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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 23, 2007 on GL
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Monday, July 23, 2007

The day Ava is being released from the hospital, Reva meets Billy at Company, Olivia is in her room at The Beacon with Jeffrey, and Coop delivers Ava "home." Reva wants Billy to help her expose Olivia's role in Ava's mugging. Olivia wants Jeffrey to help her arm Ava with pepper spray so she will not feel vulnerable in the future. Coop and Ava find that Ashlee has decorated Ava's room with balloons as a homecoming.

Ava asks Coop to leave to get her some ice cream and he obliges. After he leaves, Ava tells Ashlee she knows what she's up to - keeping Ava and Coop apart. When Coop pops back in to get his jacket, Ashlee says she'll go with him so Ava can get some much needed rest. In turn, Ava insists she would prefer having Coop stay with her until she falls asleep. Coop agrees to stay with Ava and a disappointed Ashlee leaves.

Just as Jeffrey is trying to explain to Olivia that they shouldn't press their luck in their newfound relationship by complicating it, Reva arrives to reveal she has figured out Olivia was behind Ava's attack. After some pointed questions directed at Olivia, Jeffrey believes Reva is telling the truth. Reva leaves and Jeffrey insists Olivia go with him to confess all to Ava. When the parents arrive at Ava's room, they interrupt her snuggling up to an attentive Coop. Olivia confesses to her daughter that she set up her mugging so Jeffrey would feel drawn closer to Olivia. Ava slaps Olivia, asking how she could do that to her. Although Coop insists Olivia leave, Ava wants to speak with her mother alone. With the men out of the way, Ava tells Olivia she is angry with her for putting her in this position. Olivia points out Ava now has what she wants - Coop at her side.

Olivia and Jeffrey return to his room. Jeffrey tells her she put her daughter's life in danger for selfish reasons. He declares that she has crossed the line and they are done.

Having left Ava's balloon-filled room, Ashlee ends up at Company where Doris sees the flowers which Stuart sent Ashlee. Doris tells her daughter that she is being naïve if she thinks she is in the same league as Lizzie and Ava insofar as Coop's affections are concerned. She insinuates Ashlee should aim lower. An eavesdropping Reva interrupts the mother and daughter and asks Ashlee to get her some tea. While Reva is blasting Doris for being so insensitive to her daughter, Doris gets a phone call from Olivia. Olivia tells her she will do whatever Doris wants in setting up a case against Reva.

At the Spaulding mansion, Gus learns Natalia quit her job at Company and Natalia learns Gus beat up Dylan for kissing Harley. Natalia tells Gus that Harley wouldn't have kissed Dylan back because Gus is the only man for Harley. When Gus points out Dylan and Harley share a child together, Natalia points out the two of them share Rafe. Natalia and Gus seem almost to the point of kissing as well, but they stop themselves and apologize to one another. As they continue to talk, Gus seems to be trying to draw Natalia physically closer to him. Natalia sets him straight by saying that while she and Dylan were Gus and Harley's first loves, they both know they aren't their last loves. Natalia walks Gus out just as Rafe arrives.

Harley has gone to Dylan's room to confront him concerning his statement to the police about the fight with Gus. She pledges to do whatever he wants if he will drop the charges - going as far as to say she will sleep with him. He can't tell if she is bluffing. As she puts on music to get them in the mood, Dylan switches off the music and says all he wants from her is a guarantee that at least once a week Daisy, Harley, and Dylan can spend a family night together. He believes this will help validate himself as a real dad in Daisy's eyes. Harley agrees and the two say, "Deal!" As Harley is leaving, Dylan asks her what she would have done if he had said the deal was for her to sleep with him. Her reply, "Guess you'll never know."

Harley returns home to find a sobbing Daisy. Rafe has broken up with Daisy after learning about her role in Natalia losing her job. Daisy plants the seed in Harley's mind that Natalia is actively after getting Gus back. Harley points out to Daisy that she is making such accusations because she is upset Natalia doesn't want her involved with Rafe. She tells her daughter that everything will be good. However, when Gus arrives home and Harley learns he turned to Natalia for support, she is disappointed. Though he admits it was good to talk things over with Natalia, everything is good between him and Harley.

Back at the Spaulding mansion, Natalia assures her son she wasn't fired from Company - she quit. She tells him she will get another job and everything will be fine.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rick & Beth see Josh & Cassie at Company where all is going smoothly, which leads Josh to presume that Rick decided to not tell Beth that he is not the father of her baby. Rick & Beth leave, and just outside they meet a new doctor, Dr. Spelling, who is replacing Dr. Sedwick while she is away for a family emergency. Dr. Spelling wants Beth to come in for additional routine tests, and also wants a blood sample from Rick, as it seems that for some reason, he doesn't have a blood type on file. Rick says goodbye to Beth as she goes to plan a baby shower with Cassie, and in the private moment he has with young Dr. Spelling, he firmly tells the new doctor there will be no more tests, in an effort to protect his secret about who the father is. Dr. Spelling, though fresh out of school, is not intimidated by Rick and tells him that if he has a problem with any tests that he orders, that he should take it up with the board, and ends the discussion by going inside Company. Rick promptly calls his administrative friend, Charles Grant, and begins to make negative comments about Dr. Spelling in an effort to get him re-assigned to another rotation area, as Josh appears and overhears this.

Josh continues his sorting of the food that was collected from the food drive, and not intervening with Rick's current situation. Rick, feeling guilty, opens up a discussion, saying he doesn't like how he just acted like Alan by using his influence to re-assign the new doctor. Feeling the stress of hiding the truth about the DNA tests, Rick tells Josh that he believes Cassie is the one who switched the results, and wonders how they are dealing with that. Josh, advising Rick by explaining his own situation, tells Rick that he and Cassie may have different ideas at times, but they love each other and are committed to each other and believes that's enough to get them through anything. Rick understood the message that Josh was saying, and thanked him for letting him find his own way through it all rather than try to tell him what to do, as he walks away as though he now knows what he needs to do - be honest with Beth about the DNA results.

Later, Rev. Rutledge joins Josh outside of Company to pick up the food collected in the food drive. When Josh tries to schedule an appointment to talk about some preacher training things, he learns that the Rev. is performing Alex's wedding ceremony. The Rev. takes the opportunity to ask Josh about how his plans are going for his wedding to Cassie, and Josh replies, with a bit of uneasiness, that they are taking it slow because Josh wants Cassie to be comfortable with everything, not just the wedding.

As Beth and Cassie are planning the baby shower, Beth confides that she really cared for Alan, and that if the baby wasn't Rick's, it would have been hard for her to choose between the him and Alan. Cassie looks on, appearing a bit taken aback by hearing that.

Later, Beth and Cassie are at Towers as they continue to plan the shower. Rick arrives, looking very serious, and says that he needs to talk to Beth alone and asks Cassie to excuse them. Realizing what she thinks Rick is planning to do, Cassie purposely spills her wine on Beth and shoos her away to clean it quickly before a stain sets in. Alone with Rick now, she tries to convince him not to tell Beth. She is finally able to do this by telling him that if Alan finds out, Rick will lose the baby to him, and reminds him of Kevin, a boy that Rick thought was his son (with Blake) but later found out that he wasn't, and the heartbreak of losing a child that way. Cassie leaves. When Beth returned, Rick chose not to tell her.

After leaving Beth, Cassie goes to Company to be with Josh and the food drive. Cassie still thinks that Rick is telling Beth the truth, and shares that thought with Josh. Josh tells Cassie how this reminds him of Phillip, who, at 18 years old, found out that Alan wasn't really his father, how it changed his life after that, how it affected a lot of people, and how nothing good came out of that secret. Cassie sees this situation as different, because, as she explains her logic, she thinks Phillip's problem was that he had Alan as a father for the first part of his life, and in Rick's case, his baby will get to avoid that, and start off with the better father right from the start. Josh looks at Cassie as if he doesn't agree with that way of thinking.

Marina is on Main St. leaving yet another message for Cyrus on his cell phone when she sees Alex. She wants Alex to give Cyrus the message that there are rumors that he will be marrying someone from Springfield just to avoid being deported. Alex informs Marina that it is not a rumor, that Cyrus is indeed getting her! Cyrus now joins the women, and he and Alex proceed to explain the details of the "business deal" marriage arrangement. Marina, knowing what Cyrus is getting out of the deal, asks Alex what's she's getting out of it. Alex tells her that she gets to keep her driver, and she likes him and trusts him. Cyrus keeps trying to assure Marina that everything will work out because it's a way he gets to stay, and that he can still be with her, and asks her to not let anyone know that this is only an arrangement, because if immigration found out this weren't a real marriage, he'd be deported. Alex adds that if Marina were a friend to Cyrus, she would do whatever it takes to help him.

Marina and Cyrus have a chance to talk privately for a moment, and Marina reveals that her father was the one who turned Cyrus in to immigration in an effort to keep him away from Marina. An understanding Cyrus assures her it's not her fault, and things will be fine, that he'll have great opportunities like being able to start his own business, and that it won't change what they have. She asks him if he even considered anyone else to help him in this way, and he tells her that he felt it would be too much to ask of anyone else. Alex joins them once again, and says they need to set a date for the wedding, and asks if Thursday is good. Cyrus is agreeable, but Marina is a bit surprised by how fast this is moving. Alex says that she'll make the arrangements of a low-key civil ceremony with dinner afterwards, at Cyrus' request. Alex, in need of a witness, asks Marina if she would do the job, to which she says yes, as a show to Alex that she isn't shaken by this arrangement of convenience. Cyrus walks Marina to her car and asks for a date on Thursday, after the wedding - Marina says yes.

Lillian and Frank run into each by chance at Towers, and have a friendly discussion about general things, like dating Buzz, and their kids, Marina and Beth and their choices. Later, Lillian sees Alex on Main St. where Alex informs her that she will marry Cyrus, reveals the reason behind it, and asks Lillian to be there. But as they continue to talk, Lillian can see that a glowing Alex has real feelings for Cyrus and has hopes of something more developing between them, and cautions Alex to be careful that she doesn't allow herself to get hurt.

Meanwhile, Frank waits for Marina outside of her Beacon room, and Marina sarcastically lets him know about the wedding and asks him to be her date. Frank is surprised by this news, but then quickly tells Marina that this proves what kind of man Cyrus is. Frank continues, seemingly insensitive that Marina is hurting, and he tells her that Cyrus is now in a position where his true colors will come out, allowing Marina to see him for who he really is. After Frank leaves, an upset Marina regains some composure and call Towers to make the dinner reservations for her and Cyrus, but was told they are all booked up due to a wedding party. When she asks for whom, she finds out it is the Spaulding wedding party. A sad Marina looks at one of Cyrus' sticky notes smiley faces that reads "Be seeing you".

Back at the mansion, Alex tells Cyrus that they need to get to know each other better, so that when immigrations starts asking questions, the duo will have enough information to answer them. She tells him they need to discuss details such as what side of the bed he sleeps on, what toothpaste he uses, etc. After a little more coaxing for details, Cyrus tells her that he sleeps naked, then leaves the room, and Alex dreamily smiles at the thought he left her with!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Inside the Light: Memories

Note: Today's episode is one that is probably outside the scope of the continuing storylines, like when we saw Harley as "The Guiding Light" Superhero. Today's show is filmed completely off set at real onsite locations. In this episode, Cooper has written a manuscript that involves a pill with the power to erase memories.

To help Coop with his writing career Ava has given Alan Spaulding a copy of his manuscript about a doctor who concocts a pill that erases memories. Lizzie roams passed Alan's office and overhears him discussing a memory drug that he has had created, which is still in gas form. While walking in the park at the lake, she encounters Cassie. Both still have hard times dealing with the deaths of Tammy and Sarah. Lizzie reveals to Cassie that she has a way to erase all the pain.

Coop and Ava discuss his book. She tells him that Alan will publish it. They go to Spaulding for a meeting with Alan. There they discover that Alan has no intentions of publishing the book. Rather, he has used the ideas in the book to cultivate the drug.

Meanwhile, Cyrus picks up Alan. While they drive, Alan sees pregnant Beth walking at the lake and demands he pull over. He kidnaps Beth, telling her that he has found the answer to their problems. At the same time, Cassie and Lizzie travel to a laboratory where Remy is the security guard. Lizzie wonders what he doing there, working for the Spauldings. Once Remy learns Spaulding runs the lab, he is out the door, trying to take Cassie with him. However, Cassie is determined to see this adventure through.

Lizzie and Cassie find a door locked with a keypad, but Lizzie can't figure out the code. Cassie grabs a plastic stepladder to bash it in. Remy stops her and again asks them to leave with him. When they won't, he says forget them and he's going to the bathroom. The ladies return to trying to bash the door with the plastic ladder.

Cyrus pulls up at the lab and Beth immediately recognizes Lizzie's car. Alan panics because Lizzie doesn't know about the place. He takes his "Dad to be" book and drags Beth out of the car. Meanwhile, Remy enters the bathroom, strolls to the urinal and unzips his pants. Suddenly Lizzie enters and snags a key card off his belt. She hands Cassie the key and they charge out of the bathroom. Remy swivels around to stop them. He grabs Lizzie and his pants fall. He and Lizzie tousle in the bathroom while Cassie gains access to the restricted room.

Alan and Beth get on the elevator as Alan fills Beth in on the drug. She wonders if Lizzie might have gotten the idea to steal the drug. Just then, Coop barges into the elevator right before it closes, demanding to know if Alan took ideas from his book.

Cassie noses around in the secured room and discovers a metal vile. Cyrus and Ava run into the room, Cassie drops the vile and some kind of gas oozes like smoke out of it. Everyone faints. Lizzie and Remy pass out in the bathroom on the floor. Beth, Coop and Alan faint in the elevator.

When the groups all revive, they have no idea who they are. Cyrus revels in waking up with two women on top of him. Ava and Cassie, each with no memories of themselves, both seem to think they have a claim on Cyrus. He thinks there is enough of him for the both of them. Alan goes into his wallet and figures out who he is, he thinks Beth Spaulding is his daughter. They deduce that Coop is the father of Beth's baby because the baby book Alan had is at Coops feet. Meanwhile Lizzie and Remy deduce that they must be in love. Because of her expensive purse, she thinks she is rich and that her parents must hate her fooling around with the security guard.

The joys of their lost memories are short lived when they all start behaving like very familiar people. Ava and Cassie both use tricks to steal time alone with Cyrus when they three are supposed to be splitting up to find out if there are other people in the building. Ava corners him first, telling him that she's afraid to be alone in the building. Cassie screams and Cyrus runs to her rescue. She slams the door when he enters the room where she is and she tears off both his and her clothes. She's feeling so free now that she has forgotten herself. Ava bursts into the room to slam her for cheating. Ava has found a photo of Cassie with some man (Josh). Cassie doesn't know who the man in the photo is and the two start cat fighting over Cyrus. Cyrus smiles, happy watch the ladies fight over him—kind of like his real life, which he has forgotten.

Meanwhile, Alan—as Alan usually does—starts questioning Coop and whether or not he's good enough for his child, Beth. He plays "what's in your wallet" with Coop. Alan's wallet has a card that tell him that he's the CEO of Spaulding. Henry's wallet tells Alan that he's a member of some sandwich shop frequent sandwich club.

Lizzie and Remy play around the facility like they are kids in love. They learn they both like horses and the color blue. Both seem to feel a yearning in their hearts for something and Lizzie misconstrues it as having to be her love for Remy. He agrees that he also has an aching in his heart. Quickly an argument ensues when Lizzie orders him to get her a soda. He thinks she's being condescending to him and she wonders if he just wants her to give him money for the soda. Remy can't be bought. He charges away from her determined to find his memory and why he thought he ever liked Lizzie. Remy returns to the bathroom, and the song, "I can't live without you any more" plays. He laments that this, "this is our place," as he thinks of Lizzie.

Alan, Beth and Coop decide to look for other people in the building. Coop and Beth give Alan the slip. They go shopping and play together on the playground by the lake. Since Coop is a hopeless romantic, he picks her flowers and they giggle together. Meanwhile, The doctor who concocted the gas stumbles across Alan. He alerts him that the gas has leaked through the building. Once the doctor sees that Alan has no memory, he takes him by the arm and leads him away, assuring him that it will wear off soon, since they have been unable to make the drug last more than a couple of hours.

In the middle of the catfight, Cassie and Ava suddenly remember themselves. Cyrus does, too, but still appreciates the ladies and their efforts over him. Cassie grabs the picture of Josh. With her shirt hanging open, she wonders did she really want to forget everything. Meanwhile, Coop and Beth sit, heads huddled together, talking about the baby. Suddenly Beth shrieks. The two repel from each other like opposing magnets as they both recall their memories. Awkwardly, they compose themselves, both agreeing never to discuss this. They go to find Alan.

Lizzie finds Remy in the men's room and swears they need a better place to be together. They apologize to each other and begin making up. Their make up session turns into making love as they strip their clothes off each other down to their underwear. As they passionately kiss, stretched out on the floor, they come to themselves. Angry, Remy wants her never to tell anyone about this. Lizzie doesn't think it will bode well for her reputation either. Remy vows they have nothing in common and leaves. Alone Lizzie quips, "We both like blue," as she gets dressed.

Coop and Beth find Alan and relay to him that they know everything. Awkwardly Coop excuses himself. Beth and Alan go to find Lizzie.

Ava and Coop are back outside seemingly at the point where she reveals that she got him a book deal and they are hugging. Coop seems to snap out of it, and he says, "I don't think I want Alan to publish my book after all." Ava asks him if he's sure and he swears that it's for the best. Coop narrates the end, saying that we should hold onto our memories for dear life because that's what they are--life.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Olivia meets with Doris Wolfe at Company, offering to help make a stronger case against Reva by falsely saying she saw Reva kidnap Lizzie.

Thinking about Jonathan today, his birthday, Reva sits alone in her Cross Creek home, watching a DVD of baby Sarah playing, and hearing Jonathan's narration. A knock on the door interrupts her emotional moments. It's Jeffrey, who came by to check on Reva today because he remembered her mentioning that it was Jonathan's birthday and wanted to be sure she's ok. Reva reminds him that their relationship is to be kept casual and makes him promise not to get more involved. In a light, friendly moment, he holds up 2 fingers, crossed, as a promise, and she smiles at his silliness. Since all seems to be ok, Jeffrey says he will leave to go do something to help his daughter, Ava, and as he leaves, he gives Reva a nice kiss, one that leaves her wanting more, as he smiles and continues out the door. She returns to the DVD she was watching, puts it back in the case, and hides it behind a picture on the mantle. Another knock on the door makes Reva think that Jeffrey came back, and she opens the door all puckered up waiting for his kiss, only to find that the visitor is Doris Wolfe! Doris tells Reva about the new development in her case - that a witness states they saw Reva kidnap Lizzie and drag her into a car.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey meets with Olivia at Company to tell her that he will be turning her in to the police for what she did to Ava (hiring a man to mug her, thinking it was a way to get closer to Jeffrey). Olivia snips that she believes Reva put him up to this. She then proceeds to tell him the real reason she did it - to help Ava get Coop's attention. Just as that discussion was starting to heat up, Reva bursts in with fire in her eyes asking Olivia if she told Doris that she saw Reva kidnap Lizzie. This starts a war of words between the two women, each of them hitting all the right nerves! When Reva says that maybe she should call Social Services to protect Emma, Olivia tries to hit her, and the two of them scream loudly at each other, arms flailing trying to hit each other, as Jeffrey pulls Reva away and escorts her out of Company, offering to take her out somewhere else for drinks, diffusing the situation.

As they arrive at Towers for that drink, Jeffrey and Reva now realize that they walked into someone's wedding. Jeffrey leaves to get drinks, and Reva is imagining that this is Cassie's wedding, as she pictures Cassie in a wedding dress, and then Josh with her. Just then, Cassie approaches Reva to say hello, and Reva is informed that this is Alex's wedding. She confesses to Cassie that for a minute she thought it might have been her and Josh's wedding. Reva adds that she doesn't think she and Josh are quite ready to married yet. After a few more awkward remarks between the two, Jeffrey suggests they leave, and they do.

As they arrive at Jeffrey's door, he and Reva discuss the situation they are facing with Olivia. Un-rattled, Reva says that she'll prove that Olivia is lying with her statement, and that Olivia doesn't have anything more to throw at her. Meanwhile, Olivia has snuck into Cross Creek to look for something more to hold over Reva, and after throwing a couch pillow in frustration, she knocks over the picture frame on the mantel, causing the DVD to be revealed from its hiding place. Olivia reads the letter "J" on it, and thinks it's about Jeffrey, so she begins to play it, and realizes that she is seeing a video of baby Sarah!

Cassie and Josh arrive at Rick and Beth's room at the Beacon to meet to go to dinner. Rick takes a private moment to briefly discuss how he decided not to let Beth know about the switched DNA test results, because he doesn't want to risk losing her. The foursome leaves for dinner. They arrive at Towers and are surprised to discover that the entire place is booked for Alex and Cyrus' wedding. Lizzie rushes over to her mother, Beth, and hugs her, very happy that she came, and invited the others to stay as well. A short while later, a photographer tries to take Beth's picture, and she keeps trying to tell him no. Now with Rick, the photographer wants a picture of the both of them, labeling Rick as "the man Beth left the Spaulding millions for". Rick pushes the man to the ground, then backs him up against the elevator door with his hands around the man's neck, then shoves him into the elevator after the doors open. As a shocked Beth watches, Rick turns to her and says, "No one messes with my family."

As Alex finishes getting ready for her wedding, Buzz arrives, handsomely dressed, and offers to be the one who gives her away, since Alan is out of town and won't be able to. Alex says yes. As he and Alex talk, he brings up how Marina and Cyrus had some level of a relation, and asks Alex if she is ok with that. Alex claimed that she was only doing this to help a friend. Buzz, surprised to hear this is a green card wedding, says that Lillian seems to think Alex cares more about the wedding that she lets on. Alex tries to deny any feeling by telling Buzz that Lillian is just a hopeless romantic.

Meanwhile, Cyrus is in a Beacon room preparing for the wedding, and Marina arrives. He believes the wedding will be small and informal, as he and Alex discussed, but Marina thinks it may be more elaborate and widely known, noting the front page news coverage of the event, and informing Cyrus that Alex has the entire Towers restaurant booked for the wedding. A tux is delivered, and while Marina questions that it's a little too much for a small ceremony, Cyrus rationalizes that it has to look good for the immigration office. He sees that Marina is concerned that this wedding may be more real than he thinks, and asks her to meet him in his room after the wedding, then kisses her.

Cyrus and Marina arrive at Towers together, and are stunned by what they see - the room is transformed by a lot of flowers, a lot of chairs, and decorated beautifully. Cyrus tells Marina he needs to find Alex, and asks her to hold the rings. After he leaves, she opens the case, then dreamily puts the ring on her own finger, just for a moment, but when she tried to remove it, she discovered it was stuck!

Cyrus finds Alex on the balcony talking with Lizzie, who just gave Alex a blue garter for the tradition of "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Lizzie exits. Cyrus questions the extravagance of the wedding, and asks if she is taking things a bit more seriously than they discussed. She denies that is true, and explains she did it to make it look legitimate. Cyrus returns to Marina, reassures her everything is just for show, and sneaks away with her for a private moment, kissing her on another balcony. Without their realizing, Alex sees this, then quickly returns to the main room, where she tells Lizzie she want to start the wedding now.

After Alex finds Cyrus back inside, she asks to speak with him privately, and the go out to the balcony area, where she gives him a very nice set of cufflinks, and a credit card with no limit. He naively asks what he has to give her. She chuckles and responds, "Don't underestimate yourself, darling." Buzz finds the pair, and tells them that the bride needs to get in her position. As the Wedding March begins and Buzz escorts Alex slowly, Cyrus stops on his way to his position to ask Marina if she is ok. Marina, with the ring still stuck on her finger, nervously says she is fine, then suddenly she has freed the ring and jumps up to give it to Cyrus.

The wedding begins. As Rev. Rutledge opens with sentimental words, Marina looks sad to hear those words in a wedding while looking at Cyrus while he marries someone else. Alex and Cyrus say their own wedding vows. When it's time to exchange rings, Alex turns to Marina and hands her the bouquet, again providing Marina another difficult moment. Rev. Rutledge pronounces them husband and wife and says they may kiss. Cyrus tries to kiss Alex on her cheek, but Alex pulls him in for a long kiss on the mouth! A little later, Marina thanks Alex for helping to stay in the country. After Alex steps away, Cyrus goes over to Marina and hands her a key to his room for their plans for later.

After the wedding, Cassie takes Josh to the balcony to talk. She tells him that she has been watching and he has been very interested in the wedding today, and says that things are going great with them, so she thinks they should get married. She says that have been planning and waiting, and that they got off track for a while, but she thinks things have been going better. Josh, wearing a very happy smile, says yes, things have been going great, and he thinks they will be getting a whole lot better, then kisses her.

While Marina waits in Cyrus' room for him, Alex tells Cyrus they need to have a talk about his extra-curricular activities, to be sure they understand each other. She brings up the agreement they made, that he can see other women as long as he is discreet, and he assures her he will be. Then she adds an exception - that the other woman cannot be Marina Cooper. As he looks caught off guard with this adaptation of the rule, she re-states it again, then kisses him lightly on the lips and walks away, leaving him stunned.

The camera then shows Marina sitting alone on the edge of Cyrus' bed, waiting for him.

Friday, July 27, 2007


Alex assures Cyrus knows what this marriage is about. When it comes to other women, she will look away except if that woman is Marina Cooper. Cyrus asks why and she states that she knows he cares for her; even loves her. He reminds her that they had a deal. She insists that she is not changing their deal. She states that if she can tell he has feelings for Marina, so could someone else - like immigration. He thinks he could make a relationship with Marina work. Alex doubts it and suggests he go and talk to Marina.

Marina is at Cyrus's room at the Beacon waiting for him. Suddenly there is a knock at the door. It's Frank. Frank makes a comment about her waiting for Cyrus on his wedding day. Frank talks about how he has watched her get hurt by guy after guy and he cannot stand by any more and watch it happen. He wishes he would have intervened sooner. He warns her that Cyrus has changed her-he has turned her into a liar. After he leaves, Cyrus arrives. Cyrus talks to Marina about Alexandra's. She rants that her father will love this. She knows this will blow up in her face. Marina asks what would happen if he divorced Alex. When Cyrus states that he would be deported, Marina suggests that he marry her. Cyrus does not think it will work given their history. Besides she deserves better: she is honest and good and deserves better. He tells her that he is not honest but he could be. Cyrus assures Marina that he will not stop seeing her despite what Alex said; they will just have to be careful. Marina is teary eyed at the thought that she will have to be the other woman.

Alexandra's lawyer arrives to go over the marital contract she had drawn up. It stipulates that Cyrus will receive money and Spaulding stocks which will increase every six months: incentive for him to stay married to her. Alexandra then tells her lawyer about Cyrus's past as a jewel thief (without actually using those words) and asks him to find out what would be his biggest payoff. Later, Alexandra is with Cyrus. They go over the contract and she suggests a card game so they can get to know each other. Suddenly, there's a knock on the door-it is Marina. Marina tells Alex that the Beacon is concerned about the amount of jewelry that she has on her and asked the police to send a guard for the night. Though Alexandra insists that it is not necessary, Marina will not leave. Alexandra then places a call to her lawyer telling to put his research aside--there is something more important she needs him to do.

Natalia arrives at the Spaulding house with bags. Since they are having a family dinner she wants to contribute. When Alan tells Natalia to think of herself as a guest, Natalia calls him on trying to push her closer to Gus. Natalia tells Alan that he is crossing a line a needs to back off.

Gus reminds Harley that they are having dinner at the Spaulding house. Harley tries to get out of it, but he insists that he needs her by his side. Harley then calls Dylan who thinks she is calling to cancel. Harley tells him that she is not canceling and suggests a compromise. Later, when Harley and Gus arrive at Alan's, she tries to tell him something but does not have the opportunity. Later, Alan is talking to Rafe about the Grand Canyon and suggests that they should all fly out there as a family. He also brings up Natalia getting fired because Daisy complained. This is the first that Gus has heard of it and he asks to speak to Harley; Natalia tries to tell him she quit. As Gus and Harley are in the hall talking, Daisy and Dylan arrive to pick up Harley for dinner. Harley explains that they arranged to have a family dinner once a week and this was the first one. She explains he went to Dylan after the incident. He figures she made a deal that Dylan "forced" her into. After they all argue for a bit, Alan suggests they go into the study for a drink. In the study, Gus starts making remarks towards Dylan and Harley takes him aside and accuses him of trying to pick a fight. Gus points out that Dylan blackmailed Harley but she states that it was not blackmail. Harley explains that she went to Dylan herself to help Gus out. . As they continue to bicker about her going behind his back to see Dylan to keep him from pressing charges, Gus keeps repeating that Dylan is in love with Harley. Finally Natalia comes over and announces that they can have dinner another night. Harley makes a sarcastic comment about Natalia being the reasonable one. That sets Natalia off and she claims that Harley is being ridiculous and owes Gus and apology. . Harley insists on Gus coming with her, Dylan and Daisy. Gus will not budge and refuses to skip out on dinner with his son and Natalia. Harley insists on leaving and Alan encourages her to finish her drink first (which he has drugged). After she downs it, she and Dylan leave while Daisy goes home. Afterwards, Frank arrives to see Gus and tells him that he needs to attend an anger management class in Chicago tonight because of what happened between him and Dylan.

Still out in the hall, Daisy admits to Rafe that she brought Dylan to the mansion because she wanted to see him. She missed him. Daisy tells him that she never meant to hurt his mother and apologizes for talking to Buzz. Rafe shrugs it off by stating that his mother was going to quit anyhow because of the awkwardness of working for Gus's in-laws. They overhear the argument inside and Rafe, to Daisy, blasts Harley for lighting into his mom. Daisy defends Harley which gets Rafe upset. When Daisy criticizes him for being the only one who can stick up for their mother, he walks away from her. Daisy then goes home alone and calls herself an idiot.

An upset Natalia tells Rafe that she is fine and asks about Daisy. When she begins to rant about Harley, Rafe starts to ask if she is trying to get Gus. Natalia insists that she does not make plays for married men but points out that sometimes marriages fail because a wife does not appreciate what she has. Rafe leaves and Alan comes out to tell Natalia that Gus is upset and suggests that she go and help him. She sees him staring out the window and approaches, putting her arm through his. .

Harley and Dylan have just had dinner. Harley is walking a bit unsteady. She tells Dylan that she is glad he is there and they gaze into each other's eyes.

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