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Passions Recaps: The week of July 30, 2007 on PS
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Monday, July 30, 2007

Edna and Norma celebrate their freedom from the boys in the basement and thank Endora. An unsatisfied Edna tries to take advantage of Endora's powers by asking her to make her look beautiful with a few material possessions added in. Tabitha intervenes and asks Edna not to request such things of Endora because they are considered personal gain. Tabitha realizes how powerful Endora is and wonders what's in store for her since such great powers require responsibility. Tabitha tells Edna and Norma that they have to help out with the house work while living there temporarily. The magic bowl suddenly appears on its own to give Tabitha the latest news. She finds out who the blackmailer is, but she doesn't understand why she wasn't able to figure it out before. Edna states that there have been gossips about her in the basement and that she is reclassified as a good witch; therefore, the boys in the basement didn't trust her with the truth. Tabitha tells Endora that she will see many changes because of her victory over the boys in the basement. Esmerelda drops in and tells them that they will see changes for the good of mankind. Esmerelda also tells Tabitha that the boys in the basement have no more power over her anymore because of Endora. Esmerelda puts Edna and Norma in their places and warns them that if they try to teach anything evil to Endora, the portal to hell will open at their feet. They understand the consequences since they have experienced such suffering before. In addition, Esmerelda asks Tabitha if she is ready to forsake the dark side and help Endora to be the best good witch she can be. Tabitha is in denial about Endora being a good witch in that she thinks Endora was playing a game when she defeated the boys in the basement. She thinks that Endora was protecting her and that she doesn't know the difference between good and evil at such a young age. Esmerelda tells Tabitha that Endora's powers are dangerous, and she needs guidance to set her on the right path. In order to help Endora, Tabitha has to forsake all evil. Tabitha tells Esmerelda that she will raise Endora as she sees fit because she is her child. Endora begs Tabitha's permission to go to Fancy's wedding. Tabitha agrees, but not before telling her that a jail is no place for her.

Eve tells Julian that she is going to turn Vincent in, but Julian forbids her to do it. Eve tells Julian that the blood will be on his hands if Luis dies. Eve tells Julian that he is trying to protect Crane Industries, and she knows that he doesn't give a damn about Vincent or Luis. Eve and Julian argue about their past, and Julian tells her that he would trade all the Crane money and power for her love. Eve gives into Julian and kisses him.

Theresa sees Vincent and inquires why he is at the jail, and he tells her that he is there as a reporter. As Sheridan is about to threaten Vincent about Pretty not showing up, Whitney and Chad storm in and go straight for Vincent. Whitney calls Vincent a freak, and Chad proceeds to strangle him. A very shocked Sheridan finds out that she and Vincent are related by blood. She pushed Chad out of the way and proceeds to strangle Vincent herself and demands to know if he is telling her the truth about Pretty. Vincent reassures her that he is telling her the truth. Moreover, Vincent admits that he sets Chad up. Sheridan eases up off his throat, but no sooner Chad starts strangling Vincent again. Vincent fights back this time, but Chad is too strong for him. Ethan pulls them apart, and everyone in the room now knows that Vincent is a Crane and that he had an incestuous relationship with his uncle, Chad. Whitney begs Chad not to kill Vincent since she doesn't want him to go to jail and to have her children grow up without a father. Luis wants to know what happened between Fancy and Pretty because he does not want any secrets between them before they get married. Before Fancy could tell Luis anything, Pilar, Paloma, and the rest of the family show up, so Fancy tells them that she is about to wed Luis. Everyone is overcome with grief for Luis, but he reminds them that his wedding is a joyous occasion. Luis manages to raise the Pretty incident again, and Fancy tells him that it's not much to tell, and besides, she wants to focus on him since they are about to be wed. Luis and Fancy prepare to get married. Noah tells Luis that he is also going to wed Paloma, and he wants to have a double wedding with Luis. Paloma accepts. Theresa receives divorce papers from Jared, and Ethan asks if there could be a triple wedding. Theresa agrees to marry Ethan. Father Lonigan gives Theresa bad news. He cannot marry her and Ethan because of the secret she is keeping from Ethan. Ethan walks in on Theresa and Father Lonigan's conversation and demands that Theresa tells him the truth. Meanwhile, Pretty is boarding the limousine for Harmony. Vincent leaves her a video message welcoming her back to Harmony and to attend Luis and Fancy's wedding. Pretty shows up at the jail, but the guard won't let her in. Sheridan tells Vincent to do something because Luis cannot marry Fancy.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Eve and Julian have made love, but their bliss soon turns to an argument over what to do about Vincent. Eve feels tremendous guilt over Luis being put to death for Vincent's crimes while Julian insists the best thing they can do for their son is to get him help, not turn him over to the police.

Luis' execution gets closer, even as everyone prepares for a double wedding. Tabitha and her motley gang crash the festivities. Kay takes it upon herself to make sure the wedding is romantic, but makes mistakes with her magic that Endora is forced to fix. Whitney urges Theresa not to make the same mistake Whitney's mother made. Theresa must tell Ethan the truth now!

Pretty finally arrives in at the prison and Sheridan and Vincent arrange to have her sent to Fancy's dressing room, ready for the sparks to fly.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

While Paloma, Noah, Luis, Father Lonigan and a slew of friends and family wait for Fancy in the faux wedding chapel that Endora created, she is delayed in the changing room by a confrontation with her sister, Pretty. Sheridan and Vincent eavesdrop outside as a vindictive Pretty complains about an easily concealable, barely noticeable when-covered- with-hair scar. She blames Fancy, who apparently acted in self-defense and used whatever came to hand while being choked by Pretty. It turned out to be pool chemicals, which left a scar on the right side of Pretty's face near her ear. A delusional Pretty blames the scar for her inability to find love and happiness, instead of her whiny personality. She threatens to tell Luis and toys with Fancy by not announcing herself when Theresa comes to the door and again when Luis comes to the door to get Fancy. All the while, Sheridan and Vincent are lurking nearby, anticipating the moment when Pretty is revealed to all. Finally as Fancy I ready to walk out the door, Pretty tells her she is going to the wedding also. She meant what she said to Fancy. Pretty intends to get her revenge.

Norma and Edna get themselves in trouble when they are spotted by a guard who had worked at the mental health facility where they were previously housed and escaped. Endora rescues them and in the process ties the guards up with cotton candy, them locks them in a cell filled with all kinds of irresistible candy treats. The guards forget about Norma, Edna and Endora and concentrate on the candy.

Julian and Tabitha have a heart-to-heart talk. She lets him know that she knows that Vincent is his son and that he is a serial killer. Tabitha tells Julian that he will have to choose between his son, the serial killer and the happiness of his daughter, Fancy.

In the faux chapel, Pilar prays for Luis' life while Eve vacillates.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Everyone waits for the resumption of the double wedding, wondering what is keeping Fancy. She finally walks down the aisle on her father's arm, looking beautiful, but a bit shell-shocked from her encounter with Pretty. Sheridan watches from the shadows, furious, ready to blow her niece out of the water, but is stopped by Vincent. As it looks like Fancy is finally ready to marry Luis, she stuns both him and the guests by saying no, she just can't do it!

Rebecca overhears Gwen talking on the phone to her mystery man and demands to know who he is! Gwen tells her mother she will reveal all when the time is right. Rebecca also wants to know when Gwen will blow Theresa out of the water with the truth about Little Ethan to which Gwen responds she will when Theresa is at her highest, so Gwen can watch her crash!

Fox again orders Spike to kill Miguel. Spike is frightened to go back into Tabitha's house but later sneaks in and heads upstairs, bomb in hand. Meanwhile, Fox runs into Esme at the wharf and they catch up with each other's lives and spend the evening together, drinking away their sorrows.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Endora, Tabitha, Norma, and Edna arrive home from prison via witch craft, thanks to Endora. Tabitha and the girls are having a conversation about Luis's execution when they are interrupted by a noise from upstairs. It turns out that Spike has broken into Tabitha's house in order to plant a bomb in Miguel's room, but Fluffy, Tabitha's cat, thinks he is the next meal. Spike is there to make sure Miguel dies once and for all, courtesy of Fox Crane. Spike manages to get loose from Fluffy, but not for long. He manages to set the timer on the bomb; however, Fluffy has gotten a hold of him and won't let go so that he can escape. Tabitha and Endora realize that Fluffy has gotten a hold of Spike, and they don't care if Fluffy has him as her last meal. Spike, looking like a bomb hits him, runs down the stairs screaming for help and tries to run out the door. Tabitha uses her powers to stop him. Spike frantically tells her that she has to let him go because there is a bomb in the house, and Edna gets up and states that it's not her. Tabitha sits Fluffy on Spike and watches him squirm. Meanwhile, the bomb's timer is speeding up.

Ivy begs Pretty to reconsider so that Fancy can marry Luis. All Pretty cares about is the horror Fancy has caused her. She is out for revenge, and not even Ivy can stop her. The blackmailer makes an appearance at Luis' wedding, and Sam, Luis, and Noah chase after him. The two guards run out and think it's an escape, and a gun shot is fired. Sam scolds the guard who fired the shot because innocent people could have gotten hurt. Sam and Luis resume the chase of the blackmailer, and the guard raises his gun to shoot again, and this time Kay walks up and pusher the gun away and tells him the same thing Sam said earlier. They are innocent people including children at the wedding. All Julian could think about is the Crane image, and Eve reminds him that if he aids and a bet Vincent's escape, they will also be held accountable. Eve decides that she is going to do something to save Luis whether Julian likes it or not. Everyone is out looking for the blackmailer. Gwen manages to show up at the jail during all the mayhem, and Ethan and Theresa fill her in on the details. The blackmailer is cornered, and Luis accosts him/her. Sheridan wonders out to herself asking how Vincent could be so stupid, and Vincent suddenly appears. Meanwhile, Luis is holding the blackmailer on the floor. Eve, Sheridan, and Julian wonder who is wearing the costume if Vincent is present and accounted for. Luis pulls off the mask, and it turns out to be Rebecca. Pilar, Theresa, and Paloma and everyone else affected are out for blood, and poor Rebecca seems confused. Sam tells everyone that Rebecca is not the blackmailer, and finally Rebecca is able to explain her get up. It appears as if she is wearing a fashion design by a designer friend of hers who tells her that unisex fashion is the latest craze. Eve asks Vincent how he could stand and watch an innocent man gets executed, and Vincent tells Eve that she is just as bad unless she is willing to turn him in. The warden informs everyone that Luis is to be executed now. Everyone is upset except Pretty because she just wants Fancy to suffer. Everyone says their goodbyes to Luis since it's the last time they will ever see him. A prisoner tells Ethan that he has some information for him. He tells Ethan that before he tells him anything, Ethan has to agree to represent him and gets him off death row. Meanwhile, another prisoner tells Rebecca that said prisoner is giving Ethan the scoop on Theresa's secret. Gwen tells Rebecca that they have to make a move because she does not want a prisoner to be the one to tell Ethan Theresa's secret. In the chapel, Theresa shows up and wonders where everyone went. Sheridan walks up behind her and knocks her unconscious. She states that if she can't have Luis, then Theresa also has to die. She straps Theresa to a chair and states that she has to die in order to stop Luis from being executed. Theresa comes back to her senses and asks Sheridan for an explanation. She then reaches for the lever to get ready to electrocute Theresa. Sheridan tells her to relax because it the pain will hurt less. On the other side of the jail, Eve prepares to meet the warden to tell him the truth about Vincent, but Vincent shows up instead and tells her that he knows what she is planning. Eve denies it, but Vincent does not believe her. Eve finally comes clean and tells him that she cannot stand by and watch Luis die. Vincent locks her in a supply cabinet to prevent her from telling the warden the truth. Pretty rubs Fancy's pain in her face and threatens her that she will tell Luis the truth. Ivy tries to talk her out of it, but she runs off to find Luis to tell him the truth. Fancy says goodbye to Luis.

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