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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 23, 2007 on GH
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Monday, July 23, 2007

Carly tells Alexis to try to get Jerry naked and keep him occupied. Carly hides when Jerry arrives, and he and Alexis share wine. When Jerry believes to have caught onto Alexis' plan, he says that he can tell she is nervous. Carly is relieved that he didn't figure out their plan. Later, Ric shows up to discuss Molly with Alexis but is obviously upset with who Alexis has as a guest. Alexis gets angry at Ric for showing up unannounced and asks him to leave. Jerry sees Carly eavesdropping and, when Ric leaves, calls Carly out of her hiding place. He tells her that he will not reveal to her and Alexis where Jax is.

Kate and Sonny kiss and Kate backs away. She tells Sonny she doesn't understand why she can't seem to control herself. Sonny decides to make them dinner and, in the middle of their eating, Kate gets up and kisses Sonny. They take things inside and end up making love on the couch. After they are done, they proceed to get dressed and Kate receives a phone call. It is her colleague who informs her that she took the wrong pill earlier and that it was in fact an aphrodisiac. Kate explains this to Sonny and tells him that their love-making was a mistake.

Cody attacks Logan in front of Kelly's and Lulu tries to stop him. Cody comments that Logan likes them feisty and then says that sooner or later Logan will pay for what happened in Iraq.

Anna and Noah drink with the guests at the Eli Love dinner. Patrick gets angry at Noah for drinking and Anna for giving him the drinks. They inform him that the vodka is actually water and that Noah is pretending to be drunk. Patrick confides in Robin that he is worried his father will have a relapse due to the atmosphere he will be subjected to as Eli Love. A woman approaches Noah and he acts as though he remembers her and later tries to get him to drink vodka off her belly. Anna acts like a jealous girlfriend to get Noah away from the woman and proceeds to spray the woman with water. While people are looking on, Anna kisses Noah.

Lucky asks Sam if Jason loves Liz and what she feels Liz is lying about. Sam tells him that she blames Liz for everything and she shouldn't. She says that Jason pulled away from her after she was shot and that he has been lying to her. She tells Lucky that Jason betrayed her. Lucky asks if Jason betrayed her with Liz and Sam replies that he did but that he betrayed her because he always put Liz first and then when Jake was born, Jake became a priority to Jason but that he didn't want to have children with her. Lucky tells her that he understands. They get interrupted by Amelia and, after Lucky leaves, Sam tells Amelia that she didn't reveal the truth to Lucky.

While visiting Jason, Liz and he hold hands and the guard comes in to inform Liz that she is not allowed to touch the prisoner. The guard motions to take Jason back to his cell but Liz asks him not to. The guard agrees and leaves them alone after a warning. Liz tells Jason that they could make things work if he got out with regards to his spending time with Jake. She says that she wants her family with Lucky and she wants him too.

After Liz leaves Jason, she goes to Kelly's where she meets up with Lucky. Lucky asks her about her visit to Jason and then asks her, if Jason gets out of prison, would she want to be with him. She tells Lucky that she doesn't love Jason and Lucky says that doesn't answer his question. She reassures Lucky that she wants to be with him and have a family with him. In the meantime, Lulu visits Jason and says that Liz is going to have to make a choice between him and Lucky.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

At Shadybrook, Alan seems distant. Scott pays a visit to Tracy, and the two argue about Logan and Lulu. Scott continues to deny that Logan is his son. He accuses Tracy of being selfish. After he leaves, Alan tells Tracy that she must be doing something good because his drive to torment her is failing. She denies that she is trying to help Lulu. Dillon's name comes up. Tracy is sad that Dillon has not even sent her a postcard since leaving town. When she asks Alan if he thinks she pushed him away forever, she sees that Alan is gone.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward informs Lulu that she is grounded. He and Monica tell her that Logan is no good, and this is for her benefit. Alice backs them up. Alone with Alice, Lulu threatens to tell the Quartermaines what Alice does in the boat house if she doesn't let her go. Alice gives in, and Lulu takes off to see Logan.

Sam calls Nikolas over to the penthouse. She warns him that she thinks Lucky is in for a big fall, and that he should be there for is brother when it happens. Later, Nikolas visits Liz at the hospital. He first apologizes for being wrong on Jake's kidnapper. He sees that she is grateful to Jason for finding her son. He asks if she's grateful enough to leave Lucky to be with Jason. He explains that he is not passing judgment, but does not want to see his brother hurt the way he hurt Emily with his affair with Courtney. He is interrupted by a call from Lainey, who requests his presence at Shadybrook at Tracy's request.

In light of seeing Cody, Cooper and Logan discuss their time in Iraq. When Cooper reminds Logan that there are a lot of people that have a right to be angry with him, he tells Cooper that he thought Cooper understood what happened. He asks Cooper not to say anything to Lulu. Cooper encourages him to come clean with her, as there are a lot of people in Port Charles that care for her. They are interrupted by Lulu. Cooper leaves, and Lulu asks Logan about Iraq. He tells her about the horrors of the war, and that someday he could just snap like Cody has.

Ignoring Cooper's warnings to stay away, Maxie talks to Cody at Kelly's. They discuss Logan and Lulu, and Maxie explains the reasons why she and Lulu dislike each other. She senses that he is addicted to pills. He offers her information on Logan in exchange for pills.

At Pentonville, Jason tells Carly that he and Sam broke up. Carly is angry that Sam has abandoned him. She senses something, and warns him to stay away from Liz. Jason gets impatient with Carly and wants to know the real reason for her visit. She whines that she misses Jax. Jason warns her to stay away from Jerry. He is skeptical when she tells him she's using Jerry to help free Jason.

At the penthouse, Lucky visits Sam and questions the things she said to he and Liz in the park after she and Jason broke up. She tries to downplay it by saying that even though she dislikes Liz, she does not blame her for the break up. He takes his leave as Amelia arrives. Amelia suggests that Sam will now try to steal Liz's husband since Liz seems to have stolen her man. Sam throws her out. Later, Amelia visits Jason and encourages him to claim Jake and turn Sam in for being an accessory to kidnapping. Jason tells her to take her agenda elsewhere.

Carly barges into Jason and Sam's penthouse, and informs Sam she is there to watch her pack and make sure she doesn't steal anything. Sam starts to tell her off, and Carly tells her to leave town. Sam slaps her in the face.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nikolas arrives at Shadybrook to talk to Tracy. She tells him that Scott has an illegitimate son who happens to be Logan. She also tells him that Lulu is getting involved with Logan and he needs to put an end to it.

Lulu and Logan talk about the war. She tells him she is grateful to him and the other soldier's who made sacrifices. They almost kiss but are interrupted by a knock on the door. It's Scott. He tells Logan he's not his father. Nikolas shows up during this exchange and tells Lulu to stay away from Logan. Scott agrees with Nikolas and tells Lulu to listen to her brother. He's trouble, and he reiterates that Logan is not his son. Lulu thinks Nikolas should mind his own business. After Scott leaves, Nikolas asks Logan if Scott is his father. Logan tells him he is his Scott's son. There's yet another knock at the door. This time it's Max. Sonny wants to see Logan. When Logan arrives at Sonny's, he's in trouble. He lost the shipment and risked his men. He's a liability and needs to be gotten rid of. Logan explains that the cops were there and shot him. They must have known about the shipment. He didn't want to link the shipment to Sonny, so he laid low and waited for Sonny to contact him. Sonny says he may still be of some use to him. Meanwhile, Milo asks Max is Lulu was with Logan. He calls him "the unworthy one." When Logan walks out, Milo warns him to stay away from Lulu or else. He says, "Or else what?" Milo tells him he doesn't want to know. Logan says the real problem will be keeping Lulu away from him.

Lulu talks to Nikolas. He asks how she met Logan, and she tells him how he helped her and listened to her with Jake was kidnapped. They talk about the past year and how hard it's been. Nikolas asks her if she's lonely now that Dillon is gone.

Cody wants Maxie to score drugs for him from the hospital. She turns him down and says he needs professional help. He gets angry and grabs her. Coop walks in and draws his gun. Cody says that Coop doesn't know how to do anything unless he has a gun in his hand. That's why he became a cop. He tells Coop that his girlfriend has drugs and he wants them. After Coop leaves, Maxie explains that Cody wants her to help him get drugs from the hospital. Coop tells her to trust him and she needs to stay away from both Logan and Cody. He tells her that Logan was dangerous in Iraq. Maybe he still is. Maxie goes to find Logan and tells him the deal is off. She says she found out he's dangerous and says to find a girl his own style. He tells her Lulu is his style. Meanwhile, Coop has found Lulu. He warns her about Logan. She tells him to save it. Everyone is warning her. He tells her he is dangerous, and Lulu asks how. He gives the example of when he beat up Spinelli and forced a kiss on her. She says Logan has done stupid things, but so has she. She asks why he's still friends with Logan if he's so bad. Coop says it's just better that way.

Amelia tells Jason that Sam should pay. She tells him he needs to stop protecting her. They continue to argue. He tells her to let it go. Jake is safe and he and Sam are over. He says, "Let it go, or else." She tells him he is ruthless and he deserves Sam. She still wants Sam to pay for killing her father. Sam is not done hurting those around her.

Ric serves Liz with papers at the hospital. She's being subpoenaed to testify in Jason's trial. She leaves and goes to see Jason. He asks if everything is ok with Jake. She says yes, but then reveals that she's been called to testify in his trial. She's afraid she will say something and unintentionally hurt his case. He tells her not to worry, that's why he keeps her out of the business. Ric knows how important she is to him. He's just trying to mess with Jason's head. When Liz gets back to work, she thanks Epiphany for covering for her. Epiphany asks if she saw Jason. She says yes. She doesn't know how she's going to protect him. Epiphany advises her to tell the truth. Liz says she wants to protect Jason because of everything he's done for her family. Nikolas arrives and talks to her about Lulu and Logan. Liz warns him that trying to keep Lulu away from Logan may push her towards him. She'll see him regardless of what her family says.

Carly says she's going to make Sam pay for everything she's ever done and throws her down on the couch. As the two women engage in an all out brawl, Diane walks in and says the police are on their way. Mac and uniformed officers show up with a warrant to search the penthouse. Mac asks what happened, and Sam explains that she and Carly were fighting. Mac says that Jason is being charged with Lorenzo Alcazar's murder. Mac wonders why a coffee dealer needs all the weapons that they find in Jason's penthouse. Diane tells him it doesn't matter. Jason has a license for every weapon. Scott walks in and says he has evidence that Jason killed Lorenzo. Carly tells him he's just there to plant evidence. She tells him to leave. Diane perks up and asks why he's even there. He's not prosecuting this case. Sam tells them all to leave or she'll call Alexis. Mac yells that there's nothing there anyway. Scott tells them to keep looking. Carly is furious and says that they're trying to frame Jason. Diane calms her down and tells her to let her do her job. Carly tells Diane to look out for Sam because she and Jason broke up. She will betray him. Carly leaves and goes to talk to Sonny about Sam. She tells him that he needs to take her more seriously. She's dangerous. Carly wants Sonny to break Jason out of jail. Sonny tells her to leave things be. Stay out of it! Meanwhile, Sam is talking to Ric who wants her to testify at Jason's trial. She says she was on a shoot at the time and doesn't think she'll be any help. He tells her not to worry about perjury. Anything she can say will help. She agrees to tell him anything he needs to know.

Diane goes to see Jason and tells him that he will be transferred back to Port Charles tomorrow and will have a court date the next day. They talk about Liz being subpoenaed and how Ric knows the two of them slept together. Jason says he will do whatever he needs to do to keep his son safe. Diane asks if that means spending the rest of his life in jail.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sam sees red when Liz asks her not to give damaging testimony against Jason. Ric has ulterior motives in convincing Amelia to use Jason's transfer and trial as an episode of Everyday Heroes. Sonny hints to Carly that he has the situation with Jason under control. Violence erupts as Jason is transferred back to Port Charles on the eve of his trial. Noah enjoys the attention he received impersonating Eli and is optimistic he'll be able to fool the crowd at the upcoming concert with Anna's help. Robin pales at the thought of Noah hooking up with Anna. Robin confronts Noah point blank about what's going on between him and her mother. Sonny is pleased to see Kate back in Port Charles. Kate is uncomfortable around Sonny in the wake of their lovemaking. Sonny throws Kate for a loop when he wonders what their next step should be.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Noah wants to know why Robin thinks he and Anna have slept together. He says the hospital is a breeding ground for gossip. He tells her it's none of her business what his relationship is with Anna. He tells them to find something better to do. He leaves and Robin and Patrick talk about the possibility of their parents hooking up. Robin is worried she put the idea in Noah's head to start something with Anna. Noah shows back up dressed as Eli. He's getting ready to go see Anna. Patrick and Robin act like everything is fine, but when he leaves Patrick says this is war. It's either them or us. They go home and decide on some red wine for the evening. Their parents are driving them to drink. There's nothing they can do about it, though. They decide to turn their phones off, cook dinner, and relax.

Sonny wants to date Kate, but she tells them that sex the other night is not an indication that they should date. It was just the pills. Sonny doesn't care about the pills. He said something changed between the two of them. She's giddy but trying not to make anything of it. He tells her to get real. Let her guard down and stop being Kate Howard. He doesn't want her to act like she did in high school, but he just wants her to drop some of her walls. She agrees, but they are interrupted when Diane calls Sonny and tells him about the shooting.

While Sam and Liz watch from the studio, Jason grabs the downed guard's gun and kills the gunmen. Lucky rushes outside and pulls his gun on Jason. Sam tells Liz they're trying to break Jason free. Maxie walks into the studio and sees what is unfolding. She immediately calls Coop, worried for his safety. Meanwhile Ric yells at Diane and tells her this won't work. Ric also thinks they're trying to break Jason free. Diane thinks Ric set him up, though. Carly starts yelling at Ric, and an officer grabs her. Jason puts his gun down and Lucky tells Ric that Jason took the gunmen down with the guard's gun. Amelia checks the guards. One is deceased and the other is shot in the leg. Lucky drags Jason inside; telling him this is his entire fault. Carly tries to approach Jason, but they don't let her near him. Jason tries to calm her down, but Diane ends up actually calming her. Jason is put in an interrogation room. Ric wants Jason charged with three more counts of murder for the gunmen. Diane walks in the interrogation room and says Ric set him up. The video shows Jason gunning down people while still shackled. It proves he's a trained killer. Max shows up and Diane is surprised that Lucky lets him in to see Jason. She leaves to try to move the trial venue to Manhattan. Max tells Jason that he's glad he's ok. He's there because they won't let Sonny in. He tells Jason about Liz and Sam's fight. Liz is convinced Sam will use testimony to get back at Jason. Max goes to the penthouse and tells Sam that Jason is ok. He tells her he will help her move, if she would like. She thanks him. She asks him to tell Jason that she will be out of there soon. Max asks her to look past the breakup while she's on the stand. He's worried about Jason. He knows she's not worried about him anymore.

When Sonny shows up, Ric bars him from seeing Jason. Ric asks how it feels that his plan failed. Sonny tells him there was no plan. Alexis walks in as Sam's attorney as says she's there to get Sam off the witness list. This is too dangerous and she won't allow him to drag Sam into this. Amelia and her cameraman hover by Ric and Sonny. Sonny says the shooting was for Alcazar. Amelia tries to question Ric, but he tells her no comment.

Back at the studio, Sam continues to berate Liz. She tells Liz that she must be disappointed that Lucky didn't get shot. Liz tells her that Jason could have died and all she has time for is taunting her. Sam kicks her out. Liz threatens Sam and tells her not to hurt Jason on the stand. When Sam leaves, Maxie and Sam discuss their hate of Liz. Maxie advises her to run and not fight. Sam says she's planning payback since she knows Liz's secrets.

Liz calls Audrey and tells her about the shootout. She says this is why she and Jason could never be together. His life is too dangerous. When Lucky comes home, he tells her about the shooting. Liz says she saw it happen while at the studio. She was there to make sure Sam doesn't hurt Jason on the stand. Lucky asks her why it's any of her business. Liz tells him that Sam blames her for the breakup. She doesn't think its fair for Sam to use her testimony as a way to vent her anger against Jason and herself. Lucky asks her how far she will go to protect Jason. He asks if she will lie on the stand. She tells him no. She says she was with Jason the day Alcazar disappeared and Jason got a call. Lucky didn't know that. He thinks she might be na´ve about the phone call.

Carly leaves and finds Jerry at the hotel. She barges in and tells him he almost killed Jason. She says she's going to turn him in. He pulls a gun on her and says that would be the last mistake she would make. He yells at her and asks why she thinks he planned the shooting. It would make Jason mad and she would lose her faith in him. He blames it on Sonny.

Amelia goes in to see Jason and tells her the shooters were from Venezuela. They could have worked for Alcazar. Jason is upset about the guard who died. Amelia says that Jason saved her. She plans on keeping him from going to jail. Jason doesn't want her to use the coverage for a news feature. Amelia tells him she will use it whether he likes it or not. Meanwhile, Alexis goes to see Sam. If she signs this piece of paper, she will not have to testify against Jason. Sam will not sign. She's going to testify and tell the truth.

Carly talks to Sonny about the shooting. She says it would have been different if he had planned it. Sonny is surprised she was there. Carly tells him she's worried Jason will be convicted.

The mayor confronts Ric and tells him this looks bad. He wants Ric to step down. Ric tries to spin shoot-out in his favor. The mayor tells Ric that if he thinks he is losing, he's pulling him out and putting Scotty in. Later, Ric hears Diane trying to change the venue and asks to speak with her alone. When they get in front of the judge, Diane tells him that Jason can not get a fair trial in this town due to media coverage. They were there during the shooting. Ric planned the media being there, but it backfired in his face. The gunmen were from Venezuela. Diane thinks it will make jurors prejudiced against Jason. Ric starts yelling that Jason is a flight risk. Sonny might try to break him out. The judge silences them. No media at the trial tomorrow. Motion denied moving the trial.

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