All My Children Recaps: The week of November 7, 2005 on AMC

Ryan saved Greenlee and Kendall's lives. Zach declared his love to an unconscious Kendall. JR realized that he had hit Amanda. Julia prevented Sam from killing his father's murderer.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 7, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, November 7, 2005

Babe is shocked to discover that JR hit Amanda. When she tells JR, he is simply too drunk to appreciate the gravity of the situation and behaves belligerently. He accuses Babe and Amanda of staging the accident in order to extort money from him. Babe screams at JR to call for help but JR continues with his ramblings. Amanda comes to momentarily and watches as JR stumbles from his car and drunkenly staggers over to her. Babe is forced to call 9-1-1. When she finishes calling in the accident, Babe turns her attention back to Amanda. When she checks on Amanda, Babe is alarmed to discover that Amanda isn't breathing. While JR watches, thinking, it is all a rouse for his benefit, Babe is forced to administer CPR. Luckily, Babe manages to get Amanda breathing moments before the police and rescue arrive. Amanda is immediately rushed to the hospital while JR continues with his outlandish accusations. Suspecting JR may be intoxicated, the police suggest that JR willingly submit to a field sobriety test. JR is offended and immediately starts trying to intimidate them. When Derek Frye arrives at the scene, JR's behavior worsens. Standing nearby, Babe watches the scene unfold with a measure of disgust until Derek starts to arrest JR. Babe keeps JR from being arrested by speaking up and confessing to having been the driver of the car when it struck Amanda.

Erin asks Aidan for help in finding Jonathan, unaware of his connection to her brothers. Unfortunately for Erin, Aidan requires more than just a basic description in order to find Jonathan. He asks questions, including the name of the man he's supposed to find. Erin tries evading his questions leading Aidan to become suspicious. He also has a feeling that he has met Erin before. Erin becomes nervous and tries to get rid Aidan. When Aidan finally remembers who she is, Erin Lavery, Aidan mistakenly assumes that Erin was trying to hire him to find Ryan. Erin doesn't bother to trying to correct his false conclusions. Unfortunately, Aidan doesn't leave. Instead, he asks more questions and pushes Erin for answers until he accidentally finds the plea agreement for Jonathan that Livia had dropped off earlier that evening. Reading it, Aidan struggles to make sense of what the plea agreement could indicate.

Simone walks into Greenlee's apartment and finds Ryan lying unconscious on the floor. She helps him sit up as he slowly comes to but then checks herself. She jumps to the false conclusion that Greenlee knocked him out and if she did then she had good reason. As Simone rambles on about Greenlee, Ryan becomes confused and asks her what she's talking about. Simone clarifies herself by saying that she's talking about the baby. Ryan mistakenly thinks she's talking about the child that Greenlee lost. They have two different conversations until Simone realizes that Ryan has no idea about the child that Kendall is carrying. She quickly changes the subject before Ryan figures it out and asks him how he came to be unconscious on the floor. Ryan has no interest in explaining things and instead focuses on calling Greenlee. After several attempts and only reaching her voicemail, Ryan leaves the apartment.

Lily and Erica are disturbed by Jackson's injured hand. They ask him questions, but Jackson evades answering them directly. After Lily goes into the other room, Jackson places another call to Greenlee's cell phone. Erica quickly realizes that Jackson's injury involved Greenlee and from there she is able to piece together that Jackson had and altercation with Ryan. Worried about Ryan, Erica gathers her coat to leave. Jack is furious. He feels that Erica has her priorities mixed up and she should be supporting Jack's position, not worrying about Ryan's welfare. Erica tells Jack that she believes that Ryan and Greenlee should reconcile and she will do whatever she can to see that they have a chance. Jack watches as Erica leaves the apartment. He soon follows her. They wind up at Greenlee's empty apartment where they continue to argue about Greenlee, Ryan and now Kendall. Jack wants to know why Erica is so determined to see Ryan and Greenlee save their marriage and how exactly it affects Kendall. Erica finally tells Jack that Kendall is Greenlee's surrogate and that she is pregnant with Greenlee and Ryan's baby.

Jonathan shows up on Lily's doorstep to talk to her. Alone at home, Lily is terrified to open her front door and find Jonathan standing there.

Zach finds Di on the beach. He lends her a sympathetic ear as she talks about her encounter with Tad and the direction of their relationship. Zach ends up sharing his own marital problems. Di is somewhat surprised to realize that Zach is in love with Kendall. Zach admits that he is too. He tells her that initially he married Kendall to prove something to his son, Ethan. Zach admits that in the beginning Kendall proved every one of his valid concerns. And she kept on proving them until he realized he had been wrong about her all along. All those faults he saw with Kendall turned out to be products of her unwavering loyalty and self-destructive need to do anything for those whom she loves. As they talk, Zach and Di share a moment of closeness that leads to a kiss.

Greenlee desperately tries to put out the fire while Kendall urges her to flee the building with her. Before Greenlee can escape, she is trapped by a heavy falling piece of construction equipment. Kendall struggles to lift the heavy piece but is unable to budge it. With smoke quickly filling up the attic area, Kendall races over to a boarded up window in the hopes of removing a slat to clear some smoke out and allow fresh air in. Unfortunately her actions create a backdraft and the fire spreads more quickly. Realizing that she's going to need help to get Greenlee out of the raging fire, Kendall starts to leave but just then the flames reach a stack of cans filled with dangerous chemicals. An explosion knocks Kendall back and the wind temporarily out of her. Defeated and realizing that she would never make it back to Greenlee in time, Kendall vows to stay with Greenlee to the end. They hold hands and try to comfort each other. Moments later, Ryan races into the bar and up the stairs when he hears the women screaming. Ryan manages to break his way into the attic and feverishly works to free Greenlee. Greenlee meanwhile screams for him to save Kendall. When it becomes apparent that she's too focused on rescuing Greenlee, she screams that Kendall is carrying their baby. Ryan freezes.

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Di and Zach continued kissing on the beach but they realized it wasn't what they really wanted. Zach told her that she was a beautiful woman but Di said that she still wanted Tad and he still wanted Kendall. Zach offered to take Di home but she said she was going to stay at the beach for a while longer. Just then, Zach's phone rang and Anita told him that Kendall was in a fire and on her way to the hospital. Del found Di and she told him that she had a revelation and had the answer all along. Del told her that she should go to New York with him and share the wealth from the book deal he made. She told him there wasn't enough money to make her forget the people she loved.

A very drunk J.R was handcuffed for drunk driving, but Babe told Derek that she was driving the car and she swerved to try to avoid hitting Amanda.. Derek told Babe and J.R. that if Amanda died, someone could be charged with manslaughter. At PV hospital, Jamie was working the emergency room and walked in and saw Amanda. Anita realized that Amanda was dying and called for the crash cart. She and Jamie followed emergency procedures to save her. J.R., still considerably drunk, tried to remember what happened. Derek said he didn't believe Babe and wanted to know who really put Amanda in the E.R. Babe continued to try to convince Derek that she was in fact the driver and that she was really sorry that the accident happened. Derek then turned to J.R. and told him that they needed to talk in private. Babe tried to follow, but Jamie grabbed her arm and told her she wasn't going anywhere. Jamie told Babe that he knew she wasn't driving the car.

Aidan said that he was going to call the police but Erin said no. She said Jonathan wasn't the same person now. Again, Aidan picked up the phone to call the police as he gave Erin a litany of Jonathan's sins. He told Erin nobody would be hurt by a Lavery again. As he was on the phone with the police, Erin hit him with a vase and knocked him out.

Lily went completely out of control when she opened the door and saw Jonathan. She asked him if he was a ghost and he told her no that he was real. Jonathan tried to explain that he was fixed now but Lily was still in a bad state. Sam came in and Lily told him that the bad man was there. Sam wanted Lily to tell him where Jonathan was but she couldn't. He called Jack and told him he needed to get home now. Sam went back to Wildwind, opened the wall safe and pulled out a gun.

Erica told Jack that Kendall was carrying the "Rylee" baby. Erica told him that Greenlee wanted to hold on to Ryan forever. Jack blamed Kendall for the pregnancy and Erica told Jack that Greenlee was the one who so desperately wanted this. He asked Erica how long she had known about the pregnancy and wanted to know why he didn't tell him. Erica told Jack he had to step back and give Ryan and Greenlee a chance. Jack told Erica that the Laveries had tried to destroy his family, but no more. Jack left and when Erica answered the knock at the door, it was Jonathan.

Ryan freed Greenlee from the equipment that trapped her as the fire raged around them. Greenlee begged Ryan to save Kendall and the baby first. He assured Greenlee he would be back to save her. When Ryan returned for Greenlee, he took her outside and laid her next to Kendall. At the hospital, Greenlee kept asking for them to get Dr. Madden to treat Kendall. Greenlee asked Ryan why he hadn't said anything about the baby. He told her that he wanted her to tell him everything and she filled him in on how this baby came to be. She told him that he could run as fast and as far as he could because nothing was more important than their baby. He told her he wasn't leaving again. Erin and Ryan told Greenlee that Jonathan got away. With a same story, second verse look, she told him to go find Jonathan just as Zach came into the room.

Dr. Madden arrived at the hospital and told Kendall that he would do whatever it took to keep the baby safe. Anita told Zach that he would have to wait to see Kendall, but in her room she wondered where he was.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Jamie doesn't believe Babe when she tells him that she was the diver of the car that struck Amanda. He is convinced that Babe is once again lying this time to cover up for JR. Babe asks Jamie what possible motive she can have for covering up for JR of all people. Jamie believes it's an attempt to gain JR's gratitude. Just then JR stumbles into the room, still visibly drunk. After a few off color comments about Amanda and the accident, Jamie leaves. Babe tries to talk some sense into JR but JR is much too drunk to listen. When he starts threatening Babe with testifying against her, Babe reaches her limit. She reminds JR that he was the one who ran Amanda over. When JR completely dismisses the idea, Babe realizes that he has no memory of the accident. Certain that he is going to eventually remember when he sobers up, Babe tries to caution him about what he says. Later, they end up at the Chandler Mansion still arguing about who was driving. JR is belligerent and refuses to accept the possibility that he was the one responsible for the accident. He challenges Babe to explain why she would even want to cover for him. Babe tells JR that she took responsibility for the accident because she didn't want her son growing up with a father who is in prison. She reminds him that, unlike himself, she is not drunk and therefore the legal consequences, if there are any, will not be as severe for her. JR continues to drink heavily until he eventually passes out. While unconscious, Babe vows to JR that she will not be separated from their son. When Krystal walks in and lends Babe a sympathetic shoulder, Babe admits that she fears she has made the biggest mistake of her life.

Sam steals a gun from the safe at Wildwind. He lies about it, claiming he took cash for a satellite radio, when Julia walks him and questions him. As Sam prepares to leave, Julia stops him. She asks him if he would consider moving back to Wildwind and living with her. Sam is touched but admits that he still has difficulty dealing with Edmond's murder. Just then Di and Del enter. Di asks Julia if she would permit Del to move in. As a favor to Di, Julia reluctantly agrees. Later they discuss the mess that their lives have become and both find humor in the revelation that each attempted to seduce Zach. The conversation turns serious when Julia confesses that she's concerned about Sam. She also tells Di that she is haunted by Garret. Di is sympathetic and listens as Julia explains that while she wouldn't change anything if given the chance, it's something that she wouldn't wish on anyone. Del enters the room and announces that he just learned from a news report that Jonathan Lavery is alive. Julia quickly realizes that Sam didn't get money from the safe. She goes over to the wall safe and confirms that Sam had actually taken a gun. She instantly realizes why Sam would want a gun.

Lily is distressed after seeing Jonathan. Jack patiently clams Lily down and then tries to call the police. Lily becomes quite upset and pleads with her father to leave the police out of it. She explains to him that Jonathan told her that he had recently had brain surgery that fixed him. She then asks Jack if she too can have brain surgery to fix her problems. Jack gently explains that there isn't any surgery that can undo Lily's disorder. He goes on to remind her how special, unique and wonderful she is, letting her know that he loves her just as she is. Jack goes on to tell her that she has taught him much. They are interrupted by the arrival of Reggie and Aidan. Concerned for Lily's safety, Aidan assures himself that she's fine and begins to question her. Lily becomes upset and flees the room. Realizing that he's not helping matter, Aidan leaves to tighten up security around the building. Jack asks Reggie if he's heard from Greenlee. His concern for his daughter grows when Reggie tells him that he hasn't talked to Greenlee.

Erica is surprised to see Jonathan at Greenlee's penthouse. Uncomfortable with his presence, Erica tries to get Jonathan to leave but Jonathan is too star struck by seeing Erica and walks into the apartment. Erica offers to give him an autographed picture but Jonathan declines the offer. He asks instead for her to help him with a new beginning. Not certain what is wrong with Jonathan and anxious to get away from him, Erica picks up her purse and pretends like she's late for a meeting. Jonathan seems to realize that Erica is nervous around him. He explains that he had a brain tumor removed and that he's no longer dangerous. Erica believes him and tries to get him to rest on the sofa. Once Jonathan is comfortable, Erica calls Ryan. Shortly after the call, someone pounds on the front door. Frightened, Jonathan sits up as Erica opens the door. The moment Aidan sees Jonathan, he advances on him. As Aidan tries to physically overpower Jonathan and take him into custody, Erica does her best to get Aidan to release him. Distracted by Erica's efforts, Aidan loses his grip and Jonathan is able to escape out of the penthouse. Later, Erin and Ryan arrive. Both are worried because Jonathan is once again missing. Erin is furious that Aidan interfered in something that did not concern him. She is interrupted when Julia walks in and confronts Ryan. She feels betrayed that he never once warned her about Jonathan and now she is terrified that her nephew Sam is intent of killing the man who murdered his father.

Zach wonders why the Lavery men can't stay dead. He warns Ryan that Jonathan isn't safe in Pine Valley. Erin tries to defend Jonathan but Greenlee points out that Erin can't possibly appreciate their fears and reluctance given that she did not see Jonathan at his worst during the murder spree. Ryan tries once again to convince Greenlee to give Jonathan a chance but to no avail. Frustrated with Zach's jabs, Ryan turns the tables on him. He confronts him about the phone call Zach made to Ryan asking him to stay away. Greenlee is disgusted with Zach over the new piece of information and asks him why he would do such a thing. Ryan answers for Zach, telling Greenlee that Zach's motive was to keep Ryan from learning about the surrogacy plans. Zach doesn't defend himself. Instead, Zach observes that in his view Ryan is much more dangerous than Jonathan because people believe Ryan is sane. After Zach walks out of the room, Anita enters. She gives Greenlee the good news that Kendall and the baby are fine. Ryan steps out into the hallway to take a call from Erica about Jonathan.

Kendall remains unconscious in her room. Zach stands by her bedside and gently takes her hand in his before he confesses his love to her. After softly kissing Kendall's forehead, Zach leaves the room. Greenlee sees him as she comes around the corner and then enters Kendall's room. Kendall slowly opens her eyes and seems surprised to see Greenlee standing at her bedside. She tells her that she was certain Zach was standing there and talking to her. Kendall stops short of telling Greenlee what Zach says but it seems she heard what he said. Greenlee lies. She tells Kendall that it must have been a bad dream because Zach had not been in the room.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Amanda wakes up in the hospital and thinks that she and Jamie got married and that she has a hangover. He has to break the news to her that she was actually hit by a car, and that she is in the hospital. She asks him who is responsible. He tells her that the police are still investigating, and asks her if she has any recollection of the accident. She doesn't, but she's worried that she may have done something awful to Babe. Jamie doesn't know anything about it, tells her to get some rest and that he is going to call her parents. She begs him not to, citing that Janet will go crazier than she already is if she hears about it. Jamie tells her that the hospital always calls next of kin when there is any kind of accident, but Amanda tries to convince him that it isn't necessary. Jamie then tells her that even though she thinks her mom will freak out, they need to call her so that someone will be there to sign off on paperwork in case they need to perform a procedure. A scared note creeps into her voice, and she asks Jamie if she's going to die. Jamie tells her that no one is saying anything like that, but it doesn't soothe her nerves. She grabs his hand and tells him that she wants to confess. She starts off by confessing about a prank from grade school, but Jamie assures her that she won't get in trouble for that. She then confesses that she faked her heart problems by taking her mom's medicine because she wanted him to feel sorry for her and not kick her out. She further confesses that she did get the drugs to trick him into marrying her, and that she is ashamed of her mother. She admits that she is a bad person but notes that she hasn't always been this way. Jamie knows, and tells her that she shouldn't worry right now - but instead, get some rest.

Krystal berates Babe for choosing to take the rap for hitting Amanda as opposed to sending JR to jail. Babe admits that if it were an option, she would have chosen it. She fills her mom in on the fact that JR got her court-ordered visitation cancelled and his plans to leave the country with their son. Krystal notes that had she let him take the rap, he would have been in jail and would have been required to stay in town until trial. Babe explains that all she could think of was that if Amanda died, the charges and the stakes would be higher. Both of those things upped the chances that JR would jump bail and take off, never to be heard from again. Babe admits that she thought if she took responsibility, JR would owe her and she would have some leverage when it came to seeing her son. She realized that it backfired too late - because JR was too wasted to remember anything other than what he was told...which makes her guilty. Babe says that she had to make a quick decision in the moment and that she did the best she could. Krystal still hates the idea, but she admits that the plan may have some power. She tells her daughter to give JR the truth and use that to score more time. Babe tells her that she tried that, but JR was too wasted to take it all in. Krystal then says that if JR can't handle the truth in the moment, someone would, and she takes off up the stairs, with her daughter staring after her. Moments later, Krystal comes barreling back down into the living room with Adam in tow. Irate over being roused from bed, Adam demands to know what is going on. Krystal informs him that Babe saved JR from being tossed in jail, and that Adam will now return the favor. They give Adam the lowdown about what happened to Amanda and how Babe covered for his son. Adam is deep in denial then, because he believes that Babe is the last person that would cover for her ex-husband. They then tell him about JR's plans to leave the country, and Adam tries to call their bluff. They tell him that all he has to do is call his pilot to verify the story. He does just that, and finds out that JR has the pilot at the airport on standby all evening with instructions to tell no one. Hanging up the phone, a stunned Adam listens as his wife demands that he find a way to reign in JR before Babe has his passport yanked and sends JR to jail. Babe tries to restrain her mother, saying that she doesn't want there to be anymore blackmail. Krystal refuses to be held back and Adam calls her on her threats. Krystal confirms as much, saying that she would do anything to protect her daughter. What's more, she demands that Adam step in or she will have zero problem not keeping the family rap sheet to herself. She reminds Adam that as the lady of the house, she can do whatever she pleases. She tells Babe to come upstairs with her so that she can get settled in a guest bedroom. Babe tells her momma that she is sleeping outside of Little A's bedroom, but Adam protests, telling her that it isn't her visitation day. Babe admits that she wants to make sure that no one has the opportunity to sneak off with her son.

Josh breaks into his father's office at the clinic and starts to look through some files. Before he can get too far, he is caught by Hazel. He tries to tell her that Erica is aiming to cause major trouble for Greg, and that he is just trying to protect his father. Hazel, who has known Josh practically all his life, doesn't believe him for a second. Josh explains that Erica has been working him over, trying to find any and everything that she can use against Greg to smear him. He goes on to tell her that he is double-teaming Erica - keeping the enemy close. He feels that if he knows what's in his father's file, the job will be much easier. Hazel isn't budging, so Josh tries to bluff his way through by saying that he knows the secret his father has been keeping. Not easily fooled, Hazel dares him to let her in on it. Josh continues to try to run a game on Hazel, but she is done listening to his attempts and tells him that if he wants cold, hard facts - he needs to go to the hospital, find his father and ask him. Josh gives up, throws one last compliment her way and leaves before she has the chance to sic security on him.

A short time later, Josh sneaks back into his father's office and tries to break into a locked drawer. After trying both his parents' birthdays, he hits pay dirt with his own. He rifles through the files for a moment, pulls one out and is amazed at what he sees.

Julia informs Ryan, Erin and Erica that Sam stole the gun from the safe at Wildwind and is on the hunt for Jonathan. Her main concern is that Sam can't be the one to kill Jonathan - she doesn't want him to live with that for the rest of his life. She asks if Ryan has any clue where his brother might have run off to. After thinking a moment, he tells the small group that he has an idea where - but he doesn't think it's good place for his brother to be. Ryan prepares to head out to find Jonathan, and Erin and Julia insist they are going to accompany him. As he shrugs into his jacket, Erica notices the wound on his arm and asks after the cause. Stunned that she hadn't heard, he tells her about the fire and that Kendall and Greenlee are at the hospital. Erica runs out to be with her daughters, and Julia remembers that the tragedy at Wildwind started with a fire. She wonders if this fire is more of Jonathan's handiwork, and Ryan tries to diffuse the situation by reminding her and his sister that the important thing is to find Jonathan and Sam alive and unharmed.

Jonathan goes to the site of the mine collapse to talk to Braden. He gives an update on their two other siblings, and then apologizes. He notes sadly that while the doctors fixed him and he will get better, there is nothing he can do to bring Braden back. He then says that perhaps he won't get a new beginning - and that this is the best he'll ever be. He also posits that maybe he should go to jail for a long time to get better. Suddenly, a voice from behind says that he could save everyone the trouble, and Jonathan turns around and sees Sam pointing a gun at him. Jonathan asks who Sam in, and when he gets his answer, Jonathan apologizes. He tries to explain why he did what he did, but notes that he now knows that his explanations don't make it right. Sam angrily states that they had hoped Edmund would come back, not him...and that maybe if Jonathan apologized a little louder, Edmund would really be alive again. Increasingly nervous, Jonathan brokenly explains that if it would work, he would shout loud enough to bring back everyone he killed. Fairly shaking with rage, Sam pronounces Jonathan a freak and prepares to fire the gun at his target. Jonathan tells Sam about the tumor, and that he came back to Pine Valley to try to make up for what he did in some way. Sam replies that he can't be expected to understand what Jonathan went through, or to forgive him. Jonathan says that he doesn't expect forgiveness because he can't forgive himself. He further notes that maybe meeting his end at Sam's hands is best - whatever will make those he hurt happiest. He then tells Sam to instruct him what to do. Shocked that Jonathan won't run, Sam tells him to get on his knees and close his eyes. He holds the gun mostly steady, but before he can fire it, Ryan, Erin and Julia find them - and Julia begs Sam not to go through with it. They try to convince Sam to put the gun down but antsy, Sam moves behind Jonathan and away from anyone who can touch him. He asks if they think Jonathan deserves something other than a bullet. Ryan says that Sam should let the law deal with Jonathan, because if he fires the gun, Sam will have ended both he and Jonathan's life. Sam isn't scared and says that when he faces his father again, he wants to be able to stand before him, proud that he was there to help this time. Julia moves in a bit closer to her nephew and tells him that putting a bullet into the person you hate won't end the torture. Sam asks how she knows, and she confesses that she killed Garret Williams, the man who had Noah killed, when she didn't have to. Julia demands that Sam look at her, and she breaks down for him what his life will be like if he kills Jonathan. She reminds him that Jonathan won't get away with what he's done...and neither will Sam if he pulls the trigger. She begs him not to make her take the gun away - instead, she asks him to hand it over, knowing that he made the right choice. She asks him to do it for his father, because he knows that not becoming a killer is what Edmund would have wanted. As Erin and Ryan looked on with bated breath, they wait as Sam considers all that has been said. In a split moment, Sam puts the gun down and Julia takes it away. They all breathe a sigh of relief and Erin quickly kneels down to hug her brother.

Greg visits Greenlee and Kendall's hospital room. While Greenlee sleeps, he checks in on Kendall. He assures her that everything is fine with the baby, but he fears they might have bigger problems. He found out that Ryan was the one that rescued them from the fire, and he wondered if Kendall had a change of heart about the surrogacy. At that moment, Greenlee wakes up and, having heard his last statement, asks why he would think Kendall would now feel differently. Greg notes that because of all of the stress that has surrounded the pregnancy, he just wanted to make sure that everyone was okay to still proceed. Greenlee reveals that Ryan now knows that the baby exists, so there shouldn't be any more complications. Greg insists that they keep it that way, and then says that he wants to run a battery of tests. Greenlee is confused since he checked on the baby when they were first brought to the hospital after the fire. He explains that he wants to check for congenital defects or abnormalities. Greenlee tells him that there isn't any history of disease in her family or Ryan's, so there should be no need. Greg tries to assure Greenlee that although they may think all factors have been considered, there is a possibility that there are things unknown to even the biological donors. He tells her that in all of his handling of special pregnancies, it's just standard procedure for him to do the tests. Kendall admonishes Greenlee for not wanting to take every precaution and says that since she is already in the hospital, they might as well have it done. In turn, Greenlee wonders why Kendall doesn't have any questions - for example, how invasive the procedure is. Kendall urges her to trust the doctor and go for it, but Greenlee reminds her best friend that she has a say in the decisions because it's her baby. She then notes that Kendall hates needles, and wonders why she is so eager to get tested. Kendall calmly tells Greenlee that having never been pregnant before, every week there's something new. Even though the chances are remote, Kendall tells her best friend that she would just feel better being 100% sure that everything is okay. Greenlee asks for assurance one more time that the baby wouldn't be compromised, and Greg gives that to her. She finally agrees to sign the consent forms, much to everyone's relief. Greg says that he will ask a nurse to bring in the forms, and that he will run the tests in the morning. After instructing them to get some sleep, he goes to leave. As he opens the door, he finds Erica on the other side, poised to come in. They stare at each other uncomfortably for a moment, and then walk around each other and continue on their path.

Erica makes a beeline to Kendall, professing to be glad that they are both all right. She asks after the baby and they both tell her that the baby is okay, noting with their tone that they don't think she cares. Fed up, Erica tells them to knock it off. She rants on about how even though she was upset when they told her about the pregnancy, she was honest with them - which is more than she could say for either of them. She further notes that she has been loyal to them at the expense of keeping her husband in the dark. She feels that she has given all that she can and she doesn't deserve to be brow beaten. She goes to storm out but Kendall stops her and says that there is something that she needs to know. She tells her mother that when Ryan was saving them, Greenlee told him about the baby. Pleased, Erica notes that it's about time. She then confesses to a shocked Greenlee that Jack is in the know as well. She goes on to say that she can't believe Greenlee would continue to keep this from Jack now that Ryan knows. She tells them that their decision was a grownup one, and they need to start making some serious decisions, now that there will be a new person in the family. She tells them both to get some sleep, and leaves the room. Once they are alone again, Greenlee asks Kendall for a bit of truth: is it weird to be carrying Ryan's baby now that he is 'back from the dead'? Kendall tries to calmly answer Greenlee's questions but suspicion makes Greenlee fire them out at a rapid pace. Kendall tells her that she is just nervous because of the tests, but that everything will be fine. Greenlee questions Greg's demeanor and actions when he came into the room - speaking in hushed tones, and sharing secretive looks with Kendall - but Kendall blows her off, threatening to sleep in the sunroom if she doesn't calm down. Kendall turns her back to Greenlee, but is far from asleep.

Out in the hall, Erica runs into Greg again, and is surprised to see him in scrubs. He quickly tells her that he is on his way to deliver a baby and then takes his leave.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Babe sneaks into her son's room while she thinks JR is sleeping. Krystal comes in and tells her that Amanda is still in critical condition. She urges Babe to tell the police that JR was driving the car, but Babe refuses because she does not want JR in jail and their son fatherless. Krystal reminds her that she could be the one ending up in jail, without the chance to see her son grow up. Babe says that Amanda is still alive, she was not drunk and the police seriously think it was just an accident. Krystal does not think JR will remember he was driver and she will not earn a soft spot in her heart.

As JR sleeps, he remembers Babe telling him that he was no condition to drive as ambulance sounds rise in the background. He falls out of his chair and awakes to his father's disapproving stare above. Adam hands JR a cup of coffee to ease his hangover then asks JR why he got drunk and ran over Amanda. JR claims he was not driving and Amanda is still alive. More memories of Babe telling JR not to drive in the bar pop into JR's brain. Adam tells JR that he knows he planned to run away with Little Adam in the jet, but does not understand why. JR tells Adam that he has no reason to stay in Pine Valley because his mother is dead. Adam threatens to put JR in prison if he leaves town, but JR does not care. Adam tries to console JR through his hurt with Di, but JR pushes him away, claiming Adam got what he want. JR even suggests changing Little Adam's name so his son does not have to deal with being a Chandler. As JR claims not to need anyone, Krystal and Babe come in. Adam tries to push the blame on Babe, leading into an argument. Babe walks over to JR and tells him that covering for his mistake was the wrong thing to do. After she tells him she is going to call the police, JR remembers seeing Babe standing by Amanda's limp body as he looks on from the driver's seat. More memories start flooding in off JR hitting something, but the doorbell interrupts his thoughts. Derek comes in to question Babe about the bar fire, which is the first time she heard about it. Babe spills that Amanda was in the room earlier before they got into a fight. Babe says they may have fought, but she didn't hurt Amanda on purpose. When Derek asks Babe to go to the station for more questioning, JR protests.

Josh stops his father from rushing out of the office, claiming that he knows his father's connection to Erica. Greg says there is no secret, but Josh claims he did some snooping and found out. If the secret got out, it could cause Erica to go back to the bottle and hurt so many people, Greg adds. Josh promises not to spill the news to Erica, but Greg wants to discuss the matter further. Josh spills that he broke into his father's cabinet and looked into Kendall's file. Greg is surprised because he thought his son knew about another secret directly involving Erica.

Erica finally tracks Tad down at a restaurant and asks him to find dirt on Greg. Tad says that his talents may not be as good because he was played for a fool. Before Erica can get more details, Di comes up to the table and offers to pour Tad a cup of coffee. Erica is shocked that "Dixie" is waiting tables since the Chandler's have gobs of money. Di quickly informs her of who she is and why she pretended to be Dixie. She goes on by chanting her love to Tad and claiming he loves her too. After Di walks off, Erica and Tad begin talking about Greg again. Erica adds that she has a creepy feeling about Greg, as though she has met him before. She tells Tad about Greg's fan story, but thinks it was just a cover for something else. Tad promises to get to work on Greg's past and jets off. Di brings food over to Tad and pours it all over his shirt. Di's stunt costs her his job then Tad gets oatmeal from another table to pour over Di's head. Instead of getting upset, she laughs and walks off to collect her last tips.

Ryan walks into Greenlee and Kendall's room where he finds them both sleeping. He kisses Greenlee in the lips to wake her. Greenlee asks about Jonathan and Ryan informs her that he is in custody, but Livia is trying to cut a deal with the District Attorney. After Greenlee explains that she and Kendall are fine, Ryan wants to know what happens next with them and their child, making Kendall's eyes pop open. Ryan admits he is having a hard time understanding the situation, but he does want to be a part of the child's life. Greenlee tells Ryan their baby is her miracle and a way to prove their love to each other after she thought he died. She explains about the loss of their child and how Kendall's offer gave her light at the end of dark tunnel. Ryan says that he wants to be as happy as Greenlee was when she was pregnant. When he thinks about being a father, he wants to be better than what he had. Ryan asks Greenlee for a chance to get through the pregnancy together. She believes Ryan would be a good father and never hit the child. Ryan heads off to see how Jonathan is doing. Kendall gets up and asks Greenlee to give Ryan a second chance.

Erica runs into Greg outside of Kendall's room and apologizes for her rude behavior earlier and thinking he pushed Kendall into the pregnancy. Greg asks Erica if she will stop digging dirt on him, but she only claims not to be angry at him. He accepts her apology and goes to get Kendall for the tests. Erica rushes over to check on Kendall as Josh overhears Kendall tell her mother that she and the baby are fine. Josh comes into the room to give Greenlee and Kendall some flowers. He immediately starts asking about the baby.

Jackson pays Jonathan a visit jail by pretending to be his lawyer. Jonathan calls out that Livia Frye is his lawyer, but he gets no response. Jonathan tries to explain that he is better because the tumor has been removed, but Jackson does not seem to buy it. Jackson says that even though he is a lawyer, the law has not always been on his side - after all, Braden got off and they thought he did too. Now, Jackson claims Jonathan will not get away with what he has done to his family. Jonathan tells Jackson that he does not want to escape from jail, he wants to take his punishment. Jackson thinks the best punishment would be death row. Livia comes in and tells the guard to get Jackson out of her client's cell. She reminds the guard that she is Jonathan's only lawyer, not Jackson. Jackson asks Livia to drop the case, but Jonathan protests and claims he does not want to go to death row. Ryan rushes in and tells his brother that Jackson will have to kill him first before hurting Jonathan.



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