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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 30, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, July 30, 2007

Nick woke up in the hotel in Vegas very disoriented. It took him a minute to remember what took place the night before. Then it hit him. He won $50k! His excitement was cut short when there was a knock at the door. It was a very badly beaten Max, who fell into Nick's arms when he opened the door. As Nick cleans Max's wounds, Max explains that he thinks the guys that beat him up work for Jeremy's business partner, Kyle Rawlings. Nick said the name sounds really familiar and wants to know more details. Max tells him about Ilsa and Nick says that it has got to be something with the Russian Mafia. Awhile later, Max asks him why he followed Chelsea. Nick starts re-tracing his steps, trying to remember what happened. He says that he needs to go home and find Chelsea to fix this. Max says that Nick and Chelsea could fix this, they always do. Nick says he wants to do this day all over again as Max says that he wishes all women had a twin which prompted Nick to remember the missing part of the story. Twins! He was headed to Sami's apartment to let them know that Lucas is the father, not E.J.!

Bo and Lexie calmed their nerves as they waited for Andre to meet them. It is a trap they set for him, claiming to be Stefano that he is supposed to meet. Bo found his hiding place while Lexie nervously waits. Andre shows up and looks pleasantly surprise to see Lexie. Lexie starts talking but her eyes dart around as she anxiously waits for Bo to rescue her. Andre is on to her and intimidates her. Finally, Bo pops out and has him arrested as he swears he is really Tony. He says he thought Lexie was setting him up, though working for Stefano. Tony pleads with Bo and recounts a story of an opera that only he would know about, not Andre. Bo still has him arrested, not wanting to take any chances but wonders how Andre could ever know that story. Lexie asks him, if that was Tony, where's Andre?? Bo tells a reluctant Lexie that he is taking her back to Celeste's house. He figures that he ought to clue Roman in on the fact that Andre might still be out there. At the police station, Lucas puts the pressure on Roman.

On the plane, Stefano is preparing to undergo surgery when the pilot reports a phone call from Air Traffic Control. It is Roman and he threatens Stefano's life if he hurts Sami. Stefano lies and says he is about to watch a movie as Lucas yells that he is a liar from the background. Lucas threatens him as well. Just as Stefano is about to hang up, E.J. pleads with his father saying that if he cares at all about him, he will not harm Sami or the babies. Stefano angrily asks him why he should care about a son who stands with his enemies. E.J. tells him that he would never betray him because he knows Stefano protected him. That is what he is trying to do. he begs his father to understand why he wants to protect his children. Stefano tells him that he plans on saving his own life and if these children are anything like their father, they won't be true DiMera's. Stefano says they won't even really be his grandchildren. E.J. angrily threatens that if he follows through with the plan, he won't have to worry about Lucas or Roman; E.J.'s face will be the last that he sees! Meanwhile, Andre, pretending to be Tony, walks in and listens. Just then, Stefano tells him that he is more of a disappointment than Ton y because he had more potential. And all this, he said, for a woman. And a Brady at that! Lucas pipes in that that is his wife! Stefano tells Lucas to wake up. E.J. has set his sights on Sami and he always gets what he wants. E.J. asks him how they disappointed him, they are not even born yet. Stefano says because they are his children and that's enough to disappoint him. Stefano was about to hang up when Andre piped in. He claimed to be Tony and he is helping the police. Stefano says before he hangs up that they all need to get together when he gets back because something tells him that he is going to feel like a new man. He hangs up and everyone leaves, except Tony (really Andre) and Roman. An officer comes in the office to tell Roman that there is an urgent call from Bo. Roman tells Tony (really Andre) that with any luck, with Andre in custody they will get some answers. Tony (Andre) tells him not to count on it. Andre would never turn on Stefano, he promises. Roman takes the call as Andre pulls a knife on unsuspecting Roman. Bo explains and Roman turns around to confront Andre as Andre stabs Roman in the gut! A few minutes later, the policemen walk in with Tony in cuffs and find Roman stabbed, barely conscious as he mutters to Tony about Andre being still out there.

Stefano, again, prepares for surgery as Bart barges in and tells them to stop! Rolf wanted Bart out of his hair so he let him go over the medical records. Bart breaks the news that E.J. is not the father of the babies. Angry Stefano wonders how this happened and claims it is wrong as Dr. Rolf says the results are accurate. Stefano faces the fact that he is going to die as Bart asks what they are going to do about Sami.

At the Brady Pub, Jett is with Danielle, the "married ex-fiancée." They are discussing their "plan," how Chelsea cannot find out the truth. Danielle goes off to make a phone call and Chelsea runs into Jett! Chelsea apologizes to Jett as he tries to cut her off, nervous that Danielle will walk in and Chelsea will catch on. He says he doesn't mean to blow her off, but he does want to talk later, but he just has a lot on his plate. He was almost in the clear when Danielle walked back in. Chelsea sees her and realizes she is an idiot. She starts to run off as Jett stops her and they both tell her that they are just friends. Danielle tells her that they were never engaged to begin with and that Jett should tell Chelsea what is really going on. Chelsea says that she doesn't want to know and storms off. Danielle tells him that he had better be honest with Chelsea before she runs her mouth and at this point, he owes Chelsea this much.

At the pub, Lucas and E.J. are at a table when Lucas gets a call. It's Sami, who is very groggy at a motel. Lucas tells her he is coming to get her as Andre lurks outside.

Tuesday, August 31, 2007

Roman is rushed to the hospital after Andre's attack, while an oblivious Sami and Lucas are back at home, recovering from her kidnapping. Nick shows up and tells Sami, Lucas, E.J. and Kate that he remembers what he came to tell them the night the bomb went off. Kate subtly tries to stop him, but Nick stuns everyone by revealing Lucas is the father of the twins, not E.J. Sami and Lucas are elated, but she suspiciously asks if Kate or E.J. threatened Nick into doctoring the initial results. With an eye to Kate, Nick claims full responsibility for his "mistake." Later, Sami and Lucas learn Roman is in critical condition, and rush to the hospital, but not before telling E.J. that he no longer has power over them.

Jett confesses to Chelsea that he is an undercover ISA agent working to bust Jeremy's smuggling ring. Chelsea reels from this newfound information, as Danielle arrives to back it up. Jett admits he always had feelings for Chelsea, but brought in his "fiancée" Danielle in order to keep his distance. Unfortunately, he now needs Chelsea's help. He needs her to spy on Stephanie to find out what she knows about Jeremy's illegal doings. Chelsea is appalled.

Stephanie and Jeremy have dinner with Steve and Kayla. Jeremy lays on the "perfect boyfriend" routine a little too well, and Steve sees right through him. Bo arrives and gives Steve the news about Roman, as well as the background check on Jeremy. Steve and Bo learn Jeremy has a criminal background, but before Steve can tell Kayla, she rushes off to the hospital to see Roman. Steve confronts Jeremy and Stephanie with his criminal record.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Nick is fired from the hospital after admitting he stole the hairbrush and faked Sami's babies' DNA results. He assures Kate he left her name out of his confession. However, Nick orders Kate to give Chelsea the $50,000 he won in Vegas and tell her it's a gift from Kate for her college tuition. Nick says he wants to help ensure Chelsea won't grow up to be like her grandmother.

Belle and Sami sit vigil beside an unconscious Roman. Sami tells her sister and Marlena she's going to do whatever it takes to end the vendetta. If her father dies, Sami will make Stefano pay with his life. Lucas arrives and calms Sami down. Suddenly, Roman goes into cardiac arrest. The medical staff discovers Roman's lungs are filling with fluid and he has to be operated on immediately.

Marlena wants to give Belle an engagement party, but she doesn't want one. She admits to Marlena that while she loves Shawn, she's frustrated by him. He turned down a well-paying job and that means they won't have enough money for things they want, like a house. Marlena tells Belle to help out by going to school, finishing her degree and getting a job. Belle likes the idea.

Stephanie is outraged that Steve had Bo run a background check on Jeremy. Steve insists it's a good thing he did; Jeremy has been arrested multiple times. Stephanie stuns her dad by admitting she already knew. Jeremy tells Steve he's changed and leaves so father and daughter can talk. Stephanie points out that Steve was also in trouble with the law when he was younger. Steve declares he doesn't want her dating Jeremy. Stephanie makes her choice and tells Steve good-bye.

Chelsea refuses to spy on Stephanie for Jett. Jett warns her that if she doesn't, Jeremy will most likely sacrifice Stephanie when he is arrested. Chelsea can protect her friend by telling Jett everything Stephanie knows about Jeremy. Chelsea reluctantly agrees, making it clear she's doing this for her cousin and not Jett, whom she no longer trusts. Jett is hurt but keeps his job as his first priority. After Jett leaves, Chelsea calls Stephanie. She arrives and pours her heart out to Chelsea, who realizes she can't betray her friend to Jett. Chelsea calls Nick, asking him to meet her.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

As Roman goes to surgery, Sami sneaks out of the hospital to avenge her dad's stabbing. She shows up at the DiMera Mansion brandishing a gun. When Bart tries to grab it from her, she shoots him in the foot. Sami tells both E.J. and Stefano that she's starting a vendetta of her own. For every wrong perpetrated against the Bradys, she'll take a pound of flesh from the DiMeras -- starting with Stefano. E.J. tries to talk her down but to no avail. Just when it looks like she'll pull the trigger, Lucas and Marlena enter and he knocks the gun away from Sami. As they lead her out, Marlena receives a call that Roman's surgery was a success, and a relieved Sami breaks down.

Chelsea tells Nick about Jett's deception. He's really an ISA agent investigating Jeremy. Nick thinks that's noble and doesn't understand why Chelsea is so upset. She explains Jett used her; he pretended to be her friend to get info about Jeremy's operation. Now he wants her to spy on Stephanie to see what she can learn. Jeremy interrupts to chastise Chelsea for gossiping about his "one-night stand" to Stephanie. He subtly warns Chelsea to stay out of his business. When he leaves, Nick tells Chelsea it's too dangerous for her to spy on Stephanie. He'll do it instead. Chelsea is touched, and she and Nick grow closer.

Stephanie tells Jeremy about her fight with Steve and that she's moving out of her parents' place. Jeremy thinks that's great until he hears she wants to move into his new apartment. He pretends he's against it because it might damage their relationship. They don't know each other well enough yet to be together twenty-four seven. After Jeremy leaves, an upset Stephanie calls her Aunt Adrienne and convinces her to allow her to move in.

Friday, August 3, 2007

The Brady family convenes at the pub as Doug and Julie arrive with the latest batch of translated letters. In the past, Colleen meets Santo once again. Santo surprises her with the revelation that his wife has died, and Colleen can't help feeling guilty. Santo pulls her into another soul-scorching kiss but she insists she feels nothing. She tries to hide her feelings by making a quick exit, but Santo holds up her scarf, taunting her to come get it from him. Santo makes another move on her and Colleen socks him, sending him spiraling over the cliff. She's able to pull him up, and Santo apologizes; he should have let her walk away. And now he will.

Tony sneaks into the DiMera Mansion and plunges a morphine-filled syringe into Stefano. As Stefano starts to succumb to the drug, Tony snatches the all-important key to ending the DiMera vendetta. Stefano manages to grab it back and tosses it to Bart before passing out. Tony grabs a sword from the wall and warns Bart to hand over the key. Bart pops the key in his mouth and swallows it! Andre arrives and challenges Tony to a fight to the finish. As the look-alikes duel, Andre accidentally drives his sword through Bart. Tony takes off as Stefano awakens and learns Bart's been mortally wounded. A desperate Stefano tries to get Bart to tell him where the key is, but Bart dies in his arms before revealing its whereabouts.

Drunk E.J. fantasizes about shooting Lucas dead and winning over Sami. Kate arrives and blasts him for missing a meeting with the S.E.C. E.J.'s attitude infuriates Kate and she slaps him. E.J. drags her to the edge of the pier and threatens to throw her off. Later, E.J. slips about wanting to kill Lucas, and Kate warns him that if he touches one hair on her son, she'll bury him. Alone, E.J. vows that Lucas will die -- today.

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