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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 30, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, July 30, 2007

Ridge can't fathom how Ashley and Rick could hurt Phoebe like this and is disappointed and hurt himself. Phoebe ignores Rick's calls, but listens to his message in which he begs for forgiveness. While listening to Lil' Keesha (an artist on Constantine's record label) record a love song, she reflects on her time with Rick and finally answers the phone when he calls, agreeing to possibly see him again. Stephanie tells Brooke that she controls her visitation with the children, and warns her to keep Donna away from the Forresters. Thorne wakes up and is surprised to find Donna in his bed. Donna pretends to be devastated that he doesn't remember their night together. Donna is thrilled as Thorne continues to fall for her act, determined to get back at Stephanie through her son.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

At home, Phoebe was still devastated from the shocking news that Rick had slept with Ashley. Phoebe recalled the good times she had spent with Rick. Rick continued to call Phoebe. Phoebe either hung up the phone on Rick or told him that she did not want to see him or speak to him.

Taylor and Brooke went to Ridge's house to talk Phoebe and Ridge about what had happened. Taylor believed that Rick's behavior with Ashley confirmed that Rick is not good for Phoebe. Ridge was determined that Rick would never be in Phoebe's life again.

Ashley went to Stephanie's to inform her that she and Ridge had broken up. Ashley slowly explained that there had been a man from her past and that man was Rick. Ashley explained that she and Rick grew very close while working together in Paris. Ashley explained that when she slept with Rick, that Phoebe and Rick were not together. Nevertheless, Ashley admitted that she made a mistake sleeping with Rick because she hurt Phoebe and Ridge would never forgive her for doing that. Ashley told Stephanie that Ridge wants nothing to do with her any longer. Ashley told Stephanie that she was willing to terminate her contract with Forrester Originals with no penalty and that she was moving back to Genoa City. Stephanie forgave Ashley and asked Ashley not to leave the company and LA. Stephanie described Ashley as what Ridge needs, although he may not realize it right now. Stephanie also called Ashley the best thing that has happened to Ridge. Stephanie proposed to support Ashley to Ridge because she knows how happy Ashley had made Ridge recently.

After talking with Bridget, Rick decided to go to Ridge's against Bridget's advice not to go. Rick arrived and Ridge tried to prevent him from seeing Phoebe. Phoebe, however, heard what Rick was saying about being sorry about having slept with Ashley. Phoebe was on the balcony and answered Rick. Phoebe faced Rick who was crying. Rick begged Phoebe for another chance with her. Phoebe told Rick that she was too devastated to reunify with him. Phoebe told Rick that he is not her future. Rick was completely devastated by Phoebe's rejection.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Constantine tells Phoebe that they are going to hold an online contest for viewers to vote on who makes better music together. Then, whoever wins, will perform their duet at a concert. Phoebe is reluctant at first, since this might mean singing with Rick, but Constantine convinces her that it's a good career move. Meanwhile, Rick turns to Brooke for comfort about Phoebe, and she tells him that if she really means that much to him, he'll fight for her. Rick goes to see Phoebe at work, and she tells him about the contest/concert. Donna confronts Stephanie when she shows up during a lunch meeting with Jackie at Bikini Beach, nearly slapping her for calling Brooke a whore. She gets silent revenge later, however, when Thorne shows up and asks her on a date for that night.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

At Forrester Originals, Steph told Ash not to worry about her relationship with Ridge since Mommy matchmaker would make it all better. Ash doubts Steph can help, so Ash plans to visit Ridge's house where he is working for the day. But Mommy says all will be forgiven since she has some influence with her son.

At Ridge's house, Phoebe and Ridge lick their wounds together. Phoebe heads out to chase music man Con at the beach bar. Meanwhile, Steph shows up to take Hope and RJ out for ice cream. These kids must be in shock - beach bar for lunch, ice cream, movies - they've been out socializing so much. Anyways, Mommy matchmaker Steph tells Ridge to forgive Ash - that lovely young woman. Steph blabs on about Ridge smiling and being happy with Ash who didn't mean to hurt him or Phoebe -- Everyone makes mistakes. Ridge listens as Mommy tells him he might regret it if he breaks it off with Ash. After Mommy leaves, Ash shows up with sales figures as an excuse for a personal visit. Ridge offers her an FO severance package and a chance to quit as opposed to being fired. Ash pours her heart out, apologizes and tells Ridge that she believes they have something special and worth fighting for. She tells him she's been running from her problems since she left Genoa City for Hong Kong and now LA. She whines about her brother and Rick influencing her. She says she hasn't felt this strongly about a man since Victor Newman. Ash wants to work things out with Ridge, and she knows he won't forgive her immediately, but she makes an impassioned plea for forgiveness in a refreshing manner that does not include tears squirting out of one eye.

At the beach bar, the never-ending infomercial to vote for your favorite duet duo at continues with Con handing out flyers and reiterating umpteen times to vote for Con and Phoebe at the web site. Not to be outdone, Rick shows up with T-shirts encouraging folks to vote for Rick and Phoebe. Then, he added shirtless guys with the message tattooed on their backs topped off by a plane flying overhead with a banner behind it. Con shook his hair, umm head, and looked disgusted while Phoebe said she was not impressed. She told her friend about Rick's cheating heart and the rest of his body parts -- cheating between the sheets, and it makes her sick to think about it. Her friend guessed it was a one-night stand with some undesirable, but Phoebster said it wasn't like that. She claimed she's done with Rick, but Rick says he won't give up on them, and he sees in Phoebe's eyes that she hasn't given up either. He wants to spend his lifetime loving her. \

Friday, August 3, 2007

by PM

Ashley was at Ridge's asking if he could forgive her when Stephanie came in with RJ, Hope, Aly and Abby. She said she had come over for a barbecue. Ashley jokingly asked Ridge if anyone ever says "no" to Stephanie. Eric and Stephanie were around the pool with Ridge and the children. Stephanie was talking to Ridge about Ashley as the children played in the pool. Stephanie advised Ridge to set aside his pride so he could forgive Ashley. Hope asked Stephanie if they could go home to Brooke's house but Stephanie changed the subject. Ridge and Ashley discussed their relationship as Stephanie got ready to leave. Ridge asked her to stay and keep an eye on the kids so he could talk to Ashley. Stephanie and Eric were at the pool as she noticed the light was on in Ridge's bedroom. Ashley had gone up to tell Ridge she was leaving but he said he did not want her to leave. Ridge and Ashley talked about how he can't forgive her. He said he can't forgive her but he HAS TO because he loves her. He told her he hates what she did. He then said that there are a thousand things he hasn't told her. Ashley promised to never let him down again. Ashley warned Ridge that if they make up then she is playing for keeps. They embraced and collapsed onto Ridge's bed. Stephanie noticed that Ridge's light went off and told Eric to tell Abby that she can stay over after all.

Brooke was home working on designs and watching a DVD of Hope and RJ playing pirates. Donna told her she'd seen the kids and that Brooke will get her kids back. Donna then went upstairs to get ready for her date with Thorne. Brooke continued watching the DVD and crying.

Donna went over to Thorne's for their date. He was all dressed up to take her out to Cafe' Ruse. Donna acted defensive and said she wasn't a hooker and did not need to get paid off with an expensive meal. Thorne apologized and they decided to eat at his house instead. Donna gazed at Darla's picture and ring that Aly had left out. She tried on Darla's ring when Thorne left the room. She told herself it was perfect.

Donna asked him about Aly and Thorne explained that Aly was staying over with Hope and RJ. Donna brought up about Thorne's drinking and the pills. Thorne protested at first, but then admitted to Donna he had a problem but it was not the pills. He told Donna how Darla made him feel important. He asked Donna why she was really there since she hated his family. She blindfolded him and they got close. Donna began to undress Thorne. Donna was kissing and touching Thorne as he lay blindfolded. She was thinking about all the horrible things Stephanie had done to her family. She was also thinking she'd be the next Mrs. Thorne Forrester as she continued kissing and undressing Thorne.

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