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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 10, 2011 on GH
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Shawn was on the phone in his room at Kelly's when Carly burst in with Josslyn. At first, Shawn thought it was a ploy by Carly to keep him in town, but she showed him the box and note from Franco and insisted that Josslyn was in real danger. Shawn told Carly not to panic. Carly feared that Franco was in Hawaii. She said that she had tried to call both Jason and Sam but neither had answered their phone. Shawn said that perhaps they did not want their honeymoon interrupted by Carly.

Shawn called Jason and left a message telling him that Franco had made contact. Shawn packed and prepared to leave for the airport and a plane bound for Hawaii, but Carly stopped him.

Sam panicked when she saw Jason lying on the couch. He was taking a nap, but she thought he was dead. He laughed at her fears and said he was napping because Sam had worn him out. Sam said that she had never seen Jason so relaxed and off-guard.

Sam was playful when she showed Jason some of her purchases, including a blue Hawaiian shirt for him. Jason did not want to wear the shirt, but relented and tried it on when Sam insisted. Sam loved the shirt and wanted Jason to wear it to breakfast the next day. Jason said he had a better idea. Jason said they would get a boat and diving gear and go treasure hunting.

Sam and Jason shared a laugh and then began kissing. Franco watched them on his spy cam. He started putting paint on a huge canvas, and then applied glue to a small plastic hula dancer, which he pasted in the center of the canvas.

Luke went to see Lucky at Lucky's apartment. Luke asked if Lucky was surprised to see him. Lucky said no because it was Luke's pattern to disappear and then make a grand reentrance. Luke asked if Lucky was angry. Lucky said no, he was tired and that it was all about the dance to Luke. Luke vowed that he was done dancing, and he just wanted to get past the ugliness. Lucky agreed. He told Luke that they were good and then thanked him for visiting.

Luke said that they were not good and there were things that they needed to talk about. Lucky said that the last time they had talked, Luke had resigned from fatherhood. Lucky said he had accepted Luke's resignation. When Luke mentioned his abusive father, Tim, Lucky said that Luke did not get a free pass because his old man had been messed up.

Luke said he was not making excuses. He said that he should not have spoken to Lucky as he had when Lucky had gone to him in the Florida brothel where he was licking his wounds. Luke declared that at the time, he had thought that he was doing Lucky a favor. Luke then expressed sympathy over Siobhan's death.

Lucky asked if Luke had had fun while away. Luke said it had not been a pleasure cruise. Luke told Lucky that he'd had some thinking to do and that things had changed. Luke said he had hit bottom and was trying to make things better. When Lucky did not respond, Luke acknowledged that Lucky was not making it easy. Lucky jumped on that and told Luke that it would be easy if Luke just walked away.

Luke said he did not want to walk away. Luke said he wanted a fresh start, and he was beginning with an apology for saying things that he regretted, like fatherhood was a noose around his neck. When Luke told Lucky that he had changed and gave him an AA pamphlet, Lucky laughed and said that Luke had overplayed his hand and pushed the con too far. Luke replied that he had been sober for over a month. When Luke said that he knew Lucky had been through a rough period, Lucky was incredulous.

Lucky asked if Luke had seen Tracy, Luke admitted that he had seen both Tracy and Ethan, Lucky said that Luke should stay away from Lulu because she was fragile like their mother, Laura, and the last thing Lulu needed was for Luke to drop out of the sky, then walk away when things became inconvenient for him. Luke said that he had loved Laura but that people changed and that romantic love did not always last. Luke affirmed that he would always love Laura. Lucky told Luke to do everyone a favor by going away and not looking back. Luke insisted that he wanted to make things right.

Lucky asked how Luke expected to do that. Lucky reminded Luke that Lucky had gone to Luke with his heart in his hand, and Luke had responded by saying that killing Jake had been liberating. Luke said he regretted saying that. Lucky replied that he did not have time for Luke's angst. Lucky said that he had only one focus.

Lucky said he was trying to pick up the pieces of his life and move on after losing his father, his son, and his wife. Lucky told Luke it was a struggle to get through every day without using drugs to ease his pain. Lucky opened the door to his apartment and told Luke that he had nothing left to give. Luke suggested that they could help each other. Lucy told Luke to leave.

Olivia found Lulu in the waiting area. Lulu said that Sonny was with Dante and she did not want to be in the room with Sonny. Olivia said that she would ask Sonny to leave, but Lulu said it was okay because Dante was still sleeping. Olivia said that she was grateful to Lulu because it was her love for Dante that had helped him fight to stay alive. Olivia left Lulu and went to see Steve. She invited Steve to the Metro Court and said she had a surprise planned for him to show her gratitude because he had saved Dante's life.

Kate went to Dante's room and saw Sonny sleeping in a chair near Dante's bed. When Kate touched Sonny's sleeve, he reacted by pulling his gun. When Sonny realized it was Kate, he apologized and told her he was trying to keep Dante safe. Sonny said that he was watching over Dante and thinking about all the time he had missed. Sonny said he was thinking about how things might have been different if he had known about Dante and had been a part of his life. Sonny said that kids changed things, and his life might have taken a different path. Kate agreed and then asked Sonny if he wanted to get coffee because she was desperate for caffeine. When they left the room, Dante, who had overheard their conversation, opened his eyes.

Kate and Sonny returned to Dante's room with coffee. Dante feigned sleep. Kate wanted Sonny to leave and get some rest, but Sonny wanted to be with Dante. He told Kate that it was the only time they could be together and not butt heads. Kate said that she knew what Sonny had missed out on by not being in Dante's life.

Kate said that she would not have been part of Sonny's life if he had known about Dante. Sonny replied that he did not regret his relationship with her. Sonny thanked Kate for helping him when he needed it, especially with his children. Kate ruefully admitted that she was a glutton for punishment. Sonny said that she was a survivor.

Lulu appeared at Dante's door, and Sonny wanted to talk to her. Lulu was very harsh with Sonny. She said that Dante's shooting was Sonny's fault because Dante would do anything to protect Sonny. Lulu accused Sonny of exploiting Dante instead of being grateful to him. When Sonny asked if Lulu had accepted Dante's proposal, she ignored him and flounced into Dante's room.

Sonny told Kate that maybe he did not deserve either Dante or Kate in his life. He asked Kate to be brutally honest with him. He told her that she was the only one who could tell him the truth without it feeling like a backhand from his stepfather. Kate was touched. When Sonny asked Kate to help him talk to Michael, she agreed, and they left together.

Dante opened his eyes to Lulu and asked her if she felt better after verbally slapping Sonny. Lulu said that she did. She wondered when Dante would give up on Sonny like she had given up on Luke. Lulu said that all she had ever wanted was for Luke to love her as much as he had loved Lucky. Lulu said that Dante had helped her get over her father, and she wanted to help Dante get over his. Dante told Lulu that he loved her, and Lulu responded in kind. They kissed and then Lulu left. Luke had been listening to the conversation. He did not reveal himself to Lulu when she left Dante's room.

Steve rendezvoused with Olivia in room 423 of the Metro Court. When he arrived, Olivia was clad in a scanty, sexy outfit. Steve was turned on when Olivia started seducing him by gyrating and dancing around a stripper pole that she had installed in the room. The seduction stalled when Olivia fell from the pole, and Steve had to apply first aid. Steve iced her injury and massaged her back.

Olivia apologized for ruining the special night she had planned as her way of thanking Steve for saving Dante's life. Steve said that the evening was the most unique date he had ever had. When he inquired about her injury, Olivia said it was nothing that some TLC would not cure. They began kissing passionately.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

At the hospital, Robin admitted that she was relieved to have a sense of normalcy back, after what Lisa had put them through. "I hope it holds," Patrick replied. Robin wondered why he would say something like that when everything was back on track for them. She advised Patrick to stop expecting the other shoe to drop, but he admitted that everything felt too good to be true at times. Robin conceded that it had taken her awhile to stop expecting to see Lisa suddenly appear around a corner, but it had passed. Patrick decided to shake off his troublesome thoughts, so that he could focus on ensuring that Robin had a wonderful birthday.

After Robin walked away, Patrick spotted a woman doctor waiting for the elevator. "Lisa," He quietly said as he walked up to the woman, grabbed her arm, and then spun her around. Patrick relaxed when he realized that she wasn't Lisa. The woman didn't appreciate been manhandled, so Patrick immediately apologized. Matt, who had witnessed the scene, watched the woman storm off. Matt conceded that the woman had looked like Lisa from the back, but he thought Patrick was being paranoid.

Patrick explained that he had a bad feeling, so he wondered when anyone had last checked on Lisa. Seconds later, Robin walked up. Robin assumed that they had been discussing plans for her birthday party, so Matt and Patrick didn't bother to correct her. Robin asked Matt to make certain that Maxie didn't invite more than ten guests to the party, but Matt warned Robin that Maxie didn't listen to him. Robin smiled indulgently, and then left. Patrick thanked Matt for covering for him, because Patrick didn't want Robin to worry about Lisa.

Patrick then shifted gears by revealing that he had a candidate for Matt's clinical trial. Matt bristled when Patrick suggested that Matt consider taking over Mr. Brockman's treatment. Matt suspected that Patrick wanted to hand the case over to Matt to protect Patrick's reputation, because Patrick didn't expect Mr. Brockman live.

Later, Patrick went to the facility to check on Lisa. He was relieved to see that she was still unconscious. Patrick hoped that Lisa was floating in her own personal hell. He admitted that he didn't feel any compassion for her, but he was happy that his family was safe. Patrick had no idea what had happened to the girl that he had known in college, but he wished that he had never met Lisa. He regretted that he had gotten involved with her a second time, but he took solace in knowing that he would never have to look at her face again. After Patrick left, Lisa's hand curled into a tight fist, and then she opened her eyes.

At the hospital, Robin noticed that Matt was reviewing Mr. Brockman's file. She wondered if Patrick had given him the case, so Matt admitted that it was still on the table. Robin was surprised, because she knew that Matt had wanted Mr. Brockman to be a part of the clinical trial. Matt explained that Patrick didn't expect Mr. Brockman to survive, but Robin suggested that Matt's opinion was the one that mattered. Robin then congratulated Matt on being published.

Matt reminded Robin that he was the same doctor that he had always been. He was frustrated because it had taken an anonymous editor, who hadn't know him, to appreciate the work that he had done, before the people that Matt had thought were closest to him had.

A short time later, Patrick returned to the hospital. Patrick wanted to discuss Robin's birthday party with Matt, but Matt insisted that he didn't have the time. However, Matt noticed that Patrick seemed to be in a better mood, so Patrick explained that he had gone to see Lisa, and that Lisa was where she should be. Patrick then changed the subject by suggesting that they discuss Mr. Brockman's case. Matt explained that he still needed to think about it, and then left. Moments later, Robin walked up.

Robin admitted that she was concerned about Matt. She was ashamed that they hadn't known about the paper that Matt had written. Robin insisted that they owed Matt an apology, and more. Patrick promised that he had something in mind for Matt, but first Patrick wanted to focus on giving Robin a wonderful birthday.

At the waterfront, Anthony was on the phone with Lisa's doctor. He was delighted that Lisa was recovering, but he decided that he needed to see her for himself. Johnny approached his father as Anthony ended the call. Johnny wondered what Anthony was up to, so Anthony admitted that he had been making plans "to see a lady." Johnny made it clear that he didn't want to clean up any more of Anthony's messes. Anthony insisted that he had shot Dante to save Johnny's life.

According to Anthony, Johnny's plan, to plant drugs in Sonny's warehouse, had been perfect, except that Johnny hadn't had a contingency plan in place, in the event that someone had caught Johnny in the act. Anthony insisted that Johnny should have thought things through. Johnny refused to be distracted, so he demanded to know where Anthony was really going. Anthony smiled, and then assured Johnny that he had told Johnny the truth.

Later, Ronnie approached Johnny as Johnny tried to get an update about Dante's condition. Ronnie was curious why Johnny was interested in Dante's recovery, so Johnny reminded Ronnie that Dante was the son of a woman that Johnny still cared about. Ronnie assured Johnny that Dante was on the mend, and that Dante would soon be well enough to track down the "son of a bitch" who had shot Dante.

In Lisa's room, Anthony smiled when he saw that she was awake. He told her that they had some catching up to do, but Lisa just stared at him. "What's the matter? Catatonia got your tongue?" Anthony asked. Lisa wondered if she had him to thank for her current situation. Anthony smiled as he admitted, "Yes." Lisa was curious if he expected her to thank him.

Anthony suggested that Lisa take some time to get used to her new reality. He promised to return so that they could chat, because they had to put some people in their place. After Anthony left, Lisa clutched the covers in anger.

Michael was in the panic room, pulling the bags of uncut hydrocodone out of the air vents, when Sonny entered. "What the hell are you doing?" Sonny demanded. Michael insisted that, as the manager of the warehouse, it was Michael's responsibility to get rid of the drugs before the police discovered them. Sonny argued that the planted drugs had nothing to do with Michael, but Michael disagreed. Sonny insisted that everything was being handled, and that it was too dangerous for Michael to move the drugs, because the police were watching the warehouse. Michael assured his father that he could get rid of the drugs, but Sonny warned Michael that Michael was in over his head.

Sonny insisted that Michael had nearly made a crucial mistake that could have landed them both in Pentonville. "Is that what you want?" Sonny wondered. Sonny was curious what part of going to Argentina Michael hadn't understood. Michael resented that Sonny was trying to get rid of him, even though Michael had gone against Carly and Abby to support Sonny. Sonny pointed out that he hadn't asked Michael to do that.

Sonny explained that Michael wasn't a foot soldier in the organization, but Michael was offended that Sonny didn't trust him. The argument was cut short when Kate suddenly appeared in the doorway. She noticed the bags of drugs on the floor, and then realized that she had walked in on something that she probably shouldn't have seen. Sonny quickly explained that the drugs had been planted, so he didn't want her to think that he was engaged in drug trafficking. Sonny added that Dante had walked in on the people who had planted the drugs, which had led to the shooting. Kate decided to wait for Sonny in the car, so Sonny instructed Michael to put the bags of drugs back in the air vents.

Seconds later, Kate returned to inform Sonny that Sonny had a big problem; the cops had arrived. Sonny promised to deal with the police, but Michael and Kate objected, because Sonny had hydrocodone powder all over the bottom of his slacks. Michael offered to handle the police, so Sonny ordered Michael to stick to yes and no answers. After Michael left, Kate wondered if Sonny would be okay locked in the panic room. Sonny assured her that he would be fine, so he advised her to sneak out the back door, and closed the panic room door. Kate refused to let Michael deal with the police alone, so she quickly made a phone call.

In the warehouse, Michael demanded to see Ronnie's search warrant. Ronnie assured Michael that they wouldn't have a problem obtaining one, but he had thought that Michael would welcome the opportunity to cooperate. Michael stood firm, so Ronnie revealed that they had found traces of hydrocodone near the warehouse, which gave them probable cause to search. Kate entered the warehouse, and insisted that Ronnie show her the search warrant. She warned Ronnie that he didn't have the right to search the premises without one. Ronnie argued that it wasn't Kate's call to make, so she informed him that she had rented the warehouse for the evening for a photo shoot.

Ronnie didn't believe Kate, so she smiled smugly when the photographer, a group of models, and an assortment of other people suddenly burst through the door with racks of clothes, and everything else that they would need for a photo shoot. Kate ordered Ronnie to leave, unless he wanted to be a part of the photo shoot. Ronnie reluctantly left, so Kate went to the panic room to fetch Sonny. In the panic room, Sonny struggled with his claustrophobia as he recalled the abuse that he had suffered at Deke's hand. Sonny immediately began to relax when Kate opened the door, and then sat down next to him.

Later, Sonny was stunned when saw that a photo shoot was in full swing in his warehouse. Kate explained that they had needed to improvise to get the police to leave. Michael admitted that Sonny owed Kate. Sonny agreed.

At Kelly's, Carly had reservations about Shawn going to Hawaii to tell Jason about the present that Franco had sent to Josslyn. She feared that Shawn might be playing into Franco's hand by leaving town. Shawn agreed that his departure might leave Josslyn vulnerable, so he advised Carly to talk to Sonny. Carly refused to consider it, because she thought that Sonny was out of control. Carly didn't want Josslyn near Sonny, especially after two of Sonny's sons had been shot in Sonny's warehouse. Shawn argued that Dante was a cop who had wandered into a crime in progress, but Carly reminded Shawn that they didn't know that for certain.

Carly pointed out that Kristina had nearly been killed by a car bomb because of Sonny, so none of the children were safe. Shawn reminded Carly that Carly had stood by Sonny's side through all of that, but Carly insisted that she was done being Sonny's biggest supporter. Carly didn't trust Sonny, because he had fired a gun in Robin's house, and then Sonny had dragged Michael into the business, despite promising Carly that he wouldn't. According to Carly, there was always a price to pay with Sonny. She feared that Sonny would pressure her to allow him to have contact with Morgan, in exchange for helping her. Carly insisted that was not an option, so she decided to go to Hawaii with Shawn.

Shawn immediately objected to Carly's suggestion. He accused her of using it as an excuse to bother Jason while Jason was on his honeymoon with Sam. Carly assured Shawn that Sam had nothing to do with her desire to go to Hawaii. Carly reminded Shawn that Jason had hired him to protect Carly and Josslyn from Franco, because Franco was obsessed with Jason. Carly explained that Franco wanted to hurt Jason by targeting those who were important to Jason.

Carly admitted that she and Jason were more than just friends, because Jason had taught her to love Michael. According to Carly, she and Jason had a special bond that Shawn might not understand, but he should respect. Shawn explained that he intended to go to Hawaii to evaluate the situation, and to determine if there were a threat from Franco. Shawn didn't want to disturb the newlyweds if he didn't have to. Carly suggested that if Shawn could spy on Jason and Sam without them realizing it, then so could Franco. Shawn realized that Carly was used to getting her way, but he refused to give in to her demands.

Carly insisted that Jason would want to know what was going on, so Shawn once again questioned Carly's motives for wanting to go to Hawaii. He was curious why Carly didn't seem to care enough about Jason to respect Jason's time with his new wife. Carly started to explain herself, but then she realized that Shawn was trying to manipulate her. She warned him that it wouldn't work, but Shawn refused to bend. He promised to have a security team set up outside of Carly's house while he was gone. Carly suddenly relented, but she demanded that he call her with updates.

Later, Shawn realized he'd been had when Carly, with Josslyn in tow, arrived at the airport.

In Hawaii, Sam confessed that she wished that they could stay. Jason smiled as Sam settled on the floor to flip through a book about shells, to check the meaning of the shells that they had gathered. Sam learned that one of the shells that they had found was a symbol of fertility. She quickly closed the book, but Jason wanted to discuss it. Sam insisted that her fertility reconstruction surgery had been too soon after Jake's death, so she felt as if she had pushed Jason into something that he wasn't ready for. She realized that he was moving forward, but she continued to see the sadness in his eyes.

Jason felt that it wouldn't honor Jake for Jason to turn his back on life, or to close himself off from Sam. Sam confessed that she had been afraid that Jason would leave her while he had been grieving for Jake. Jason quickly assured her that he would never do that. Sam smiled and then admitted that she was glad that she hadn't gotten pregnant after the surgery, because she realized that they hadn't been ready for a child. Jason wondered if she still felt that way. Sam reminded Jason that before his brain surgery, he had told her that he wanted to live, so that they could have a child, if they were lucky enough to have one.

Sam was curious if he still wanted that. Jason couldn't find the words to express himself, so Sam feared that she was once again pushing him. Jason wondered if anyone were ever truly ready for the responsibility of a child. Sam revealed that the thought of having a child with Jason melted her heart, but she thought that they should stay in the moment. However, she wasn't opposed to them practicing getting pregnant.

Later, Sam snuggled with Jason on the sofa. She wanted to soak up every second of their honeymoon before reality knocked. Jason suggested that they didn't have to answer if it did.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

At the nurses' station, Liz was reading a flyer advertising the opening of a pumpkin patch, when Robin walked up. Robin and Liz chatted about their children's Halloween costumes until Patrick arrived. Patrick grabbed Robin's hand, and then explained that he was stealing Robin for an hour to celebrate Robin's birthday. A short time later, Robin and Patrick settled into the back of a limousine. Robin wondered where they were going, so Patrick asked Robin where she would like to go. Robin had difficulty deciding where her favorite place was, so Patrick revealed that he had taken it upon himself to choose their destination, because he knew that Robin wouldn't be able to pick.

Robin was surprised when Patrick handed her a gift-wrapped box. She smiled when she saw the beautiful kimono nestled inside. Patrick explained that he had bought the kimono because he knew that she had always wanted to go to Tokyo. Next, Patrick handed Robin a box of pastries from Paris, because he knew that she loved France. Robin took a bite of the delicious treats as Patrick reached for the third box. Inside the box was a pair of maracas from Rio de Janeiro, another place that Robin had talked about visiting.

Patrick invited Robin to pick which country she wanted to take a trip to. Robin insisted that they couldn't just take off. Patrick ignored her protests as he pushed for an answer. Robin finally admitted that she would love to go to Tokyo, so Patrick handed her an envelope with two plane tickets to Tokyo. Robin was delighted, but she wondered what he would have done if she had picked Paris.

Patrick pulled two more envelopes out of his pocket. One envelope had a pair of tickets to Paris, and the other had a pair of tickets to Rio. Robin explained that they couldn't possibly take three trips. Patrick disagreed. He revealed that the tickets were nonrefundable, but they would have time to use them. Robin smiled, and then admitted that he had given her the happiest birthday that she'd ever had. Patrick smiled, and then handed Robin a small black box.

Patrick explained that the gift was from Emma, but Robin had left the house before Emma had been able to give it to her. Robin's smile spread when she saw a handmade macaroni bracelet inside the box. Patrick helped Robin to put it on, and then pulled a beautiful silver necklace out of his pocket. He confessed that the present was more for him than it was for Robin. Robin seemed confused, so Patrick explained that he had fantasized about Robin wearing nothing except the necklace. "That can be arranged," Robin replied as she slipped out of her jacket.

Patrick and Robin kissed, and then made love. Afterwards, Robin wondered if Patrick had ever made love in a limousine. Patrick confessed that he had not, so Robin was curious if the reality had lived up to his fantasy. He admitted that it had surpassed it, because fantasies ended, but reality did not. Robin smiled with joy as she leaned forward to kiss her husband.

At the nurses' station, Maxie arrived looking for Robin. Epiphany revealed that Patrick had spirited Robin away for an hour to celebrate Robin's birthday. Epiphany decided to let Maxie draw her own conclusions about what the Drakes were doing. Maxie was frustrated, because she suspected that Patrick's jealousy had led him to sabotage Maxie's birthday party for Robin. According to Maxie, Patrick had cut the guest list from two hundred guests to ten. Epiphany was less than sympathetic, prompting Maxie to suggest that Epiphany didn't have a lot of friends.

Epiphany's temper flared, so Maxie wisely decided to leave. However, Maxie returned a short time later to use the phone because a problem had cropped up with the caterer for Robin's party. Epiphany made it clear that the phone was for hospital business, not Maxie's crisis. Maxie warned Epiphany that Robin's party would be ruined if Maxie didn't get things straightened out with the caterer, but Epiphany didn't care. Moments later, disaster struck when an orderly bumped into Maxie, knocking the cake box, which she had been carrying, out of her hands.

A short time later, Robin and Patrick returned to the hospital. Maxie demanded to know where they had been, so Robin started to explain. Maxie cut her cousin off when Robin revealed more information about Robin and Patrick's tryst in the back of the limousine than Maxie wanted to know. Robin noticed that Maxie had icing on her blazer, so Maxie explained that the birthday cake had been destroyed, and that the party was a bust. After Maxie stormed off in a huff, Robin and Patrick went to the nurses' station, where they saw the ruined birthday cake. Patrick lit a candle, and then invited Robin to make a wish.

Robin closed her eyes, and then blew out the candle. Epiphany wished Robin a happy birthday, and then confessed that she had also made a wish on the birthday candle. Epiphany had hoped that Maxie stayed away from the hospital. After Epiphany left, Patrick wondered what Robin had wished for. Robin confessed that she had wished for more birthdays like the one that he had given her. Patrick fed Robin a piece of the red velvet birthday cake, and then told her that he loved her before he gave her a kiss.

At Metro Court hotel, Anthony sprinkled rose petals on the floor in anticipation of Tracy's arrival. Moments later, Tracy knocked on the door. Anthony invited her into the room, but Tracy quickly informed him that he would not be touching her. Anthony thought that her presence in the room suggested otherwise, so Tracy clarified that she had stopped by to tell him to his face that his attempt to blackmail her into sleeping with him had failed. Anthony warned Tracy that the SEC would be interested to know about her ties to the mob. Tracy changed tactics by reminding Anthony that she was a married woman who was also in love with her husband.

Anthony promised to go slowly, but Tracy was not satisfied. She insisted that they were at an impasse, so she advised Anthony to find an alternative solution. Anthony refused to deviate from his plan to sleep with Tracy. He assured her that they would have a romantic evening, and then showed her the bottle of champagne that he had ordered. Anthony's mood quickly soured when he realized that room service had neglected to deliver the strawberries. Moments later, someone knocked on the door.

Anthony assumed that it was room service, so he opened the door. Anthony's smile quickly vanished when he saw Luke standing in the doorway. Luke sauntered into the room as he greeted his wife. Tracy feared that Luke would get the wrong impression, so she clarified that nothing had been going between her and Anthony. Luke calmly opened the bottle of champagne, poured two glasses, and then handed one to Tracy, and the other to Anthony. Tracy continued to deny that she and Anthony were lovers, but Luke insisted that denial was like foreplay to Tracy.

Anthony was impressed that Luke didn't seem upset. Tracy was furious as she demanded to know if Luke were trying to "pimp" her out to Anthony. Luke explained that he merely wanted to secure a happy future for Tracy, and then handed her some papers. Tracy scanned the documents, and then looked up at Luke in stunned disbelief. "You're divorcing me?" Tracy asked her husband.

Tracy reminded Luke that he had jumped through hoops to get her to marry him, so she questioned the timing of the divorce. Tracy suspected that Luke was trying to get some money out of her, but Luke clarified that he hadn't asked for a penny in the divorce. Tracy decided that she wanted to talk to Luke alone, so she ordered Anthony to leave. Anthony grudgingly agreed, but he warned Tracy and Luke that he would return soon. After Anthony left, Tracy demanded to know what Luke was really up to.

Luke explained that he simply wanted to give Tracy her freedom. Tracy was insulted that Luke continued to suggest that she would actually be interested in a man like Anthony. She accused Luke of using it as an excuse to run away. Luke insisted that he was tired of playing games, but Tracy didn't buy it. She was certain that Luke wanted to get his hands on her money. Luke denied it. He complained that no one, including Tracy, needed him anymore, so he had decided to give Tracy her freedom. Tracy was speechless as she watched Luke walk out.

Liz arrived home with her sons in tow. She noticed that Cam seemed quiet when she talked about going to the pumpkin patch and taking pictures. Cam explained that it wouldn't be the same without Jake. Liz agreed that nothing would ever be the same. However, she insisted that they needed to find a new way to do things, because it was what Jake would have wanted.

Ethan went to Lucky's apartment to invite Lucky to the movies, and to dinner afterwards. Lucky claimed that he had other things to do, but Ethan didn't believe him. Ethan noticed that Lucky seemed troubled, so he guessed that Lucky had spoken to Luke. Lucky admitted that Luke had dropped off an AA pamphlet. Ethan thought that was a good sign, because it meant that Luke was serious about staying sober. Lucky disagreed.

According to Lucky, Luke had run out of places to go, and money, so Luke had returned to Port Charles to regroup. Lucky warned Ethan that Luke might try to rope Ethan into running a scam. Ethan smiled, and then confessed that Luke had already done that. However, Ethan insisted that Luke had seemed to have lots of regrets. Lucky didn't doubt it, because the regrets served Luke's purpose. Ethan insisted that their father had seemed sincere about wanting to repair the damage that Luke had caused to his family.

Lucky didn't trust Luke's desire to make amends, because he was certain that Luke would eventually disappear again. Ethan conceded that Luke was occasionally ruled by his demons, but Ethan reminded Lucky that they all had their demons to contend with. Lucky argued that he had acknowledged his problems, and gotten help, but Luke hadn't. Ethan explained that everyone was different, so what worked for one person, might not work for another. Ethan then asked about the pills that Lucky had left on the floor.

Lucky realized that Ethan feared the Lucky might have taken the hydrocodone pills, so Lucky fetched them, and then gave them to Ethan. Lucky asked Ethan to dispose of the pills. Ethan wanted to make certain that Lucky wouldn't go out to score some more pills, as Lucky had threatened to do the last time that Ethan had offered to get rid of the pills. Lucky explained that seeing Luke had made him realize that he had to make better choices to avoid ending up like their father. Lucky insisted that he didn't want that for himself.

Lucky then shifted gears to tell Ethan about the letter that Siobhan had left, in the event of her death. Ethan thought it was rather morbid of her, given how young she was. However, Ethan was curious what the letter had said. Lucky revealed that Siobhan wanted Lucky to go to Ireland. Lucky showed Ethan the rosary, and then told his brother about the instructions that Siobhan had given Lucky. Moments later, Cam called Lucky.

Cam explained that he didn't want to go to the pumpkin patch unless Lucky went with him. Lucky promised to be there shortly, and then ended the call. At the Webber house, Liz asked her son, "Yes?" Cam smiled, nodded, and then replied, "Yes."

Later, Lucky, Cam, Aiden, and Liz returned to Liz's house after picking out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. Liz sent Cam to the bathroom to wash up, and then thanked Lucky for joining them. She confessed that it was nice having Lucky there, because the house seemed less empty. Lucky smiled, and then explained that he had to leave. Liz was disappointed, because she had been hoping that he would stay for dinner.

Lucky revealed that he had plans, but he promised to pick up Cam from school the following day. Liz was curious if Lucky really wanted to miss out on carving pumpkins with the boys. She was taken aback when Lucky confessed that he couldn't continue to play house anymore.

In Hawaii, Sam admitted that she preferred the sun and surf of the island over the cold winters in Port Charles. Jason smiled, and promised to keep Sam warm. Sam returned his smile, and then took off for the beach with Jason following close behind. A short time later, Jason carried Sam back to their bungalow after she had been hit by a powerful wave while surfing. Sam assured Jason that she was fine.

After Sam settled on the chaise longue, outside of their bungalow, she confessed that she was a bit embarrassed that she had wiped out in the water. Jason reminded her that it happened to all of them, but Sam didn't think it was fair. She enjoyed being better at something than Jason was. Sam insisted that his surfing skills were improving daily, so she wouldn't have many more chances to laugh at him. Their conversation took a serious turn when he referred to Sam as Mrs. Morgan. He realized that she might not want to change her last name, but Sam quickly assured him that she loved the sound of "Mrs. Sam Morgan."

Jason wondered what she would do about McCall and Jackal Private Investigations. Sam admitted that her P.I. business might not be in business anymore. She explained that Spinelli had never been good with field work, and that she had ditched all of their clients and cases when Jason had recently been in the hospital. Jason wondered if she wanted to go home, but Sam turned the question around on Jason. Jason explained that he was concerned about Sonny and Shawn, but he didn't want to cut their honeymoon short. Sam was delighted, so she insisted that they return to the ocean to continue surfing.

Later, Sam and Jason returned to the bungalow. Sam noticed that Jason was looking around as if something were wrong. Jason explained that he wasn't used to relaxing, but he had enjoyed their day. Sam pointed out that their day wasn't over, so she invited him to join her in the shower. Sam went to the bathroom, while Jason closed the front door. Moments later, he followed her to the bathroom.

Elsewhere on the island, Franco worked furiously on a piece of art.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

At Crimson, Kate was in her office, on the phone with a mystery person. Kate refused to go halfway across the country to see the person. Kate reminded the person that the person didn't call her; she called them. Kate disconnected the call, but she remained unsettled by the conversation.

Kate stepped out of her office, while Maxie was sifting through a rack of couture dresses. Kate demanded to know if Maxie had found the suitable dress for a photo shoot. Maxie admitted that she hadn't, so Kate reminded Maxie that Kate could fire Maxie for double-booking the location for the previous evening's photo shoot. Moments later, Kate spotted recently delivered flowers on Maxie's desk. Kate assumed that they had been sent to Maxie, but Maxie revealed that the flowers were for Kate. Kate wondered where the card was, so Maxie explained that there hadn't been one.

Seconds later, Sonny exited the elevator. He was delighted that Kate had received the flowers that he had sent. Sonny explained that the flowers were his way of thanking Kate for the previous evening. Kate claimed that she had just been getting some work done at the warehouse, but Sonny knew better. Sonny's attention was diverted when Spinelli arrived. Sonny demanded to know where the warehouse surveillance tape was, so Spinelli explained that there were technical difficulties, but Spinelli promised that he was working on it. Sonny wasn't satisfied, so he instructed Spinelli to work harder.

Kate invited Sonny to her office, so Sonny and Kate walked away. Maxie ran to Kate's closed door to eavesdrop on Kate and Sonny's conversation. Spinelli warned Maxie that it wasn't a good idea, but Maxie disagreed. She explained that she wanted to know what was going on, because it seemed as if Sonny and Kate might be reconciling, which would put Kate in a much better mood. Spinelli quickly joined Maxie at Kate's door to see what he could hear.

Later, Maxie complained about her deadline for an assignment. Spinelli was curious about the assignment, so Maxie explained that it was for a feature about the women behind successful men. She jokingly wondered if he knew a computer wiz with a girlfriend who looked great in couture. Spinelli revealed that he had some good news to report; he was able to get online to read the news. Spinelli confessed that he had read an article, which suggested that the best way to regain one's memory was to focus on something else. Maxie was curious if he had found something else to focus on, so Spinelli quietly replied, "Yes," as he looked at Maxie.

In Kate's office, Sonny thanked Kate for intervening at the warehouse when the police had threatened to search it for drugs. Kate explained that she hadn't wanted Michael to get into trouble, so she had improvised. Kate confessed that she was happy that Sonny had let her help, but she was curious why Sonny had stopped by her office. Sonny admitted that Kate didn't make it easy for him to invite her out for a drink. Kate confessed that she was tempted to accept, but she was swamped with work. Sonny was disappointed, so Kate compromised by offering him a glass of brandy.

Sonny quickly accepted the invitation, so Kate fetched two glasses and a bottle of brandy. After Sonny poured them each a drink, Kate toasted to old friends. "New chapter," Sonny replied. Kate took a sip, and then admitted that the flowers were lovely. Sonny finished his drink, and then offered to leave so that she could get back to work. Kate wondered if she should ask him what he planned to do with the drugs that had been planted in his warehouse. "No," Sonny responded.

Sonny left Kate's office, but stopped to remind Spinelli that he expected Spinelli to produce the tapes from the warehouse. After Sonny left, Maxie admitted that she was concerned, because Sonny had sounded serious. She urged Spinelli to take care of it as soon as possible. Moments later, Kate stepped out of her office. Kate spotted a red dress that Maxie had dismissed as being "too 80's," and then demanded to know if that were the dress that Maxie had selected. "Yes," Maxie answered.

"Good choice," Kate replied, and then left. Maxie was encouraged by Kate's compliment, so she went to work picking out props for the photo shoot. Meanwhile, Maxie wondered what Spinelli had decided to focus on in his effort to recover his cyber skills. "You," Spinelli admitted. Maxie wondered if he were joking, so Spinelli quickly backpedaled by explaining that he had meant that he had decided to focus on ways of thanking her for helping him return to his old self. Maxie assured him that it wasn't necessary.

Spinelli insisted that he wanted to do something special for Maxie, but Maxie became distracted when she suddenly had an idea for her assignment. To Spinelli's dismay, she dashed off to follow through on her idea before he could make plans with her.

At the hospital, Kate spotted Sonny, Alexis, and Kristina by the elevator. Kate ducked out of sight before Sonny saw her, but she remained close enough to eavesdrop on Sonny's conversation with Alexis and Kristina. Sonny was relieved to see that Kristina was recovering nicely. He confessed that he had been worried about his daughter. According to Sonny, his kids meant everything to him, because they were all that he had left. Alexis stepped away to take a call, so Sonny and Kristina continued their conversation.

Sonny was certain that Kristina would understand when she had her own children. "Twenty years from now," Sonny added. Kristina smiled. Sonny explained that a parent would do anything for their children, "even kill." Kristina suggested that he not go there, so Sonny quickly clarified that he hadn't meant it literally. Kristina assured him that she knew that he loved her.

Sonny insisted that Kristina was the only good and true thing in his life. He admitted that he was very proud that she was his daughter. Kristina thought that Sonny and Alexis had that in common. Sonny confessed that he would always be connected to the mothers of his children, because of what they shared. Nearby, Kate seemed troubled as she walked away.

Meanwhile, Sonny was relieved that Kristina was no longer mad at him. Kristina confessed that she had realized that it had been a waste of time, especially since she had so much to look forward to. Sonny was grateful for that. Kristina surprised him by asking if he were thankful enough to help her with Alexis. Kristina wanted her father to help Alexis understand that it wasn't the end of the world for Kristina to get into the fashion industry. In exchange for his help, Kristina offered to have Alexis persuade him that it was okay for Kristina to spend time with Ethan. Sonny explained that he just wanted Kristina to keep her options open, since she was in college.

Moments later, Alexis returned. Alexis was excited, because she had received a call from Yale, explaining that there had been a mix-up, and that Kristina had been accepted to the prestigious school. Kristina was elated. Sonny smiled as he watched Alexis and Kristina hug.

Kate returned to her office at Crimson. Everyone had left, so she sat down at her desk, picked up her cell phone, and then called the mystery person that she had spoken to earlier. "All right. God, I was hoping that I'd never have to see you again. I'll do whatever you want," she told the person.

At the hospital, Robin decided to take a picture of her ruined birthday cake before Patrick tossed it into the trash can. Robin explained that she wanted to remember every part of the best birthday that she had ever had, even the cake that Maxie had dropped. Robin then admitted that the three sets of plane tickets, to Robin's top three dream destinations, had been truly inspirational gifts. Patrick suggested that they take a look at their schedules, so that they could make plans for their first trip. A short time later, Robin became discouraged when she realized that it wouldn't be easy to plan three trips around their busy schedules.

Patrick insisted that they would find a way. Moments later, Epiphany walked up with a box of cupcakes. Epiphany explained that the staff had chipped in to buy the cupcakes for Robin's birthday. Patrick was curious what the flavor of the cupcakes were, so Epiphany explained that they were color-coded. Epiphany was confident that Robin and Patrick would be able to figure it out.

Later, Patrick revealed that had an idea on how to celebrate Matt's recent success. Patrick explained that he had rented a boat for Robin's birthday, but instead of taking Robin out on the boat, they could throw Matt a party on it. Robin thought it was a good idea, but Patrick sensed that she was a bit disappointed. He wondered if she would have preferred to have gone out on the boat. Robin quickly assured him that she wouldn't have traded their time in the limousine for anything. Patrick reminded Robin that it wasn't midnight yet, so he had one more gift for her, a CD.

Patrick explained that it was an instructional CD on how to design their dream house. Robin was eager to check it out, so they put it in the computer. They looked at the various styles of homes until Robin settled on a Victorian style house. Patrick revealed that he wanted an open floor plan with French doors, and an extra bedroom, so that they would have room for their family to grow. Robin smiled at the thought of having another child. "Definitely," she replied.

At the long-term care facility, Lisa demanded to know why Anthony hadn't left her alone. Anthony resented Lisa's lack of gratitude; he informed her that he had spent quite a bit of money to get her out of the coma. Lisa complained that she was more lifeless and alone than she had been before. Anthony wondered if she had lost interest in getting even with Patrick and Robin. Anthony assured Lisa that she had the chance to finish what she had started. Lisa was curious what would happen after that, because her career was over, and she would be facing criminal charges.

Anthony was frustrated, because he resented "certain people" looking down their noses at him. Lisa realized that Anthony had helped her for his own selfish purposes, so she warned him that she wasn't sure that she wanted to play his game. Anthony conceded that Lisa's options were limited, but he promised to set her up somewhere nice, where she could live out her life in comfort, after she had taken care of Patrick. Lisa remained in a surly mood, so Anthony decided to give Lisa some time to get accustomed to her new circumstances. However, he warned her that he could easily put her back to sleep if she didn't cooperate.

Later, Lisa jumped into her bed when she spotted a nurse carrying a food tray, headed towards Lisa's room. Lisa pretended to be in a catatonic state as the nurse set the tray of food down, and then checked the monitors. Lisa seized the opportunity to snatch up the tray, and then bash the nurse over the head. The nurse collapsed on the floor, so Lisa closed the door, and then approached the nurse. A short time later, Lisa slipped out of the room, wearing the nurse's uniform.

At Liz's house, Liz wondered why Lucky was pulling back from her. Lucky admitted that he had hoped to explain things to her the other night, but he hadn't had the opportunity. According to Lucky, he and Liz would never be able to find their way back to where they had once been, so he had tried to start a new life with Siobhan. Liz was hurt that Lucky was using Siobhan as an excuse to not give their relationship another try. Lucky explained that he couldn't ignore everything that had happened between them over the years, but Liz feared that Lucky blamed her for Siobhan nearly dying during the surgery.

Liz didn't want to talk ill of the dead, but she insisted that Siobhan had been jealous. Liz was certain that Siobhan had seen the strong bond between Lucky and Liz. Lucky argued that what he and Liz had shared wasn't healthy; it had become toxic for them, and those around them. Liz was certain that they could do better if they truly loved each other. "Don't do this," Lucky quietly replied.

"Do you love me?" Liz tearfully asked. Lucky insisted that they were caught in a vicious cycle, which Siobhan had recognized. Lucky explained that he and Liz were like two junkies, who were past the point of no return. Liz thought that Lucky's grief and guilt were turning what they had once shared into something that it wasn't, but Lucky dared Liz to deny that they had been anything except dysfunctional and destructive. Liz picked up their wedding picture, and then challenged Lucky to deny that the people in the picture hadn't loved each other. Lucky insisted that it was in the past, so Liz pulled out pictures of the boys.

Lucky argued that it wasn't fair to Cam and Aiden to put them through another relationship that was doomed to fail. Lucky promised that he would always be there for Cam and Aiden. "Just not for me," Liz realized. Lucky assured Liz that he didn't want to hurt her, but he insisted that they had to let go. Liz reminded Lucky how much he had needed her while he had been in the grips of a drug-induced haze after J.T. had pumped him full of narcotics. Liz insisted that they had shared a connection, because Lucky had gone to the one place where he had been certain that Liz would find him.

Liz assured Lucky that being with her wouldn't be a betrayal to Siobhan. She insisted that Lucky had to move on. "I am moving on, Liz. I'm leaving," Lucky quietly replied. Liz was stunned. She wondered where he was going, and when he would be back. Lucky admitted that he didn't know, but he was adamant that he needed to go.

Liz realized that Lucky needed time to think things over, so she suggested that they talk when he returned from his trip. Liz's heart broke when Lucky made it clear that he would not be returning to be with her. According to Lucky, they were the definition of insanity, because they kept doing the same things over, expecting different results. Lucky claimed that their love had been an adolescent fantasy. Lucky reminded her that she had been with Nikolas for months, and that Lucky had chosen drugs over her. Liz was crushed.

Lucky promised to stay in touch with her, but Liz accused him of leaving her and the boys. Lucky apologized, as Liz cried. He assured her that it wasn't her fault, but Liz wasn't comforted. After Lucky left, Liz looked at their wedding picture. She admitted that Lucky had her heart, but she decided that she was through with him. "To hell with you, Lucky," Liz yelled as she threw the picture across the room. "I'm done," she added.

Lucky returned to his apartment, packed his bag, and then re-read Siobhan's letter. He put the items that she had given to him, along with the letter, into an envelope, and then picked up his suitcase. Moments later, Lucky left.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Matt worried that Patrick might accost another woman who resembled Lisa. Patrick expressed his relief that Lisa would never be able to terrorize them again. As they conversed, Lisa eavesdropped.

Patrick informed Matt that Robin had planned a party to celebrate Matt having gotten published. Lisa overheard Patrick say that he'd chartered a boat, which would depart within an hour. Matt called to invite Maxie to the party, but she blew him off.

Anthony caught Lisa lurking and let her know that he'd covered her tracks with regard to the nurse she'd attacked. He'd seen to it that no one would report that Lisa had escaped. Later, Anthony caught up with Lisa at the waterfront and pressed her to reveal her plan. As they spoke, Lisa picked up a loose board and attacked him.

Robin noticed Liz's foul mood and asked what was going on. Liz let Robin know that Lucky was leaving town after they'd had a big fight. Liz disparaged Siobhan's having become "the great, tragic love of his life."

Robin pointed out that maybe Liz was reacting so strongly because Liz really did want to rebuild her life with Lucky. Liz walked away and ran into Matt, literally. He seized the opportunity to ask her to his party, and she accepted his invitation.

Ethan took the painting of the woman he'd found at Wyndemere to Lucky's loft apartment. Ethan asked how Liz had fit into Lucky's decision to leave. Lucky stated that, after having learned Aiden was his son, and since Liz had cared for Lucky as he'd recuperated from his injuries, the two had fallen back into a familiar pattern.

However, Lucky was afraid to reconcile with her again. Ethan prompted his brother to think with his heart, and Lucky acknowledged that his feelings for Liz were as strong as they'd ever been. Regardless, Lucky planned to pursue Siobhan's mystery in Ireland.

Lucky noted that Ethan had restored the painting and said that he'd always found it creepy. Ethan explained he planned to return it to Wyndemere and shared how much he loved the place. Lucky cautioned Ethan. People had died -- and people had lost their minds there. Lucky referred to the Cassadine curse and warned Ethan about Helena.

Maxie and Lulu discussed the pressure soon-to-be-wed couples faced. Maxie said that Lulu and Dante had what it took to make it work. Lulu fretted that there might not be a happily-ever-after for her and Dante. She worried that Dante might not make it the next time. Maxie told Lulu not to expect the worst of the future.

Lulu didn't think she could live a life in which she'd constantly fear for her husband's safety. Maxie urged her to make every moment count and to let go of her trepidation. Lulu wondered why Maxie wasn't following her own advice with regard to Matt.

Maxie had a flash of inspiration: she would be perfect for the story she was working on about the women behind the men of greatness. She rushed off to meet Matt at the pier, but not before wrangling Lulu into covering for her at Crimson. Later, Dante called Lulu, but she let it go to voicemail. To relax, she poured herself a drink.

On the phone, Steve spoke surreptitiously with someone. He confirmed with the person on the other end that they would take a job he'd offered.

Olivia caught up with Dante as he wheeled about the nurses' station. Dante gave his blessing for his mom to continue seeing Steve. She pushed Dante to announce his engagement to Lulu, but he replied that he was keeping it a secret, because Lulu hadn't wanted to go public just yet. Steve advised Dante to get some rest then made plans to take Olivia to Matt's party.

On a plane to Hawaii, Shawn accompanied Carly and Josslyn. Carly worried that Franco might have been gunning for Jason without Jason's knowledge. Shawn admonished Carly to stay out of the way while he went to find Jason.

At the beach house, Sam and Jason each discovered that their cell phones were dead and were relieved; neither was in a hurry to return to the real world after their honeymoon. After surfing, they returned to the house.

Jason discovered a camera Franco had planted, though he didn't realize what it was. Something about it bothered him, however. Later, Jason's mental flashes resumed, but he couldn't make sense of them.

Shawn arrived and began to poke around outside, when Carly and Josslyn showed up. Shawn berated Carly, who pleaded ignorance. Jason and Sam heard the commotion and were surprised to find the threesome.

Franco worked on his latest art piece. As he finished, he looked at his creation and stated, "Let the games begin."

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