that she had something hot in mind to reward Devon for his bravery, but as she led Devon away, he turned to look back at Hilary.

In the foyer, Leslie expressed relief that Tyler was all right after he'd attacked Womack's accomplice. Tyler credited Cane and Neil with brainstorming the idea, and Leslie recalled that Neil had warned her not to do anything reckless, but then Neil had tried to play the hero. Tyler surmised that she was proud to be marrying a guy who would put his life on the line for others, and she clarified that she was proud to be in love with Neil, but she wasn't getting married. Leslie explained that she'd called off the wedding because she didn't need to make her relationship legal to prove that she loved Neil.

Leslie added that she'd accepted Neil's proposal because he had been adamant about getting married, and she'd been afraid that she would lose him if she hadn't gone through with it. Tyler asked how Neil had taken the news, and Leslie conceded that it would have been better if she'd leveled with Neil from the start. She admitted that she'd messed up when she'd missed their appointment with the wedding planner, but she'd explained her point of view to Neil, and he had understood. Tyler left for the gym.

Neil tracked down Leslie, and she informed him that she had to prepare for a meeting, but he sat down and said that what he had to say was more important than anything. Neil explained that he hadn't been able to shake what had happened in the ballroom, and Leslie questioned whether Neil's life had flashed before his eyes when he'd made himself a target. Neil said that he hadn't been able to let Womack pick off the people he loved, and he loved her deeply. Leslie replied that she loved him, too, and he hoped that something wonderful would happen as a result of the hostage situation. He acknowledged that she didn't believe in marriage, but he'd had an epiphany when he'd stared down the barrel of a gun, and it had hit him that being married mattered a lot to him.

Leslie asked if Neil had been kidding himself when he'd told her that he was okay with the status quo, and he replied that he'd thought that he could deal with it if he had to, but he questioned whether the hostage situation had changed her view. She maintained that she still had the same concerns, but he insisted that although her parents had been in a lousy marriage, there were good ones out there. Neil referred to how happy Lily and Cane were, but Leslie recalled that Billy had just told Victoria that he'd slept with another woman. Neil argued that if he died, Leslie would have had nothing to fall back on, but she said that she didn't need a legal record to know that they were together.

Neil contended that people had fought for the right to have their relationships validated by getting married. Neil said that he wanted his and Leslie's relationship to matter, but Leslie maintained that it mattered regardless of whether they got married. He said that it wouldn't matter legally or before God, and something spiritual had happened when he'd stood in a church and pledged his life to someone else. Neil believed that they'd be cheating themselves if they accepted anything less, and he implored Leslie to take a leap of faith with him.

Leslie said that the point was for a couple to live by the vows they'd made, and signing a piece of paper wouldn't help them do that. Leslie asserted that she planned on loving Neil and standing by him regardless of whether or not they had a binding contract, and he noted that she made marriage sound like being trapped. Neil remarked that it was all about choice, and his choice was to be married. Leslie asked if he was making an ultimatum. Neil replied that he wanted to commit to Leslie in every possible way, and he wanted her to join him. She asked what would happen if she couldn't.

Abby surprised Tyler in the sauna, and he was relieved that she wasn't Mariah. Abby revealed that she'd gone to see Mariah, and they didn't have to worry about Mariah anymore. Abby explained that she had wanted to enforce that Mariah was Tyler's ex, but Mariah had already checked out, so whatever Tyler had said had worked. Abby surmised that Mariah had given up and left town, and they could move on with their lives. Tyler asked what Abby had in mind, and she seductively dropped her towel.

After Abby and Tyler had sex, he said that he hated fighting, but making up had its perks. She apologized for being jealous of Mariah, and she lamented that her parents hadn't been the best role models for lasting relationships. Abby added that her sister's marriage might be falling apart, and Tyler commented that Victoria and Billy could still make it. Abby asked when Tyler had become that optimistic about love, and he pointed out that he also hadn't grown up with a good example of relationships, but Abby had made him believe that it was possible to be happy and loved. They kissed.

Abby said that she loved how she and Tyler could be serious and corporate, and then they could sneak off and fool around. She declared that there was no chance they'd end up being a boring married couple, but she clammed up when she realized she'd used the "M" word.

Billy woke up on the couch, and he grimaced in pain as he turned over. Victoria entered and asked how he was feeling, and he reported that he was sore but okay. She remarked that she'd offered to take the couch, but he acknowledged that he'd deserved to have a few springs poking him. She started to leave to make breakfast, but he mentioned that she'd never answered his question. He asked whether she could forgive him for sleeping with Kelly.

Billy said that he hadn't been able to live with what he'd done, so he'd pushed it to the back of his mind and pretended it had never happened. He continued that he'd never wanted to hurt Victoria or make her think that Kelly had meant anything to him, so he'd lied to avoid screwing up his reconnection with Victoria. He reiterated that he needed Victoria to know that he loved her and that he'd never make the same mistake again. He pleaded with her to tell him that they'd get through it because he'd already lost Delia, and he couldn't lose Victoria, too. "Don't you dare put that on me," Victoria barked.

Billy continued to try to make Victoria understand, and she said that she understood that he'd found someone else who'd shared the pain that he'd thought Victoria couldn't comprehend. Billy maintained that all he'd wanted had been to stop hurting, and Victoria huffed that Kelly had been the only one to help him do it. Billy swore that he needed Victoria, but she went to answer a knock at the door. She invited Jack in, and he noted that Billy was looking a lot better. Victoria hurried out to do errands, and Jack judged from the look on Billy's face that things were bad between Billy and Victoria.

Billy went to check on Johnny, and he reported that the tot looked peaceful in his sleep. Billy pledged to do anything it took to make things right, and Jack wished that Billy had taken his advice to step away from Kelly. Billy argued that Kelly had helped him cope, and talking to her had made it possible to get through the day. Jack pointed out that talking hadn't been what had gotten Billy into trouble, and he admonished Billy for letting Victoria down again. Billy defended that he'd been drowning, and Jack figured that Kelly had offered Billy a lifeline and a cocktail.

Billy chided Jack for making Kelly out to be a piece of trash, and he sympathized that Kelly was living alone with her grief. Jack said that Billy and Kelly had stepped over the line, and Billy barked that Jack could preach to him when Jack had a dead kid. Billy quickly apologized, and he recognized that Jack and Nikki had lost a child. Jack didn't understand why Billy had put his marriage at risk, and Billy pointed out that losing a baby had affected Jack and Nikki's marriage, too. Jack said that he was just trying to help Billy, and Billy recalled that he'd seen recognition in Kelly's eyes, and she had made him feel like he hadn't needed to fight his grief alone. Jack wondered whether Billy was in love with Kelly.

Billy insisted that he and Kelly had commiserated, but there had been nothing romantic between them. Jack said that the last thing Billy needed was to complicate his life by loving two women, and Billy remarked that he was only half a screw-up. Billy lamented that he was tired of making mistakes, and he'd tried to be a good father to Delia, but he'd failed both her and Victoria. Billy wailed that he'd even failed Kelly, who had needed a friend and not a lover, and Jack asked how Billy planned to fix things.

Billy wanted to make things up to Victoria, but he was afraid that he'd screw it up again and push her further away. Jack noted that Billy had constantly sabotaged himself since Billy had been a kid, and Billy's low opinion of himself had only gotten worse when Delia had died. Jack said that Billy had taken punishing himself to a new level, and it had to stop because Billy was punishing Victoria for loving him. Billy begged Jack to help him change to save his marriage. Jack hugged Billy.

At Crimson Lights, Stitch approached a glum Kelly, and he guessed that sleep hadn't helped. She said that she was in no mood for a lecture about how she'd ruined another marriage and that she could see the accusation in his eyes. Stitch said that he didn't blame her, and he understood that her sexual encounter with Billy had been the result of pain. Kelly countered that Stitch couldn't relate because he still had his son, but she missed Sam and being a mom. She bemoaned that she had made a mess out of everything, and it was no wonder she was alone. Stitch gently stated that she didn't have to be alone because she could have him.

Kelly recounted that she'd walked away from Stitch, and sometimes she wanted those moments back, but some things couldn't be healed. Stitch encouraged her to reach out to get better, but she said that she had with Billy, and it had turned out badly. Stitch reported that he was going through a divorce and that things were changing for him, and Victoria entered and spotted them together.

Kelly informed Victoria that she was going to leave the bereavement group, and Victoria sarcastically replied that it was very generous of Kelly. Kelly started to give her word that she'd stay away, but Victoria cut her off and snapped that Kelly kept showing up. Kelly said that she didn't blame Victoria for hating her and that she didn't want to cause more trouble, and she walked away. Victoria growled that they weren't finished, and she lunged for Kelly, but Stitch stopped her and asked what she was doing.

Stitch pointed out that Kelly had tried to be respectful, but Victoria snarled that it was too late. Stitch admitted that what Kelly had done had been wrong, but Billy had been just as responsible. Victoria said that she was tired of trying to protect Billy from the world and himself. Stitch recognized that Victoria had put up with a lot, but he thought that she knew that there was a better man within Billy who loved her and needed a break. Stitch urged her to hang in a little while longer because if she did, it would give him hope.

Stitch declared that he liked to think that people who belonged together ended up together. He asked if Victoria believed that she and Billy belonged together, and she responded that she absolutely did. He encouraged her not to give up and to fight for Billy and her family with everything she had. She cried that she wanted to forgive Billy and start over, but she didn't know if she had it in her anymore.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

In a hotel room at the Athletic Club, Cane tended to details to make the room perfect for its next guest. Lily scolded him for working after he'd been shot, but he explained that he wanted to make sure that the club got great reviews after the hostage situation. She reminded him that it was her job to handle the hotel, and his was to take care of the business end. She looked around and noted that the room could use rose petals and candles to finish celebrating their anniversary. She asked about his injury, and he replied that he'd forgotten about it. He wished her a happy anniversary, and they tumbled onto the bed.

After Cane and Lily made love, he asked how she could be sexier than when they'd first made love, and she recalled that it had been in that very hotel. He wondered what would have happened if they'd had a crystal ball to see what had been ahead for them, and she said that it had been worth it to get where they were. They pledged their love, and they kissed.

Lily said that it wasn't exactly how she and Cane had planned to celebrate their anniversary, but she thought it was perfect. He thought that they needed some champagne to toast to their past and their future, knowing that nothing would ever get between them. She offered to run down to the dining room to fetch some bubbly, as long as she had something to look forward to when she got back. He proposed that they assume roles as a Belgian banker and a French chambermaid, and she'd find him walking out of the shower in a towel. She hopped out of bed and said that she'd be right back.

In the dining room, Neil said that marriage was a deal-breaker for him, and Leslie incredulously asked if it would be over between them if she didn't marry him. He suggested that they go to counseling, but she was insulted that he considered her to be psychologically impaired because she didn't agree with him. Leslie declared that she loved Neil and that he made her very happy, and she was 100 percent committed to him because she wanted him and not because of a legal obligation. He argued that it was about sharing the most intimate, spiritual connection two people could have, and he couldn't pretend that anything less would be enough or that he'd ever feel differently.

Leslie wished that she could say that she might feel differently one day, but she'd be lying, and it wouldn't be fair to either her or Neil. She tearfully started to take off her engagement ring, but Neil grabbed her hand and stopped her. He insisted that there had to be another way, and she questioned whether he would want to marry her if her heart wasn't in it. He remained silent, and she queried whether he could be content to be with her and love her even though marriage would never be in their future. She began to cry, and Neil admitted that he couldn't.

Lily entered the dining room and spied Leslie handing over her ring to Neil. Leslie cried that she loved him and that she wished that was enough, and Neil fought back tears as he refused to take the ring. Leslie set it on the table, and she rushed past Lily on her way out. Lily approached Neil and asked if he and Leslie had broken up, and a distraught Neil brokenly stated that he hadn't thought that Leslie would walk away. Lily comforted him, and outside, Leslie looked down at her bare hand and sobbed.

Lily returned to the hotel room, and Cane called out from the bathroom in a bad Belgian accent. He emerged in a towel, and he found her sitting glumly on the couch. She informed him that she'd just seen Neil and that Leslie had broken up with him. Cane figured that Neil was devastated, and Lily said that she'd felt terrible to leave Neil sitting there by himself. Cane started to get dressed and insisted that they join Neil. Cane proclaimed that there was no one better to show Neil that if two people were meant to be together, nothing could keep them apart.

Sharon cleaned up the photos she'd found all over her living room, and Noah entered and asked why there were pictures of Cassie everywhere. Sharon replied that she wished she knew, and she explained that she'd discovered the photos plastered on the wall when she'd returned home. Noah wondered if Faith had done it, and Sharon reported that no one had been there. Noah urged her to talk to him, and Sharon acknowledged that she'd seen Cassie when she'd gone off her medication before. Sharon added that she'd thought it had been over, but her visions had become worse.

Noah asked if Sharon had talked to her therapist, and Sharon reported that Dr. Meade had given her some new medication, but Sharon was worried about more than seeing Cassie. Sharon suspected that she had been doing things that she didn't remember. Sharon couldn't imagine that anyone else could have taken the photos out of the albums and posted them on the wall, but she didn't understand why she didn't remember doing it. Noah asked if that had been the only strange incident, and she mentioned that Faith's playing cards had mysteriously spelled out the word "phantasm."

Noah suggested that Sharon was adjusting to the new meds, and he encouraged her to give herself time. Sharon admitted that she wasn't convinced that she was the one who had done the eerie things, and Noah questioned whether she thought that someone was trying to scare her. Sharon said that she'd done some research about paranormal activity, but Noah scoffed at the idea. Noah contended that someone was just trying to frighten her, but Sharon didn't think it was a coincidence that she'd started seeing Cassie again. Sharon explained that her latest visions of Cassie had been different because rather than being sweet and loving, Cassie had seemed smug and mean.

Noah asserted that it couldn't have been Cassie who'd done the strange things, and Sharon concluded that Noah thought that Sharon had done them. Noah said that given a choice between Sharon and a ghost, he thought it had been Sharon. Sharon pulled out a Ouija board and suggested that Noah help her to contact Cassie, but Noah ordered her to stop. He recognized that she was afraid and confused, and she wanted to find a way to explain the strange occurrences. Noah swore that they would but not with the Ouija board.

Noah said that he loved Sharon, and she wanted to run upstairs to get his birthday present, but he suggested that they do it another time because he needed to pick up Courtney. He revealed that he and Courtney were trying to start over, but he would stay if Sharon needed him, and Sharon insisted that he go. Once she was alone, Sharon turned back to the Ouija board. She placed her fingers on the marker and called out for Cassie.

At the ranch, Nick asked if Faith had had fun spending the night, he sent Faith upstairs to retrieve her stuff. Nikki said that she'd appreciated the company, since Victor had flown off to Paris to get Connor. Nikki was irked that Victor hadn't told her where he'd gone until he'd returned, but Nick pointed out that Victor was probably trying to stay connected to Adam through Connor. Nick was glad that Nikki had missed the excitement at the benefit, and he asked how she was doing. She insisted that she was fine, but Nick referred to her nightmares about Ian. She wondered how he'd known about them.

Nick admitted that Dylan had told him about Nikki's unpleasant dreams, and Nikki was impressed that Nick and Dylan had talked without any broken bones or restraining orders involved. Nick explained that they were both concerned about her, but she said that she didn't want them to worry, since there had been no sign of Ian since she and Nick had last talked. Nikki surmised that Ian had found his next victim, and she warned that Ian was dangerous and unpredictable. Nikki added that she hated to think about what she would do if Ian laid a hand on anyone in her family. Meanwhile, Ian gazed at the photo of him and Summer and chuckled.

Nikki asked Nick to stay away from Ian, and Faith returned with her bag. "Ready to go, miss?" Nick asked, but Faith insisted that she was a mademoiselle. Nikki revealed that a friend of Summer's had called Faith that, and Nick noted that Faith had forgotten her mittens. While Faith went to get them, Nick promised Nikki that he wouldn't do anything crazy, but he refused to let Ian risk Nikki's health. He asked Nikki to let him and Dylan know if she heard from Ian, and she was pleased that her sons were working together. Nick insisted that he and Dylan weren't bonding, and he and Faith left.

Nikki played the piano, and she struggled over one part of song and winced in pain as she looked down at her fingers. Her phone beeped, and she saw the photo of Summer and Ian. Nikki flashed back to Ian touching her shoulder, and she cried, "Not Summer. Damn you!"

In a panic, Nikki called Ian, who smiled and said that he'd had a feeling that she might contact him. She admonished him for getting close to her granddaughter, and he taunted that Nikki should have known that he'd go after a sweet, beautiful girl, especially a wealthy one. Nikki demanded to know when the photo had been taken, and he divulged that it had been the day before at his hotel suite. Nikki realized that Ian was Summer's life coach, and he declared that he was flattered that Summer had mentioned him.

Nikki threatened to call Paul, and Ian dared her to dial 9-1-1 to report that her imaginary 19-year-old granddaughter had visited a man of her own free will. Nikki asked what he meant by imaginary, and he stated that he and Summer had become very close. Nikki gasped for breath, and Ian barked that it was time to discuss business. He assumed that Nikki preferred that he left her and her family alone, and he offered to do so for five million dollars in untraceable cash. He ordered Nikki to deliver it personally and immediately to him at his office, and she jotted down the address. Ian instructed Nikki to tell no one, and he said that he'd always loved that she was a good, obedient girl.

From his hotel suite, Ian made flight arrangements, and he reserved a car to take him to the airport from his office. There was a knock at door, and he found Summer outside. He called her visit a nice surprise, and he said that he'd just been thinking about her. Summer informed Ian that she'd completed the forms, and he asked her to give him a moment. He quickly hid his suitcase and invited her in.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan devoured Avery's baked goods, and she chided him for using a supplier whose products tasted like cardboard. He said that he couldn't afford her as a replacement, and she flirtatiously stated that she hadn't named a price, but she offered to negotiate. They kissed, and she suggested that they retreat to somewhere more private, but he regretted that he couldn't close up shop. Dylan revealed that Nick would be stopping by, and she accepted that she'd have to get accustomed to the men spending time together. Dylan commented that he would team up with Hannibal Lecter if it meant that Ian would leave Nikki alone.

Dylan conceded that Nick wasn't a bad guy, but they would never become best friends, and they only shared a common concern about Nikki. Avery sympathized with Nikki's situation, and Dylan said that he knew first-hand what it was like to wake up scared of ghosts from the past. Dylan took responsibility for Ian's return to town, but Avery told him not to blame himself. Dylan pledged to do whatever it took to get rid of Ian, including teaming up with Avery's ex, but Avery preferred that Dylan refer to Nick as his brother. She giggled at the thought of Nick and Dylan braiding one another's hair.

Nick and Faith walked in and spotted Dylan and Avery kissing. Avery greeted them, but Faith didn't respond, and Avery departed. Faith asked if Dylan would marry Avery, and Dylan promised that Faith would be the first person he'd tell if he planned to do so. Nick instructed Dylan to refer to Faith as "mademoiselle," and Dylan suggested that Faith help him at the coffeehouse. Dylan sent her to wash her hands in the back, and Nick reported that he'd spent some time with Nikki and that she hadn't heard from Ian. Dylan hoped that maybe he and Nick had gotten through to Ian.

Dylan pondered why Ian would stick around, and Nick thought that Ian might want to get to know Dylan. Dylan said that Ian meant nothing to him, and he wondered if they should check on Ian. Nick said that he felt pretty safe because Ian had left Nikki alone, but Dylan worried that they'd poked a hornet's nest when they'd confronted Ian. Dylan wanted to believe that Ian was out of Nikki's life, but he had feeling that they were waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Nikki packed a suitcase full of cash, and she prepared to leave, but Avery stopped by to drop off Nikki's final will documents. Avery said that she needed Nikki to initial them, but she'd also wanted to check on Nikki. Nikki said that she was in a hurry, and Avery noticed the suitcase and asked where Nikki was headed. Nikki downplayed it as nothing important, and she told Avery to leave the documents for her. Nikki hurried off, and Avery looked suspicious.

Avery returned to the coffeehouse and said hello to Faith, who rolled her eyes. Avery mentioned that she'd paid a visit to Nikki, and she said that Nikki had seemed stressed and in a hurry to take off with a suitcase. Avery was sure that Nikki wouldn't go near Ian unless he'd tricked her, and Nick tried to reach Nikki on the phone. Dylan said that he should have known that Ian had been up to something when he'd passed himself off as John Darwin. Faith chirped that John Darwin was Summer's new friend.

Nick asked Faith what John looked like, and Avery pulled out her laptop and showed Faith a picture of Ian. Faith identified Ian as Summer's friend, and Nick pounded his hand on the table and grabbed his coat. Nick snarled that Ian had gone after Summer, and Avery left an urgent message for Summer. Dylan and Nick left to find Ian while Avery stayed with Faith.

Avery got Faith a plate of cookies, and Faith glowered at her. Avery offered lemonade or a brownie, but Faith shook her head. Avery acknowledged that Faith didn't like her, but she insisted that she liked Faith very much, and she hoped that one day they could be friends. Faith replied that she didn't think they could, and she asked if Summer was in trouble. Avery said that Summer was fine and that Nick and Dylan would take care of her, and she promised that nothing bad would happen to Summer. Faith thanked Avery, and she smiled as she picked up a cookie.

Dylan pounded on the door to Ian's hotel suite. An impatient Nick burst in, and the men found the room empty.

Nikki arrived at Ian's office and knocked on the door. She yelled that she'd done what he'd asked, and she wanted to get it over with. She ordered him to open the door. Ian finally answered and said that it was lovely to see her. She snarled that she had his money, and she heard Summer call out, "Grandma?"

Thursday, February 27, 2014

At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe looked through Delia's baby book, and Kevin offered to finish it for her. Chloe wailed that she'd lost her daughter and that Chelsea would never let her see Connor again, but Kevin urged her to give it time. Chloe flatly stated that she'd kidnapped Chelsea's son, and she believed that Chelsea would never forgive her. Kevin advised Chloe to stop running and to face Delia's death the right way. Chloe replied that there was no right way, and Kevin agreed, but he asserted that Chloe had been doing it the wrong way.

Kevin wished that he'd done more to help, and Chloe recognized that she'd never given him a chance. Chloe pointed out that Kevin had told her that she had been being irrational, and she accepted responsibility for what she had done. Kevin understood that she'd been consumed by grief, and he thought that Chelsea would, too. He noted that Chelsea hadn't pressed charges, and he assured Chloe that she had people who loved her and who wanted to help. The doorbell rang, and two police officers entered and announced that Chloe was under arrest for kidnapping.

Kevin protested that something had been messed up, and he tried to call Chelsea. One of the officers asked Chloe if she understood her rights, and Kevin asked if Paul or Alex were aware of the situation. The cop apologetically told Kevin that he was just doing his job by taking Chloe to the station.

At the Athletic Club, Michael cried out in pain when the faulty revolving door hit him as he entered. Paul said that it was good to see Michael outside the police station, and he mentioned that he was there to pick up some food to take back to the office. Michael invited Paul to join him and Lauren for dinner, and he suggested that they share a meal together to put everything behind them. Paul said that he couldn't, but Michael replied that he had a secret weapon that Paul couldn't say no to, and Lauren joined them. Lauren insisted that Paul have dinner with them, and he relented.

Over dinner, Lauren expressed relief that Carmine's murder case had been closed, and Paul pointed out that it would have been over sooner if the Baldwins had told him the truth from the beginning. Paul wondered if Michael and Lauren expected there to be no strain on their friendship after the couple's lies had forced Paul to spend countless hours away from his new bride. Michael asked what it would take to make things right, and Paul asked who was paying for dinner. Michael agreed to pick up the tab, and Paul declared that they were on the path to forgiveness.

Paul mentioned that he and Christine might finally be able to take the honeymoon they'd postponed, and Michael good-naturedly ribbed Paul for micromanaging the police station. Fen arrived, and he informed the group that he was there to apply for a job. Paul warned Fen not to turn into a workaholic like Michael, and Fen declared that he was proud of his father for putting in long hours. Paul received a call from the station, and he murmured Chloe's name and said that he was on his way. Michael's phone rang, and Kevin informed him that Chloe had been arrested for kidnapping Connor. Paul and Michael hurried out.

Lauren said that Fen's words of pride had meant a lot to Michael, and Fen admitted that he'd once been ashamed of Michael's job, but prison had made him see things differently. Fen recounted that he'd been terrified that he would die in there, but it had made him appreciate what he had for the first time. Fen announced that he wanted to be a lawyer like Michael, and Lauren gasped in surprise. Fen stated that he wanted to help people get a second chance, but he needed help to form a game plan. He mentioned that Summer had seemed excited about seeing a life coach.

Dylan and Nick burst into Ian's empty hotel suite. Dylan thought it was a good thing that they hadn't found Summer there, and he discovered Ian's packed suitcase. Nick noted that it wasn't Nikki's bag and that it didn't look like Ian planned to stick around. Dylan thought it was logical that Ian would be prepared for a quick getaway, and he reported that there was nothing incriminating inside the case. Nick spotted a bracelet on the floor and identified it as Summer's.

Nick fretted that his calls to Summer had all gone straight to voicemail, and Dylan suggested that Nick help him look around to figure out where Ian could be. Nick grumbled that he had no idea what he was looking for, but he found a receipt with a payment to a realty company, and he discovered that Ian had leased an office space close by. Nick and Dylan headed out.

In Ian's office, a frantic Nikki asked if Summer was all right, and she said that she had to get Summer out of there. A confused Summer explained that she and John had been having a counseling session, and she asked why Nikki was there. Ian calmly offered Nikki some tea, but she snapped that she didn't want anything from him. Summer wondered why Nikki was acting hostile, and Ian soothingly stated that there was no need for fear, since they were in a safe space. Nikki revealed that "John" wasn't the man he claimed he was.

Ian claimed that Nikki had confused him with someone else, and he insisted that nothing untoward had been going on. Summer explained that she was there for life and career guidance, but Nikki called Ian a criminal and a con man. Ian declared that he'd dedicated his life to helping young people, but Nikki tried to convince Summer that Ian wasn't a life coach and that he knew nothing about an honest day's work. Ian asked to speak to Nikki privately, but Nikki continued that he'd preyed on young girls and that he wasn't using his real name. Ian said that he welcomed the opportunity to clear up any misconceptions, but Nikki ushered Summer out.

Summer listened by the open door as Ian inquired whether Nikki had the money he'd asked for. He looked inside Nikki's suitcase and growled that it wasn't five million dollars, and Nikki innocently asked if she'd made a mistake, since she'd thought he'd requested a million dollars in cash. Nikki feigned confusion, and she asked that he remind her about what she got in return. He repeated his offer to leave town and to stop bothering Nikki's family, especially an impressionable, eager girl like Summer. Nikki demanded to know if Ian had touched Summer, and he divulged that his relationship with Summer had been chaste, but he threatened that it might not remain wholesome if he didn't get his money.

Nikki revealed that the rest of the cash was in the car, and he asked why she'd put on an act. Nikki huffed that she'd tried to save herself four million dollars, and Ian snickered and ordered her to get the rest of the money. She stipulated the condition that he wouldn't manipulate Summer the way he had Nikki, and he accused her of rewriting history. Nikki bellowed that the assault hadn't been consensual, and if he didn't stop lying about her being a willing participant, she would call the police.

Ian taunted that the statute of limitations had long passed and that he wasn't doing anything wrong, but Nikki thought that Paul would think differently. Ian promised to leave Summer alone if it was what Nikki wanted, and Nikki said that she wanted one more thing -- for Ian to admit the truth about what he'd done to Nikki. Nikki ordered him to admit that they hadn't shared a consensual relationship, and he babbled about how sad it was to see her abdicating her free will by enslaving herself to playing the role of the victim. Nikki recognized that she had been weak in her youth, but she wouldn't let him coerce or shame her like he had before.

Nikki bellowed that the truth would set Ian free, and he asked if she expected him to regurgitate her version of the truth. She commanded that he do it, or he wouldn't get his money. He conceded that it was a shame how things had happened, and he called it a missed opportunity for her. He confessed that he'd wanted her and that he'd believed she'd wanted him, and it could have been beautiful if only she'd allowed herself to feel the same way he had. Nikki snarled that she'd overestimated him, since he wouldn't know the truth if it knocked him over. She headed out to retrieve the money, and she found Dylan and Nick at the door.

Nikki informed her sons that Summer had left, and there was no need for them to be there. Nick said that he'd found Summer's bracelet, but Nikki assured him that both she and Summer were fine and that Ian could never hurt Nikki again. Dylan wanted a few words alone with Ian, and Nikki sniped that Ian wasn't worth it, but Dylan countered that she was. Nikki and Nick left, and Ian marveled that the mother-son bond was a gift.

At the police station, Paul informed Kevin, Chloe, and Michael that the situation had become a federal matter once Chelsea had reported her child missing. A shaken Summer burst into Paul's office and said that she thought Nikki was in trouble. Paul led Summer aside, and she rambled that Nikki had made Summer leave John Darwin's office and that Nikki had been really mad. She added that Nikki had told her that John was really a con man who preyed off young women, and she'd overheard Nikki say that she'd pay him off to leave Summer alone.

Nikki and Nick returned to the ranch, and she hoped that Dylan didn't do anything reckless, since Ian would no longer be a problem. Nick wished that Dylan expressed his opinion by rearranging Ian's face, and Summer rushed in and worriedly hugged Nikki. Summer reported that she'd gone to the police station to tell Paul what had happened, and Nikki was confident that Paul would take care of it.

Nick handed Summer back her bracelet, and she was unaware that she'd lost it. She said that nothing had happened between her and Ian, but she felt stupid for going to his room to take a personality profile test. Nikki assured Summer that she hadn't done anything wrong and that Ian had deceived people for many years. Nikki revealed that Ian was Dylan's father, and she declared that it was time that Summer knew the truth.

Dylan slammed the door, and he demanded to know how many girls Ian had taken advantage of. Ian attributed the allegation to the recollections of a troubled teen, but Dylan spat that Ian had capitalized on people's vulnerability. Ian said that he'd only been telling Nikki what she'd needed to hear, and Dylan ominously approached Ian and asked if Ian thought that he'd walk out free and clear to do it again. Ian said that he knew about Dylan's military background, and he wondered if Dylan intended to kill him. Dylan threatened to make Ian wish he were dead, and Ian pleaded with Dylan not to kill him, or Dylan would "never know."

Dylan asked what Ian meant, but Paul burst in, and Ian said that it was good to see Paul. Paul clarified that he was Chief Williams to Ian, and he voiced concern for Nikki. Dylan reported that Nick had taken her home, and Paul eyed the suitcase of money and asked if it was Nikki's. Ian claimed that it was just cash he carried when he traveled, and a dubious Paul asked if Ian had picked out the flowered print himself. Ian said that the bag had been a gift, but the contents were his.

Paul asked if Dylan had seen Nikki give Ian the money, but Dylan replied that the bag had already been there when he'd arrived. Paul contended that they all knew that Ian had extorted the funds, but Ian pointed out that Nikki hadn't filed a complaint. Paul regretted that he'd let Nikki down years before, and he vowed not to do it again. Paul said that in his younger days, he hadn't been able to see what Ian had been doing, but he was older and smarter, and Ian couldn't manipulate him anymore. "You're under arrest," Paul announced.

Michael advised Kevin and Chloe that since the kidnapping was a federal matter, it would be difficult to defend her. Kevin swore that Chloe hadn't done anything wrong, and he insisted that it had just been a misunderstanding. Michael queried whether the FBI had misinterpreted Chelsea's call about Chloe taking Connor out of the country, and Kevin fibbed that Chelsea had intended to meet Chloe and Connor in Paris for a business trip. Michael asked if Chelsea would back the story up, but Chloe confided that it wasn't the truth. She admitted that she had kidnapped Connor and had never intended to return.

Jack stopped by the penthouse to visit his godson, and Victor descended the stairs and disclosed that Connor was fast asleep. Chelsea suggested that Jack return the next day, and a suspicious Jack asked what was going on. Victor huffed that his own reason for being there was obvious, and he questioned why Jack was there. Jack asked what Victor had forced Chelsea into, and Chelsea revealed that Chloe had kidnapped Connor and taken him to Paris. Jack couldn't believe that Chelsea had contacted Victor instead of Jack, and Victor barked that it was a family matter.

Jack reminded Victor that Adam had made Jack the child's legal guardian to avoid situations like the one they were in. Chelsea apologized for not telling Jack about the kidnapping earlier, but she contended that all that had mattered had been getting her son home. Jack asked why she'd gone against her husband's wishes and turned to Victor when Jack had the resources to help, and Chelsea insisted that Victor hadn't blackmailed or brainwashed her. She revealed that she'd contacted Victor because she'd thought he'd helped Chloe to take Connor.

Chelsea said that she'd been scared, and Victor had stepped in and taken control. She explained that it had been Victor's idea to check the passports, and she'd called the police, but the cops hadn't been able to act fast enough. She continued that Victor had arranged for a plane and a visa, and Victor had figured out how to find Chloe. Chelsea credited Victor with convincing Chloe to give Connor back, and she cried that she could have lost Connor forever without Victor's help. Victor assured her that the incident was over, and Jack glowered.

Chelsea asserted that Victor had given his help with no manipulation involved, but Jack was skeptical. Jack said that he was only interested in protecting Connor, and Victor countered that he'd had the same intention. Jack compared it to how Victor had protected Adam, and Chelsea pointed out that Adam had desperately wanted a relationship with Victor. Victor contended that he'd done what he'd had to do in a crisis, and Chelsea added that Victor had done the same thing that Jack would have by doing what had been best for Connor. Jack asked if that had been what Victor had told her.

Jack realized that Victor appeared to be a concerned grandfather, but he was certain that Victor had orchestrated his actions for Chelsea's sake. Jack guessed that Victor had shown up with all the answers and that Victor and Chelsea had shared a heartfelt conversation about Victor's remorse on the long flight. Victor growled that Jack had wanted Victor's wife, son, and grandson, and he accused Jack of capitalizing on Chelsea's pain. Jack swore that he was trying to save her from more anguish, and Victor insisted that he had only been helping her. Jack warned that it would only last until Victor turned on her and took her son, and he advised Chelsea to think about who had the most to gain.

Jack thought that Chelsea was playing right into Victor's hands, but Victor said that she'd simply turned to the man she'd known could help her recover her kidnapped child. Jack cautioned that if Chelsea didn't give Victor what he wanted, Victor would use the kidnapping against her. Victor ordered Jack to stay out of his business, but Jack theorized that Victor was setting Chelsea up to have her declared an unfit mother. Chelsea stared incredulously at Victor.

Friday, February 28, 2014

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill left a message for Billy to ask if he needed anything. Colin entered and asked how Billy was doing, and she replied that Billy's physical pain would heal, but the nightmare with Victoria was a mess. Jill wondered why Colin had bothered asking, since he didn't care about anything other than the inheritance Katherine had left. Colin surveyed the boxes scattered around the room and said that he was disappointed that Jill had been investigating on her own. She called him paranoid, but he told her to think again if she thought she would solve the mystery without him.

Jill said that she hadn't found out anything about Rachel Berenson, but Colin contended that Katherine wouldn't have placed Rachel's name inside the music box if it hadn't been significant. Jill divulged that she'd searched for Rachel Berenson online, but there were thousands of people with the name, and she had no idea what she was looking for. She continued that she'd searched through Katherine's letters and notes, and she accused Colin of making up a phony clue to get her to let him stay. He declared that he wouldn't do that to his bride, but she suspected that he was leading her on a wild goose chase while he conducted his own treasure hunt.

Colin swore that the information was genuine, and he suggested that Jill have the card checked for Katherine's fingerprints or analyzed by a handwriting expert. She thought that he was bluffing, and he pointed out that he could have searched for the true value of the music box on his own. He offered to make a deal -- if he was lying, he'd agree to terminate their arrangement, and Jill would get to keep any money they discovered. However, if he proved that he was telling the truth, she had to spend every night in bed with him. Jill refused Colin's deal, and Colin crowed that she believed that he was telling the truth. She handed him a box and told him get to work.

Jill and Colin sorted through things from the attic, and she flipped through a book and found a photo of a woman, but she stated that she'd found no mention of Rachel Berenson. Jill griped that the searching had given her a stiff neck, and Colin suggested that he run her a hot bath. She expected him to keep searching and hide what he found, but he swore that he had no ulterior motive. She agreed to the bath, and he left to prepare it. Jill pulled out the photo, and a suspicious Colin returned and caught her.

Jill claimed that she'd wanted to be sure what she'd found before she showed it to him, and Colin chuckled and said that her games would drive some guys crazy, but he found her antics satisfying. She handed him the photo, and she explained that she'd found it in Katherine's father's book. She pointed out Rachel's name on the back of the picture, and she thought it was the next piece of the puzzle. Jill wanted to find out who Rachel was and why she'd been important to Katherine, and Colin said that they'd do it together because they were a great team. He moved in to kiss Jill, but she turned her head.

At the police station, Chloe told Michael that she'd taken Connor to Paris with no intention of returning, and she accepted that she'd be locked up for wanting to give the boy a better life. Kevin encouraged Chloe not to give up because Michael could build a defense, but she had to think clearly. Chloe stated that Kevin wasn't facing reality and that he was just finding excuses to try to make everything okay, but nothing would ever be fine again. Michael asked for a moment alone with his client, and Chloe told him to consider himself fired.

Kevin said that Michael was the only thing standing between Chloe and years in prison, and Chloe whined that there was no point in living without Delia. Kevin asked Michael to talk sense into her, and he stepped out. Chloe said that she didn't need to hear Michael's canned speech, but Michael assured her that he would try to keep her out of prison. She wondered why he cared, and he replied that he'd seen everything she'd done for Kevin and that she had made Kevin happy. Michael pledged to get her out of the mess, but she had to work with him. She appreciated him trying to help, but she wanted to be realistic, and she believed that she deserved to be punished.

Michael warned that whatever Chloe imagined prison to be like, it was much worse. She asserted that nothing could be worse than losing her only child, but Michael questioned whether sacrificing her whole future was the right way to mourn. Chloe was sure that Michael couldn't convince a judge that she wasn't a threat, since she'd only returned because she'd been caught. Michael argued that she hadn't harmed Connor and that Victor and Chelsea weren't looking to condemn her.

Michael called the kidnapping a lapse of judgment on Delia's birthday, but Chloe said that she'd been obsessed with Connor for months, and she'd stolen him because she'd wanted Chelsea's son to be hers. Michael said that Chloe's state of mind offered another line of defense, and she wondered if he'd say that she was crazy. He clarified that she'd been overwhelmed with grief after the death of her little girl, and no one would have been in their right mind after that kind of trauma.

Chloe explained how hard it was to get up every morning and live in a world without Delia in it, and she thought it would be easier if she went to prison and didn't have to face it. Kevin reentered and overheard her statement, and he insisted that she had to find a way to fight, if not for herself then for all the people who cared about her. Kevin referred to everything Chloe's loved ones had endured, and he questioned how they'd feel if she chose a life in prison instead of with them. Kevin rattled off a list of people who would be crushed, and he asserted that they had all been through enough pain in the last year to last a lifetime. Kevin begged Chloe not to make it worse.

Chloe conceded that she didn't want to hurt anyone more than she already had, and Kevin responded that he had stayed strong because he loved her, but it would kill him if she went to prison, where he couldn't comfort her. He added that Chloe had been a comfort to him, and holding her had helped him keep the nightmares about Delia's death away. He called her visits to him at work the highlight of his day, and knowing that she'd needed him had given him reason to go on. Kevin pleaded with Chloe not to leave him, and she tearfully replied that she didn't want to.

Victoria said that she'd heard the doorbell, and Billy informed her that he'd ordered Thai food from her favorite place. He added that he'd arranged for Hannah to keep Johnny overnight so he and Victoria could be alone and talk. He acknowledged that they had a long way to go, but he hoped that night would be a start. Victoria said that he shouldn't have gone to the trouble because she wasn't hungry and was going to the gym. He mentioned that she'd already worked out once that day, and he offered to go with her, but she declined and left.

At the penthouse, Jack warned Chelsea that Victor would twist things in front of a judge to make it look like she had been responsible for Chloe kidnapping Connor. Victor contended that Jack was making accusations about things that hadn't happened, and he admonished Jack for pushing Chelsea's buttons when she was in pain. Jack pointed out that Victor hadn't denied it, and Chelsea asked Victor if he was plotting to take Connor away from her. Victor said that it saddened him to hear Chelsea talk that way, but she countered that she'd be a fool to ignore the things he'd done and to take him at his word.

Billy called Jack and asked him to stop by, and Jack said that he would be right there. Chelsea demanded to know if Victor planned to try to get custody of Connor, and Victor argued that if that had been his intention, he would have done it when Connor had gone missing. Jack suggested that Victor was waiting to compile more evidence against Chelsea, but Victor retorted that he'd just lost his son, and it was only natural that he'd want to get to know his grandson. Jack questioned how many times Adam had trusted Victor's promises only to find a knife in his back, and Chelsea ordered them to stop arguing. Jack took off, and Chelsea angrily commanded that Victor tell her whether he intended to screw her over and take Connor away from her.

Chelsea reminded Victor that he'd hired her as an expert con, and she wondered if he was trying to play her. She thought it made perfect sense that he would try to win her trust and then go in for the kill, but Victor maintained that they needed to put the past aside for Connor's sake, and he'd thought that they'd gotten past their animosity on their trip to Paris. She understood that he'd wanted to get his grandson back safely, but she couldn't be certain that Victor had Connor's best interests going forward.

Victor said that he always would be concerned about Connor and Chelsea, and he lamented that all of his children had left him in some way. He added that there was nothing he could do about it, but he could pay attention to his grandson if Chelsea would let him. She asked for some time, and he assured her that he'd never take Connor away from her. He contended that she needed someone to take her side and to rely on, and he was that person. He walked out, and Chelsea sighed heavily.

Chelsea received a call, and she asked who was there. She looked at her phone, which indicated that an unknown caller was still on the line. "Adam?" she anxiously inquired.

Jack arrived to see Billy and asked if Billy had heard about Chloe's meltdown. Billy said that he couldn't judge Chloe after what he'd done, and he reported that Victoria was barely talking to him and that he'd slept on the couch. Billy continued that he'd ordered food in an attempt to give him and Victoria time to talk, but Victoria had remained as cold as ice before she'd left for her second trip to the gym that day. Billy suspected that she wouldn't have spent time at home at all except for Johnny's sake, and Jack surmised that she was shutting down her emotions. Billy admitted that it scared him, and he had no idea what she'd do next.

Jack recalled that Victoria had walked out the last time he'd been there, and he said that giving it time was the only way to get past it. Jack pointed out that Victoria was pushing Billy away the same way Billy had with her, and he thought that the waiting might be easier if Billy put himself in her shoes. Billy understood that she needed space, but he just wanted to hold her and never let her go. Billy said that he'd always thought that Victoria would forgive him no matter how badly he screwed up, but when she'd walked out, he'd had the terrible feeling that maybe this time she wouldn't, and he had nothing to blame but his own stupidity.

Billy pledged not to lose Victoria, and he asked Jack how to convince his wife to trust him again. Jack encouraged Billy to be patient because if Billy kept pushing, Victoria would shove him out the door. Jack counseled Billy to stay away from Kelly and to use every ounce of his energy to be the husband Victoria deserved. Billy hoped that would be enough, and Jack said that wounds needed time to heal, but he believed that they could with enough time and devotion. Billy asked if he was talking about Phyllis, and Jack explained that although his issues with Phyllis hadn't been the same as Billy and Victoria's, he and Phyllis had gotten back together because their love had never gone away.

Jack continued that he knew Billy loved Victoria, and he was equally sure that Victoria loved Billy in spite of her anger. Billy thanked Jack for the talk, and he committed to being patient and letting Victoria know that she was the only woman for him. Jack said that he was only a phone call away, and Billy told him to keep his phone charged. They hugged, and Jack left.

In the Athletic Club foyer, Stitch argued with Jenna over the phone, and he asserted that their divorce was about more than just the two of them because they had a son. She hung up on him, and he cursed as he ran into Kelly. Kelly guessed that his divorce was going through, and he grumbled that his wife was determined to take everything. Kelly said that it was all because of her.

Stitch said that it wasn't fair to blame Kelly for his marital problems, since he had been lying to Jenna for a while, and he accepted that what had happened had been his fault. He was determined to find a way to move forward, and Kelly was skeptical that it could be as simple as that. Stitch said that he could choose to wallow in the past or to make a better future, and he suggested that Kelly also find a way to make a fresh start.

Later, Victoria arrived at the Athletic Club, and she glared at Kelly, who was sipping wine in the dining room. Victoria turned away and headed to the gym. Billy answered a call from Kelly and coldly asked why she had contacted him. Kelly requested that they meet to talk about what had happened, since they hadn't talked since Victoria had found out, and he replied that he wanted to keep it that way. Kelly cried that he was one of the few friends she had and that she hated that they had ruined it, and she begged him to see her one last time.

Billy entered the Athletic Club, and Kelly's face lit up. He said that he shouldn't be there, and he suggested that they go elsewhere, since there were too many people around. She noted that he looked nervous, and she said that she hadn't been sure he'd show up. Billy admitted that he'd wanted to see her, too.

Jack ordered a ginger ale at the bar, and he sat down next to Victor. Victor told Jack not to order a soft drink for Victor's benefit, and Jack hoped that Chelsea had thrown Victor out. Victor chuckled and said that Adam might have left a piece of paper giving Jack say over Connor's life, but Victor's blood was coursing through the boy's veins, and he shared an emotional connection with Connor that Jack would never have. Jack pointed out that Chelsea didn't trust Victor, but Victor said that he'd given her a lot to think about, and the story wasn't over.

At the gym, Stitch warned Victoria to slow down, or she might hurt herself. She huffed that she knew what she was doing, and he quipped that if he were an orthopedic surgeon looking for patients, he'd tell her to keep going. She stopped and thanked him, and he said that he was surprised to see her there instead of with her injured husband. Stitch concluded that things weren't going any better, and she disclosed that Billy was trying to get things back to normal, but nothing was normal about them anymore.

Stitch realized that nothing could make Victoria feel normal yet, and she ranted that she was still furious. She explained that she was there because she hadn't been able to stand being in the house with the man who'd cheated on her. She wondered what was wrong with her, and she took out her frustration on the punching bag. She told Stitch that Billy had screwed up many times despite knowing what it would do to their marriage, and she contemplated whether their life together was even worth fighting for anymore.

Stitch commented that marriage was worth fighting for, but Victoria grumbled that Billy didn't respect their vows or appreciate her, and it made her not want to hang in there. Stitch said that it wasn't that simple, and as she removed her boxing gloves, Victoria recalled that she'd been grateful that Billy had found Kelly and that she'd encouraged their friendship. Victoria snarled that Kelly had wanted Billy all along, and Stitch countered that Kelly had been through a lot. Victoria chided him for defending Kelly, and she slugged the punching bag with her bare hand and cried out in pain.

Stitch examined Victoria's hand and reported that it wasn't broken, but he recommended that she ice it and have a doctor look at it if it still hurt the next day. He sympathetically stated that he was sorry for everything, and she gazed up at him. They succumbed to a passionate kiss.

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