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Neil and Karen made love. Lily and Cane kissed. Brad made arrangements to go with Sharon on her business trip to Chicago. Amber had Kevin fix the Jabot contest in favor of 'Marina.' Nikki invited Phyllis back to NVP.
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Monday, January 7, 2008

At the Newman break room, Phyllis and Nick discussed the fact that Victor, after being implicated in Ji Min's murder, has been taking his frustration out on Nick. Nick said that Victor believes that Jack's to blame. Phyllis said that she didn't believe that Jack was guilty. Nick reminded Phyllis that the police were looking at Jack before they arrested his dad. Phyllis said that the police didn't arrest Jack due to lack of evidence, but she reminded Nick that Victor had a reason to want Ji Min dead. After Phyllis' inquisitive visit with Jack, she told Nick that he should perhaps consider that Victor could have possibly, for one reason or another, been involved with Ji Min's death.

At the Abbott mansion, Ben brought in a copy of the morning newspaper featuring Victor's arrest. Jack told Ben that Victor had called him moments after being released on bail. Ben, noting that Jack's no longer a senator or the owner of Jabot, urged Jack to write a tell-all book about his life. Jack, however, insisted that his next move will include something that will make him feel good, so that plan does not include writing a book about his downfall. Sharon breezed into the room to let Jack know that she was due at Newman to meet about a promotion campaign for Beauty of Nature. Jack seemed uneasy, however, when Sharon told him that Brad would be heading up the campaign. Before she left, Jack made arrangements to meet Sharon later for dinner. After Sharon left, Ben assured Jack that Sharon is his, so he shouldn't worry because she loves him. Jack, however, had flashbacks of seeing Sharon being cozy with Brad. Jack left Sharon a voicemail telling her that he'd stop by to pick her up at Newman. Phyllis stopped by to check on Jack. Jack told Phyllis that Sharon was giving him another shot. Phyllis told Jack that rumors were flying saying that he was casting guilt on Victor to deflect the heat away from himself. Phyllis asked Jack, flat-out, if he'd killed Ji Min. Jack insisted that he did not kill Ji Min, and he denied having fabricated evidence implicated Victor, saying that he merely pointed it out.

At Newman, Brad locked the conference room door as he and Sharon looked over campaign materials. Brad, however, turned that conversation to his and Sharon's personal lives, such as Victoria's condition and Victor's arrest, as he rested his arm on the back of Sharon's chair. Sharon tried to stay on task, but Brad moved in, took Sharon by the arm and told her that he loved her. Brad embraced Sharon and began kissing her. Sharon kissed Brad, to and then, she suddenly pulled away, just as Jack arrived to pick his wife up for dinner. When Jack reached the conference room door, he realized it was locked. Brad and Sharon tried to act nonchalant, but Jack seemed to sense that something more than a business meeting had just taken place behind locked doors.

Daniel paid a visit to Heather's office to give her his check for repairs to her wrecked car. Daniel was a bit embarrassed when he startled Heather and caused her to spill coffee all over her desk. Heather nervously dabbed at the wet papers on her desk, but she assured Daniel that he was not to blame. When Daniel learned that Heather had been working late for several weeks, he insisted on taking her out to dinner. Heather, however, declined Daniel's offer.

At the coffeehouse Amber interrupted Daniel's Internet-job search and to tell him that she has her camera all ready to create her entry, as Marina, in the "Fresh Faces of Jabot" contest. Daniel, however, told Amber that her plan was half-baked and told her that she was only going to such lengths because she is still in love with Cane. When Amber later learned that hundreds of young women had entered the contest, she felt she should give up, perhaps, until she realized that computer-genius Kevin could assist her with the online voting process.

Heather hastily breezed into the coffeehouse and ordered a sandwich to go. Daniel again insisted that Heather at least, sit and eat with him. As Heather gulped her food, in a hurry to race back to her caseload, Daniel urged her to relax a bit. Heather said she was surprised that Daniel wasn't grilling her to get information about Victor's case. However, Daniel turned the conversation to his and Heather's shared interest in surfing. After Heather left, Amber teased Daniel about drooling over the woman who put his mother in prison.

Kevin visited Jana in prison. Kevin assured Jana that he'd soon get her released after proving that her tumor had been responsible for Carmen's murder. Jana worried, though, about the legal ramifications, but Kevin assured her that most attorneys believe that her strong medical evidence is difficult to refute in court. Later, Daniel accompanied Kevin when he visited Heather's office armed with a box of evidence he claimed could get Jana released from prison. Heather cautioned Kevin and advised him to give the files to Jana's attorney, Michael. Kevin insisted that Jana's a good person who should not be imprisoned.

As Gloria prepared for Jeffrey to come for dinner, Lauren questioned Gloria about her intentions with Jeff. Gloria, however, explained that she had been wrong about being suspicious of Jeff and urged Lauren and the rest of her family to put their suspicions to rest, so they could enjoy the evening with Jeff. While Gloria readied champagne flutes in the kitchen, Lauren accidentally discovered an overflowing bag of diamond-encrusted jewelry in Gloria's open handbag. When Lauren thought that Gloria was stealing jewelry, Gloria explained that she was merely investing her money. Lauren said that she still wasn't buying Gloria's explanation that Jeff had suddenly become Gloria's romantic interest after being her enemy. After Gloria left to change clothes, Lauren showed Michael Gloria's purse full of pricey baubles. Michael flipped through Gloria's checkbook and learned that Gloria had written a check for $50,000 to Jeff Bardwell. When Michael confronted Gloria, she lied, saying that Jeff was investing it in property. As the doorbell rang, Gloria implored Michael and Lauren to be on their best behavior. As everyone sipped martinis, Jeff celebrated the fact that Gloria had been vindicated when she found evidence proving that Jack had forged his father's will. Gloria toasted to turning a new corner in her life. Michael asked Jeff about the property he was investing in. At first, Jeff was puzzled, but Gloria filled in the blanks, explaining that Jeff was buying a house in Genoa City. Kevin breezed in after his visit to Heather's office. After Jeff served Kevin a glass of champagne, the room became quiet after Jeff announced that Gloria had consented to be his wife.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Michael and Lauren are stunned by Jeffrey's marriage proposal, expecting it to be a joke. However, they are even more taken aback when he gets down on one knee and gives her a ring. Kevin plays along and prompts Michael to congratulate the couple as well. Realizing that Michael and Lauren aren't buying this marriage proposal, Gloria offers Jeff half a million dollars to leave her alone. Jeff refuses the money. Gloria finally gives in and admits to Michael and Lauren that Jeff is blackmailing her. Later, Gloria refuses to let Michael help her get out of this mess. While picking up coffee, Nikki is ambushed by a tabloid reporter regarding Victor's arrest. Phyllis enters to see what is going on and steps to Nikki's aid. Nick and Nikki stop by to offer Victor their support. Victor isn't interested. Later, the Nikki and Nick realize they need to present a united front to Victor and to the world. Sharon runs into Victor at the club and inquires about Victoria and the baby. She also informs him that she believes in his innocence. This statement means a lot to Victor. He warns Sharon to be careful with Jack. At the G.C.A.C., J.T. exclaims to Sharon and Victor that Reed held his finger. Everyone is thrilled. Alone, J.T. informs Victor that he has information on David but later admits that there is nothing out of the ordinary yet. Jack asks Brad for a word in private. Jack demands that Brad leave Sharon alone and makes it clear that she isn't leaving him. J.T. starts asking Nikki questions about David and she realizes that Victor has hired J.T. to investigate David. Nikki confronts Victor about hiring J.T. and it erupts into a huge argument. Nikki blurts out that she believes Victor is capable of anything. Victor kicks her out of the house. Jack joins Sharon at the G.C.A.C. and she inquires about his conversation with Brad. Jack confesses that he warned Brad not to take advantage of this difficult time. Nick warns Brad to leave Sharon alone. As Sharon and Jack start to make love, Brad calls her cell phone and leaves a longing message.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Michael told Lauren it was inevitable that Gloria would eventually be blackmailed for tampering with the Jabot face cream. Lauren said they should have put 2 and 2 together and realized that something was not right with Gloria and Jeffrey's relationship. Michael was concerned that he and Lauren might be charged as accessories after the fact. When Lauren said that she wished that Gloria had been honest from the start, Michael said that Gloria was allergic to honesty. When Lauren wondered if Michael had a way to extricate them from the situation, he said he would come up with something. Lauren wanted him to forget about Gloria so he could concentrate on Victor's trial -- after all, Gloria is an adult and she and Jeffrey needed to work it out; she shouldn't always come to Michael when she crashes and burns. She told Michael he needed to take a stand and say enough is enough.

At the Athletic Club, Jeffrey joined Jill (who was waiting for Katherine), ordered champagne, and told a stunned Jill that he and Gloria were engaged. When Jeff said he loved Gloria, Jill asked whose idea the wedding was. When Jeff said it was his, a doubting and reluctant Jill toasted the wedding. Katherine joined them, and was also shocked to hear of the engagement. After Jeff left the table, Katherine told Jill there was more to Jeff and Gloria's relationship than love. Cane met up with them and the ladies told him how happy they were with his job performance -- so happy in fact that he was being promoted to Director of Acquisitions. They decided to celebrate by going out to Indigo to see the new singer who had been advertised. When Katherine suggested that perhaps he would like to invite Heather to join them, Cane told her that "that ship has sailed."

At Crimson Lights, Gloria joined Kevin and told him she needed his help -- she was planning to leave the country! Kevin thought this was not a good idea because Jeffrey would be able to find her no matter where she went. He suggested she try to turn the tables on him and beat him at his own game. When she asked how she could do that, Kevin said he didn't know -- but he was sure she could come up with something. Although Kevin was only able to come up with the dirt that Jeffrey had served time in a Liberian prison, he told Gloria that if she couldn't find his Achilles' heel she should make one up. He urged her to get some useful information -- his vulnerable point -- out of him by getting him drunk. Gloria called Jeffrey and suggested that they meet at Indigo.

In the Indigo office, an upset Neil learned that the singer who was to premiere that night had the flu. After all, he had been promoting the event all week and expected a full house. You could see the lightbulb turning on over Neil's head as he called Karen (who was with Lily in the Newman Conference Room) and asked her to sub for the sick singer. Karen was shocked. A little while later, Neil joined them and he and Lily relentlessly worked on the reluctant and nervous Karen until she finally agreed to perform. She was in a panic that she didn't have anything appropriate to wear, but Neil called Lauren about the "fashion emergency" and Lauren agreed to help out. Lauren told Michael that they were going to be spending the evening at Indigo. At Indigo, Lauren showed Karen a few outfits and they decided on one.

At Crimson Lights, Roxanne told Devon she was sure Lily would go for her friend Alan. Devon called Lily and learned that she would be at Indigo that evening -- Roxanne called Alan and invited him to join them (not mentioning that Lily would be there.) Alan accepted.

Finally the big night at Indigo arrived. In the office, Lily told Karen how great she looked and Neil told her to relax -- that she would take everyone's breath away. Out in the bar, Devon, Roxanne, and Alan met up with Lily -- introductions between Lily (who was onto their scheme) and Alan were made. Jill, Katherine, and Cane came in and after Cane and Lily made eye contact he walked over to the kids' table to say hello. He met Alan. Cane rejoined Katherine and Jill as Lily wistfully stared on.

Gloria and Jeffrey made a grand, loud entrance. Jill said that there was something not right about them -- and Michael told Lauren he was going to be sick. Lauren reminded him that Gloria "didn't exist" tonight -- she just wanted to relax and enjoy the evening.

After Gloria and Jeffrey found a table, Gloria said that if they pretended to have a good time perhaps they would. Saying she needed a drink, she went to the bar and ordered two mojitos -- one weak (for her) and the other with a triple shot of rum (for Jeffrey.) A bit later, she and a slightly tipsy Jeffrey started sniping at each other. Jeffrey told her that they were really very much alike -- that they would both do anything to get what they wanted. He told her he really did want to marry her, and that the blackmail was just a "security matter." The waiter brought over a second round of drinks (mixed the same way as the first round) and when Gloria wasn't looking, Jeffrey poured his out.

Neil took the stage and was about to introduce Karen -- just before he said he saw that she was terrified and ran off. He introduced the pianist instead, and then found Karen in the office. She apologized for freezing up and he apologized for pushing her so hard. Neil told her not to be ashamed -- he knew that tomorrow they would laugh about this. As they began to kiss, an embarrassed Lily walked in on them. She checked to make sure that Karen was all right and quickly left. When Karen asked Neil if she would be okay, Neil said that she would be -- that she needed to learn that he was going to continue his life. They embraced and began kissing again.

In the alley behind Indigo, Lily tried unsuccessfully to call Colleen and left her a voicemail that she needed to talk. Cane followed her out to find out what was wrong. After he told her that her date seemed like a nice guy, she told him that Alan was not her date. As Cane told her that Alan made him jealous, he took Lily in his arms and began kissing her passionately.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gloria tries to get Jeffrey drunk by ordering a bunch of mojitos, and ends up getting drunk herself. Michael insists that Jeffrey make sure that Gloria gets home safely. Jeffrey secretly pours his drinks into the plant nearby. Gloria ends up telling Jeffrey more about herself than Jeffrey tells her about himself. Gloria says if Jeffrey really admired her, he wouldn't blackmail her. Jeffrey says that he's blackmailing her so that he can get closer to her. Neil suggests calling a cab for them. Jeffrey carries Gloria out, and they arrive at the Athletic Club. Gloria calls Kevin and tells him that Jeffrey is drunk, and she's only pretending to be drunk. When Gloria suggests they go up to Jeffrey's room, Gloria passes out.

Michael worries about Gloria getting too drunk and letting her guard down. Lauren tries to make Michael feel better with candles and kisses. Michael is interrupted by Victor's phone call, saying that he wants Michael to come over immediately. Michael goes to see Victor and asks to be informed about his case. Michael says that if Victor wants to win the case, he will have to trust him. Michael suggests that there might be more on the tape than the police have let on. He says all they have to do is raise the possibility that someone was there after Victor. When Michael returns home, Lauren is waiting for him. She makes him strip down and she gives him a back rub.

As Cane and Lily kiss outside of Indigo, Neil walks out with Karen and sees them. Neil asks to talk to Lily alone. Neil tells Lily that he hopes that what he saw wasn't what he thinks it is. Lily says its exactly what he thinks it is. Neil tells Lily that Cane is taking advantage of her. Lily tells her father that he has to let her grow up on her own. Lily goes to Cane and admits to him that Neil has an issue with her seeing Cane. Cane understands and Lily returns to her friends. Devon asks Lily if she wants to go to the coffeehouse for a latte. Lily doesn't want to, but when she looks at her father, she says that she will go. At the coffeehouse, Lily runs into Cane again. They smile shyly at each other and Cane asks Lily out on an "official" date. Lily says that she would love to. As they kiss again, Amber sees and is brought to tears.

Karen apologizes to Neil again for not singing at the club. Neil says it's not a problem. Karen thinks that Neil should trust Lily more. Neil insists that Karen stay longer for a drink, and Karen starts playing the piano. Neil suggests that Karen sing for him. Karen sings a beautiful song for Neil.

Nikki stops by to see Summer, but Phyllis has already put her down. Nikki confides in Phyllis that she's been feeling restless. Nikki tells Phyllis that she has a proposition for her. Nikki would like Phyllis to return to work at NVP. Phyllis says that she is grateful that Nikki would ask her, but would like to speak to Nick about it first. When Nick comes home, he talks to Nikki about Victor. He says that Victor was really upset to hear that Nick wasn't sure if he was innocent. Nick says that Victor makes it hard to reach out to him. Phyllis comes downstairs and tells Nick about Nikki's proposition. Nick is supportive of Phyllis returning to work with Nikki.

At Newman, Victor asks Nick if he thinks he killed Ji Min. Victor can't believe that his own son would think his father is capable of murder. Nick says that he wants to believe his father, but even if he is guilty he will be by his side. Victor is furious that Nick would say such a thing. When J.T. knocks on Victor's office door, Nick leaves. J.T. talks to Victor about David, but when J.T. says that he doesn't feel comfortable with it, Victor says that J.T. will no longer work for him. J.T. goes to the Athletic Club and sees David arguing with a mystery man.

Nikki goes to see Victor to tell him that he's pushing everyone away. Victor tells her that's exactly what he's trying to do. He tells her to get out. Frustrated, Nikki leaves and slams the door.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Michael and Lauren are looking for Gloria, and ask Kevin if he knows anything. Kevin tells them of her plan to get Jeffrey drunk and to pretend to be drunk at the same time so that when he passes out, she can get the tainted face cream that he has. Lauren tells Kevin that they saw her last night with Jeffrey and she was "snockered" and not acting. They are all concerned that she is in way over her head in trying to handle Jeffrey.

Gloria wakes up, hears someone whistling and shower water running, and realizes that she passed out in Jeffrey's room last night. Gloria is trying to recall the events of the night, and finally asks if he took advantage of her while she was passed out. He assures her he did not, and that they slept soundly all through the night. She notices that he is not hung over at all while she feels terrible and asks why that is. She admits that she gave him drinks that were much stronger than hers. He tells her that he was aware of what she was doing so he kept switching the drinks so that she got the stronger ones, and that he poured his drinks out. She is upset that she got beat at her own game, and that she is hung over! He tries to convince her that this doesn't have to be something that makes her so miserable, and that if she stopped fighting it, she would see that they are a good match and then she could be happier. Jeffrey then starts to press her to make wedding plans, and wants it sooner rather than later. Trying to stall, she tells him that society will expect her to have a large and fancy wedding that will take time to plan. He reminds her that when she married his brother they didn't need all of that, as they got married in Michael's living room, but then says "Fine, it's your money." Then he gets what he thinks is a great idea -- to get married on Valentine's Day. She tells him she'll check her calendar and get back to him, then leaves.

As she is leaving, she sees Jack and asks him about the inheritance money that he owes her. He tells her that he's considering a settlement, and she responds that she is open to that, to avoid a civil suit. As they talk, Jeffrey approaches and tells Jack the law is on Gloria's side and he knows it. Jack becomes aware of their engagement and offers advice: to watch his back and hire a food taster, and refers to Gloria as a Black Widow.

Michael and Lauren are still concerned because they haven't been able to reach Gloria all day. They return home to find Gloria already there. They ask and she tells them how her scheme failed, then tells them to circle Valentine's Day on their calendar because it will be her wedding day and leaves the room. Michael and Lauren sit down and review their crazy involvements, listing Kevin's attempting to help a psycho be set free, his mother is marrying her late husband's twin brother on Valentine's Day, and that he is defending the richest man in town on a murder charge! He says that all of these cases seem tough, but he may have a plan to help his mother, and says that it's time that he get to know his future father, then leaves.

Michael arrives at Jeffrey's room and knocks at the door forcefully. Jeffrey lets him in. Michael tells him that he knows he is blackmailing his mother and to leave her alone. Jeffrey admits he is blackmailing her, and says they will be married on Valentine's Day and there is nothing Michael can do to stop it. When Michael threatens having him arrested for blackmail, Jeffrey says he won't because he could get him in trouble for hiding a crime, the crime that Gloria committed. Michael tells him that so far no one has accused of her a crime, and IF someone did, his knowledge would be protected under attorney/client privilege. Jeffrey retorts that Michael hasn't been hired to defend her and no charges have been filed, not yet anyway, so that privilege doesn't exist. Michael responds that it's a clever spin but all speculation. Jeffrey tells him that a marriage will take place very soon. Then he asks Michael to be his best man. Michael seems to be caught off guard with all of this, says nothing, and leaves, which has Jeffrey laughing and enjoying his having the upper hand.

Gloria arrives at the coffee shop and sees Kevin. She tells him that Jeffrey turned the tables on her, she passed out and her plan failed -- she didn't get the face cream. Gloria informs him of the wedding and the date. As they talk, Kevin says something that gives Gloria an idea. She reminds him of their conversation about trying to find Jeffrey's Achilles' heel and she thinks she may have an idea. She says the plan is to make it look like Jeffrey is trying to kill her. The plan is shot down when Kevin points out that it wouldn't make sense that he try to kill her before the marriage. Then Gloria has another idea. She says that if Jeffrey wants a wedding soon, she'll plan a wedding so fast it will make his head spin.

Kevin is trying to help Jana's case and has T-shirts and posters made up, distributing them all around in an effort to gain the public's support for her. His goal is to generate enough support for her that the DA drops the charges and it never has to go to court. Michael doesn't agree that is the way to win cases, saying there has to actually be some information and other actions done. Kevin tells him that he did give the medical information to Heather that Michael put together.

Heather is interviewing Jana to decide if she should proceed to pursue a case against her. Jana mentions Kevin a lot and says how helpful he's been to her, and that she loves him. As Heather ends the interview, Jana, appearing very nervous now, says that all she did was tell the truth and asks if heather believes her. Heather only says that she'll be in touch.

Heather then joins Paul and Maggie to have a bite to eat. Heather begins to give an opinion about her talk with Jana, but then stops, saying they will "talk shop" later. When Heather doesn't seem to be eating, Maggie tries to encourage her to eat a little something. Paul tells her to be sure to take care of herself, and that she seems a little tired, and that she can't do her best work if she's tired. But she assures him she's fine, saying she believes in the saying "I can sleep when I'm dead." Just then, Paul sees Heathers' mom, April, and calls her over to their table. April says that she got worried when Heather wouldn't return her calls. Heather says she was too busy to check her messages and never got the calls, and then excuses herself, saying she doesn't want to deal with this and that April shouldn't have come. Heather leaves, and Maggie follows her to check on her. April tells Paul that she warned him to not tell her the truth about being her father.

Jack and Sharon are having dinner and Jack tells her that he has a proposition for her. He tells her that he's thinking of starting a foundation in his father's name. He wants to provide hard working, eager people a chance to turn their lives around through both business and education opportunities. He explains that he wants to give people what his father gave him: practical wisdom, confidence to take risks, a secure place to come back to. He adds he wants to make his father proud. His proposition to Sharon is that he wants her to run it. She says she'll consider it, but not until after the "Beauty of Nature" promo tour. Jack seems disappointed that she's still committed to this project that Brad has set up for her.

Nick happens by and sees Jack and Sharon. He mentions that the airport is crowded, explaining he was dropping Phyllis off as she has just re-joined MVP at Nikki's request and was off to check out a couple of the spas. Sharon excuses herself to go complete her travel plans. Jack asks Nick to stay a minute to discuss his idea for the foundation, and the idea of Sharon running it. Nick asks what about her position at Newman Enterprises. Jack responds that he thinks it might be a good idea for her to moved on, and Nick completes that thought by adding "and away from Brad." Jack and Nick discuss Brad's persistence, and Nick advises Jack to shake the insecurity and treat Sharon well and he should have nothing to worry about. Then Nick brings up the topic of his father, Victor. They discuss the tensions at the ranch with the latest war between Victor and Nikki. Jack offers to be a friend to Nick if he needs one. Their visit ends.

Later, Nick gets a text message from Victor with a task to be done by the end of the day, and seems disappointed that Victor's contacts are more business than personal. Then he calls Phyllis knowing she is still on the plane and leaves a voice mail saying he wanted to touch base to get a reality check from someone he loves. He tells her to enjoy the break from the Newman Family feud. Then he goes to Victoria's room and talks with her. He tells her about a time when they were kids and she stood up to Victor, and how he admired that. He says he wished he knew how to do that, and that he'd give anything if she'd wake up and tell him how, because he really needs to know that now.

Brad is checking that Sharon's itinerary is complete and ready to go. Sharon arrives to get her plans from him. He explains that he tried to arrange some downtime for shopping, but she replies that she'd rather focus on the business, and that it's important to her that it's a success. He tells her that it will be, and that she's perfect for this promotion. As they are finishing reviewing the plans, Jack arrives for Sharon. Jack looks over the itinerary and sees that it's a first class tour. Brad comments that Sharon deserves it. Jack agrees. Sharon, sensing the tension, tells Jack how the schedule isn't as grueling as others have been and that she will have some time to come home in between cities. Then she suggests that he come with her. He looks at her schedule and says that he can't leave right away to join her in Chicago, but that some of the other cities look possible for him to join her. They leave Brad's office and Jack tells Sharon that he saw Gloria and told her that he was considering a settlement. He adds that is why he is meeting with the lawyer tomorrow. This pleases Sharon, and they share a very nice, warm kiss. Brad passes by and sees this, then returns to his office and makes a phone call to schedule a flight to Chicago, but specifies to not be on the same flight as Sharon, but a later flight.

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