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Lily told Neil about Daniel's involvement with Amber and the money. Kevin discovered a ransom note. Victor told Nikki that David had been married numerous times before to wealthy women. David accused Victor of trying to kill him.
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Monday, July 30, 2007

At dinner with his wife, mother and his dear friend Phyllis, Michael was distracted by business matters and became quite upset when Phyllis told him that she had decided she didn't want Nick, out of obligation, at her trial. After Michael and Phyllis argued about the importance of Nick's presence at the trial, Phyllis abruptly left the table. Lauren joined Phyllis at the bar to check on her. Lauren explained that Michael not only cares for Phyllis as a client; he is also concerned for her welfare as a friend. Phyllis told Lauren that Nick's inability to relate to her as a spouse causes even more stress in her life. After Phyllis rejoined her friends, Gloria announced that she planned to host a celebration of William's life and hoped to invite Paul McCartney to sing. When Phyllis doubted Gloria's ability to afford the fee for a famous celebrity, Gloria announced that William had left her a fortune. After Michael was called away to help Kevin, Gloria announced to Lauren and Phyllis that she wished to invest in Lauren's newest department store being built in Clear Springs. Gloria said that she was pleased with her inheritance because she now has a legacy to leave to her sons.

Lily told Neil that Amber had been kidnapped for the money that Amber, Kevin and Daniel had kept after they found it in the deceased Plum's room. Lily explained that, according to the kidnapper's instructions, the police could not be involved. Later, Lily told her dad that he had been right about Daniel not being right for her and about the fact that Lily was too young to get married. Lily tearfully admitted that perhaps she has made a horrible mistake by marrying Daniel.

At Kevin's, Daniel and Kevin convinced an apathetic Cane that they must stick together in order to free Amber from whoever has kidnapped her. They agreed to go find Carson, who is their only lead in Amber's disappearance. However, before Kevin, Daniel and Cane left the apartment, an agent from the U.S. Treasurer's office showed up wanting to question Kevin, Daniel and Amber. The agent, John Bonacheck, explained that marked bills from a $700,000 theft had been traced to each of them. When the agent was busy taking a call, Kevin quickly told Daniel and Cane that they could not disclose any information about the stolen money. The agent showed the young men a photo of Plum, but Kevin, Daniel and Cane denied knowing the man in the photo. When the agent asked about Amber, Cane explained that he did not know where his wife is. At that point, Neil, still reeling from his heart-to-heart talk with Lily, burst in ranting at Daniel about Amber's kidnapping and the stolen money. After the agent identified himself to Neil, he demanded more information. Neil explained that Daniel and Kevin had discovered a note demanding return of the money they'd taken for Amber's return.

After the agent ordered Neil to phone the police about Amber's kidnapping, Kevin summoned Michael to the apartment to represent him in yet another legal debacle. Agent Bonacheck rattled Daniel's and Kevin's cages when he told them that they could face up to ten years in prison for their roles in these alleged crimes. While Neil waited to talk to a detective, the Agent Bonacheck drilled Cane for information after Kevin and Daniel refused to cooperate. Cane told the agent that Amber is a con artist and that he wasn't sure if anything she'd ever told him was the truth. When Cane mentioned Carson's suspected role in the kidnapping, the agent added Carson's name to the list of people he intended to interrogate. Cane also told the agent that Plum was at the morgue, but that he didn't know whether or not Plum been murdered. An angry Neil told Daniel that he felt like knocking him into next week. Daniel admitted that he'd screwed up, but Neil reminded Daniel that he'd had one screw up after another, and he heatedly warned Daniel to stay away from Lily.

Colleen, back from a visit to New York, showed up at Adrian's. Their reconciliation was awkward at first, but after the couple discussed the reasons they hadn't seen eye-to-eye regarding Colleen's role in Kevin's plan to trap Jana, they rekindled their love. Just as the two were about to make love, however, Lily knocked on the door. Lily told Colleen about Daniel having spent the stolen money and about Amber's kidnapping. She said she felt as if she didn't really know her husband, who she had once thought was a good person. Colleen didn't defend Daniel, and both Lily and Adrian urged Lily to contact the police about the kidnapping. Adrian and Colleen listened as Lily talked about Daniel spending most of his free time online visiting porn sites. Adrian offered an explanation that perhaps Daniel had acquired destructive behavioral compulsions as a way to deal with life's pressures. Lily said that Daniel's actions have impacted how she relates to him and that she often thinks Daniel's doing something wrong even when he isn't. Lily said she wants to be normal again. Neil picked Lily up at Adrian's and explained that Daniel was being questioned by the U. S Treasury Department. Later, Adrian walked into the room and overheard Colleen talking on the phone to Kevin. Adrian was not at all pleased.

When Michael arrived at Kevin's, the agent explained that he was investigating Daniel and Kevin. After Michael agreed to also represent Daniel, the agent told Michael about Amber's kidnapping. Michael took Daniel and Kevin into another room and questioned them. He also asked them about Plum's death. Daniel and Kevin denied involvement in the mysterious man's death. The two begged Michael to help locate Amber. Daniel asked Michael not to tell Phyllis about his involvement, and Michael agreed only because Phyllis doesn't need additional stress at this time in her difficult life.

When Maggie arrived at Kevin's and alerted search teams to hunt for Amber, Kevin and Daniel engaged in a shouting match with Cane over his cavalier attitude regarding Amber's fate. Daniel and Kevin told Maggie that Carson has a rap sheet, carries a gun and that he had gathered personal information about both of them and on Amber.

In a small locked cell that looks like a coat closet outfitted with clothes hangers, a very frantic Amber cried and screamed repeatedly for someone to help her.

Tuesday, August 31, 2007

At Phyllis' trial, Heather presents her opening statement to the judge. Michael reciprocates, talking about how two people can hear the same thing and interpret it differently. Bonacheck and Maggie fit Kevin and Daniel for an ankle GPS device so they can't leave town. Paul informs Neil that Carson McDonald may be responsible for breaking into Devon's house. Neil is angry with Devon and Lily for being involved in Daniel's dangerous scheme. Paul tells Michael what he heard about Kevin and Daniel being caught, then tells Phyllis the news. Cane tells Jill and Kay that he doesn't think that Amber is lying to him this time, and hopes that they will put up the ransom money to get Amber back. Jill and Kay discuss, then agree to put up the money for Cane. Paul confronts Carson about finding the files on Kevin, Daniel and Devon in his room. At Newman, Daniel tries to pry off his anklet and successfully removes it. He runs down the hall to go rescue Amber, but first runs in to Neil. They have an argument, and Daniel tells Neil to go to hell. Neil takes out his phone, saying that he's going to check in with the lieutenant to make sure they know that Daniel is taking off. At the coffeehouse, Daniel and Kevin see a note in the tip jar. They pull it out and read a note from the kidnapper, saying to get rid of the cops or Amber dies.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Phyllis freaks out about Daniel's problems outside the courtroom where her trial is beginning. Michael tries to calm her down. She says it's not about her anymore, it's about Daniel. She calls Daniel's cell phone franticly. Kevin, Paul, Maggie and Cane discuss their plan on paying Amber's ransom. Cane insists that he makes the money drop. Amber uses a coat hanger to try to escape from the room she's locked up in. Nick talks with Sharon outside the courtroom. She tells him that she doesn't like having to testify about her affair with Brad, that it's personal. She's worried the lawyers are going to rip her to shreds. Nick tells her he won't think any less of her. She says she's glad he can't remember that period in their marriage. He tells her she's a good person and that he'll always love and respect her. Jack shows up with coffee and hugs Sharon. Neil tells Nikki that she's going to kick him off the board and take her place. She say's it's not true, and he says it's not going to happen.

Lauren brings Summer by to visit with Phyllis. Michael tells Lauren that Phyllis is not focusing and that if she doesn't stay positive that they will lose the case. Lauren tells him he's a great friend and an amazing lawyer, and if anyone can get Phyllis through this, he will. Michael says it's time to go back into court. Phyllis thanks Lauren for bringing Summer, she says it's just what she needed. Jill tells Ji Min that she doesn't want Cane doing the money drop, that it's too dangerous. Ji Min tells her that he will be surrounded by cops. Maggie, Paul and Cane plan the drop. Jill is still worried but Maggie assures her that nothing will happen to her son. Jill tells Cane that she trusts his instincts but wants him to promise that he'll take care of himself. Nikki tells David that she is on her way to court to testify in Phyllis' case. David then cancels his meetings and says he'll go with her. Sharon is sworn in and takes the stand. Sharon explains how she and Brad ended up in the same hotel in New York City. Sharon has to explain that she and Brad stayed in the same room and had sex. Sharon explains that she had just found out that Nick had an affair with Phyllis. Sharon is asked what they had for breakfast the next morning, but she doesn't remember. The Assistant D.A. then presents her with the room service order. Sharon explains that Phyllis overheard her and Brad talking about the affair, and then said she'd tell Victoria if they didn't vote Neil onto the Newman board. Michael objects and Sharon explains that Brad told her that Phyllis made the threat. Sharon tells them that Phyllis told her that her only goal was getting a business project funded and that if she valued her husbands campaign and her marriage that she's get Brad to vote her way.

During a recess, Nick tells Michael that this is all his fault. He says if he'd never have ran around on his wife, Sharon wouldn't have had the affair and wouldn't have to testify at the trail. Michael tells him that he didn't force Sharon and Brad to have an affair. Nick says he doesn't want to go back in, but that he will because Phyllis doesn't deserve to be separated from her daughter. Paul communicates with Maggie from the money drop sight. Cane puts the bag down in the specified location and leaves as Paul watches intently. Michael questions Sharon about what led to the problems in her marriage. He questions her about her friendship with Brad and how it upset various members of their extended family. He asks Sharon how Brad, being a smart businessman, would vote someone on his company's board that wouldn't be good for business. She says he would if his family were threatened. He then asks Sharon if she feels that Neil doesn't deserve his board seat. She answers no, then quickly answers yes. Neil runs into Jack outside the courtroom. Brad asks if Jack couldn't decide which side he should sit on. Jack tells him that Sharon didn't want him in the courtroom as she testified about her affair with Brad. Cane returns from the money drop and Jill hugs him. Maggie tells him the money hasn't been picked up yet, but Cane feels something is wrong. Amber continues to try to break free.

Phyllis is upset that Nick is in the courtroom and is hearing all the bad things about Phyllis. Lauren tells her to not think about that right now, that Michael is doing great and she is doing great, to concentrate on that. Phyllis says that her son is involved in a felony, her husband is disgusted by her and she's going to jail; she's doing great. Michael explains that it looks good to the jury that her husband is supporting her. Sharon tells Nick that she'd understand if he hates her after her testimony. He explains he could never hate her, that he hates himself because he had everything with her and threw it all away. Sharon explains that it wasn't anyone's fault; that he just doesn't remember what it was like back then. He says he wishes he could erase the last two years of everybody's life so he can go back to before he lost his marriage. She says she wishes the same but that they can't do it. Jack then walks up and Sharon is ready to go home. Nikki and David walk in and Sharon tells her that she just went through hell in there and that Nikki is the one responsible for this nightmare of a trail. Paul tells Maggie that the bag is still there. Cane is worried that the bag has been switched but Paul insists it's the same bag. Maggie gets a call and explains that Carson somehow slipped past them. Paul says he'll keep an eye out for him. Amber digs through boxes in the room she's locked in and finds a hairpin that she uses to try to get out. The door opens, but Carson is on the other side.

Phyllis thanks Neil for coming, but he says he had no choice since he was subpoenaed. She says she's glad her side got him first. Neil tells Phyllis that he wants her to know that this isn't a favor. Ji Min tells Jill he has to take a conference call and leaves. A package is delivered and when Cane opens it it contains a cell phone with no note. The phone then rings and Cane answers it. It's Carson and he is mad at Cane because he saw Paul near the money bag. Cane asks Carson not to hurt Amber, that he'll do anything he wants. He tells Cane to pick up the money, and Carson will call him back with further instructions. Carson tells him that it's his last chance and if he has any authorities around that he'll kill Amber. Cane insists that Maggie not put a tail on him so Amber doesn't get hurt. Neil is on the stand and explains that Victor made him co-CEO of Newman Enterprises. Michael asks about his educational background. Neil says he felt he was the most qualified for the board seat. The Assistant D.A. then questions Neil about what board qualifications are set up in the Newman by-laws. She explains it mentions nothing about the education or business experience of the members. She then has him explain Drucilla's death. He's then asked what led to the altercation and he explains that it was because of the blackmail. He then explains that his wife didn't tell him about it, but that Phyllis and Sharon told him about it. David tells Nikki to keep her answers short and to the point and to not let the attorneys fluster her. He tells her to remember her press conferences when she was running for the senate. Neil comes out of the courtroom and Nikki asks how it went. He said it was great, especially when they grilled him about his wife's death. Nikki says she's sorry, but Neil tells her to give him a break and that he hopes Michael guts her like a trout. Kevin and Daniel watch the surveillance video at the coffee shop to find out who put the note about the money drop into the tip jar. They see Ji Min, a woman they don't know and a regular each drop something into the tip jar. They then see Carson near the tip jar but can't see if he has put anything in it. Kevin says they need to view it from a different angle.

Nikki takes the stand and Michael brings up the fact that she was a stripper. He asks her if she has any business experience and she explains she was on the Jabot board. Michael says that they all know how Jabot turned out, referring to the tainted cream problem. He asks her how she became a member of the Jabot board, and she explains it was a stipulation with her investment. Michael suggests she bought her seat on the board. He asks Nikki what she thinks about Neil. Nikki says he's a good man. He asks her if she's ever seen Neil do anything that would bring scandal to the company. She says no. He asks her if she feels that any scandal is bad for the company, even if it's not related to the business. She says yes. Then he asks if she believes it would be bad business to appoint someone to the board who's life is full of scandal like hers.

Ji Min returns and Jill tells him that Cane is on his way to take the money to the kidnappers without the police. Maggie explains that the officers tailing Cane have lost him. Kevin and Daniel watch the video from a different angle. They see that Carson leaves without putting anything into the tip jar. They rewind the tape see that Carson doesn't put anything but a dollar bill into the tip jar. Cane shows up where Amber is being held, but the man everyone thought was the treasury agent puts a gun to Cane's head. Cane says ‘I trusted you'. The man says that Cane has proven through his cooperation how much he loves his wife and now it's time to see how much she loves him. We then see Amber and Carson both bound and gagged.

Phyllis tells Michael and Lauren that she feels much better after how the trail has gone. Nikki is furious and tells David how much she hates Michael and Phyllis. David tells her that he got some good news. He says he found a way to make sure that Phyllis goes to jail for a very long time. Kevin and Daniel continue to watch the video and they see that the treasury agent is the one who put the note in the jar. Amber asks the ‘treasury' agent why he has done this. He asks Amber if she loves money more than her husband. She says she doesn't know where the money is. He then put the gun to Cane's head.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Nick asks Phyllis if something else is going on besides the trial. Michael and Phyllis admit that Daniel and Kevin are in trouble with the law for stealing a lot of money, but that they cannot elaborate. Nick offers his help. Michael asks that Nick pray for them. When Nick overhears Phyllis talking to Michael about Amber's kidnapping, he gets angry that they are not being honest with him.

Kevin and Daniel figure out that Bonacheck was the man who put the ransom note in the tip jar. Daniel calls Maggie and Paul, but they are so worried about finding Cane that they don't seem to realize that Bonacheck is the mastermind behind the kidnapping. Kevin and Daniel decide to take the matter into their own hands. Daniel takes off his monitor.

Maggie and Paul realize that Kevin and Daniel are on the move when they see the GPS unit go off.

Jill tells Ji Min that she's never felt closer to Cane than she does now. She remembers when Cane was born, how she held him in her arms and felt that she already knew him. When they are interrupted by Gloria, Jill tells Gloria that if Cane dies, it's Kevin's fault.

Gloria goes to Michael to find out what is going on with Kevin. She feels disappointed that Kevin keeps screwing up. She wishes she knew how to accept it.

At the Winters home, Neil and Devon are making a special dinner. Lily can't stop worrying about Daniel. Devon doesn't understand her concern. Neil says that he invited Sharon and Jack over for dinner. Neil says that the trial was hard on all of them. At dinner, Neil attempts to make a special salad, just like Drucilla used to. When he messes up the salad, he goes into despair. He says that the trial brought up all of his feelings again, reminding him that if it were not for Phyllis, he wouldn't be having all of these horrible feelings about ringing her neck. He would be happy at home with his wife. Sharon hugs him.

Bonacheck holds a gun to Cane's head. Amber begs for him to stop, she says that she hid the money about 3 miles away. Amber asks that Bonacheck take her there. Cane tells Amber that he knew all she cared about was the money. Bonacheck's cell phone rings and Daniel tells him that he is the one with the money. Bonacheck is so angry that Amber lied to him that he almost kills Cane. Daniel calms him down, and asks Bonacheck to meet him at Kevin's apartment. When Bonacheck leaves Amber, Cane and Carter alone, Amber gets a nail file and gets her cuffs off. After she helps Cane, they leave Carter to fend for himself.

When Cane returns, Jill is relieved. Amber apologizes, but Jill goes off on her. She says that Amber is an embarrassment and Cane deserves better. When Amber gets arrested, Jill tells her that she is getting everything she deserves.

At Kevin's, Bonacheck demands to know where the money is. He is very angry, and when Daniel skirts the money situation, Bonacheck is tempted to put Daniel in the basement. Suddenly, Maggie and Paul bust down the door. At first Bonacheck points his gun at them, but when he realizes the jig is up, he drops the gun on Daniel's head.

Once Bonacheck is arrested, Maggie arrests Daniel. Daniel is angry, and demands to see Amber. Maggie tells him that she will see him soon enough. Maggie and Paul free Carter, but demand that he answer their questions.

Gloria goes to the coffeehouse to talk to Kevin about the mess he is in. As she is yelling at him, a cop comes in and arrests Kevin. Kevin freaks out, he can't go to jail ever again.

Kevin, Daniel, and Amber show up at the courthouse after their arrest. Michael says that he will be representing all of them. He tells them not to turn on each other, and if they do, he will only be able to represent Kevin. In the courtroom, everyone starts arguing. The judge demands silence. The judge decides to put the three of them on a $234,000 bail, the money they stole, split three ways.

Phyllis and Nick bail Daniel out of jail. Lily gets a call from Daniel. He tells her that everything is okay now, he has been bailed out of jail. Lily tells him that she finally understands the saying, "the first love is the hardest one to lose."

Lily hangs up on him.

Gloria bails Kevin out of jail.

When Amber hears that she has been bailed out of jail, she is surprised to see Cane. Cane says that his mother would be furious to know that he bailed her out. She tries to go to him, but he tells her that she has no heart, and that he doesn't want anything to do with her. She says that she has a heart, because it's breaking.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Daniel and Amber tried repeatedly to call Lily and Cane, but their spouses weren't taking their calls. Instead, Lily and Cane were talking at Newman while Lily waited for Devon to take her back to Neil's. The two commiserated about how many lies they'd been told and wondered if Amber and Daniel had also been sexually involved. When Devon was called into a meeting, Cane offered to drive Lily home. They stopped by her place so she could pick up some clothes, then he took her to Neil's. They agreed to continue to be friends and support each other while they rebuffed Daniel's and Amber's attempts to reconcile with them.

Victor let Nikki and Brad both know that he was disgusted by the turmoil they'd brought the company by publicizing Phyllis's extortion attempt. Victor then called Neil and Brad into his office. He told Brad that he'd lost confidence in him on the big project that Brad was managing. When Devon came into the office, Victor turned over the project to him. Brad couldn't believe that Victor was entrusting a kid with such an important client, but Victor said he had complete confidence in Devon. Brad managed to tell Devon to call him if he needed help before he walked out. After Devon thanked Victor for the opportunity and left, Victor assured Neil he hadn't made his decision out of loyalty to Neil. He needed people around him that he could trust. Devon was likely to be made an offer by the competition, and Victor would rather keep him at Newman.

Daniel went to be with his mother in court, and Amber and Kevin stayed at Kevin's apartment. None of them had any idea who had Plum's money. While they were talking, the phone started ringing. When Kevin wouldn't answer it, Amber did. It was Jana, who was shocked to hear another woman answer Kevin's phone. Kevin called the hospital and told them to stop Jana from calling him or his friends, after Jana later attempted to call Amber, too. Once Kevin hung up all the phones, a nurse from the hospital called. Jana had suffered a severe seizure and injured herself. Kevin went to the hospital accompanied by Amber. Jana acted confused about Amber's presence. Jana thought that Kevin and she had been living in a flat together, and she didn't understand why Amber had moved into their flat. When Amber and Kevin asked about Jana's confusion, the nurse said that Jana couldn't get surgery that might reverse the effects of the tumor until the state approved the money. Later, Amber accused Kevin of still caring about Jana. Kevin said he just wanted to see justice done, and Jana couldn't stand trial until she had the surgery.

In the court room, Heather wanted to introduce as evidence a tape she'd gotten from David Chow. Although Michael fought to stop it, the judge said the jury could see it. The tape showed Phyllis and Brad talking after a meeting with Granville Global. When David was questioned under oath, he said that a former associate had sent the tape to him because David knew all the players involved, and he'd forwarded the tape to the D.A.'s office. Nick, Daniel, and Lauren were all in court when the jury saw the tape. In it, Phyllis told Brad that she'd overheard him and Sharon talking about their night in New York. She'd gotten corroboration of Brad's infidelity from the room service waiter, who served them breakfast the next morning in Sharon's room while both Brad and Sharon were dressed in robes. Phyllis asked Brad what Victoria would think if she knew about Brad's affair. When Brad said that Victoria couldn't find out, Phyllis said she wouldn't if Brad voted her way.

During a recess, Nick let Phyllis know he was upset to hear that Phyllis would have told Victoria the truth, but Phyllis insisted that she never would have. It was an empty threat that she had no intention of following up on. Michael wanted to put Phyllis on the stand, but Nick was against it. Daniel told his mother that she should trust her attorney. Under oath, Phyllis swore that she'd never had any intention of telling Victoria the truth, nor would she have hurt her sister-in-law that way. Although Michael did his best to ask Phyllis questions that would help her defend herself, Heather was equally astute as the D.A. who cross-examined her. Later, both attorneys gave their closing arguments. While the jury deliberated, Phyllis had a chance to talk to Nick. She said what was most upsetting was that she'd once told him everything and he'd forgiven her. Nick said that he had no memory of that.

Nikki was summoned to Victor's office, where he let her know that he'd had David Chow investigated. David had been married twice to wealthy women who had died. He'd then married a third wealthy woman who had divorced him. Nikki was furious at Victor's implication that David's only possible interest in her was financial. She told him that she was disgusted with him, and Victor said the feeling was mutual. As Nikki was walking out, David pushed his way inside the office and confronted Victor. Someone had run him off the road, and David accused Victor of trying to kill him. Victor assured David that if he wanted him dead, he'd already be dead.

Today marks the final Y&R recap by Citrine. We would like to thank her for her years of service to and wonderful recaps.

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