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Michael rescued Lauren and Mac from 'Terrible Tom.' As the Newman website was about to go live, the main computer crashed. 'Brenda' told Scotty that she didn't want to have their book published. Michael believed that 'Jennifer' had been responsible for poisoning Lauren.
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Monday, November 7, 2005

At night in the park, Ashley yelled at Tom to let go of her, and he did. Tom apologized to Ashley -- said he's been under a lot of stress lately, and told Ashley he would never hurt her. Ashley told Tom he just did and wanted to know why her cell phone was in Tom's pocket. Tom told Ashley he didn't want to be interrupted -- he wanted them to be alone. Ashley asked what would have happened if Abby needed her. Tom said he didn't think about that. Ashley checked her cell phone and there were no calls. Tom thought maybe they should leave, and Ashley told him that what he did was not appropriate behavior. Tom understood and asked if they were going to stay and roast marshmallows. Ashley softened and told Tom that he had promised her a marshmallow.

In the Abbott living room Michael was worried and Paul was on the phone with his phone company contact, asking him to call if he had any luck. Paul informed Michael that his friend was having trouble picking up a signal from Ashley's cell phone, and Paul was concerned that Ashley might be in serious trouble.

Back at the park, Ashley (under the guise of calling Gina to cancel their dinner reservations) called Paul. She acted as if she were talking to Gina. Paul picked up on it and realized that Tom could hear her. Ashley couldn't tell Paul where she and Tom were. Ashley hung up and she and Tom began roasting marshmallows. Back at the Abbott's, Paul has his friend run another trace on Ashley's cell phone, and found out the signal came from the south part of town, but his friend would try to narrow down the area. Michael remembered there was a park near there and Paul and Michael left.

Ashley and Tom roasted marshmallows when Paul and Michael arrived and watched from behind some trees. Paul wanted to break it up, but Michael wanted to let Ashley try to get some information. Tom leaned in to kiss Ashley put she pulled away. She told Tom she doesn't think he is guilty of drug possession, but Tom said it was his word against the cops, but that he couldn't give up hope -- his lawyer told him they were going to check the saddlebag for fingerprints, but since Ashley was on the bike they would need to take her prints too. Tom told Ashley his temper was under control -- Ashley joked that she knows what it's like to be angry -- she's felt like she wanted to kill her ex-husband. Paul jumped out from behind the trees and he and Ashley faked a fight about why they were no longer seeing each other. Tom told Paul to take a hike -- Ashley told Paul she didn't need Paul to protect her. Continuing their fake fight, Paul suggested that maybe they should re-examine their friendship since she was spending time with Tom. Ashley told Paul that she believes that Tom was set up. Paul said that Tom was guilty. Ashley asked Paul to leave (this is still an act for Tom.) Paul left and Tom thanked Ashley for sticking up for him. Ashley and Tom then left the park.

Back at the Abbott house Ashley told Paul and Michael that Tom cared about her and that she still felt she could get information on what he was up to. Paul didn't think it was worth it -- that her life was more important than getting the goods on Tom Fisher. Paul and Michael told Ashley they think Tom poisoned Lauren. Paul told Ashley she needed to think about her family and her daughter and insinuated that she needed to think about Paul as well. Michael left. Ashley and Paul flirted with each other. Paul told Ashley he didn't want her to think of him as an occasional dinner date. Ashley told Paul she cares about him and they shared a passionate kiss. Paul said good night and left.

An angry Sheila/Brenda wanted to know why Scott took the photo out of her purse. Scott denied it at first, but then admitted to it. He said that Sheila/Brenda was the liar since the photo proved that she had been a nurse at Genoa City Memorial -- that it showed her in front of a portrait of the founder of the hospital. Scott wanted to know why Sheila/Brenda lied about never being in Genoa City before, and what she was trying to hide. Sheila/Brenda told Scott how hard it had been for her since her baby was "stolen," that she had just been drifting from town to town -- and Genoa City was just a stop along the way. Brenda/Sheila admitted that she should have been up front with Scott from the beginning as she wanted him to trust her. Scott didn't understand why the name Brenda Harris doesn't appear in the hospital records. Brenda/Sheila made excuses saying that she had just temped there and that computer records weren't kept back then. Brenda/Sheila asked Scott for the picture back so they could move on. When Scott told her that it was with a nurse at Memorial, Brenda/Sheila freaked out and threw Scott out. Scott said that if she had been up front with him none of this would have happened, and he doesn't think they will be able to work with each other again. He left, slamming the door. Brenda/Sheila talked to herself saying that she never thought it would be Scott who destroyed her. She calmed down and realized that she just needed to get the picture back.

Sheila snuck into the hospital as Jennifer and pulled out a patient's ventilator, which sounded an alarm and all the nurses ran into the patient's room. While the nurse's station was unattended, Jennifer/Sheila found the picture just as the nurses fix the ventilator problem and return. Jennifer/Sheila left with the picture, feeling relieved.

At Scott's loft Adrian Wylie, a publisher with Harwell-Berg, showed up and informed Scott that Harwell-Berg is prepared to publish the book. Scott is flabbergasted.

In the Newman living room J.T. and Victor discussed J.T.'s latest assignment -- Victor believed that Phyllis may have tampered with the Newman website while repairing the site at Nick's request. Victor told J.T. there hadn't been any trouble with the website yet, but Victor doesn't really trust her -- Victor wants J.T. to see if anyone tampered with the website so that repairs could be made before the new product line was launched. Victor reminded J.T. that discretion was essential, and J.T. assured Victor he wouldn't discuss it with anyone but Paul. J.T. assured Victor that if there were any problems with the website that he and Paul would figure it out.

In the Newman CEO office Victoria was on the phone talking to a marketing manager about how exciting the new product would be and that she wanted the products front and center. Nick entered and wanted to make peace with Victoria. Victoria wasn't sure that was possible. Nick reminded her they were on the verge of launching a new product line and they needed to work together. Victoria told Nick that he wasn't ready to bury the hatchet when he stormed out earlier, but Nick told her that Sharon had given him a reality check when she walked out on a dinner date because of conflict at work. Nick realized how much of Victoria's heart and soul she put into the new product line and that it was her chance to prove herself as CEO. When Victoria said she was out a limb, Nick reminded her that it was Brad Carlton who put her there. Victoria angered and told Nick she made her own decisions. Nick told Victoria he wasn't there to take any part of the credit -- that he would be there to congratulate her when the sales figures started rolling in. Victoria feared that she would be to blame if the line failed. Nick told Victoria there wouldn't be any blame -- that Newman Enterprises was a family business and that she led the company, but that the family would all share in the victory. Victor overheard this and entered -- he was overjoyed that they were working together as a team -- he didn't think it would ever happen and he was glad they worked everything out by themselves -- without his interference. Victor told them how proud he was of both of them and that he hoped they wouldn't mind if he looked over their shoulders as a proud father. Victoria and Nick thanked Victor for his vote of confidence, and Nick reminded Victor that Nick wasn't there when the line started. Victor reminded Nick that Nick ultimately approved the line. Victor told them he loved them as he left.

Daniel was on the computer at Crimson Lights and remembered dancing with Lily. Kevin came over and Daniel told him that he was chatting with Lily on a Shakespeare study website -- that this was the only way he and Lily could chat. Kevin noticed a guy at another computer, grew concerned, and left. Phyllis came in to check on Daniel and saw that he was on a study website. Phyllis realized that Daniel was chatting with Lily. She reminded Daniel that the Winterses didn't want him in contact with Lily and told him to get off the computer. Daniel became angry. Phyllis told Daniel that this wasn't the way to get the Winterses to allow him to chat with Lily. Daniel doesn't think the Winterses ever will, but that Lily was going to be 18 soon and could do whatever she wanted -- just like Phyllis did when she stayed out all night last night. Daniel thought Phyllis was with Jack, but Phyllis told Daniel that she fixed the Newman website as a favor to Nick, and that Jack approved. Daniel asked Phyllis if she would sabotage the website and Phyllis said that Victoria thought she would, but that Phyllis wanted to remain friends with Nick, that their website was near meltdown and she fixed it, that it was running better than ever now and the real test would be when they launched their new product line. They went home.

Kevin approached a young guy at a computer who was surfing the net for porn. Kevin told the guy that if he caught him doing it again that he would be banned forever. Mac watched the exchange and was impressed with Kevin. Kevin informed Mac that he was installing filters on the computers which would block that type of activity. Mac was glad to have a partner with Kevin's expertise, and they toasted to a great future.

J.T. came into Crimson Lights and told her he was excited about a new case. Mac told J.T. about the young guy surfing the net for porn and how Kevin was going to fix the computers to block those sites. As Mac went to start closing, J.T. approached Kevin and told Kevin that a lot of his cases involved computer security, and asked Kevin for help. Kevin said he would be happy to help J.T. J.T. asked Kevin if someone could mess around with a website in such a manner that it wouldn't be detected right away. Kevin told J.T. that if done right by a good programmer that they could make huge changes just by changing a few lines of code (out of thousands of lines.) Mac returns, she and J.T. kiss, and J.T. leaves.

As Mac is locking up (letting out the employees and last customers) she told Kevin how in awe she was of his computer skills and how things were working out better than she ever thought they would. Tom looked inside at Mac and Kevin through the Crimson Lights window and thought to himself that Ashley didn't give him a damned thing and that Kevin was his last chance. He wondered how he was going to make Kevin listen to him.

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Michael asks Gloria what she knows about Tom's friend Jennifer Mitchell. Gloria denies knowing anything about her, and Michael states that Lauren could still be in danger because of this woman. Kevin leaves the coffeehouse, and Mac is about to lock up when she sees that Tom has entered. Tom asks her to help Kevin see that the drugs found on his motorcycle weren't his. Mac tells Tom that she's heard what he has to say but doesn't want to get involved. Tom is about to threaten her when Lauren walks in, telling Mac to go to her car and get her bodyguard. Michael enters in the nick of time, demanding that Tom get away from them. Tom punches Michael and Michael, beyond furious, lunges for Tom and grabs his neck, choking him. At the loft, Scott signs the paperwork from the publisher, Adrian, just as Lauren enters. Thrilled for Scott, she asks if he will tell her what the book is about. Scott won't reveal anything, and Adrian says that if the book sells like he hopes, it may even be optioned for a movie. Jack tells Jill how Phyllis sabotaged the Newman Enterprises website for them, but Jill is appalled. She doesn't want Jabot to stoop to Phyllis' level and tells Jack to undo the damage to the website. Nick goes to Phyllis's apartment, bringing her brownies as a way of thanking her for helping out with the website, but then asks if she tampered with it in any way. Phyllis becomes upset, insisting that she didn't do anything to the website except fix it. Brad and Ashley discuss their upcoming divorce, deciding to finalize it after the holidays, for Abby's sake. Ashley tells Brad that she has everything set for Abby's birthday party tomorrow, and Brad promises Abby that he'll be there. Kevin comes home to the loft and Scott tells him about the book deal. Later, Gloria enters, asking Kevin if he's handled her bookkeeping problem, and Kevin, displeased, says he has. Kevin tells Gloria that he will never do this again, since he is indirectly helping Tom.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

At the Abbott breakfast table, Jack was suspiciously chipper in spite of the fact that it was rollout day for Newman's new cosmetics line. Ashley told everyone that Abby's birthday party would be at the coffee shop that afternoon. Phyllis pretended that she needed to take Daniel to school so she couldn't ride to work with Jack. And John told Gloria that he needed the receipts for Michael's wedding expenses.

Ultimately, Daniel and Phyllis ended up alone. Daniel could tell something was bothering his mother, and Phyllis admitted it had to do with the work she'd done for Nick on the Newman web site. Daniel told her that if she'd done something wrong, she should undo it. Phyllis said that she'd just let things play out and see what happened. As they were leaving, Jack returned to get his cell phone. Daniel left, and Jack began to gloat about how terribly wrong things would go once Phyllis's plan went into effect. Phyllis continued to refuse to say whether or not she'd done anything to sabotage Newman.

Gloria gave John the bogus expense accounting that Kevin had done for her. John had only expected receipts, but said he'd hand it all over to his accountant. While they were talking, Gina called and told John that she hadn't been paid. When John questioned Gloria, she made up a story about changing suppliers at the last minute, which had caused her to run short. John finally agreed to write her a check to cover Gina's costs and some other expenses, then he left, saying he was going to have all the paperwork scrutinized. Gloria then went by to see Gina. She told Gina that she shouldn't have bothered John with the bills for the wedding. She then wrote Gina a check and asked her to speak only to Gloria herself about their financial dealings in the future.

Lauren and Michael told Kevin that Tom had gone to Crimson Lights and scared Mac. Kevin was furious, but Michael warned him to stay away from Tom. After Kevin left, Lauren said that if her bodyguard hadn't been there to pull them apart, she was afraid Michael would have killed Tom. Michael said he'd be doing the world a favor. He then told Lauren that surveillance tapes showed that Tom had been in the hospital on the night Lauren thought she'd hallucinated him. He insisted that some of the things that had happened to her had been true hallucinations, like the experience with Sheila on the roof. But Tom did seem to be out to hurt her, and he apparently had an accomplice. A woman had paid his bail, but he was sure that the woman was just a front for Gloria. Lauren promised to lay low and keep her bodyguard with her at all times.

Later, Michael called Gina, wondering if she knew anyone by the name of Jennifer Mitchell. Gina said she did, but Michael knew her, too. She was the woman who'd saved his mother from choking. Gina promised to call Michael the next time Jennifer showed up--without letting Jennifer know what she was doing. After Michael hung up the phone, he was more convinced than ever that Gloria was somehow the key to whatever Tom and Jennifer were up to.

When Tom went to the coffee shop, Kevin told him to leave and never to go near Mac again. Tom insisted that he'd only been trying to talk to Mac, and said that Michael had attacked him. Kevin told Tom to get his coffee and leave. Tom spotted Ashley on the patio decorating for Abby's party. He had a brief vision of Ashley telling him that the only person she wanted was him. His daydream was cut short by Kevin, who insisted that Tom leave. Tom walked out, vowing that he and Ashley were going to be together.

At Newman Enterprises, everyone was in place to see how the rollout went. When the sales figures began coming in, web sales, East Coast sales, and Midwest sales were even higher than projected. Neil apologized to Victoria for doubting the wisdom of launching so quickly. Neil also delivered the good news to Dru about the launch, but she was a little less enthusiastic than he was. She and Sharon had noticed how tense the office was, and she was worried that something was wrong between Nick and Sharon.

Nick continued to look doubtful about how things were going. Brad got Nick alone and told him that everyone knew the line was a success except Nick. Not only was Nick not being supportive of his sister, but he was cheating Sharon out of her happiness with her new position. Brad then proceeded to lecture Nick about how he'd behaved after Cassie's death and what the impact had been on Sharon. While they were talking, Sharon came in. Brad left, and Nick tried to tell Sharon how proud he was of her. When he jokingly said that her success might change things, Sharon assured him that she would always be the same person. It was Nick who had changed. She then walked out to do her live web cast.

Victoria suggested to Brad that they get together later to celebrate. Before Brad could tell her that he had to go to Abby's birthday party, it was time for the web cast. As everyone looked on, Brad counted down with Sharon in place in front of the cameras. But just as they were about to go live, the entire web site went down. As people began to panic, Brad vocalized his suspicion that Phyllis had done something to make the computers fail. Nick looked worried, but he met Brad's eyes without backing down.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Today was the big day for the webcast. The servers are down and the webcast is dead in the water. Nick thinks they should pull the plug on the project and Victoria agrees. They decide they will send a DVD of Sharon to their stores. Victoria goes to talk to Nick, she alludes that Phyllis is the cause. Nick tells Victoria that he believes in Phyllis.

Jack meets Jill at the club. He is very happy that there is something wrong with the webcast. Jill is upset that Jack didn't tell Phyllis to back down. Jack lets Jill know that you have to play to win and that Newman Enterprises would do the same thing to them given the chance. Jack leaves.

Phyllis arrives at the club and Jill confronts her about sabotaging the webcast. Jill tells Phyllis if she sabotaged the computers she is fired. Phyllis lets Jill know that she will tell her the real story and not to listen to Jack. Phyllis assures Jill that she did not plant a bomb on the Newman computers. She did say that she left a code on the computers so that she can access their computers whenever she wants. Jill wanted to know if that was illegal. Phyllis lets Jill know that it is not illegal if she doesn't use the code. Jill says as long as she doesn't access the Newman computers she can have her job. Phyllis lets Jill know that she has to go because she is sure that others think she has done something to the computers.

Neil is on the telephone at the office where everyone is scurrying about. He tells Drucilla to try the webcast again. The website is back up and the servers are working. They find out that it was a hardware problem. Now everyone knows that it could not have been Phyllis. Nick talks to Victoria and says he should receive an apology. She still thinks that asking Phyllis for help was a bad idea. Nick gets a phone call from Phyllis and she is reassured that Nick always had confidence in her and didn't believe she had anything to do with the "mess up."

Ashley is at Crimson Lights preparing for Abby's party. Abby inquires about Brad being at the party. She tells Abby that she is going to get the cake for the party.

At Newman, Sharon reminds Brad about Abby's party as he seems to have forgotten. She offers to go to Crimson Lights to inform Abby that Brad will be late, but he will be there.

Sharon goes to the coffee house to talk to Abby. The have friendly conversation. Sharon tells Abby that Brad will be there but he will be late. Abby tells Sharon that she hopes he is there in time for blowing out her candles; that her wish is for her parents to be together. Sharon comforts Abby.

Victor wants to have his own party for Abby and Nikki is not happy. She informs Victor that she doesn't want a party there because she doesn't get along with Ashley. Ashley shows up at the ranch. Nikki opens the door and Ashley says she needs to talk to Victor. Ashley tells Victor that she doesn't want him at the party because of the divorce between her and Brad. She says they can make other arrangements.

Brad and Nick get into another heated discussion. Nick is angry that Brad sent Sharon on a personal errand when they are having problems at the company. Victoria steps between them. Brad lets Victoria know that he is leaving to go to Abby's party. A phone call comes in for Brad and it looks like Brad won't make the party after all.

Scott tells "Brenda" that the book they made is going to be published. He tells her that the publisher has offered them a contract. "Brenda" tells him that she doesn't want it published because this is her life story. Scott is in disbelief and he storms out. "Brenda" says she can't let the book be published. She gets dressed and goes to the club. She asks Gina if she knows anything about the publisher and Gina lets "Jennifer" know that the man is gone.

Michael confronts Gloria and tells her he knows about the lies she has been telling. He tells her lives are at stake. He now knows that Gloria put up the bail. Gloria tells him it was all Tom's idea. He then find out she knows Jennifer. He tells her he thinks since Jennifer and Tom know each other that Jennifer could be the person that poisoned Lauren. Michael asks Gloria if he knows how to get in touch with Jennifer and Gloria tells him she does not.

Lauren is at home alone and remembers her time on the roof with Sheila. Michael comes home and Lauren looks for comfort from him. He tells her that she needs to stay put and Lauren inquires why. Michael begins to tell her why when his cell phone rings. It is Gina and she is calling Michael to inform him that Jennifer is at the club. Michael rushes off to the club, but not before he again tells Lauren to stay put.

Scott goes to Lauren to discuss his problems with "Brenda" and the book. Lauren assures Scott that she will not allow "Brenda" to railroad him.

Jack gets a phone call that the Newman numbers are in. He is quite upset. He figures out that Phyllis did not sabotage the computer system. Phyllis comes in and screams at jack about talking to Jill.

Michael gets to the club to confront "Jennifer." He tells her that he is very angry. Michael wants the truth from Jennifer. She pretends that she doesn't know what he is talking about. She says he knows what she is up to and he wants answers.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Jack was furious that Phyllis hadn't made the most of her opportunity to sabotage the Newman launch of their new cosmetics line. Phyllis told him that she wasn't going to do anything unethical and that he'd misread her vibe when he thought she had done something. She also couldn't believe that he'd told Jill. Didn't Jack understand that she could be arrested for what he was suggesting? She told Jack that it was time for him to put this Abbott-Newman rivalry to rest. Wrong had been done on both sides, but Newman was being run by Victoria and Nick now, and Nick wasn't like Victor. He didn't want to rule the world or destroy Jabot. When Jack wouldn't back down, Phyllis walked out on him.

During the Newman launch, Brad was detained every time he tried to get away for Abby's birthday party at Crimson Lights. Nick and Victoria made a twenty-dollar bet that their father wouldn't be able to stay away from the office. Just as Brad was finally ready to leave, Victor walked in and wanted to see the sales figures and another report. Nick paid Victoria her twenty dollars, and Brad agreed to work with them a while longer to meet Victor's request. When they were finally finished, Victoria asked if she could go to the party with Brad, and they left together, with Nick watching disapprovingly.

As the party took place at the coffee house, Abby couldn't enjoy herself as much because her father wasn't there. She was distracted for a while when Katherine arrived with Esther, who was dressed as a clown. Ashley thanked Kay for doing that, and Katherine said it was Sharon's idea. Ashley then said something to Sharon about how much she was doing for Brad. First she'd come there to buy him some time while he was delayed, and then she'd gotten a clown. Ashley wondered why Sharon was being so helpful to Brad. Sharon said that she hadn't done it for Brad; she was doing it for Abby.

J.T. told Victor that he and Paul had found an excellent IT person to check the integrity of Newman's computer systems. Later, when J.T. went to Crimson Lights and Kevin asked him how things had gone, J.T. pretended that he hadn't been working on a case but was just trying to get more computer savvy. However, when the IT consultant called and declined the job because of a family emergency, J.T. called Victor about the delay. Victor told him to take care of it immediately. J.T. turned to Kevin and said he needed his help.

At Newman, Nick and Victor sat down for a little talk. Victor wondered if Nick wanted to join Sharon at Abby's party, but Nick said he and Sharon weren't really speaking the same language these days. It might be better not to spend too much time together. Victor warned his son that distance was rarely a good way for two people to work out their problems. Victor then commended Nick for the job they'd done on the launch, and Nick said it had felt good to work so well with Victoria. That was the way he'd wanted it. He also hesitantly congratulated his father on keeping a hands-off approach during this time. But their conversation was interrupted when J.T. walked in with Kevin and told Victor that he'd found the solution to their problem.

Abby was thrilled when her father finally showed up in time for her to blow out her birthday candles. Ashley was less than thrilled to see Victoria walk in with Brad, and she was still angry with Brad for keeping Abby upset all afternoon. When Victoria tried to speak to Ash about Brad, Ashley told her to stay out of something that was none of her business.

Abby gave Sharon a picture that Esther had taken of her with her presents. When Sharon started to put it in her wallet, she saw a picture of Cassie. As she fought back her tears, Brad came over to see what was wrong. Sharon wouldn't tell him, hurrying out with the excuse that she had something to take care of. Ashley and Brad then had a heated argument on the patio about his lateness and Victoria's presence. Ashley told him not to make promises to Abby that he couldn't keep. Brad said that Ashley wasn't upset about Abby; this was all about Ashley. Neither of them was aware that Abby was listening to them with a heartbroken face. Later, they realized that their daughter had disappeared.

Lauren was annoyed on her son's behalf when Scott told her that Brenda didn't want the book deal. Lauren couldn't understand why after all their work, Brenda had changed her mind. When she suggested that she speak to Brenda, Scott asked his mother not to get involved. He said this was his problem to take care of. He also wouldn't tell Lauren what the book was about. Lauren then suggested that she go out and pick up some food for them.

Tom was suspicious when he saw Michael talking to "Jennifer Mitchell" in the bar. He couldn't get close enough to hear what they were saying. Meanwhile, Michael was accusing Jennifer of being the one who'd helped Tom poison Lauren. Disguised as Jennifer, Sheila vowed that she'd had no idea that Tom was dangerous. Had she known, she wouldn't have agreed to deliver the bail money for Gloria to get him out of jail. She was just an innocent pawn in all of this.

When Michael left, Sheila nearly choked when she looked up to see Tom standing there. She convinced him that Michael had been asking her to help him keep an eye on Tom. She told Tom that he should let her pretend to go along with Michael. Maybe in that way, she could get her hands on evidence that Michael had set up Tom for the drug bust. Tom was wary, wondering why she'd do him a favor and what was in it for her. Jennifer/Brenda/Sheila said that he could help her take care of her problem: Lauren Fenmore. Tom wanted to know how, and she said she'd fill him in later. Tom looked worried as he watched Brenda/Jennifer leave.

Michael arrived home and called Paul to tell him that he was more sure than ever that Tom was responsible for poisoning Lauren. When he realized that Scott was the only one in the apartment, he asked where Lauren was. Scott told him that Brenda had backed out of their book deal, and his mother had gone to get him some food to make him feel better. Michael said that he'd asked her not to leave, but Scott reminded him that Lauren had her bodyguards with her. He mentioned to Michael that he was thinking of getting her another necklace to replace the one that had disappeared. Realization began to dawn on Michael that the necklace had disappeared during the same time Tom had been at the hospital.

Lauren went to Brenda's motel room, not knowing that Brenda was the same person as Jennifer Mitchell, and that both of those were aliases for Sheila Carter. When no one answered her knock, she broke in to the room and began looking for the draft of Scott's novel, sure that it might give her some answers about what Brenda was up to. She finally found it and opened it up to begin reading.

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