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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 17, 2011 on GH
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Monday, October 17, 2011

On the docks, Lisa hit Anthony in the stomach with a plank that had a nail embedded in it. Anthony was surprised by the stabbing, but offered to help Lisa escape, anyway. He reached for her hand. Instead of accepting his offer she pushed him into the water and left the docks.

Liz went to Lucky's apartment to give him a picture of Cam and Aiden at the pumpkin patch. When she arrived, Ethan told her that Lucky had left on a quest for Siobhan. Liz was sarcastic and blamed Siobhan for interfering with the life Liz and Lucky could have together. Ethan had a different opinion. He asked Liz why she resented someone who was not there. Ethan told Liz that Lucky was not off chasing ghosts, but taking a long-needed break from Liz because of the destructive relationship they shared.

Liz disagreed. She told Ethan that Lucky had called for her, not Siobhan, when he had been shot up with drugs. Ethan replied that Lucky's actions proved Ethan's point. Ethan said that Liz and Lucky were no longer teenagers and that perhaps it was time for Liz to let go. Ethan said that Liz should do it for herself, her kids, and Lucky.

Liz took another tack when she noticed the portrait of Laura. She thought that it belonged to Lucky and accused Lucky of hanging on to the past. Ethan said he had found the portrait at Wyndemere and was returning it there. Liz scoffed and then said that Ethan was trying to be like Luke. She said that returning to Wyndemere proved Ethan's desire to confront Helena and gain continuity with Luke.

Ethan responded that the relationship between Luke and Laura was a lot like the relationship between Liz and Lucky. Ethan said that Laura had tried to force Luke into a mold that he did not fit, and Liz was attempting to do the same thing to Lucky. When Liz reiterated that Lucky loved her, Ethan responded that Lucky loved Liz like he loved pills. Ethan said that loving Liz was a trap for Lucky, and renewing a relationship between them was setting Lucky up to fail.

Liz did not accept that she and Lucky had no chance of happiness and retorted that Lucky had cheated first. Ethan acknowledged that it had happened when Lucky was strung out on pills. He turned the tables on Liz when he said, "What's your excuse?" He went on to point out that she had had three children by three different fathers.

Liz wanted to know if Ethan was calling her a whore. He said no, but Liz said he did not have to because both Siobhan and Lucky had. Ethan encouraged Liz to let Lucky go before the sickness of their relationship poisoned her life. Liz responded by telling Ethan that she got it and that perhaps it was time to start living down to expectations. She ripped up the picture of Cam and Aiden in the pumpkin patch and then stormed out of the apartment.

Sam was appalled when Carly, Shawn, and Josslyn showed up at the honeymoon cottage she shared with Jason. When Sam said that it had better be important, Carly gave Jason the note from Franco. While Shawn and Jason searched the grounds, Sam and Carly stayed in the cottage. Sam was not happy. She immediately suggested that Carly go back to Port Charles where she could get protection. Sam wanted to know why Carly persisted in putting herself in the middle of Sam and Jason's honeymoon. Carly insisted that she had been worried that Franco had already struck, and she had needed to contact Jason. Sam responded that there was a better option that just barging in.

Shawn and Jason found no sign of Franco. Neither man could tell if the signature on the card was Franco's. Jason said that he could not figure out what Franco was up to. Shawn wondered out loud if Carly could have sent the card and lei for her own reasons. When Jason asked about Carly, Shawn thought Jason meant Shawn's personal feelings for Carly and babbled his ambivalent thoughts. Jason stopped him and said he was asking about Carly's attitude towards Jax.

After Carly put Josslyn to bed, she told Sam that she could not turn to Sonny because of Jax. Sam told Carly to cut out the grieving widow act. Sam said that if Jax was dead, it was just as much Carly's fault as Sonny's. Carly shot back that Sam was one to talk. Carly said that Sam had gone through most of the men in Port Charles before turning to Jason. Sam told Carly to find her own man and not run to Jason with every little problem. Carly said that if Jason had a problem with her, he could talk to her. Sam called Carly "pathetic." The men returned before the ladies exchanged outright blows.

Carly turned to Shawn and said they were leaving, but Jason and Shawn said, "No," they were staying. Sam was not thrilled and wanted to find a nearby cabana for them. Jason said that there had been no sign of Franco, but that did not mean that Franco was not out there. Jason vetoed the idea of another cabana for Shawn, Carly, and Josslyn. He said that they were settled for the night and would figure things out the following day. When Josslyn started crying, Shawn noted that it was going to be a long night.

Abby caught up with Michael at the coffee warehouse. She worried about the danger Michael might be in, especially from the police. They hugged, and Michael said that he was always honest with Abby and he did not want to be in a position where he had to lie to her. He said that someone had planted drugs in the warehouse and shot Dante. Abby said that was no reason to go back to prison.

Michael asked if Abby would bail on him if he took advantage of an opportunity. Abby said that any girl would have concerns if her guy got himself in a dangerous situation. Abby told Michael that she loved him and would stand by him. Michael laughed and said that he liked being in charge on his own terms -- legitimate terms. Both laughed when Michael said that he found lugging around coffee bags all day strangely fulfilling.

Maxie caught Matt at GH and told him that she had time for his party. Matt was less than thrilled when Maxie said that she could be the "woman behind the man" for her Crimson spread, and he could be the man. When Maxie said she could work and celebrate at the same time, Matt said that he did not want to be with Maxie if her only reason to celebrate was because it benefited her. Matt said that he wanted Maxie's undivided attention that evening and that if the evening could not be about him and his achievement, then he did not want to spend it with her. Maxie was still clueless when she answered her phone. Matt walked over to Liz and said, "Yes," when she wondered if they were still on for that evening.

Spinelli looked longingly at Maxie. Olivia noticed and told him to get his heart out of his throat and take action. Spinelli said that he did not know what to do because he had lost the cyber skills on which Maxie depended and because of it, he was completely useless to her. Olivia said it was not true and reminded Spinelli that Maxie had done everything in her power to return him to his old self when he had been Jackal, P.I. As he spoke, Spinelli, who was holding a basketball, balanced and spun it on one finger.

Olivia noticed and commented on his hidden skill. She said that there might be more to Spinelli that a computer genius. She encouraged him to find out how he performed on the basketball court. Spinelli asked if it were honorable to go after Maxie while she was with Matt. Olivia told Spinelli that he had to make a move while there was still a chance.

Robin and Patrick traded barbs about her color-coding system. Robin insisted that the staff approved. When Robin tried to get Epiphany to agree, Epiphany dodged the question and told the doctors Drake to get ready for the cruise. Robin spotted Steve and told him that she had three more applicants for the open pediatric position. She was miffed when Steve said he had already hired someone. Robin said that Steve was no longer chief of staff; Steve responded that she was always preaching teamwork, and he had acted as part of the team to secure the best possible person for the job, a doctor he had know in Memphis. Robin tartly told Steve that she hoped the new doctor impressed Robin as much as Steve.

Steve found Olivia. Robin and Patrick got on the elevator and headed for the boat. Maxie arrived all dressed up just in time to see Matt get on the elevator with Liz. Maxie quizzed Epiphany about the party location, but Epiphany would not tell. Spinelli saw Maxie's distress and told her that the boat was at Pier 53. Maxie rushed off, and Spinelli looked befuddled.

Johnny opened his apartment door and found Lisa standing in his living room, clad only in her bra and panties. He was surprised but glad to see her. He asked about her recovery. She likened herself to Frankenstein's monster and said that fundamental laws of God and nature had been broken to restore her to consciousness. Johnny quickly figured out that Anthony was responsible for reviving Lisa. Johnny wondered if Anthony's plan was to turn Lisa loose on Patrick and Robin. They sat on the couch and hugged. Johnny said he was glad to see her and glad that she was alive. Johnny said that there was something different in Lisa's eyes.

Johnny asked what Anthony was holding over Lisa. She said. "Life." Lisa said that Anthony had the power to give it or take it away. Johnny said that he would protect Lisa from Anthony. Lisa was playful when she said that Johnny was trying to spare her pain while at the same time preventing her from causing pain. Lisa asked Johnny if he was trying to stop her or save her. Lisa said that she had only dropped by Johnny's place to change clothes.

Johnny told Lisa that she did not have to let anyone define her or use her. Lisa said that Johnny wanted to save her because he could not save himself. They kissed sweetly. Johnny told Lisa that he would put her up in a safe, discreet place where Anthony could not find her. Lisa stabbed a trusting Johnny in the neck with a syringe and then said that he had forgotten one thing -- that she did not want to be saved.

Maxie got to the pier, but the boat was gone. She screamed when a hand snaked out of the water and grabbed her around the ankle.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

At the Haunted Star, Luke was curious what Ethan was doing with the portrait of Laura. Ethan revealed that his curiosity had been piqued after a conversation with Lucky. Ethan had realized how little he had understood about Luke and Laura's relationship, so Ethan had gone to Wyndemere to snoop around. Luke suggested that curiosity wasn't always a good thing. Luke recalled that his father, Tim, had kept a bottle of whiskey in the kitchen. Luke had become fascinated with the amber liquid inside the bottle, until one day Luke had decided to taste it.

Luke confessed that Tim had laughed when he had found Luke drunk, and then Tim had beaten Luke for touching the alcohol. Later, Tim had left the bottle on the kitchen table to teach Luke a lesson not to mess with Tim Spencer's "stash." According to Luke, a lot of things in life were like that; they sucked a person in, and then left them drowning. "Let that be a lesson to you too," Luke added. Luke then revealed that Laura had intoxicated him.

Luke confessed that he had become completely hooked after just one taste of Laura. At the same time, Luke had become Laura's poison. Luke conceded that it had been good in the beginning, and for a long time afterwards, because Laura had truly loved him. However, it had been a mistake. Luke insisted that when someone like him found that kind of love, they got sucked into the illusion. Ethan was curious if that were when Luke had found Holly. Luke explained that sometimes things were created by chance. According to Luke, he had made Ethan, and Laura had made Nikolas, out of need, not love.

"That's my birthright," Ethan bitterly observed. Luke was unapologetic; he suggested that it was better to grow up disillusioned, and to find happiness along the way, rather than the other way around. Luke explained that was what had happened to Lucky. Luke insisted that Lucky had an image of a perfect relationship in his head that had been based on what Luke and Laura had, but it had been shattered. Luke then revealed that he had seen Lucky recently. Luke had realized that no matter what Luke said to Lucky, the words would get warped, because of Lucky's need to prove something.

Luke admitted that he had left Lulu alone, so perhaps it might be best if Luke were to simply leave town. Ethan disagreed, because he thought that it would be too much for Lulu to bear losing two brothers, and a father. Luke wondered where Ethan intended to go, so Ethan clarified that he had been referring to Lucky. Ethan then added that Lucky had already left. Luke feared that he might be blamed for Lucky's decision, but Ethan suspected the opposite.

Ethan explained that Lucky had decided to leave before Lucky and Liz had destroyed each other, like Luke and Laura had. Luke wondered if anyone else knew about Lucky's plans. "Liz," Ethan admitted, and then revealed that she hadn't taken it well. Luke wasn't surprised, because Lucky and Liz had been going back and forth for years. Ethan suggested that Liz had made it clear that Lucky was not good enough for her. Luke agreed, because she had kept having children with other men.

However, Luke pointed out that Lucky had forgiven Liz each time. Ethan was surprised that Liz continued to cling to Lucky after all that they had been through. Luke explained that Laura had done the same thing. According to Luke, hope could be brutal, because it made a person hold on until something snapped beyond repair. Luke was curious if Ethan knew where Lucky had gone, so Ethan told Luke about Siobhan's letter. Ethan confided that Liz had accused Siobhan of manipulating Lucky from beyond the grave, but Ethan insisted that Siobhan had given Lucky something to run towards, instead of away from.

Luke admitted that he had liked Siobhan, because she had craved the open road, hadn't tolerated hypocrisy, and had made her mark. "Things that die before their time tend to do that," Luke added. Luke then turned his attention back to the portrait of Laura. Luke was curious why Ethan had it, so Ethan explained that he had found it on the floor of Wyndemere, with a gash in it. Ethan had gotten it repaired, and then he had decided to keep it close.

Luke urged Ethan to return it to Wyndemere, and to seal it up with the other ghosts, because it had been painted while Laura had been a prisoner. Luke insisted that Wyndemere was a monument to pain and suffering, and that something in the castle seeped through the walls, and followed people home, like a stray cat. According to Luke, it was curious, because it wanted to know why they were alive, and it wasn't. Luke warned Ethan that it would suck the life out of Ethan, leaving him a hollow shell. Luke then turned away to stare at the bottle of scotch on the bar.

At Crimson, Lulu worked alone in the office. She stared longingly at the bottle of brandy on Kate's desk, but refrained from pouring herself a drink. Later, Lulu picked up her cell phone, and then selected Dante's phone number, but she put the phone away before giving in to the urge to call him. Afterwards, Lulu glanced at the bottle of brandy, but then decided to leave.

At McCall and Jackal Private Investigations, Spinelli packed a picnic basket with special romantic treats for Maxie.

Maxie fished Anthony out of the water, and then jumped back when she realized whom she had rescued. Anthony wondered if she intended to throw him back in. "No," Maxie slowly replied. However, she was curious what he had been doing in the water. Anthony refused to answer, so Maxie explained that she had a boat to catch. She was reluctant to leave him there, so she decided to call Johnny to help his father.

Maxie was frustrated when she reached Johnny's voicemail. Maxie offered to call a cab for Anthony, but Anthony was curious what was so important about getting to the boat. She explained that she had to save her boyfriend from a "serial cheater." "The geek?" Anthony wondered. Maxie clarified that she and Spinelli weren't a couple, because they no longer felt that way about each other. Anthony could see that Maxie was anxious to get to the boat, so he assured her that it was fine if she left.

Maxie felt bad for leaving Anthony alone, but Anthony assured her that he would be okay. He was grateful that she had saved him from drowning, so he was indebted to her. Anthony insisted that he always paid his debts. Maxie admitted that it was good to know, and then left. Afterwards, Anthony looked out at the water, and then vowed, "That bitch hasn't seen the last of me."

Maxie was upset when she realized that she had missed the boat that Patrick had rented for Matt's celebration party. Moments later, Spinelli appeared. He offered to help her, and then led her to a nearby dingy. Maxie appreciated his efforts, but she wondered if he knew how to operate the boat. Spinelli insisted that he did, but a short time later, Maxie realized that they were lost.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Johnny demanded to know what Lisa had injected him with. Lisa cryptically explained that she had given him what she had given herself: time. "To do what?" Johnny asked as the drug slowly incapacitated him. Lisa refused to say, so Johnny wondered why she had drugged him. He assured her that he would have helped her.

Lisa changed into some dark clothing as she revealed that it was true that people heard things in a coma. She confessed that it would have been nice if someone had given her words of encouragement while she had been in a coma, but it hadn't happened. Johnny continued to struggle with the paralytic, as he asked her if there were an antidote for what she had injected him with. "For you, time. For attraction, for love...there is none." Lisa answered. Johnny tried to reason with Lisa, but Lisa wasn't interested in deviating from her deadly plan.

Johnny couldn't understand why Lisa was determined to throw her life away. Lisa realized that Johnny had been tortured, because he hadn't been able to save his sister, Claudia. She conceded that the old Lisa would have fallen into Johnny's arms at his offer to help, but not the new Lisa. "This is what your father brought me back for. To create chaos, revenge," Lisa explained. Johnny insisted that she couldn't punish Patrick for loving someone else, but Lisa argued that she simply intended to make certain that Patrick never forgot Robin, and that Robin would be in Patrick's thoughts for as long, or as briefly, as Patrick lived.

Johnny begged Lisa not to harm anyone, but Lisa ignored his pleas. After Lisa left, Johnny's cell phone rang. Johnny tried to get to it, but his body was almost completely paralyzed. He managed to throw himself off of the sofa, but he was unable to make it to the phone. Eventually, the paralysis consumed his body, leaving him unable to move as he stared up at the ceiling.

On the chartered boat, Matt, Liz, Patrick, Robin, Steven, and Olivia gathered on the deck to watch the boat pull away from the harbor. Afterwards, everyone headed to the salon. Matt pulled Liz aside to reveal that he felt bad for accusing Maxie of being self-centered when he was guilty of it himself. Liz was curious what Matt had done, so he reminded her that he had pushed her to be his date for the evening. Liz assured Matt that she had felt honored to be a part of the gathering to celebrate Matt's success.

Moments later, Matt and Liz joined the rest of the party. Everyone clapped as they cheered for Matt. Captain MacLeod introduced himself, and his first mate, Briggs. Briggs served the champagne, so Patrick took the opportunity to toast Matt's success for the biggest cancer research breakthrough. Patrick insisted that cancer patients around the world would benefit from Matt's work. After everyone raised a glass to Matt, Robin handed Matt a wrapped present.

Matt was stunned to realize that it was Noah's journal, which had notes from the initial research that had led to Matt's breakthrough. Patrick revealed that there was one more surprise. As if on cue, Matt's phone rang. It was Noah, calling to congratulate his son. Matt was speechless when Noah confessed that he was proud of Matt. Patrick admitted that he was also proud of his brother.

Meanwhile, Lisa had managed to stow away on the boat. She recalled all of the hateful things that the people at Matt's party had said to her. Seconds later, she heard everyone gather on deck, so she slipped closer to spy on them. Lisa smiled when Patrick announced that the fun had just begun.

Later, Steve and Robin talked about the pediatrician that Steve had hired. Robin admitted that she was still upset, because he hadn't discussed it with her first. Steve promised that Robin would appreciate Steve's decision when the new doctor had the pediatrics department running like clockwork. Robin wondered what the doctor's name was, so Steve revealed that her name was Margaret "Maggie" Wurth. Robin feared that Steve's judgment had been clouded by personal bias, because he had worked with Maggie in Memphis. Steve insisted that he had been completely objective.

Moments later, Patrick joined them. Patrick reminded Steve and Robin that the night was about Matt, not General Hospital. Steve and Robin agreed, as Olivia, Matt, and Liz stepped out on deck. Olivia confessed that she had smuggled something on board, just as Briggs appeared with Steve's guitar. Everyone encouraged Steve to play something, but Steve was reluctant, so Liz decided to share a story about Steve that their father had loved to tell.

Liz revealed that one day after church, Steve had decided to debut his favorite song, which he had played over and over for the family. Matt teased Steve by suggesting that it had been something by Air Supply. Everyone else took turns guessing. Steve blushed with embarrassment when Liz admitted that it had been Dolly Parton's "Nine to Five." Everyone burst out laughing, and then requested that Steve play something. Eventually, Steve took the guitar, and then sang a song.

Nearby, Lisa pulled out a syringe, which had been filled with an unknown substance. Later, she spied on Robin and Patrick as they talked about spending more quality time together. Patrick decided to fetch some appetizers, so he left Robin alone on the deck.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In Hawaii, Carly put Josslyn in the playpen, hoping that Josslyn would settle down for the night. Jason suggested that they all get some rest, so that they could figure out how to deal with Franco in the morning. Carly agreed, so she wondered where her bed was. Jason explained that there was only one bed in the bungalow. "And baby makes five," Shawn observed. Carly assured Jason and Sam that she could sleep on the sofa with Josslyn, and then suggested that Shawn take the chair.

Shawn explained that he intended to keep watch outside, in case Franco made a move. Jason decided that he would relieve Shawn after a few hours, so Shawn nodded, and then left. Carly assured Jason and Sam that she hadn't flown to Hawaii to ruin their honeymoon. Jason reminded Carly that Franco was out to get him, so he suggested that they not let Franco jerk them around. Sam agreed, and then assured Carly that everything was fine between them. Sam offered to let Carly and Josslyn take the bed, so Carly scooped up Josslyn, and then headed to the bedroom.

Jason realized that he should have anticipated that Franco would have taken advantage of their wedding by making a move. Sam suggested that Carly had been exaggerating the danger. She was confident that Franco had simply wanted to remind Jason that he was still around. Jason reminded Sam of all the horrible things that Franco had done, including arranging for Michael to be raped in jail, so he was certain that Franco had intended Josslyn's present to be a message. According to Jason, it was part of a pattern designed to let Jason know that Franco was ready to play. Jason was certain that Franco had left a trail for Jason to follow, so it was up to Jason to figure out what it was.

Jason decided to call Bernie. Jason was disappointed that Bernie didn't have any useful information, so Jason instructed Bernie to contact Franco's art dealer, Mr. Von Schlegal, to force him to reveal where Franco was. Jason also ordered Bernie to send Franco's latest catalog of work. Sam wondered if Jason suspected that Franco had left a clue in his art, so Jason pointed out that it wouldn't be the first time. Moments later, Shawn entered the bungalow to inform Jason that there were fresh footprints out back. Jason decided to investigate.

Seconds later, Carly returned to the living room. Carly explained that she had dropped Josslyn's favorite blanket outside, so Carly needed to fetch it, because Josslyn wouldn't go to sleep without it. Carly handed Josslyn to Sam, and then left. A short time later, Jason bumped into Carly on the path behind the bungalow. He was stunned to see her, so Carly explained that she had been looking for Josslyn's blanket, because Josslyn wouldn't stop crying. Jason realized that he didn't hear Josslyn crying, so Carly and Jason ran into the bungalow, and then stopped short when they saw that Sam and Josslyn were sound asleep on the sofa.

Meanwhile, Franco played with a windup toy baby before he gently put it in a small pink box, and then tied it with a ribbon.

Maxie turned to Spinelli for an explanation when she noticed that their dinghy wasn't moving. Spinelli admitted that he had hoped to take a moment to stargaze with Maxie. Maxie reminded him that she needed to get to the boat before Matt succumbed to Liz's seduction. Spinelli quietly admitted that he had lied to her about which pier the boat had been scheduled to depart from. Maxie was stunned. She insisted that he had never lied to her, but Spinelli sheepishly admitted that it had been for a worthy cause.

Spinelli revealed that he hadn't been able to figure out any other way to command her full attention, so he had given her the wrong information. Maxie wondered why he would do such a thing, so Spinelli confessed that he had hoped to have a picnic with her under the stars. "Like a date?" Maxie wondered. Spinelli avoided the question by assuring her that he had packed all of her favorite foods. Maxie demanded to know why he had been setting the stage for romance when she was involved with Matt.

Spinelli suggested that Matt and Liz appeared to have grown close, which prompted Maxie to accuse Liz of throwing herself at Matt to get back at Maxie for sleeping with Lucky. Maxie insisted that Spinelli get her to the chartered boat immediately, so Spinelli tried to start the engine, to no avail. Maxie was not happy, so Spinelli promised to row with fervor. Maxie decided to take the opportunity to review the facts about what she knew of Liz. According to Maxie, Liz's first marriage with Lucky had been on the rocks, because Lucky had been addicted to pills.

Maxie conceded that she had enabled Lucky, and had slept with him, but Maxie insisted that there had been strong evidence to suggest that Lucky's marriage had been in trouble before Maxie had entered the picture. Spinelli reminded Maxie that it was in the past, but Maxie insisted that Liz didn't see it that way. Maxie was certain that Liz had decided to repay Maxie for sleeping with Lucky by taking "my man." Spinelli was surprised by Maxie's remark, because he hadn't realized that she had staked such a definitive claim on Matt.

Maxie ignored Spinelli as she explained that Liz had arrived home to find Maxie "hooking up" with Lucky, so Liz had decided to climb sixteen flights of stairs, during a blackout, to sleep with Jason, whom Liz had been lusting after for years. "That's a bit unfair," Spinelli interjected, but Maxie continued as if he hadn't spoken. According Maxie, Liz had "conveniently" gotten herself pregnant, and then she had proceeded to lie to Lucky and Jason, ripping their hearts out, yet somehow had managed to make herself look like the victim. After that, Liz had slept with Nikolas. Maxie admitted that she would have been thrilled if Lucky had taken Liz back again, but he had wised up. Therefore, Maxie was certain that Liz had decided to pay Maxie back by taking Matt.

Maxie realized that they weren't moving, so Spinelli admitted that he had inadvertently stranded them on a sandbar on the outer reaches of Spoon Island. Maxie decided to take the oars from Spinelli, prompting him to wonder if he were that distasteful to be around. Maxie assured Spinelli that she loved him, but she was desperate to rescue Matt from Liz's clutches, and to get what she needed for her article, so that she wouldn't get fired. Spinelli was stunned when Maxie suddenly questioned if Liz had put him up to keeping Maxie away from the boat. Spinelli tried to deny it, but Maxie ranted that Liz was a "slut" who'd had three children by three different men, so if Matt cheated on Maxie, then it would be Spinelli's fault. Maxie then began to bemoan the loss of her job.

Spinelli assured Maxie that everything would be fine. He tried to cheer her up by reminding her that he had all of her favorite foods. Maxie couldn't understand how Spinelli could think about food at a time like that, but then she realized that she hadn't eaten all day. Spinelli became distracted when he noticed a strange light near Wyndemere castle. "There appears to be someone, or something," Spinelli said. Maxie glanced at the island.

On Spoon Island, someone slowly made their way to Wyndemere, where a light shone from inside the castle.

In the salon of the chartered boat, Matt thanked Patrick for his support. Patrick thought that it was great that Matt had been published, but Patrick insisted that Matt still had a lot of prove. Patrick warned Matt not to let the accomplishment go to Matt's head. Matt's smile faded as he accused Patrick of always reminding Matt that Matt was second best as a surgeon, and as a son. Patrick shot back that Matt was hell-bent on resenting Patrick. Patrick was curious why Matt thought that Patrick had had it any better growing up than Matt had.

Matt reminded Patrick that their father had been married to Patrick's mother, and Noah had acknowledged Patrick's existence. Patrick argued that Noah had always been gone, and that their father had been a notorious womanizer, who had cheated on Patrick's mother, and fathered a child during one of those affairs. Matt insisted that at least Noah had been around long enough for Patrick to hate their father. Patrick reminded Matt that Noah had killed Patrick's mother in the operating room, and then had used her death as an excuse to dive into the bottom of a bottle. Patrick explained that he had vowed never to end up like their father, prompting Matt to wonder if Patrick were suggesting that Matt was in danger of following in their father's footsteps. Patrick admitted that it was inevitable, if Matt continued on the path that he was on.

On the deck of the boat, Lisa lurked out of sight, as she eavesdropped on Robin and Liz talking about Steve. Liz confessed that she liked Olivia, because Olivia seemed to help Steve get past what had happened in Memphis. Robin was curious what exactly had happened, so Liz admitted that she didn't know the details. However, Liz confided that it had involved a woman, and a ring. Liz explained that Steve didn't discuss it, but she knew that her brother had been troubled by it, because she had heard hints of it in his music, and he had thrown himself into his work.

Robin and Liz then talked about Robin's new position at the hospital. Liz thought that Robin had done a wonderful job as chief of staff, but she advised her friend not to get lost in it. Moments later, Patrick returned to his wife's side, so Liz excused herself. Robin confessed that she couldn't live without Patrick. Patrick smiled, but was curious why she had said that. "How would you like to be chief of staff?" Robin asked.

Robin explained that she had not envisioned balancing budgets when she had gone to medical school. She admitted that she wanted to focus on research, in the hopes of finding a way to eliminate HIV and AIDS. Robin didn't want their daughter to lose someone to the disease, as Robin had. She explained that she wanted to find a new chief of staff, so she was curious if Patrick were interested. "Forget it," Patrick replied. He assured Robin that he would support her, but he refused to take the job.

Patrick quoted Robin when he reminded her that just because he could do something, didn't mean that he should. Robin wondered if he were afraid that someone like Matt would steal his glory. Patrick explained that he loved working in the operating room, and that it was the reason that he had gotten into medicine. Robin admitted that she didn't want to lose Patrick, because the job had pulled her away from her family. Patrick insisted that he had bought the plane tickets to Paris, Tokyo, and Rio de Janeiro, to remind her that they had a life together. Patrick insisted that they had all the time in the world to travel, but Robin wanted to enjoy it while they could.

Robin recalled when her mother, Anna, had been the police commissioner. According to Robin, Anna had done everything she could to take care of Robin, and to do her job, but Anna had been stretched too thin. Robin didn't want Emma to feel the same way about Robin, but she was also reluctant for Emma to think of Robin as a quitter. Patrick explained that it was Robin's decision to make. Robin insisted that she wanted his input, so Patrick assured her that they could make it work, even if they only saw each other during breaks. Patrick kissed Robin, and then suggested that they find something to satisfy Robin's sweet tooth.

Robin decided to look for Briggs, while Patrick went to fetch some champagne. Elsewhere on deck, Briggs was unconscious as Lisa started to strip the first mate of her uniform. Lisa was startled when she looked up and saw Anthony looming over her. "Does this mean I can get my clothes back?" Anthony asked.

In the salon, Liz and Matt talked about sibling rivalry. Liz regretted that she had lost years with her sister Sarah, because of it. Matt revealed that Patrick had been quick to criticize him. Their conversation then drifted to the topic of Matt's research. Matt confessed that he felt comfortable talking to Liz about it. He wished that Maxie was as interested in his work, but Liz didn't want to go there.

Matt assured Liz that Maxie was a wonderful person; however, Maxie didn't want to make their relationship a priority, because Maxie had lost too many loved ones. Liz pointed out that they all had. Matt appreciated that, but he reminded Liz that Maxie had lost both of her parents, her sister, and a cousin, whose heart beat inside of Maxie's chest. Liz suggested that Maxie managed to maintain a close relationship with Spinelli, whom Maxie had kept wrapped around her finger without any commitments.

Liz didn't understand why people kept running from commitments. She stood up, wandered to the bar, and then began to scribble on a napkin as she mumbled that it was unfair to get someone's expectations up, and then change their mind, especially when there were kids involved. Matt realized that they were no longer talking about Spinelli.

Liz revealed that Lucky had left town, and that she had no idea where he had gone. However, she knew that Lucky had felt the need to get away from her before he relapsed into their "mutual addiction of a relationship." Liz explained that those had been Lucky's words, not hers. "That's harsh," Matt admitted. Liz confessed that she had been in love with Lucky since she had been fifteen. She couldn't understand why some people didn't have any trouble trampling over others to get what they wanted, yet they were admired, because they were considered strong.

Liz questioned if it were truly strength, or selfishness. Matt suggested that they were the same thing. Matt glanced down at the napkin that she had been doodling on, so he asked her what she had been drawing. Liz snatched it away before he could see it, and then explained that it was something that she did when she was upset. Liz then confided that she had once had dreams of becoming an artist. Matt didn't think that she should have given it up completely simply because she had chosen another career.

Liz smiled, and then turned the conversation back to Matt. Matt confessed that he had the urge to run, because he was afraid of success. Matt worried that he might end up feeling emptier than he already felt. Liz knew what that was like. However, she insisted that Matt deserved to find someone who respected him, and made him happy. Liz was surprised when she realized that Matt had moved very close to her. He reached up to gently caress her cheek, and then slowly leaned his forehead against hers.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

At the hospital, Dante called Lulu to ask her to visit him. Lulu explained that she was stuck at work, so Dante admitted that he needed a kiss from his intended. Lulu became uncomfortable when Dante added that he was anxious to get out of the hospital, so that they could tell everyone about their wedding plans. Lulu carefully avoided further talk about their engagement by urging Dante to focus on getting well.

At Crimson, Lulu ended the call with Dante, and then looked up and saw Sonny standing in the doorway. Sonny explained that he was looking for Kate, so Lulu told him that Kate wasn't in the office. Sonny was curious if Kate were out of town. Lulu admitted that she didn't know, and then added that she wouldn't tell Sonny even if she did. Sonny sat down, and then questioned why Lulu was so mad at him. Lulu explained that she had just told Dante that she couldn't visit him because she was swamped with work, so the same applied to Sonny.

Sonny realized that Lulu blamed him for Dante's recent shooting, but he reminded her that Dante was on the mend. Lulu snidely replied that she was sure that Sonny was thrilled. Sonny admitted that, for what it was worth, he thought that Lulu was good for Dante. Lulu coldly informed Sonny that Sonny wasn't good for Dante, and that Dante knew it. Sonny ignored the remark as he admitted that he was relieved that Dante had someone by his side, so he hoped that Lulu and Dante had a good life together. Lulu suggested that Sonny felt that way because Sonny hoped that Lulu would pull Dante back from the line of fire, so that Sonny would be free to conduct his business without Dante getting in the way.

Sonny was curious how it would hurt Lulu for Dante to take fewer chances with his life. Lulu explained that it would be bad for Dante, because it would mean that Dante would have to cut out a large part of who he was. Lulu pointed out that, like it or not, Dante was a cop who had been shot twice because of Sonny. She reminded Sonny that Sonny had shot Dante the first time, and that Dante had been shot the second time because of Sonny. Sonny argued that Dante was in the line of fire, no matter what. However, Sonny was confident that Mac would give Dante a desk job if Lulu requested it.

Lulu insisted that Dante hadn't become a police officer so that he could work behind the desk. Sonny was certain that Dante would do it for Lulu. Lulu conceded that Dante would likely turn in his badge for her, so Sonny wondered what she was waiting for. Lulu was curious how Sonny could claim to love Dante, yet expect Dante to be less than who he was. Sonny insisted that a desk job would still allow Dante to be a cop.

Lulu argued that Dante would be dead inside. Sonny was adamant that it didn't matter, as long as Dane was alive. Sonny confessed that it would be a relief to know that Dante wouldn't be caught in the crossfire, but Lulu was skeptical about Sonny's reasons for not wanting Dante to be out in the field. Sonny claimed that it would be easier for Dante not to have to constantly deal with the suspicion of whether or not Dante was covering for Sonny. Lulu was curious why Sonny didn't quit the mob for Dante and the rest of Sonny's children, but Sonny explained that it wasn't that easy, because he had gone down a path that he couldn't turn back from. Lulu reminded Sonny that her own mother had asked Luke to change, which hadn't ended well for anyone, so she didn't want to do that to Dante.

Sonny insisted that Lulu had to do whatever she could if she believed that Dante would die in the line of duty. He urged Lulu to break his son's heart by refusing to marry Dante, if necessary. Lulu was stunned that Sonny had suggested that she not marry Dante. Sonny didn't think that Lulu should live with the fear of Dante being killed; he suspected that Dante wouldn't want that for her. Sonny warned Lulu that if she couldn't accept what Dante did and the risks that he took then she should let Dante go. Sonny assured her that he knew that Lulu loved Dante, but he advised her to love Dante enough to be honest.

Sonny explained that it was easy to live a fantasy, but the day-to-day realities of life were a struggle. Sonny insisted that if Lulu and Dante couldn't be honest with each other, then their relationship would never work. Lulu admitted that she didn't want to hurt Dante, but Sonny warned her that the worst thing that she could do was tell Dante that she could accept his lifestyle, and then reveal that she couldn't after the fact. Lulu sensed that they were no longer talking about Dante. Sonny conceded that he knew what it was like, because Brenda had left him when she had realized that she couldn't deal with Sonny's lifestyle. Sonny sensed that Lulu was struggling with the same thing.

Sonny didn't want Dante to be hurt, but Lulu argued that Sonny's claims rang hollow with her. Sonny assured her that he had never set out to hurt his own flesh and blood, but Lulu remained hostile towards Sonny. Sonny warned Lulu that if she went ahead with the engagement, knowing that she and Dante didn't have a future together, then she would knowingly be breaking Dante's heart. Lulu insisted that she didn't have time for Sonny's lecture, but Sonny was undaunted. He was curious if the real reason that she hadn't gone to the hospital was because she had already made a decision about her relationship with Dante. Lulu informed Sonny that it was between her and Dante.

Sonny stood up, and then asked Lulu again if she knew where Kate was. Lulu claimed that Maxie had told her that Kate was out of town. Sonny wondered when Kate would return, but Lulu insisted that she didn't know. Lulu told him that she didn't ask questions, which she thought Sonny would appreciate. Sonny urged Lulu to do the right thing for both Dante and Lulu's sakes, and then left. Moments later, Dante called Lulu to check in and to find out when he would see her.

Lulu refused to make any promises, and she tried to get off of the phone, which didn't escape Dante's notice. Lulu assured Dante that she loved him, and then ended the call. Afterwards, she reached for a glass of brandy, and then emptied it in one swallow.

At the hospital, Dante was surprised to see Officer Padilla. He greeted her and then suggested that she was there, instead of Mac and Ronnie, because they hadn't found the guy who had shot Dante. Officer Padilla became defensive as she wondered if he thought she was only good for writing tickets and fetching coffee. Dante was a bit taken aback by her attitude, so he wondered if she'd had a bit too much coffee. "Better than the blow and caps I've seen squad members snort and pop with their antacids," Officer Padilla replied. Dante was curious if she had reported the officers, but she assured him that she wasn't interested in kissing her career goodbye.

According to Officer Padilla, the commissioner went easy on some of the officers, like Lucky. Dante confessed that Lucky had gone through hell. Officer Padilla wasn't moved, as she pointed out that Lucky had taken a convenient leave of absence. Dante assured her that Lucky was a good cop, but Officer Padilla continued to complain until Dante wondered if there were a point to her tirade. Officer Padilla was curious if Dante considered his father, Sonny, to be a good man. Dante deftly avoided the question, so Officer Padilla wondered where Dante drew the line between personal and professional.

Dante turned the question around on the young officer, and then pointed out that she was there asking him questions after hours. Officer Padilla suggested that she was ambitious and then admitted that she thought that the person who had shot Dante should be off of the streets. Dante recalled his rookie days, when he had thought that he could handle the grueling schedule. He warned her that sleep deprivation could impair her judgment, so he urged her to go home to get some rest. Officer Padilla informed Dante that she wasn't a rookie, and then confessed that she was surprised that Dante wasn't grateful that someone was making his shooting a top priority.

Officer Padilla wondered if Dante were hoping that the case wouldn't be solved. She pointed out that Sonny had shot Dante once before. Dante resented her hostility, so he was curious how Officer Padilla's husband felt about his wife's tone. She was curious how Dante's fiancée felt about almost losing Dante. Dante wondered how she knew about his engagement, so she revealed that she had seen the ring when she had stopped by to talk to Lulu. Officer Padilla suddenly realized that Lucky would soon be Dante's brother-in-law.

Dante suspected that Officer Padilla thought that he was being selective about who should to obey the law, and who shouldn't. She admitted that she saw a pattern of behavior that hinted at it. Dante assumed Officer Padilla's husband was a good guy, but Officer Padilla didn't think that it mattered. Dante disagreed; he suggested that it would matter if her husband were in trouble with the law. Officer Padilla quickly shut Dante down by insisting that her personal life was not up for discussion. She quickly steered the conversation back to Dante's shooting, but he insisted that he had told her everything.

Dante decided that he would have to investigate the shooting when he was released from the hospital, unless Officer Padilla decided to take it as a personal challenge. "Unless you don't like what I find out," she responded, and then walked away.

Coleman was surprised when Kate entered Jake's. Kate explained that she had stopped by for a drink, but Coleman was skeptical. Kate reminded him that most people went to the bar for a drink, but Coleman suggested that some people wanted more than that. Kate smiled as she assured Coleman that she had decided to follow the masses for the night. She then admitted that she detected a trace of hostility from Coleman. Coleman confessed that he was confused, because she tended to run hot and cold.

Kate was curious about Coleman's wounded puppy routine. Coleman confessed that he had believed that they'd had something real. "A man like you?" Kate asked, surprised. "A woman like you, who almost married a mobster? Why not?" Coleman replied. Coleman served her a drink, despite his reservations about her sudden appearance. He wondered if she had ever had any feelings for him.

Kate confessed that she had sensed that Coleman had feelings for her, but she explained that she hadn't been able to reciprocate. Coleman suspected that it was because he hadn't been a part of her circle of friends. "No," Kate assured him. She revealed that it was because she couldn't be the woman that he had expected her to be. Coleman was curious what kind of woman she was, so Kate admitted that she was the type of woman who got out of bed with Coleman, and then put on a Chanel suit of armor. Coleman quickly realized that Kate had found someone new, who had heated her up, and then had left her to cool off, which had led her to Jake's.

Kate decided to pay her tab, but Coleman wanted to know who the new guy was. Kate refused to say, so Coleman revealed that he had seen Kate and Sonny at Jason and Sam's wedding in the tabloids. Coleman was curious what Sonny's role was in Kate's life. Kate ignored the question as she looked for her keys. Coleman handed them to her, and then reminded her that she hadn't answered the question. Her lack of response made him wonder if he could assume that she had lowered her standards. Kate insisted that she had been there for a drink, not his judgments.

Coleman assured her that he had just been trying to get a handle on things, but Kate argued that it was none of his business. Coleman reminded Kate that he had once managed to break through the ice. He suggested that if she were no longer interested, then he could go elsewhere. Kate reached over the bar, and then pulled him close for a passionate kiss. Seconds later, Sonny entered the bar. Sonny stopped short when he saw Kate and Coleman kissing.

On the chartered boat, Olivia and Steve spent time together in one of the staterooms. Olivia suddenly became dizzy and nauseous, which she attributed to seasickness. Steve guided her to the bed to sit down, and then fetched some ginger ale. Olivia felt better almost immediately. Steve admitted that he was surprised, because he knew how much she loved the water. Olivia reminded him that a love for swimming didn't mean that she was a good sailor.

Olivia then told Steve about a time that she had taken her cousin, Kate, to Coney Island. Olivia revealed that she had persuaded Kate to get in the dunk tank, which had ended in disaster when Kate had dropped into the water. According to Olivia, Kate detested the water. Steve chuckled as he realized that Olivia had been the daring one. Olivia agreed. "How about now?" Steve wondered. Olivia was curious if that were a challenge.

A short time later, Olivia and Steve stood on the deck, wrapped in nothing except a towel. Steve insisted that Olivia go first, so Olivia dropped her towel, and then jumped into the water. Seconds later, Steve followed. After their swim, Olivia and Steve returned to their stateroom. They sipped champagne, and then kissed. Steve was surprised when Olivia walked past the bed, and then picked up his guitar.

Steve reminded her that he had played the guitar earlier, but Olivia insisted that she wanted him to play something special for her. Steve started to sing, "She'll be coming round the mountain," but Olivia asked for something from the heart. Steve began to serenade her with another song, but suddenly stopped. Olivia was curious what had happened.

On deck, Anthony observed that he hadn't been Lisa's only victim, as he glanced down at the unconscious first mate. Lisa pointed out that he had survived. Anthony reminded Lisa that he had paid a fortune to pull her out of a coma, so he expected some cooperation from her. Lisa started to protest, but Anthony heard a noise, so he quickly covered Lisa's mouth, and then pulled her out of sight. Seconds later, Patrick appeared on deck with a bottle of champagne. Patrick stopped when he spotted a penny on the ground, so he picked it up, and then continued on his way.

Anthony suggested that he and Lisa could still be of use to each other, since Patrick still had to learn a lesson about playing God. Anthony decided that he would let Lisa finish what Anthony had started. Lisa accused Anthony of using her, but Anthony explained that they all used each other. According to Anthony, life was a bargain system. To show his good faith, he assured her that there would be a boat waiting to whisk her away when she wrapped up her business on the yacht. "Why?" Lisa asked.

Anthony insisted that it was in both of their best interest for her to disappear when her work was done. Anthony glanced at the first mate, and then advised Lisa to show some restraint with the body count. Lisa wondered how she could know that she wouldn't end up on the pile. "You don't," Anthony admitted. After Lisa slipped into the first mate's uniform, Lisa was curious why Anthony thought that he was safe from her. Anthony reminded Lisa that he was her only ticket off of the boat.

Lisa argued that she didn't have a life to get back to. Anthony conceded that she had some readjusting to do, but she would first need an escape route, especially if she left dead bodies in her wake. Lisa revealed that she hadn't killed the first mate, because she hadn't had any interest in the woman. Anthony was curious if Lisa was concerned about the captain finding his first mate unconscious and undressed. Lisa assured Anthony that she intended to deal with the captain next. Anthony warned her that she would run out of syringes, but Lisa revealed that she had enough for everyone.

Patrick joined Robin in one of the staterooms. Robin was worried that it might seem rude that they had left the party, but Patrick was confident that Matt would appreciate his absence. Patrick poured the champagne, and then handed a glass to Robin. Afterwards, he tried to kiss her, but Robin pulled away. Patrick wondered what was bothering her, but Robin was reluctant to talk about it. Patrick decided to use his newfound penny, by suggesting that if it landed on heads, she would tell him what was on her mind.

The penny landed on heads, so Robin revealed that she couldn't stop thinking about why she had gotten into medicine. She insisted that she had been interested in research, not the chief of staff position. Robin confessed that she enjoyed spending time with Patrick, and then in the next breath she decided to check in with Epiphany. Patrick reminded Robin that it was their time, so he stopped her from picking up the phone. Patrick kissed Robin, and then they made love.

Afterwards, Robin and Patrick talked about all the places that they had recently made love. The conversation then drifted to their new house. Robin confided that she didn't want a huge house with room that they didn't use; she wanted a beautiful, warm, cozy house. Patrick assured Robin that she would get what she wanted. Meanwhile, Lisa hovered in the hallway, with her ear pressed to the door. The captain spotted Lisa, but mistook her for Briggs until Lisa turned around.

Lisa immediately plunged the syringe in the captain's neck. The captain crumpled to the ground, so Lisa turned back to the door. Inside the cabin, Patrick revealed that he wanted a man cave in their new house. Robin raised an eyebrow, and then announced that she wanted her own private spa, complete with steam shower, sauna, and a hot tub for one. Patrick understood her unspoken message, so he agreed to stick to the essentials. He assured her that all he needed was Robin and Emma. Robin smiled, and then suggested that he frame the penny that he had found, and then hang it over their door to remind them of how lucky they were.

A short time later, Robin got dressed, and then announced that she intended to get something to eat.

In the salon, Matt kissed Liz, but she pulled away after several heartbeats. Liz insisted that they couldn't continue. "Why not?" Matt wondered. Liz explained that he had been kissing her for all the wrong reasons. Matt thought that attraction and seizing the moment were perfect reasons to kiss her. Liz warned him that once the alcohol wore off, the only thing that he'd be seizing was a bottle of aspirin.

Matt resented that Liz made it sound as if he had a medical condition, instead of a chemical reaction. Liz confessed that she would hate to see Maxie's reaction when she found out about their kiss, but Matt insisted that she not go there. Liz agreed and then suggested that they discuss how Liz wouldn't respect herself if she had allowed the kiss to continue. Matt accused her of putting the brakes on their kiss because of Lucky. Matt immediately apologized, because the remark had been out of line. Matt assured Liz that what they had shared had just been a moment.

Liz was curious if Matt would have stopped if she hadn't. Matt joked that he was lucky that things had gone as far as they had, given all of the champagne that he'd consumed. Matt was relieved when Liz smiled, because he had feared that his night might have ended as a complete bust. Liz realized that his celebration had not gone as he had anticipated, but she didn't want what had happened between them to take away from his accomplishment. Matt assured her that her rejection had been good for him, because it had kept him from getting a big head. He confided that Patrick had warned him that he still had a lot to prove.

Liz was frustrated. She wondered why Matt continued to let Patrick get to him. Liz urged Matt to step out of Patrick's shadow long enough to appreciate all that Matt had achieved. Matt argued that it was a big shadow, because Patrick had a good life, a wonderful wife, an adorable child, and a great career. Liz reminded Matt that there had been a speed bump in Patrick's life, named Lisa. Matt insisted that Patrick was not the first man to cheat on his wife, and then reminded Liz of Noah Drake's affair that had resulted in Matt's conception.

Matt admitted that as hard as he had been on his brother for cheating on Robin, he couldn't blame Patrick for Lisa turning into a "psycho." Liz agreed, but she insisted that Patrick shouldn't have slept with Lisa. Matt suggested that it had been difficult for Patrick to resist Lisa, because Lisa had pursued Patrick with "all guns blazing." Matt insisted that was the reason why men were considered to be the weaker sex. Liz was curious if Matt had kissed her earlier because he was the weaker sex. Matt pointed out that he hadn't put a ring on her finger or even asked her to the prom.

According to Matt, it had merely been a kiss. Matt insisted that it wouldn't have been a big deal if things had gone further than the kiss. "Oh, geez, thanks," Liz replied. Matt explained that people kissed, and sometimes they had sex, but Liz argued that she was a mother. Matt explained that even mothers had sex. Liz didn't think that Matt was getting it, but Matt insisted that she was the one who wasn't getting it.

Matt urged Liz to be happy, and to go after what she wanted. Matt warned her that she'd never be happy if she continued to hold on to Lucky and turn to men every time she needed to be saved. Liz was furious. She informed Matt that he had crossed the line. She congratulated him, because he would finally be officially alone at his own party. After Liz stormed out, Matt realized that he had chased away the one person who had truly appreciated him.

On deck, Liz stared out at the water. She was stunned when she turned and saw Lisa closing in on her.

Friday, October 21, 2011

After they'd made love in their stateroom, Olivia wondered what was bothering Steve. Steve was evasive, but Olivia pressed him. Steve pretended he was haunted by a song that he was inspired to write. Olivia was convinced he was keeping something from her.

Steve was intrigued as to why the boat wasn't heading back to shore yet. He and Olivia left to talk to the captain. They got to the engine room but found no one there. Olivia noticed that something was wrong with the engine.

Sonny confronted Coleman and Kate at Jake's. Coleman defended Kate's choice to spend time at the bar, while Sonny's machismo flared up. Sonny coaxed Kate into having a drink with him. Coleman sniped at Sonny, who did his best to ignore the annoyance. Kate avoided sharing the details of her recent trip with Sonny. She chastised Sonny for manipulating Kristina into attending Yale, rather than becoming an intern at Crimson.

Kate asked Sonny how his trip had been and realized that he'd gone back to the house where he'd been abused as a kid. He announced that he'd purchased the house. Kate was incredulous. Sonny talked about how his cop father would beat him and Sonny's mother. Kate told Sonny that he needed to find a better way of coping with the pain than to torture himself with the house.

Sonny told her he couldn't change his name and become someone else, the way she had. Sonny expressed some jealousy toward her and Coleman, but Kate told Sonny that there was nothing going on. She also pointed out that Sonny could choose, as she had, not to let his past define him.

Sonny changed the topic and tried to charm Kate. She replied that the people who loved him focused on trying to save him, but they always ended up getting hurt themselves. Sonny kissed Kate passionately before he left, leaving her in a state of emotional confusion.

Maxie and Spinelli entered the yard to Wyndemere after having gotten stranded on Spoon Island. Maxie desperately wanted to be on the yacht where Matt's celebration was being held, because she needed to convince him to allow Crimson to include him in the "Woman Behind the Man" feature she was working on.

Maxie worried that a potential romance was brewing between Matt and Liz. Maxie ranted about Liz while Spinelli humored her. Spinelli looked up and saw a shadow moving inside the mansion. The twosome went into the home.

Spinelli talked about the awful Cassadine history and the ghosts that must have remained inside. As Maxie told him to shut up because he was creeping her out, the bookcase opened to reveal a passageway.

Maxie told Spinelli not to use their situation as an opportunity to pursue her. He expressed that he'd become more of the man he'd always wanted to be. They heard another noise from the tunnel. Spinelli attempted to coax Maxie into following him, but she closed the bookcase and dragged him out of the house. Once they left, the bookcase swung open again.

After Lisa had attacked him, Johnny lay on the floor and struggled to get up. On the yacht, Lisa attacked Liz with chloroform and dumped Liz's body overboard. An unseen person discovered an unconscious Liz and took her to shore.

In their stateroom, Robin and Patrick enjoyed their time alone. Lisa approached their door and listened in. Robin left to get a bite to eat. As soon as she was gone, Lisa entered the room. Robin later returned to the room and heard the shower running. She went into the lavatory where Lisa attacked her.

Robin regained consciousness and saw Patrick, who was out cold. Lisa, who had tied both of them up, cryptically told Robin that Patrick and Robin were responsible for what would happen next.

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