One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 7, 2005 on OLTL

Tess refused to talk to a fake Niki. Evangeline agreed to represent Todd. Adriana chose Duke over Rex. John told Bo all about Cristian. Paige warned Evangeline about Spencer's treatment of Nora. Cristian managed to let Bo know of the planned prison riot. David was forced to cancel his wedding after Dorian threatened to expose Spencer.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 7, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, November 7, 2005

Under hypnosis, Tess emerged and told Viki, Clint and Dr. Jamison that she would only talk to Niki Smith. Viki seemed okay with the idea, but Clint forbade it, reminding Viki how Niki pushed Ben out of a window the last time she came out. "What I can't do is let you risk your sanity," Clint urged. "There's got to be another way." Natalie showed up at Llanfair where Antonio and Nash were waiting just outside Jessica's hypnotism session. Natalie told Nash to leave, but he refused. Back in the session, Dr. Jamison put Viki under hypnosis and Niki appeared to have emerged. But when Tess asked her a couple of questions about Niki's favorite bars, she made a mistake answering and Tess realized that Viki was just pretending to be Niki. Tess tried to storm out of the session, but Dr. Jamison stopped her by snapping his fingers, ending the hypnosis and bringing Jessica back. Viki and Clint told Jessica that Tess asked to talk to Niki. They all walked out of the room together and Clint and Viki asked Antonio and Nash to leave while Natalie took Jessica upstairs for some rest. Viki told Clint that bringing Niki out was the only hope to help Jessica, but Clint still refused to agree with that plan.

Todd sat in Bo's office and asked if he could make his one phone call. He called Evangeline to the station to represent him. When she got there she asked Todd directly whether he was guilty, saying that she cannot defend him if he's done what he's accused of. Todd again insisted on his innocence. "If I find out you did this, I will personally take everything I have to the prosecution to help them convict you," Evangeline said, before agreeing to be his attorney.

Starr approached David at his wedding and asked if he knew whether Todd killed Margaret. David didn't answer directly, but asked Starr if she really thinks her father is capable of doing that. Starr didn't seem sure.

Later, Starr and Blair bumped into Ginger, who was working as a server at the wedding venue. They were both pretty nasty to her. When they were done, Duke walked up and put his arm around Ginger to comfort her. Adriana saw it.

Duke asked Kevin if he has a problem with how close he and Kelly are.

Kelly arrived at Dorian's dressing room to help her prepare for her wedding. Dorian was outraged that Viki, her matron of honor, wasn't there. Adriana showed up next, angry that she got a speeding ticket on her way over. Dorian lamented that Blair couldn't be there on her big day. But then, when Dorian put on her dress and prepared to go down the aisle, Spencer brought Blair over in time to be part of the processional. Kelly took the opportunity to tell Spencer she would call him to set up a time for her procedure. Dorian casually cleared the room by asking each of the girls to go do her a favor. When alone with Spencer, she again threatened to reveal his secret agenda with the Buchanans if he does the procedure on Kelly. She also warned him to stay way from Blair. Spencer smirked and walked out. When the girls got back, they toasted Dorian's marriage and thanked her for looking out for them.

Spencer told David that he was going to help him punish Dorian by canceling the wedding, and that if he refused, he would be "as good as dead." Just then, the bridal march began and Dorian walked out. When the wedding officiant asked David if he would take Dorian as his wife, David shocked everyone by answering no. "I'm sorry," he told his wife-not-to-be. "I can't do this."

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Carlo Hesser lets Cristian know that he's not happy that Cris is running his mouth about the rumored prison break. Cristian insists that Carlo can't buy off everybody, but Hesser insists that he has indeed bought off everybody who matters. Cris suddenly spots Hayes Barber working the library cart, and he goes over to talk with him. Once he ascertains that Barber is not on Hesser's payroll, Cristian demands information about Carlo's plans. Hayes wants to know why he should help Cristian after Cris beat him to a pulp. Cris threatens to beat him up again if he doesn't come clean, so Barber agrees to dish up information on the notorious crime lord.

Meanwhile, John tries desperately to get an appointment with the warden and put extra security on Cristian. He seeks comfort in a church, where he has memories of his father. The priest asks John what is on his mind, and John says that he has kept a secret from someone important. Unable to deal with the stress any longer, John goes straight to the station and comes clean with Bo about Cristian's real identity!

Todd insists to Evangeline that he is innocent of Margaret's murder. Van agrees to take his case, but tells Manning that if he is lying, she will take every piece of information he gives her to the prosecution. Blair comes to visit Todd in his cell, demanding to know why he walked out on her. Todd tells her that he left a note, and he tries to explain that he did not kill Margaret. Todd confesses that he wanted her dead, but just as he is about to come forward with the details of that fateful night at the lake, the guard tells Blair that her time is up and forces her to leave.

Hugh taunts Evangeline about taking on Mannings' case, but Natalie is grateful on behalf of Viki. Nat asks Van if this means she is dropping John Doe's case, but Van insists that she is going through with that. She once again tells Natalie that she is doing her a favor, and Nat cannot understand these cryptic comments.

Dorian is stunned when David calls off their wedding in front of all of the guests. The two of them leave for a moment to talk privately, with Dorian instructing the guests to remain in their seats. Once they are alone, Dorian insists that David simply has cold feet. He tells her that he cannot marry her, and he spits out a lame excuse about feeling guilty for riding on her coattails for so long. Dorian doesn't believe a word of this, and she tells David that she is going back out to the guests; she expects him to join her in five minutes. David tells her that he is not going to marry her, but he promises her that his decision doesn't have anything to do with Dorian or her actions; he takes full blame for his actions. Dorian goes back out to the guests and gracefully tells them that the wedding is off. After everyone leaves, she finally breaks down, throwing a couple of flower pots in the process. Then she sits down in a chair, pulls herself together, and says to the empty room: "I'm Dorian Lord, and it's not over until I say it is."

Meanwhile, David tells Spencer that he will never forgive him for ruining his wedding day. Spencer calmly tells David that it's better to drop Dorian now than for she and the rest of the world to find out that David is a cold blooded murder! At last, part of the secret is out ... but what is the rest of it?

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Rex comes across a steamed Adriana at the docks. She's upset over Duke defending her mother when she wanted to be angry at her and worse yet, he didn't understand her feelings. She wanted his arms around her and instead, he made her feel guilty. She's thinking that maybe she picks fights with Duke because she thinks she's not good enough for him. Rex understands perfectly and not only embraces her but kisses her.

An irate Dorian goes to see Viki but she's so out of control that Clint tosses her out. When she starts to bang on the door again demanding to know why Viki stood her up, Clint calms her down enough to let her in. She's humiliated and accuses Viki of not caring about her. She wanted their problems put in the past, she continues. When Viki realizes that Dorian is not dancing at her reception, it slowly dawns on her that the wedding did not happen. Citing Viki as the reason that David stood her up because Viki wished it, Dorian goes too far when she further states that Viki probably knew about it and then proceeds to make fun of her multiple personalities. Viki breaks down and divulges that Jess is ill, that she has D.I.D. and that it's because of her. Dorian is immediately apologetic and the two women are able to sit down and calmly discuss their latest woes. Dorian asks to be able to sit alone awhile to compose herself.

In the bar where the wedding was to take place, Duke unsuccessfully looks for Adriana and runs into Ginger, telling her they had a fight. When Kelly comes along and begins to tell Ginger off due to all of her sneakiness with the Mannings and Margaret, and trying to take advantage of Duke, he is quick to come to the girl's aid. In the bride's suite, Spencer assures David that he's serious about going to the police to advise them that his brother shot a man, even as he helped to cover it up. It just would suit him better if David not marry Dorian, he tells him. Furthermore, he can make it even worse for him than merely losing his woman and his freedom. David insists that he will tell Dorian the truth, knowing that she will understand. He just had to go along with stopping the wedding until he could figure out what to do. He thinks Spencer is jealous of all that he has. When Kelly barges in and demands an explanation, she doesn't buy Spencer's; that a self-destructive David was feeling guilty and not good enough due to his past evil deeds. She tosses the men out so that she can get changed. Spencer urges Ginger to get rid of her adversary indirectly. She watches him in action and when Duke returns, she states that she thinks Adriana is in the bride's suite. When Duke rushes in, he finds Kelly in a state of undress.

Cristian is unable to get any facts out of Hayes Barber but a man called Angus gives him a note stating that he has information. He proceeds to tell him that the prison will be dark tomorrow and that someone will be cutting the power off. He will be getting out of the prison which is why he's passing this on. They are interrupted by Carlo, taunting Cris with the fact that now he has the information but nowhere to go with it. How would he know which guards are on his payroll? Hayes sucker punches Cris from behind as Carlo threatens him; if Cris interferes he won't live past tomorrow. Cris, in pain, tries unsuccessfully to make a phone call. He informs Angus that he has orders for him.

Bo hears John's confession that John Doe is really Cristian Vega and that he promised not to tell anyone which is why he didn't. Bo is perturbed that John didn't trust him and now feels that he will be unable to trust John. He hears the entire story, from the DNA sample divulging the truth to the fact that Cris threatened to kill himself if anyone knew the truth to the present that Carlo is trying to have him killed after being behind the brain washing. John wanted Cris in solitary for protection but the warden is away and he can't get in touch with the assistant warden. Bo jumps on the phone but has the same difficulty as John. They agree that Cris has to be protected. John feels that he owes both Cris and Natalie.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Duke walked in on Kelly as she was changing. She tried to shoo him out and wound up falling on top of him. Kevin heard Kelly struggling so he busted in on the two of them and threw Duke off. As Duke iced a knot on his head, Kevin apologized saying he had no idea what was happening or who he was. Nevertheless, he wanted to hear why Duke was on top of Kelly when she was half naked. Duke stuttered trying to explain how he thought he was walking in on Adriana. After Duke left, Kelly told Kevin if she doesn't undergo Spencer's procedure that she'll never be happy. Kevin hung a "do not disturb" sign on the door, took off his jacket and suspenders and kissed Kelly.

Rex and Adriana made out at the docks, then stopped to talk about what was happening between them. Adriana tried to insinuate that it was Rex who wants more than just a friendship, while Rex reminded Adriana that it was she who shoved a tongue in his mouth. Adriana admitted that she liked Rex, but said she still has a boyfriend. Rex told her to decide which of the two guys she wants to be with. Duke walked up to them as they were arguing. Somehow Adriana managed to flip the blame on to Duke when he retold the story about his seeing Kelly half naked. She said he'd rather have sex with Kelly than with her and then asked Duke to leave. When alone with Rex, she told him that although she started to think maybe there was something more between them than friendship, that she was wrong and there was nothing at all. She left him alone at the docks.

John told Bo he's heading to the prison in the morning to talk to the warden about how to deal with Carlo. Bo tried to talk John into telling Natalie the truth about Cristian. He compared the situation to what happened between himself and Nora because of his keeping a secret about Daniel.

Clint dropped by the police station and offered to pay Nash's fine for fighting in the airport and then told Nash to stay away from Jessica. Nash told Clint he couldn't be bought and refused to accept the money.

Clint stopped in on Bo to talk about Jessica. He asked how long Bo has known about her DID. Bo apologized for not speaking up sooner. Clint said he wasn't there to guilt his brother but to just get as much information as he can.

Evangeline talked with Spencer at the hospital about Nora's condition. Spencer said he knew of an experimental treatment that might help her, but Paige stepped in and said she won't let that happen. Spencer told her not to dress him down, but Paige said she'll do whatever she likes in her hospital. Spencer informed Paige that he'd just coerced David into calling off the wedding to Dorian. He then warned Paige to consider the consequences before challenging his opinions in public.

Evangeline visited Nora. An apparition of Nora appeared and Evangeline told the vision that she's having a hard time keeping the secret about Cristian. Bo dropped in to visit Nora, and Evangeline cried to him that she wants her friend back.

Natalie talked to Jessica about her baby. Jessica said she's having the child regardless of how Tess fits in. Natalie asked her if she'd feel that way if she found out Nash was the father. Jessica said that by the time she has the baby she'll be well and better able to deal with everything. Jess said that now, however, she has to keep her guard up all the time or Tess would come out again. She told Natalie how Tess almost had the pregnancy aborted. Natalie told her to go back to sleep and that she'd watch out for her. As she walked out of Jess's bedroom, she opened the door to find Nash on the other side. She berated him for hovering over Jessica. Next, Clint walked up and told Nash to give Jessica some space. Nash apologized and got Clint to let him have a quick peak at Jessica when he went in to say good night to his daughter.

Cristian (looking more haggard by the day) got Angus to agree to get a note to Bo when he's released the next day.

Natalie went to John's apartment to clear her head. She sensed something was bothering John and asked him what it was. Instead of answering he threw her on the bed and took off her clothes.

Friday, November 11, 2005

The countdown to the Statesville prison break is underway. Carlo, Hayes, and one of the guards sit down to a game of cards as Cristian makes a desperate plea from his cell to talk to the Warden. He is denied a phone call by yet another corrupt guard, but he still has faith in Angus. Angus makes his way to the court house, where Bo is inside for Todd's arraignment hearing.

Evangeline pulls Kevin aside to ask him not to taunt Todd. Kelly takes this opportunity to confront Todd, screaming at him that he is a murderer, a baby killer, and a rapist. She starts to physically assaults him, but the bailiff pulls her off. Blair has been declaring her devotion to Todd to Spencer on the docks, but she arrives in the courtroom just in time to see her cousin attacking the man that she loves. Blair demands that Kelly stop speaking to Todd in such a cruel manner and insists that he is innocent. Kelly tells Blair to keep telling herself that so that she can sleep at night. Blair rips into Kelly, telling her that the only reason she's so mad is because she can't have a baby herself. Kelly tries to slap Blair, but Kevin restrains her. Evangeline and Hugh begin making their cases, and the judge rules in the prosecution's favor; there will be no bail for Todd. Van has one week to get her case ready, and she tells Hugh that she is not backing down. She does admit to Todd that most of Llanview is out to get him. Kelly tries reaching out to Blair, but Blair tells her cousin that she has absolutely nothing to say to her. Todd and Blair share a tender moment before he is hauled off to jail, and Blair tearfully watches him go.

With the hearing over, Bo leaves the courtroom and is approached by Angus. Angus hands the commissioner a note confirming the prison break. Bo makes an emergency call and orders every available LPD squad car to Statesville.

Meanwhile, John has finally managed to meet with Warden Stephens. He explains that John Doe is really Cristian Vega and that he would like for him to wear a wire in order to incriminate Carlo Hesser. The Warden reluctantly agrees. As the two men talk in the Warden's office, one of the corrupt guards pulls the light switch, causing Statesville to go dark. The prisoners break out in a riot, running through the building and looting everywhere. Meanwhile, Hayes has stolen a rifle and crawled through a chute, where he comes to a perch above the Warden's office. John and the Warden realize that they are in a state of emergency; the Warden pockets a gun, and the two men go out into the corridor. Hayes points his rifle at the Warden and shoots him.

Natalie is concerned when John doesn't meet her for their dinner date. Michael stops by John's room to hang out with Natalie, and Roxy believes that he's there to hit on her step daughter. When Michael goes to the diner for food, Roxy tells Nat that Michael has the hots for her. Michael returns with food, and Natalie questions him about his feelings for her. Michael can't believe that she thinks he's trying to make a pass at her, so he finally comes clean about the fact that he's still in love with Marcie. Natalie consoles him, and then she opens up to him about the strange feeling she has that things have changed between she and John. She tells Michael that the previous night when they made love, John acted like it was the last time they would ever be together. Little does Natalie know that John and Cristian are about to fight for their lives in the worst riot Statesville prison has ever known ...

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