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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 14, 2005 on GL
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Monday, November 14, 2005

Reva is shocked when Tammy confesses her feelings for Jonathan. Reva tries to convince her niece that she's just confused but Tammy makes it clear her feelings are genuine. Jonathan overhears Reva advise Tammy to go through with her plans to marry Sandy and to let time take care of the conflict she feels. Jonathan confronts Reva, who insists that he's wrong for Tammy and that he must walk away. But, Jonathan isn't about to do that. He tells Reva he's never asked her for anything but he wants her help right now to win Tammy, leaving Reva conflicted. Danny and Michelle are reunited but both are aware of the cost to Marina. Rick and Mel arrive to convince Danny and Michelle they belong together and have brought a videotape of their wedding at the Bauer BBQ to prove it. Rick and Mel are so earnest that Danny and Michelle allow them to make their pitch without letting them know they have already reconciled. Rick and Mel leave, and Danny and Michelle finally make love. Meanwhile, Marina is coping as best she can with the loss of Danny. She takes a job working security at the charity dance event but the sight of all the couples having fun makes her miss Danny all the more. Later she digs in her purse for something and is surprised when she pulls out Alan-Michael's business card. Coop takes Lizzie to the charity dance event but has to use something of a backdoor entrance because he couldn't afford the tickets. Lizzie's put off at first but she sees how determined he is to give her a special night when he takes her out to the terrace to show her the private table he has set up for them. Lizzie is moved and tells Coop she wants to make love. Josh asks Olivia about Jeffrey.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

At Towers, Lizzie assures Coop that she wants to make love to him. She's hurt when Coop tells her that he can't tonight because he promised Buzz he'd help him at CO2. After putting up a brave front by telling Coop she understands, a dejected Lizzie leaves Towers. Soon, Quinn approaches and Coop thanks him. Quinn notes that now it's time for Coop to live up to his end of the bargain and wash dishes. After calling Buzz, asking him to cover for him should he see Lizzie, Coop gets to work bussing tables. Unknown to him, a depressed Lizzie has re-entered the restaurant. She's noticed by Quinn who invites her over to his table. Lizzie insists she should leave, but Quinn invites her to share a dance with him. On the dance floor, he suggests they go to his parents' house to soak in the hot tub, but Lizzie declines. She is shocked to literally bump into Coop. He is forced to tell her that he's bussing tables for the night due to lack of money. He wonders if Lizzie's angry. She says she's fine, but she is a little angry that Coop lied to her; she had assumed he was simply ditching her and that had her almost in tears. Realizing he'd hurt Lizzie's feelings, Coop apologizes and tells her they need to resolve to always tell each other the truth. After their talk, Coop goes back to work.

Lizzie receives a call from Dean which she takes out on the roof. Dean demands the money by tomorrow. Quinn overhears the exchange. When Lizzie's off the phone, Quinn approaches her and apologizes for insulting Coop earlier. He gives Lizzie some money, telling her she can do whatever she wants with it. She tries to decline, but he insists that she keep it.

Jonathan is asking Reva to help him stop Tammy's wedding. Reva is reluctant to help him and tries to tell him to just let Tammy marry Sandy. Jonathan reminds her that Tammy doesn't love Sandy. This discussion is really upsetting Reva. She tells Jonathan this will tear apart the entire family. Her apparent refusal upsets Jonathan who feels she's taking everyone else's side over his. Reva denies this and tells Jonathan of the rough childhood Tammy had. She tells him what Tammy needs now is security, someone who will keep her safe and give her a house with a white picket fence. Upset, Reva wants to know if Jonathan can provide the dependability Tammy needs and has in Sandy. Now Jonathan's upset because he thinks Reva doesn't think he's good enough for Tammy. An angry Jonathan can't see why she just won't help him win the girl he loves, but Reva is extremely concerned about what this will do to Tammy and Cassie. Reva tells Jonathan that she's not totally refusing to help him; she just needs time to think. After asking Reva what she really knows about Sandy, Jonathan angrily reminds her that HE is her son and storms off.

While talking with Buzz outside CO2, Ava spots Tammy and Sandy, who are outside discussing their wedding. Sandy leaves to do something at home, and Tammy sees Ava. She approaches and asks her to help her pick out a wedding present for Sandy. Tammy sees a tense look on her face and assumes it's because Ava thinks she's too young to get married. Just then, Jonathan happens by and after hearing that Tammy's buying a gift for Sandy, volunteers to help. Tammy declines the offer. Jonathan chats with an uncomfortable Tammy about her upcoming wedding and asks if she's having second thoughts. Tammy says no and Jonathan tells her that he's happy for her and walks off. The tension between the two isn't lost on Ava. She asks Tammy about it. Tammy's not really forthcoming with an answer, and Ava tells her that Jonathan seems to care for her. Ava unnerves her by saying Tammy is special to Jonathan. Seeing her reaction, Ava asks if she's having any doubts about marrying Sandy, but Tammy states she's not. When Tammy starts praising Sandy, Ava points out Jonathan is a good guy himself. Tammy suggests that Ava and Jonathan could be good together, but Ava insists they're just friends. Ava believes Jonathan has the hots for Tammy. Tammy denies having any feelings for Jonathan and tells Ava she wishes he'd move on. A little later, Ava and Tammy are looking into a store window and spot a small silver box and an antique watch. Ava suggests Tammy buy Sandy both - he can use the box to store all his antique watches. This piques Tammy's interest - how did Ava know Sandy collected antique watches?

Fresh from her conversation with Jonathan, Reva goes to talk with Sandy. After asking if he's sure about marrying Tammy; is this marriage what he really wants? Reva starts to talk about her first marriage. She said she went into it for all the wrong reasons. She tells him that several days before her wedding to Billy, his dad offered her an "escape route", stating if she had any doubts he'd help her get out of the wedding, no questions asked. Of course, Reva was too stubborn to take him up on it. Sandy figures out Reva is there to offer to be his "escape route." He declines the offer and insists he loves Tammy. He spouts that he wants to spend the rest of his life making her happy. Seeing how adamant Sandy is, Reva drops it and asks if he has any family coming to the wedding. Sandy says no. Reva tries a different tact and states if he's having any doubts at all, the wedding can always be postponed. But Sandy insists that almost losing his life has shown him he doesn't want to waste any time; he wants to get married ASAP.

Jonathan is now nursing his wounds over at Company. He overhears Blake talking to a couple, the Bakers, about a house she's selling. When Blake's alone, Jonathan walks over and after seeing a picture of the house, tells Blake he wants to buy it. When she points out that he blew through his trust fund, he states he got an inheritance from his adoptive father. Blake doesn't want to sell to Jonathan and refuses since she already has buyers lined up. But when Blake leaves for a second, Jonathan walks over to Mr. Baker and threatens him into getting a different house. When Blake returns, the Bakers rush out, claiming they've changed their minds. Blake still refuses to sell to Jonathan since she thinks he's playing games with her. Jonathan finally gets upset and angrily demands that she accept his bid for the house. He leaves and overhears Reva telling Sandy to go and marry Tammy. Jonathan approaches Reva and says he'll win Tammy without her help - anyone who gets in his way will get hurt.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Curious that Ava knows he loves antique watches, Tammy asks Sandy how Ava knows so much about him. Ava quickly covers for their secret. Lizzie interrupts and after offering her congratulations, offers to throw Tammy a bachelorette party. Sandy privately orders Ava not to attend, but Lizzie insists.

Jonathan warns Reva that he doesn't care if someone gets hurt as he tries to win Tammy. Hearing from Blake about his interest in the house she's representing, Reva asks Jonathan why he wants to buy a house.

Concerned about his lonely father, Coop offers to help Buzz find a woman. He pushes his father to ask out Olivia. He's encouraged when she seems to want to ask him to the wedding but then realizes she wants Josh as her date.

Cassie is reminded of Richard as she thinks about Thanksgiving and the upcoming wedding. She promises an uncomfortable Jeffrey that he would have liked him. The two invite Reva to Thanksgiving dinner. Cassie wants to invite Jonathan but Reva suggests she keep him away from Tammy.

As Tammy finds the listing of the house Jonathan eyed, Ava argues with Jonathan about whether the wedding will take place. Seeing the listing for the house and hearing about his argument with Blake, Ava explains that he can still buy the place without going through Blake. Tammy tells Sandy she'd love to live in this house.

Olivia gives Josh the name of a contact in San Cristobel. He calls to see if Jeffrey was ever there. But as he talks with Jeffrey, Josh changes his mind and refuses the information from the contact.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Marina is crushed when she and Frank see Danny and Michelle kissing. Marina tries to keep Frank from making a scene. Danny assures him that what he felt for Marina was very real. He never intended to hurt her. Danny says he finally realizes that he belongs with his kids and Michelle. Michelle apologizes to Marina for hurting her. Danny and Michelle wonder how their date went from bad to worse. Danny says he has an idea which will help their marriage. He tells her to meet him later and to be ready for anything.

Beth telephones to warn Alan that Harley hired "pit bull" Dinah to watch her back. Alan-Michael arrives and turns up the heat on Beth. She wants to know what he's up to and why he's trying to get under her skin.

Alan-Michael later runs into another beautiful woman. But this one, Marina, asks him to buy her a beer. She takes the beer and runs, angrily declining his offer of small talk.

Mallet and Gus interrupt Harley and Dinah's working dinner. The newlyweds leave a disgruntled Dinah alone with Mallet. Dinah believes Mallet can't stand it that Gus got the girl. He tries to convince her that he's not pining away for Harley. They share a tender moment when he says he lost Harley. Dinah says that she hopes he finds someone to love. When Mallet leaves, Dinah tells Gus that she knows he's trying to push her into Mallet's arms to keep him away from Harley. She assures him that she will help him and that she will use her powers for good instead of evil. Harley, however, is not on the same page as Dinah and Gus. She admits to Mallet that she can't stand seeing him with anyone else. Gus overhears.

Jonathan and Ava spy on Tammy and Sandy through the window of the "perfect" house. Tammy dreams about starting a new life in the new house. Sandy promises to make her life a fairy tale. After they leave, Jonathan dreams about Tammy returning and helping him to destroy the house. He realizes that he is alone and he has destroyed the house by himself. He later warns Ava to steer clear of the wedding. She demands that he take her to the wedding. She wants Sandy as badly as Jonathan wants Tammy.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Tammy prepares for her last night out with the girls. They've planned a bachelorette party for her, complete with a scavenger hunt-style "list" of crazy things for her to do. Before the party, Tammy assures Sandy that he has nothing to worry about but when her night begins, she begins to let go, needing to get everything out of her system before she can commit to Sandy. Meanwhile, Reva is floored when Jonathan says he has faith, for the first time in his life that Tammy won't go through with the wedding and will realize she belongs with him. He finds himself at the bar where Sandy's bachelor party is underway and joins in the fun. Meanwhile, with the help of Lizzie, Marina, and Ava, Tammy gets tipsier and throws herself into her wild night, even kissing a hot guy at the bar. The girls talk about true love, the kind you can't fight or ignore, and Tammy is affected by their words. She agrees to take on one last task, to steal a groom figurine from Tilson's bakery and there, for the first time, she gives in to the memory of kissing Jonathan in the barn and doesn't fight it. Later, Jonathan arrives at the bakery, and the two come face-to-face. Danny surprises Michelle by bringing her to the Bauer house to renew their vows and remarry. Michelle's overcome by the gesture and thrilled beyond words. Father Ray presides as Rick and Mel watch the happy couple dance in the kitchen, remembering all their happy times and planning for new ones. Beth has invited Gus and Harley to a dinner, in hopes of finding the weak link and seizing Spaulding power for herself. Gus and Harley get in a fight and Beth couldn't be more pleased by the turn of events. However, when Harley and Gus regroup outside, they reveal their fight was an act to throw Beth even further off their trail.

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