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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 31, 2005 on GH
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Monday, October 31, 2005

Robin calls Jason to try to help him, but he tells her he doesn't want her help.

Ric confronts Sonny about his poor treatment of Reese. Sonny tells him to stop denying he and Reese's relationship, because it's obvious they're more than just friends. Ric denies there's anymore than friendship to the relationship, though. Sonny tells him it's not the sex, but the lies that did it for Sonny. Sonny tells Ric to get out of his life and Ric leaves. Sonny calls to check on Carly and finds out the doctors are still advising him not to visit. When he gets off the phone, it rings again and Robin is on the other line. She tells him she needs his help with Jason. He goes to visit Sam and finds her terrified that Jason is going to die. Sonny holds Sam as she cries and Jason comes in and thinks Sonny has made her cry. Sam goes upstairs , and Sonny explains to Jason that Sam is worried about him. After Sonny leaves, Sam comes downstairs with her bags packed.

Lucky and Liz say their own vows to each other and confess their undying love for each other. After the ceremony, Luke congratulates the lucky couple and wishes them luck and happiness. As Liz and Lucky share their first dance together, Brook Lynn pulls Jesse aside to dance. She tries to hit on him, but he thanks her for the dance and walks away. When the dance is over, Ric comes over and congratulates Liz and she notices something is wrong. She's pulled away to throw her bouquet and can't find out what's going on. Ric starts to drink heavily, as Liz throws the bouquet and Alice catches it. When Lucky throws the garter, it winds up in Luke's martini glass and he and Alice happily dance to the polka.

Alexis finds a drunk Ric out in the lobby. He vents his frustrations about Sonny as a crowd begins to grow. In his drunken rage, he blurts out that he and Reese slept together.

Nikolas finds Courtney outside and she tells him that Jax is the father of her baby. They are both disappointed, but Nikolas tells her he will still be a father to her baby. Jax walks outside and tells them that he's fully capable of being a father to his own child. He wants to try his relationship with Courtney again, but she tells him she is in love with Nikolas. Jax wonders how she hasn't realized that Nikolas is still hung up on Emily.

Maxie finds a note telling her to go to Kelly's. She arrives and finds Jesse there with a cake, candles, romantic music, and lights strung up around the counter. He confesses his feelings for her and they kiss. She blows out the candles and makes a wish.

Luke finds LuLu outside the ballroom, rubbing her sore feet. He makes a comment about how her feet must be sore wearing high heels for the first time, and she reminds him she's been wearing high heels since she was 12. She asks him how old she is, and Luke guesses 15. Lulu storms off, but not before telling him she's 17. Tracy comes out and tells Luke she's grateful he's a deadbeat dad, because she wouldn't want LuLu living with them.

Robin receives a phone call asking if she can speak at the annual AIDS conference in New York. She agrees, since she's been wanting to visit someone in New York anyway.

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Nikolas and Emily announce that Liz and Lucky will be staying in the honeymoon suite at the Metro Court tonight and will take a train ride to Manhattan tomorrow. They are thrilled, but Liz remembers she has to work tomorrow. Alan interjects and says that Liz is off work, and Nikolas tells them both they are off work for the next two weeks.

After Ric gets drunk and blurts out his affair with Reese, an embarrassed Alexis laughs it off and tries to get Ric off the table. Ned steps in and tries to help, but Ric decides to stay up on the table until Alexis gets forceful with him. He gets down off the table and starts drinking coffee in an effort to sober up. He insists on making sure Alexis gets home safe, but she wants no help from him. Instead, Ric goes to the hospital to talk with Reese. Alexis finds them together in the lobby and tells them she's leaving town for good.

Jax tells Courtney he wants to try again at their marriage. She doesn't think their marriage will work a second time, since it failed the first time around. Meanwhile, Emily is upstairs talking with Liz as she changes out of her wedding gown. Liz tries to convince Emily that her marriage doesn't have to be over. She reminds her that she and Lucky once split up and were convinced they weren't mean to be together. Emily still thinks her relationship is over and tells Liz that Nikolas is in love with Courtney now. Her actions prove that she is still in love with Nikolas, though. Outside, Lucky asks Nikolas what's been bothering him. Nikolas tells him that Courtney is pregnant and Jax is the father. Lucky thinks this is the perfect opportunity for Nikolas and Emily to get back together, but Nikolas has other ideas. He's in love with Courtney and is willing to help raise her child. Lucky warns him how protective Jax was with the surrogacy and his own child will be even worse. Meanwhile, Jax is inside talking to Emily who came downstairs. He tells her he wants to try again with Courtney.

As Tracy watches, Alcazar asks Skye to go to Europe with him tomorrow. She declines because they are both hung up on other people. He agrees, but tells her together they can get over the other people in their lives that have broken their hearts. He kisses her and walks away. Tracy approaches Skye and tells her to go with Alcazar. Tracy and Luke were meant for each other, because they both don't believe in love anymore. Skye is still a hopeless romantic and Alcazar can give her everything Luke can't. Inside the ballroom, LuLu is confronting the man who broke her heart as well, her father. She comments that his real child is gone now and Lucky will be raising his family, something he learned from Luke and Laura. Luke wonders what a real child is and LuLu tells him it's a child you spend time with and remember how old they are. The only thing she learned from Luke and Laura was how to say goodbye. Skye witnesses the exchange and comes over to comfort Luke. Although Luke is hurt by LuLu's comments, he thinks she's turned out good. Skye worries about Luke, knowing that LuLu hurt him, but Luke walks away.

Manny arrives at Rose Lawn and finds the med cart with Carly's medicines. When a doctor approaches him, he tells him he's looking for employment and asks about the gardener position that is open. The doctor tells him to check with HR tomorrow and dismisses him. Before Manny leaves, he exchanges eye contact with a male patient. Back at their apartment, Sam tells Jason she's willing to do whatever necessary to save him, which includes leaving town to talk to Robin about her experimental research. Jason doesn't think it's safe for her to go alone, but he can't go with her right now. The phone rings and it's one of Sonny's guards who thinks he saw Manny at Rose Lawn. Sam and Jason go to Rose Lawn and ask Carly's doctor if he's seen anyone matching Manny's description. When he says he hasn't, they ask to check on Carly to make sure she's ok. The doctor is hesitant, but finally agrees. When they arrive at Carly's room, a patient is trying to enter, while wearing Manny's clothes. Once he is sent away, they see that Carly is ok and leave. Meanwhile, Manny comes out of the closet in Carly's room.

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Liz and Lucky woke up in their honeymoon suite and started packing for their honeymoon. They talked about their dreams for the future and hopes for more kids. Emily and Nikolas arrived with breakfast and told the happy couple to be ready for the train.

Jason and Sam argued about Robin. Jason claimed to be okay, Sam told him that he was lying and that he DOESN'T lie. Sam told Jason that she is going to NY, because Robin is there to speak at a convention on AIDS. Jason sends Max to guard Sam while she is gone.

Sonny called Rose Lawn check on Carly. He is told that she has become very agitated and they want to medicate her. Sonny refuses to have her drugged. Sonny told the doctor that he will pull Carly if she is given any psychological drugs. Michael came in and wanted to know how his mom is doing. Sonny told him that she is fine.

At Rose Lawn, Carly was looking out the window as Manny was standing outside her window and trying to get into her room. Manny entered Carly's room and told her that Sonny and Jason are going to die and she is going to help him make this happen.

Jason went to Sonny's house. Sonny thought that Jason should be at the hospital getting treatment from Robin. Jason told Sonny that Manny is alive. Sonny doesn't believe this. Sonny told Jason that he can go to Rose Lawn to check on Carly. But, he has to promise to get treatment when he returns. Jason went to Rose Lawn and asked Carly if she had seen Manny. She didn't respond and appeared frightened. Jason told Carly everything will be okay. Jason discovered that Manny was hired on as a dayworker at Rose Lawn.

Robin was speaking at an AIDS conference and talked about her life with HIV and about Stone. There were flashbacks to when she found out she was HIV-positive and to when Stone died. She talked about all the children in Africa afflicted with this disease and urges people to help. When she was done speaking, she met Sam and they discussed Jason. They boarded a train to Port Charles. Robin told Sam that there is no guarantee but, this is Jason's best hope.

Alexis is going to New York to get a fresh start. Emily saw her at the train station and invites her to go with them on their private train car. Alexis said yes, because Emily wanted a distraction since Nikolas is bringing Courtney.

Reese and Ric are also headed to New York. Liz invited them to take their train as well. Reese and Ric boarded the same train car as Alexis. Ric and Alexis argued.

Nikolas invited Courtney to New York. Jax overheard and got upset. Jax claimed that it would be too dangerous. Courtney said that she will go to New York. When Courtney and Nikolas boarded the train, Jax boarded behind them. He said that he had is own train car hooked up to their train.

Lorenzo gave money to the hospital. Skye told Alan and he was unhappy because it is mob money. Lorenzo wanted Skye to go away with him. She seemed about to say yes, when he got a call from Rose Lawn. The doctor told him that Carly needed to be medicated, but that Sonny said no. Lorenzo told the doctor that he needs to think about it. Lorenzo told Skye that he hadn't interfered in Carly's care because he thought that Sonny had had her best interests at heart. Lorenzo went to see Sonny. They argued over who had hurt Carly more. Sonny said that he will kill Lorenzo if he allows them to give Carly drugs. Lorenzo went to Rose Lawn to check on Carly, she is missing.

Carly is on a train headed to Port Charles. The same train as Sam, Max and Robin. Manny is seen in a restricted area on the same train.

On the train headed to NY, Jax and Alexis talked. Alexis hoped that Jax and Courtney reunite. Courtney and Nikolas try to relax and have fun together. Liz and Lucky are happy and in love. Reese hoped that Sonny would come and stop her from leaving. Sonny boards the train. But, to go to Rose Lawn, not to stop Reese from leaving.

Thursday, November 3, 2005

Sonny gets on the train. He goes over to Emily and asks to speak to her alone and explains to her that he is taking the train to go see Carly at the mental hospital. He asks her for advice about whether he should allow Carly's doctor to give her an antipsychotic drug or not. Emily tries to explain to him that she is only a med student and can't give that kind of advice and suggests he get a second opinion from another psychiatrist before making that decision. Meanwhile, Lorenzo goes to the mental hospital to see how Carly is doing. He talks to her doctor and he tells him that Carly is getting worse and seems very agitated lately. Lorenzo tells him he wants to see her first and then he will decide whether to permit him to give her medication or not since he is technically her husband still. The doctor lets him enter her room but Lorenzo finds no sign of Carly and notices a window open. Lorenzo realizes that Manny must be alive and had something to do with her disappearance. He calls for his men to come and help him find Manny and Carly. One of his men calls and tells him that he knows where Manny is. Sonny tries to ignore Ric and Reese who are sitting next to each other in the same train car as Emily and everyone. Ric tells Reese that it isn't right that Sonny is ignoring her after everything she did for him and his kids. Ric grabs Sonny by the arm as he tries to walk past them again. He tells Sonny off for ignoring Reese. Sonny brushes him off but Ric won't let him walk away without talking. Sonny decides to let Ric talk to him and sits down. Ric asks Sonny why it is so hard for him to get past the fact that other people make mistakes just like he does and that isn't forgivable when it is Reese or him but it would be o.k. with Sonny if Jason or Carly betrayed him. Sonny admits that he misses Carly even though she lies to him so easily all the time. Ric makes a point that if Jason betrayed him he would forgive him and that Jason must be his true brother not himself. He also tells Sonny that he will never be able to let go of Carly in his heart even if he pushes her away. Reese overhears the whole conversation and is saddened by how honest it is. Meanwhile, Jax invites Courtney to go see the train car he rented to have hitched to the train. Courtney goes to see reluctantly. Courtney tells Jax that he can't keep trying to control her just because she is having his baby. Jax apologizes if he has been coming on too strong but tells her that he was afraid to be alone this evening since it is the anniversary of the bet they made and the first time they made love. Courtney can't help but feel for him and sits down and starts to relax and talk with Jax. She tells Nikolas about it later. Nikolas runs into Jax later and tells him off for trying to manipulate Courtney in hopes of getting her to stay married to him. Jax tells him that he wouldn't be able to control someone like Courtney anyway. Meanwhile, Lucky and Liz try to find a place to be alone and find Jax's train car empty for now. They decide to dance and cuddle with each other. Alexis tells Jax that she is not going to let herself get caught in the middle of a war between Nikolas and Jax over Courtney and that she just hopes it all works out in the end.

Jason shows up at Sonny's house. He starts to have one of his severe headaches and collapses on the floor. Michael comes downstairs and sees Jason lying on the floor unconscious with a nose bleed. He calls for one of the guards and then calls 911. The paramedics come and take Jason to the hospital. Michael goes with him with the bodyguard. Meanwhile, Sam and Robin talk some more about Jason on the train leaving New York. Robin asks Sam why she can be with Jason knowing she could very well lose him to the life he leads. Sam tells her all about how she met Jason and how she was pregnant with Sonny's child and how Jason told everyone it was his to keep Sonny and Carly together. Robin tells her that Jason never lied like that before but that Carly could manipulate him into doing anything to protect her. Sam agrees with her about Carly but informs Robin that Carly had a nervous breakdown recently and is in a mental hospital right now. Robin feels like a jerk for criticizing Carly. Sam understands that Robin was just being honest about how she feels about Carly. However, neither of them are aware that Carly has escaped from the mental hospital and is on the train with them sitting right behind them. Sam calls Jason's cell-phone and Michael answers it. She asks him why he has Jason's phone and Michael tells her about finding Jason lying on the floor unconscious and how he called 911. Sam tells Michael to tell Tony not to do surgery on Jason and that she is on her way to Port Charles. Tony runs tests on Jason and comes back to tell Monica and Alan that Jason's condition is deteriorating and he needs to have surgery. Alan is all for it but Michael argues with them not to give him surgery and wait for Sam to come back first. Tony doesn't think it can wait and Jason comes awake to say he doesn't want surgery. Monica tells Tony she can't let him do surgery on Jason and that they need to wait for Sam since she probably found Robin. Meanwhile, Robin decides to give Sam some privacy while she is on the phone and goes to another empty seat to do some reading. Someone bumps into her hard while leaving her seat, Robin turns around in annoyance but doesn't see the person as she walks away. It turns out to be Carly who knocked into her without saying sorry. Robin returns to her seat next to Sam. Sam tells her about Jason being sent to the hospital after Michael found him lying unconscious. Carly goes toward the bathroom and finds Manny watching her and blocking her way. Sam and Robin almost run into Manny. They see him. Sam and Robin go to the driver of the train and warn him that Manny is on their train and that he is psychotic and a fugitive from the law. The driver asks Sam if she is a cop but she tells him she isn't but knows what she is talking about. They plead with the driver to call the authorities to let them know the situation. He agrees to do that. However, Manny kills him before he can do anything. Suddenly the lights go out on the train and Sam and Robin notice that the train is going way too fast suddenly. They go and find the driver sprawled out over the controls of the train. They try to stop the train but can't move the gear shift at all. Suddenly they see headlights coming at them and the other train controller calls out a warning over the radio that they are going to collide with his train. Sam and Robin both scream when they realize what is about to happen. They also don't realize that their train is about to collide and crash into the train carrying people they know like Sonny, Alexis, Ric, and Jax.

Friday, November 4, 2005

In the wake of the train collision, several dazed and injured passengers begin trying to extricate themselves and others from the wreckage. Sonny manages to climb free from one demolished car and helps Alexis, Ric and Reese out in turn. Though Tony insists that Jason isn't competent enough to make his own decisions, Monica backs up her son's choice not to undergo surgery. Tracy snarls at Skye after she invites Lulu to join her father and stepmother for dinner. Liz is horrified to find Lucky bleeding badly near the railroad tracks. Jason receives word that the train carrying Robin and Sam has crashed. Skye reminds a scoffing Luke that fatherhood is a lifetime commitment. Later, Luke panics to learn that his son was aboard the ill-fated train. Max and Sam attempt to pull Robin free but she remains pinned beneath a large chunk of steel. Courtney hisses at Jax to back off when he hovers anxiously at hand. Jason arrives at the tunnel to find search and rescue teams working feverishly to reach the trapped victims within. Emily and Nikolas share an emotional reunion as Jax volunteers to search for a way out. Alexis warns Ric that her labor has begun. Lulu bitterly informs Skye that the only family Luke cares about is Lucky. Huddled inside the derailed commuter car, Carly elects to remain hidden from the others. Meanwhile, Manny chortles to see the results of his handiwork. As his strength ebbs away, Lucky thanks Liz for the chance to be her husband. Jason heads down a ventilation shaft in hopes of effecting a rescue.

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