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Cane saved Lily from the gas explosion, but Myrna was hospitalized after being caught in it. Tucker sold Jabot to Jack. Malcolm divorced Sofia and left town. Someone summoned the suspects in Diane's murder to meet at a warehouse.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 17, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, October 17, 2011

At the hospital, Neil admired his fussy infant and marveled that the child was his son. Sofia asked if Neil had heard from Malcolm. Neil said he hadn't and complained that Malcolm's habit of running away was getting old. Sofia defended Malcolm and said her husband needed time to adjust to being an uncle instead of a father. Malcolm arrived seconds before a nurse entered. The nurse, holding the baby's birth certificate, asked which man was Moses' father. Malcolm turned and walked out without uttering a word.

The nurse regretted her mistake after Sofia and Neil explained the problematic situation concerning Moses' paternity. Sofia urged Neil to sign his name to the baby's birth certificate. After Neil signed the document, Sofia added her signature and proudly acknowledged her role as Moses' mother. After the nurse left, Sofia asked Neil to speak with Malcolm before the situation worsened.

Malcolm sought solace from Phyllis at Restless Style's headquarters. Malcolm cried that he felt as if he'd lost a son, a wife, and a brother all at the same time. Phyllis disagreed when Malcolm claimed that perhaps the universe was setting him straight for having fathered a daughter with Dru that Neil had raised as his own. Phyllis urged Malcolm stay with Sofia and raise Moses. Phyllis added that Malcolm had pledged his undying love for Sofia. Malcolm replied, "That doesn't mean that I don't hate her a little bit for this."

Phyllis mentioned her situation with Lucy. Phyllis said that although she hadn't created the baby, she was invested in the child as much as if she had. Phyllis told Malcolm that loving Moses was more important than holding a grudge against Sofia and Neil. Phyllis suggested that Neil might not even want to raise the child. Malcolm, dejected, said that Neil and Sofia shared a child together and had a special bond. Phyllis replied that many parents who had kids together weren't bonded as a couple. Malcolm sighed. Phyllis insisted that all Moses cared about was having someone love him. Malcolm wasn't cheered by Phyllis' words as he left.

Neil stopped by Gloworm and asked Victor if he'd seen Malcolm. Neil announced that he was the father of Sofia's baby boy. Neil said that the baby was named Moses in honor of Sofia's father. Victor proclaimed the child lucky to have Neil as a father. Neil reminded Victor that Malcolm was married to the infant's mother. Neil admitted that he didn't consider what had happened to be a mistake, but he said he wasn't sure how to handle his brother. Victor advised Neil to spend all the time he could with his son.

Later, Neil told Sofia that he wanted to be more than an absentee father. Sofia explained that she hoped Malcolm might come around because they still loved each other. Sofia insisted that she and Malcolm could make their awkward situation work for Moses' sake. Neil, angry, said that Malcolm should be more concerned about his family than his ego. Sofia reminded Neil how he'd been hurt after he learned the truth about Lily. Sofia added, "You and Lily had years together, but Malcolm missed out on all of that. Now he'll miss out on Moses, too."

Malcolm returned and asked to speak to Sofia alone. Neil stepped out. Malcolm sighed and said that he'd waited months to know who'd fathered Moses. Since he knew, Malcolm added, he wanted a divorce. Sofia begged Malcolm to let their love give their relationship hope for the future. Malcolm handed Sofia legal documents and explained that he intended to fly to Guam to obtain a divorce within a week, so he could be done with her.

Sofia begged Malcolm not to slam the door in her face. She promised to do whatever was necessary in order to make their marriage work. Malcolm explained that he'd always played the part of Uncle Malcolm to Lily, and he didn't plan to do the same with Moses. Sofia insisted that the baby would adore him. Malcolm lifted Sofia's chin and looked her straight in the eye when he asked if she'd adore him as much as she had Neil when she'd slept with him. Sofia grew angry and told Malcolm that she'd already begged him to forgive her. She told Malcolm that it was typical of him to run away.

Sofia, defiant, signed the divorce papers and thrust them into Malcolm's chest. Neil returned and asked what was going on. Sofia told Neil to let Malcolm leave because he had a flight to catch. Malcolm, angry and hurt, glared at Neil before he stormed out. Sofia sobbed pitifully. Neil told Sofia that Malcolm's behavior was inexcusable.

Neil begged Sofia to move in with him. Sofia told Neil that he'd be disrupting his life and hers. Neil, cradling Moses, replied, "This little boy has already done that for us, and I'm not about to let you two go off in the world without me." Sofia agreed to move in with Neil because Moses deserved to have his father in his life.

At Gloworm, Phyllis stopped at Victor's table and asked if his day included hovering over Sharon or writing another check to Avery Clark. Victor replied, "Your sister's an excellent attorney." Phyllis took a seat and accused Victor of hiring Avery because she was Phyllis' sister. Phyllis added that Victor had to have known because he routinely conducted extensive background checks. Phyllis cried, "I don't want my sister here. Why are you doing this to me?" Victor claimed that he wasn't doing anything to Phyllis, and he warned her not to use Restless Style to undermine Sharon's trial. Near tears, Phyllis maintained that she only cared about writing and publishing good stories.

In the jail's visitation room, Nick sat with Sharon, who was dressed and ready for her trial to begin. Sharon insisted that she was prepared and said she hoped to be reunited with Faith and Noah. Sharon asked Nick if Faith could accompany him to the trial. Nick reminded Sharon that their daughter had suffered emotional trauma after attending Sharon's recent hearing. Sharon admitted that she was worried about her fate and expressed regret for not accepting the plea deal.

Sharon, growing increasingly anxious, told Nick that an anticipated acquittal wasn't a sure thing. Sharon again begged Nick to let Faith accompany him. Sharon said she needed to see her child's face in the courtroom. After the recent hearing, Nick explained, Faith couldn't understand why she wasn't allowed to run into her mother's arms. Afterward, Nick added, Faith cried often and had trouble sleeping. Gently, Nick said, "I'm sorry, but Faith will not be in court today." Nick promised to be present in the courtroom. Tears streamed down Sharon's cheeks.

At Adam's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Avery pleaded with Adam to help save Sharon. Adam sarcastically replied, "Well, the wizard never gave me a heart, so you can give up trying to touch it." Avery explained that the prosecution had a solid case against Sharon, so she needed an even stronger defense. Avery reminded Adam that he'd once claimed to have evidence that could clear Sharon. Adam snarled and told Avery she wasn't living up to her hyped-up reputation if she was seeking help from him for Sharon.

Avery reminded Adam that Sharon had ended her fling with Sam after she returned to Genoa City and had been willing and eager to marry Adam. Avery asked Adam if his maintaining his pride was worth having Sharon sentenced to decades in prison. Adam quipped that Avery was a tough girl running scared when she admitted that Sharon's best option hinged on a declaration of a mistrial. Avery pointed her finger in Adam's face and said that if Adam were half human, he'd be scared, too. Adam maintained his unsympathetic expression.

After Avery's visit, Adam fell asleep on the sofa in his suite. He dreamed that he struggled to open a dungeon-like door. Behind the door, Adam saw Sharon strapped into an electric chair. Sharon look horrified. A flash of electricity roused Adam from his nightmare. Dripping with sweat, Adam sat upright, breathing heavily as he tried to regain his composure.

Avery stopped by Restless Style's headquarters. Phyllis wasn't pleased to see her sister, who announced that she was looking for Nick. Phyllis sarcastically replied, "Uh, of course you were." Avery commented that Phyllis was acting territorial regarding Nick. In an unfriendly tone, Phyllis proclaimed Avery to be a hero to the downtrodden.

Avery fumbled with her purse in search of paper and a pen, so she could leave a note for Nick. A video game cartridge fell out of Avery's bag, and Phyllis picked it up. Phyllis asked Avery if she still played video games. Avery told Phyllis that Nick had given her the video game cartridge. Avery offered to let Phyllis borrow the game.

Nick arrived, and Avery instructed him to have Faith present in the courtroom. Nick explained that he'd already told Sharon that Faith wouldn't be in court. Forcing a smile, Avery told Nick that they would discuss the matter at the courthouse. Nick replied, "We can do that. My answer will be the same."

Avery shook her head and said, "I don't think so!" After Avery left, Phyllis asked Nick what was going on between him and Avery. Nick claimed that nothing was going on. Phyllis held up the video game and asked Nick if he'd given it to Avery. Grinning, Nick said he had because Avery had mentioned that she enjoyed playing video games.

Phyllis, annoyed, reminded Nick that they played video games together as a semblance of foreplay. Nick accused Phyllis of being jealous. Phyllis waved her hand before her face and insisted she was not jealous. Phyllis claimed she was being preemptive, and she accused Nick of being condescending. Nick reminded Phyllis that she and Avery had played video games together before he ever happened along as a substitute for Avery. Phyllis warned that Avery and Nick would be an infuriating problem if they became close. Nick replied, "There's nothing between Avery and me to go anywhere, but you two have some unfinished business."

After Nick left, Phyllis fumed. Malcolm retuned and told Phyllis that he'd decided to divorce Sofia. Malcolm admitted that Sofia would have tried to make their relationship work because she was loyal. Malcolm claimed that he'd pushed for the divorce to make Sofia hate him for leaving. Malcolm said he'd given Sofia and Neil an opportunity to become a family and do the right thing for Moses.

Malcolm promised to stay in touch with Phyllis through email. Phyllis told Malcolm that she was his only close friend. Phyllis suggested that perhaps Neil and Sofia wouldn't become the perfect couple. Malcolm assured Phyllis that they would. Phyllis embraced her friend before he left.

Victor visited Sharon at the jail. Sharon told Victor that she hoped the jury would find her innocent, so she could soon return home to her family. Beaming, Sharon said she couldn't wait to have lunch with Noah and play with Faith at the park. Victor said there was no reason she couldn't see Faith in the courtroom. Sharon explained that she and Nick had decided it wasn't the best choice for Faith because the child couldn't understand why she wasn't allowed to touch her mother. Victor said that both Sharon and Faith needed proper support, so he would make certain that Faith was present.

Sharon told Victor that Nick had been a wonderful father, so she trusted his judgment. Victor said that Faith's family would help ease the child through the difficult situation. Sharon insisted that for one day, she would be fine without her child in the courtroom because she'd soon be reunited with her family every second of every day. Sharon pleaded with Victor to leave the situation alone. Victor patted Sharon's hand and advised her to keep her spirits up and not worry.

After Victor left, a guard opened the door to the jail's visitation room. Sharon smoothed her dress and told the guard that she was prepared to be transferred to the courthouse. The guard stood aside, and Adam walked in. Sharon was shocked. Adam glared at her. Sharon, irate, asked, "What are you doing here?"

In the courtroom before the trial began, Avery told Nick that an innocent person should not be robbed of her freedom. Nick said that he and Sharon had decided that Faith should not be present. Avery insisted that the Faith should not be kept away from her mother. Nick maintained that there wasn't a doubt in his mind that he'd made the right decision.

Avery sighed dejectedly and asked Nick if both of the Newman brothers' intentions were to leave their ex-wife hanging when she needed them the most. Nick explained that Adam was a sociopath, who was suppressing evidence. Nick said he was a father trying to protect his daughter.

Avery admitted that her comment was out of line. Avery told Nick that Faith could have a key impact on Sharon's state of mind, and she begged Nick to reconsider. Victor entered. He handed Nick a court order. As Nick read the document, Victor said, "You will bring Faith to see her mother. I've taken the decision out of your hands." Nick said nothing, but he seethed with anger. Avery grinned contentedly.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In the jail, Sharon was shocked when Adam went to see her before court. Adam wanted to know if Sharon had ever considered returning to him while she was on the run in New Mexico. Adam wanted to hear from Sharon the reasons she had decided to let the world believe that she was dead. Sharon said that she'd been filled with remorse over her decision and that she had loved Adam, but she had known that he'd wind up in prison if she returned, since he'd arranged her escape. Sharon told Adam that Sam had never replaced Adam in her heart.

Sharon admitted that she had seen Adam's true colors when he humiliated her in front of the preacher on the day they were supposed to get married. Sharon said that her heart had been ripped to shreds that day. Adam still wanted some questions answered and explained that he felt bad about how the trial had been progressing for Sharon. Adam thought he could fix things, but Sharon believed that Adam was toying with her and she could never trust Adam again. Sharon asked Adam to get out of her life. The guard arrived and said it was time for Sharon to leave for court.

Nick was upset with Victor for getting a court order requiring Faith to be at the trial. Nick said that Faith had been upset after the last visit. Victor understood, but explained that if Nick wouldn't take Faith to the courtroom, Victor would do it. Nick resented Victor's interference. Victor explained that he was thinking of Sharon's disposition. Victor believed that Sharon needed to see Faith. Nick accused Victor of not caring about Faith's welfare.

Avery asked Ricky to arrange for a photographer to be in court to get a picture of Sharon and Faith together. Ricky said hello to his sister, Heather. Later, Ricky reported to Avery that the photographer had arrived and was ready to shoot Sharon with Faith. Sharon arrived in the courtroom and told Avery that Adam had been to see her. Sharon noted that Adam had been eerily calm, and Sharon feared he was up to something. On the phone, Heather assured D.A. Walsh that she was prepared for Sharon's trial and there would be no slip-ups. Adam appeared in the hallway and wished Heather luck in court.

Sharon was surprised when she saw Adam enter the courtroom. Victor went to Adam and asked why he was there. Adam refused to answer. Sharon was overjoyed when Nick appeared with Faith. Sharon and Avery took their seats behind the defense table just as the judge declared court in session. Heather interviewed a witness who claimed to have seen Sharon fighting with Skye at Gloworm. Avery ripped up the witness's testimony by having her admit that she'd never heard Skye and Sharon's talk.

During a recess. Sharon tried to touch Faith, but the guard exclaimed that physical contact was not allowed. The photographer got a picture of Faith and Sharon being dragged apart. Nick was upset and wanted to go after the photographer, but Avery explained that the photographer had been doing what Avery wanted. Nick hated that Avery had used Faith, but Avery was determined to sway public opinion in Sharon's favor, and the picture would help.

The judge ended court early. Avery talked about the need for the photograph to Nick, Victor, and Sharon. Sharon and Victor said that if Avery felt the picture was necessary, than it was all right. Sam pointed out that Faith had been very happy to see Sharon. Adam told Heather that she'd done well in court.

Adam watched from the doorway as Sharon said goodbye to Faith. Nick told Avery that he was displeased with her strategy. Adam offered to buy Heather a drink. Heather was curious about what Adam was up to and agreed to have a drink with him. Adam and Heather left the courtroom.

Chloe went to Kevin's room and saw that he was dressing to be checked out of the hospital. Chloe offered to help Kevin recover from the procedure. Kevin just wanted to know that Delia was resting comfortably. Chloe thanked Kevin for saving her daughter's life. Kevin pleaded with Chloe to stop calling him a hero. Chloe kissed him, then Kevin asked Chloe to check on Delia for him.

Billy was in pain from the transplant procedure. As he tried to dress, Michael entered the room. Billy said that the procedure had reportedly gone well for Delia. Michael was there to take Billy back to the trailer. Billy refused to go along with Victor's orders any longer. Billy was determined to reunite with Victoria.

Michael told Billy about Victoria getting divorce papers prepared. Billy knew about the papers, but believed that since Vicki hadn't signed them, Billy still had a chance to win her back. Michael told Billy that Victoria had called him for a new set of divorce papers because she'd misplaced the originals.

Michael wondered if Billy was willing to go up against Victor, considering what Billy had done in Myanmar. Michael assured Billy that Victor would use the information to destroy Billy in Victoria's eyes. Michael thought that Victoria would never forgive Billy if she learned the truth about Billy's crimes.

At the house, Victoria wondered if Keely could have eaten the divorce papers. Sam was surprised that Victoria had taken the step of getting divorce papers prepared. Victoria said that she didn't really want to get a divorce, but she felt that she had to get on with her life and let go of the dream that Billy would return to her.

At the hospital, Michael stepped out of Billy's room and ran into Victoria. Victoria was there to visit Delia. Billy overheard Michael's meeting with Victoria and heard Victoria ask if Michael had drawn up a new set of divorce papers. Victoria told Michael that she was ready to sign.

Billy sneaked in to see Kevin. Billy told Kevin that he'd decided to duck out of the hospital and ditch Michael, but first Billy wanted to see Delia. Kevin would not help Billy unless Billy was prepared to tell the truth about being the bone marrow donor. When Victoria knocked on the door, Kevin forced Billy to hide in the bathroom. Victoria entered and thanked Kevin for being Delia's donor. Billy listened as Victoria said she'd never forgive Billy for pulling a disappearing act. Victoria confessed that Billy had been a disappointment to her. Victoria left and Kevin said he couldn't help Billy see Delia. Billy was determined to find a way and left Kevin's room on his own.

Victoria went to Delia's room and heard from Chloe that Delia was doing well. Michael entered and was glad to see that Delia was resting comfortably. Chloe and Gloria gave Kevin all the credit for saving Delia. As Michael, Victoria, and Gloria exited the room, Billy tried to sneak into the room. Kevin stopped him. Billy asked Kevin to get Chloe out of the way so he could say goodbye to Delia.

Michael told Victoria that another set of divorce papers were being sent to her home. Michael received a text message and went looking for Kevin. Chloe and Kevin headed to the coffee shop. When Kevin saw Billy, Kevin distracted Chloe by kissing her. With her attention on Kevin, Chloe didn't see Billy enter Delia's room. Billy sat by his daughter's bed and spoke to her while she slept.

Chloe was impressed with Kevin's kiss. Kevin said that Chloe had been doing a great job for Delia, and he appreciated Chloe. Kevin then feigned pain and asked Chloe to retrieve his pain medication; Kevin used it as a diversion so he could go into Delia's room and get Billy to leave. Billy hesitated.

Michael saw Billy and Kevin exiting and hurried Billy and Kevin into another hospital room. Kevin left, and Michael told Billy they had to go to the trailer immediately. At the trailer, Billy wasn't surprised to see Victor was waiting there. Victor announced that Billy would be leaving town in a few days. Billy wondered about Delia's prognosis. Victor declared that he would know where Billy was if Delia needed him again.

Delia woke from her nap, and Kevin and Gloria were there. Delia said that Kevin had made her better.

Back at the house, Victoria found an envelope with the divorce papers from Michael's office. Victoria looked at her wedding picture, then took out the divorce documents. Victoria turned down the photo and contemplated what to do. Later, Victoria was sipping a cup of tea when Sam walked in with Keely. Startled by the dog, Victoria spilled her tea all over the papers.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jill and Colin were in his hotel suite, kissing romantically. Jill pulled out of Colin's arms and said she had to leave. Jill wanted to visit Delia in the hospital. Colin understood and agreed to meet with Jill later. After Jill left, Colin texted Genevieve to arrange a meeting. Colin then placed a call to make arrangements for Genevieve.

After getting a text from Genevieve that she would meet him, Colin made another phone call to eliminate both Genevieve and Gloria. Cane met Ronan in the park. Ronan told Cane that he'd just heard from the wiretap on Colin's phone that the order for Gloria and Genevieve to be eliminated had been given. It was set for later in the day at Genevieve's house.

Cane wondered why Colin wanted Gloria rubbed out. Ronan explained that Colin feared that Gloria had seen Colin's books while they had been locked in the wine cellar. Ronan reminded Cane not to give Gloria and Genevieve any warning or else the chance to entrap Colin would be missed. Ronan assured Cane that if he followed the police department's lead, Colin would be reunited with Lily and his children.

Later, Cane met with Jill and begged her to stay away from Colin. Cane told Jill that Colin was a dangerous man. Jill refused to believe that Colin was all bad. Jill demanded that Cane explain why Cane was worthy of being forgiven for his sins, but not Colin. Cane warned Jill to keep her distance from Colin, but he wouldn't give her any details. Jill said that she believed that Colin truly loved her. Jill didn't want to have to choose between Colin and Cane.

Lily learned from Neil that Malcolm had forced a quickie divorce from Sofia and then left town. Neil was shocked that Malcolm had turned his back on the entire family, including Lily and Devon. Lily asked about the baby, and Neil reported that Moses was wonderful. Neil explained that Sofia and Moses were going to move in with him.

Lily gave Neil some toys and baby stuff for Moses. Neil wondered if Lily was all right. Lily admitted that she'd decided to keep Cane from seeing the twins because he'd been keeping secrets from her again. Lily struggled with her decision because Cane was the father for the twins, and they needed to know him. Neil believed that Cane was still a danger to Lily and the kids.

At the hospital, Sofia told Tucker that she'd accepted Malcolm's decision and was all right with the end of her marriage. Tucker insisted that Sofia not blame herself for what had happened. Tucker advised her to concentrate on taking care of Moses because he was the most important thing in her life. Tucker and Sofia were impressed with Neil's decision to be a hands-on father to Moses. Tucker thought Moses was a lucky child to have Neil and Sofia to care for him.

Tucker was sad that Devon was still shutting him out. Sofia was shocked to learn that Devon's mother was in town. Tucker said he'd argued with Harmony, but Tucker also told Sofia that when he was young and sowing his wild oats, he'd mistreated Harmony. Sofia told Tucker not to blame himself for the man he had been 20 years earlier. Tucker understood why Devon was disappointed in him. Sofia warned Tucker that Harmony was angling to get into Devon's life and Tucker's wallet. Tucker said that Harmony claimed she wanted nothing from them.

Harmony thanked Kay for allowing her to stay at the mansion. Kay thought that they'd had a fortuitous meeting. Kay received a phone call at the same time as the doorbell rang. Harmony went to the door and was surprised to see Devon there. Devon was surprised that his mother was at living with Kay and wanted to know why. Kay interrupted and said she'd invited Harmony to stay with her.

Harmony wanted to remain in Genoa City to answer Devon's questions about his childhood. Harmony was proud that she was clean and sober. Devon was shocked when Harmony wrote down her address in Milwaukee. Devon didn't want to stay in touch. Harmony realized that Lily and Neil were the people that Devon considered his family. Harmony announced that she'd leave town, but would be available if Devon wanted to talk. Devon thanked his mother.

Kay was surprised that Harmony was willing to leave Devon and return to Milwaukee. Harmony felt guilty for what she'd done to Devon, and she would leave to prove her love for Devon. Kay urged Harmony to stay. Harmony felt she had to give Devon space.

Devon went to Crimson Lights and called Neil to meet him. Later, Devon told Neil that he'd seen Harmony at Kay's house. Tucker was sitting on the patio and overheard that Harmony was living with his mother. Tucker stormed out.

Kevin and Gloria arrived at Gloworm, and she urged him to check out her account books because there was a problem with her cash flow. Gloria received a call that Genevieve had decided to sell the mansion and asked for Gloria to be the realtor. Gloria was thrilled to get the listing. Later, Gloria was excited about her new assignment, until Kevin told Gloria that her bank accounts had been drained, and she couldn't pay her employees.

Gloria was stumped, but Kevin suggested that Jeffrey might have withdrawn the cash to finance his Las Vegas vacation. Gloria called Jeff and left a message. A short time later, flowers were delivered to Gloria, and she recognized that Jeffrey had signed the note. When Gloria read the card, she discovered that Jeffrey had walked out on her and would not be returning to Genoa City.

Genevieve met Colin at the coffeehouse, wondering why he wanted to see her. Colin acted friendly and sweet, even reminiscing about a trip they'd taken to the Amalfi Coast. Genevieve told Colin that he was full of it and asked what he was up to. Genevieve assumed that Colin wanted the notebook to crack the code to his ledgers. Genevieve said that she enjoyed controlling the notebook because it meant she had power over Colin. When Colin made some veiled threats, Genevieve realized that Colin was afraid of her. Genevieve laughed at Colin, but he said that he'd never see her again.

Later, Genevieve ran into Cane in the park. Cane said that he'd been trying to call Genevieve. When Genevieve asked about how Cane's investigation into Colin was going, he said it was stalled. Genevieve encouraged him not to give up and said something might happen to help Cane. Genevieve smiled and then said she was going home to tend to her orchids because that was a way to relax after an encounter with Colin. Cane told Genevieve to take care of herself. After she walked off, Cane's phone rang, and Ronan told Cane he'd made a mistake by seeing his mother. Cane said that Genevieve was returning to the house where she would be bait in Ronan's sting to catch Colin committing a crime.

Jill went to see Lily and told her about Cane's uptight attitude about Colin. Jill wondered how Cane had been with Lily. Jill and Lily wondered why Cane was unable to trust them. Lily was offended by Cane's secretive ways. Lily wondered why Cane would tell Jill about Genevieve and Colin.

Lily was shocked that Jill had resumed her affair with Colin. Jill couldn't explain her actions. Lily sympathized, but she warned Jill not to allow herself to get close to Colin. Lily believed that Colin was still a danger to the twins. Lily thought she might try talking with Genevieve to figure out what was going on with Colin and Cane.

At the hotel suite, Colin asked Jill why she was upset. Jill said that Lily had warned her to stay away from Colin. Jill asked Colin to come clean with her. Colin assured Jill that he was not doing anything wrong. Jill asked if Colin had any secrets he was keeping from her.

Harmony answered the door at the mansion, and Tucker was floored that she'd moved in with his mother after Harmony had turned down his generous financial offer to leave town. Tucker accused Harmony of siding with Kay against him. Tucker reminded Harmony that Kay had tried to keep Devon from Tucker.

Harmony told Tucker that whatever she did was none of his business. Kay entered and said that Harmony had needed a place to stay, but Harmony had just decided to leave town. Tucker was confused by Harmony's decision. Harmony said that she was trying to make it easier on Devon, and she urged Tucker to do that same thing by backing away from the young man. Tucker thought he deserved to know his son.

Harmony accused Tucker of being selfish. Tucker was glad that he wouldn't have to see Harmony in Genoa City. After Tucker walked out, Kay was impressed with the way Harmony had handled Tucker. Kay asked Harmony to reconsider staying. Harmony didn't think Devon needed her crowding him.

Neil asked Devon if he was okay with Harmony leaving town. Devon wanted some space. Neil assured Devon that he would always be there if Devon needed him. At the hospital, Devon and Neil helped Sofia check out with Moses.

Gloria was drinking. She was bitter about Jeffrey leaving her and taking her money. Kevin offered to go to the bank to trace where the funds had been transferred. Gloria called Genevieve and left a message that she could not keep their appointment.

Lily left the twins with a babysitter and headed to Genevieve's mansion. Colin promised Jill that he was not plotting anything. Jill told Colin that Lily was going to visit Genevieve. When Jill left the room to take a bath, Colin placed a call and said there was a change in the plan. Jill listened to him plotting. At the house, Genevieve was busy taking care of her orchids. Genevieve had on earphones and couldn't hear anything but her music.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

At Gloworm, Jack met Ashley and demanded to know why Tucker hadn't finalized the Jabot deal. Jack expected Tucker to have sold Jabot to Jack already. Ashley said that Tucker had been working non-stop, especially with Sofia in the hospital. Jack wanted Tucker to live up to the agreement they'd made before the hearing. Ashley was sure that Tucker would honor the deal with Jack.

In his office, Tucker was on the phone, conducting business. After hanging up with one client, Tucker took another call and was made a new offer Jabot. Tucker was impressed by the amount of money being offered because it was considerably more than what Jack had offered for the company.

Jack and Ashley went to Tucker's office. Jack wanted to complete the Jabot deal. Tucker admitted that he'd received an excellent offer for Jabot from a buyer other than Jack. Tucker said it had been an anonymous bid, but it was three times more money than Jack had offered for Jabot. Jack suggested that the mystery buyer could be Kay trying to get Jabot back.

Jack became angry and reminded Tucker that he'd made promise to Jack. Tucker said that there was no proof that Tucker had ever made such a promise. Jack said that Ashley had witnessed the promise. Jack was shocked that Tucker would put his wife in the middle of their argument, and Ashley asked Tucker not to force her to choose between her husband and her brother. Tucker said that he'd be a lousy businessman if he didn't at least think over the deal for Jabot.

Jack was fuming, but Tucker smiled and handed Jack the signed document, finalizing the deal. Jack looked at the papers transferring ownership of Jabot back to John Abbott, Jr. Jack was overcome to have Jabot back in the family. Jack recalled that he'd convinced his father to take the company public many years before, and that was how Victor had gotten control of Jabot, which had led to other people acquiring the company over time. Jack wanted to celebrate with the whole family, but settled for a hug from his sister.

Alone in the office apartment, Ashley and Tucker shared a glass of champagne. Ashley toasted Tucker for doing the right thing by being true to his word. Tucker admitted that he had been tempted by the other offer, but he had realized that Jabot was something very important to the Abbott family. Tucker said he didn't want McCall, Unlimited to be the only legacy he left behind for his son. Ashley kissed Tucker, thanking him for having done a good thing for her brother.

Ronan and Cane listened to a recording of Colin's phone call in which he ordered the death of Genevieve and Gloria. Ronan said the cops were in place to swoop into Genevieve's house once Colin made his move. Ronan then learned that Colin had made a phone call from his hotel suite, and he was there with Jill. Ronan also received a report that Gloria had gone to the bank, and would not be at Genevieve's after all. Cane was worried about what was happening and placed a call to Lily.

Jill was in the bathroom in Colin's hotel room. She stepped into the living room and wrapped her arms around Colin from behind. Jill began to give Colin a neck massage, then suggested they relieve some tension with a hot bath. Jill wanted to share the tub with Colin, and he was very intrigued. Colin agreed to go ahead of Jill and prepare for the tub.

With Colin out of the room, Jill picked up the phone and called for a delivery. Later, the deliveryman arrived with a shopping bag for Jill. Colin appeared in a tee shirt and asked Jill what was going on. Jill said she had a surprise for Colin and waved a pair of sexy handcuffs in front of his face. Colin was titillated.

Later, Jill had Colin in bed with a blindfold covering his eyes. Jill had all kinds of sexy toys to tease Colin. Jill said she had big plans for Colin. Jill handcuffed Colin to the bed and removed the blindfold. Jill explained to Colin that she would not be seducing him. Jill said that she knew the Colin had been lying to her and he'd been plotting something. Colin started to get agitated, especially when Jill revealed that she was determined to screw up Colin's plan.

At the mansion, Genevieve was tending to her flowers. Lily called and asked if she could go over for a talk. Genevieve agreed, and Lily said she'd be right over. Cane called Lily and wanted to be sure that she and the children were all right. Cane was unable to tell Lily why he was involved with Colin. Lily said she was going to Genevieve's to get some answers. Cane asked her to stay at home, telling her that he was on his way to see her. Ronan warned Cane not to tell Lily what was really happening with Colin.

Cane arrived at Lily's and said that he was very concerned about her and the children. Cane promised to tell Lily the truth very soon, but Lily was unconvinced that Cane was being honest with her. Lily was unwilling to live by Cane's rules any longer. Cane asked Lily to keep away from his parents, implying that both Colin and Genevieve were dangerous.

Cane explained that he'd promised to keep certain information secret, but he wanted Lily to know that Genevieve's house was not safe. Lily couldn't trust Cane, and when she tried to leave the house, Cane stepped in front of her. Cane said he would not leave the house unless Lily agreed to stay away from Genevieve's house. Lily said she wanted nothing to do with him or his family. Lily ordered Cane to keep away from her.

Jack went to Genevieve's to celebrate that he'd gotten Jabot back. Genevieve was thrilled for Jack and touched that he wanted to share the news with her. Jack revealed that Tucker had received another bid and had nearly sold it to someone else, but he'd lived up to the deal he'd made with Jack. Genevieve was proud of Jack for his tenacity.

Ronan was on the phone about the status of the case. Ronan told the person on the phone that Jack was in the house with Genevieve. Ronan urged the man on the phone to get to the van before everything went down. Ronan mentioned how much work the man had put into the plan. Ronan left his cell phone in the van.

Ronan returned later, and Cane followed him into the van. Ronan reported that Jack and Genevieve were together. Cane told Ronan that Lily had been furious with him for giving orders without explanation. Ronan said that nobility wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

Jack and Genevieve were kissing on the couch. Genevieve jumped up to get some special champagne to celebrate. Jack said he didn't need champagne. Genevieve remembered that Myrna wasn't there to serve the champagne, so Genevieve invited Jack to go to Gloworm with her for a proper celebration. Before leaving, Genevieve recalled that Lily had wanted to stop by. Genevieve left a message for Lily, explaining that she'd be leaving the house and suggested they meet another time. Jack and Genevieve then left the house together.

Lily thought about what Cane had told her and contemplated what to do. She gazed at a photo of her with Cane and the children. Lily remembered getting a Christmas gift from Cane. Lily then placed a call to Jill and left a message about her frustrating visit with Cane. Lily informed Jill that she was going to go to Genevieve's even though Cane had told her not to.

At Gloworm, Genevieve and Jack ordered champagne. Genevieve insisted on paying because she was throwing the party for Jack. Jack was happy to be fêted by Genevieve. Ronan and Cane received word that Jack and Genevieve had gone to Gloworm. Ronan suddenly noticed that his cell phone was missing. Someone was using Ronan's phone to send text messages.

Ashley thanked Tucker for making Jack happy with the Jabot deal. Tucker's phone rang, then Ashley's rang, too. Ashley checked her phone, and so did Tucker. They both had messages from Ronan. Ashley and Tucker agreed that the calls to meet at a remote warehouse on the outskirts of town were not a coincidence. Ashley and Tucker were confused. Jack and Genevieve were celebrating at Gloworm when Jack received the same text message from Ronan that Ashley and Tucker had received.

Lily arrived at Genevieve's and knocked on the door. The door opened, and Lily announced that she was there. Lily walked in and saw that nobody was in the house. In the van, Cane pushed past Ronan to save Lily from whatever danger was lurking in the house. Cane burst into the house and tried to get Lily to leave the house.

Ronan was upset because he needed Cane to get Lily out of the house. Ronan was glad to see Chance show up at the van, and together they hurried to the house. Lily resisted Cane's attempts to get out of the house. Lily then said she smelled gas. When Lily wouldn't run, Cane picked her up and carried her out. There was an explosion. Outside the door, Lily and Cane watched as the house burned. Inside, there was a body on the floor.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Tucker and Ashley contemplated why Ronan would summon them to a remote warehouse, and Tucker thought something didn't feel right. Ashley worried that Ronan had found evidence linking them to Diane's murder, but Tucker refused to think the worst and changed the topic to their wedding. He reminded her that he had promised her a day she wouldn't forget, and he wanted to throw a lavish party to renew their vows. Ashley loved the idea. Tucker expected that she would ask Traci to be her maid of honor, but Ashley wanted Abby to stand up for her. Tucker was skeptical, since Abby despised him.

At Gloworm, Abby approached Genevieve and Jack, and Jack happily announced that Jabot was his again. Abby congratulated him, and Genevieve invited her to join them for a celebratory drink. Gloria interrupted to ask if Genevieve had gotten her message, but Genevieve was distracted by a phone call, and she soon exclaimed that there had been an explosion at her house. Genevieve rushed out, with Jack and Gloria close behind. Abby answered her phone to Ashley, who asked her daughter to stop by. Abby said she was on her way, but as she hung up, she saw an incoming text from Ronan.

Abby arrived at Tucker and Ashley's penthouse and expressed surprise that Tucker had sold Jabot to Jack. Tucker declared that he wanted Ashley to be happy and that he was glad to see the company back in Abbott hands. Abby reluctantly acknowledged that Tucker had done the right thing. Ashley hoped that Abby would feel the same way about being her maid of honor. Abby was stunned, but Ashley hoped the offer proved that Ashley had faith in Abby. Abby hesitated to respond.

Ashley declared her love for Abby and maintained that she'd proven that she'd do anything for her daughter, and she begged Abby to do the same for her. Abby started to thank Ashley for asking her, but Tucker interrupted. He said that Abby's answer wouldn't change the fact that he and Ashley were already married, but he intended to spend the rest of his life proving his love for Ashley, and he hoped Abby would be there to make their day more special. Abby noted that Tucker could be a jerk, but he wasn't the monster she'd made him out to be.

Abby believed that Tucker loved Ashley, and nothing made her happier than seeing Ashley treated like gold. Abby tearfully agreed to Ashley's request, and the women hugged. Abby suggested a holiday wedding, and Tucker said it couldn't be soon enough. Abby remembered that she had to meet Ronan, and Tucker and Ashley admitted they'd received the same text message. Abby wondered why Ronan would want to meet with all three of them.

Cane and Lily lay on the ground coughing, and Cane explained that there had been a gas explosion. Lily asked if he'd followed her, and Cane admitted that he had been watching the house, because Colin had put out a hit on Genevieve. Lily inquired about Colin's whereabouts, but Cane didn't know. Ronan informed Cane and Lily that an ambulance was on the way, and he informed Lily that Cane had saved her life. Lily questioned how long Cane had known about Colin, and Cane disclosed that had been working with the police for a while to take his father down. Ronan vowed to arrest Colin that night, and he commended Cane's heroic efforts.

The paramedics arrived, and Chance led them over to examine Cane and Lily. Lily was shocked to learn that Chance was also involved in the operation. The paramedics wanted to take Lily to the hospital, and Cane urged her to go, just to be safe. Chance explained that the FBI and the military had been working on Colin's case, too. Ronan said the sting had been an intricate operation, and Chance added that Colin had been involved in drug trades in the Middle East. Lily realized why Cane hadn't been able to say anything, and Cane remarked that he'd been working with the police since before Caleb's death, but he'd had to keep mum because lives had been in jeopardy. Ronan asked where Colin was.

In his Athletic Club suite, a handcuffed Colin assured Jill that whatever she'd heard had been a big mistake. Jill snickered and informed him that she'd overheard his phone conversation about going ahead with his plan. He chuckled and suggested that she could be screwing up a big surprise, but she condemned him for thinking she was stupid. Colin pointed out that they hadn't known much about one another when they'd gotten married, but they'd followed their hearts.

Colin admitted that he had done things that he wasn't proud of, but he insisted that Jill was the one genuine thing he'd found in his life and that his love was real. He begged her to look him in the eye and believe him. Colin implored Jill to trust him, and she forlornly wished she could. He pleaded with her to let him help her do so, and she started to lean in for a kiss, but she pulled away and barked that he'd pay for breaking her heart twice. She called the authorities and triumphantly revealed Colin's whereabouts.

Ronan received a call, and he proclaimed that Jill had Colin cornered in his suite. Ronan suggested that Cane head to the Athletic Club to witness the arrest, but Cane wanted to stay with Lily. She urged him to go, but he was determined not to leave her side until he knew she was okay. Genevieve, Jack, and Gloria arrived, and Genevieve asked what had happened. A paramedic said they'd found a woman inside the house who had been badly burned. Genevieve tearfully assumed that the woman was her housekeeper, Myrna.

At the hospital, Genevieve surmised that Myrna had returned from grocery shopping and had been in the kitchen at the time of the explosion. Gloria was bewildered, because the house had just been inspected. Genevieve was confused when Gloria mentioned putting the house back on the market, because Genevieve had never had any intent to sell. Lily and Cane arrived, and Jack wondered if Lily had been examined already. Lily explained that they had stopped by to check on Myrna.

Genevieve fretted that the doctors wouldn't tell her anything about Myrna because she wasn't family, and she had no idea how to get in touch with Myrna's next of kin. Jack was relieved that Lily had escaped, and Lily credited Cane with saving her life. Jack called Cane a hero, but Cane downplayed his role. Genevieve declared that she was very proud of her son, and she apologized to Lily. Genevieve commented that they were both victims of a faulty gas line, but Cane divulged that Colin had plotted to kill Gloria and Genevieve.

Cane said the police would confirm that someone had tampered with the gas line, and Gloria realized in horror that someone had tried to lure her to the house to kill her. Genevieve was incredulous that Colin would ever make an attempt on her life, and she asked where Colin was. Cane replied that his father was in the process of being arrested, and Genevieve wanted to see Colin before the police hauled him away. Jack didn't think it was a good idea, but Cane assured them that Ronan would be there. Jack mentioned his meeting with Ronan outside of town, and Cane pointed out that there was no way Ronan would make it in time. Jack contemplated whether or not he should go to the warehouse.

Colin begged Jill not to listen to rumors, because they'd both regret it. She retorted that she'd never regret a second with him, but he'd pay for what he'd done to her. Ronan rapped on the door, and Jill let him in. Ronan laughed at the sight of Colin handcuffed to the bed. Chance appeared in the doorway and called Jill's name.

Jill embraced Chance, who promised to explain everything after they dealt with Colin. Jill was relieved that Chance was safe. Ronan taunted Colin about his lackluster finish as a crime lord, but Colin insisted it wasn't the end. Ronan rattled off the charges against Colin, but he noted that Colin's latest scheme to kill Genevieve and Gloria was what had nailed him. Jill couldn't believe it, but Chance said they had the hit man in custody, and thanks to Cane and Jill, they'd put Colin away for a long time.

Colin crowed that he had diplomatic immunity, but Chance disclosed that it had been revoked, because the official Colin had bribed had pleaded guilty. Ronan proclaimed that it had taken years, but they'd finally nailed Colin for his many crimes, and he read Colin his rights. Jill said she never wanted to see Colin again, and he countered that she talked tough but that she was still in love with him, and he had never lied about loving her. Genevieve and Gloria entered, and Gloria spat that Colin had messed with the wrong woman, because she was a survivor.

Colin asked for the police to take him away, but Genevieve confronted him with the fact that he'd tried to kill her, even after everything they'd been through together. He claimed he hadn't, but she shook her head and knowingly stated that he never could lie to her. She said his life would end with him growing old in prison. Ronan and Chance led Colin out, and the three women compared notes about how Colin had charmed them. Genevieve commented that they'd all been burned and that they were lucky, because they'd survived.

Later, Cane entered Lily's hospital room and informed her that he'd arranged for the nanny to stay with the twins overnight. He offered to check on them personally, but Lily took his hand and admitted that she didn't want him simply to check on them and then go. She stated that she wanted him to be in all of their lives for good, and he said that meant a lot to him. She apologized for not trusting him and lamented that he'd risked everything to get Colin off the streets. Cane hated what he'd had to do, but Lily understood that he had been in a bad position, and she had never been prouder of him. She called him her hero, and she swore that nothing would keep them apart. They kissed.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis received a copy of the text message sent with Ronan's phone. Nick approached her, and she reprimanded him for sneaking up on her. He wondered what she had been reading, but she turned the topic to the newspaper photo of Sharon and Faith. Nick wasn't thrilled it had been published, but he explained that Avery had been adamant that it could help Sharon. Phyllis' expression immediately turned sour at the mention of Avery's name. Nick's phone rang, and he received the same text message from Ronan.

Phyllis asked what Nick's text message was about, but he avoided giving an answer. She said she'd received a text from Ronan. Nick read the message aloud, and Phyllis disclosed that hers had been the same. She wondered what Ronan was up to, and Nick recalled how Diane had summoned everyone to the park on the night of her death. Phyllis speculated that Ronan had evidence on Nick and that he hoped that Phyllis would rat Nick out, but Nick reminded her that both their alibis had already been blown apart. They both questioned whether either of them suspected the other of killing Diane. Nick asked point-blank if Phyllis had committed the crime.

Phyllis glared at Nick, but he suggested that they back one another up, since neither of them had alibis. She didn't think it was a good idea, because he could be lying, and it wouldn't be in her best interest to support him. He insisted he wasn't lying, and she contended that she wasn't, either. Nick conceded that it would probably get him in more trouble if Phyllis lied for him. Phyllis recalled the scratch on Nick's neck she'd seen the day after the murder, and Nick thought it would be better if he didn't mention that Phyllis had threatened Diane the day before the murder. They agreed to keep the information to themselves.

Nick suggested he and Phyllis drive together, but Phyllis wanted to take her own car. She felt that something was off regarding the meeting location. Nick tried to call Ronan, but there was no answer. They left separately to head out to the warehouse.

Victor arrived to see Victoria, who showed him the text from Ronan. Victor declared that Ronan wanted to meet with them, and Victoria realized that Ronan had contacted Victor, too. Victoria worried that Ronan knew that Victoria had seen Victor and Diane together in the park on the night of the murder. Victor suggested that they get their stories straight.

Victor confessed that Ronan knew that Victor had been in the park the night of the murder, and Victoria realized that Ronan knew she had lied about spending the evening with Victor. Victor contended that Ronan didn't know that Victoria had also been in the park. Victor advised Victoria not to say anything and to allow him to handle the situation, because neither of them had killed Diane. Victoria revealed that she had lost a bracelet, and she was fairly sure she had worn it on the night in question. She was concerned that she'd dropped it in the park.

Victor pointed out that many people frequented the park, and a piece of jewelry wouldn't convict Victoria. He urged her not to answer any questions unless Michael was present. She thanked him and wanted to discuss what had happened between Victor and Diane that night, but Victor instructed her to forget she'd seen them together. Victor understood that Victoria was nervous, but he assured her that he'd handle Ronan and that they'd be fine. She felt that something bad was about to happen, and they left for the warehouse.

Jack arrived at the warehouse and called out for Ronan. Tucker, Ashley, and Abby walked in, and they realized they'd all received the same text message. Nick and Phyllis followed, and they again recounted how Diane had sent them all text messages on the night of her death. Victor and Victoria entered and wondered what was going on.

Tucker assumed they'd have to ask Ronan why they'd all been summoned, but Jack suspected it hadn't been Ronan's doing. Victor questioned who was behind the meeting. Suddenly, the lights went out, and a film projector mysteriously turned on and displayed the image of a newspaper bearing the headline, "Who Killed Diane Jenkins?" Meanwhile, at the hospital, it was revealed that the female burn victim had a tattoo of a black cat.

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