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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 30, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, July 30, 2007

Babe, Di, Amanda, and Ava were at Fusion. They were discussing ways to still present their concept launch to the cosmetics industry. Ava suggested they use internet "spam" but the women thought this was too annoying. However, Babe thought Ava was on the right track and wanted to post a web cast for "Fusion Day and Night." Everyone thought this was a good idea and began to contact the press and cosmetic executives immediately, except for Ava. Ava was nervous because Babe wanted her to act on the web cast. Ava did not want to act the Fusion Day role because it was too much like Lily. Babe assured Ava that she was capable of playing the role of day and night by being her genuine, happy self. Ava agreed and they began the web cast. Ava confidently portrayed both sides of the product and it was a big success! The industry loved Ava and the product. The phone began to ring nonstop with people placing orders!

Kendall saw Greenlee standing in Spike's hospital room and became enraged! Kendall screamed for Greenlee to leave her son's room. Greenlee tried to speak, but Zach and Ryan echoed Kendall's demand, so Greenlee left. On Greenlee's way out, she began to cry and Josh commented that "guilt is a bitch." Greenlee stated that she was checking herself out of the hospital, despite the doctor's wishes. Josh said he would give her a ride home because she still needed a doctor's presence. Greenlee agreed and they went to her penthouse. Greenlee began to talk about the accident, but Josh coldly told her that he did not want to hear it. Then, Greenlee asked if Josh could keep her updated on Spike's condition. Josh agreed and left. Then, Jack entered. Greenlee asked Jack about Spike and he said there was no change. Jack then asked Greenlee how she was and Greenlee said nothing. Jack gently touched his daughter's cheek as they sat together quietly. Then, Jack left.

Jack and Erica were at the hospital. Jack pleaded that Erica not allow Greenlee to harm their relationship again. Erica asserted that Greenlee was to blame for Kendall's pain. Then, Erica took Jack by the arm and led him to the ICU. Jack saw how small Kendall and Zach's newborn was. Jack looked very sad as Erica continued to throw blame on Greenlee. Jack explained that Greenlee was his daughter and that he could not give up on her. Still, Jack did not want this to come between them. Meanwhile, Kendall and Zach visited with Spike as Ryan and Annie stood by their side. Kendall cried at the sight of her unconscious child. Kendall knew something was wrong and asked for answers. Ryan explained that Spike had an infection. Kendall was distraught. Kendall told Spike that she loved him and begged him to wake up. Then, a nurse entered and told Kendall and Zach that they were needed in the other ICU. They rushed to their newborn and were told that he had a hole in his heart. This condition was common in premature babies, but needed to be fixed by surgery. Joe said that the baby's odds were better if he had the surgery immediately, so Kendall and Zach agreed. Then, Erica took Kendall back to her hospital room, but stepped out soon after to speak with Joe. Erica asked how Kendall was doing. Joe stated that Kendall needed to save her strength for her boys. Erica wanted to hear that her grandsons would be fine, but Joe could not tell her this. Erica once again stated her disdain for Greenlee's actions and Jack's compassion for his daughter. Joe reminded Erica that parents protect their children no matter what. Joe felt that although children grow up, parents always see them as their little girls and little boys. Erica shed tears and went back to Kendall's room. Kendall saw her mother and began to cry uncontrollably. Erica held Kendall as she called her "baby." Erica urged Kendall to let out her emotions because Erica would be strong enough for the both of them. Kendall just continued to cry and Erica never let her go. Meanwhile, Annie left Ryan to go home to Emma. However, Ryan still had not left Spike's side. Ryan spoke to his son about all the activities they would do together once they left the hospital. Meanwhile, Zach was also with his son. As the newborn was prepped for surgery, Zach listened to a voicemail from Myrtle. Myrtle had the flu, so she was sending her love to Zach and his family over the phone. Myrtle knew that Zach was carrying the weight of the situation, like he did with Spike's birth. Myrtle said it was alright for Zach to show emotion and to worry because he was a father now. Zach listened to this as tears rolled down his cheeks. Then, Zach followed his son through the corridors to the operating room. Zach sat outside silently after his son went into surgery.

Tuesday, August 31, 2007

Kendall wishes she could be in two places at once as she waits with Ryan at Spike's bedside, and Zach sits vigil outside Ian's operating room. Ryan tries to erase Kendall's guilt over having handed Spike off to Greenlee in the first place. Annie reaches out to Zach. Zach and Kendall are temporarily relieved when Ian's surgery is deemed a success. Although not yet conscious, Spike seems to be fighting off the infection. Kendall leaves Zach to check on Spike. Babe, Di, Amanda and Ava bask in their success over salvaging Fusion's latest campaign, but their happiness comes to a screeching halt when Greenlee arrives at the office. Greenlee admits to no wrongdoing, but Babe and Di have no sympathy for her. Amanda, however, isn't as quick to condemn Greenlee. Ava balks at Jack's idea that she set up the drug dealer in a sting operation to clear Sean's name, as she fears Lily finding out that she set Sean up in the first place. Ava panics when she learns Lily is determined to get to the bottom of Sean's drug bust, and agrees to go along with Jack's plan. Tad warns Adam not to try to cause trouble for his family. Adam vows to get back everything – and everyone – that he's lost.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Kendall woke up and saw Spike awake and sitting up in his hospital bed. Kendall awoke Ryan and they hurried to Spike's side. They shed tears of joy as they watched their animated son. Then, Kendall told Spike about his new baby brother. Meanwhile, Annie and Zach were visiting with baby Ian. Annie explained that she liked to create stories for Emma. Annie proceeded to narrate a story she made for Ian. The story detailed the life of a heroic boy named Ian that lived a rich and wonderful life. Zach was very pleased with the story and hugged Annie just as Kendall arrived. Kendall saw the hug and feared something was wrong. Zach assured her that everything was fine, so Kendall shared the news of Spike's awakening. Annie rushed to see Ryan as Zach rejoiced with Kendall. Then, Zach left to see Spike. Kendall was happy to spend time alone with Ian. Kendall told Ian about his family. First, Kendall stated that he had a big brother. Kendall then said that Zach would teach him how to win an argument without raising his voice and how to look good without shaving for weeks. Kendall stated that Josh was a great role model for anything, except his love life. Kendall then called Bianca the nicest person in the world. Kendall also said that Erica would always fight for him. Kendall then told her son that he was a fighter because he was a Kane. Meanwhile, Annie found Ryan weeping outside of Spike's room. Annie looked surprised as Ryan grabbed her and held onto her very tightly. Then, Ryan went back into the room and saw Zach with Spike. Ryan thanked Zach for his role in Spike's birth and vowed to help Ian in any way possible. Zach was grateful and they hugged. Meanwhile, Annie and Jonathan were together. Jonathan was elated over Spike's recovery and Ryan's relief. Jonathan believed that Annie was the best thing to happen to Ryan. Annie heard this and started to sob. Annie explained that she just realized how much Ryan had been suffering. Annie said she loved Ryan very much and regretted letting Greenlee come between them. Annie stated that no one should give up on the person they love. Jonathan consoled Annie and agreed about not giving up on someone you care for. Meanwhile, Zach, Kendall, and Ryan were gathered in Spike's room. They shared delight over Spike's upturn and Ian's weight gain.

Derek and Jack were talking to Ava about the sting operation with Lenny, but she seemed distracted. Derek did not want Ava to be involved with baiting Lenny if she was not focused and serious. Ava assured them that she knew what to do and did not appreciate them holding her hand. Then, Ava called Lenny and set up a time to meet at the boathouse. Ava was supposed to meet Lenny there because the boathouse would be wired. Then, Ava went to the yacht club, but an employee refused to seat her. The employee said the club was only for guests. Ava bragged about being the face of Fusion just as Jonathan arrived. The employee still asked Ava to leave, so Jonathan said she was his guest. Ava yelled that she did not need Jonathan's help and ran away. Jonathan chased after her. Ava asserted that she wanted nothing to do with Jonathan. Jonathan admitted that he was attracted to Ava initially because of Lily. However, Jonathan insisted that he made love to her and not Lily. Jonathan further affirmed that he cared for Ava and not Lily. Then, Jonathan kissed Ava.

Aidan saw Greenlee on the beach. Aidan was surprised to see Greenlee up and about even though she was hurt so badly. Greenlee told Aidan to leave her alone, but Aidan stayed. Aidan stated that Greenlee went through a lot during the crash. Aidan thought Greenlee must have been scared after the crash because her and Spike were in so much danger. As Aidan spoke, Greenlee recalled the horrors of the crash and yelled for Aidan to stop talking. Then, Greenlee began to cry and admitted everything about the crash. Greenlee said that she started to take Spike away, but stopped because she could not do that to Kendall and Ryan. Greenlee swore that she was bringing Spike back when they crashed. Greenlee reminded Aidan that she was the reason behind Spike's existence and that she loved the little boy very much. Greenlee did not care about what people thought of her as long as Spike was alright. Aidan just listened and then called Jack. Aidan said that Greenlee needed her father's help. Then, Aidan left and Jack showed up. Jack wanted Greenlee to return to the hospital, but she refused. Jack helped Greenlee walk back to the yacht club. Then, Jack asked Greenlee to keep a low profile for her own sake. Jack wanted Greenlee to recover in peace and advised her to leave town. Greenlee looked shocked.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ava pulls away from Jonathan, but he pleads with her not to be afraid of starting a relationship with him. Jonathan tells Ava that he wants to take her to Wildwind to make love, but she walks away. Ava tells Jonathan that she overheard him tell Amanda he still loves Lily. Jonathan says that if she had stuck around, she would have heard him tell Amanda he was not in love with Lily anymore. Ava still thinks that Jonathan is only with her because she looks like Lily. Jonathan tells Ava that he is with her because he wants her, not a Lily look-alike. Lily gets a call from the drug dealer who demands that she meet him in 30 minutes. When Jonathan asks her who the call was from, Ava insists that Fusion needs her and leaves. When Jonathan calls Fusion looking for Ava, Amanda tells him that she was not scheduled to come to the studio.

As Kendall and Zach watch over Ian from outside the nursery, Josh comes in with cups of coffee. A doctor tells Kendall and Zach that their son is recovering well, but still has a long way to go. Zach follows behind the doctor, giving Kendall a few minutes to ask Josh if he has been in contact with Greenlee. Josh says that he took Greenlee home from hospital against the doctors orders. Kendall tells Josh she has heard the rumors and bluntly asks him if he slept with Greenlee. Josh says no, but he wanted to at one time, but now things have changed because of what she did to Spike and Ian. Josh tells Ian how much he loved him with Kendall by his side. Josh starts singing rock and roll tunes to Ian with Kendall laughing behind him. Kendall tells Josh that she wants to see a positive outcome in the situation, but has a hard time with the concept. Josh tells Kendall that Ian will survive and be singing with him before she knows it.

The doctor tells Zach that there may be a slight risk of infection in Ian, but the chances are slim since he has been recovering so well. After the doctor rushes off to answer a call, Adam comes by to see how Zach and his family are doing well. Zach tells Adam that Ian is gaining weight and Spike is awake and alert. Adam seems surprised that Zach considers Spike his son, even though Ryan is Spike's father. Adam tells Zach that he has come to talk to Zach about his shares – the ones JR gave him – in Chandler Enterprises. Zach says that he does not buy Adam's kind gestures and will still bring down Chandler Enterprises.

Zach goes off to check on Ian, who is getting tons of attention from Josh and Kendall. Josh tries to insist that Kendall get some rest, but she refuses to leave her babies. When Kendall goes to check on Spike, she feels torn between being able to spend equal time with both her sons. She tells Zach that she feels helpless and sobs in his arms.

Adam makes a call, demanding that they implement a plan to take control of Chandler and Slater Enterprises.

Greenlee is stunned that Jackson wants her to leave town on the fourth anniversary of them discovering they were related. Jackson tells Greenlee that he doesn't want to stop seeing her, but she has changed the lives of so many Pine Valley people through her actions. Greenlee claims she saved Spike, but refuses to leave town to deal with her mistakes. She thinks she can build up Fusion, but Jackson knows it will be difficult for her to work with Kendall as a partner. Greenlee turns the tables on Jackson's comments, claiming that he wants her out of town to make Erica happy. Jackson says that he knows

Greenlee was the $1 million donor if the divorce went through. Greenlee admits that she was willing to give up the money to get rid of Erica, whose side he always seems to be on. Greenlee tells her father that he has not been there for her because he wouldn't even let her tell the truth about Spike's accident. Greenlee claims that Jackson has always been against her decisions, such as marrying Ryan and having a baby. Jackson reminds Greenlee that he is the one who tracked her down in Atlantic City when he found out they were related. He tells her that by staying in town simply for Fusion is not reason enough to stick around. Jackson promises to stand by Greenlee, no matter what she decides. Greenlee tells her father that she will handle the situation alone, like normal, and walks away. Jackson follows behind after he receives a phone call from someone.

After working for hours at Fusion, Di, Amanda and Babe decide to take a break, but Erica comes in, claiming that the girls are working for her now. Erica updates the girl on Ian and Spike's health condition before taking control of the office. Erica tells the girls to move some chairs so they can make room for Ian's presents as movers begin stacking up the boxers. Babe wonders if Erica has made the right decision, considering Ian's health condition. Erica asks if she can store the items at the warehouse until Ian comes home. Of course, the Fusion girls say yes and agree to throw Kendall the best baby shower ever when she comes home. Amanda and Di go fetch some lunch, leaving Babe to think that Erica is going to yell at her for letting Greenlee drive with Spike. Instead, Erica thanks Babe for insisting Kendall go to the hospital and keeping Fusion alive. Once alone, Erica tells Babe they that need to find a way to kick Greenlee out of Fusion permanently.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Ava meets up with Chief Frye and his team in a truck where they have temporarily set up shop. She is suspicious but Derek quickly explains that since Lenny moved locations on her, the best they can do is station themselves nearby and wire her. She thinks that the bust will blow up in her face because the dealer will suspect that something is amiss. Jack arrives and immediately jumps into a parental role, and his worrying about Ava's safety with a new plan throws her off a bit. Derek warns him that he is only on the scene as an observer, and that if he insists on intruding, he needs to leave. He agrees to maintain a ‘hands off' stance, as Derek once again tries to appeal to Ava, saying that the bust is not about her, but about bringing down a guy who has been terrorizing their town for a long time. He tells her that if she can't hack this job, she needs to tell them before they go any further. This smacks at Ava's pride over being street tough and she instantly changes gears and says that she can handle it. They get her prepped and she heads out to the beach. She makes it there just as Lenny is starting to get nervous. She blows off his concern and tries to get him to talk about the specifics of the drugs he has. At first, he chats willingly, especially once she shows him that she has more cash to spend. However, when he realizes how nervous she is, he suspects that she might be wired. She wants to hurry up and get the deal over and done with, but he slows her down and tells her that maybe she should strip off some clothes and cool off a bit. Her first reaction tells him that he is on the right track, but she tries to distract him, saying that the kiss they shared was a one time thing, and she is not a slut. He starts to get rough and tells her that nothing will happen until she takes off some clothes and proves that she isn't wired. Back in the van, Derek tells his team that they need to be ready to move in case Ava uses the code word.

In a secluded nook on the beach, Greenlee sits with a journal and starts to write a letter of apology to Kendall. She quickly realizes that no amount of saying ‘I'm sorry' would fix the damage she caused. She crumples the pages she had been writing on and tosses them aside. She makes a decision to go to the hospital, as the person that she needs to apologize to most of all is Spike.

Ryan excitedly chats with his son, telling him all of the wonderful things that are awaiting his homecoming. Joe comes into the room and tells Ryan that Spike won't be going home right away. Ryan wonders if there is a problem, but Joe assures him that all of the tests they have done have shown that Spike is indeed on the mend. However, because Spike isn't old enough to tell them when something is wrong, they need to keep him at the hospital under observation for another week. Realizing that Joe is doing what is best for his son, Ryan agrees to the extension. Joe then tells Ryan that he will now have time for some recovery of his own. Ryan pretends he doesn't know what Joe is talking about but Joe is quick to tell him that he needs his rest. Annie pokes her head in the door as those words are exchanged, and Joe is glad for it because he needs the back up. Annie couldn't agree more that Ryan needs a break, and once Joe takes his leave, Annie tells her husband that she brought something to the hospital to make him feel better. She pulls him over to the window leading out into the hall and when she raises the shade, she reveals their daughter standing outside, holding up a sign proclaiming that she loves him. His mood and heart instantly lightened, Ryan is willing to let his son take a nap in lieu of spending some time with his daughter. Emma makes him cover his eyes and leads him to another room in the hospital where they set up a picnic. Ryan is surprised and more than pleased that his two best girls cared enough to do something so nice for him. They settle in for a good meal and Emma asks if Spike being in the hospital means that he wants to go live in heaven like Kathy's mom. Ryan tells her no, and explains that because of the accident, the doctors are working really hard to make Spike better. In a matter of fact tone, Emma tells him that it's not the doctors, but rather her prayers that are making Spike better. Then, after they finish eating, they all color signs for Spike's homecoming.

When Greenlee arrives at the hospital, she finds that she has lucked out because no one is in Spike's room. She sneaks in and talks to him in a way that no one else will listen to, hoping that these apologies will be enough.

Kendall breaks down with Zach, believing that she isn't a good enough mom for both of her sons. Understanding, Zach tells her that Josh had a good idea and that they should take a walk. Kendall initially refuses, saying that she can't abandon her boys. Zach tells her that they do need her – but not in her current emotional state. She finally sees where he is coming from and agrees to a short excursion. She regrets it as soon as they get to the park, and asks to be taken back to the hospital. Zach tells her to give it a few minutes and tries to help her relax. Unable to do that, she continues to relay the worst-case scenarios that have been running non-stop through her head, ending with a pleading note about how horrible it would be if they had to bury their son. As soon as the words come out of her mouth, she realizes her egregious error, and promises that she hadn't willingly forgotten that he had already lived that with Ethan. Zach tells her that knowing how difficult it is to lose your children, he refuses to do so again. He tells her that preparing for the worst won't make it hurt less when it happens, so it's best to prepare for the best. He goes on to say that both of her sons have been doing much better since they got to the hospital, and the only reason for that is that they inherited her indomitable spirit, causing her to smile. He assures her that before she knows it, Ian will be out of the warmer, and Spike will be home. Her happiness short lived, she tells her husband that there is no way that she can take Spike home while leaving Ian at PVH. She tells him that she's not ready, and he thinks that she means in terms of a nursery. Kendall quickly corrects him, saying that Ian wasn't supposed to be in the world yet, and tells him that they had just gotten a rhythm going before he was born. She admits that now she feels like a virtual stranger to him. He soothes her by pointing out how strong she is and how much of a benefit that is to her sons. He says that they are all lucky to have her but she laughs at him, noting that he is the voice of reason while she is a nervous wreck. He tells her that when he freaks out, she will then have the chance to even him out. She scoffs at that notion, knowing that her husband is not one to have meltdowns. Having reconnected on a more positive note, they ready themselves to go visit their boys once again.

They get back to the hospital, and pass by the room where Ryan and his immediate family are goofing around while cleaning up from their picnic. They pause for a moment, and then head to Spike's room, hoping that they will share an experience like Emma's with their sons one day. They reach his room, and Kendall is beside herself with anger when she sees her former best friend leaned over her son's crib, caressing his face. Although unsteady, she rises from her chair and demands that Greenlee leave the room and never come around her or her children again. As they yell at each other, Zach watches the toddler's reaction, expecting him to be startled. As Kendall threatens Greenlee one more time, her business partner accidentally knocks over a tray of metal tools, causing a huge clanging sound. Not seeing any reaction whatsoever, Zach calls out to his wife and points this out to her, saying that there is something wrong with her oldest son.



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