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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 7, 2008 on GH
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Monday, January 7, 2008

At the hospital, Carly notices that Liz and Jason are talking. Before she can interfere, she is called for her appointment. Jason leaves. Later, Sam overhears Liz trying to find a babysitter. She torments Liz by telling her that Lucky can bring the kids to her place and she will help Lucky watch them. Liz says that she will not let Sam anywhere near her children. A jealous and vindictive Sam tell Liz that no matter what relation Liz manages with Jason, his job will always come first. She accuses him of being a coward who will not acknowledge his son because keeping his job with Sonny is more important than his family. Liz leaves. She goes to the safe house where she finds Jason tenderly looking at a drawing she made of Jake. Liz convinces Jason to pose for her so she can portray him holding Jake. Afterwards they start kissing.

Diane and Alexis end up on a plane together, headed for Philadelphia and the "Litigator of the Year Award" dinner. They bicker and battle with each other and annoy the flight attendant because they insist on keeping their designer gowns in their laps instead of stowing them in an overhead compartment. When the plane's departure is subjected to a lengthy delay, both Alexis and Diane speak their mind. When Alexis learns that the plane has not taken off because it is two hundred pounds overweight, she vents to the flight attendant. Diane and the rest of the passengers applaud her spirited diatribe, but not the flight attendant or the pilot, who insists that Diane and Alexis leave the plane, thus reducing the load by 200 pounds.

Babysitting is not as easy as Ric thought it would be. He had no luck in getting Christina to take a nap with Molly, so he calls Skye for help. She arrives at Alexis's home and tells Christina a wonderful story about the value of dreams. Christina gets tired and eventually takes a nap. When they are alone, Ric tells Skye that he thinks that they have an opportunity to help each other. He thinks this could be the start of something for them. Skye is intrigued and they kiss. Ric continues to mention how they can help each other. They seem to be getting closer until Ric mentions Alcazar's property on the docks. When he does Skye freezes and turns cold toward him.

Carly talks to her doctor and decides to try "the old fashioned way" one more time before starting the "in vitro" route to get pregnant. She goes home and sets the mood for Jax who arrives with BLT's and potato salad from Kelly's. As they start kissing, Sonny arrives with Michael, who has been in a fight at school with another student who called Sonny a "gangster." Jax steps in and helps Michael to see that his actions were wrong. Michael apologizes and leaves with Sonny. Jax tells Carly that he hopes he was not interfering. She tells him no, that they are all family. Before they can resume lovemaking, Jax is called back to the hotel. Soon after, Sam drops by to return a bracelet that Carly lost at the hospital. Since it is a baby bracelet, Sam assumes that Carly knows about Jason's relationship to Jake and tosses out several innuendoes. When it becomes apparent that Carly does not know about Jake's parentage, she tries to back off, but Carly becomes enraged and tells Sam she knows Jason much better than Sam does. This is too much for Sam and the dam breaks. She tells Carly the truth. Jake is Jason's son.

In New York, Clarice admires the "Rinaldi" that Sonny bought for Kate. Kate tells her that she is not ready to go back to Port Charles but she would like to do something for Sonny. While looking through some notes, she spies the perfect gift for Sonny. She messengers it to Sonny. A box arrives at the coffee house with a note to Sonny that says, "You said that Rinaldi ripped off your son's artwork. After finding this in some papers, I have to agree. Morgan painted it for me last summer." When Sonny opens the box, he finds a framed piece of Morgan's artwork that looks very similar to the 1.3 million dollar painting that Sonny purchased for Kate. He smiles. Later Kate receives a present from Sonny. His note says, "It is a chunk of the wall that separates our two properties. The rest of it is still there, but at least we have an opening." Kate is touched by the gesture.

Johnny is brought in for questioning. Logan asks for Scott's help in finding a job, but he is afraid that he won't make a good cop. Felicia notices boot prints on the wet police station floor that match those found next to Goergie' body. At the hospital, Maxie tells Coop his secrets are safe with her. When he ties his shoelace, we notice that the soles of his boots have the same pattern as those in the photograph that Felicia showed Mac of the crime scene.

Johnny is let go for lack of evidence and gets a call. He tells whoever is on the other end that he is in charge and he does not care what "Mr. Moreau" wants. At the same time a blindfolded, screaming Lulu is tossed in a windowless room. Outside, Jerry, "Mr. Moreau," listens to her cries for help.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ric asks Skye what is wrong. He thought everything was going well. They are both smart, powerful people. They can do a lot together. She tells him that is the problem. Skye went down this same road with Lorenzo. She would always wonder if all Ric wanted was the power she held. Ric tells her he won't let him use her to get back at Sonny. They talk about how they both destroy their relationships. There's too much they could use against each other. It could be wonderful or it could be a disaster. They need to go for a sure thing and just leave things as they are. Skye leaves. Shortly after she leaves, Trevor comes in. He wants Ric's help in getting Skye to sell the waterfront property. Trevor tells him that love would make a wonderful ending to his daughter's bedtime stories. Ric thinks him using Molly is sad. Trevor tells him its reality and leaves.

After getting kicked off the plane, Diane and Alexis start out in a car with Diane driving. Alexis gets stressed out by Diane's driving skills. They start to bond as they talk about another lawyer they don't like. Suddenly, a tire blows. The cell phone on Alexis' phone is dead, but it wouldn't matter anyway. They're in the middle of nowhere with no signal. Alexis and Diane finally succeed in changing the tire and take off again only to be stopped when they run out of gas. They start to push the car. Finally, Diane sees a light in the distance. They start walking towards it. Diane grabs her dress before leaving the car, and Alexis follows suit. Diane grabs a crowbar also, and ends up breaking one of the car's windows. Alexis mentions how this is going to be an expensive trip. Diane says she won't tell. Diane hopes the light in the distance is a nice cabin built by a strapping, eligible bachelor. Alexis hopes it is a cottage. When they arrive, they are both disappointed to find a biker bar.

Sonny can't believe that Diane ran off while his life was in chaos. Amusingly, Max stands up for her and tells Sonny that the award is of great importance. They talk about who could have shot him. Sonny is still shocked that Jason is hesitating to place the blame on Johnny Zacchara. Max says that Jason still thinks Trevor is the one pulling the strings. Sonny says they can't take any more chances and Johnny has to die.

Trevor talks to Johnny on the phone about needing Moreau for their business right now. Johnny says he can't deal with this now. He's going to visit his father. Trevor asks why, but Johnny hangs up on him. He enters the room and tells his father that he's there to see him. Anthony says that he's better than everyone thinks he is. Anthony tries to show him that he can move his foot, but Johnny tells him it's not moving. Anthony says he's been talking to Johnny's mom. He wants Johnny to be careful with Trevor. He's all he has left of Maria. Trevor has always liked to handle things and he handled Maria, too. Anthony asks him if he's afraid that he will get better. Johnny tells his father that the doctors have said he won't get any better. Anthony laughs. He says he will be dancing around in no time. He will take care of Trevor, Corinthos, and Johnny. When Johnny leaves, Anthony moves his foot and smiles.

Sam tells Carly that Jake is Jason's son. Carly refuses to believe it and thinks that Sam is just jealous of Carly and her friendship with Jason. Carly says she saw through Sam from the start. She asks how many beds Sam had to bounce around in: Jax, Sonny, and Jason. Sam tells her she knows she was thrilled when Sam couldn't get pregnant because Carly knew what a son would mean to Jason. Now Liz had a son with him and didn't tell Carly. They did a DNA test. She was there when Jake was born and Jason called him his son. Carly says all she has to do is go to Jason and he will tell her it's a lie. Sam tells her that he could keep up the charade because of what he has with Liz. Carly tells her to leave and looks upset when Sam does.

Jason looks at a picture of Jake from Christmas and tells Liz that he looks happy. Liz tells him he should be there to share in his son's happiness. Jason says they agreed that it's safer if no one knows the truth. She asks if it was a bad idea to bring the pictures, but he says he needs to know that his son is happy and safe. He tells her that being with her makes it bearable for him. They wish they had more time together. It's complicated, but it's worth it. They leave with the picture of Jake on the floor.

At home, Cameron reaches for another piece of candy and Liz tells him no. Bobbie gave him too much candy, as it is. He tries again, but Liz catches him and tells him to put it back. He runs off before Carly shows up. She looks at Jake and realizes it's true. Jake is Jason's son. Liz tells her to leave. Carly tells her she has a choice: talk in front of the kids or send them off to bed. Liz takes Jake and Cameron in the other room and tells Carly not to be there when she comes back. Carly doesn't listen and is still there when Liz comes back. Carly says she's been going over everything that has happened since Jake was born. Jason has known for a long time, hasn't he? Liz asks what this has to do with her. Carly says it's because Liz used a baby to hook Jason. Liz tells her she's just upset because Jason didn't confide in her. Carly doesn't believe that Jason wanted to keep Jake a secret. Jason would never give up his son. Liz can't believe the ridicule coming from the town whore. Carly slaps her. Liz tells her she needs to leave. Carly thinks Liz got pregnant on purpose. Liz tells her that she and Jason made a miracle together, which is something Carly can never have with him. Carly mentions how pathetic it is that Liz gave Jake the initials of his father. Liz asks how Carly found out. Carly doesn't say, but Liz guesses it was Sam. When Carly finally leaves, Liz sits down in disbelief and looks at a picture of Jake.

Jason shows up at Sonny's office while Sonny leaves a message for Kate. They talk about how Kate doesn't fit into Sonny's world and Sonny doesn't fit into Kate's world. Jason tells him they need to find a place where they can be together. If two people love each other, they need to find a way to be together. In their jobs, they don't always get a lot of time to be with their loved ones. Sonny points out that there was a time when a wife and kids didn't get in the way of their business. Everything changed when the Zacchara family came into the picture. Jason tells him that this will change soon. When it does, Jason doesn't want Sonny to end up with nothing. Later, Carly shows up to talk to Jason. He asks if this is about her wanting to have a baby again. She tells him it's about him having a baby with Liz. Is it true? Is Jake your son?

Lucky shows up at Sam's place and kisses her. He tells her he's wanted to do that all day. She confides in him that sometimes she hates herself. She does stuff that a part of her regrets. He asks what she is talking about, but she doesn't want to talk about it. She asks him to hold her. Liz shows up, furious at Sam for making trouble. Lucky comes to the doorway and asks what is going on. Liz tells him that Sam went to Carly and told him that Jake was Jason's son. Sam looks away.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

On the way to Philadelphia, helplessly lost and apparently unable to follow the interstate, use a map or check a gas gauge, Diane and Alexis find themselves in a lowlife bar, where they are the only females. The bartender will not let them use the phone until they consume the two-drink minimum. When they finally get use of the phone, it does not work. Diane asks a tall biker type, who is playing pool, if she can use his phone. He agrees if Alexis will dance with him. Diane readily agrees. While Alexis is forced to dance, Diane accepts another beer from a large bald-headed man, who makes increasingly suggestive comments about fashion and mirrors to her. When Alexis' dance partner asks her if she and Diane are going to a prom, Alexis answers truthfully that they are lawyers on their way to an awards dinner. The bar gets very quiet, then the men vent their anger against lawyers and become increasingly threatening as they tell snide lawyer jokes. When they begin to close in on Diane, she pulls a gun, fires it in the air and points it at the leader's manhood. She tells him that she has killed a man and will not hesitate to shoot. The men back off and allow her to leave with Alexis. Outside a relieved Alexis tells Diane that she was very convincing, especially about having killed. Diane admits to a stunned Alexis that she has killed before.

Liz goes to Sam's place and wastes no time informing Lucky that Sam has told Carly that Jake is Jason's son. Lucky asks Sam why she did it. She tells him that Carly kept belittling her, just like Liz has come to her apartment to do, and she lashed out. She tells Lucky that she regrets her actions and she would take it back if she could. Liz is ready to tell Lucky about Sam's other betrayals, but he gets a phone call and has to go. He wants Liz to leave with him, but both she and Sam insist that they need to talk further. Once they are alone, Liz reminds Sam that Lucky does not know that she watched Jake being kidnapped and did nothing, or that Sam was responsible for hiring two men to pretend to be thugs to threaten Liz and her children in order to make Jason think he was a danger to Liz. Sam pleads with Liz and tries to generate sympathy for her actions, but Liz is unforgiving. Sam then tells Liz to keep quiet for Lucky's sake, using the same argument that Sam and everyone else condemned when Liz said she kept silent about Jake's paternity for Lucky's sake. Liz has a few choice words for Sam, but when Sam asks her what she intends to do, Liz tells Sam that she is going home to love her children and as far as Sam is concerned, she might do nothing, except leave it up to Carly to punish Sam for her actions.

At the hospital Epiphany acts out her sorrow through anger. When everyone works hard to please her, she blusters, "Is this what it takes -- my son's death, to get you to do your jobs?" She is very mean and makes Cassius and the other orderlies, who were trying to comfort her, feel very bad. Monica takes her aside and gives a gentle admonishment. She tells Epiphany that she definitely understands the pain and grief that come with losing a child and she is there if Epiphany needs to talk. Epiphany does heed her remarks and becomes more appreciative of everyone, especially when a box arrives for her containing Stanford's personal effects.

Luke, disguised as a janitor, tries to sneak out of the hospital, but Tracy catches him and flays him for his reckless behavior following heart surgery. Lucky soon appears and he and Tracy, once again convince Luke to stay in the hospital and heal. With the crisis temporarily averted, Lucky takes off for work.

Nurse Nadine drops by the coffee house for a tête-à-tête with Spinelli, who tells her that he wants to be a private detective. He admits to her that he wants his life to have some meaning. He feels he owes it to Georgie, who loved him in secret. Later he goes to the hospital and offers his sincere condolences to Epiphany. She is touched. She gives him the box that contains Stan's effects. When he questions why she does not give them to the police, she says that Stan would not like that. Spinelli promises Epiphany that he and Jason will find out who murdered her son, Stanford.

Carly goes to Sonny's office and confronts Jason. She is hurt when he admits that Jake is his son and he has not confided that information to her, especially when she finds out that Sonny, Lucky, Lulu and Spinelli all know the truth also. She blames everything on Liz. Jason interrupts her tirade to tell her that this is why he did not confide in her. He continues to insist that it was his decision to keep Jake's paternity secret, while Carly vents and rants about Liz. He points out the problems with Michael and Johnny Zacchara, along with all the other reasons that he does not want his son to follow in his career. Carly counters that Jason and Sonny are good men, and a son could do worse than to be like them. Finally, Jason asks her to stay out of it and let him handle the situation with Liz. A fired-up Carly, now wants to be his "knightess" in shining armor and she insists that Jason should have his son. She completely ignores his wishes and before Jason can stop her, charges out of the office. Jason dials the phone.

There is a knock on Alexis' door. When Ric opens it, Skye greets him with a proposition. At first he thinks that she has come back to give their budding relationship a chance, but she says that she is leaving Port Charles and she has a gift for him. Ric is shocked when she deeds him the coveted pier property that both Sonny and Trevor want. She tells him he can use it to get revenge on either Sonny or his father, or he can use it for himself and his daughter. When Ric asks if she knows what she is giving him, she says, "Damnation, salvation, it's up to you." Then Ric tells her that he does not know what to say. Skye says, "I would say, thank me, but there might come a time when you regret that. Who knows Ric, another time, another place, -who knows what might have been." Skye becomes tearful as she shares a final heartfelt kiss with Ric. She pick up her things and walks out the door, out of his life, and out of Port Charles.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

To stay warm, Alexis and Diane break into the biker bar after it closes for the night. They put on the designer gowns they had brought for the awards ceremony they missed. They drink beer and eat peanuts while talking about their pasts. Alexis asks Diane to tell her what she meant when she said she once killed a man. Diane tells her that when she was a young public defender she was assigned to defend a 27-year-old man who was accused of raping and killing a woman. The defendant privately confessed to Diane that he killed the woman because she was black. Diane learned that there was a procedural violation in his case and she could have had him released, but she ignored it and let the man go to prison. She tells Alexis that she couldn't have looked at the victim's family if she had let the killer go free. The man was later stabbed to death in prison during his laundry shift.

Diane takes a figurine off the back of the bar and hands it to Alexis and tells her she should be "Female Litigator of the Year." Alexis confesses to her that she also once killed a man by "accidentally" pushing him off a balcony. She explains that the man murdered her sister and then later, when Alexis was in labor, the man left her laying in the snow without helping at all. She tells Diane that she just snapped and killed him, but got away with it. They move on to talking about the men in their lives and wonder how they both ended up alone. They determine that they can always count on themselves to provide what they need-neither needs a man.

Nikolas goes to the hospital to talk to Patrick about his medical condition. He is brought into an examining room to wait and suddenly Emily's spirit is in the room and wants to talk to him. He tells her he's scared about what will happen if they can't fix what's wrong with him. He also tells her he's worried that they'll find a way to fix him up and then he won't be able to see or touch her again. Nadine, the new nurse comes into the room and overhears him talking but can't see Emily. She tells him that a lot of people talk to themselves and that there's nothing wrong with it. Nikolas asks her how long it's going to be before he can talk to Patrick because he is expecting a conference call and can't wait much longer. . She tells him that Patrick is running a little behind with his patients but should be by to talk to him soon. Nikolas falls asleep while waiting for Patrick. He wakes up and is in a bad temper. He has another one of his blackouts and takes out his anger on Nadine, who comes to check on him.

Patrick arrives to find Nikolas getting aggressive toward Nadine and accusing her of having sex with Patrick like a lot of the other nurses do. He pushes Nadine out of his way and she falls down on the floor. Patrick gets help from Robin and an orderly who come into the room. Robin injects Nikolas with a sedative to calm him down. Nikolas is placed on a gurney to rest until the sedative wears off. He overhears Robin and Patrick talking about his condition. Patrick orders more tests and blood work and tells Robin that there is something they're missing, and wonders if it might more side effects from the poison that Jerry previously injected into Nikolas. Emily appears to Nikolas again and he tells her that he must have had another incident of rage because he had been sedated. He apologizes to Nadine when she comes into the room. She tells him it's okay and hopes he will get better soon. She says she is sorry about the loss of his fiancée and that, in the short time she knew her, she thought Emily was a beautiful and wonderful woman. Nikolas looks over at Emily and tells Nadine that she was all of those things and he will always remember her that way. Later, Nikolas gets on the elevator.and finds Emily waiting for him there.

Jerry brings Lulu to a monastery to keep her hidden from everyone. He acts as a beneficiary of this monastery and devises a story about how he is protecting his niece from her boyfriend. The head monk agrees to let her stay there. Jerry tells the monk that his niece is very unstable and that he will have a guard posted to make sure she doesn't try to run away and get herself killed. Later, the monk brings Lulu a tray of food and knocks on her door. Lulu sees this as an opportunity to escape. She pretends to be sick and lays down on the floor. The monk thinks she is unconscious and tries to wake her up. She knocks him out with her tray and takes off. She finds a phone and tries to call Spinelli. Spinelli is at Kelly's but doesn't answer his cell-phone because he is almost unconscious from taking over-the-counter cold medicine he got from Mike's friend Joe. Lulu leaves a frantic voice mail for him explaining that she has been kidnapped and doesn't know where she is being held and only sees a picture of a monk holding flowers in his hand. Jerry's goon grabs Lulu from behind. Lulu screams into the phone for help and is dragged back to her room and locked up again. Spinelli never gets her message and Mike sends him home.

Meanwhile, Johnny worries about Lulu when Logan tells him he hasn't heard from her and asks if he has seen her. Johnny talks to Trevor over the phone and tells Trevor to meet him on the docks. Logan follows Johnny to the meeting. Trevor warns Johnny about stalling Moreau for too long. Moreau, a.k.a. Jerry, calls Johnny on his cell-phone and informs him he has Lulu and will kill her if a certain shipment from Canada doesn't arrive safely in Port Charles with his cooperation.

Logan overhears Johnny on the phone and realizes Johnny knows something about what happened to Lulu. He confronts him with a gun to get answers. He tells Johnny that he wants him to go to the police and tell them what he knows. Johnny refuses to go to the cops and says that if he does, Lulu will be killed. Johnny tells him that Lulu has been taken because he refused to do business with someone. Logan tells him that he wants him to find Lulu and offers to help. Johnny doesn't want him involved. Logan tells him that they both care about Lulu and are on the same side. Johnny doesn't argue with him.

Carly returns to Liz's house to confront her about keeping Jake from his father, Jason. Liz tells her that they both made the decision to keep Jake away from him, and for Lucky to pretend to be the father for Jake's protection. Carly accuses Liz of wanting to keep Jake away from Jason because it is inconvenient for her that Jason is her son's father. Liz tells Carly that she loves Jason. Carly doesn't believe her and thinks she is only looking out for her own best interests and not what is best for Jake or Jason. Liz tells her that this doesn't concern her and asks her to stay out of it. Carly refuses and plans to make sure that Jason gets joint custody of Jake, no matter what she has to do.

Meanwhile, Jason tells Sonny that Carly knows about Jake now because Sam told her. Sonny tries to stay out of it but can't. He asks Jason why he is letting Liz keep his son a secret when he has always been honest about telling the truth and not keeping secrets. Jason explains that he can't put his son at risk because of his line of work. Sonny reminds him that he has three kids. Jason tells him he can't do his job of protecting Sonny and his family if he has to worry about Liz and Jake all the time. Sonny asks Jason if he blames him for not being able to claim Jake as his son. Later, Jason watches Liz take care of Jake while he's outside looking through the window. Carly goes back to Jason's office and finds a picture of Jake on his desk. Meanwhile, Jax goes to the hospital to talk to Dr. Lee about Carly. Dr. Lee tells him she can't talk to him about Carly specifically since she is her patient but can talk in hypothetical terms. He asks her about their chances of having a baby of their own. Dr. Lee tells him about the options that Carly has and what kind of commitment would be involved. She advises him to go home and talk to Carly about what he wants and what she wants to do. Later, Patrick watches Robin looking into sperm donors online.

Friday, January 11, 2008

At the hospital, Skye tells Edward and Monica that she's leaving. Later, Jax finds Skye and asks her why she's really leaving. He doesn't believe what she told Monica about it being time to move on. She knew she could never fool him. She tells him she was on the brink of another bad relationship, Ric. They talk about their relationship and agree that there are no regrets. She cries and asks him if he's happy. It will be easier for her to leave if she knows he is happy. He says he is, but she doesn't buy it. He admits that there are some problems. Skye tells Jax to find Carly and talk to her. Get past the garbage and love her. They hug. When Skye leaves, Jax decides to take her up on her advice and he calls Carly. He leaves her a message and tells her he loves her and wants to get past this tense time. He wants a quiet evening at home.

Cassius brings Luke his food, but Luke doesn't like it. He's anxious to be going home until Tracy shows up and tells him there will be no one at home to help him escape. Tracy tells Luke about the diet he's going to be on. No cigars, no alcohol, and plenty of exercise. The exercise excites Luke until Tracy tells him that the exercise does not pertain to sex. He tells her she's treating him like an endangered species. Tracy tells him that he is an endangered species. Skye comes in to talk to Luke, and Tracy reluctantly agrees to leave. Skye didn't realize how much she was going to miss Luke. He tells her he's not going anywhere, but he's surprised when she tells him that she is going somewhere. She tells him that she's going somewhere green and beautiful and away from danger. He's proud of her for leaving on her own terms and not being run off. He asks for a favor, though.

Edward comes over to say goodbye to Skye and offers his blessing to her and Lila Rae. He asks her to tell Lila Rae about her namesake when she gets older. Skye agrees. She runs into the elevator and meets up with her driver, a disguised Luke. He thanks her for smuggling him out. She asks him what is next, and he says he doesn't know. That's the good part. He asks if she'll ever come back. Skye says she might come back if she hears that Tracy isn't treating him right. He smiles as he watches her leave.

As Dr. Julian prepares Luke's paperwork to be released, Epiphany and Nadine talk about another patient and Regina takes a pregnant woman to a room. Nadine gets the insurance card from her husband, Joe. While Kelly examines the woman, Joe finds out his insurance has lapsed. He starts to argue, but Ms. Sneed tells him that he needs to go to the county hospital. Everyone watches as they gather their things to leave. In the ER, Regina talks to Epiphany about the mayor coming in. Joe comes back with his wife. He reassures her that they won't turn them away again. Regina asks Joe if he got his insurance straightened out. He says yes, and he brought it with him. He opens his coat to reveal a bomb.

Sonny tries to call Kate but gets her voicemail. Carly comes in and asks for Diane. She wants to file papers to get "his" son. Sonny tells her to let Jason and Liz decide what's best for Jake. Carly thinks that Liz has manipulated the situation and Jason deserves to love his son and be with him. Jason is her dearest friend. She is closer to him than she is her own husband. Sonny points out that there may be something wrong with that. Carly continues to vent about how Liz is too much of a wimp to deal with Jason's life. Sonny reminds her that not everyone can put up with the mob life like she can. Carly realizes that Kate left Sonny again and she's not coming back. Sonny admits that Kate is back in the city for good. Carly doesn't seem to care much, though, as her thoughts go back to getting Jason custody of Jake, even part time. Sonny tells her that he's already tried to talk to Jason, but ultimately it is Jason's choice. Carly tells Sonny that they need to change Jason's mind. Jason walks in and tells her no. She knows what it's like to try to keep her children safe. Carly thinks that he has lost too much time already with his son. Jason asks her to do what he wants for just one time. Leave it alone. Carly tells Jason that he doesn't want that. It's what Liz wants. Jason tells her that if she wants to get all maternal then go have a kid with Jax. Leave his son out of it. Carly leaves. Sonny and Jason talk about Morgan and his painting in the office and Kate. Jason tells him that love doesn't make mistakes. It was something Emily used to say. Sonny agrees. He says love doesn't mess things up, people mess things up. Jason nods his head in agreement.

Later, Carly runs into Jax who wants to talk to her. She tells him she doesn't have time. She needs to get a lawyer for Jason. He tells her she needs to get her priorities straight. There is a growing distance between them, and they need a night to themselves. She compares her relationship with Jason to his relationship with Jerry and how he raced all over the world to track him down. Jax says the two relationships don't compare, and he asks her where she draws the line. She says when Jason is happy, and she leaves.

Kate talks to Warren on the phone while she looks at the painting that Sonny gave her. Her assistant tells her she will be heading the magazine again before they know it. They talk about her trip to Paris and how she will be gone for a while. Her assistant tells her the car will be there soon. She will be back in this world for good tomorrow. Kate looks at her plane ticket and rips it up. She opens the door to find Sonny. He tells her he can't get her out of his mind.

Jason finds Sam on the docks and asks her why she told Carly about Jake. She tells him she did it to get back at him for hurting her. Now they are even. He questions if they really are even. He knows she wanted revenge. She knew the consequences of Carly finding out. She agrees that she did realize what it would do, but she was only telling his best friend that he was a dad. How could he not realize how much it hurt her that Liz gave him the child that she could not give him. At least Carly has the guts to say what's on her mind, unlike Liz. Sam tells him that this is about Jason and the choices he is making for his son. He will never be able to make it work with Liz. She doesn't understand him or his life. She doesn't know how to stand by him for the man that he is. Liz was his choice, and his son will pay the price. She leaves.

Liz warns Cameron not to play with matches, and he puts them down. She tells him to go outside but not to slam the door. It locks when he slams the door and he won't be able to get back in. He runs out and slams the door anyway. Liz looks over at Jake and realizes he's hungry. When Cameron is ready to come back in, Liz has to let him in. She tells him again not to slam the door until it is fixed. Lucky stops by and Liz tells him about Cameron playing with matches. Lucky tells him that playing with matches is not a good idea. When he runs off to his room, Lucky acknowledges that Liz has her hands full with the boys. She asks him if she missed a visitation, but he says no. He wants to talk to her about Jake. He thinks they need to stick to the story about Jake being his son. It's the safest thing for him, and he bets Jason would agree. Sam just can't help herself sometimes, but she would never jeopardize Jake. She asks him if he's sure about that. Lucky admits that Sam is more complicated and doesn't think things through. He tells her that he's not making excuses for Sam, but he's just trying to explain things. He wants to be a good father to Jake and Cameron. He tells her that Jake is a good boy and he wants to help him grow into a good man. He's still willing to be Jake's father if Jason and Liz agree. He tells her not to take offense, but he hopes Jake turns out a lot more like Liz than his father. He leaves. Liz goes to put Jake to bed and tells him she loves him and will keep him safe. She comes back downstairs to see Cameron with the matches again. She runs after him as he runs out the door, unaware that he threw a lit match in the trashcan. The door slams shut and locks behind them. Liz walks back over to the house and hears the smoke alarm. She realizes the house is on fire and Jake is still inside. She starts screaming when she can't open the door.

Sam runs into Lucky and tells him that she left some messages for him. He got them, but he's been busy with his dad. He doesn't let her off the hook for telling Carly about Jake. He knows that she still blames them for what happened and the fact that she can't have children. He knows that she wants them to pay for it. He doesn't like it, nor does he want to be a part of it. But in a strange way, he understands. Pain can cloud your mind. He was hooked on painkillers and stopped caring about everything. It ruined his marriage. She's using revenge as a painkiller and she needs to get help, like he did. He went to Liz and told her that he would keep up the ruse. He doesn't think Sam would hurt him. She asks him if he really believes that. He says that he believes the boy to be his, and he doesn't want to see anything ever happen to him. He doesn't want anyone bringing danger to his boys, whether it's Jason or her. If they are going to have a future together, it's not going to be about what they have done. It's going to be about what they do from here on out. He leaves.

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