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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 30, 2007 on GL
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Monday, July 30, 2007


Dinah shows that she is bitter about her condition during her examination at Cedars. Mallet tries to console her. Alone with Mallet, Dinah's doctor explains that certain communication pathways in her brain have been broken and they may or may not repair themselves. He tells Mallet that he and Dinah need to prepare themselves for the possibility that her condition may never improve. Mallet returns to Dinah but doesn't tell her what the doctor told him. Instead he says he can take her home. When they return to The Beacon, Dinah says she wants to stay in bed for a week. Mallet, however, says they need to make a plan for her to return to rehabilitation at Cedars. Disappointed, Dinah sends Mallet off to work. After he's gone, she gets dressed up and heads for Towers where she runs into Cassie. Dinah accuses Cassie of being sent to spy on her by Mallet. Cassie swears to her that Mallet did not send her. She asks Dinah to stay and talk to her. Dinah explains that something as simple as being able to know how to use a fork escapes her. When Cassie is sympathetic, Dinah cries and tells her she doesn't want her pity. She leaves the table and joins two men at the bar. She comes on to them but she gets words wrong and appears as somewhat ditzy. She returns to Cassie's table, however, triumphant that they gave her their phone numbers. Cassie, though thinking it odd that a married woman should be getting the phone numbers of strange men, is impressed. When Dinah returns to the bar to get her credit card, she and Cassie both overhear the two men laughing about how they gave her the phone number to the dog pound. They refer to her as "hot, but stupid." Dinah is devastated and Cassie tries to console her.

When Mallet leaves their room, he goes to the station to ask for more time off. Frank says he can't accommodate his request. Mallet leaves for Main Street where he finds Matt who has just received divorce papers from Vanessa. When Mallet asks Matt why he kept Dinah's problems from him, Matt lets him know that it was because she asked him to. Mallet launches a low blow when he asks Matt how he can help Dinah when he can't even hold onto his marriage to Vanessa. Matt is hurt and Mallet apologizes quickly. He asks that Matt let him know if he sees Dinah getting worse. Matt tells him that though he is partially responsible for Dinah's condition, he needs to focus on his own life right now. When Matt leaves, Mallet calls Frank and tells him to fire him if he must—right now he has to focus on Dinah.

At the Spaulding mansion, Gus confides to Natalia that he's bothered by Harley's interest in her "new" family. When he leaves the room to check on Rafe, an eavesdropping Alan tells Natalia that Harley is sure to break Gus's heart just as she has his other sons'. He says that when it happens, she needs to be there to pick up the pieces. When Gus returns to the study, he tells Natalia that Rafe actually spoke to him in complete sentences. Progress! Gus then leaves the mansion. Natalia asks Alan to let Rafe know that she had to leave for a while. Alan tells her that he loves sharing everything with her and Rafe and that he liked seeing Gus with them as a complete family. When he tells Natalia that he can see to it that Gus doesn't leave them again, Natalia tells him that he can't control Gus. After Natalia leaves the mansion, Alan makes a phone call to one of Natalia's potential employers, telling him not to hire her since Alan has plans of his own for her.

At Towers, a very drunken Harley tells Dylan that she like the attention he gives her as a woman. She says that Gus has been too distracted lately. Harley pushes Dylan to stroll down memory lane with her, encouraging him to talk about when he first fell for her. Alan shows up at Towers to retrieve his cell phone and Harley confronts him. She accuses him of pushing Rafe and Natalia on Gus in order to bring Gus back to him. Alan calls Harley a drunk and Dylan has to pull her away from him. As the drunken Harley and Dylan talk, Alan calls Gus and holds the cell phone up so that Gus can hear them. What he hears is that Dylan is going to take Harley back to his room at The Beacon. When Harley and Dylan arrive at his room, he accidentally spills cold coffee left over from the morning on her dress. He has her take it off so he can rinse it in the shower. She puts on one of his t-shirts and ends up passing out on his bed. As late 80s, early 90s songs play in the background, Dylan joins Harley on the bed and stares at her. Gus arrives at Dylan's room and lets himself in using a passkey he took from a housekeeper's cart. He sees Harley and Dylan on the bed together. Dylan opens his eyes and sees Gus's reflection in the mirror and leans in toward Harley romantically so that Gus can see it. Rather than confront the two, Gus leaves the hotel. Harley wakes up to find herself in Dylan's bed and is not pleased with the situation or herself. She asks Dylan why he didn't just take her to her house. He explains that he thought Gus would be upset to see a drunken Harley. Harley laments that if anyone would have seen them, they would definitely get the wrong idea. Harley is remorseful and tells Dylan that they can't do the family night again. When Dylan says that he thought it was good that Harley leaned on him for support, Harley says that she should lean on her husband and her husband should lean on her.

Gus goes to Natalia's abandoned apartment when he leaves The Beacon. He finds Natalia there, picking up some things she had left behind. Gus speaks cryptically about not being able to recapture the past, then suddenly and passionately kisses Natalia. She kisses back. While at first she pulls away, saying that Gus and Harley love one another, she gives in and the two fall to the couch in one another's arms.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

While Jeffrey is visiting Reva at Cross Creek, Billy knocks on the door. He came to tell Reva that Cassie and Josh have set a wedding date for Thanksgiving. Reva pretends to be ok with the news, but Jeffrey can see tell that this news bothers her. Billy tells Reva that there's still time to try to get Josh. With an obvious attempt at showing that this doesn't bother her, which shows just how bothered she really is, Reva flamboyantly says, "that ship has sailed and sunk." Billy says he won't go to the wedding, but Reva tells him Josh will want his brother there. When Billy uses the same logic on her, saying that Cassie will want her sister there, Reva tells him that she's not Cassie's sister, she's the other woman. She thanks him for telling her, rather than her reading it in the newspaper, and he leaves.

As soon as Billy leaves, Jeffrey walks over to Reva, knowing how she really feels and senses that she is about to fall apart, and holds her while she cries. The strong emotions of the moment turn into a passionate kiss, and then more, as the two seek comfort in each other. Afterward, as they lay in each other's arms, talking, Reva tells Jeffrey that being with him is helping her to feel calmer about the wedding news. Although she makes it clear that she understands their relationship is only temporary, she does admit that she likes being with him. He tells her that she is very good for him too. He confides that when he heard Cassie was getting married, it felt like a punch in the gut for him, and he can't figure Olivia out most of the time, but with Reva, he "gets" her, and that he'll miss her if they ever part. A short while later, Jeffrey leaves to get some files to work on Reva's case. Just after he leaves, Reva gets a phone call about Dylan's car accident, and she rushes over to the hospital.

Olivia watches the DVD of baby Sarah in her Beacon room, realizes that Sarah is alive and that it also may mean that Jonathan is alive. As Olivia leaves her room to search for more information, she sees Lizzy walking by in the hallway and is rattled, since Lizzy thinks her baby is dead and Olivia just saw a video of the baby. Olivia, now searching Jeffrey's room for more information on what Reva may be hiding, finds a day planner just as Jeffrey arrives home. As he questions why she is there, Olivia sneaks the planner into her purse while she gives Jeffrey a phony excuse, but when he doesn't buy it, she then pulls him in and kisses him, saying she was really waiting for him, that she wanted to see if there was something still there, and she tried to make him believe that there was. But he reacted by looking like this is coming out of left field and saying this is wrong on so many levels, and brings up her hiring of someone to attack Ava. He opens the door and asks her to leave. Later, back in her room, Olivia is looking through the planner and she sees Jonathan's name and a phone number that has been covered up with white out. She wonders aloud why someone would white out their dead son's phone number, which leads her to think there's something going on, then replays the video of baby Sarah, and realizes she has something to hold over Reva now - the fact that she knows that Jonathan and Sarah are alive.

Just as Dinah and Cassie are leaving Towers, they overhear the men that Dinah was flirting with as they talk about how dumb they thought Dinah was. Cassie helps Dinah get even with them by telling the men they were part of a hidden camera experiment about how men behave toward women who are socially awkward, and offers to buy then another drink. The women excuse themselves by saying they need to freshen up and get release forms for them to sign, but they are really trying to leave the men alone and without their wallets, since they picked the men's pockets! Just as the men discover their wallets are missing, Mallet walks off of the elevator with guilty-looking Dinah and Cassie and asks the men "Are these them?"

As the two women sit at a table in handcuffs, Mallet returns the wallets to the men and convinces them it was a media stunt gone too far. As Cassie gets a phone call, which turns out to be from Billy asking her to be at the hospital for Reva and Dylan, Mallet takes the cuffs off of Dinah, and he tells her that he isn't going back to work so that he can stay with her. Later, on Main Street, Dinah tells Mallet that she seems to be the "old Dinah", the one before all of the therapy that made her a better person, and she is frustrated by so many things, and says that she wishes the bullet would taken her life. He tells her she is the same woman he married and he and her family and friends love her, that he'll help her through this, and that he doesn't want to loose her. She tells him that she is already losing parts of herself.

As Gus is making out with Natalia on the couch in her apartment, his cell phone shows that Harley is trying to call him. Later, Gus and Natalia are lying together, in an after-sex embrace. Natalia talks as if this is the start of something for them, and tells him this is what she hoped for. Gus lays quietly with a stone-faced, distant look as if he's trying to figure out what's next for him, and then he tells her "This can't happen again." Though Gus continues to try to explain that he wants his marriage to work and he regrets doing what he just did, Natalia keeps trying to show him that he wanted to be with her, that he came to her apartment to remember her, and that they had a connection in their tryst. But Gus wants to go back to his life, his wife, and he wants to work on his marriage, and he leaves saying he needs to go find Harley and that he intends to tell her about what happened. After Gus leaves, Remy stops by saying he saw her lights on, and asked her if she wanted to go have a beer. Natalia tells him about Gus being there, and that she has hopes for something more with him, and tells Remy she thinks of him as a good friend. Remy tells her that Gus loves Harley, but Natalia thinks this is a beginning of possibilities of a future with Gus.

Harley, now awake after being in an altered state of mind from something that Alan slipped into her drink last night, is feeling guilty about spending time with Dylan and not going home after her fight with Gus. Dylan reveals that he cares for Harley and he thinks she cares for him too, even though she appears anxious to leave to find Gus. Harley makes it clear to Dylan that Gus is her family, her love, her whole world, and asks Dylan to stay away for a while so that she can focus on her family. She tells him that she doesn't why he thinks he could have something more with her. Out of frustration, he shouts that she has had many men in her life that she claimed to be committed to and he thought he had a chance since everyone else did. With that, Harley smacks him across the face. Dylan becomes dazed by this more than usual and wobbles to a chair to sit. Harley sees that something is wrong, and asks if he is ok, but Dylan shrugs it off and tells her that his head still hurts from the fight with Gus last week. She offers to get him ice, but he says no, tells her he'll drive her home, and they leave.

As Daisy stands in line at the movie theater, Wyatt, a boy from her Chemistry class is in line behind her and tries to talk to her, and suggests that they sit together for the movie. At first Daisy isn't interested, but when she see Rafe standing nearby and watching her, she becomes flirty with Wyatt. Before they go inside, Daisy excuses herself to go buy candy for the movie and goes over to where Rafe is. Rafe tells her that he knows she's playing the games that girls do, and while they are in a tension-filled discussion, Daisy gets a call from Harley. Harley is with Dylan as he is driving her home, and she is checking to see if Daisy got home ok. As Rafe listens in too, Daisy hears Dylan and Harley argue, and then they hear tires screeching and Harley screaming Dylan's name, followed by sounds of a car crashing.

Dylan arrives at the hospital by ambulance and while Harley is informing the doctors that he had a headache and they were fighting, Dylan is whisked away to a room. Reva arrives and Harley updates her by saying they are checking Dylan now and she doesn't have any information yet. Daisy and Rafe arrive, as does Cassie, then Billy soon after. Gus soon arrives, and he and Harley share some quiet moments, albeit a bit awkward for Gus at times. Harley gives him the update on Dylan's condition. Gus tells Harley that he has to go to Chicago for anger management classes that Frank signed him up for. Harley meekly says with sincerity that she doesn't want him to go, and he tenderly tells her he has to. In a loving moment, Gus tells her he's sorry for many things, and asks how they could love each other so much and hurt each other so bad. He starts to tell her there's more he wants to say to her, but just then the doctor call for her, calling her Mrs. Lewis, mistakenly thinking she was Dylan's wife since they came in together. The family gathers around the doctor to hear what he has to say, and Reva, being the closest family member to Dylan as his mother, tells the doctor that she is Mrs. Lewis, as Cassie looks on from a distance. Jeffrey arrives at the hospital after getting the call from Reva. Reva breaks into tears and tells him she can't lose another son.

We see the hand of a yet unknown man using a computer mouse and looking on the internet at the Springfield Journal news site, and discovering the breaking news of Dylan's accident. The show ends as we see baby Sarah and hear Jonathan's voice talking to her. Then we see him holding Sarah, telling her she's going to spend some time with her nanny because he has to go make sure that grandma Reva's ok. Then we see a close up of Jonathan as he says, "I'm going home."

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Inside the Light: The Line

Reva tends to Dylan's bedside, contemplating motherhood and the lengths mothers go for their children. She breaks out on Main Street. Seeing Lizzie, she thinks that sometimes mothers have to do things they don't want to do. Meanwhile at the Beacon, Olivia pulls a blanket over Emma and glances at a photo of Ava, wondering f there is a line one isn't supposed to cross--even for their own children--or is that line just a tool to stop people from getting what they really want.

Reva returns to Dylan's room and Olivia comes to Main Street where she spots Jeffrey. Olivia decides that lines are just laid down so that other can steal from her what's hers. Meanwhile, Reva opens a card that came with some flowers in Dylan's room. She gasps and strolls into the hospital stairwell. As she searches the stairs, a hand touches her shoulder and she swivels around. Jonathan smiles at her and says hello.

Reva finds it incredible that Jonathan is there. She didn't expect to ever see him again after he slipped out of that apartment to avoid Lizzie. Jonathan explains that Reva taught him family comes first. He wanted to be here for her because of Dylan. He explains that Sarah has rebounded well from the illness. Reva admonishes Jonathan for taking the risk of coming to Springfield. She wants to send him away, but tearfully taking him into her arms, she knows she can't.

Olivia stops by Cross Creek with the J DVD in hand. She finds Billy working on something for Reva. He spots the DVD and wonders does she have blackmail information to make Reva look bad. Olivia wonders why he always assumes she's up to something bad. Experience, Billy replies. Olivia isn't there to hurt Reva. Yesterday was Jonathan's birthday, but she doesn't feel that they've done anything to acknowledge his passing. She doesn't feel Reva grieved the way Cassie did. Billy asks her what this is all about. She drops it, telling him that she'll remember Jon and Sarah her own way and leaves.

In the stairwell, Reva worries about Jonathan being there. He wants to support her because he knows Josh isn't in there holding her hand. Reva snickers that he's holding someone else's hand. Jon crumples his face, asking if he is still with Cassie. He makes nauseated noises when Reva reveals that Cassie and Josh will marry. He wants to go smack them both upside the head and he'd get away with it because he's dead. Reva doesn't want him to do that. Besides, she's kind of got a friend...

She and Jonathan sit in the stairwell. His eyes bulged with scandalous excitement to learn that Reva's been seeing Jeffrey O'Neill. The excitement drains from his face as learns that Jeffrey figured out what happened to Lizzie and why it happened. She assures Jonathan that Jeffrey won't tell anyone. She trusts Jeffrey. They hear a noise and Jonathan hops up to see if anyone is near the stairwell door. He sees Lizzie. Thoughtfully, he sits back with Reva and asks her how Lizzie is doing.

Jonathan is conflicted about telling Lizzie the truth. He wants to, but remembering how she sided with Alan and remembering that her actions led to him going to the mill...Reva believes that Lizzie's paying for her actions. She doesn't want another near miss like at the mill, so she urges him to leave. Jonathan wants her to take care of herself. They rub noises together and Reva exits the stairwell first. As Jonathan leaves, the camera pans down. Olivia has been on the lower level listening to them. She wonders how Reva's going to talk her way out of this one. She charges up the flight of steps to confront Reva, but Jonathan swoops down, pushes her against the wall and covers her mouth.

Jonathan tells Olivia that after all he's been through, he will not hesitate with any further action to keep his daughter safe. He uncovers her mouth and she rushes to hug him, a flood of emotion on her face. Jonathan tells her to keep it down. So far, no one has had to die to keep his secret, but that can change.

Olivia convinces Jonathan that she understands his struggles, that they are just alike and she knows what he will do to keep his daughter safe. She swears to him that she never saw him and that he's dead. Their conversation never happened. She tells him that she's proud of him. They hug and Jonathan leaves.

In Dylan's room, Reva explains to her unconscious son that his brother sent him the flowers. She had to say goodbye to him, but one son and one granddaughter is all that she will lose. She urges Dylan to wake up. Moments later, she goes out of the room. Olivia stands in the hallways and expresses her sympathies. Reva doesn't want to have another round about Jeffrey. Olivia knows what it means to be a mother. She thinks they are just alike. Reva thinks--minus the mugging part-maybe they are. Olivia wonders would Reva fake a death.

Reva begins to boil listening to Olivia recount how oddly Jonathan and Sarah passed. When she mentions no bones or remains in the fire, Reva seethes that she doesn't have to listen to this. Olivia wonders would she rather watch it and reveals that she has a DVD of Sarah. She made copies of it. She accuses Reva of being complicit in a phony death with insurance fraud implications-not to mention the total devastation of Lizzie. Reva says that the tape could be doctored. Olivia shows her a cell phone photo of Reva and Jonathan in the stairwell. Jonathan said he would choke her if she told anyone his secret, she tells Reva. Reva answers that he should have done it.

Out on Main Street, Reva bustles by Lizzie who pulls her aside to talk. Lizzie went to see Dylan and had another strange feeling about Jonathan and Sarah. Olivia catches up to Reva and she tries to speak to Lizzie about her feeling. Reva cuts her off and prevents Olivia from telling Lizzie the truth. After Lizzie leaves, Olivia calls her deception to Lizzie deplorable. Reva thinks it's better than letting Alan get to Jon and Sarah. Olivia knows Alan will be so mad.

Angrily, Reva reminds Olivia how she chose to protect her own daughter, Emma, from Alan and Phillip in much the same way. Olivia is flip about that but Reva believes that Olivia is well aware of what Alan would do if he could get to Sarah and Jonathan. Reva asks Olivia to think about Alan getting his hands on Emma or Ava and then, if she still wants to tell her secret, Reva will even let her use her phone.

Olivia wonders whom she should call first about it when Reva's cell rings. It's Dylan's doctor. Reva rushes back toward the hospital. Outside of Dylan's room, she learns that the surgery caused more complications for Dylan when an artery was nicked. He has an extremely rare blood type. They need an O negative donor. Olivia pops from around the corner and offers to be that donor.

As Olivia is prepped for the withdrawal, Reva thanks for her helping. Olivia knows that Reva would have been first in line to help Olivia's daughters and she refuses to let Reva stand alone on moral high ground. She mentions how needles make her queasy. She and Reva share a moment when Reva tells her a tale of a high school dance to take her mind off things. Reva seems to sense she and Olivia have an understanding. She tells her that, no matter how she hates Reva, she can't tell anyone about Jonathan. Olivia replies that she will do what she has to do. If that means telling the secret, she will tell it. Reva rolls her eyes.

Later, Reva sits on the bench outside Company. Jeffrey finds her there and delivers her some roses. He wonders how she is doing. She is not so great. She mentions that Jonathan risked seeing her today. Jeffrey holds and comforts her. In the background, Olivia hides, listening in. Reva admits she's getting used to having Jeffrey to lean on. She's worried about her court case, but Jeffrey is certain he will do wonders in the courtroom. He asks Reva if she would be okay with having a real romantic rendezvous with him. Bashfully, she agrees to do so once Dylan is better. They kiss. When he leaves Olivia surfaces from hiding.

Reva asks her if she's feeling well and offers her a seat. She thanks her again for donating blood and keeping Jonathan's secret. Olivia doesn't want to accept her thanks because she did it to look good in public. As far as Jonathan is concerned, she hasn't decided what she will do. Reva comments that she stopped Jonathan from going after Olivia. To that, Olivia offers to send her some chocolates to go with her roses. Reva wants to know what it will take to buy her silence. Olivia wants Jeffrey.

Reva wonders how in the world Olivia thinks she can make Jeffrey do anything he doesn't want to. Olivia thinks that, since he ruined her wedding to Buzz, maybe he has feelings for her. She thinks Reva ruined everything. Reva admits that Jeffrey has become more than a friend. Olivia thinks he's just another pit stop on the road to Josh. What's between Jeffrey and Olivia is complicated, but she has to believe that they are good for one another. Or a disaster, Reva concludes.

Olivia thinks that love doesn't always come from a light place. Sometimes it comes from somewhere dark and struggles to make it to the light. She can almost reach the light, but needs Jeffrey to give her a chance. Reva tells her that it's not going to happen. Olivia says one phone call to Alan and the secret will be out. She plans to call Doris about it, too. She needs Reva's answer by tomorrow. After she leaves, Reva throws the coffee she just poured.

Olivia sees Jeffrey staring into a shop window on Main Street. Reva returns to the hospital. When she comes to her children, she feels there's no line she won't cross. With that thought, she trashes her roses from Jeffrey. She holds onto Dylan, thinking that she'll keep her children safe, no matter what it costs her.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Jeffrey stops by bringing Ava some movies. Ava tells Jeffrey he cares about Olivia. Olivia shows up and wants to apologize for hurting Ava. Olivia tells Jeffrey it's his turn to forgive her. He leaves but drops an envelope – airline tickets for him and Reva to Hawaii. Jeffrey comes back to find the tickets. Olivia asks him if he loves Reva. He tells her it's not that simple. He tells Olivia that the two of them together are "an accident waiting to happen."

Ashlee offers to go "undercover" for Coop. He's writing a guide to dating and Ashlee offers to lend a hand. Coop questions whether or not Stewart is right for Ashlee. She asks Coop who is the right guy. Coop gets a message from Ava and Ashlee let's Coop go to Ava. Coop has a talk with Stewart before he leaves. Stewart says girls like Ashlee need to be nice – "who are we kidding" – they're grateful. Coop goes to Ava, but is preoccupied while Ava is talking. He keeps looking at his phone. Ava gets mad – tells Coop Ashlee can take care of herself. Coop isn't so sure and leaves to go find Ashlee. Ashlee figures out Stewart is only with her because of her mother. Coop shows up and tells Stewart he wanted to ask Ashlee out. Coop tells Ashlee he scared off her date. Ashlee is thankful and laughs it off. Coop stays for dessert with Ashlee. They're having fun together, laughing and teasing each other. Coop's phone rings – Ava, again. Coop leaves to go to Ava. Ashlee starts to cry. Coop is still there and kisses her.

Jonathan is in his room at the Beacon. Tammy is in the room with him and tells him they've been married for 12 hours...but it was a dream. Reva comes in and finds Jonathan in tears. Reva tells Jonathan he can't stay here – that Lizzie lives there now. Reva tells Jonathan that Olivia is threatening her. He tells Reva he's going to do whatever he has to do to keep Sarah safe. Reva tells Jonathan she'll fix it – he has to trust her. She tells Jonathan he has to take Sarah and go away. Jonathan agrees to leave. Jonathan stops to thank Jeffrey for what he's done for him and Sarah. Jeffrey tells Jonathan his father would be proud of him. Jonathan asks Jeffrey to take care of Reva.

Olivia pays Reva a visit giving her an ultimatum – giving up Jeffrey in exchange for Olivia's silence about Jonathan and Sarah being alive. They squabble – but Olivia is not backing down. Olivia asks Reva to walk away from Jeffrey so Olivia can have a chance with him. Olivia tells Reva she has until the end of the day to make up her mind – let Jeffrey go or Olivia will tell Alan and Lizzie about Sarah and Jonathan.

Buzz catches Marina and Cyrus together – their fight is a ruse. He questions whether Alex knows about the two of them. Marina pleads for Buzz to keep this to himself. He makes them promise to not hurt Alex. Marina leaves with Buzz and has dinner with Buzz and Lillian – on Alexandra (Cyrus pays the bill and joins them). Buzz dances with Marina, while Lillian and Cyrus dance. Buzz cuts in on Cyrus while leaves Cyrus to dance with Marina. Buzz pulls Marina away from Cyrus. It looks like Buzz left with Marina – but it allows the two of them to meet each other. Cyrus and Marina are up at the room, when the VP of sales from Spaulding runs into them. Cyrus and the guy go off for a nightcap, leaving Marina alone. Buzz tells Lillian she's a real sport for playing along. They end up in each others arms.

Olivia goes to see Reva at the end of the day, telling Reva to break up with Jeffrey. Too keep Jonathan and Sarah safe – she has to do whatever it takes – including hurting Jeffrey. Jeffrey goes to Reva. He tells her he saw Jonathan. He sees how upset Reva is and comforts her. Jeffrey wants to get out of town – showing Reva the tickets. But Reva tells him they need a break from each other. She apologizes and tells him she can't see him anymore.

Friday, August 3, 2007


Jeffrey asks Reva why she does not want to see him anymore. Reva tries to explain that while he is great and he has claimed that this is not a relationship; that is exactly what it is and she is not ready for that. Jeffrey thinks he rushed things by arranging a trip and so he cancels it. A frustrated Reva tells him that it is not that simple. She states that when they first got together, neither was looking for something important. They agreed to act as "place holders". However, She feels like he is becoming more than that. Reva tells him that he and Olivia have unfinished business and she does not want to be caught in the middle. As Reva turns to leave, Jeffrey gives her a long passionate kiss goodbye.

Olivia and Ava arrive at the police station. Frank thinks they are there to find out if there arre any leads on the mugging. Olivia admits that she paid someone to mug Ava. As Olivia is writing down her statement, Frank starts to ask why she did it and why confess now. Suddenly, Ava defends Olivia by saying she was never supposed to get hurt. Olivia states that was concerned about the rift between her and Jeffrey and wanted to pull the family together. Ava states that she has forgiven Olivia. Since Ava is not pressing charges, Frank lets Olivia go despite her protests. . Later at Towers, Olivia tells Ava that knew she would not be charged since the victim (Ava) was not pressing charges. Ava tells Olivia that she does understand why she did what she did. Ava tries to get Olivia to elaborate on what she feels for Jeffrey. Olivia admits that she cannot; she just knows she needs him. Soon Reva approaches. Ava leaves so they can talk. Olivia asks Reva if she did it and Reva admits that she did. She then states that she hates Olivia as much as she hates herself. Olivia tells Reva that her secret is safe as long as she backs off from Jeffrey. The pair bickers a bit about Reva's secret about Jonathan and Sarah being alive. When Reva gets ready to leave, Olivia warns her that she may need her again.

At the Spaulding mansion, Rafe asks Natalia about Gus coming over. Natalia replies that she does not think he will be around for a few days. When he asks why, she states that they had a disagreement. Natalia awkwardly explains that he has another family and he needs to spend time with them. At that point, Alan walks in and asks then why did Gus leave town alone. Alan tells Natalia that Gus was very upset. He thinks it is about Harley and the dinner party but Natalia says that is not the reason. After Rafe goes to Cedars to see Daisy, Natalia tells Alan not to discuss Gus and Harley with her; she does not want to be involved. Alan points out that she is involved-she is the other woman.

Harley goes into Dylan's room at Cedars and is surprised to see that he is awake. They discuss what Dylan remembers about the accident and he suggests that she leave and talk to Gus. Harley tells him that Gus left town and she does not know how to reach him. Dylan feels guilty and states that this is his fault and starts to tell her something. Before he can, Daisy comes in to visit. After she preps his pillows for a bit, she decides to get him something and rushes out. Alone with Harley, Dylan tells her about the other night; about how he put her to bed and then just laid down beside. He admits that he saw Gus in the doorway; at first he thought he was dreaming but he is certain now that Gus was there. A horrified Harley realizes that Gus must have thought they slept together and rushes out to find him. She goes home. While she is leaving a message for Frank to give her the number for the anger management seminar, Alan enters and taunts Harley about not knowing where her husband is. He talks about what a bad wife she has been lately and reports that Gus was so upset he found comfort with another woman-Natalia. He then reminds her that Natalia is Gus's first love; just as Dylan was hers. Before leaving, he asks if she is cheating on Gus again.

Rafe meets up with Daisy in the gift shop. She finds the perfect gift for her father-a gold watch. Rafe points out that it is too expensive so Daisy decides to pocket it. She is caught by a security guard. As the guard is placing a call, Daisy talks to Rafe about how she just wanted the watch; she never thought about getting caught. Rafe volunteers to pay for the watch. The guard doubts he has enough money and Rafe tells him to call his grandfather-Alan Spaulding. Later, Alan arrives and pays for the watch. He even offers to buy some for himself, Rafe and Gus. Daisy promises to pay Alan back. Alan asks to speak to Rafe alone. Later, on Main Street, Rafe tells Alan how impressed he is with Alan showing up personally and saving the day. Alan says that he wants to help Rafe because he is a Spaulding. Alan points out how the store owner treated him with respect. Rafe admits that he was treated like he was somebody. Alan replies that once he shows Rafe the ropes; he will be somebody too.

Reva is now visiting Dylan. They discuss Harley a little. Dylan states that he thought there was a chance of them getting back together but he realizes he was wrong. He then tells her not to come with him to the rehabilitation center. He wants her to focus on her life here with Jeffrey. Later, after Reva is gone, he gets visited by Daisy again who gives him the gold watch. When he asks where she got the money for it, she lies that her grandparents gave it to her. She then starts to tell him how worried Harley was about him. With that, Dylan asks how open she is to them getting back together. Daisy admits that she does not want to hurt Gus but they are her parents and it would be nice. Dylan responds that he had thoughts about that too but does not think it is going to happen. He warns her not to get her hopes up because Gus and Harley are solid. It would take something huge to break them up and he does not see that happening.

Olivia goes to Jeffrey's and tells him that she confessed. She points out that Ava has forgiving her but he still has not. Olivia tells him she wants to make things right with them and suggests a family dinner. She even tells him to invite Reva. Jeffrey states that they do not have to worry about Reva any more. Despite that, he refuses to have dinner with Olivia. Later, there is a knock on Jeffrey's door-it is Reva. Reva tells Jeffrey that she thinks she left her cell phone there but when she does not really look for it, it is obvious that was just an excuse. An upset Reva tells Jeffrey that she visited Dylan and it dawned on her that if anything ever happened to Jonathan she would never know. She wanted to talk about that with Jeffrey but realized she told him they could not see each other anymore. A sad Reva sits down and tells him that it is not fair to him for her to spill out her feelings to him. Jeffrey tells her to let him worry about that and kisses her and she kisses back. He then goes to put the "do not disturb" sign on the door as Olivia sees.

Harley returns to the Spaulding mansion to talk to Natalia. Harley warns Natalia not to let Alan manipulate her. She states that Alan hates her and will use anyone to break up her and Gus. Harley tells Natalia not to let Alan do that and tells her about what Alan said about the two of them having slept together. When Natalia looks away in silence, Harley realizes that it is true.

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