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Monday, October 17, 2011

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Jack approached Jennifer and Daniel, and he overheard a portion of their conversation. Jack was delighted to learn that Jennifer was still in love with him. Jennifer quickly clarified that she was in love with Daniel and Jack.

Jack begged Jennifer to give him a second chance. Daniel pointed out that Jack had broken Jennifer's heart. "And I can put it back together without surgery. This is my family to put together, not yours!" Jack insisted. Jennifer admitted that she had been happy with Jack, but she added that his departure had devastated her. Jennifer said that Daniel had shown her how to move on with her life.

"You left. You counted on being the only man that I would ever love, Jack, but you know what? You're wrong, because I could love someone else besides you, and I did...and I do," Jennifer tearfully stated. Jack pointed out that he had returned, and he claimed that Jennifer no longer needed Daniel. Jennifer wondered if Jack was implying that she needed him, and she assured him that she did not.

Jennifer realized that Daniel was probably wondering how she had fallen in love with someone like Jack. Daniel noted that Jennifer never would have agreed to marry a complete jerk, and he admitted that Jack had to have some redeeming qualities. Jack reluctantly conceded that Daniel was probably a decent guy, too. Jennifer nodded, and she said that she was going to have to make a difficult decision.

"I know this is tearing you up, and I don't want to be the reason why, so what I'm gonna do is...I'm gonna make this easier on you. I'm going to step away, and I'm gonna let you go back to Jack. I can't stand here and demand that you take a chance with me when you've got a chance to put your family back together," Daniel said, as he gently kissed Jennifer. Daniel started to walk away, but Jennifer rushed after him, and she said that she didn't want to lose him.

"Well, that's just great, Doctor First-Do-No-Harm! Talk about raising false hopes. What is Jennifer supposed to do now -- move us all out to Utah? Start seeing both of us?" Jack asked incredulously. Daniel confirmed Jack's suspicion, and he explained that Jennifer needed some time to weigh her options, so that she wouldn't spend the rest of her life wondering if she had made the right choice. "So we're gonna play this out naturally, see where it goes...until you decide, and you know for sure, in your heart, who you wanna be with. But there is a clock, and I will not do this forever," Daniel added.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano was listening to opera music when Marlena stormed into the living room. "Marlena -- my queen of the night. What a lovely surprise. And to what do I owe the honor of this visit? Oh, and without the love of your life...oh, that's right -- he's under house arrest. John Black -- once this town's hero, and now, a despised thief. Ah! At least he has his health," Stefano dryly stated. Marlena angrily slapped Stefano's face, and he wondered if he had said something that had upset her.

"You put this whole investigation into motion, and you conjured up false evidence so the FBI could indict John. You know, I thought you were done with us; I thought you were over trying to cause us problems," Marlena said. Stefano feigned ignorance, and he said that Marlena was giving him more credit than he deserved. Stefano noted that the evidence against John was incontrovertible.

"Of course, because you've done what you always do -- you've doctored photos, and you've paid people to falsify records," Marlena said. Stefano smiled and said that he had always admired Marlena's passion. "Marlena...although I see the fire in your eyes, I still see just that little bit of doubt that you have about John's innocence. You know, Marlena, you will not be the first woman who discovers that their husband may not be the man they thought he was," Stefano said.

Marlena insisted that she knew exactly who John was, and she reiterated that Stefano had framed John. Stefano pointed out that Marlena did not have any proof to back up her claims. "You know why there is no more proof, Marlena? Because I've moved on. I have absolutely no interest in your lives. But there is one thing for you to think about. Since I am not the one behind all of this, eh? Then either John is totally guilty, or there's someone else gunning for him. Now, if he has an enemy that you know nothing about, perhaps...John is not the man you think he is," Stefano suggested.

"I don't have to defend John -- especially not to you. John is a good man. He is the opposite of everything you embody, and that drives you crazy. That's why you keep trying to destroy him," Marlena replied. Stefano sarcastically agreed that John Black had always given him an inferiority complex. "It would be very wise of you to stop with all these ridiculous accusations, okay? Unless you want to make things worse for the man that you say you love so much," Stefano warned Marlena. Marlena wondered if Stefano was threatening her.

Stefano shrugged and admitted that his warning was open to interpretation. Stefano added that he did not appreciate the fact that Marlena had accused him of crimes that he had not committed. "Things I've done in the past are hooked to only one thing -- my feelings for you. that I have the lovely Katherine in my life, my thoughts are elsewhere. But I will tell you one thing, Marlena -- you will always have a special place in my heart...but nothing more," Stefano said.

Marlena challenged Stefano to prove that he actually had a heart. "Why don't you undo this mess you've made for John? Look, only you can stop it -- you know that, so give John and me the life that we deserve. I'm asking you to do that. Maybe you could...maybe you could just do it for me," Marlena suggested. Stefano insisted that he was not responsible for John's legal woes.

"I'll be honest with you -- you're right about one thing. The old John -- the John that I know -- would never embezzle money from anyone. But the John that we have now, who has been battered and beaten...I mean, he's been through traumas that you and I probably could never even imagine. You have to think about what he has been through, all right? What it could do to a man. I mean, perhaps even push him into doing things that he would never even dream about doing," Stefano suggested. Marlena pointed out that the DiMeras were responsible for those traumas.

"You are not going to win this time. You see, any man who has been through what John has been through, and survived can't beat him. Haven't you figured that out yet? See, what will happen is...John will be vindicated, and you will be made to pay for all the things that you have done to us," Marlena warned Stefano. Stefano said that Marlena needed to accept the fact that John was guilty, but Marlena ignored him, and she stormed out of the mansion.

In Carrie and Austin's hotel room, Austin ordered room service to surprise Carrie. Austin told Carrie that he didn't want John's case to cause a rift in their marriage, and he wondered if they could forget about the rest of the world for one night. After dinner, Carrie and Austin made love, and Austin promised that he wasn't going to let anything ruin their marriage.

At the Horton house, Bo and Hope searched for Alice's letter in some of the boxes that had been stored in the attic. Bo managed to find a single sheet of paper that had been tucked into one of the boxes. Bo showed Hope the letter, and Hope gasped as she silently read the words on the page. Bo and Hope rushed off to the Kiriakis mansion to show the letter to Maggie.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Hope told Maggie about the letter. "I think the reason Gran never said anything to you before is because she wanted to be sure she was right," Hope theorized. Maggie wondered what Hope was talking about, and Hope said that the letter would explain everything. Maggie started to read the letter.

"Dearest Maggie, I wish I was feeling better today. This is news I would rather tell you in person, but when I think about it, maybe this way is better. Now you'll have time to decide if you're ready to hear this. Maggie, what I'm about to tell you is something that's gonna change your life, and you know that's not something I say lightly. But it is my hope that this news will make you very happy, once the initial shock wears off. Do you remember years ago, when you and Mickey were trying to have children of your own? You two decided to try something unconventional at the time. I had never heard of such a thing -- doctors harvesting women's eggs and storing them for future use," Maggie read.

Maggie paused, and she said that she couldn't believe that Alice had remembered that. Maggie explained that the procedure had been considered experimental at the time. Maggie continued to read the letter. "I wasn't sure that I would ever understand your decision to do such a thing, until I saw how happy you both were at the possibility of having a child. But eventually, you gave up. You never spoke of it again, until years later, you mentioned it in passing -- that you thought the doctors might have kept some of your eggs. And that got me to thinking...what did happen to them? So, I did some investigating on my own...and guess what, Maggie? It turns out a baby was born from one of your eggs. You have another child," Maggie read, as her voice started to break.

Maggie slowly settled into a nearby chair as the news started to sink in. Maggie's hands trembled as she looked at the note, and she kept repeating that she had another child. Hope explained that Alice had passed away before she had finished the letter.

"So, I have another child out there somewhere, and it''s my child? And I don't know if it's a boy or a girl, or a man, woman, or -- I don't know anything. How could it be? Where is my child?" Maggie tearfully wondered.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

While straightening up the loft in preparation for a meeting with Madison, Sami called the kids' school to find out why the bus was so late -- only to learn that it was a school holiday. Since Rafe was extremely busy with John's case, he couldn't take the kids out to keep them out of Sami's way, but he promised to call from the car on his way to work to arrange a sitter. After Rafe left, Johnny ran into the room and spotted the fruit and pastries that Sami had laid out for her meeting. Before Sami could stop him, Johnny spilled orange juice all over everything, including the reports for Sami's meeting.

When Madison arrived just then, Sami looked around at the messy apartment and her juice-covered son, and smiled sheepishly. After inviting Madison in, Sami instructed Johnny to go change his clothes and then play with his sisters -- but first reassured him that she knew spilling the juice had been an accident. Sami then apologized for ruining breakfast and the reports, but Madison took it in stride. One of the kids shrieked, and Sami apologetically excused herself to check on them. She was stunned when she returned and found that Madison had cleaned up Johnny's mess.

"I wasn't born a CEO," Madison reminded a grateful Sami. Sami tried to apologize for the chaos, Madison accepted full responsibility, since she'd asked to have the meeting at Sami's because the Mad World Cosmetics offices weren't ready yet. Madison explained that some of the things that Nate, the designer, had ordered had been delayed. Both women acknowledged that Kate had to be behind the delays. When Madison learned that Kate was Sami's former mother-in-law, her eyes widened with delighted surprise. "That is another reason why hiring you was a stroke of brilliance," Madison declared.

Although the sitter had arrived and was reading stories to the kids, Johnny returned to the living room. "I'm bored," he announced. Madison introduced herself to Johnny, and informed him that she and his mommy had been best friends when they'd been his age. She asked him to test a couple of smells for her, and let him smell each of two bottles. Grinning, Johnny declared that he liked the second one best. "It's like that stuff you let me smell when we make cookies," he explained, meaning vanilla.

Once Johnny had returned to the kids' rooms, Sami and Madison discussed children. Madison admitted that she sometimes thought about having kids, but she was focused on her company at that moment. Sami confided that it had been difficult on her to have had Will when she had been just a kid herself, but she wouldn't trade her family for anything. Another shriek from the other room sent an apologetic Sami running.

A little later, Madison informed Sami that Kate was about to launch a new anti-wrinkle cream for Countess Wilhelmina Cosmetics -- but Madison had learned about it without Kate's knowledge, and Mad World was going to launch a similar but better product first. Madison wanted Sami to head up the launch -- and break the news to Kate. Sami couldn't believe that Madison already had so much faith in her. Madison explained that Sami understood what busy working women wanted, and she had seen how Sami had handled the chaos of everything that had happened that morning without losing her temper or sense of humor. "You're a great mom, Sami. I think you're going to be a fabulous addition to Mad World," Madison enthused as she hugged her new protégée.

When Will joined Gabi at the Brady Pub, she was checking out the message boards on their Salem University sports website. Together, Gabi and Will looked at the comments, which were mostly positive, but they had just found something upsetting when Sonny walked in. Sonny could tell instantly that they were hiding something. Will and Gabi tried to cover, but Sonny insisted on seeing what the problem was.

Sonny took the laptop and scanned the messages. "So some people want to boycott our site, because, quote, 'Who wants to read about sports on a site run by a bunch of gays?'" Sonny read aloud, then added with grim humor, "Who are these gays, and how do I meet them?" Will wanted to ban cyber-bullying on the site, and Gabi wanted to make sure that everyone knew Sonny had straight friends who were willing to stand up for him.

Sonny declared that his involvement in the site wasn't worth ruining the whole project, so he was bowing out. Will refused to let Sonny quit, but Sonny seemed to have made up his mind. While they were talking, Gabi took another look at the website, and excitedly informed the guys that people on the site were defending gays. "'What's gay or straight got to do with following sports?'" Gabi read, and she and Will read a few more positive entries.

Chad found Melanie sitting alone at a table in Horton Town Square, and declared that he'd had fun dancing with her at the dedication party. He pulled her out of her chair, spun her around, and then tried to dip her. The dip ended awkwardly, and as the two of them were laughing, Abigail arrived. With a stern look, Abigail demanded to know what Chad was doing, then chuckled as she chided him about his inept dance moves. She took Melanie's hand, and mimicked Chad's moves -- but the girls executed a perfect dip.

While Chad went to get coffee, Melanie and Abigail discussed the situation with their parents. Abigail blamed her dad for breaking up Daniel and Jennifer, and then filled Melanie in on how Jack had flipped out when he'd learned that Chad was Stefano's son. Upon learning that Abigail no longer wanted anything to do with her dad, Melanie gently urged her friend to reconsider.

Abigail didn't think she could trust her father again, especially after the way he'd treated Chad. When Chad returned with the coffees just then, Melanie encouraged Abigail to let Jack get to know Chad. "He loves you," Melanie asserted about Jack. "You don't know that, Melanie. And unfortunately, right now, neither do I," Abigail replied sadly.

Will, Gabi, and Sonny soon joined the others in Horton Square, and quickly brought them up to speed about the anti-gay comments, and the positive replies defending gays, on the website. Melanie found it sickening that people hid behind the anonymity of the Internet so they didn't have to take responsibility for their words and actions. Sonny realized that in case there was a kid out there who had just realized that he or she was gay and was reading their site, he wanted to try to be a positive role model for that kid -- so he wasn't going to quit the site.

Melanie pulled Abigail aside, and reiterated her belief that Abigail should give her dad another chance. Melanie explained that she'd been able to forgive her mom because she'd finally realized that parents were only human, and they made mistakes, too. She urged Abigail to think things through, because family really was the most important thing.

Will kissed Gabi, and declared that he was very lucky to have her in his life. Meanwhile, Chad was reading the comments on the website from his cell phone. "The gay bashing isn't the only strange thing on the message boards. I think we have a big problem on our hands," Chad declared to Sonny.

When Carrie and Austin awakened in their hotel room after spending a romantic night together, things quickly turned amorous again. A bit later, Carrie had to leave for work, but the two of them agreed that they would continue to behave at home like husband and wife, and try to forget that they were on opposing sides of a difficult case. Carrie then regretfully said goodbye to her naked husband, but promised they would see each other that night.

When Austin arrived at the police station, Rafe was just hanging up with the café in Paris where the security picture of John had allegedly been taken. Rafe informed Austin that a waiter from the café remembered seeing John there that day, and there was a signed credit card receipt to back up the waiter's story. Austin was even more convinced of John's guilt, but Rafe thought it seemed too easy, like someone was setting John up. Rafe was determined to keep looking until he found the truth.

At the penthouse, John noted that Marlena hadn't woken him when she'd gotten home the night before, and he suspected that she'd gone to see Stefano -- and he didn't like it. "Tell me you wouldn't do the same thing for me," Marlena countered. John understood, but wanted Marlena to promise never to go one-on-one with Stefano again. Marlena refused to promise not to do whatever she could to help her husband.

Carrie arrived then with a file box full of John's financial reports and the like. She explained that there had to be something in them to prove John's innocence, but she wanted his help going through everything. After laying some of the files out on the coffee table, Carrie indicated a large transfer from the pension fund, which had been made with John's computer. John stated that he hadn't made the transaction, although he couldn't prove it, because no one else had access to his computer or his passwords.

John pointed out that if he'd wanted to steal from the pension funds, he would have been smart enough to make the transfers unable to trace. Carrie reassured him that she was not questioning his honesty. Rafe called Carrie then, and informed her that he might have found something that could clear John, but asked her not to say anything to John and Marlena.

Carrie had just asked John to review his cell phone records for any calls he hadn't made, when Rafe showed up. He asked for a word with Carrie alone, so John and Marlena went into the kitchen. Rafe filled Carrie in about the waiter, but added that he'd spoken to an orderly who said that John had been at the clinic on the same day -- and the orderly had taken a leave of absence right after John had left, so anyone who might have been paying people to set John up wouldn't have been able to get to the orderly.

Rafe continued that the orderly had returned to work at the clinic, and Rafe had told the man to keep his mouth shut until someone could take his statement. Carrie declared that it was far too important not to interview the orderly herself, and thanked Rafe for taking such a big risk by telling her about it. Rafe cautioned her that no one else, not even Austin, knew about the orderly. He offered to fill her in on the rest of the details when he drove her to the airport.

After Rafe left, Carrie informed John and Marlena that thanks to Rafe, they might have finally caught a break. She quickly backpedaled, pointing out that she shouldn't have said anything, because Rafe could get in serious trouble for sharing information with the defense attorney. Carrie assured John and Marlena that there was hope, but swore them to secrecy. A grateful John urged Carrie to be careful, and worried aloud for Carrie and Austin's marriage. Carrie pointed out that she wasn't hiding anything personal from Austin. She told John and Marlena that she would have to be out of town for a few days, and cautioned them not to take any chances. After Carrie had gone, John and Marlena shared a hopeful embrace.

Later, John reviewed Carrie's files. "If I had to go by what's in this box, I'd send me to prison," he declared to Marlena. Marlena was optimistic that whatever Carrie and Rafe had found would turn things around. John grumbled that he hated being under house arrest, but he was thankful that Marlena was there with him.

Austin returned to the hotel room and found Carrie packing. He confronted her for sending him a text message saying that she was going out of town, and not telling him in person. Carrie apologized, but couldn't tell Austin where she was going or why, since it was for the case. When Rafe knocked on the door to pick Carrie up, Carrie and Rafe had to do some quick thinking to explain his presence to Austin. They claimed that Carrie had asked to look at some open police files, and Rafe had offered to drop them off and drive Carrie to the airport -- plus Roman had asked Rafe to find out about John's private security detail from Carrie. Carrie kissed Austin goodbye as he left to return to the office. Carrie and Rafe then left for the airport.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jennifer met with Jack and Daniel in Horton Town Square to discuss their situation. Jennifer announced that she wanted to date both men if they were willing to date her at the same time. "I want you to be happy," Daniel responded. "Whatever it takes," Jack added. With a sigh, Jennifer took Jack aside and told him that she was not sure whether she would be able to trust him again. Jack swore that he would make the most of the opportunity to prove himself to Jennifer.

Jennifer turned to Daniel and apologized for dragging him into a complicated triangle with her ex-husband when Daniel had been so good to her. Daniel noted that he loved Jennifer and was not willing to walk away from her. "Sooner or later, when this little exercise is over, one of us is going to end up with a broken heart," Jack said to Jennifer and Daniel.

"If either of you get hurt, I'm hurt too," Jennifer said. "It's not if, Jennifer. It's when," Jack countered. Jack, Daniel, and Jennifer looked at one another in silence. With a sigh, Jack noted that it would be difficult to see his wife date another man. "Ex-wife," Daniel clarified. "See what's happening? Already there is resentment and suspicion. We can't do this," Jennifer said in frustration.

Daniel and Jack took the lead on working on ground rules, as Jennifer watched. "Stop it, both of you; this is ridiculous, it sounds like I'm some kind of commodity," Jennifer blurted out. Daniel and Jack apologized. Worried, Jennifer noted that dating felt like a competition. "That's because it is," Jack said quietly. Jack added that the situation would get easier.

When Jack explained that the awkwardness was due to bigger issues, a clueless Jennifer asked what he was talking about. Daniel shook his head and warned Jack not to say anything, but unfazed, Jack noted that he was talking about sex. Shocked, Jennifer did not want to talk about sex, but Jack and Daniel agreed that if they were going to set up ground rules to dating, sex would have to be part off that discussion.

Cornered, Jennifer commented that she was not the type of girl to be intimate with two men at the same time. "This is how I feel, and I'm sure it doesn't come as a shock," Jennifer said. Jack and Daniel said that they understood. Daniel suggested that they date on the fly without a plan, and Jack added that it was important to make Jennifer feel like she was not pressured. "I want what's best for you. Truly," Jack said. "We both do," Daniel added. Jennifer thanked them for understanding. "May the best man win," Jack said as he offered his hand to Daniel. After Daniel shook Jack's hand, Jack spun around and asked Jennifer who would get the first date.

In the DiMera living room, E.J. recorded a speech on the computer for the members of the class action lawsuit against John Black, while Nicole monitored the speech from her computer tablet.

At the penthouse, Lexie and Abe visited John and Marlena. Abe promised to stand by John, but John warned Abe to distance himself so that he did not lose the mayoral election. Shaking his head, Abe swore he would not abandon his friend John. Lexie was upset that E.J. was exploiting John's situation. As Marlena nodded, she noticed the muted television from across the room. John turned on the volume, and the group listened as the local news announced that E.J. had released a statement about the lawsuit against John Black and Basic Black.

The news announcer explained that in his statement, E.J. had vowed to take the case against John pro bono so that all participants in the class action suit would get 100% of the money awarded should E.J. win the case. Annoyed, John turned off the television. "Well if they didn't believe in the S.O.B. before, they sure will now," Abe griped. Abe added that John had done a lot for the city in the past and planned on reminding the city of John's good deeds.

Furious, John responded, "Damn it, folks, people think I stole money right out of their pockets. I can't tell them not to be angry, not when they have every right to be." After dinner, Marlena joked that she had ordered out for dinner and had not cooked. With a smile, Abe and Lexie toasted to their friends John and Marlena. "Here's to optimism!" John added. As Lexie, Abe, John, and Marlena drank, someone threw a brick through a window. John grabbed Marlena and shoved her away from the window. Abe and John ran to the window to investigate, and John read the note tied to the brick. It read, "Die, thief!"

Noting the height of the apartment, Abe theorized that the assailant had thrown the brick from a building nearby. While Abe left to check the building next door, a worried John checked on Marlena, and Lexie and then went into the bedroom to call Carrie. Lexie talked to Marlena about her concerns for John. Marlena admitted that John had been having nightmares for a while, and she was worried. John finished his call to Carrie as Abe returned to the penthouse. Abe and Lexie discussed their options, but John refused to move out of the penthouse. "I'm not running, and I'm not gonna hang my head in shame. I'm gonna take a statement to the public," John said.

Back at the DiMera mansion, an excited Nicole showed E.J. his poll numbers. E.J. was upset that he was polling low in some demographics, but Nicole warned E.J. that his family name would keep him from securing a lot of votes in the election. Nicole sat E.J. down and showed him the negative voter response to Abe's support for John.

After E.J. stepped out of the living room, Nicole received a call from Pattti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker. Patti offered to fix E.J. up with a woman and asked Nicole to tell E.J. to call her. When E.J. returned, Nicole did not tell him about the call from Patti. Nicole complimented E.J. on his hard work on his campaign. E.J. paced the living room and wondered aloud how his announcement to take the case pro bono would affect the polls. When Nicole went to check the numbers, she noticed that John was planning to make a statement to the press.

At the penthouse, John opened up his laptop and prepared to record his statement onto it. "Is it me, or is he acting a bit impulsively here?" Abe asked Marlena and Lexie. Unsure, Marlena asked John to stop and consider his options. "I've done that. This is all I have left," John countered. John explained that he had been a prisoner and out of control since his arrest. "I'm taking back some control. I'm going to tell the people the truth," John explained.

Once Marlena finalized the arrangements with the local news network to air John's statement, she gave John the green light of approval. With a sigh, John went live on air via his laptop computer. John announced that he was innocent of all charges. "Bringing harm to my employees, to my investors, to the millions of people whose livelihood was entrusted to me is something I would not, could not do. I see you all as my family, and anyone who knows me, who really knows me, knows for a fact I could never hurt my family," John said.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Hope, Bo, Victor, and Maggie talked about the letter from Alice that revealed that Maggie had another child. Worried about her child, Maggie asked Hope and Bo to help her find her offspring. When questioned by Bo about the past, Maggie explained that she'd had her eggs harvested but that she and Mickey had not been able to have a child together. Maggie added that the clinic had contacted her when it was sold and had asked her what she wanted them to do with her eggs.

With a gasp, Maggie yelled out that she had the papers from the clinic upstairs in her files. When Maggie returned with her file folders, she found the papers from the clinic. Hope called the clinic, but the number had been disconnected. At a dead end, Hope studied the papers and realized that the address for the clinic was the site of a vacant lot that had been abandoned since before the papers were signed. "It's starting to look like that this company never existed. That the whole thing possibly was a sham," Hope said sadly.

Bo and Hope offered to talk to Erin the lawyer and see what they could find out. Frustrated, Maggie poured out her heart to Victor, noting that she trusted that Bo and Hope could help her. Maggie was upset about the news that the clinic had not safeguarded her eggs and that she did not know what happened to her child. Feeling helpless, Maggie decided to go to her house to look through the rest of her files.

Citing a business meeting, Victor offered to provide a car to drive Maggie, but noted that he could not assist her at the house. Victor wished Maggie luck as she hurried out of the mansion. Once Maggie was gone, Victor grabbed the papers from the clinic and pulled out his cell phone. Victor dialed a number and said, "We have a situation." Victor noted that Maggie was investigating the medical clinic and directed the person on the other end of the call to make sure that Victor's name was not connected to the medical facility.

Bo and Hope went to Erin's office and asked her about the medical storage facility. Bo asked Erin to help them find Maggie's child. Erin was reluctant to assist Bo and Hope, so Hope begged Erin to give them some answers.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

by Mike

At the Horton house, Abigail was shocked when she realized that Jennifer had agreed to go on a date with Jack. Abigail reminded Jennifer that Daniel was a decent man, and she wondered why Jennifer had chosen Jack instead of Daniel. Jack excused himself so that Jennifer could explain the situation to Abigail.

After Jack left the room, Jennifer apologized for not warning Abigail about her date with Jack. Jennifer added that she had decided to date Daniel and Jack. "Have you completely lost your mind?! Just stringing Daniel along while you figure things out with Dad? And for what? What has my dad ever done for you...except for break your heart?" Abigail asked. Abigail insisted that Jack was just going to hurt Jennifer again.

Jennifer said that she was going to have to take that risk. Jennifer reminded Abigail that they were lucky that Jack had managed to escape from Afghanistan. "I wish you would stop saying that! I wish he never even came back! I wish he was stuck in that stupid cave!" Abigail shouted, as Jack walked back into the room.

Jack admitted that Abigail had a right to feel that way. "When I came back, I could see how much I hurt everyone around me, and I thought maybe it would be best for everybody if I left and never came back, but if I did that...I would never see you again. I'd never see your face, I would never hold you, I would never hear you laugh, and that is something I couldn't live with. Abigail, you may hate me forever. You may never forgive me, but I am here, and I'm not leaving my family again, because being apart from my family is worse than anything that ever happened to me in that cave," Jack said.

Abigail wasn't convinced, and she noted that Jack had never been able to fully commit to his promises. "I have given you so many chances. I know what you're going to say -- you're sorry, you've changed. I know because you say it time and time again, and nothing ever this time, Dad, I am not sticking around to see what happens, because you have lost me. And if you can't see that, Mom, then you deserve what is coming," Abigail added, and she stormed out of the house.

After Abigail left, Jack joked that the date was off to a great start. Jennifer admitted that she should have warned Abigail about the date. Jennifer added that she had betrayed Abigail's trust. Jack insisted that he was the only person who had betrayed Abigail, and he promised that he was going to make things right. Jennifer apologetically informed Jack that she had changed her mind about dating Jack and Daniel.

Jack begged Jennifer to reconsider. "Look, maybe this is hard right now. It is hard, and the next day's going to be hard, and the day after that, and the day after's gonna be hard, but if we push more day, and then one more day...we're gonna remember what it's like to be happy. I miss that. Don't you miss that? Don't you think Abigail and J.J. miss that, too? Please, Jennifer...give this a shot...for your family," Jack said.

At the Horton Town Square, Chad greeted Daniel and Melanie. Melanie wondered if Abigail was all right, and Chad explained that Abigail was still upset with Jack. Melanie said that she and Daniel had decided to look for costumes for the Halloween party. Chad admitted that he still needed to purchase a costume, and Melanie and Daniel invited Chad to join them.

Later, Melanie and Daniel teased Chad about a costume that he had refused to purchase. "Hey, I shared a very personal story from my childhood. If Frankenstein's monster] chased you down at age five, I'm sure you'd be pretty traumatized, too," Chad defensively stated. Melanie noted that she could have talked Abigail into being the monster's bride. Melanie added that she would have played the part of the monster's bride, if Abigail had decided not to go to the party.

Chad admitted that it was really hard to say no to Melanie. Melanie stiffened her body so that she resembled Frankenstein's monster, and she started to chase Chad. Daniel watched with interest as Melanie and Chad playfully interacted with each other. Later, as Chad and Melanie continued to tease each other, Abigail approached the group, and she confronted Daniel.

Melanie was shocked when she realized why Abigail was upset. Daniel explained that he had agreed to give Jennifer some space so that she could figure things out. Abigail wondered if Daniel was really okay with the situation. "No, I'm not, but I am so crazy in love with your mother, and I know she feels the same way about me, and I've got enough confidence to ride this little charade out. I'll take that risk, 'cause she's worth it," Daniel said.

Abigail started to calm down, and she apologized for making a scene. Abigail noticed the shopping bags, and Chad explained that he, Daniel, and Melanie had purchased Halloween costumes earlier. Abigail wondered what kind of costume Chad had chosen. Before Chad could respond, Melanie started to tease him again. Abigail watched as Melanie chased after Chad, and Daniel noted the look of concern on Abigail's face.

At Sami and Rafe's apartment, Roman presented Sami with a new briefcase, and he said that he was proud of her for getting a job at Mad World. Roman started to talk to Sami about John and Marlena, and he quickly realized that Sami wasn't convinced that John was innocent. "Dad, we all know how much Stefano messed with that guy's mind, right? It's not his fault, but still...there are huge chunks of his past that he will never remember. I think there's a chance that he could have done this, and he doesn't even remember doing it," Sami reluctantly admitted.

Later, at the Brady Pub, Roman assured Sami that John was innocent. Roman said that Marlena was going to need Sami's support, and Sami promised that she would talk to Marlena later that day. Meanwhile, Roman received a phone call, and he abruptly excused himself.

At the police station, Austin overheard Rafe talking to Carrie on the phone, and he wondered what was going on. Rafe tried to deflect, and he reminded Austin that someone had thrown a brick through John and Marlena's window the previous night. Rafe claimed that Carrie had called to ask for extra security guards. Rafe added that he didn't want to fight with Austin, and he abruptly left the room.

Later, Roman arrived at the police station, and he said that he needed to talk to Rafe. "I just had an interesting phone call from the FBI agent who's in charge of the case against John. He says you're helping the defense. He says you're giving tips to Carrie, exchanging information. Rafe, you know I'm on John's side. Carrie is my daughter, for God's sake, but trust're not doing John any favors if you don't play this by the book, and I know I don't need to tell you how serious these implications are, so you better be damn honest with me right now. Are you, or are you not, slipping Carrie information?" Roman asked.

Rafe admitted that he had been feeding Carrie information about the case. Rafe said that he was determined to prove that John was innocent. Roman pointed out that it wasn't Rafe's job to prove that John was innocent, and he ordered Rafe to follow the rules. "I'm not backing down on this one. I'm telling you, the evidence is too convenient. This whole thing reeks of a setup, and I'm gonna prove it," Rafe said.

Roman realized that he wasn't going to reach an agreement with Rafe, and Rafe confirmed Roman's suspicion. Roman added that he needed officers that he could trust. "The FBI doesn't want you as their liaison anymore, and I don't want you compromising my department, so...Rafe, as hard as this is for me, give me your badge, give me your weapon. You're fired," Roman announced.

Back at the Brady Pub, Austin greeted Sami, and he explained that Carrie had gone to Europe. Austin told Sami about Rafe's conversation with Carrie, and Sami wondered why Austin was concerned. "Rafe works for the Salem Police Department -- he doesn't work for my wife. It doesn't matter what he believes -- whether John is innocent or guilty; there's a chain of command in place, and if he helps the defense, I'll tell you's not gonna be good," Austin said.

"I'll break it down for you. Policemen gather evidence, okay? Then it's up to the prosecutors and the defense attorneys to share it, and then they make their case. Cops don't report to either side, and if Rafe crosses that line...if the prosecuting attorney finds out that Rafe is helping John's defense...he's toast," Austin added. Sami was shocked, and she wondered if Rafe had considered the consequences of his actions.

Later, Austin was shocked when he realized that Sami wasn't convinced that John was innocent. Sami recalled the night of the town square party. Sami noted that Marlena had been worried about something that night. "I asked her what was wrong, and she said she was really concerned about John. Obviously, she didn't mean physically, 'cause he's doing much better, so...look, he went through a lot. Stefano did a lot to him before he left Salem. I just think there's a chance...I think he could have done it, and he doesn't even remember doing it," Sami admitted.

Later, Austin mentioned that the television in his room was broken. Sami suggested that Austin could stay in one of the rooms above the pub, but Austin reminded her that Caroline was doing some remodeling. Sami invited Austin to stay with her and Rafe. Sami assured Austin that Carrie and Rafe would not mind. Austin wasn't convinced, but he reluctantly agreed, and Sami escorted him back to her apartment.

When Sami and Austin entered the apartment, Rafe was sitting on the couch, drinking a beer. Rafe approached Austin, and he punched Austin in the face. "That's for getting me fired," Rafe explained.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Jennifer was taken aback when Jack escorted her to the Brady Pub for their date, and the "closed" sign was hanging on the door. Jack explained that the pub was closed for a private party -- for them. He showed Jennifer in to a table laden with Halloween-themed cookie-decorating supplies, and revealed that they were going to take the finished cookies to children who were stuck in the hospital on Halloween and who would miss trick-or-treating. As Jennifer picked up some colored sugar and got to work, Jack encouraged her to think of the date as a first date with a new guy, because that was what he was.

Jennifer thought that was more than a bit unrealistic, since they had two children and a long history together. Jack agreed, but asked her to play along. "I want to make the things that weren't so romantic, fun, wonderful between us just a little bit better," he explained, adding that he wanted to try to be the man of her dreams. Jennifer suspected that there was more to using their first date to decorate cookies than Jack was telling her, and he admitted that she was right.

Jack related how he'd been chasing down a lead at a hospital in Afghanistan, when he'd stumbled across a badly wounded little boy named Amir. Amir had been taken with Jack, because Jack was American; Jack had been impressed with Amir's courage and cheerfulness even after having lost everything and everyone, and despite his severe injuries. Jack had gotten a picture of Derek Jeter to take to Amir, but when he'd arrived at the hospital, the boy had died from his injuries. Moved, Jennifer suggested that Jack should write down Amir's story. Jack had no desire to turn the plight of such impoverished people -- who were still going through a war -- into just a story, although Jack would never forget any of it.

Jack began to recall how he'd left years earlier when Abigail had been very ill, because he'd blamed himself -- and still did -- for what had happened to her. Jennifer reminded him that they'd never determined what had caused Abigail's illness, but Jack believed it had been because he had put "profits before people." Jack confided that after he'd left town, he'd read to sick kids as a volunteer at a hospital, as a way to feel closer to Jennifer, because she had always helped people.

After taking the cookies to the hospital, Jack and Jennifer walked through Horton Square. Jennifer admitted that she'd enjoyed seeing the happy faces of the kids so much that she thought she might resume visiting the pediatric ward every day, as she had when she'd worked at the hospital. "You know, Gram and Grandpa, they were so good at making that place not feel grim and scary," Jennifer noted. Jack asked her to check on a little boy he'd quickly grown fond of after finally getting a smile out of the lad. Jennifer remarked that no little kid could resist Jack's funny faces. "If only it were that easy to win you over," Jack wished.

Bo went to the penthouse to inform John and Marlena that Rafe had been fired, because someone had found out that Rafe had been feeding Carrie information. John and Marlena were furious, but Bo pointed out that it was better that the truth had gotten out then, instead of later -- in front of a jury. Bo then revealed that he would be taking over the investigation. He continued that although they would have to keep things strictly professional between them because the evidence against John was fairly overwhelming, Bo promised not to turn against John -- no matter what happened. John shook his old friend's hand gratefully, and the men embraced.

When Hope arrived at the Kiriakis mansion to pick up Maggie for their appointment with Alice's attorney, Maggie was admittedly pretty keyed up about the possibility of learning more about her child. Melanie showed up to discuss wedding plans, and Maggie knew that it would feel like she was lying if she kept what was going on from Melanie. Hope nodded her okay, so Maggie quickly caught Melanie up about what was going on. Melanie lovingly assured Maggie, "Whoever this child is is so lucky to have you as their mom." Maggie asked Hope if Melanie could accompany them to the lawyer's office, and Hope declared that it was a great idea.

Bo then met Hope, Maggie, and Melanie at the office of Erin Hewitt, Alice's attorney. Maggie pleaded with Erin to disclose what she knew about Maggie's child. Erin explained that Alice had left specific instructions about when and how she wanted the information revealed. Maggie tearfully argued that Alice had never intended to take the information to her grave, or to put Maggie through such agony. Hope implored Ms. Hewitt to reconsider. "I'm sorry; I can't tell you anything. I can't tell you about anything that's in these files," Erin declared pointedly, dropping a stack of file folders on her desk.

Explaining that she had to step out of the office for about five minutes, Erin excused herself, but "warned" everyone not to go through her files. Grinning, Hope and Bo rushed to go through the files as soon as Ms. Hewitt had gone, while Melanie held a protective arm around Maggie. At first, Bo and Hope didn't find anything they didn't already know, but finally Hope discovered a document that listed the name of the fertility clinic. "Bo and I are going to check this clinic out. We're going to find your child," Hope promised a hopeful Maggie.

John and Marlena spoke by videoconference with Carrie. After finding out about Rafe's firing, Carrie felt terrible, but informed John and Marlena about her upcoming meeting with someone who could confirm that John had been at the clinic exactly when John said he'd been. John and Marlena were thankful for a glimmer of hope.

A little later, Marlena was rendered almost speechless when she saw what was laid out on the table before John: a tray holding a single red rose, plus two large crystal flutes, one filled with strawberries, the other freshly whipped cream. Marlena noted hopefully, "Strawberries and whipped cream, we have sort of a history with them." John worried that it wasn't the right time, but his delighted wife assured him that it was the perfect time. Marlena dipped a berry into the whipped cream, and fed it sensually to her husband. She asked if he remembered their first time together.

"Of course I remember the first time. The trouble is, we haven't been together in so long, I don't remember the last time, and I have missed being with you so much," John confessed quietly. They began to kiss and undress each other tenderly. Marlena followed John into the bedroom, where he was lighting candles around the room. They kissed and caressed one another as they removed the rest of their clothes. At last they began to make love for the first time since John had become paralyzed.

At the loft, Sami informed Rafe that Austin was going to stay with them for a while, but instead of welcoming Austin, Rafe decked him. "That's for getting me fired," Rafe declared. Before an actual fight could begin, Sami stepped in, horrified at her husband's behavior. Rafe quickly filled Sami in, but Austin swore that he'd had nothing to do with Rafe's firing. Unconvinced, Rafe asserted his belief that Austin had snooped in Carrie's files because he'd been so miffed that she wouldn't share any details of John's case with Austin.

Austin insisted that he hadn't looked at Carrie's files, and Rafe had been fired for not doing his job, which had been to investigate John for the prosecution. "Even if the guy's innocent? Even if it means not supporting your own wife?" Rafe countered, and pointed out that John was like Carrie's father. "What is all this concern with Carrie? Why are you so hell-bent on having private confabs with my wife?" Austin demanded. Sami agreed that she'd like the answer to that, as well. Rafe firmly asserted that he'd been trying to help prove John's innocence, and that it had nothing to do with Carrie -- and Rafe had no regrets.

Austin argued that Rafe had gone about things the wrong way. Rafe contended, "You're just so damn convinced that John is guilty, you don't care what happens to him, or Marlena -- or your own wife, for that matter." Austin asserted that Rafe should take responsibility for his actions, instead of blaming Austin. Rafe strode threateningly toward Austin, but again, Sami had to get in between them.

Sami expressed her belief that Austin wasn't trying to crucify John and hadn't gotten Rafe fired. Rafe couldn't believe that his wife seemed to be on Austin's side, but Sami insisted she wasn't. She added softly that Austin was just trying to do his job, but Rafe argued that Austin had put work above everything else. "At least he still has one," Sami snapped before she could stop herself. She immediately apologized, but, eyes blazing, Rafe left without a word.

Later, Sami tracked Rafe down at the Brady Pub, where he was sitting alone and drinking a beer. She apologized sincerely, and reassured him that even as she'd said the words, she'd wished she could take them back. Rafe understood, and apologized, as well. Sami reassured him that they would be all right, even without his job -- and she knew he would get a new one right away. She informed Rafe that Austin was gone, so they could go home -- just as Austin walked in the door.

Austin informed Sami and Rafe that the hotel room he'd checked out of was no longer available, and all the other rooms in Salem were booked up because of the media attention surrounding John's case. Rafe suggested that Austin could stay in the room upstairs next to Gabi's, but Sami reminded him that Caroline was remodeling the upstairs. Austin admitted that he had no idea where he and Carrie would stay when she returned. Steeling himself for their reaction, Austin stated reluctantly, "I know that neither one of you probably wants to hear this, but staying with you guys might be our only option."

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