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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 23, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, July 23, 2007

Brooke wants to return to work at Forrester Creations to get her life back on track and win back custody of her kids. Nick is reluctant at first, but when Brooke reassures him that she's not trying to come between him and Taylor, he agrees to let her return. Bridget goes for an exam with Taylor, who expresses her regrets about the results of Brooke's custody hearing. Bridget agrees that maybe Brooke needed a wake up call, but she remains on edge about the fertility of the baby. Eric is worried when he finds out that Nick and Brooke will be teaming up again, but Stephanie assures him that Taylor wouldn't allow them to work together.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

At Forrester Creations, Brooke asked Nick to hire her. Brooke was certain that she and Nick would make a great business duo. Brooke told Nick that he needed to forget about their kiss on the Shady marlin. Brooke advised Nick that they would not be together because he is with Taylor and they are expecting a child. Nick informed Brooke that his company needs a designer. Nick was not happy with Clarke Garrison as a designer. Brooke told Nick that she knew of someone for the designer position-herself! Nick understood that Brooke has no designer experience, however, Nick hired Brooke as his new designer for Forrester Creations. Nick was concerned about Taylor. Nick wanted to discuss his hiring of Brooke with Taylor. Brooke was certain that Taylor would approve, because Taylor had approved in the recent past when Brooke was supposed to work with Nick. Nick left the office to go home and talk to Taylor.

Taylor went to Nick's office to speak with him and discovered Brooke! Taylor couldn't imagine what Brooke was doing in Nick's office while Nick wasn't there. Brooke could not avoid Taylor's questions and finally had to tell Taylor that Nick had hired her. Taylor did not think it was such a great idea for Brooke to be working closely with Nick every day. Taylor was especially concerned because Brooke had recently admitted that she is still in love with Nick. Brooke assured Taylor that it was a "win-win' situation for all of them because Brooke's presence at Forrester Creations could free up Nick to spend more time with Taylor and the baby. Taylor wanted to consider herself open-minded and Brooke was looking for a fresh start. Taylor told Brooke she would still be concerned about her and Nick however. Brooke again assured her that she would do anything stupid because she wanted to get her children back.

At Ridge's house, Stephanie was there to pick up RJ and Hope to take them to her house for babysitting. This was all Stephanie's idea and Ridge liked it. Stephanie offered to take Abby to her home also. After Stephanie left with all of the children, Ridge was alone with Ashley. Ridge told Ashley that he appreciated how maternal she had been toward RJ and Hope. Ridge told Ashley that he liked having her in his life. Ashley told Ridge that she decided to remain in LA. Ashley mentioned that she felt comfortable with the Forrester family and they reminded her of her family. In a romantic moment, Ridge gave Ashley a gift, a small box shaped liked a ring or a piece of jewelry. Ashley was very surprised and wondered what the gift was!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A very drugged and drunk Thorne gets angry at Taylor for finding love again, while he has still not gotten over the loss of Darla. When Thorne pushes Nick for defending Taylor, Taylor and Nick begin to worry about his out-of-character behavior. Stephanie is ecstatic to have the children back in her house, and considers asking Ridge to move back in. Ridge and Ashley make love for the first time. Rick advises Brooke not to work at Forrester Creations so as not to be near Nick, but she is sure that everything will be fine between them. Brooke goes to see her children, but Stephanie refuses to let her in.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

AT FC, secret agent man Ridge is on the phone again to his trusty cohort, Con, to see if there are any new developments in the "who left the au revoir message on Rick's phone" mystery. The dynamic duo seems to have a cold trail on Rick's cheating heart -- they are stumped. Phoebster nearly catches Daddy on the phone, and Ridge shares that he and Ash are getting closer. Phoebe is happy for him -- but not for long.

In the lab, Rick talks to Ash and realizes his main squeeze has been busy between the sheets with Ridge. His nasty tone doesn't get far with Ash who lets Rick know she WILL spill her guts about their affair. Rick says he needs one more day to break the news to Phoebster. Ash agrees, and they hug. Oops, Phoebe sees them and remembers the phone message. She FINALLY starts putting it all together as she and Rick discuss the awkward night before. Rick says he can love her without sex. Phoebe presses her luck and says she's figured out Ashley was "the other woman." Rick admits it, and Phoebster cries. In another office, Ashley runs into Ridge, and wants to tell him about Rick, but they start kissing instead.

Stephanie chooses to take a Ridge break, and pay a few moments attention to Thorne she finds him drinking his lunch alone. Worried, she inquires about his date and Thorne says he misses Darla and he wants to be left alone. Mommy dearest at least takes his keys and heads out the door while Thorne pops a few more pills with a booze chaser.

At FO, Donna's back in town and regretting her stupidity at leaving the kids alone, but Brooke doesn't blame her. Brooke says it's all Steph's fault and she shares with Donna the sad tale of how security guards at Steph's escorted Brooke from the grounds last night when she wanted to see her kids. Furious, Donna heads out for lunch and a showdown with Steph at the mansion where Donna demands to see the kids, and Steph says Felicia has them. Steph and Donna trade insults, but Steph gets the final word sluts as she refers to both Brooke and Donna. In a huff, Donna ends up at the same bar where Thorne is drinking his lunch. She's a little surprised that he's three sheets to the wind by noon. Thorne, hallucinating again, thinks Donna is Darla for a minute. He asks her for a ride home shaken that he keeps seeing Darla's face.

Friday, July 27, 2007

by PM

Rick and Phoebe were in the lab at Forrester Originals discussing how Phoebe figured out that Ashley was the other woman in Rick's life. She had heard Ashley say "au revoir" like the woman on the PDA message had done. Rick explained how he and Ashley grew close in Paris. Rick told a teary-eyed Phoebe they tried to keep the relationship quiet so as not to hurt Phoebe. She soon realized that Rick and Ashley slept together. Rick spilled his guts about the Ashley and Mexico, and Phoebe shouted at him, "STOP! STOP!" She ran out in tears and quickly went to Daddy Ridge to share the bad news. Ridge was shocked to hear that Ashley was the other woman in Rick's life. Phoebe went into all the details about Paris and Mexico. Phoebe questioned Ridge as to why Rick and Ashley would do this to them.

While Phoebe was talking to Ridge, Ashley headed back to the lab where Rick told Ashley that he came clean to Phoebe. Ashley realized Phoebe would go to Ridge so she tried to get there first, but it was too late. Ridge was alone in his office looking out of the window as Ashley ran in. Ridge looked at her with a look of anger and disappointment.

Taylor dropped by Stephanie's house to talk to her about Thorne, but Steph tried to start trouble about Brooke and Nick working together. Taylor explained that she saw Thorne at the bikini bar and he is not doing well. Taylor let Stephanie know that Thorne was in pain over Darla's death. Stephanie told Taylor it may be that he lost Taylor to Nick. Taylor insisted to Stephanie that Thorne is drinking too much and is in trouble. Taylor advised Stephanie to keep an eye on Thorne and call if she needed her.

At the bach bar, Donna watched a drunken Thorne and told him that if she had a mother like Stephanie she'd drink too. Donna told him the whole sad story of Stephanie taking away Brooke's kids. She said, "if you'd lost someone you cared about how would you feel?" She realized what she'd said and stopped to apologize. Thorne told Donna about his grief and pain. He said his heart is ruptured and pops more pills. Donna got up to leave and Thorne reached for her and fell into her. Donna offered to give him a ride home. Donna got Thorne home and onto his bed. He asked her for a glass of water and called out for Darla. Donna saw Stephanie's photo as she got Thorne's water and picked it up but stopped short of tossing it across the room. She said to herself (looking at the photo of Thorne and Allie) "that is how I'll get even with the witch (meaning Stephanie)." Donna then went back to Thorne's bedroom with the water. She placed it on the nightstand. She was thinking about Stephanie telling her there was nothing she could do to her. She cleverly decided to take her clothes off (and Thorne's too) as she got into bed with him. Thorne continued to say Darla's name as he responded to Donna's kisses. Donna talked to Stephanie's photo and told it, "nothing I can do, Stephanie? Just watch!"

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