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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 14, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, November 14, 2005

Brooke is nearly successful in convincing Bridget that she can love Nick again, if she can see this situation in a new light. Despite herself, Taylor does not give into her desire for Hector. Ridge apologizes for not being there for Taylor at the press conference. Ridge insists that his bad behavior has been because of Stephanie and that he will get Forrester back. Taylor pleads that she needs more from Ridge, so he calls Hector to set things straight, to Taylor's delight.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ridge and Brooke devise a plan to regain the control of Forrester Creations by creating their own company. When they confront Stephanie with this matter she is furious, and can't understand why Ridge would do this to her. Massimo tries to put Ridge in control of Forrester Creations by having Stephanie sign a contract. Bridget begins doubting whether or not Nick should be in her life. Dante tells Bridget that she has made the right decision not being with Nick. Dante then reveals his feelings for Bridget and kisses her. Meanwhile Nick confesses to Jackie that he will do anything to regain Bridget's trust, including therapy to help forget about Brooke as an option.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Though Nick tries to kick him out, Dante won't budge and boasts that he is taking care of Bridget and the baby. He also announces that Bridget knows he's in love with her. Unimpressed, Nick sternly advises him that Bridget's future lies with him, not Dante. Though Nick finally storms out, he slips into her bedroom from the outside door and takes a moment to have a chat with their unborn baby. While Eric complains to Taylor about Stephanie's actions, she assures him she feels for him and adds that they are all under a lot of stress. However, Taylor claims that she and Ridge are in a better place now especially since she doesn't have to worry about Brooke anymore. Admitting he's feeling paranoid lately, Eric hints that his relationship with Brooke is very fragile right now and can't let anyone interfere with it. Stephanie asks Ridge if he's willing to end his marriage in order to start a rival company. He demands that he be put in charge today or he will leave and form the new company. Guessing they haven't, Stephanie pointedly asks them if they've discussed this with their spouses. She confirms that as long as he's with Brooke, he'll never be CEO. She also explains that she's selling the BeLief patent to pay for her expenses and growth at Forrester and sends them packing. Eric is next to see Stephanie and after she insults his wife, Stephanie leaks Ridge and Brooke's news about Destiny Designs. Brooke admits to Ridge that she doesn't know if she can start this company with him. As she points out how busy she is, Brooke collapses into his arms just as Eric enters.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ridge asks Eric to explain what he meant by, "Get your hands off my wife?" Eric tells him that he just came from Stephanie's office and she told him that he (Ridge) and is wife (Brooke) were going into business together, something that he knew nothing about. Then he walks in on them and finds them in each other's arms. What is he to think? Brooke tries to explain that she is not involved with Ridge; it is just the stress of all that is happening. Eric is angry, and tells her that she can't be involved with Ridge, because she loves Nick, but the one thing that he is certain of, is that she isn't in love with him.

Bridget laughs as Nick tells the baby what he would do if the baby decided to make an appearance when they were together. Bridget explains to Nick what a water birth is, and he comically tells her that he will just throw her overboard then. She tells him that "they are having their baby in a hospital." He reminds her what she just told him, "we" are having the baby.

Stephanie tells Thorne that she couldn't talk Ridge into joining them. She says "Ridge doesn't want the company for Eric, either, but for himself." She comments that Eric is on the way down to make sure that that Brooke and Ridge working together, doesn't happen.

Nick tells Bridget, that the two of them compliment each other and therefore should be together. He reminds her that way back in the beginning he kept telling her that she deserved better, and she wouldn't take him seriously. He wants to be back with her and he will do whatever is necessary to make that happen. She is becoming tired and Nick says that he will leave. On his way out, he tells her that he loves her.

Ridge and Brooke both tell Eric that the whole thing they presented to Stephanie was a bluff. Ridge wanted Forrester Creations, not to start up his own company, but since that can't be, the idea is suddenly becoming more appealing. They want Eric to work with them, and Ridge wants him especially to know, that he would never stab him in the back.

Dante enters the bedroom where Bridget is, after returning from a walk on the beach. He tells her that Nick was there earlier and asked him to leave. Dante tells her that Nick is no good for her, and she needs to get rid of him. They (Dante and her) are getting closer, and it is a good thing, so she needs to get Nick out of her mind.

Stephanie goes to see Ridge. He tells her that Eric is in a paranoid frenzy. He also tells her that he and Brooke are still going to start up a new company. Stephanie tells him that he could eventually have Forrester Creations, but, it is never going to happen and he will never run things around there as long as Brooke is involved.

Eric tells Brooke at home, that he isn't sure he can go on like this much longer. He is disappointed that their marriage isn't working. She tells him that he is concerned about the "sex." He feels that he has given her the time she asked for, but nothing has changed. She tells him that she knows that she is letting him down and he is right. He suggests going away with her, but she says that too much is going on, right now. She tells him that he is right about it being too long though, and if "sex" is what he wants, then they should do it. She cozies up to him and he backs off, telling her that he wants her to love him.

Stephanie warns Ridge to be considerate of Taylor. He better think twice about what this will do to her and as far as Eric goes, she doesn't care, he is a lost cause as far as she is concerned.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Eric says Brooke shouldn't have to try to love him. They're much more than friends and need to be lovers. She can follow him upstairs. Brooke gives new meaning to the Shady Marlin when she reports to Nick. He's ruined her for other men. Before leaving, Brooke tearfully points out never is a long time. [A lonely sax plays "Islands in the Stream."] Eric recalls telling Stephanie he'd be happy with just a year of marriage to Brooke. He lights a candle and plans to demonstrate his love. He proffers champagne and won't let his wife speak.

Dante tells Stephanie he wants Bridget. They should ensure she signs her divorce papers tonight. Bridget doesn't know whether she believes her husband is over her mom. Stephanie wants to spare her a lifelong feeling of being second best. She informs Nick he's no longer welcome and can't be alone with his wife. Even though her mom's dumping her dad, Nick insists she can trust him. Dante and Stephanie weigh in opposite. Bridget stares into the eyes of her mother's ex-lover.

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