One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 30, 2007 on OLTL

Natalie continued to support Miles. Marty was concerned for Cole when she learned that Miles was out on bail. Todd and Cole agreed to get along for Starr's sake. Sarah discovered that she no longer had a claim to the family money. Rex agreed to keep Tommy's paternity a secret. John noticed that Michael appeared nervous.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 30, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, August 30, 2007


Sarah is looking at a picture of her parents holding her when she was a baby. Cris comes downstairs and answers the door to Rex, who tells him about Tate being the OPP. He tells Cris how Vincent saved Tate's life the night before. Sarah asks why Cris cares about what happened and he tells her because it's because of Evangeline and Adriana is his cousin. Sarah asks Rex if he and Adriana have gotten back together but he tells her even though it's none of her business that no they haven't and to stop giving him the third degree. Sarah tells Rex she thought maybe some town gossip would help her to kill the boredom, then both Cris and Rex tell her that she should get a job. They suggest things for her to do and she tries to get Cris to hire her as the talent manager at Capricorn because she knows the music scene. He blows her off about it and Rex leaves.

Vincent is up on the Palace roof thinking about the previous night when Shawn shows up. Vincent is struggling with the fact that he saved Tate, but Shawn tells him that he's not a murderer and he did the right thing. Vincent asks Shawn to leave so he can be alone, and then Shawn leaves to go see Layla.

Dorian shows up at Adriana's with muffins for her and Layla, neither of whom are hungry and don't eat. Dorian tells the girls that she has hired someone from New York to write a press release for them for Exposed, but Shawn shows up before they can really get into it. Shawn tells Layla that Vincent needs to talk to someone, but not him, it needs to be her. Layla leaves to go see Vincent and tells her that it's her turn to take care of him and worry about him. She was proud of him for what he did saving Tate, that he's not a murderer. He still can't shake the feeling that he did something wrong by letting Tate live: he feels incredibly guilty. Adriana tells Dorian that Rex was the only one who knew something was up with Tate and she didn't believe him. After all they've done to each other she doesn't know if they'll find their way back together, or even if Rex will forgive her. Later, Adriana shows up at Rex's apartment.

Matthew rips up Tate's photo and takes his cards and throws them in the trash that Nora holds out for him. He tells her that he doesn't really feel better, as Cole comes downstairs and asks how they're doing since they've heard the news and she tells him they're working on it. The three of them sit down and have breakfast and Cole asks Nora about his mom and she tells him that she doesn't think Marty will be in jail long. Matthew then tells Cole that he talked to Starr and that it went well. Later, Matthew and Cole are alone and Matthew vents about how he feels about Tate and his house being burned down along with his things and asks Cole what it was that he did to Starr.

Starr and Viki are smuggling in cinnamon rolls for Todd and Starr confides in her aunt that she doesn't know if she can forgive Cole, or even if she should. Viki reminds her about the conversation they had at the hospital on prom night, how Starr told her that other than Todd, Cole was the only person who made her feel safe. Starr remembers and Viki asks her the be honest and if given the choice between saving Cole's mom or protecting her father what would she do. Starr tells her that she doesn't know. Viki decides to go see Jessica before she and Starr go to see Todd and tells Starr she'll be right back. Starr pauses a minute and then goes to the elevator where she runs into Cole.

Marty tells Bo she remembers killing Spencer and tells him about it. John tells Bo that "you could drive a truck through the hole in her memory" and asks for more time before Bo has her arrested and charged with killing Spencer. Bo asks Marty to tell him everything that she does remember, which she does. After Bo and John talk alone and Bo tells him that there really isn't anything he can do except to charge her with the crime, even though he isn't convinced either that she is guilty. Marty is let back in and Bo tells her that she is under arrest for murder.

Nash and Jessica talk about how they'll have a real honeymoon when she gets better, but she's slightly reluctant. Nash asks her what's wrong and she tells him that Antonio doesn't know she and Nash got married, and even though she knows it was the right thing to do, she feels guilty. He tells her he does as well, but it's their marriage and Antonio is free now, and he isn't what their marriage is about.

Tuesday, August 31, 2007

Jessica and Nash are still enjoying their Niagara Falls honeymoon in her hospital room. Natalie stops by to give them the news that Marty confessed to Spencer's murder. Jessica feels sorry for Marty and is shock at the fact that Miles would trick Marty into loving him. Natalie defends Miles. After, Natalie leaves, Jessica and Nash talks more about Marty's situation. Jessica admits she knew something was odd about Marty and Miles' marriage. Roxy accidentally tells Antonio about Jessica's marriage to Nash. He tries to get more information but she quickly rushes off after realizing he didn't know. He then receives a call from Jessica asking him to come to the hospital, so she could tell him about her marriage to Nash not knowing he already knows. He then goes to the hospital and he reveals that he already knows about her marriage. She explains the situation to him and it's clear that he's still hurt. Jessica tells Antonio that she wanted him to hear about her marriage from her and that she didn't mean to hurt him. Antonio coolly tells her that her affair hurt him more than her marrying Nash and explains that he's not going to forgive her.

John interrogates Miles regarding his blackmailing of Marty and his involvement in Todd's kidnapping. They talk more about Marty and Miles says that he's worried about her. John tells him to start writing his confession, but Miles writes, "Tell me where Marty is." John replied, "Jail." Miles can't believe that John arrested Marty and refuses to give a confession. John gets ready to leaves and tells Miles that when he returns there better be ink on the paper or the deal is off. While Miles reflects on John's words about Statesville, Natalie shows up when Miles is finally writing his confession. He tells her what he's writing and Natalie tears the confession saying this was a bad idea.

Starr and Cole runs into each other at the hospital. They discuss more about their breakup and Cole tries to get Starr to forgive him and give him another chance. He tries to explain that he kept his secret to protect his mother but admits that he knows what he did was wrong. Cole promises Starr that he will make it up to her and she forgives him. Cole receives a call from Matthew telling him about his mother's arrest and the lovebirds go to see Marty.

Rex and Adriana talk more about their relationship and the Tate saga that came between them. Adriana wants to talk more about the Tate situation, feeling guilty for defending and standing by Tate and how she wish she could have stopped him earlier. Rex tells her not to be hard on herself and reminds her that she's the one who ran to him when she found the OPP medallion that finally brought Harmon to Justice. Rex also assures Adriana that Tate didn't destroy them and they kiss.

Todd wakes up from a nightmare and Blair is there to comfort him. Todd asks about Evangeline coming to visit him and Blair explains that she's not coming. She tells Todd about the OPP attack on Cristian's studio and how Evangeline is in a coma as a result. Todd is saddened and worried, asking questions about Evangeline's doctors and starts to get out of bed determined to see her, clearly making his feelings for Evangeline known. Blair tells him that she's in a family only facility but he's still persistent about seeing her. They further discuss his feelings for Evangeline. Todd calls Blair out on being jealous but Blair brushes off as being concerned about their kids. They both admit to have things to figure out between them.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Rex and Adriana kiss: Rex asks her what the kiss means. Adriana says it means she missed him. Rex says he couldn't stand her being with Tate. They both apologize. Rex insists the Tate ordeal was not her fault and he doesn't hate her. Adriana asks for forgiveness. Rex says that's not the issue. They both have reasons not to trust each other. He calls her smart, sexy and beautiful: Adriana likes that he said smart first. Rex says that until they figure out their trust issues, they can't be together. Adriana asks if he wants to get back together and Rex turns the question back to her. Adriana blames her trust issues on Dorian and the secrets surrounding her parentage. She wants to be with Rex more than anything and asks for another chance. He swoops her into a huge kiss, then leads her to his bed and they make love. Afterwards, Rex asks Adriana what's next. She says she'll bend over backwards to be perfect for him. Rex tells her just to be herself because that's who he fell in love with. Sarah unlocks the door to Rex's apartment and walks in on them in bed. Rex jumps up, throwing on his jeans, wanting to know what Sarah is doing at his place when she's supposed to be at Cristian's. She just came by to get her MP3 player and congratulates them for working out their trust issues and leaves. Adriana is annoyed that Rex talked about their relationship with Sarah, and Rex smoothes it over. Adriana forgives him and they kiss.

Todd jokingly tells Blair he's surprised the world didn't come to an end while he was missing. Jessica comes to visit, and he learns she had a liver transplant, and also that she's now married to Nash, not Antonio. Todd congratulates Jessica for having two liver transplants and two husbands in six months. Jessica takes responsibility for the hurt she's caused, then says you can't fight love. Sarah arrives. Todd calls her his "not-so-favorite niece", and Blair chews her out a little. Todd thanks her and Sarah apologizes to him and says she was a coward for not calling the police in Chicago. Todd says he doesn't always do the right thing on the first try either. They fill Jessica in on everything that happened to Todd in Chicago. Sarah is stuck in Llanview until Hunter is no threat to her. Jessica says maybe she'll stay; Sarah says "not a chance". Sarah defends her actions in Chicago to Blair and Todd. Todd asks Blair to forgive Sarah and Blair says she'll try. Jessica tells Sarah that Miles is her uncle. Blair announces Miles is in jail and the arraignment is today. Todd tries to get out of bed to go to the arraignment and they all argue to get him settled back in bed. Sarah thanks Todd for letting her off easy. Todd tells Jessica to find his pants; she refuses. Jessica explains that Tess's drug use was what gave her Hepatitis C and that David was her liver donor. Blair listens to them outside the door as Jessica tells Todd that if you love someone, you can't let them go.

Cole and Starr show up at the police station; he's heard his mother was arrested. John tells how it went down. Cole insists she's innocent. John tells Cole he doesn't believe Marty is guilty, but Bo's hands were tied by the new evidence. They will follow procedure and if there is a case, Marty will go to trial. John is working on getting more evidence. John takes them to see Marty.

At his police locker, Antonio rips up a wedding photo of him and Jessica. Talia catches him in the act and asks if he wants to talk. He doesn't. Antonio compliments Talia for her good work handling Tate at the Palace Hotel, and thanks her for saving Adriana. Talia just wants Tate behind bars. Antonio calls her a hero. Talia says it's just her job, and she got through the whole thing by asking "what would Antonio do?". She says she's there if he needs to talk. Antonio tells her Jessica and Nash got married, and Talia looks shocked. Talia says it's Jessica's loss and Antonio deserves better. Talia tells him he needs to find someone new. Antonio says he's not even close to moving on. Antonio leaves to go work out. Talia tells herself to get a grip.

Marty is visited in jail by Nora. She's worried Cole will hear she's been charged with Spencer's murder, and wants to see him. They talk about John: Nora says he's on her side and Marty wonders why. Nora tells her, best case, she's looking at up to 10 years in prison. Marty freaks out a little, and Nora tries to calm her down. Nora does a little mock trial with Marty, trying to get her ready for the trial, and tells her the prosecutor will be very good. Nora tells her not to give up. John arrives with Cole and Starr. Marty worries about Cole; he tells her he's fine and not to worry. Cole insists Marty is innocent. She says she could not let Spencer rape Blair, and she's not sorry for what she did. She is sorry for how it's affecting Cole. Cole vows to make Miles pay for what he's done to them. The guard tells them their time is up and Cole and Marty have a tearful goodbye. Starr says she wants to go to Miles' arraignment; Cole wants to go too. The guard asks Marty if she needs anything. Marty wonders if she's just being nice because John asked her to. The guard says no, that Spencer deserved what he got.

Natalie rips up Miles' confession: if he confesses he goes straight to jail. Miles says she's just there to screw over John. Natalie denies this, saying she wants to help him because they're a lot alike. When she arrived in Llanview, everyone hated her until she redeemed herself. Miles flashes back to his pre-surgery face, and asks if he is the monster people think he is. Natalie tells Miles he's not a monster. Miles says he didn't stab Todd, and he didn't ask anyone to stab Todd, but the things he did, he did for love. Miles admits to forcing Marty to marry him. Natalie says she's not a big Marty fan. Miles finally admits that you can't make someone love you. Natalie says he has a good heart, and he deserves a second chance. Natalie tells a laundry list of all the bad things she did when she came to Llanview. Natalie tells him he's not alone any more. Miles thanks her for believing in him. Nora and John arrive at the room where Miles is being held. John says he's going to bring Miles' signed confession to the arraignment. Nora says if he does that, she'll bake him a cake, then corrects herself: "Nigel will bake you a cake—you don't want to eat my cake". John opens the door and is unhappy to find Natalie in the room with Miles. John tears into Louis the rookie police officer for letting Natalie in, then rips into Miles because Miles hasn't written his confession. John tells him they're due in court. Miles thanks Natalie for her support and she tells him she'll be in court, right by his side. John rolls his eyes and looks around in disbelief that Natalie would do this.

Howard the defense attorney joins Nora in the courtroom and they do some lawyer one-upmanship. John arrives, and Nora asks for the confession he promised. John glares at Natalie across the room. John tells Nora he doesn't have it, and Nora replies "No cake for you." Nora brushes it off, saying the arraignment is just a formality. Miles arrives and Natalie tells him good luck while John glares at them both. The arraignment starts and Miles is charged with fraud, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, and the attempted murder of Todd Manning. Todd wheels himself into the courtroom in a wheelchair and yells that if the court doesn't put him away, Todd will. Howard wants Todd taken into custody for threatening Miles. The judge wants to proceed. Starr and Cole arrive. The judge asks for Miles' plea. Miles turns around and glares at John and Todd, then looks at Natalie.

Jessica takes a call from Nash. She can't wait to come home. The nurse tells her everyone should be as happy as she is.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Miles pleads not guilty, which causes Todd to shout out in anger. The judge demands quiet as Nora relates all of Miles' unlawful activities. His own lawyer denies he's a flight risk. Cole requests an opportunity to speak and he relates what happened with his mom being blackmailed and his finding Miles in the storage area with Todd. He too becomes angry and yells that he wants the man behind bars for the rest of his life. Bail is set at $500,000, a "piece of cake" for Miles, and his passport must be surrendered. John assures Cole that he did just fine and that he's working on things for Marty. The Mannings learn that Starr and Cole are back together, though Starr hopes Coles' impassioned speech will pay off. Nat reassures Miles and John wants to know why she's behaving as she is. They're all there because she ripped up Miles' confession, he charges. Miles has no one behind him and she can relate to that, she explains. He's not had any breaks. John thinks she's just trying to get back at him, though she retorts that not everything is about him. He wishes her luck in her "new crusade." He also speaks with Nora and is still convinced that Marty didn't kill Spencer. He really believes the cases involving Miles are connected in some way. He has a thought suddenly and makes a phone call. Miles feels badly that Cole hates him and he reminisces to Nat about the wonderful day when Marty made breakfast for all of them. Now it's all over. He will have to get over it, Nat explains kindly.

Marty is visited by the colleague who first heard her confession and she recounts the events of the evening in question as she remembers them. She can recall picking up the scissors and pointing them at Spencer but doesn't remember anything beyond that. A fuming Marty declares that she should never have moved back to Llanview, and she's all alone without her husband. The doctor asks about John but Marty can only reply that it's "too late." Later, Nora visits and Marty learns that Miles is free. She's frightened for her son but Nora assures her that he'll be safe at the Buchanan mansion. She learns what Cole did in court and she is amazed at how like his dad he is. Nora admonishes her for not obtaining a lawyer yet and states that she should never have spoken to Bo without one. Marty wants to plead guilty. When Nora leaves, Marty receives a visit from Miles.

Sarah tries to drum up some music business for Capricorn but Cris wants her out of the club. Though she insists she has contacts, Cris feels that she has no experience in bookings. Perhaps she should waitress, he suggests. She challenges him to making her a drink but when she's unable to pay for it due to a refused credit card and the inability to get funds from the ATM, he hands her an apron. There are plenty of glasses that need washing, he informs her. She realizes that she's been cut off.

Todd is taken up to the penthouse by his family. He's looking forward to a sleepover with Jack and Starr and he wants his kids to remain there. Blair assures Dorian she'll still be staying with her. Starr enjoys the arguing between Dorian and Todd; she's just glad to have her dad return. A surprise visit from Cole has Dorian leaving and Todd sending his family out of the room after the teen expresses sorrow on the way things turned out. He had been planning on helping Starr but then Miles threatened him and his mom. She would have done the same for her own family, Starr says, before heading upstairs. Cole loves Starr and wants to work it out. Todd doesn't like him and never will, he acknowledges. They agree that the only thing they have in common is their love for Starr and they decide they will have to tolerate each other so as not to lose her. Cole even admits that he's glad Todd is o.k. Jack wants his mom to stay the night too.

Michael is worried and wants to make sure that Rex and Adriana are still on his side. They are and they also learn about Marcie not being able to have children. If they lose Tommy, they will never have another child, Michael tells them. He's pretty sure that Marcie doesn't know anything about Tommy but he also doesn't think that Todd is convinced that the boy is dead. Michael receives a call from John who asks to meet him; it's serious, he tells him. Michael has to live with his decision and Rex promises that he will keep the secret forever.

Friday, August 3, 2007


John tells Mike that he believes his brother is hiding something from him and that it has to do with Spencer Truman's murder, and he wants the truth about what he and Rex are hiding. Michael insists that he doesn't know anything else about Spencer's death and tries dodging John's questions but John's not buying it. Marcie calls and interrupts the interrogation and Michael tells her he'll be down to the diner to eat with her and Tommy in a few when he and John are done. John lets him go. Michael gets out into the hall and calls Rex, frantic. Rex manages to get Michael to calm down but tells him that he should consider telling John the truth about Tommy. Michael gets to the diner and is happy to see Marcie and Tommy. She asks about John and wonders why Mike didn't invite John to come with him but Mike tells her that he wanted it to just be the three of them.

Bo and Antonio are having a drink at Rodi's and Bo tells him that Paige has left and joined Doctors Without Borders and that he was at Nash and Jessica's wedding. Antonio gets angry that Bo didn't tell him about the wedding but Bo tells him that it wasn't his place. Rex and Vincent show up (separately) and Bo congratulates Vincent on the Tate situation and Rex tells Vincent he's happy for him that he and Layla have gotten back together.

Adriana, Layla, Nora and Thalia are at Capricorn gossiping about guys, relationships and congratulate Thalia on her being a huge part of bringing Tate down. She tries being modest but to no avail.

Starr, Jack, Blair and Todd have a sleepover and Todd insists on watching Starr's musical. She puts it in but covers her eyes. After it's done, Todd tells her that he'll never miss something like that of hers again and that she did a great job.

Miles goes to see Marty and offers to help her get out of jail. She finally stands up to him and tells him the only thing she wants from him is an annulment and to never see him again. She'll hire her own lawyer and he'll begin right away the proceedings to get the annulment to go through. He still wants to help her, no strings attached, but she refuses and tells him to leave.

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