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Monday, November 7, 2005

Ivy reveals to Valerie that she wants Kay out of Fox's life. Meanwhile, Fox prepares a special, romantic celebration for Kay.

After the mobster fires several shots into the train, Chris, James and the FBI agent appear to be dead.

Theresa calls the ICU to check on Ethan, but her call is directed to an enraged Gwen.

Noah comes to Jessica's rescue.

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

At Harmony Hospital, Gwen realized that the cleaning woman she had seen had looked suspicious and she wanted to check her out but Rebecca talked her into going for dinner in the cafeteria. Gwen threatened to kill Theresa if she found her anywhere near Ethan. (The mystery woman watched them.) Theresa snuck into Ethan's room dressed up as a cleaning woman. She cried and apologized to Ethan, confessing to poisoning him and asking for forgiveness. She told him she loved him and that he needed to wake up for his children. (The mystery woman in the white cape started to walk into the room, but was stopped by a nurse. The nurse asked her if she knew some one there and she said she knew a lot of people everywhere and she walked away.) As Theresa pled with him to wake up, Gwen and Rebecca returned so Theresa looked for a place to hide.

At Crane Industries, Ivy watched as Valerie set a virus loose in the computer system that looked like it came from Kay in Fox's project file. As they talked about it, Ivy realized that Fox could get fired. Ivy started panicking and decided she had to go meet Sam at the Blue Note but before she and Valerie could get out of the office, they heard Fox and Kay outside in the hall, so hid. When Fox saw what was going on with the computer system, he accused Kay of not running the file through the virus scan before she uploaded it. She swore that she had. She told him that it was fixable; that once the system was scanned, they could upload a clean copy of the file. When it was fixed, he asked her what he was supposed to do now that he'd cost the company millions of dollars. He thought he'd probably get fired. He left to get the car so they could go to the Blue Note and Kay heard Ivy and Valerie making noise in the closet. Kay called out to them but they stayed quiet as rats.

At the Crane mansion, Alistair and Fancy listened to an opera recording. She was worried about Noah being in danger and Alistair chided her for not moving on. She asked him to check with his security folks to see if Noah was okay. When he called them, he asked about Noah and then told Fancy that they said he was fine. Her feeling that he was in trouble persisted and Alistair told her that he was tending bar at the Blue Note. He couldn't understand why she couldn't send him packing and she said Noah wasn't that kind of guy. He accused her of throwing her life away like Ivy has with Sam then told her he just wanted her to be happy. The computer staff at Crane called on a hot line to tell Alistair about the computer virus. He was livid when he called Fox to demand an explanation for the computer sabotage. He told him to fix the problem or he'd be fired. Fancy called a friend and asked them to pick her up to go to the Blue Note. She wanted to check on Noah. Alistair called Spike who asked for a doctor to set his arm. Alistair sore at him for not killing Noah and told him to get with the program of hurting the Bennett family. He told him to take care of Noah and his family or he'd have every bone in Spike's body broken. Spike could only whimper his excuse and Alistair shut him down with "It's kill or be killed" and then hung up. An enraged Spike pounded on the mirror in his room.

At Tabitha's house, Fox and Kay made love and then she worried about what Ivy would do to her in order to break them up. Fox made Kay get up so they could go to work and fix the computer problem.

At a motel Jessica, Simone and Paloma watched in horror as Spike fought with Noah. Spike had him at knifepoint when Sam entered the fray and grabbed Spike, forcing him to let go of Noah. Spike continued to threaten them and Jess asked them not to hurt Spike. Sam asked her where she got the massive bruise on her cheek and as Simone and Paloma lied that it was Spike, Spike came from behind and attacked again. This time Spike claimed his arm got broken and ran off. Jessica rambled about "doing it" and Paloma and Simone covered for her. They wanted her to get home to sleep off her drugs. Sam said he was going to meet Ivy at the Blue Note and Noah went along to tend bar.

In a conference room at the train station, a hit man took Sheridan hostage. Chris negotiated with the hit man to take him instead and when that wasn't acceptable pulled out a gun. Sheridan ducked and the two men fired on each other. Chris's shot went through the heart of the hit man. The FBI agent told them that now that he'd gone toe to toe with the mob's killer and won they wouldn't bother him again so he didn't need to go into the witness protection program. Chris and Sheridan embraced with relief. She laid a big kiss on him and then apologized. Then she realized he was free to stay in Harmony so she planted another big one on him. He asked her if she wanted him and James to stay in Harmony. She stammered about him telling her that he loved her and Chris told her that they needed to talk because it was a mistake when he told her that he loved her. She stood there in heartbroken disbelief asking him if it was all a lie.

At the Blue Note, Fancy and her friend showed up and danced. Sam wished he hadn't agreed to meet Ivy because he thought he should be home with Jessica. Sam recommended Noah call and invite Fancy to the Blue Note and Noah mournfully asked his dad to give up the notion of the two of them being together. Fancy saw a waitress talking to Noah and thought they were flirting so started dancing seductively with her friend. The waitress was actually asking Noah to take a drink to a table for her because the patron was molesting her so when he delivered the drink he saw Fancy and dropped the glass. Sam and the waitress came up and asked him if he was okay and he just stared at Fancy. She told her date that it was good to be with a man who knew what she liked. She told him that they should go to an after hours club in Boston.

Paloma and Simone tucked a drugged out Jessica into bed and then sat there musing about whether Jessica had killed any of the johns-either in self-defense or not. Simone swore that Jess couldn't hurt a fly and Paloma said that when she was attacked in Mexico she found the strength to bash in a guy's head with a rock.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Theresa, in Ethan's room, hears Gwen outside the room swearing to kill Theresa if she finds her near Ethan. Theresa panics and hides under Ethan's bed. Gwen and Rebecca come into the room and talk about Ethan and Theresa. Rebecca tells Gwen to stay positive but Gwen can't stop ranting about Theresa. Theresa eventually gets angry and shifts her position, so the bed shakes and Gwen feels it move. When a nurse comes by, Gwen tells her about the bed and the nurse tells her it was probably just Ethan moving involuntarily. She suggests Gwen go home and rest, and Gwen agrees to. Rebecca leaves Gwen alone with Ethan while she goes to get the car. Gwen talks to Ethan about how much she loves him and how he always made her feel so beautiful and loved. She starts to cry as she says that she will stay positive and when he comes out of this, she swears they will take Jane and move far, far away from Harmony and Theresa. She says she loves him and leaves. Theresa crawls out from under the bed and stands by Ethan's side. She says she is sorry that this happened to him.

Sheridan misinterprets what Chris is trying to tell her. She thinks he means he doesn't really love her, but he clarifies that he said they needed to talk about it. He says he does love her, but he shouldn't have told her. He thinks he and James should leave Harmony, but Sheridan begs him to stay. She says they can be friends and hugs him. For a moment she feels guilty about being happy after losing Luis and Marty, but Chris convinces her that Luis would not want her to be in pain. They head back to the B&B, where they give James a bath and tuck him into bed. After a while, Sheridan goes back to her own room, saying goodbye and goodnight to Chris with a handshake.

Thanks to Ivy and Valerie's meddling, Fox is convinced that Kay is responsible for the Singapore project's failure. She tries to defend herself, but Fox tells her to forget it and they go to the Blue Note, followed by Ivy and Valerie, who were hiding in the closet listening. At the Blue Note, Fox asks for a while alone and Kay goes to talk to her father. She explains the situation to him after a brief confrontation with Ivy, who goes to talk to Fox. When Kay says she thinks she ruined her relationship with Fox, Sam tells her he doesn't think that's going to happen. Ivy talks to her son at the bar and subtly manipulates Fox into demoting Kay. Kay is not happy to hear that she is going to be reduced to color coordinating files, but she says she will do anything. When Valerie stops by the bar, Ivy tells her their plan is working.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

At Tabitha's house she watched Fox and Kay's relationship bombing. She gleefully told Endora that between her spell, vicious Valerie and spiteful Ivy, Fox and Kay were doomed. Endora was depressed and conjured up the stroller and the little girls' coats. Tabitha agreed to take her and Maria for a walk.

At Crane Industries Kay got to work and Sheila asked her about the Singapore fiasco. Kay was frustrated to be the brunt of water cooler discourse and Sheila commiserated sharing a time when she thought she'd run the virus scan but hadn't. Kay got huffy and let Sheila know that she'd done it right but some one set her up and then she stalked off. Valerie peeked in at Fox and then grinned as she said, "He's not Chad, but he will do. By the end of the day Ivy will have Kay out of Fox's life and I'll have what I want-me in it." She went in and cooed over a proposal he'd written and then flattered him on another report while managing to get very close physically. Fox asked her why she was helping him instead of Chad and she purred that she was neutral like Switzerland in this competition and she'd be happy to help him; besides Chad was working from home because since he couldn't find a babysitter. Kay watched them from the doorway and then flounced in and pushed herself between them while panting a big one on her honey. Valerie simpered about how prettily Kay had color coded the report she gave to Fox. Kay told her she was flattered getting a compliment from her then Fox sent her to get coffee. When Kay got back with a carafe of coffee she found Tabitha pushing Endora in the double stroller outside Fox's office and asked where Maria was. One of her coworkers rushed up and bubbled that Maria was in accounting but other people wanted to see her. Kay asked why they were there and Tabitha told her that they were there to help her before she lost her man to Valerie because Endora had a soft spot for them. Kay peeked in to see Valerie with her hand stroking Fox and she asked Endora for all the help she could give. They all trooped in and Fox told Kay to just set the coffee down. When he went to gurgle over Endora, she set a spell on the carafe. Valerie picked it up to pour some coffee and it jiggled and spilled coffee all over her. She huffed about Kay doing something to her and Fox told her it looked like her hand shook. She decided to go change clothes and as she left, Endora made her trip which Valerie tried to blame on somebody else, but they were all quite a distance from her.

At Harmony Hospital Gwen arrived first thing in the morning to see Ethan and was fortuitously stopped outside his room by Dr. Eve since Theresa was inexplicably still lying next to Ethan in bed. Eve took Gwen to her office to sign papers and Theresa slipped out of Ethan's room only to run into Whitney doing charity work with an older nun. Theresa asked her friend to help her out and a very serious Whitney asked her what trouble she was in now-dressed up as a member of the cleaning crew. Theresa explained Ethan's condition and her predicament and Whitney very maturely told her that Theresa needed to pray as she would. As they embraced, Eve rounded the corner and came up to Whitney, not noticing Theresa at first. Whitney excitedly told her that she had set a date for her final vows. Eve sadly told Whitney to think about this before making a final commitment. Then Eve noticed Theresa and asked her why she was in cleaning crew garb, then said she better not know. A nurse delivered Ethan's test results to Eve and Eve asked her to have Gwen meet her in her office. Theresa asked her about Ethan's test results and Eve reminded her that she couldn't legally share them with her and Theresa pointed out that she should understand how she feels since Eve gave her the pills that caused this, That made Whitney angry and more determined to join the convent because she didn't want to be part of all the drama. Theresa managed to slip into Eve's office before Gwen and Eve got there and read the file then hid in a closet when they walked in. Gwen was determined not to have Theresa know the contents of the test results, but it appears to be too late.

At the Bennett house Sam and Noah chatted over coffee in the kitchen. They commiserated about the events of the previous evening. Noah asked how Jessica was and Sam told him that she was still asleep. Noah wanted to know if she was still going to check into Fairview (the treatment center) and Sam indicated that she'd agreed, but had skipped all her previous appointments so he was taking her himself that afternoon. Noah asked if he should go also and Sam sighed and pointing at the job classifieds in front of Noah reminded him that one of them had to make a living. Noah asked how the freelance security work was panning out and Sam said he was getting jobs here and there, but it wasn't Noah's problem. Noah felt that their finances were as much his responsibility as Sam's and said he was thinking of getting his law degree, but needed to rustle up some cash so he'd sent out resume's to all the headhunters. Sam told him to stay away from working under Alistair and Noah agreed. Sam said it would be okay though to work for Crane if he wanted to get closer to Fancy and Noah insisted that Fancy made it perfectly clear that they were over. One of the headhunters called with a job that Noah didn't think was very glamorous, but he took it anyway.

At the Crane mansion Fancy had a delightful dream about Noah slipping into her room and between her sheets. She woke up in a grumpy mood as her friend Esme called and asked her to give her a tour of Harmony. She couldn't believe Alistair expected Fancy to stay in Harmony indefinitely. Esme wanted to see the town and then kidnap Fancy to go to a restaurant opening in New York. Fancy was glum and Esme asked about men in Fancy's life. Fancy started to talk about Noah and then stopped herself and told Esme that she was over him. When Fancy got to Esme's hotel room, Esme berated Fancy for falling prey to the humdrum boring middle class. This is the second friend from her upper crust life besmirching people (Noah) that she loves and it got under her skin. She questioned Esme's assertions and Esme just insisted she go to New York with her. They went outside to get in Esme's limo and the driver was away so Esme described what a hunk he was and how she was upset that she couldn't get anything out of him. Fancy told her that he might not be into her then Fancy entered the car. The driver (Noah) showed up and Esme draped herself on him before she finally joined Fancy. Esme told Fancy that she'd have to drop her off early so she could spend some quality time with Mr. Driver. They pulled up behind the waterfront stores and when Noah opened the door he held out his hand to help the passengers out. He was as surprised as Fancy to be meeting like that.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Fancy is flustered to discover that Noah is Esme's "dreamy" new chauffeur. Tabitha cautions Kay to remember how unlikely it is for Fox to overcome the spell she cast. Ivy bitterly reminds Sam how Theresa's sick obsession with their son may have cost Ethan his life. At the hospital, Theresa eavesdrops as Eve prepares to review Ethan's latest test results with Gwen. Noah chides Fancy for reverting back to her usual form by participating in Esme's ostentatious shopping spree. Kay tells Fox why she believes her work was deliberately sabotaged. Later, she's delighted when Fox apologizes for being such a jerk in the last few days. Eve asks a distraught Gwen if her husband ever executed a living will. Tabitha gasps when Endora uses her magic to zap Fox and Kay into the pages of her favorite fairy tale. Tired of Eve's stalling, Gwen snatches the results from the doctor's hands and is dismayed to realize how dire Ethan's condition truly is. Fancy winces as Esme flirts wildly with Noah. Gwen hits the roof after catching Theresa spying on her and Eve. Ivy happily accepts Sam's surprising proposal. Endora's fairy tale takes a dark twist.

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