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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 30, 2007 on GH
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Monday, July 30, 2007

Ric paints Jason as a cold-blooded killer in his opening statement but Diane spins a different story with her argument. Sam doesn't whitewash the truth when she testifies but Diane does her best to discredit her during the cross-examination. The judge allows Ric to show the jury Amelia's footage from the shootout which Diane fears may seal Jason's fate. After a chance encounter with Jason, Liz is even more determined to help him. Kate wonders if Liz would perjure herself in order to save Jason. Carly warns Sam that she'll make her pay for betraying Jason. Sonny realizes it would be a mistake to bring Kate into his life and ends their budding romance. Logan sees red when Lulu tells him she doesn't want to see him anymore and admits Coop warned her off him. Logan takes his anger out on Coop, who is later tended to by Lulu. Maxie's jealousy flares up when she sees Lulu and Coop together. Patrick explains to Robin that although he's happy being in a relationship with her, he can also see why Noah is attracted to the rock star lifestyle. Bobbie fears Noah is risking his sobriety with his charade. Noah has a tough time resisting temptation.

Tuesday, August 31, 2007

Two guards drag a bruised Jax into a room. It is apparent he is being held captive. Jerry's former love, Irina, is revealed to be his captor. He wonders who she is, she tells him that she wanted to spend time with Jerry's little brother. He tries to buys his freedom, but she is not interested in money. She ponders which of the two brothers is better in bed. He tells her that she will never know, since he is a happily married man. She tells him that she intends to kill him while Jerry watches.

In the witness waiting room, Carly tells Kate and Liz that she has volunteered to be a witness. She bickers with them until the sheriff shows up asking for her subpoena. She fumbles as she pretends to look for it until they get word that they are dismissed for the day. Liz stays behind, and Diane informs Carly that things are not looking good for Jason. She begs Diane to make her a witness, but Diane refuses. They argue over Jason's mind-set, and Carly insists that Jason needs her.

During the trial, Ric does damage to Jason's case by showing his retaliation against the men that ambushed him during his transfer back to Port Charles. Jason appears to be a cold-blooded killer. After the judge dismisses the jury, the mayor questions Ric calling Liz to the stand. Diane tells Jason that Ric really damaged him with that tape.

Jerry is seen making love to a woman resembling Irina. It is revealed she is a hooker, whom he has paid to dress like Irina. He becomes furious with her when she tries to flirt with him. After she hurries out, Jerry makes a call inquiring about Jax.

Lulu is mad at Logan for telling Maxie that she and Cooper have something going on. Logan insinuates that Coop is jealous and wants to sabotage what he and Lulu have. Maxie and Cooper arrive, and Lulu asks Cooper point blank if he has a thing for her. Logan and Cooper talk privately, and Cooper tells Logan to stay away from Lulu because she does not deserve to get hurt. Logan tells Cooper that he really cares about Lulu.

At the station, Spinelli tells Lucky that Jason did not kill Lorenzo. Lucky asks him if he has an alibi, and he does not. He wonders why Lucky won't help the man who gave him his son. They argue over Jason's intentions as Jason is brought in. Alone, Spinelli suggests to Jason that the truth might be the best way to go. He senses that Jason is giving up, and he explains to Spinelli that the hearing did not go well. Spinelli reminds him that Jake would be proud of his father. Jason insists that there is no way for him to be in Jake's life.

Jerry goes to meet a man in the lobby of the Metro Court. Carly sees them, and demands to know where Jax is. She threatens him if anything happens to Jax. Jerry is amazed that Carly is alive, given her foolish decision making skills. Later, Jerry get a phone call and is furious to find that Jax is missing. He tells Carly though, that Jax is fine.

Lulu sees Liz at the courthouse as she seeks to find Logan's court records. They talk about Nik's disapproval of Logan, and the conversation turns to the trial. Liz tells Lulu that she doesn't know how she can testify against Jason when he has done so much for them. Lulu tells her it probably won't be as bad as they think.

Maxie tells Cooper she is concerned he will fall for Lulu. He appears hurt that she doesn't trust him.

At Kelly's, Spinelli tells Lulu he is worried about Liz's testimony.

Ric tries to bribe Jason to plea to second-degree murder. If he declines, Ric will put Liz on the stand and will have to ask about Jake's paternity.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Kate walks into the witness room where Liz is waiting. She's brought work with her, but she's hoping her testimony will be brief. Sonny walks in after her. He's also being called as a witness. He says that Ric couldn't pass up the opportunity to have him help convict his best friend. Lucky walks in with breakfast for Liz and the two walk into an empty room for some time alone. Lucky says he's going to be there for Liz's testimony. She thought it was a closed trial, but Lucky tells her that his police access can get him in. Lucky says Ric just wants to establish that she heard the phone call. That's all.

Back in the witness room, Kate asks Sonny if he's used to "this". He says usually he's the defendant. She notices how quiet he is and says he's furious. This is how he used to get right before he would get into a fight. He says that Ric can't touch him, so he's going after his friends instead.

When Liz comes back to the witness room, she tells Sonny that she wishes she could be as calm as he is. He tells her to just relax and answer Diane's questions. Stick to your story and say what you remember. He tells her she'll be fine. Amelia comes in as a witness as well. She says this is more than a job to Ric. Why does he hate Sonny so much? Sonny says that Ric feels inferior. He knows that Jason is more of a brother to Sonny than Ric ever will be and Jason keeps saving his ex-wife. Liz looks up, knowing they are talking about her.

Liz paces in the witness room. Amelia mentions that the more nervous she looks, the guiltier Jason will look. Liz says she is just nervous because Lucky will be in there. Liz is called to the stand. While she is gone, another man comes in. Amelia asks if she is witness for prosecution. He says he saw Jason take Alcazar's body out of the house and dump it.

Meanwhile, Carly is trying to convince Diane to call her as a witness. She says that she'll say whatever they want her to say. Diane tells her it doesn't work like that. She says things are bad enough for Jason without having Carly testify and make things worse. They remind her of how she usually loses it on the stand. Her past, including shooting Tony in the courtroom and being married to Lorenzo, won't help either. She agrees to walk away, but says she's going to get him out of this.

When court begins, Ric calls Sonny to the stand first. Diane mentions that Ric and Sonny are half-brothers, but the judge allows the witness anyway. Ric asks his questions, but doesn't get much out of Sonny as he pleads the 5th. Ric asks Sonny if he ordered the hit, and Sonny says no. Next, Kate gets on the stand. Ric asks the details of a phone call Sonny took while she was on the terrace with him. Kate makes a fool of Ric, though. She says yes she heard Sonny on the phone, but she doesn't eavesdrop. If she heard anyone ordering a murder she would certainly call the cops. Diane cross-examines Kate and asks her if she's ever made or received phone calls in front of Sonny and Kate says yes. Diane asks if Sonny has done the same. Kate says yes, and to her knowledge none of them has ever been to kill someone.

Next on the witness stand is Liz. Ric asks Liz how long she's known Jason and what the nature of their relationship is. She says she's known him for 10 years and they are good friends. She says she did not overhear any part of his conversation when she was with him the day Alcazar disappeared. She assumed it was business, coffee business. He asks if she's ever been to the penthouse. She says yes. He asks if she's ever spent the night there. She says yes. He asks if she's ever had sex with Mr. Morgan.

The guards push Jax back into the room with Irina. She apologizes for how he was treated and reminds him that he will be killed when Jerry arrives. She asks how they should spend their time waiting. They talk about Irina's past and Jax offers her money to let him go. She says it is tempting, but revenge on Jerry is more important. She tells him he is more handsome than his brother. She brings over a blade to shave him and he says he's quite capable of shaving and bathing himself. Irina says she has been looking forward to giving him a sponge bath. When she finishes shaving him, she's quite pleased with his appearance. Now, is he better in bed than Jerry?

At Kelly's Lulu asks Spinelli what he is doing with his computer. He is trying to get a feed into the courtroom so they can see if Lucky finds out the truth about Jake while Liz is on the stand. Lulu warns Spinelli that he could make things worse for Jason if he gets caught, but Spinelli tells her that he doesn't get caught. Maxie walks in and Lulu tells her she's too late. Coop already left. They start to argue, and Spinelli tries to break them up. Sam walks in and tells Spinelli to stay out of it. He doesn't know what kind of crap Lulu is trying to pull on Maxie. Spinelli tries to defend Lulu and tells Sam that Maxie is the one being unkind. Sam tells Spinelli that he can't make someone love you. She wishes someone was honest with her when she was trying to make Jason love her. She says that Lulu is using him and he's wasting is time. She gets her coffee and her and Maxie leave. Spinelli tells Lulu that Sam isn't thinking right. She was wrong, right? Lulu tells him that she would never take advantage of their friendship, but that's all they have together. She can't see herself falling in love with Spinelli. She hopes she hasn't led him astray thinking they might have a future together. He says that she has made it crystal clear that they will only be friends and he is ok with that. It's not like she gave her heart to someone else. She asks, "What if I did? Would that change things?" He asks if she's changed her mind on the ban of love. She says she is tired of being afraid to take risks. Love doesn't seem impossible anymore, but she hasn't found the right person yet. No matter what, though, she doesn't want to lose Spinelli as a friend. He says she won't. She hugs him. Logan comes in and interrupts. He needs to talk to Lulu. He apologizes for what Coop said. He wants to get to know her, but he tries to hard. He doesn't want to hurt her with knowing what he did in Iraq. He won't give up on her. She says he should give up on her. She doesn't have any intention of seeing him again. He mentions that he can be just as stubborn as she is now.

Maxie shows up at Sam's new apartment and offers to help her with her new place. Sam turns her down on the apartment help but asks if she would help destroy Liz. They complain about how Lulu and Liz are angels in everyone's eyes but both of them are really selfish. They agree that Liz needs to pay and wind up alone for the rest of her life.

Jerry goes back in his room and inspects his side where he's been cut. There's a knock at the door and Jerry lets Nikolas come in. He tells Jerry that he no longer has access to Cassadine Industries and has blocked all his accounts. Jerry threatens him with Emily's future in jail, but Nikolas tells him to go ahead. He is prepared for retaliation. The two start to fight and Jerry grabs a gun. Nikolas reminds him that his family has been getting away with murder for years. Jerry shoots and almost hits Carly as she enters the room. Carly is furious when Nikolas tells her that Jerry is trying to kill him. She still defends him which irritates Nikolas. After he leaves, Carly tells Jerry that he won't be any help to Jason at all if he gets arrested. She reminds him that he could end up dead if he keeps antagonizing the Cassadines. He has no intention of dying, though. He needs her help with getting Lorenzo's business contacts. She says she knows someone who can help them, though. She calls Spinelli and he comes over immediately. He tells her that Jason warned him not to get wrapped up in any of Carly's plans. She says that's no fair. Some of her plans work. Jerry threatens to kill Spinelli if he doesn't help. He tells Spinelli to get the information quickly because he and Carly are going to Venezuela.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Lulu keeps herself busy waiting tables at Kelly's. Georgie shows up to work after getting her hair done. Lulu compliments her on her new 'do. Georgie tells her she felt she was in a rut and felt she needed a change. Lulu tells her about how she is supposed to be meeting Logan at Jake's to play pool because she made a bet with him that if she beat him at pool he would have to leave her alone and if he won she would have to go on one date with him. Georgie tells her she wants to stay out of getting involved with someone like Spinelli because it is obvious that he is hung up on Lulu and she had enough heartache last time that happened. Spinelli comes in and overhears their conversation. He heads to Jake's bar to warn Logan not to hurt Lulu or he will have to deal not only with him but with Sonny and Jason as well. Lulu walks into Jake's and asks Spinelli why he can't let her make her own decisions about Logan without his interference. She thanks him for being concerned but tells him she can make up her own mind about Logan. Spinelli leaves them alone to play pool. The two of them play pool and talk. Logan tells her he is in a tough situation because if he beats her at pool she will think he is hustling her and if she wins she will think he is letting her win.

Sonny shows up at Kate's house on the back patio with pizza and a six-pack of beer while she is on the phone discussing business. She asks him why he brought pizza and beer for her. He tells her he brought it by for them to share because he remembered how "Connie" liked eating pizza and drinking a beer in the old days. Connie thanks him but tells him she doesn't eat pizza or drink beer anymore because she wouldn't be able to fit into the dress she is planning on wearing to some museum opening next week. Sonny tells her he wanted to thank her for her testimony and how she outwitted Ric while she was on the stand. She tells him that the subpoena was a joke and that if she was still "Connie" she would have told Ric to get a life. Sonny manages to get her to eat a little bit of pizza. Sonny tries to get her to admit that she is depriving herself of things she likes to keep up the image she wants people to see. She tells him she is quite happy with her lifestyle. Michael and Morgan show up and ask Connie if they can get Morgan's ball out of her pond. Kate tells them she has more than one pond. Sonny asks Michael where there mother is and goes over to the house to find out what is going on. Michael tells her what pond the ball is in. Kate doesn't want them to go fishing in her delicate pond to find Morgan's ball and offers to buy Morgan a new ball. Michael tells her that it is Morgan's favorite ball because it was given to him by Jax before he left town. Morgan ends up knocking something down. Later, Sonny is pleased when he finds Kate laying on the patio floor with the boys painting some picture with them and joking with them in a relaxed manner.

Jax kisses Irina passionately as a way to distract her so he can escape. Irina catches on to what he is trying to do and kicks him in the stomach to show him she is still in charge. Meanwhile, Carly asks Jerry how he managed to get a private jet to take them to Caracas to find evidence to help Jason. Jerry doesn't reveal how he managed it. Jerry asks Carly if she would go to as much trouble to help his brother as she is to help Jason. Carly tells him about her history with Jax and how they fell in love and explains that what she feels for Sonny, Jason, and Jax are different. Jerry is suspicious about her feelings for Jax after what he witnessed at the hotel during the hostage situation when she admitted her love for Sonny. Carly refuses to go into it with him and tells him that she loves Jax. Jerry falls asleep and dreams about Irina, the woman he loved once and thinks was murdered because of him. Carly watches him twitch while he is sleeping as she goes over the information that Spinelli got for her on Alcazar. Jerry wakes up and Carly asks him what is wrong with him. She guesses he had a dream about Irina. Jerry warns her never to mention Irina's name again to him. Meanwhile, Jax notices that there is a cell-phone on the floor under the desk and he tries to distract Irina hoping to get his hands on it. He figures out who Irina is in connection to Jerry and explains to her that Jerry thinks she is dead and that he was heartbroken and lost his soul after he was tortured and believes she was murdered because of him. Irina doesn't believe that Jerry had any morals to begin with. She explains that being tortured makes you realize that you will do anything to stay alive and she did what she had to by cooperating with their captors. She admits that she fell in love with Jerry but that he didn't feel the same way about her and she wants him to pay by watching his own brother die in front of him. Jax gets upset with Irina for thinking it was o.k. to betray Jerry to stay alive but he shouldn't be able to do the same thing and calls her a hypocrite. She gets angry and strikes him. Later, she acts as if she wants to have sex with him but puts him in a choke hold to warn him she will kill him if he tries to escape. Jax waits until he gets a moment alone in his room and gets a hold of his cell-phone. He calls Jerry on his cell-phone. Jerry answers his phone but doesn't hear anyone and doesn't recognize the number on his caller ID. He asks who is calling him and to identify himself. Carly watches Jerry and wonders the same thing. Irina catches Jax using the phone and points a gun at him and orders him to hang up.

Ric questions Liz on the stand about the history of her friendship with Jason. Diane continues to object to the judge about the relevance of her testimony on Jason's case. Ric argues that it is relevant to the case. The judge allows Ric to continue his line of questioning which starts to make Liz and Jason more uncomfortable each moment Ric gets closer to asking her more personal information. Liz admits that she dated Jason briefly years ago but that it didn't get serious and that they remained just friends. Ric asks her if she ever had sex with Jason back when she dated him. She tells him the truth, which is no. Ric asks her if she ever visited Jason at his own residence before alone. She admits that she did. Ric then asks her if she has ever had sexual relations with Jason. Jason jumps up and yells at Ric to leave Liz alone. The judge orders Jason to sit down. Jason eventually calms down enough to sit after Diane talks to him. Ric suggests that it would be better if Jason is put in restraints for the rest of the trial to keep him from having more outburst. Liz admits that she had sex with Jason. Diane keeps objecting to the judge who overrules her but he gets fed up and calls for a 10 minute recess and asks for Ric and Diane to meet with him in chambers. Lucky approaches Jason and sits behind him. He tells Jason he is garbage because he only rescued her and his son to get closer to her because he wants her for himself. Later, when court reconvenes, the judge allows Ric to continue questioning Liz about her relationship with Jason. Ric asks her when she had sexual relations with Jason. She tells him it was in late August. Ric asks her how old her baby is. She tells him that he is about 3 months old. Ric does the math out loud and tells her that based on the math she could have conceived her son while she was having sex with Jason. He tells her that it is possible that Jason could be the father of her baby. Lucky reacts as expected which is in disbelief but with some suspicion. Meanwhile, Amelia shows up at Sam's new apartment to tell her that she just came from the courthouse where she was suppose to testify in court but Liz was called instead and that she got to watch some of the trial and that Ric asked Liz if she ever slept with Jason. Sam asks her why she came to tell her that. Amelia tells her that she thought she would be happy with the news that Liz has to admit she slept with Jason while Lucky is there. Nikolas shows up to see Sam. Amelia tells Sam that now she can be there to comfort Lucky after the trial today. Nikolas asks Sam what she expects him to do about it. She tells him that she didn't tell Lucky about Liz's night with Jason because she didn't want him to go back to taking pills back then but feels that now he needs to know the truth about his wife being a liar. She and Nikolas go to the courthouse to wait for the trial to be recessed for the day so that Nikolas can be there when Lucky comes out of the courthouse and needs some moral support.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Jax tries to convince Irina there is a lot more to life than payback. He covers up his phone call to Jerry. Irina thinks Jerry sold her out. Jax denies this and says that Jerry's heart was broken. He thinks Irina is dead. Irina continues to try to push herself on Jax. He keeps breaking it off and telling her that he's a happily married man and will not cheat on his wife. They wind up making their way over to the bed, though.

Carly tries to get information from Jerry about his mysterious phone call. Was it about Jax or Jason? When they arrive in Venezuela, Carly makes a big deal about staying in the same room with Jerry. She tries to push him away and pushes his injured side. He cries out. He's bleeding again. She tells him he cried out like a little girl and wants to know what's wrong. She sees the wound and says he will need stitches. He wants her to do it, but she tells him Emily did most of the work stitching Robin up in the Metro Court shooting. He notices that she has a knack for survival but is still a caring woman. No wonder Jax married her. Carly notices his fever is up. She tries to find aspirin for him. Jerry notices her hands are cool and starts to get delirious. He thinks she is making fun of his accent. They kiss.

Lulu and Logan flirt at Vista Point. She talks about how her dad used to take Lucky camping, but he never took her. She's grateful that Logan took her camping like her father always promised. They continue to have a good date and dare each other to try the very hot salsa. They laugh and grab drinks when their mouths are on fire. When it starts to rain, they take cover under a picnic table and kiss.

Ric continues to badger Liz. She tells him that Lucky is the father of her son. She is friends with Jason and that's all. She tells the jury that Jason is a wonderful person and he is protective and kind. She tells Ric there's no way he can twist or change her testimony. Diane cross-examines her and only asks if Jason left right after he took phone calls in front of her and if she ever heard Jason say Lorenzo Alcazar's name. Liz steps down and court is adjourned. She walks toward Lucky, who walks out of the courtroom. Lucky returns home and stares at a picture of him and Liz. Nikolas walks in and Lucky asks him how long he's known that his wife cheated on him with Jason. Nikolas explains that it was the night Liz saw him with Maxie. Nikolas didn't want Lucky to find out because he was afraid he would turn to drugs. Meanwhile, Jason tells Sonny what happened in the court room. Sonny wants to know why Liz lied and denied Jake's paternity. Jason defends Liz, but Sonny tells him that Diane is going to get him out of this and he needs to claim his son.

In the courtroom, Ric apologizes to Liz. She tells him he's not sorry. Everyone warned her to stay away from him. He's self-righteous. All he cares about is revenge on his brother. Ric tells her to stop blaming him. She needs to blame herself. He tells her that he loved her and always loved her. She says he doesn't love anyone but himself. She sees Sam and mentions how all this got started in the first place. She tells them there may be time for a quickie now. They deserve each other. Sam claps as she leaves. Liz leaves and goes into the interrogation room to talk to Jason. She tells him she's been lying for so long now; she doesn't know what's right or wrong. She doesn't know if Jake is safer as a Spencer or not. Jason tells her he will support her no matter what and they hug. Meanwhile, Sonny goes into the courtroom and asks Ric if he's reliving his big moment. Ric says nothing matters right now except Jason going to prison. Sam also goes to visit Jason and tells him he needs to claim his son. Liz wasted no time denying his paternity. Now no one will know the truth because if Jason admits it, he will hurt Liz.

Sonny tells Kate how Carly took off. He knows she can take care of herself, but she causes more problems most of the time. He thanks her for her testimony in Jason's favor. Kate says she was just telling the truth. He tells her she shouldn't be so ice cold all the time. When she was playing with his kids, she was just like the girl from Bensonhurst again.

Liz comes home to find Lucky with one of Jake's toys. She apologizes for what happened in court today. He asks her if Jake is his son or Jason's.

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