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Jana blamed her actions on a potentially fatal brain tumor. Devon was knocked out during a break-in. Cane received a note saying that Amber had been kidnapped. Jill accepted Ji Min's marriage proposal. Victoria and Brad signed their divorce papers. .
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Monday, July 23, 2007

While Kevin was visiting Jana at the hospital, he continued to berate and threaten her. However, when Kevin witnessed overt personality changes in his former lover, he became somewhat concerned. Kevin was moved when Jana, fearful that her tumor or the powerful medications she was receiving could be fatal, begged him not to let her die at the hospital. Later, while Kevin conducted Internet searches about brain tumors, Gloria and Michael became concerned that Kevin was becoming obsessed about Jana and was losing sight of the fact that she is dangerous. Their concerns seemed correct when Kevin reported that Jana's brain tumor was pressing on the frontal lobes of her brain, causing marked personality changes. When Kevin told his family that he was considering taking Jana to another hospital for specialized tests, Gloria told Kevin that he was once again being sucked by a lunatic and that he was allowing Jana to get to him all over again. Kevin explained that he just wanted Jana to get well enough to stand trial and get convicted, so she could spend the rest of her life in prison and die slowly.

While Gloria made elaborate plans for William's funeral, Michael mentioned the fact that her late husband left her lots of money. Gloria said that her tribute to William was in honor of the fact the he made her want to be a better person and that she'd give back every penny of her inheritance just to have William back.

Jill and Ji Min tried to concentrate on work, but their minds drifted to thoughts of their relationship. Jill surprised Ji Min when she told him that she would marry him. When Cane stopped by, Jill announced the fact that she and Ji Min were getting marred. Cane seemed pleased. Later, Cane and Jill discussed the day she learned that she had a still-living son. Cane was intrigued to learn more once he realized that Amber was present during a psychic reading when clues about Jill's missing son were revealed. Jill told Cane that Amber had volunteered to conduct research on the Internet using the physic's clue about "violets." Later, Cane dug up and read Amber's posts to the adoption-search site when she sought to converse with someone with a birth mother named "Violet." Cane also remembered his conversations with Amber before and after their quickie Las Vegas "wedding," and his observations that their marriage certificate bears a signature that doesn't resemble his.

Nick discussed his concern over his parents' marital problems with Sharon. Sharon told Nick that perhaps his parents needed a break from each other. While the two planned events for Cassie's upcoming benefit, Phyllis walked in and offered her assistance. Sharon promptly declined Phyllis' offer telling her that she didn't think that controversy would be beneficial. Later, Phyllis begged Nick to let her help with Cassie's benefit fundraiser. Phyllis was stunned when Nick turned her offer down.

Phyllis expressed to Jack her concern that Sharon seems to be moving in on Nick while the two ex-spouses had their heads together planning Cassie's benefit. Phyllis tried to convince Jack that they should prevent the Sharon and Nick from working so closely together. Although Jack wasn't convinced at first that Phyllis' concerns were valid, he later asked Sharon to move the date of the benefit, so it would not conflict with his trip to Madison. Sharon explained that Nick could only reserve the park venue for the date already chosen. When Jack offered to call and double-check available dates, Sharon quickly responded that she'd have Nick do it, instead. Later, when Jack phoned Bailey Park about open dates for the benefit, he learned that at the time Nick booked the event, the venue had been open the day after Jack was to return from Madison. When Phyllis told Jack to change the event date, Jack explained that the once-open date had just been booked. Later, Nick and Sharon both feigned appreciation when Jack announced that he would open his estate for Cassie's benefit, so it could be held when Jack was in town.

Phyllis couldn't contain her joy when she told Jack that Nick was planning to move back in with her. Later, when Sharon and Phyllis shared an elevator ride, the two argued about whether or not it was a good idea for Nick to move back in. When Jack stepped in to the elevator, he watched helplessly as the two women argued about the best options for Nick's continued recovery. Sharon's frenzied explanation of Nick's emotional state proved to Jack that Phyllis' concerns have merit even though Sharon told Jack not to worry because she wasn't making a play for Nick.

Lily hesitated to listen when Daniel offered to tell her the truth about his recent bad behavior. Lily said she didn't know how she could believe anything Daniel had to say and that she was especially hurt to learn that her husband had even wanted to have sex with a hooker. When Daniel explained that he had been arrested because he had argued with the police and not for solicitation, Lily told him that soon everyone would know what he'd done after his court appearance. Daniel vowed to make the charges go away, so he called Michael for help. Michael was able to get the charges against Daniel dropped when he threatened to sue for false arrest. Daniel was elated to learn that the D.A. had dropped the charges, but Lily was still angry that Daniel had visited the strip club in the first place. Lily told Daniel that he had a problem and that she was tortured by thoughts that if she were only smarter or prettier then Daniel wouldn't be tempted to watch porn or visit strip clubs. A remorseful Daniel explained that he didn't know why he couldn't control his behavior.

While Cane and Amber were having dinner at the club, Carson dropped by their table and broke the news of Plum's death. Cane noted Amber's delayed reaction of shock and grief. Cane asked for a moment alone, but Carson quickly obtained Amber's phone number before he granted Cane's request. Cane questioned Amber about why she didn't recognize the "John Doe" body at the morgue as Plum's. Amber explained that the body she'd seen was blue and swollen, and she couldn't bear to look at it.

Later, Amber told Kevin and Daniel that Carson had learned about Plum's death. Kevin worried that he would be blamed for killing Plum, and Daniel worried that if the truth came out before he confessed everything to Lily then his marriage could be at stake. Kevin explained that they'd each have to stick to the same story that Plum had left and that they hadn't seen him since, so they wouldn't seem guilty about covering up Plum's death. However, when Amber received a phone call from Carson, she agreed to meet him to discuss Plum. Amber worried that Carson might ask about Plum's money, and Amber and Kevin both became agitated at Daniel when he threatened to tell Lily everything. Daniel also advised Amber to tell Cane the truth, but Amber refused, saying that her husband would never forgive her. When Amber later met with Carson, he told her that he remembered her from a video that almost melted his hard drive.

While working out at the club, Sharon ran into Logan. Sharon shared her concerns that Phyllis was adding too much stress to Nick's life. Sharon seemed to enjoy running Phyllis' reputation into the ground as she recounted the way in which Phyllis seduced Nick, became pregnant and managed to marry him. Later, when Nick told Logan that he'd chosen to move back in with Phyllis, she answered his question about whether or not is was a good idea with a question about whether or not he was excited about the move. Nick explained that moving back in with Phyllis seemed like the right thing to do for his family. When Logan became concerned about where she'd live after Nick moved out, Sharon offered to let Logan live in the ranch house rent-free.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Victor tells Nikki that he's pulling out of their loan deal. Nikki declines David's dinner invitation, saying that she can't become involved with another man right now. Victor sees Karen at the gym and is surprised how good she is with boxing gloves. They spar a few rounds with each other. Victor tells Nikki that Newman Enterprises will fund her loan after all. Brad and Logan meet in the elevator. The elevator becomes stuck, and Logan says that she is claustrophobic. They play a flirty game and Brad takes his shirt off, saying that it's hot in here, then massages Logan's feet. She asks him why he got divorced, and he reluctantly admits that he wasn't faithful to his wife. Nick comes home, confused as to where anything is in the tack house. He says that he's going to sleep on the couch tonight. Phyllis comes into the living room to join Nick on the couch. They start to make out, but Nick stops them just before they are about to make love, saying that he isn't ready to do that yet. Amber tells Daniel and Kevin about her website, and that Carson knows about it. She says they have to find out more about him, and she stole his room key to do just that. In Carson's room, Amber finds files containing information and photos on her, Daniel and Kevin. She digs deeper and finds a box of bullets. After working out, Kevin invites Cane and Carson for a drink at the coffeehouse to buy Daniel and Amber more time. Carson is reluctant, but when Kevin states that they'll drink to Plum and his broken neck, Carson decides to stick around. Carson states that he didn't report that Plum had a broken neck, and Kevin covers by saying that Amber told him about it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kevin tells Paul and Michael about Jana's habits of tempting fate, taking chances and reading books about serial killers. He tells Paul that Jana has a brain tumor and he wants Paul to find out everything he can about Jana right before she came to town so he can prove she's faking her craziness. Jana, in the mental hospital, talks to the mirror saying what she has done is because of the brain tumor. She keeps repeating, ‘you have to believe me'. Logan runs into Brad at the gym and thanks him for calming her down when they were stuck in the elevator. She tells Brad that she applied for a job at Memorial and has an interview. Brad tells her that he's glad to hear she's sticking around. She tells him that she misses being a doctor. Victoria and J.T. discuss the fact that she'll be signing her divorce papers. J.T. says he wants to come with her. She tells him that she'll be fine going on her own, but he insists. Amber and Daniel are having coffee when Carson stops by and mentions that Cane got him a pass to the gym and that they plan to play basketball together. Amber worries the more time Cane spends with Carson, the more chances he'll find out about Amber's website. Cane continues phoning places he and Amber went to in Las Vegas, trying to locate some video tape to see who was with Amber. When J.T. and Victoria show up at the lawyer's office to meet Brad, Brad doesn't want J.T. in on the meeting so he waits in the hall.

Daniel and Amber wonder why Carson has files on he, Amber and Kevin (they found them when they snuck into his hotel room). They also worry because he had bullets there. Daniel wonders why Carson hasn't confronted them about the money. Devon tries to get Lily to go to a movie but she wants to stay in and read. He finds out she's reading books on sex addiction. She says she wants to understand what Daniel is going through. Devon says it's no use because he'll never change. She explains that she had a good talk with Daniel and that she's not ready to give up on her marriage. She wants to see if they can work through this. Devon tells her that she's the best person he knows, and that any guy would be lucky to have her. He says she deserves to have someone who is on her level and that's she's too good of a person to be with Daniel. Paul tells Kevin that Jana's personality could very well have been affected by her brain tumor. Kevin says all the time he talked to her on the webcam she never showed signs of the tumor. Not until she was caught when she returned. He says they need to track her behavior to prove the tumor didn't cause her to do all the bad things she's done.

Victoria and Brad joke as they sign their divorce papers. Brad tells Victoria that he's worried about Abby in all this. Victoria says she wants to spend as much time as possible with Abby. Brad suggests they take her out for a banana split sometime. Brad tells Victoria if there's anything he can do during her pregnancy, that he will. They then sign their divorce papers. Devon looks through the book on sex addiction and tries to convince Lily that she would be better off without Daniel. He tells her that her marriage is not worth saving. She tells him that she appreciates his feelings, but that she loves Daniel and she can't walk away without trying to fix her marriage. Devon reminds Lily that he gave his mother several chances and that it didn't turn out too good for him. Lily asks what that has to do with her marriage. He tells her he cares about her and it upsets him to see Daniel hurt her. Carson is looking at a file on Daniel and says ‘Daniel Romalotti, looks like you've got some secrets.'

Amber and Daniel go to Kevin's and insist that he get on the internet and try to dig up as much information as possible on Carson. Cane gets an email with a picture from a surveillance camera in Las Vegas and sees Alison dressed as a man with Amber. He says he can't believe she lied to him about this and prints out the photo. Jill walks in and asks Cane what is wrong, but he insists that he's OK. She then asks what's in his hand. He claims they are business papers. Jill asks if there's anything she can do to help, but again, he insists that he's OK. Jill tells him that she's his mother and to let her help him with his problems. Jill then asks where Amber is and Cane replies ‘who knows?'

Kevin tells Amber and Daniel that Carson has quite a rap sheet that includes drug possession, battery and assault with a deadly weapon. They think that Carson wants the money so he can run away. Amber thinks if they can convince him they don't have the money then maybe he'll go away. Kevin says there's a lot of money at stake and Carson is going to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Michael and Paul visit Jana and she asks where Kevin is. Michael tells her that Kevin doesn't want anything to do with her. Paul asks her where she was before she got there, but she says she would only tell Kevin where she was. She tells them to get Kevin to come there. A nurse comes to get Jana for tests and she asks them once more to try to get Kevin to visit her. Paul wants to get Kevin to visit Jana but Michael says no. Paul says that he thought the final result is what matter. Michael says it's his brother that matters and Jana has screwed with Kevin's head enough. Michael wants Paul to use his contacts and he says he has. He tells Michael if he wants to put Jana away for good then Kevin has to be involved.

Victoria comes out of the office and tells J.T. that her marriage is over. She tells J.T. that Brad was being civil. She says it's the most normal conversation she's had with Brad in a long time. She tells J.T. that it's kind of depressing, that she put so much into the marriage and it failed. When Brad leaves, he immediately phones Logan. She tells him that she just got out of her job interview and he tells her that he just got out of his marriage and asks her if she'd like to get a drink. Amber shows up at Cane's office and Jill tells Amber that she's marrying Ji Min. Jill explains to Amber that she is going to elope like she and Cane did. Amber tells her it was the best decision they ever made. Lily visits Daniel at work and tells him she' giving him a second chance and about the books she has been reading. She suggests that he should read the books also. He says he will, that he hates what he's put her through. Lily says she understands that and she wants to help. Daniel suggests they go to therapy. Lily says they've already tried that. He says it's a couples retreat where they go away and work on their problems together for a couple of days. Lily says she'll do it. Daniel suggests a place and wants to go as soon as possible.

Kevin visits Jana and she tells him she missed him. He says he hasn't missed her, that he just came for information. Kevin asks her where she went when she left Genoa City. Jana tells him that she was at their apartment. She tells him that she's done chasing thrills and is ready to settle down. She tells him she'd like to get a little cottage and they could adopt a baby. She tells him that they could take some time off then travel the world together. Kevin asks her about the time she set the fire and where she took off to. Jana tells him that tonight they can have a little fire in the fireplace and cuddle. He tells her that if she doesn't start talking that he'll leave. She tells him that she doesn't like it there and wants Kevin to take her home. Kevin tells her that he would love to take her home but that he needs one thing from her first. He asks her to tell him about when she was on the run and to tell him everything she can remember about it.

J.T. surprises Victoria in the break room with bubbles and drinks. He tells her it symbolizes her new start and childlike enthusiasm. She tells him that he's probably the one person in the whole world who understands why she stayed with Brad so long. J.T. tells her that she loved Brad. Victoria tells J.T. she likes him because he knows how to have fun; that she can't remember the last time she saw a smile on Brad's face. Brad meets with Logan and tells her that he feels like the weight of the world has been lifted off his shoulders. Daniel tells Lily that they can attend the next couples retreat that starts the next morning. Lily agrees and they leave to pack their bags so they can start on their trip. Kevin phones an old neighbor of Jana's and tells them that he's Jana's neurosurgeon and that she's been diagnosed with a brain tumor. He claims to be trying to find out when her symptoms may have first started. He asks about how Jana acted and whether she ever forgot who she was or anything else important. Jill leaves Cane's office and Amber tells Cane how exciting it is that Jill is eloping. Cane tells Amber that he hates that he can't remember their wedding. He suggests that they return to Las Vegas to the same chapel and renew their vows. He tells her he'd bet that she'd like a big party in the mansion and she gets excited talking about a party. He then kisses her and tells her that he knows everything. He shows her the picture of Amber and Alison. He tells Amber that he knows why he doesn't remember anything because it didn't happen. He accuses her of knowing he was a Chancellor before they were married. She says that she loves him, but he says the only thing she loves is being a Chancellor. Amber begs him to listen to her and tells him it's not true. Cane talks about how she found him on the website searching for his mother. He wants to know how she figured out he was a Chancellor. She admits that she did first look for him because he was a Chancellor, but that once she met him she really fell in love with him. He tells her that he thought he had seen every con in the book and the she got him really good. He says he fell for a girl that doesn't exit, then leaves as Amber cries.

Kevin tells Paul and Michael that he didn't get anywhere with Jana's neighbors. Paul says that talking to Jana's landlord and boss he found out that she was living in Iowa using the name Elizabeth Borden. The landlord says he'd be talking to her and that in a middle of a sentence she's stop talking and stare into space and then a moment later snap out of it. Jana's old boss at a diner says he had to fire her because she would start laughing hysterically in the middle of taking an order and scare the customers. Kevin says that Jana has been planning this the whole time. When Lily and Daniel return to Lily's to pack, they find the house ransacked and Devon unconscious on the floor.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Devon comes to after being knocked out. Devon, Lily and Daniel call Maggie Sullivan to report the crime. At the coffeehouse, Carson tells Kevin that someone broke into his hotel room last night. Daniel calls Kevin to tell him about the break in. Amber pleads with Cane to forgive her for marrying him for the Chancellor fortune. He says that as much as he loves her, he despises her even more. When Kevin returns home he sees Amber curled up and crying against his door. She sobs that Cane knows everything about her tricking him into marriage just because she knew he was rich. Kevin tells Amber about the break-in at Daniel's house. Kevin pays a psych ward employee to bring him a daily update on Jana. When Kevin returns home he sees that his place is also trashed. He finds a note that reads "I want my money." Sharon and Nick agree to drive to Clear Springs and do the photo shoot she never got to do when the plane crashed. Michael tells Phyllis that she needs to get Nick and Daniel to attend the trial ASAP or else it will reflect badly on her, as the jurors will think she's guilty if her own family won't stand by her. She calls Nick to see if he'll come to the hearing, but is disappointed to learn that he's going up to Clear Springs with Sharon. Daniel pleads with Lily to leave their apartment. Scared at what is making Daniel so upset, Lily asks him what is wrong. Daniel tells him about finding Plum's suitcase full of money and that he thinks the person who trashed their place is after that money, but that he swears he didn't kill Plum. At the GCAC, Cane and Phyllis get to know each other over a couple of drinks. Michael is furious with Nick for going on a trip with Sharon when he should be supporting his wife in court. Nick flares back that for all he knows, Phyllis is guilty.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Michael and Lauren were enjoying a reunion at the athletic club. Michael tried to talk her into going home with him, but she reminded him that they had an important meeting to get to. Across the restaurant, Katherine and Nikki had a talk. Katherine was sorry to hear about Nikki and Victor's marital problems. She was also surprised to find out that David was still in town and working for Nikki. She suggested that might be one of the reasons Victor had left her. Nikki corrected Katherine's mistake. It had been she, not Victor, who walked out on the marriage.

The meeting at Newman was between Chancellor's representatives Katherine and Cane, with all the Clear Springs players including Victor, Nikki, Nick, Jack, Lauren, and Michael. Recent environmental concerns had surfaced which put the project in jeopardy. Although Jack was all for tearing down all the old buildings, Nikki said it would be even better if Jack decided not to build his casino. Lauren said if there was no casino, Fenmore's would pull out. Michael tried to figure out the legal ramifications, and Victor said they needed to find the best solution, then he left the meeting. The rest of them agreed that they would work together and that they would all shoulder some of the unexpected costs.

Nick told Phyllis that he was going to be there every day of her trial. She was thrilled by his change of mind until she ran into Lauren and Michael. Michael told her that he'd put pressure on Nick, reminding him that his show of support was crucial to how the jury viewed Phyllis. Later, Phyllis saw Nick and Sharon talking. Nick wondered if they could reschedule the photo shoot, and Sharon agreed that it wouldn't be a problem. Then again, at the coffee house, Sharon and Nick reminisced about their past and were obviously getting along better than Phyllis wanted them to.

Nick had a meeting with his father and learned that Victor would do nothing to stop Nikki from failing at business, particularly at Clear Springs. Nick said he didn't want to be part of that, and Victor reminded him that once Nikki failed, Newman could pick up her holdings for practically nothing. Nick warned his father that he had no intention of taking sides with either of his parents against the other. Victor told his son that ultimately, he would have no choice in the matter. He would have to do what was best for the company.

When Phyllis confronted Sharon and wondered if Jack knew that Nick and Sharon planned to go away together for the photo shoot, Sharon whipped out her phone and offered it to Phyllis so she could call him. Phyllis was unnerved since Sharon's actions called up the day at Clear Springs when their struggle over the phone and Phyllis's threat of a call to Jack had ended in Sharon and Dru going over the cliff and Dru's death. Later, Phyllis went to talk to Nick. She was clearly in terrible pain that the passion and love and fun they'd shared had vanished with Nick's memory. She knew that Michael was the one who'd pressured Nick into attending her trial. She told Nick to please leave her alone and to stay away from her trial. Then she walked out on him.

Jack had a few encounters with Victor in which he made comments about Victor's failing marriage and reminded him that he could always take up flower arranging to relieve the stress. Victor wondered what the voters would think about the news that Jack planned to build a casino in Clear Springs. Jack said they already knew and told Victor he was losing his edge. Jack later ran into David and congratulated him on managing to worm his way into Nikki's company. Later, Jack confronted Nikki at the athletic club and let her know they were not of one mind on what to do in Clear Springs. David came in and overheard the information that Jack had secretly owned Jabot before he sold it back to Katherine. David told Nikki that had that come out during the campaign, she'd have won the election by a landslide.

Lily was devastated by all the information she learned regarding all the things Daniel had been hiding from her. He told her that the most important thing was that she be safe. While they were arguing, Kevin arrived and showed them the note saying Amber had been kidnapped. They took Lily to Newman so Neil could watch over her. Lily and Neil went out for something to eat, and Neil told her that she couldn't save Daniel from his problems. It was time for her to walk away, and if Daniel was strong enough, he'd conquer his demons on his own. Neil wanted Lily and Devon to stay with him until matters got straightened out at the apartment. He and Lily went to pick up her things. She left a note for Daniel and took the doll Neil had given her. Neil called Devon and told him to call him as soon as possible because he and Lily would be staying at his place.

Daniel and Kevin went to get Cane's help in finding Amber. Cane was obviously still furious with her and suggested she was faking the entire thing to get his help. Daniel was shocked to hear about the bogus wedding in Las Vegas and insisted that he hadn't known anything about it. Kevin said he'd just found out from Amber. They then told Cane the truth about the money. Cane said Amber had probably dug up the money and was long gone. Daniel insisted that she wouldn't do that and might be in real trouble. The three of them went to the Chancellor estate and started digging only to find that the money had vanished. Daniel finally convinced Kevin and Cane that whoever had Amber might have forced her to hand over the money, and now her life could be in even greater danger. The three of them agreed to try to find her, and Kevin showed them that he had a gun.

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