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Aly flew into a rage when she discovered Wyatt and Hope having sex in Hope's hotel suite. Ridge and Katie decided to explore a relationship together, but when Katie went to Brooke with the news, Brooke laughed at Katie's "little crush."
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 3, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, March 3, 2014

At Katie's house, Ridge received a call from Brooke, who was missing him while she was in Paris. She said that, since Wyatt had wound up being there, Hope and he could handle things on their own. Brooke planned to get home as soon as possible so that she and Ridge could start their life together.

The call ended, but Ridge received another one from Hope. Hope pressed him for an answer about him and Katie and forbade him to marry Brooke until he knew that Brooke was the one.

Katie, who'd heard the end of the call, stated that Ridge would be married if she hadn't faked fainting at the wedding. She felt wrong about what they were doing and decided that it would be better if he left the house. Ridge didn't want to leave, but he didn't want to hurt Brooke, either. He hadn't wanted any of it to happen the way it had, but he said they had to deal with it.

Katie decided that she needed some air, and Ridge asked if he could join her. She said she'd like that, but even though they had a lot to talk about, she didn't know what to say. Ridge didn't, either.

While walking through the park with Ridge later, Katie expressed her guilt over what she'd pulled at the wedding. She called her actions underhanded; however, Ridge said it was done, and she should stop beating herself up about it. Katie didn't like feeling guilty and ashamed. Ridge felt the same feelings, but he told her that she knew it was about a lot more than those feelings.

Katie changed the subject to how much Will loved to spend time with Ridge. Ridge assumed that Bill was a good father. She replied that Bill was a good father, but he wasn't patient. Katie didn't want to talk about Bill, who was in love with Brooke, and Ridge asked if Katie wanted Bill back. Katie didn't, but she also didn't want to cause her sister the same pain she'd endured.

Ridge asked what Katie did want, and frustrated, Katie walked off. Ridge caught up to her, and she said she couldn't think about what she wanted. She suspected that people in the park thought that she and Ridge were a couple, which was something that she and Ridge never could be. He asked why that was, and she yelled that it wasn't real or right.

Ridge told Katie to forget the circumstances and just say how she felt. Katie refused to let herself think of being with him, and she told Ridge to give her one good reason that she was there with him instead of Brooke. "Because I love you, Katie," he responded.

At the Forrester International office, Aly and Brooke worked, and Aly noted that Brooke missed Ridge. Brooke replied that it was hard, and she didn't want to be away from him "now" that she had him back. Brooke asked how things were for Aly in Paris and if Aly had met any friends. Aly indicated that things were going well, but she really didn't get along with people her age.

Brooke frowned, and Aly changed the subject to what had happened at the wedding. Brooke said that during a poem recitation, Katie had passed out. After Brooke explained that Katie had wound up being okay, Aly guessed that Katie felt awful about ruining the ceremony. Brooke hoped that wasn't the case because, to her, it wasn't Katie's fault that they'd had to postpone the wedding.

Brooke changed the topic to Aly's treatment of Wyatt. Though Brooke admired Aly's intelligence and tenacity, she thought Aly had been too harsh with him. Aly said she wasn't a fan of his, and she implored Brooke to see that the Fullers couldn't be trusted. Brooke said the Fullers and Forresters were in business together, and Wyatt really liked Hope.

Aly questioned Wyatt's feelings for Hope based upon what Wyatt had said to her about Hope. Brooke asked what that was, and Aly asked if Hope and Wyatt had really done anything on the plane. Brooke said that Wyatt and Hope were adults, but Aly asserted that it went against what Hope stood for. Brooke felt that it wasn't their business to judge.

Aly didn't want to hear anything more about it, and she decided to take a press packet to Hope, who needed it that night. Brooke gave Aly a keycard for Hope's hotel suite so that Aly could leave the packet inside in case Hope was out with Wyatt. Before Aly left, Brooke thanked her for being concerned about Hope. Brooke stated that Hope was a grown woman, though, and could take care of herself.

After Aly had gone, Brooke looked at a picture of Ridge and recalled the day he'd returned to her after being away in Paris. She grinned to herself.

At the hotel, Wyatt arrived in Hope's suite and complimented her silk robe. Hope said that she would have packed something sexier if she'd known he'd be there. Wyatt hoped he wasn't intruding on the girls' trip, but Hope said she was glad that he was there. She was glad that Brooke was, too.

The topic turned to Aly, and Wyatt reluctantly revealed that Aly had spoken to him again after the meeting. He said that Aly had dictated to him what he'd do in regards to Hope, and Aly had also tried to fire him. "Right after she slapped me," Wyatt added, and Hope was stunned.

Hope said that Aly had crossed a lot of lines, and Wyatt called Aly crazy, aggressive, and territorial. Hope didn't think that was like Aly, who'd usually been sweet and quiet. He conveyed that Hope was lucky that Aly was fond of Hope -- "or rather borderline obsessed;" however, Aly had serious problems with him.

Hope wanted to attribute it to immaturity or the staunchness of Aly's beliefs. Wyatt remarked that Aly was a "shadow girl," always there and lurking. He added that Aly had called him "Mr. Popular," and he didn't even feel that he was all that popular.

Hope joked about it, and she and Wyatt decided to stop letting their worry about Aly overtake the evening. The two discussed going out for the evening, but as they passionately made out, they elected to stay in.

Later, Aly arrived outside the suite and knocked on the door. Hope didn't answer, so Aly let herself in and heard Hope giggling in the bedroom. Aly opened the bedroom door and shrieked upon seeing Hope and Wyatt having sex on the bed. "Stop! Oh, my God! Stop!" Aly screamed.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

by Pam

At Forrester International, Brooke sat with Thorne, and they discussed that Aly did not like Wyatt. Thorne asked for Brooke's opinion of Wyatt, and Brooke said that she liked Wyatt. Thorne asked about Liam, and Brooke replied that Hope and Wyatt's relationship had become too complicated.

Brooke and Thorne discussed that since Wyatt had accompanied Hope to Paris, Brooke should return home and marry Ridge as she had planned. "Again," Thorne teased. Thorne asked about Katie, and Brooke said that Katie had had a doctor check her out. Brooke added that Ridge had stayed in Los Angeles to take care of Katie.

Thorne told Brooke that Hope clearly hadn't needed any help in Paris. Thorne told Brooke to call the private Forrester jet and the pilot -- and Ridge. Brooke claimed they could stop off at the courthouse on their way to a honeymoon. She giggled that it didn't sound very romantic, but she couldn't wait to marry Ridge.

At Hope's hotel suite in Paris, Aly delivered papers for Hope and discovered that Hope was in bed with Wyatt. Aly shouted at both Hope and Wyatt. Aly shrieked that Wyatt had to keep his hands off of Hope. Wyatt and Aly shouted at each other. Hope tried to calm everyone, but Hope insisted that Aly had to step out of the bedroom.

Hope and Aly conversed outside the bedroom. Hope insisted that she and Wyatt were in love. Aly said that Wyatt was a liar and a thief. Aly continued to badmouth Wyatt and said that Wyatt had ruined Hope's image and the image of the line along with Hope's message.

Aly expected Hope to be an example for young women. Aly said that Hope had changed because of Wyatt. Aly reminded Hope that Quinn and Wyatt had ruined Hope's wedding and that Hope would have been married to Liam if Quinn hadn't been so conniving. Hope argued that she had not been ready for marriage. Hope reminded Aly that she and Wyatt were in love. Aly called Hope and Wyatt liars.

Hope tried to explain that Hope wanted young women to respect themselves, but Aly claimed that Hope and Wyatt were vulgar. Hope said she was in a committed relationship, but Aly wouldn't let up on her disgust with Hope and Wyatt. Hope advised Aly to leave.

Outside the suite, Aly recalled her first meeting with Hope and Wyatt where Wyatt had kissed Hope. Aly looked thoughtful. She pulled up a photo of Wyatt on her phone and used an app to set his head on fire. She smiled wickedly.

Inside the suite, Hope returned to Wyatt in the bedroom. Hope explained that she couldn't believe how upset Aly had been. Hope and Wyatt started to make out and fell back on the bed.

In Los Angeles, Ridge and Katie went for a walk in a park and discussed that they were glad they had time alone to figure out what to do about their feelings for one another. They walked around holding hands. They stopped in an open area where musicians were playing music. Ridge grabbed Katie, and they slow danced and flirted. Later, Ridge and Katie agreed they were in love. Ridge passionately kissed Katie.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

by Pam

In Paris, Hope and Wyatt made love in Hope's hotel suite. Hope declared that Paris was her favorite city in the world. After another lovemaking session, Wyatt said that he was glad Aly hadn't walked in on their lovefest. Hope said that she couldn't believe that Aly had walked in on them earlier. Wyatt wondered how Aly had obtained a key, and Hope had no idea.

Hope said that Aly had some delusional idea that Hope was supposed to be the ideal woman according to Aly's standards. Hope lamented that she had tried to explain to Aly that Hope no longer tied her personal values to her Hope for the Future line.

Hope and Wyatt worried that they'd had a glimpse of the true Aly. Wyatt recalled that Hope had told Aly that Hope and Wyatt had a committed relationship. He added that Paris would be the perfect place to start married life when they were ready. He teased that he could have the RV flown over to Paris, and he could park it outside the Eiffel Tower. Hope and Wyatt laughed, and Hope kissed him. Later, Wyatt ordered champagne to celebrate their time in Paris.

At Forrester International, in Thorne's office, Thorne called the pilot for the Forrester jet to set a flight plan so that Brooke could return to Los Angeles the following morning. Thorne said that while Ridge had spent a year in Paris, his old roommate had been in touch with Thorne. Ridge's roommate had called again and sent his regards to Brooke.

Brooke laughed. She shared with Thorne that Bill had thought that Ridge and his former roommate had become a couple. Brooke said that Bill had become desperate and still wouldn't give up on Brooke. Thorne called Bill an egotistical jackass.

Thorne wondered if Katie would get together with Bill again, but Brooke said that Katie wanted nothing to do with Bill. Thorne added that Katie deserved someone much better than Bill. Brooke suggested that Thorne and Katie would be a good match, but Thorne laughed and said that Katie deserved someone even better.

Later, Brooke returned to the hotel suite, and she interrupted Hope and Wyatt to announce that she planned to return home to Ridge. Hope suggested that she and Wyatt could wrap everything up for the HFTF line in a few days, and they could all fly home together. Brooke refused. She said she wanted to leave the next day.

Hope said she would try to wrap things up to go with her mother, but Brooke said it was unnecessary. Brooke planned to return to Los Angeles the next day no matter what. Hope agreed.

Hope said she had some work to do on her laptop, and she excused herself to wrap up a few things in the other room. Once Hope was in the other room, she immediately called Katie.

In Los Angeles, at Katie's place, Katie and Ridge were in the living room. Katie had put Will to bed, but she said Will had been restless. Ridge volunteered to read Will a story, but Katie said he was fine. Katie wanted to discuss their day in the park.

Ridge again professed his love for Katie. They kissed, and Katie wondered what would happen next. Katie said that she had spent years living from one crisis to the next. She wanted to close out the world and spend all her time with Ridge.

Ridge agreed they had no way of knowing what would happen next, but he wanted to enjoy their time alone together. They kissed and shared some red wine.

Katie and Ridge agreed they would try to make people understand what they had found in each other. Ridge lamented that he had known Katie for years but had really just seen what a beautiful and wonderful woman she was.

Ridge wanted them to break the news to Brooke together. Katie insisted that she had to meet with Brooke first and alone. Ridge argued, but Katie refused. They cuddled and kissed some more.

The phone rang and interrupted them. Katie noted that it was an international call. She answered, and it was Hope, who advised Katie that Brooke had scheduled to return to Los Angeles the next day. Hope wondered if Katie and Ridge had figured out their feelings. Katie told Hope that she and Ridge were in love and planned a future together.

Hope said that her mother would be heartbroken. Brooke picked up the phone extension in the other room and realized that Hope was on the phone. Hope said that she had been talking to Katie to see how Katie had been feeling. Brooke asked about Katie's health and then said she would return the next day in order to start her life with Ridge.

After Katie had hung up, she told Ridge that Brooke would return the next day.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

At Katie's house, Ridge arrived -- even though Katie had advised him not to be there that morning. Ridge thought that he should be the one to talk to Brooke, but Katie replied that she was a big girl. He insisted that it was about a decision he'd made, but Katie said she'd made it, too.

Katie stated that love didn't make sense, and it didn't have to. She figured that if anyone understood that, it would be Brooke. Katie admitted that she was afraid to confess that she'd done the same thing that she'd accused Brooke of. Ridge said Katie wasn't guilty; their feelings had just changed.

Katie told Ridge that she'd stopped the wedding, and Ridge replied that he was glad. Katie feared that it would be a disaster, but he figure that it had to be done. He hugged her and left.

On the jet ride home from Paris, Brooke rested on a bed and dreamed that Ridge was beside her. She said to him that she'd be home soon.

Elsewhere on the jet, Wyatt was relieved that Aly was sitting in the pilot's jump seat instead of in the main cabin with him and Hope. The worried Hope revealed to Wyatt what Katie had done at Brooke's wedding. Wyatt didn't know what kind of person would deliberately do that to her sister.

Hope tried to defend Katie, who normally wasn't that kind of person. Hope said the last thing she'd expected was for Katie to fall in love with Ridge. Wyatt was shocked to hear the revelation and wondered what had happened to Ridge's commitment to Brooke.

Hope said it had been that way all her life. Ridge had tried to maintain his commitment to Brooke but also his commitment to Taylor and her children. "And then he'd be gone," Hope said.

Hope explained that Ridge would marry Taylor for a year or two, but he'd return to Brooke. Because Hope hadn't wanted her mother to go through that again, Hope had taken Brooke to Paris to give Katie and Ridge time to figure out what they wanted. Hope had expected Ridge and Katie to "come to their senses," but they'd decided to be together.

Hope believed she should have stayed out of it, and she wondered if it would have been better for Brooke to have had Ridge for a week than not at all.

Later, Brooke entered the cabin from the other compartment. The jet had begun its descent, and she was eager to contact the county clerk's office to get her wedding scheduled. She asked if Hope and Wyatt wanted to witness the vows, but they said they didn't know what their days would hold.

Brooke agreed, remarking that Katie wanted to see her right away. Hope asked if Brooke knew why that was. Brooke didn't know, but it made her feel sisterly again. She guessed Katie was making breakfast for her. Grinning, Brooke decided that the county clerk could wait a few hours.

Later at Forrester, Ridge was ripping up designs in the CEO's office. Hope entered. She'd figured that Ridge would be at Katie's, but he said Katie had wanted to see Brooke alone. Hope thought that was convenient for him because he could avoid the brunt of the pain he was causing.

Hope asked why Ridge couldn't go back in time and remember his love for Brooke. He wondered if Hope knew how it felt to want something for so long that she'd forgotten why she'd even wanted it. He asked her to imagine that the thing had finally arrived; however, something had shifted, and she no longer wanted it. Saddened, Hope revealed that she'd known the feeling.

Hope noted that Katie had said that Ridge and Katie were in love, but Hope asked how they could know that so soon. Ridge said he'd known Katie a long time, but Hope questioned how well he knew Katie, whom he hadn't even been around for the past year.

Hope stated that Katie hadn't been the innocent person that she'd made herself out to be in the Brooke and Bill saga, and none of it would have happened if it hadn't been for Taylor's vendetta against Brooke. Hope said Katie and Bill would still be together, and they hadn't been "so horribly matched."

Ridge called Bill a terrible person, but Hope asked how Ridge's actions differed from Bill's. Ridge was curious to hear what he'd done to be like Bill. Hope said Ridge was trading in his wife for his wife's sister. Ridge declared that Brooke wasn't his wife, and he hadn't had an affair behind Brooke's back. Hope cynically guessed that Ridge had been bad, but "not as bad" as Brooke and Bill.

Hope noted that Ridge had agonized over whether he could love Brooke after what she'd done to her sister, but he was condoning Katie's actions, which were exactly the same. Hope figured that he saw it as different because Katie had placed Ridge back into the triangle scenario he was accustomed to.

Ridge denied it. He said he was trying to be a better man, but all Hope saw was a clown trying to figure out what a better man was. He felt that Stephanie wouldn't have approved of Brooke and Bill's actions, and she would have seen a better man in her son. Ridge asked Hope not to talk about Katie, who'd relentlessly tried to put him and Brooke together until it had gone beyond her control.

Back at Katie's house, a perky Brooke arrived. She wanted to know what the doctors had said about Katie's condition. Katie said they needed to talk about that. Brooke asked if Ridge had stayed with Katie, but Katie swore that Ridge had never spent a night in that house. Brooke was upset that Ridge hadn't watched Katie as promised, but Katie stated that he'd been by every day.

Katie said that Ridge had known something that no one else had -- that there had been nothing wrong with her at the wedding. Brooke replied that she'd known that, and everyone was grateful for it. Katie revealed that what Brooke thought had happened hadn't really happened.

Brooke asked Katie to stop feeling guilty about what had happened at the wedding. Brooke wanted them to just be happy and honest with each other. Brooke had something to ask Katie and stated that Katie could decline the request. Brooke needed a witness for a courthouse wedding, and she asked if Katie would help Brooke and Ridge finish what they'd started.

Katie sighed, and Brooke assured Katie that someday a man would enter her life and love her. Katie asked what Brooke would say if that had already happened. Brooke became ecstatic and asked if the man was Bill. Katie declared that it wasn't and added that it was a man she would trust. Brooke said she wanted Katie to be happy, and Brooke asked if she knew him.

Katie stated that Brooke did. Katie said that she and Brooke had been through a lot, and she'd never wanted to hurt Brooke. Brooke apologized for hurting Katie, and Katie said she believed Brooke was sorry. Brooke asked who the lucky man was, and Katie repeated that she loved Brooke.

Katie conveyed that she'd feared she'd never be able to let a man love her or see her for who she was. She hoped that Brooke would understand and one day be happy for Katie. Brooke insisted that she would be and asked who the man was. "It's Ridge. I'm in love with Ridge," Katie replied.

Friday, March 7, 2014

At Forrester, Hope and Ridge discussed how Brooke would take the news from Katie. Hope doubted that Brooke would even believe Katie, but Ridge said he'd also talk to Brooke. Hope was sure he'd get his chance. He stated that he'd had every reason to believe it would work with Brooke that time around, but Hope added that there was a big reason that it hadn't.

Though Hope believed that Ridge loved her mother, she felt that it was no longer enough. To her, it was better that he and Katie revealed their feelings. Ridge grew antsy and decided to take off for Katie's house so that Katie wouldn't have to face Brooke alone.

In Rick's office, Quinn was excited that her son was back from Paris and that Thorne had liked Wyatt's ideas. Wyatt said he and Hope had been able to bond on the trip, and they were closer than ever. He was astounded that Hope trusted him and had confided in him.

Quinn was curious to know what Hope had confided in Wyatt about. Wyatt stammered, but at Quinn's pressing, he revealed that it had been about Brooke. He said the point wasn't what Hope had confided, but that she'd leaned on him. Quinn asked how the rest of the trip had been, and he said that it had gone well -- except that Thorne's daughter was a little "different."

Wyatt explained that Aly expected Hope to be the voice of chastity and to be vigilantly committed to Liam. Wyatt said Hope hadn't let it bother her, and Quinn stated that Hope was lucky to have him. Remarking that Hope had a lot on her plate, he decided to find her and help her unwind.

Quinn asked if she could help and noted that he was never too old for his mother's help. Wyatt said, in that situation, he actually was. As he went to the door, he assured her that he could handle his relationship with Hope. Wyatt passed Pam, who was entering the office as he was leaving.

Quinn said Pam was just who she wanted to see. Quinn announced that she wanted to send Hope some flowers. Pam asked if Quinn expected Pam to order them. Quinn said Pam could put it on Quinn's or Eric's expense accounts. "He's not going to mind, knowing they are from me," she said.

Pam took care of the flower order and returned to Quinn to ask what Wyatt was pulling with the jewelry belonging to Pam's sister. Pam wondered if he planned on swiping Stephanie's jewels while they were on display. "Look, Pam, why don't we just try --" Quinn started to say.

Pam interrupted Quinn to say that they weren't doing anything. Pam called Quinn a fake and a phony who was cozying up to Eric. Irritated, Quinn asked if Pam missed Chicago and suggested that it was a better place for Pam to be. Pam quipped that she was "a California girl now."

Quinn retorted that if Pam left, she'd miss "Upchuck," her boyfriend. Pam warned Quinn to be nice to Pam, who at any time could go to the authorities with a certain tape that she had. As the two women bantered with each other, Aly hid behind a clothes rack in the corridor to observe them.

Pam declared that Wyatt's actions had been immoral and illegal, but she hadn't exposed him because he still worked with Forrester -- and because Hope cared about him for some reason. Pam promised that the moment those things were no longer true, she'd see to it that Wyatt went to jail.

Later, Pam was alone in the office when Aly entered. She said she'd seen Pam and Quinn talking, but she hadn't heard what the two had been saying. Aly freely stated that she had issues with Quinn and Wyatt, and she asked if Pam did, too. Pam shrugged, and Aly conveyed that her instincts said the two were no good. Pam told Aly to trust her instincts, and Aly asked what Pam knew about the Fullers.

In the steam room, Hope met Wyatt as he'd requested through a text message. He was sure she was stressed out about her mother and Ridge. As she kissed Wyatt, Hope asked that they not talk about it. Wyatt massaged her shoulders, and she said she'd really needed the time with him.

At Katie's house, Brooke was confused when she heard that Katie was in love with Ridge. "Ridge?" Brooke asked, and her confusion erupted into incredulous laughter. Katie asked why Brooke was laughing, and Brooke said that it was cute. Brooke wanted to tell Ridge, but Katie said he knew.

Brooke assumed that it had been pretty awkward for Katie when she'd revealed it to Ridge. Brooke knew that a lot of women had crushes on Ridge, but she'd never assumed that Katie would. Brooke figured that he'd let her sister down easy. Unfazed by the crush, Brooke said that Katie didn't need to be embarrassed because it was understandable. Brooke claimed to know how one felt when Ridge acted as her knight in shining armor. Katie stated that it was more than that.

Brooke claimed to understand how Ridge and Katie would bond as they'd commiserated over the hurt that Brooke had caused them. Katie replied that it was more complicated than that. Brooke, however, was convinced that Ridge's gallantry had made Katie swoon. Brooke relayed that she wasn't bothered by the feelings Katie had developed, and Katie was the last person she'd feel insecure about.

Brooke hugged Katie, who looked offended as she peered over Brooke's shoulder. Katie became upset that Brooke would laugh at the thought of Katie being a threat. Brooke said it wasn't an insult, but Katie guessed Brooke felt that Ridge could be with no woman after her.

Brooke asked Katie to calm down before she fainted again. Katie revealed that she hadn't fainted at the wedding, and when she'd collapsed, it had been a lie. "What are you talking about? You ruined my wedding," Brooke said.

"I know," Katie replied. Confused, Brooke asked if Katie actually thought that Ridge would return Katie's feelings. Katie asserted that Ridge actually did have feelings for her. Sighing, Brooke explained that it wasn't a romance novel or any of Katie's poetry. "He told me!" Katie yelled.

Brooke told her sister that Ridge was practically Brooke's husband, and they had a child together. Katie cited that Brooke and Ridge were not married. Brooke almost said something but decided to leave before she said something regrettable.

Brooke offered to pick up the conversation later, but Katie insisted that Brooke didn't understand. Brooke explained that Ridge only felt compassion and warmth for Katie. Katie agreed that it had been that way at first, but she added that she and Ridge had spent a lot of time with each other. Brooke yelled that he'd been being nice. "Oh, my God! How na´ve can you be?" Brooke asked.

Just then, Ridge arrived, and Brooke was relieved to see him. Brooke told him that they should go because Katie wasn't feeling well. Katie announced that she was feeling fine. "I told her, but she doesn't want to accept it," Katie said, and the appalled Brooke stared at Ridge.

Brooke told Katie not to embarrass herself, but Katie advised Brooke not to leave until she understood. Turning to Ridge, Brooke assumed he knew about the little crush that Katie had. He nodded. Brooke said it was sweet, but nonsense. Ridge suggested that he and Brooke leave so that they could talk about it, and Brooke agreed to go with him.

Turning to Katie, Brooke said she wouldn't hold it against her sister. Brooke felt that Katie needed time alone to realize that Ridge was Brooke's husband, and Brooke and he were starting a life together. Katie asserted that Ridge wasn't Brooke's husband and hadn't been for a long time.

Katie said things had changed, and Katie and Ridge had changed. While Brooke had seemed to stay in the same place, Katie and Ridge had gained better expectations from their lives and from love. Brooke turned to Ridge and said Katie needed to hear from him that what Katie had going on in her head was wrong. When Ridge said nothing, Brooke implored him to tell Katie.

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