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Monday, October 10, 2011

by Mike

At the Horton house, Daniel greeted Jennifer, and he started to ask her about her earlier conversation with Jack. Before Jennifer could respond, Jack entered the room. Jack was shirtless, and Jennifer quickly explained that Jack had spent the night on her couch. Jack excused himself so that he could finish getting dressed.

Later, Daniel vowed that he wasn't going to let Jack hurt Jennifer and Abigail. "You know, it took a while, but somehow, they did it -- somehow, they were just able to move on. They finally got their lives back, and they were happy again. Now you come back, and all I see is sadness in their face know, I'm not gonna allow that -- can't, won't," Daniel said. Jack warned Daniel to mind his own business.

Daniel said that he was in love with Jennifer, and he assured Jack that the feeling was mutual. "Now, if you wanted a life with her, you shouldn't have walked out, but I'm sure of this -- you will not walk back in. Not if I have anything to do with it," Daniel added. Jack admitted that he had made a lot of mistakes. Jack pointed out that Daniel didn't know the whole story.

Daniel wondered if Jack had published the story on his blog. Daniel said that it was obvious that Jack had never stopped to think about how his actions had affected Jennifer and Abigail. Daniel added that Jack needed to take responsibility for the fact that he had abandoned his family. Jack insisted that he had never abandoned his family. Jennifer interrupted, and she explained that Jack had been kidnapped.

Jennifer quickly told Daniel the truth about Jack's disappearance. Daniel laughed incredulously, and he wondered if Jennifer really believed that Jack was telling the truth. Jack insisted that he wasn't lying. "You talk to the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan if you need reassurance -- no, no, wait, forget it! I don't give a damn what you believe -- my family believes me, that's all that's important to me," Jack said.

As Daniel and Jack started to argue, Jennifer interrupted, and she noted that they were acting like children. "I don't understand what you're trying to prove. You're both talking about me like I'm not even here -- like I don't have an opinion, like I can't speak for myself," Jennifer said. Jack started to agree with Jennifer, but Jennifer stopped him, and she warned him that it was her turn to talk.

" have been so wonderful to me and Abigail. You have, and I am...I am so grateful for that. It's just something that I need to work out on my own, okay?" Jennifer said. Jennifer asked Jack and Daniel to leave. Jack was shocked that Jennifer was kicking both of them out of the house. Jennifer explained that she needed some privacy, and Jack and Daniel reluctantly exited the house.

At Rafe and Sami's apartment, Sami was furious when she learned that E.J. had filed a lawsuit against John. "He's looking for votes. Every union, every pension fund in the city, every individual investor who invested in John's financial firm -- on Abe's watch, might I add -- well, now E.J.'s gonna be looking like their hero, because he's fighting for their loot," Rafe said. Rafe and Sami decided to go over to the penthouse to check on John and Marlena.

At John and Marlena's penthouse, Carrie and Austin met with John and Marlena to discuss John's case. Austin apologetically informed John and Marlena that the SEC had asked him to remain on the case. "It was either go back to Switzerland and get another job, or stay in Salem and find new work. I asked my employers at the SEC just to find me something -- anything -- that would keep me here. I am really sorry -- I mean, I didn't have much of a choice," Austin explained.

John admitted that he would not have asked Austin to meet him at the penthouse if he had known that Austin was still working with the prosecution. "But that doesn't change what I want to say to you. Now, I know that you have seen evidence that makes it look like I'm guilty. Austin, I just wanted to look you square in the eye and tell you myself -- I didn't do this. I am innocent, and I swear on everything that I's not me," John firmly stated. Carrie assured John that she believed him, and Austin said that he was happy that Carrie was helping John.

John noted that Austin had not said anything about John's innocence. "John...I can only go by the evidence. The SEC and the FBI, they have their theories. Your company took a hit, just like everybody else in the financial downturn...what they believe is that you stole money from your investors in order to reinvest it to build back your fortune," Austin said. John insisted that someone had framed him. Before John could elaborate, Sami and Rafe arrived at the penthouse.

Rafe could tell that he and Sami had interrupted something. John explained that he and Austin had been having an honest discussion about the case. As Carrie and Austin resumed their argument, John silently started to remember some financial records that he had looked at on a computer screen. John shook his head, and he shouted at Carrie and Austin to stop them from fighting with each other.

Marlena suggested that everyone might need to leave so that John could get some rest, but John insisted that he was all right. Austin excused himself so that John and Carrie could discuss John's case. After Austin left, Sami told John and Marlena about her new job. Sami apologized for her poor timing, and Carrie promised to keep an eye on John and Marlena while Sami was busy with her new job.

"Yeah, of course you have it covered -- it's hard to talk about my new job when my big sister's so accomplished," Sami said. Carrie pointed out that Sami had raised four beautiful children, and she insisted that Sami was going to be a great addition to Mad World Cosmetics. Meanwhile, Rafe excused himself so that he could get down to the police station.

Later, Carrie warned Sami that the tabloid reporters might try to ask her about the case. Sami assured Carrie that she would try to keep a low profile. Meanwhile, John silently recalled something that Roman had said to him at the police station. Marlena noticed the look on John's face, and she wondered if he was all right.

"Honestly? No. All I am is sorry. I am supposed to be protecting you. Instead, I'm...causing a tremendous amount of strain on all of us...on our families, our marriages," John said. Sami assured John that it wasn't his fault, but John wasn't convinced. Later, Sami and Carrie excused themselves, and John and Marlena thanked them for their support. Later, Sami wondered if Carrie believed that John was guilty. Carrie said that she was certain that John was innocent, but she admitted that it wasn't going to be easy to prove that fact. "We're in for a fight -- maybe the biggest fight of our lives," Carrie said.

At the police station, Austin insisted that his relationship with Carrie wasn't always as tense as it had been at the penthouse. "Listen, here's the thing -- you can try and be logical about this case, but you are dealing with two people -- John and Marlena -- that Carrie loves," Rafe pointed out. Austin said that he loved John and Marlena, too. Rafe nodded and agreed that the situation was volatile. "Trust me...whenever work and family collide, it's hardly ever good. I speak from experience," Rafe said.

"You said that it's stay in Salem, and you work on the case against John, or you go back to Switzerland without Carrie. Now, the way I see it, you have at least one more option -- you stay in Salem, and you turn down the case," Rafe noted. Austin pointed out that he would have to find some other way to earn money. Rafe said that money wasn't the most important thing, and Austin admitted that Rafe was right. Austin sighed, and he said that he didn't know what he would do if he ever lost Carrie.

Back at the penthouse, John cryptically stated that he had made a decision. "Last night, I...just kept going over it and over it, thinking about what all of this is doing to us, to our family...especially you. I mean, after everything that we've been through, especially these last two years," John explained.

Marlena assured John that she would be all right, but John wasn't convinced. "Please forgive me, but I have made up my mind. We need to file for divorce," John said.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Melanie stopped by the Kiriakis mansion with an armful of wedding planning materials for Maggie and Victor. While Melanie went to retrieve fabric swatches from the car, Maggie asked Victor how he felt about the wedding. "Just for the record, the only thing I need for a perfect wedding is you. I love seeing you so happy," Victor said as he beamed at his bride-to-be.

"You think I'm happy now, well just wait until I say 'I do,'" Maggie cooed. When Melanie returned to the living room, Maggie noticed a strange look on her face. Maggie asked what was wrong, and Melanie confessed that she was thinking about the fact that she had married Philip in that living room. When Melanie wondered aloud whether she would find love like what Maggie and Victor had together, Maggie encouraged Melanie to enjoy life and not worry.

As Melanie and Maggie started to review the wedding planning materials, Victor attempted to sneak out of the room. When Maggie and Melanie cleared their throats, Victor stopped dead in his tracks and grinned. Victor explained that he did not believe he should see the wedding dress before the big day, but Maggie countered that they would be picking out a maid of honor dress since she had already found her wedding dress. Surprised, Melanie noted that she had not seen Maggie try anything on at the store.

With a smile, Maggie informed Melanie that when she saw her dress at the store, she knew it would be perfect. "I knew a certain person would love it as much as I do," Maggie said as she smiled at Victor. Beaten, Victor rejoined the ladies, but reviewed his Blackberry from behind a bridal magazine. Maggie teased Victor that he looked bored. As Victor smiled, Henderson carried in some packages that had been delivered.

With a grin, Victor noted that he had been paying attention and that he had ordered the bridal dresses that Maggie and Melanie had said they liked. Melanie leapt to her feet and tore open the boxes. Victor explained that he had asked his personal shopper to retrieve the dresses for Melanie to try on.

In the Horton Town Square, Jack told Adrienne that he had taken her advice and was persistent with Jennifer. Jack explained that he had spilled his story to Jennifer, and she had believed him until Daniel convinced her not to take Jack at his word. "You have to admit, Jack, Daniel does have a point," Justin said. "Daniel has a tan. In October. It's unnatural; he's the one she can't trust," Jack retorted. When Jack added that Jennifer had thrown both him and Daniel out of the house, Adrienne commended Jennifer's response.

Jack reminded Adrienne that he was her brother, but Adrienne countered that Daniel was her friend and had been there for Jennifer and Abigail. Adrienne added that she agreed with Jennifer and noted that Jack had acted like an ass. Jack swore to make things right with his family, and noted that his plan was to stay in town. Adrienne urged Jack to show his family through action how he had changed. Justin started to tell a story about his conversation with Chad, but Adrienne cut him off.

"Chad? Who's Chad?" Jack asked in confusion. Justin explained that Chad was Stefano's son. Adrienne assured Jack that Chad had no interest in taking after his father. "Well, good for him. Why are we talking about him?" Jack asked. "Because it meant a lot to Abigail," Justin explained. His eyes wide in horror, Jack asked Justin why Abigail was concerned with Chad. Adrienne explained that Abigail and Chad were in a serious relationship.

Stunned, Jack worried about his daughter "hooking up with the spawn of Dracula." Adrienne assured Jack that Chad was a good man, but Jack argued that Chad had taken advantage of his daughter's vulnerability. Adrienne urged Jack to talk to someone about his feelings, but Jack shook his head and ran off. Adrienne lamented that Jack would make things worse, and Justin added, "I wonder if it ever gets tiring. Being your own worst enemy."

At the Horton house, Abigail confided to Chad about her fight with her father. Chad swore to cheer up Abigail and hugged her tightly. "You want to cheer me up, Chad? Convince my father to leave town," Abigail said with a sigh. Chad noted that he could not get rid of Jack but that he had a cheer-up basket for Abigail. Thrilled, Abigail riffled through the basket and found food, her favorite movie, and a coupon for a back massage from Chad.

Abigail and Chad sat on the couch and began to make out. As Chad started to take off his jacket, Abigail smiled and asked to cash in her coupon for the massage. Chad started to rub Abigail's shoulders and kiss her neck. As Abigail lay down on the couch, Chad slipped her shirt off her shoulders and straddled her back while he gave her a massage. "You get out! Now!" Jack screamed as he marched into the living room.

Jack pulled Chad off of Abigail and threatened to break Chad's fingers if Chad touched his daughter again. Chad explained that he was giving Abigail a massage, and Abigail noted that Chad was attempting to cheer her up. Grinding his teeth, Jack said that Chad was a DiMera and that the DiMera family were twisted and sick people. "You're a liar and a jerk," Abigail argued. Jack countered that Abigail could insult him but that he would do whatever he had to do to protect his daughter.

Jack argued that Abigail did not know what the DiMeras were capable of. "It's over. This is over. You're not going to see him again. I forbid it," Jack ordered. Shocked, Abigail countered that if she had to choose, she chose Chad. Abigail reminded Jack that he had willfully left his family to chase a story.

"You weren't thinking of us," Abigail said. Jack apologized, but that made Abigail angrier. "If you're so sorry, why did you leave?" Abigail said as she fought tears. Abigail explained that Jack gave up the right to be her father when he left. When Abigail told Jack to leave, Chad backed up Abigail. "I want you out of my life forever," Abigail said.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin and Adrienne informed Maggie and Victor about their conversation with Jack. Victor admitted that he understood how Jack felt about the DiMeras. Justin wondered if Jack had changed enough to realize that he needed to back off of Abigail, but chuckling, Adrienne admitted that Jack would likely "blow the whole thing to hell."

Talk turned to wedding planning, and Adrienne joked about how her third wedding to Justin was a charm. Melanie returned to the living room in a purple bridesmaid dress. Maggie gasped in delight and told Melanie that she looked beautiful. Adrienne complimented Melanie and noted that she might overshadow everyone at the wedding. With a grin, Victor noted that though Melanie looked lovely, he only had eyes for Maggie.

Laughing, Maggie excused Victor from wedding planing for the day. Victor started to leave for Titan, but stopped and asked Adrienne if she was familiar with Mad World Cosmetics. When a wide-eyed Adrienne noted that she was a fan of Mad World, Victor asked if he could talk to her. Victor left with Adrienne and Justin, as a teary-eyed Melanie sniffled. Maggie offered to do the wedding planning with Melanie somewhere other than the site of her wedding to Philip, but Melanie claimed she was fine. "I can't tell you how much it means to me to have you in my life. You are my angel," Maggie told Melanie.

At the Brady Pub, Hope and Bo reviewed the evidence that appeared to show that Alice had been blackmailed. As Bo encouraged Hope not to give up, a woman walked up to the table and served Hope a legal document. Curious, Hope opened the letter, which revealed that she had been served with a cease and desist order that prohibited her from investigating Alice's bank records. "What the hell is going on?" Hope wondered aloud.

Bo noted that the cease and desist order was a sign that they were on the right track in their investigation. Gathering up his jacket, Bo told Hope that they needed to talk to the lawyer that had issued the cease and desist order. When Bo and Hope arrived at the lawyer's office, Erin, who had handled legal affairs for Alice, warmly greeted them. Hope was surprised by Erin's friendly nature. Erin admitted that she had worked with Alice and Tom, but Hope was not familiar with Erin.

Erin explained that she had worked on personal matters for Alice. Leaning in toward Erin, Hope asked her if she could explain why Alice had kept a bank account secret for over twenty years. Erin refused to answer any questions about the bank account because she was under strict orders from Alice, which was covered by attorney-client privilege. When Hope noted that Alice would want her to know about the bank account, Erin agreed that Alice would. Hope pleaded with Erin to honor her grandmother's wishes.

Erin agreed that Alice would want to tell Hope, but that Alice was not available to counteract her final instruction not to tell Hope about the bank account. Curious, Hope asked about Erin's other legal work for Alice. Erin explained that Hope could peruse Alice's files that were not covered by the confidentiality agreement. With a grin, Hope wondered aloud if the documents would shed any light on the mystery bank account. Erin mock protested that she was only saying that she was providing the executor of the estate with information about the firm's interaction with Alice that was not covered by attorney-client privilege.

"Understood," Hope said with a grin. Erin told Hope to leave her contact information and she would have her assistant send the files to Hope immediately. Bo and Hope returned to the Brady Pub with electronic files from the law office. Stumped, Hope noted that the files showed an account of Tom and Alice's charity work. Hope was frustrated by the lack of evidence, but Bo counseled Hope to keep looking.

"According to these files, Mrs. H just spent her money on charitable causes," Bo said. "That's it! You are a genius, Brady," Hope said cheerily. When Bo asked Hope what was going on, Hope explained that Alice would not be involved in something nefarious. Hope noted that Alice was using the money to help someone.

In the living room of the penthouse, John asked Marlena for a divorce. When Marlena asked why, John explained that he did not want to subject Marlena to the craziness of his trial. "Can't you see that without you I don't have a life?" Marlena whispered. John apologized for blindsiding Marlena, but Marlena insisted that she did not want a divorce. With a sigh, John reminded Marlena that there were death threats against him, and he did not want Marlena to get hurt.

"What do you expect me to do?" Marlena asked. John asked Marlena to cut all ties with him, but Marlena refused to divorce John. Nodding, John ordered Marlena to denounce him to the press and separate from him. John promised that if he was found innocent, then he would reunite with Marlena. Angry, Marlena asked John to let her stay at his side. Marlena reminded John that she had vowed at their wedding to stay by his side for better or worse. Frustrated, John noted that Marlena had stayed through too much of the "for worse" part of their marriage and that he was not able to support Marlena emotionally or physically.

With a sigh, John said that he was annoyed that he could not make love to his wife, but Marlena countered that her love for her husband was not contingent on whether he could take her to bed. Angry, John begged Marlena to walk away. Marlena told John that she admired him for attempting to protect his family, but noted that she believed in John's innocence. "You are the only man in the world for me. Without question," Marlena said.

John thanked Marlena for standing by him, but he refused to let his family be collateral damage to his court case. "It really isn't up to you. I choose to stand behind you in this. So does Carrie. So does Sami," Marlena said. Marlena admitted that she was scared of what would happen, but urged John to believe that the situation would be less scary if they faced it as a family. "Once you have been exonerated, we'll get our life back together," Marlena said.

"I don't think I would be able to survive this without you," John said as he hugged Marlena. Laughing, Marlena noted that it had taken John long enough to realize that. Marlena urged John to remember that they would pull through the trial together. "I don't know how I got so lucky," John said. Marlena assured John that everything would be fine.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jennifer found Jack moping on a bench outside the Brady Pub, and asked what was wrong. Jack dejectedly declared that he'd lost Abigail, who hated him and didn't want him in her life anymore -- and he couldn't imagine how J.J. surely felt about his "deadbeat dad." Jennifer tried to insist that Abigail still loved her father, but Jack blamed himself for everything that had gone wrong with their family, and he desperately wished that he could fix it.

A sympathetic Jennifer believed that Abigail would eventually understand, as Jennifer had. "I risked everything for a stupid story," Jack lamented. He confessed that he'd been thinking a lot about all the happy memories they'd made when the family had first moved to London. Jennifer reassured him that things would improve, but Jack asserted that without her and the kids, he had nothing. Jennifer admitted that it worried her to see Jack so upset.

Jack apologized for burdening her with his problems when she'd asked for time and space to think. Jennifer insisted that she wanted to help, no matter what had happened between the two of them, because she knew she would have been devastated if Abigail had said the same things to Jennifer that she had to Jack. Jennifer added that she always believed that Jack loved his children, although it was clear she also believed he had much to atone for. She suggested a change of scenery to continue their conversation, and Jack sincerely expressed his gratitude for Jennifer's help.

As they then strolled through Horton Town Square, Jack admitted that he'd upset Abigail when he'd tried to forbid her from dating a DiMera. Groaning with dismay, Jennifer chided Jack. With a grimace, Jack confessed that he'd walked in on Chad giving Abigail a back massage. Jennifer seemed to understand Jack's overreaction, but pointed out that they had raised their daughter to make her own decisions -- and Jack was dangerously close to pushing her away forever.

Jack didn't want to hear anything positive that Jennifer had to say about Chad, but she made him listen as she described what a good guy Chad was -- and how he'd stood up to Stefano more than once. Jack was utterly skeptical that any of Stefano's children could escape his clutches, but Jennifer reminded him that Lexie had. Jennifer added, "What if someone judged you solely based on who your father was?"

Jack conceded that he wouldn't want that. Jennifer understood why Jack was so protective of Abigail, because both Jack and Jennifer still viewed Abigail as their little girl. She assured Jack that Abigail still loved him, but it would take some time for her forgive him. Jennifer took Jack's hand, and he clasped it eagerly. "How much time do you need?" Jack asked hopefully.

As Madison, Sami, and Brady arrived at the Brady Pub, they were in a celebratory mood because Madison had just closed a distribution deal with Okuma, the world's biggest distributor. Looking around the pub appreciatively, Madison deemed the place "homey." Sami proudly explained that her grandmother and late grandfather had opened it over twenty years earlier.

Sami was shocked to see her grandmother perched on a barstool with a cast on her lower leg. After cracking a joke, Caroline explained that she'd taken a bit of a tumble on a loose floorboard, but insisted that she would be fine. Sami introduced her new boss to Caroline, who declared that the first working lunch at the pub for Sami, Madison, and Brady was on the house.

The Mad World Cosmetics trio had just started looking over ideas for their next ad campaign when Kate interrupted them. She asked Madison snidely, "Why are you running a multi-national conglomerate from a no-star local watering hole?" Madison declared that she loved everything about the Brady Pub -- except that Caroline had let Kate in. Kate mentioned that the Countess Wilhelmina offices and showroom were nearly finished. Madison casually remarked that she'd already seen Kate's new space, and added that the décor was as outdated as Kate's product. The two women exchanged barbs about who was more fearful of the competition between them.

Nate Berkus, the celebrity interior designer, entered the pub just then, and Kate's jaw dropped as she watched Madison hug him warmly. Madison explained that Nate had designed her corporate headquarters, and was going to help her with the new showroom and offices. Madison introduced Nate to Sami and Brady, and then to Kate. Nate recognized Kate as the CEO of Hearth and Home, and she was flattered that he knew who she was. Nate stated frankly that he had to give Kate credit for trying to "breathe new life into an old line." Kate cautioned Nate to make sure Madison paid him up-front, because Mad World was not going to succeed.

When Nate stepped away to make a phone call, Kate haughtily informed the others that she had just inked a deal with Okuma. Through clenched teeth, a livid Brady accused Kate of stealing Mad World's deal. Kate argued calmly that if Madison hadn't been so busy trying to one-up Kate, it wouldn't have been so easy for Kate to "steal" the deal.

Nate returned just as Kate strode out. Nate admitted that he'd overheard everything, and asked if Madison were all right. Madison assured him, as well as Sami and Brady, that she was not the least bit concerned about Kate. Brady wanted to hear how Madison planned to handle Kate.

In Horton Town Square, Nicole prepared a grumbling E.J. for an on-camera interview. Nicole basically told him to shut up, because an interview in the new town square would help paint him in a good light. When the reporter, Terri Seymour, arrived, she announced that her editor had decided to make E.J.'s interview a joint one -- with his opponent, Abe Carver. Abe and Lexie showed up just then, and were just as miffed as E.J. to learn of the tandem interview.

As Terri left to get things set up with the camera crew, E.J. asked for a private word with Nicole. Once they were alone, E.J. quietly chewed Nicole out, and threatened to fire her if he was blindsided with something like that again. Nicole firmly reminded him that he had nothing to fear from Abe, and urged him to seize the moment. E.J. reluctantly admitted that Nicole had cheered him a bit, but cautioned her that he did not like surprises.

Meanwhile, Lexie encouraged Abe, "You are a seasoned professional, Mr. Mayor, with a heart, a soul, integrity -- and you are going to wipe the floor with my brother." Nicole and E.J. returned, and the men pretended that they were fine with sharing the interview. E.J. referenced the murder of Abe's previous opponent prior to the election, and Nicole chimed in that Abe had been hoping for another easy win until E.J. had upset those plans.

Undaunted, Abe asserted that he would win again, because he already had the job -- a job that he did very well. E.J. countered that Abe was in for a fight, because E.J. fully intended to win the election. Abe pointed out that it took time to earn the public's trust, especially since politics made it impossible to hide the truth. Nicole countered that E.J. was "fresh blood," which the public liked.

Terri returned and announced that it was just about time for the interview to begin. E.J. and Abe were seated next to each other at a table as Terri made the on-camera introductions. Terri explained for the audience that Abe and E.J. were brothers-in-law, and Abe diplomatically emphasized that their personal connection would not influence their campaigns. Terri asked Abe about his role in the revitalization of the town square. Abe demurred that the Horton Foundation had funded the building of the square, although its construction and subsequent operation had created dozens of jobs and the potential for future economic growth.

Terri asked E.J. how he could compete with such a project. After commending Abe's work on the Horton Square, E.J. asserted that the current mayor had been ignoring the community's primary issue: crime. Abe maintained that he had the statistics to prove that the crime rate had dropped during his tenure, but E.J. countered that people weren't interested in statistics. E.J. cited the recent spate of attacks of women on the pier.

E.J. pointed out that despite a protracted investigation, the police had arrested an innocent man, and while they'd been interrogating him, the real perpetrator had taken another woman hostage. "Are you going to distort what happened just to cause a scene during this interview?" Abe demanded. E.J. reminded Abe, "You were there when this took place." Terri pounced. "Mr. Mayor, is this true? Could you have prevented the last attack from happening?" she asked.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, E.J. and Abe's televised debate continued. E.J. blamed Abe for the string of violent crimes that had plagued Salem, and he also blamed Abe for Salem's unemployment level. Abe reiterated that the Horton Town Square was going to draw new jobs to Salem.

"As to the crime rate...if you want it lowered, then leave town, and take your father with you. I doubt if there's anyone in Salem who doesn't believe that the DiMeras are involved in all sorts of crimes," Abe added. E.J. wondered if Lexie had been involved in any of those criminal activities. E.J. insisted that he did not have a criminal record, and he said that the Salem Police Department had never managed to link him to any crimes.

Later, the interviewer mentioned John Black's case. E.J. vilified John for his actions, and he announced that he had filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of all of John's victims. "Pandering to the voters by crucifying John Black is low, even for a DiMera," Abe said. E.J. insisted that there was an overwhelming amount of evidence against John. Abe pointed out that a jury would need to make that decision.

E.J. noted that Abe had helped John with his bail fees. Abe explained that all of John's assets had been frozen. "He still has personal assets that can be frozen, unlike the people whose lives he ruined," E.J. stated. E.J. said that Abe had chosen to remain loyal to John, and he claimed that Abe had not shown any loyalty to the people of Salem who had been hurt by John's actions.

"I believe people are innocent until proven guilty. I believe stoning in the town square is vile," Abe said, and he noted that E.J. did not share those beliefs. "Your words have shown who you are, E.J. You're not a man of the people -- you're an elitist who will use anything...and get what he wants, and today's sacrifice is John Black," Abe observed.

Abe admitted that he had not seen the evidence against John. "But I will say that I have been proud to call John my friend for many years, and that, along with his character -- even after years of abuse at the malicious hands of your father...because of that, I believe that John Black is innocent of all charges, and he has my support -- as a friend, and as a candidate for mayor," Abe said.

Meanwhile, Lexie and Nicole watched from the sidelines. Lexie told Nicole that Abe's comments would prove that he was a man of integrity. Nicole pointed out that the voters might not care about Abe's integrity. Nicole noted that if the voters believed that John was guilty, then Abe's friendship with John could make Abe guilty by association.

After the debate, Abe was feeling confident about how he had handled E.J., but he quickly realized that Lexie did not share his feelings. "People started tweeting the second E.J. accused you of being loyal to John. They're saying you're just another self-serving politician, out to protect your fat cat friends," Lexie explained. Meanwhile, E.J. gleefully read some of the Twitter comments, as Lexie and Abe watched nearby.

At the Brady Pub, Sami and Brady were upset about the fact that Kate had stolen their distribution deal. Madison shrugged, and she assured them that everything was going to be all right. "She just played right into my hands. She did exactly what I wanted her to do. She took the bait, like the bloodthirsty shark that she is," Madison explained.

Sami excused herself so that she could check on her kids. Outside, Kate taunted Sami about the distribution deal. "I hate to burst your, scratch that -- I don't, actually. Countess W. is going down. It's not because of Madison, or Mad World -- you're gonna do it to yourself," Sami assured Kate.

Meanwhile, back inside the pub, Madison excused herself so that she could make a phone call. Later, Madison told Brady that she had solidified a deal with Japan's fastest-growing distributor, Mr. Kurosawa. Before Brady could respond, Sami walked back into the pub, and she told Brady, Madison, and Nate about Kate's comments. Madison told Sami to ignore Kate's comments, and she reiterated that she had anticipated Kate's interference. Brady and Sami admitted that they were still confused about Madison's plan.

"I went to Mr. Kurosawa when I first started looking for a Japanese distributor, but he was reluctant to make a deal with me. So...I approached Okuma, and I let Kate get wind of it, knowing that she would make them a better offer. And then I told Mr. Kurosawa that Kate's end run with Okuma had threatened his position as Japan's preeminent distributor...unless he made a deal with Mad World, which he did," Madison explained. Sami realized that Kate had inadvertently helped Madison solidify the deal that she had wanted all along, and Brady admitted that he was impressed.

Later, Brady, Sami, Madison, and Nate went to Madison's new office, and Sami offered to help Nate with the wall measurements. Meanwhile, Brady started to praise Madison's achievements. "I don't date men I work with," Madison warned Brady. Brady wondered what had prompted Madison to make that comment. Madison said that she understood the signals that Brady had been sending her.

Before Brady could respond, Kate barged in, and she explained that she had heard about Madison's deal with Mr. Kurosawa. "I know my coup with your first choice for a Japanese distributor kind of left you desperate for a replacement, but I have to say...your second choice is so second-rate. But then again, that's a perfect match for the second-rate schlock you sell," Kate said.

Nate and Sami returned, and Kate excused herself. After Kate left, Nate warned Madison not to underestimate Kate. Nate said that he had heard that Kate was a formidable opponent. Madison assured Nate that she wasn't going to let her guard down. Madison added that defeating a worthy adversary was always more satisfying than a simple victory.

In the park, Jack wondered if Jennifer would ever be able to forgive him. Jennifer said that she wasn't ready to answer that question. Jack promised that he wouldn't pressure Jennifer, and he thanked her for assuring him that there was still a chance that Abigail might eventually decide to forgive him.

"In that cave...without you, without those was -- you don't know how it felt, and I just hope you never do. What's really horrible is coming back here and finding that Abigail's wishing I'm gone again, and staying there," Jack said. Jennifer assured Jack that Abigail was just upset, and she explained that Jack's argument with Chad had made the situation worse. Jack said that he had never wanted his family to worry about him.

"Jack, are you kidding me? We were sick about you -- sick worried. But as time went on, and you didn't come back, Abigail thought you left because you wanted to, and that your love was a lie, because you didn't even say goodbye to her. Oh, Jack, I never thought she was gonna ever stop crying, or ever stop hurting, because to Abigail, her daddy -- and his love -- were gone," Jennifer said. Jennifer admitted that it was going to be difficult for Jack to repair the damage that he had done.

"This is your last chance. Are you hearing me? Your last chance. I am serious -- you have to change. No more promises that you can't keep, and I will not allow you to hurt Abigail and J.J. the way you just did. Do you understand me? If you are really willing to change, I am with you on this -- I am. I am telling you, though, if you hurt them -- if you hurt them -- you are gonna wish you were back in Afghanistan," Jennifer vowed. Jack nodded, and he admitted that he had messed up in every possible way.

"I have given you and the kids every reason not to trust me. Whenever I messed up -- every time -- I would always have an excuse. Something, someone...anything. But the fact is, it's me -- it's my fault," Jack conceded. Jack said that he had spent a lot of time thinking about how selfish he had been. "Always thinking I could run off and do what I wanted to do, because I could come back to you later; I could come back to the kids later. But I've realized...later isn't a given -- it's a gift," Jack added.

Jack hoped that Jennifer would be able to see that he had changed. Jack insisted that he wasn't just saying that so that he could win Jennifer, Abigail, and J.J. back. "When I was in that cave, and I didn't think I was ever gonna get out, and I was loving you, and missing you, and hating myself for everything I'd done, I made a deal at that time...with myself, and with God...that if I ever got back here -- ever -- I would never hurt you, or my kids, or anyone else that I love. I would never hurt you again, ever," Jack vowed.

"You broke faith, Jack -- you broke a sacred trust. This isn't the first time you've done this," Jennifer pointed out. Jack reiterated that he had changed, but Jennifer wasn't convinced. Jennifer reminded Jack that he had uttered those same promises in the past.

"I know, and why should this time be any different? Why? But it is! It is different, because I'm different. I'm a different -- and I'm hopefully a better -- man...I'm a better man, and all I can ask you is trust me enough to prove that to you. Give me the chance to make it better for us, for our family -- can you do that? Give me...give us...and give our family one more chance?" Jack asked.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Maggie, Jennifer, Hope, and Bo congregated at Tom and Alice's, because Hope wanted to ask Maggie and Jennifer about Alice's secret bank account. Hope brought them up to speed with all the information she'd learned so far. Jennifer refused to believe that Alice would keep secrets, especially not something that important -- plus Jennifer had been living there and going through Alice's things for almost a year, and had never run across the bank statements.

Hope asserted that her guess was that Alice had been trying to help someone, and she wanted Jennifer and Maggie's help to figure out who it might have been. Maggie wondered if Tom had been aware of the bank account, since it had been opened several years before he'd died, and Jennifer couldn't believe that transactions were still being made on the account.

Since Hope's computer had crashed while reading the documents from Alice's lawyer, she asked to borrow Jennifer's for a little while. Jennifer was more than happy to oblige. While Maggie left the room to get her purse so she and Jennifer could go the spa for facials and massages, Hope asked Jennifer about the situation with Jack and Daniel. Jennifer admitted that it was "a big mess."

After Maggie and Jennifer had gone, Bo and Hope continued reviewing the documents from Alice's lawyer. Just as Bo was about to head to the kitchen to round up some snacks for them, Hope found an email from Alice to her attorney. Bo read a passage aloud: "Unfortunately, my health is fading fast, but I want to thank you for all your efforts to coordinate the investigation. I appreciate everything you've done. Maggie will be surprised to learn the news."

Reading Maggie's name took Bo and Hope completely by surprise. Hope continued reading, "I will write Maggie a letter tonight with all the information. I'll explain what I can in person, and then Maggie can read the letter when she's ready. It will be a lot to absorb, and she may need time before she's ready." Bo noted that the email was dated the day before Alice had passed away. Both Bradys wondered if Alice had been able to write the letter, or even give it to Maggie, since she'd been so frail at the end.

Daniel went to the Kiriakis mansion to talk to Victor about the situation with Jack and Jennifer. Daniel admitted that although he knew Jack wanted Jennifer back, he had no idea if Jennifer felt the same way. He added that Jack was manipulating Jennifer by making her feel guilty about his relationship with the kids. Victor asserted that women had been falling for men with major character flaws since the beginning of time, but Jennifer loved Jack because he was a "jackass," not in spite of it.

Victor compared Jack and Daniel's reliability: Jack, who had always been kind of a flake, had disappeared for a year without a word to his family, while Daniel was a mature surgeon who treated Jennifer with respect. "And what? In two days, Jack's made it a tie game," Victor concluded. He counseled Daniel not to give Jennifer the space she'd asked for. "She doesn't want you to be mature and restrained; she wants you not to be able to control yourself when you're around her!" Victor maintained. Daniel was a bit leery of taking advice from a man who'd been married six times, so Victor half-jokingly offered to make Jack disappear to Siberia.

When Maggie and Jennifer arrived just then, Maggie explained that there had been a mix-up with their appointments at the spa. Victor quickly led Maggie out of the room to give Daniel and Jennifer some privacy. After apologizing for his childish behavior, Daniel invited Jennifer to go out to eat. She agreed, since she had some things she wanted to talk to him about.

After Daniel and Jennifer had gone, Victor asked Maggie to talk to Jennifer about staying with Daniel. Maggie refused, pointing out that it was none of her business. Victor quietly stated that he loved Daniel like family, and didn't want to see him get hurt. When Maggie summarized what was going on with Alice's mysterious bank account, Victor found it hard to believe that Alice Horton could have had a secret financial life.

Hope called Maggie and asked, "Was Gran investigating something for you? [Or] did she happen to give you a letter before she passed away?" Maggie replied "no" to both questions. Hope explained about the email, and promised to tell Maggie more when they saw each other.

When Maggie hung up, she told Victor, "It seems that I'm a part of Alice's mystery -- and I have no idea how or why." Victor later offered the use of the Titan jet if Sarah or Melissa needed it to get to the wedding. A grateful Maggie stated that while she was glad her children were happy, she wished they lived closer. Victor sympathized.

Hope noted to Bo that Alice had been in and out of consciousness before she'd died, so if Alice had summoned the strength to write that email and the letter to Maggie, it had to have been very important. Bo and Hope concurred that they had to find the letter, which they guessed was still somewhere in the house. Hope admitted that she and Jennifer had found it too painful to go through all of Alice's things, so they'd packed up some things and stored them in the attic. The Bradys quickly headed upstairs to start looking through the boxes.

In Horton Town Square, Daniel reminded Jennifer how happy she'd been at the dedication party until Jack had "dropped in." Jennifer divulged that she and Jack had talked for a while about their family and their lives, and she believed that Jack was trying to change. She continued that she'd seen a side of Jack that she hadn't seen in years, and it had reminded her of the man she'd fallen in love with. Daniel assumed that Jennifer had forgiven Jack, but she admitted emotionally that she was just more confused than she'd ever been.

Jennifer explained that Jack had vowed after his imprisonment that he would do everything he could to be a better father and husband. Daniel reminded her of the countless times Jack had promised that but failed to carry through. Jennifer insisted that she owed it to her family to give Jack one last chance. Daniel asked Jennifer to hear him out before she continued. "I'm going to state the obvious, here: You have completely changed my life," he declared. He added that he had been ready to give up on love until he'd met Jennifer, and he knew she felt the same way.

Daniel urged Jennifer not to throw away what they had for a guy who was just going to hurt her again. Jennifer affirmed that Daniel had literally saved her life, plus she had never been with a man on whom she could completely rely. "You are my rock. And you make me feel safe, and you make me feel so loved," she declared. Daniel vowed that he would never let her down, and pleaded with Jennifer to stay with him. Jennifer expressed her gratitude and appreciation to Daniel, and reassured him somewhat tearfully that she was very much in love with him -- but a part of her still loved Jack.

At the police station, Rafe and Austin reviewed the evidence against John. Austin informed Rafe that the transactions they were looking at had all been traced back to John's personal computer or smartphone. When Rafe pointed out that someone else could have moved the money, Austin produced a security photo, taken at the exact time that one of the transactions had originated from John's phone, of John using his phone at a café in Paris -- while standing up. Austin pointed out that although the picture had been taken a few months earlier, John had only been out of his wheelchair for about a week. Austin knew that Marlena would never have allowed John to steal people's pension money, but Rafe didn't think that John would ever lie to Marlena.

After Carrie had met with the prosecutor for a disclosure hearing, she went to the penthouse to fill John and Marlena in on what she'd learned. Carrie showed the security photo to John, and asked if he'd been in Paris when it had been taken. Marlena stated that John had been having an experimental procedure done at a private clinic in Switzerland at that time. Carrie called the clinic to confirm that John had been there, but no one there could verify it. She suggested that Marlena could testify that John had been at the clinic.

Marlena admitted that she'd gone to a medical conference for a few days during that time, and had not seen John at all on the day in question. John couldn't remember whom he'd seen the next day, when he'd been transferred to a rehabilitation center, because he'd been heavily sedated. He insisted that he'd been at the clinic and nowhere near Paris on that day. "If there are not records there, someone changed those records. Someone went to a hell of a lot of trouble to set me up," John declared.

Austin and Rafe arrived to question John about the security tape. After Rafe set up a recording device, Austin asked John to look at some records of financial transactions from Basic Black. John scanned the file quickly, and asserted that his computer and cell phone had to have been hacked, because he had not made any of the transactions. Rafe stated that the FBI had already determined that John's security system had not been compromised, and, producing a warrant, asked to see John's computer and phone in question.

John informed Rafe that the cell phone and computer had been stolen, and Rafe could verify the theft with the police in Lugano. Austin cautioned John that the D.A. would present the "convenience" of the robbery as evidence of John's guilt. John pointed out the absurdity of the so-called evidence against him, since it had been physically impossible for him to have done most of the things they claimed. He contended that only Stefano DiMera could have set John up like that -- and Rafe should understand that more than anyone. Carrie asked if they could all speak off the record, so Rafe switched off the recorder.

Austin and Rafe agreed that what John had said made sense, but John needed to produce some concrete proof of Stefano's involvement to take to the SEC and FBI. Rafe wondered why Stefano would attack John again after years of leaving John alone. Marlena offered a theory, but John pointed out that all they could do so far was speculate. He asked if Rafe could look into what Stefano had been up to, but Rafe couldn't legally do anything without concrete evidence. Rafe stated that he knew what Stefano was capable of, and he would like more than anything to clear John's name and take Stefano down at the same time.

After Austin and Rafe left to return to the station, John and Carrie agreed that they had to prove that the photo was a fake, and the records at the clinic had been changed. Marlena suddenly declared that she needed some fresh air, plus she had an errand to run that she'd put off too long. John tried to convince her not to go out, because it was far too dangerous. Marlena only promised to be careful, and left before John or Carrie could stop her. John swore to Carrie that he had never been to the café in the security photo before, but then seemed to have a memory about it.

Back at the police station, Austin remarked with dismay that they had enough evidence to convict John. Rafe asserted that it looked like someone was intentionally fabricating evidence against John -- and Rafe was determined to double-check all the evidence that the FBI had already checked. Austin wished him luck.

Marlena showed up on the doorstep of the DiMera mansion, and rang the doorbell insistently. "Stefano, I want to talk to you!" she shouted.

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