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Rex and Bo tracked Shane down at the cemetery where he held a gun on Jack. Kim claimed that Stacy had undergone plastic surgery to look like Gigi in an attempt to snag Rex. Kim admitted that she'd found Stacy unconscious in the basement of the house where Gigi had died. Jessica was uncertain of what to do with Liam's paternity test.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 10, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, October 10, 2011

At Viki's cottage, as Blair and Todd leaned in to kiss, Téa burst through the doors. Blair explained that she had been trying to keep Todd talking, and that Todd had seemed completely out of his mind. Blair then asked Téa if she had gotten the antibiotics. When Todd joked that if they had one more, there would be enough for bridge, Blair pointed out that he was obviously out of his mind.

Téa stressed that they needed to figure a way out of the mess that Todd had gotten them all into. Téa then pulled out the antibiotics, and Blair gave one to Todd. Téa informed Blair that Starr was fine, but that she was worried out of her mind over her father. Téa also announced that Tomas was in jail and could not get out on bail. When Blair wanted to know why not, Téa said that the courts normally would not release a man who had pleaded guilty to a murder charge on bail.

Blair blamed herself, because she had asked Tomas to help Todd. She then yelled at Todd, who only thought that Blair was cute when she was angry with him. Téa believed that the mayor was keeping Starr in jail to try to flush Todd out. Blair then screamed at Todd, because it was his fault that Starr was freezing in a jail cell. When Blair started to leave to rescue Starr, Téa pleaded with Blair not to give Todd up, which would ruin her case. As she left, Blair stated that if she did give Todd up, they would all be in jail.

Téa asked Todd if Blair had really removed the bullet, and Todd revealed that she had removed it with Viki's melon ballers. Todd asked Téa to fix the mess, but she was not sure that she could "make it go away." When Todd joked that he would turn himself in, Téa believed that it was not such a bad idea, because that would be the only chance to have the charges dropped against Starr and Tomas. Todd stated that his one condition to turn himself in was if Téa could convince him that she believed him.

Todd reminded Téa that the gun was at the bottom of the river, and that Jack would continue to lie. Téa relented and said that she believed Todd, and that they needed to find out who had kill Victor, since Todd had not. Todd laughed and commented that he would need a magnifying glass, a pipe, and a badge, so that he could play detective. Téa handed Todd a glass of water.

Todd noted that everyone kept trying to give him water and wondered if that was a requirement in some handbook entitled My Mother Shot Me for Dummies. Téa said that she was sorry about Todd's mother -- not that Irene was dead, but that she had been Todd's mother. Todd thanked Téa. When Téa speculated who else could have killed Victor, Todd noted that they would need lots and lots of paper to make a really, really long list of people who had hated Téa's husband, and that Téa would be at the top of the list.

Upset, Téa commented to Todd, "Okay, if I'm supposed to give you a free pass, because your mother is a bitch, you do not get to badmouth my dead husband. I loved him, okay?" Todd agreed that he should not have said that and pointed out that nobody liked Todd either. Téa then remembered the last time that she had been at the cottage with Victor, and that was when Victor had gotten angry. Téa claimed that she had always hated that side of him. Téa then realized that Victor's over-the-top reaction to anything that threatened his kids had actually been Todd.

Téa voiced that Irene had programmed that behavior into Victor. Téa remembered that Victor had gotten angry over both of his daughters' sexuality and would have killed Cole and Nate if he had gotten the chance. Téa also realized that Victor had turned Jack into a bully. She believed that Victor had been so possessive and had gone to such extremes, because he had been afraid that the truth would be revealed.

Todd remarked that he had heard that Jack had caused Gigi Morasco's death, and Téa explained what had happened the night that Gigi had been trapped in the basement. Téa expressed that Victor had paid another kid's father to have his son take the rap for Jack. As Téa sympathized over that poor family, she thought she knew who had killed Victor. Téa remembered that there was someone else who had wanted Victor dead as much as Todd had -- Rex Balsom.

In the Llanview jail, when Starr demanded that Jack admit that he had lied to get Todd arrested, Jack said, "So what if I did? It's not like you can prove it." When Starr claimed that Jack had just confessed, Jack denied it and maintained that Scarface had killed his dad. Starr declared that she wanted Jack to tell the cops immediately that Todd was innocent.

When Jack declared that he was leaving for his dad's office, Starr stopped him and said that she would tell the cops if Jack did not. When Starr demanded to speak to the police commissioner, the cops refused to let her. Starr informed Tomas, who was in another jail cell, that Jack had lied about seeing Todd kill Victor, but Jack still denied it. Jack only wondered why Tomas had taken the rap of Irene's death for Todd.

After Jack left, Starr asked Tomas about Téa, and he informed her that Téa had needed to be somewhere else after the arraignment. Confused, Starr asked why Tomas had been arraigned, as Blair ran in and hugged Starr through the bars and informed her that Hope was all right. Blair told Starr that Tomas was in jail because he had pleaded to the murder of Irene.

Blair let Starr know that Todd was fine, and that Dorian had helped Blair remove Todd's bullet. Starr claimed that Jack had lied, and that he had actually overheard Shaun telling Starr about Victor's last words on voicemail. Starr proclaimed that Jack had admitted it and was proud of it. Starr feared that her dad would never get to return home if Jack did not come clean.

Starr begged Blair to try to get Jack to admit the truth, because she did not want Jack to go through life knowing that he had put his own father in jail. Blair agreed that she would try, and she handed her wrap to Starr to help her stay warm, and Blair kissed her daughter. Blair then sincerely apologized to Tomas for being in jail for a murder that he had not committed. Tomas stated that it had not been Blair's fault and then joked that they would always have Paris.

Blair pleaded with Tomas to change his plans, and to save himself for her. Tomas asked Blair to find Jack, so that she could get him to admit the truth to save them all. Once Blair left, Starr asked if Tomas would change his plea, because she believed that Tomas could help clear Todd. Starr sadly noted that Jack had his real father, who could be put away for a long time due to Jack's lie.

At the cemetery, Rex held Gigi's message, "Don't give up," and asked at her grave what it meant. Madame Delfina yelled out hello at Rex and showed him a book. Delfina related that she was at the site for a book club, because dead people liked to read, since they had a lot of time on their hands. However, Delfina was not thrilled about the book list: Death in Venice that week, Death on the Nile the previous week, and Death of a Salesman the week before that.

When Delfina noticed that Rex looked depressed, she asked if she could help, and Rex showed her the note. Delfina reached her arms out to the spiritual world and tried to page Gigi, but Gigi would not respond. Delfina tried to reach her again and asked for a sign, and they both heard a loud bang. The picture of Stacy and Kim was shown to be knocked off of the table by the bed of Kim's friend in the Kentucky hospital. When Rex wondered if Gigi had answered, Delfina was not sure.

When Delfina tried to reach Gigi one more time, she announced that she could not feel her. Rex begged Delfina to send him back in time, so that he could stop Jack from killing Gigi. Rex exclaimed that he was "going crazy" and pleaded with Delfina to make it happen. However, Delfina reminded Rex that the porthole only opened up every 20 years, and that she could send him back in the year 2028.

Madame Delfina claimed that she had to leave for the book club, and Rex felt that no one understood. Rex sadly told Gigi's grave that he and Gigi had once had it all. Rex told Gigi that he had never stopped loving her, and then he reflected back on some of their happier times together. Rex sadly announced that he had "to let [her] go."

Jack arrived at the cemetery to visit Victor's grave and apologized to his dad for messing up. Jack insisted that Todd still had shot Victor though. Delfina discovered Jack and insisted that Jack felt guilty. Delfina claimed that Jack could vent his conscience at the cemetery, because dead men told no tales. After Delfina walked off, Jack shouted that no one would make him change his story, just as Blair arrived and said, "Jack."

Delfina walked back up to Gigi's grave and asked Gigi for the story. Delfina reminded Gigi that she could only join the book club through Delfina, and that they were not ready for Death Be Not Proud until the following week. When Delfina still received no response from Gigi, she stormed off.

In Kentucky, Kim looked over her friend's hospital bills and noted that it was time for the two ditzy broads in Llanview to ante up. When Kim realized that her phone call to Echo was being ignored, she declared that Echo would regret it. Kim believed that Echo and Roxy were stalling, and that she would have to do something about it. Kim kissed her friend's hand and left the room.

At the Buchanan mansion, Roxy ran in and found Echo reading the front page of the Sun. Roxy insisted that Rex had to give everything back to Clint, so that Rex would not get arrested. Echo then noticed that Kim was calling and announced to Roxy that she would tell Kim nothing. After Echo did not take the call, she announced that the cops already had their man, and that it was not Rex. Echo showed Roxy the headline, "Scarface Kills Again?" with Todd's picture under it.

Echo laughed and said, "His own kid ratted him out, and then he escaped at gunpoint, felony number two. Then he goes and kills his mother. This guy's a three-time loser. The cops aren't going to be looking at Rex for this. Not when they have Todd Manning in their sights." However, Roxy believed that they still had a lot to worry about.

Roxy stated that John McBain did not think that Todd was guilty. Roxy also noted that the cops would not need an excuse "to go after Rex," because they knew he had hated Victor. Roxy feared that once John had Rex's gun, all would be toast. Roxy insisted that they had to get the gun back, before it was too late, when Kim barged in.

Kim asked if Rex had agreed to give everything back to Clint, and Roxy stalled and said that she needed more time. Roxy insisted that Rex was on board, but that they just needed to "scrunch" those numbers a little bit. Echo interrupted Roxy and handed Kim the forged document. Echo announced that the paper transferred all assets back to Clint. Echo claimed that all of the money and Buchanan Enterprises did not mean anything to Rex, and that he had just been sticking it to his daddy.

When Kim questioned if the paper was for real, Echo pointed out that Kim was getting what she had wanted. Echo then demanded the return of the gun. As Kim handed the gun to her, she demanded that Rex start packing. After Kim left the house, Echo revealed to Roxy that she had signed the document for Rex. Roxy worried about Echo's forgery, but Echo claimed that she had gotten quite good at it.

Roxy pointed out that Rex would know that he had not signed the paper, and that he would tell Kim. However, Echo explained that once Kim finally knew the truth, the gun would be long gone. Echo insisted that Rex would never know, just as Rex walked in. Rex asked, "Know what?"

Back in Kentucky, Kim ran into her friend's hospital room and screamed that Rex had finally returned everything to Clint. Kim squealed that she would be able to get the money to pay for her friend's hospital bills, and that Stacy would be taken care of forever. However, Kim insisted that Stacy would have better doctors to help her snap out of it. Kim then noticed the broken picture of Stacy and Kim on the floor.

Kim inquired, "Remember this photo, Stace? You and me...way back when. We look so different now, don't we?" Stacy lay in the hospital bed, looking remarkably like her sister, Gigi.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Todd and Téa tried to figure who else would have wanted Victor dead. Téa suggested Rex, but Todd didn't think Rex was capable of killing anyone. As Téa talked about the situation with Gigi, Todd suddenly had a pang of pain, and begged for painkillers. Téa found some ibuprofen, and gave him another antibiotic as well. Continuing the conversation, she expressed her belief that, after Gigi had died, Rex was capable of murder.

Todd attempted to throw the blanket off and get up, but Téa stopped him. He told her that he needed to get to Jack, because Rex would go after Jack as well if he believed that Jack had something to do with Gigi's death. Téa insisted that Rex wouldn't try to hurt Jack, because Shane was Jack's age. She added that Rex would have already gone after Jack if he were going to at all. Todd was still uneasy, so Téa promised to deal with it, as long as Todd stayed calm.

At Capricorn, Cutter ate as Aubrey said that she still had four more hours of bartending. She walked away, and found Bo at the bar, reading the paper. Bo asked for Blair, but Aubrey revealed that Blair wasn't there. Aubrey apologized to Bo about what she had done to Joey, and promised that she was trying to live a better life. Bo was glad, and told Aubrey to ask Blair to call him.

Aubrey wondered if Bo needed any help otherwise, and Bo jokingly asked her where Todd was. Aubrey replied that she'd never even met Todd, and asked if he'd actually murdered two people. Bo only disclosed that Todd was a "person of interest," because of lack of hard evidence. Aubrey remembered Cutter's promise of turning the gun in, and asked Bo if it was true that someone had turned a gun in to police. Bo told her that the police hadn't received any guns. Aubrey looked over at Cutter, who smiled and waved. Just then, Bo's phone rang, and he excused himself.

Aubrey walked over to Cutter with a glass of beer, and poured it on him. She demanded to know what Cutter had done with the gun, because Bo had just told her that no gun had been turned in to police. He swore that he'd turned the gun in, but Aubrey suspected him of "stashing it for a rainy day." He promised that he'd turned it in, but Aubrey didn't believe him. She told him that their relationship was over, and that she never wanted to see him again. She wanted an honest and real relationship, so she told him to leave. He finally obliged, and she watched him walk out.

Bo answered his phone to Téa, who demanded that Bo find her husband's killer. She wondered if there were any more suspects, but Bo revealed that there weren't. Téa mentioned Rex as a possible suspect, but Bo insisted that there was no evidence pointing to Rex. She reminded him that no murder weapon had been found, but Bo said that he didn't think Rex carried a gun. She countered that Rex lived in the Buchanan mansion, which was probably full of guns. "I know how much you Buchanan boys love your guns," she told him.

Téa wanted surveillance on Rex, because she wanted all "credible leads" followed. She threatened to mention the close relationship of Bo and Rex in court if Bo continued to drag his feet. Bo wondered if she'd heard from Todd, but she cited the confidentiality laws. She hoped that Bo would be questioning Rex, and Bo hung up. Bo told himself that Rex had an alibi for the time of the murder. Aubrey appeared in front of Bo, clearly upset. She told the commissioner that she had information for him about the murder.

Todd commended Téa on the way that she had handled Bo. She related that, even though she'd thought that Victor had been Todd, she'd loved him very much, and vowed not to rest until the real killer was behind bars. Téa didn't think Bo would tail Rex, but believed that Rex would be questioned. Todd told Téa to call Blair, and tell Blair to watch over Jack. She told him to only concentrate on getting better. If Rex were guilty, Téa promised to make him pay for the crime.

Rex arrived home, and found Roxy and Echo with their heads together. Rex wearily asked them to tell him what they were up to, as Echo hid the gun behind her back. They claimed to just be "hanging out," but Rex didn't believe them. "Living room, now," he said, and Roxy followed. Echo hid the gun in a large plant, and quickly followed the others into the living room.

Shane walked down the stairs, and found the gun in the plant. Shane took the gun out of the plastic bag it was in, and had a flashback. He remembered hitting Jack over the head with the gun, and pointing the gun at Jack's unconscious body. As Shane looked at the gun, he heard a gunshot in his head, and jumped. Moments later, Shane was gone with the gun.

Rex admitted to his mothers that he'd been at the cemetery, so he wasn't in the mood for their games. "He knows," Roxy said. "Roxy always cracks first," Rex observed. Covering, Echo told him that she and Roxy "know" that he killed Victor. Rex was dumbfounded, but Echo told him that they understood why he'd killed Victor. Rex swore that he'd never fired the gun, but Echo informed him that she'd checked the gun, and one bullet had been missing. "Not by me!" Rex exclaimed, as the women looked at him skeptically.

Roxy promised that she and Echo would never "rat" Rex out. "That's great, but there's nothing to rat out," he replied. He continued that it was nice of Roxy and Echo to want to cover up his crimes, but he hadn't done anything that merited a cover-up. Echo said she'd show him the gun, and led him to the plant in the foyer. She saw the bag, and nervously disclosed that the gun was gone.

Blair found Jack at Victor's grave. She told him that she'd heard he'd had "things to say" about Todd. Jack called Starr crazy, but Blair said that Starr only hated injustice. Jack realized that Blair had never believed his story. Blair admitted it, but told him that she believed in him. She begged him not to "shut down on me again" like he had when Gigi had died.

Jack defiantly told his mother that Victor deserved justice. Blair agreed, but suggested that the wrong person was going to pay for the crime. She informed him that he could be helping the real killer get away with murder. Jack yelled that Victor had been Jack's father for eight years, but Blair reminded Jack that she'd been there for the previous eight years as well. She could tell that something had been bothering Jack, and begged him to talk to her.

When Jack was silent, Blair told him that she'd always love him no matter what, and walked away. Talking to Victor's grave, Jack wondered who could have killed Victor if Todd hadn't. Just then, Shane appeared behind Jack, holding the gun.

Kim excitedly told Stacy about Rex finally giving everything back to Clint, and promised that Stacy would be "taken care of forever." She saw the broken picture on the floor, and wondered what had happened to it. She marveled over how different she and Stacy looked compared to the picture, and looked down at the bed at Stacy, who looked exactly like Gigi.

Kim assured Stacy that she'd kept Rex from going to jail, only because she knew that Stacy cared about Rex. As she put lip gloss on Stacy's lips, she expressed how shocking it still was to see Stacy's new look. Kim recalled the first time she'd seen Stacy. She'd been dancing at the Spotted Pony when she'd caught a glimpse of who she'd thought was Gigi. She remembered Stacy wearing the boots that Kim had left for her at the lake that Stacy had presumably drowned in. Kim had scolded who she'd thought was Gigi, but the woman had insisted that she was Stacy.

Kim had told the woman to leave, but Stacy had talked about things that she had shared with Kim in the past. Kim had tearfully asked if the woman was actually Stacy, who related that she'd been searching for Kim for months. A customer had told Kim to dance for him unless she wanted him to get the manager of the place, but Stacy had offered her services. At that moment, Kim had known that the woman was actually Stacy. Kim had exclaimed that it was a miracle, but had wondered why Stacy looked like Gigi. "How else am I going to take her life?" Stacy had replied.

Kim had asked Stacy why she hadn't returned to Llanview. Stacy had replied that Kyle and Fish probably wouldn't have let her near Sierra, and that Rex and Gigi had been "playing house" like Stacy had never existed. Kim had marveled over Stacy's plastic surgery. Stacy raved about her South America-based surgeon, and related that she'd even seen Erica Kane in the office.

Kim recalled telling Stacy that she was better than Gigi. "Except in the way that matters," Stacy had replied. Stacy had thought that if she looked like Gigi, Rex would love her, and she would be allowed to see her daughter. Kim had been skeptical, but Stacy had insisted that she was going to replace Gigi. Kim wished that she'd had time to talk Stacy out of her plan, because Stacy had ended up in the hospital. Kim wanted to get Rex's signed papers to Clint, but Cutter appeared in the doorway. "You're not going anywhere," Cutter spat.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jack stood at Victor's grave and wished that Victor could reveal who had murdered him. "Too bad he can't answer you. It must suck being dead, huh?" Shane proclaimed as he suddenly appeared next to Jack. Shane held a gun at his side and glared at Jack. He accused Jack of not having really seen Victor's murder, and he admitted that he knew who had knocked Jack out that same night.

Jack looked at Shane and wondered how Shane would have known anything. Suddenly, it dawned on Jack. "Yeah, it was me. I'm the one who hit you that night," Shane confessed. Jack didn't believe him. He didn't think that Shane would have had the guts to do it. Shane noted that his mother was dead because of Jack, and he'd decided to punish Jack.

Shane recounted the events of the night in question, and how he'd hit Jack over the head. Jack wondered why Shane hadn't shot him that night, and he told Shane that Shane was "full of it." Shane explained that he'd decided he wanted to talk to Jack, and that was the reason he hadn't shot him. "Holy crap," Jack shouted, as he was suddenly aware of what had happened.

"You didn't shoot me, because you shot my dad instead. You went into the house and killed him. It was you," Jack proclaimed. "You killed my father," Jack accused. "You killed my mom," Shane retorted. Jack should have paid, and he didn't, Shane asserted. He pointed the gun at Jack. He thought that Jack should pay, though Jack continued to maintain that he hadn't done anything.

Shane wanted Jack to admit that he was responsible for Gigi's death. "Say it, or you're gonna die too," Shane demanded. He continued to command Jack to tell him what had happened the night of Gigi's death, and Jack continued to insist that he didn't know.

Shane wanted to hear what his mother's last words had been, and he inquired how Brad had been charged for the murder when Jack had been the one responsible. Jack advised Shane that there was no proof, and Shane suggested that they dig up Victor's grave. Maybe they'd find the proof there.

Shane disclosed that his mother's grave had been dug up in the quest for proof, and Shane had seen her. Again, Shane demanded that Jack tell him what had happened to Gigi and what her last words had been. He was ready to shoot Jack, and there was no reason for Jack to live if Jack couldn't tell him anything. He was ready for Jack to join Victor.

Echo was beside herself when she led Roxy and Rex to the huge flowerpot in the foyer. The gun that she'd hidden inside of it was gone, and only an empty plastic bag had been left behind. Everyone went into a state of panic as Rex realized that Shane had been the only other person in the house. The trio searched the house and its grounds, but they were unsuccessful in locating the teen.

They returned to the foyer and each of them began to wonder if Shane had been the one to use the gun. "It can't be because we would have known," Echo declared. "Would we?" Rex asked. Echo wanted Rex to swear that he hadn't been the one to kill Victor, but suddenly, Rex refused. Echo knew what he was doing, and the women argued over whether Shane really could have killed Victor.

Rex admitted that Shane had been different after Jack had walked away from the charge of killing Gigi, and Shane had often talked about Victor and Jack. He should have taken Shane to talk to someone, Rex declared. Echo stated that they needed to locate Shane, and she wondered where he could be. Rex suggested that he'd gone off to kill Jack and finish the job. The trio rushed to the door.

Viki returned to Llanfair and was happy to see that Clint had started a fire in the fireplace. He noted wryly that Tina had given him a chill, and he'd had to rescue Cord who apparently had no sense when Tina was around. Clint had been further annoyed when Cord had pointed out that Clint always displayed the same kind of behavior around his own ex-wife.

Viki was confused at first as she thought that Cord had been referring to Kim. Clint clarified that Cord had referred to Viki, and Viki agreed that she and Clint were connected to each other because of their children. It was the same way with Cord and Tina, Viki pointed out. She added that neither of them could stop Tina and Cord from seeing each other, and she thought that Clint should stay out of it. He'd done enough meddling with his children.

Clint explained that he'd wanted Viki to know what Cord had said, in case Cord tried to push the two of them together. Both agreed Cord's idea was ridiculous. Viki thought it especially so since Kim had been back in town. Clint revealed that Kim might not return again, and he wondered if Viki believed Kim's alleged sick friend to really be a setup.

Viki thought that it didn't matter what she believed. Clint admitted that Rex had stopped by, and he'd ended up sending Rex to Kentucky to check out the sick friend story. Clint explained that Rex had revealed that he'd stopped at Llanfair because Gigi had sent him. "Oh no," Viki gasped. Clint added that Rex had believed that Gigi was connected to Clint in some way.

Viki was just glad that Clint and Rex had connected. Clint explained that Kentucky had turned out to be a dead end, because the sick friend had been discharged. Clint had never heard from Kim again. "So sorry," Viki said, though she obviously wasn't. He guessed that he wasn't in a position to start up with Kim again anyway, as he was confined to the house, though he wondered if Kim could move into Llanfair.

Viki reminded Clint that he was under house arrest, and she didn't think a judge would like it. "Either," Clint added, to which Viki agreed. He didn't want to just be sitting in a rocking chair, acting like an old person, and he didn't think that Viki wanted that either. He advised her that it was time for her to get back out into the dating world, though Viki maintained that she was happy with her life.

Viki declared that she hadn't met anyone anyway, but Clint accused her of not looking. Viki asked if she should look in a bar, and Clint suggested that she look online. Viki hated that idea, so Clint suggested that she write an ad for the newspaper. Viki thought that Clint could do that for her, since he'd always been her editor. She joked that she'd have to mention that her ex-husband with an ankle bracelet lived with her.

Viki again insisted that she was fine with the way things were, and she told him that Cord's comments had given them a good laugh. Flustered, she rushed out of the room. "It's not that funny," Clint muttered after she was gone.

Later, Viki returned with a bowl of popcorn and announced that she had a new DVD for Clint to watch that involved both aliens and cowboys. She thought she owed it to Clint for not laughing at Rex. Clint admitted that Rex had been both seeing and hearing Gigi. Viki noted that Shane and Rex were alone and needed help. Clint reminded her that Echo was there, but Viki retorted that the guys were alone.

Clint insisted that he wasn't the cure for Rex, even though he'd defended Rex to Cord. Clint wondered what was wrong with him. Viki reminded Clint that he had a good heart, and he was putting it to good use. Clint agreed with Viki's assessment. She wondered if Clint felt grateful to Rex. He stated that he was grateful to be alive, while the woman that Rex had loved was dead.

Clint admitted that he missed lots of things like bourbon, the boardroom, and hostile takeovers, but he enjoyed the fireplace, movies, and good company. He and Viki settled down on the couch to enjoy the movie. Viki chuckled, and Clint sneaked an admiring glance her way.

In the Kentucky hospital room, Kim advised a comatose Stacy that she would take care of her with the money that Clint would be receiving back from Rex. Kim was surprised when Cutter arrived and had different ideas. Cutter claimed that he had just dropped by to check on his sister and her friend, and he wanted a close-up look at Stacy. He sauntered over to her side and looked at her closely. He thought she was a "dead ringer" for Gigi.

Cutter couldn't believe that Stacy had changed her appearance just to get Rex. Kim revealed that she had blackmailed Rex's mothers over the gun found in the porcupine, and she'd managed to get all of Clint's belongings back. She had the signed papers to deliver to Clint, and Clint would love her for it.

"Good job, sis," Cutter exclaimed. Kim offered to give Cutter some of the money when she could get to it, even though Cutter had declared that he was straight and no longer a con man. Kim wanted the money for Stacy's hospital bills. "You're not giving Clint those papers," Cutter announced. Cutter had had the money first, and he wanted it back. "It's mine," Cutter declared. It wasn't Kim's.

Cutter added that he missed the house, the horses, and the moat. Aubrey had dumped Cutter because Kim had divulged that Cutter hadn't turned in the gun to the police. Kim insisted that it hadn't been her fault, and she offered to tell Aubrey the truth. Cutter hadn't been the one blackmailing Echo and Roxy.

Cutter refused her offer. He was a con artist, and he'd only gone straight because he'd cared about Aubrey. He didn't have her any longer, and Aubrey had been different since she'd been married to Joey anyway. It was time for him to move on. Kim declared that Clint would be getting his things back, but Cutter demanded that Kim give him the papers or he'd tell everyone the identity of Kim's friend.

Kim was appalled. She insisted that Stacy hadn't done anything wrong. Cutter wondered what Clint would do if he heard about Kim's friend. He noted that lots of people had gone crazy when Gigi had died, and he wondered what would happen if people saw her again, especially Bo and Rex.

Bo would probably throw Kim in jail, Cutter figured. Kim offered Cutter a cut of the money again, but Cutter only wanted the papers. He promised to send Bo and Rex out to Kentucky if he didn't get them.

Kim was adamant that she needed the money for Stacy's hospital bills. Stacy had been crazy about Rex, and Rex had led Stacy on. Kim wanted Stacy to get better so that Kim could make her friend see that Rex wasn't good for her. All of a sudden, Cutter had a thought. He wondered how Kim knew that it was Stacy in the bed, and not Gigi.

At Capricorn, Aubrey advised Bo that she had possible information on the gun that might have been used in Victor's murder. She explained how Cutter had purchased Roxy's porcupine, and the gun had been hidden inside. Aubrey had believed that Cutter had turned the gun in to the police, but she'd learned that he hadn't. She was certain it had been Rex's gun, because Cutter had overheard Roxy and Echo arguing about something.

Aubrey had seen the nine-millimeter gun, and she'd assumed it had been the murder weapon. Bo made it clear that the gun was a common one. Aubrey revealed that Cutter had possession of the gun to blackmail Rex's mothers, because they had been certain that the women had been the ones to put the gun inside of Morris. Aubrey admitted that she didn't have any kind of proof. It appeared that Rex might have been the murderer.

Aubrey admitted that she would have said something sooner, but she'd thought that Cutter had turned in the gun. Bo asked if it were okay to search Aubrey's residence, and she gave him permission. She was certain that the gun wasn't in her room at the motel. She also had no idea where Cutter had gone.

Shaun arrived and sat down at the bar. He asked Aubrey to make him a Delhi Belly. The pair chatted, and Aubrey revealed that she was no longer with Cutter. "He blew it," Aubrey explained. Cutter hadn't been comfortable with living an honest life, and she'd had to step in. Shaun wondered how it had felt, but Aubrey wasn't sure what her real reason had been for doing what she'd done.

Shaun thought that Cutter deserved whatever he got. Shaun also praised his drink, and Aubrey told him that Rama had taught her how to make it. Rama was her only friend, Aubrey admitted sadly. Shaun thought that she'd be able to make more friends, and they toasted to new friends. Aubrey turned away and whispered that she also wanted a fresh start.

Rex opened the front door in order to begin the search for Shane. Bo was standing on the other side. "Going somewhere, Balsom?" Bo asked. Rex indicated that they were in a rush, but Bo insisted on having a chat. Bo mentioned that he had a lead on the gun that had been used to shoot Victor, and the gun had been registered to Rex's house.

Rex thought he should call a lawyer. "Tell him," Echo urged her son in a low voice. Rex confessed that he had been the one to shoot Victor, but Echo yelled at Rex instead. "That won't help him," Echo insisted.

Rex admitted that they needed help. Shane might have the gun, and he'd already tried to kill himself once. "I was supposed to protect him," Rex said. "Tell me about your son," Bo urged. Rex explained that Shane wouldn't talk, and Rex often wished that Gigi were there. She would have known what to do. Rex thought it possible that Shane had taken the gun.

Rex wondered what Bo would do if Shane had committed the murder. Bo thought that they needed to find the boy first.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blair banged on the door of Viki's cabin. A gloved hand touched her on the shoulder, and she screamed. Seeing that it was only Téa holding a bundle of firewood, she angrily scolded Téa for scaring her. They went into the cabin, and Blair wondered where Todd was. Téa informed Blair that Todd's fever had broken, so she'd put him to bed. Blair filled in Téa about Jack's admission of his lie about Todd killing Victor. However, she disappointed Téa by telling her that Jack refused to tell the police.

Téa suggested that Jack needed professional help, and Blair agreed. Téa believed that their only option was to find the real killer. She told Blair that she'd thought of Rex as a potential suspect. Blair reminded Téa that Bo thought of Rex as a son, but Téa vowed to draw attention to the relationship if Bo didn't investigate the lead.

Blair agreed that losing the person someone loved could make them "crazy with hate." Blair wanted to head home, but made sure that Téa was all right staying with Todd. Blair knew that they couldn't keep Todd hidden forever, but Téa said that they would keep going until she found out who had killed her husband.

At Capricorn, Aubrey was tending the bar when Rama and Vimal arrived. Noticing the upset look on Aubrey's face, Rama wondered what was wrong. Aubrey informed the couple that she and Cutter had broken up. Rama thought it was about time, but Vimal reminded her that Aubrey probably wasn't as happy about the breakup as Rama was. Rama apologized, and said that she was only looking on the bright side.

Rama pulled Aubrey away to talk, and Vimal looked at the copy of the Sun that was sitting on the bar. He read about Todd allegedly being guilty of two murders, and thought back to when he'd asked Brody if Brody had killed Victor. Shaun entered, and wondered if something were wrong with Vimal. He replied that Victor's death had been a tragedy, and Shaun agreed. Shaun was glad that the police had at least caught the murderer. "Maybe," Vimal replied, which prompted questions from Shaun.

Vimal remembered meeting Todd when Todd had tried to get into the Sun offices. Vimal remembered thinking that Todd had seemed "shifty," but he hadn't seemed like a killer. Shaun related that finding the gun would close the case once and for all. Vimal remembered that the murder weapon was supposed to be a nine-millimeter gun, and recalled that the police in Llanview carried that type of gun. Shaun argued that the Llanview police were all "true blue," so the murderer couldn't have been a cop. "I hope you're right," Vimal said.

At a nearby table, Rama asked for details of Aubrey and Cutter's breakup. Aubrey admitted that Cutter had lied to her, and told Rama all about the gun they'd found. She explained about Cutter's theory that the gun had been Rex's, and he'd used it to murder Victor. Rama related Cutter's deception to the real Aubrey's deception. Aubrey admitted that she'd seen Cutter's sister, who went by Kim, at Aubrey's room at the Minute Man.

Aubrey admitted that it hadn't been Kim's first trip to Llanview, because she'd previously been married to Clint. Rama wondered why Clint would marry the ugly girl, but Aubrey countered that Kim was no longer ugly. Rama angrily related that Kim would have to go back under the knife once Rama was done with her. Aubrey assumed that Cutter had teamed up with Kim since Aubrey was no longer in the picture. Rama wondered where Kim was. She remembered blackmailing Cutter with his "dirty little secret," and said that she had ways of making him talk.

Cutter wondered how Kim knew that Stacy was the woman in the hospital bed, and asked how Stacy had gotten herself in the hospital. Kim started that she had begged Stacy not to go through with her plan, but Stacy had gone to Llanview anyway. Kim had followed her, and had gone straight to Gigi's house. She'd only found a computer with an address on the screen, and figured Stacy had gone there.

Kim had arrived at the house, and found the door the basement open. Kim had gone down the stairs, and had seen Stacy passed out. Kim had seen another room within the basement, and had opened the door and seen Gigi, near death. Kim had grabbed Stacy, and put her in the car. Cutter scolded her for leaving Gigi, but Kim related that she couldn't have carried two people up the stairs at the same time.

Just as Kim had been about to go back for Gigi, Rex had arrived. She had taken Stacy to the Cherryvale clinic, and had gotten Stacy moved to Kentucky as soon as it had been safe. Cutter agreed to admit that it was Stacy in the bed as long as Kim gave him the documents that gave Clint his fortune back. Kim refused, so Cutter threatened to turn Stacy in for Gigi's murder, which would make Kim an accessory. Kim agreed to give him the papers under one condition. Cutter didn't think Kim was in a position to make demands.

Kim wanted half of the money that the documents promised in order to take care of Stacy. Cutter finally agreed, and Kim gave him the papers. As Cutter exited the room, his phone rang. Outside the room, he answered his phone to Rama. Rama told him that they needed to meet in order to take care of some unfinished business.

Jack told Shane that he had to leave, but Shane wouldn't let Jack leave until Jack confessed to killing Gigi. As Shane menacingly pointed the gun at Jack, Jack maintained that he had nothing to confess. Shane demanded that Jack start from the beginning. Jack insisted that it hadn't been his fault, but Shane told him to "tell me what you did, or die just like my mom." Jack called Shane's bluff, but Shane pointed the gun and pulled the trigger.

"You shot me!" Jack yelled, grasping his leg. "I shot the tree, you idiot," Shane replied. There was a chunk taken out of the tree, and a wet spot running down the front of Jack's pants. "I guess potty training didn't take," Shane cracked. He told Jack to start talking, or he wouldn't miss "next time." As Jack was about to start talking, Rex and Bo entered, and yelled for Shane to put the gun down.

Shane cried that Jack had been about to admit that he'd had something to do with Gigi's death. "He's going down one way or another," Shane told them. Rex pleaded with his son to put the gun down, and told him to think about what Gigi would think about Shane's actions. Shane dropped the gun, and Bo picked it up. Shane collapsed, crying, into Rex's arms.

Jessica was looking at Natalie's paternity test results when the doorbell rang. She put away the paper and answered the door to John. Jessica invited him in, and he hoped that she had some information for him. He wondered if she'd seen or heard from Todd. She hadn't seen her uncle, but promised to encourage him to turn himself in if he tried to contact her. John felt like Jessica was holding something back, and wondered what it was. Just then, Ryder began to cry, so Jessica went upstairs to get him.

Jessica returned with Ryder moments later. Jessica asked if John wanted to give the fussy baby a try, and handed Ryder to John. The baby stopped crying, and Jessica observed how good John was with Ryder. Jessica asked if he'd heard about Natalie and Brody's engagement, and asked how John was doing. "If they're happy, I'm happy," he replied. Jessica called his bluff, and he admitted that he didn't really mean that.

John continued that things hadn't turned out well for Jessica, either, except for the fact that she had Ryder. John gave Ryder back to Jessica, and thanked her for telling him what she knew. She reminded him that she hadn't told him anything. He replied that he knew she would tell him if she knew anything, and left. She looked at the paternity results, and told Ryder that she knew she should have told John about Liam, but she couldn't do that to Brody.

At the station, Natalie told Brody that she wanted to "call it a night," but Brody wanted to stick around. Natalie wanted him to go home with her, but he wanted to work to figure out where Todd was hiding. Natalie reminded him that finding Todd wouldn't necessarily close the cases. Brody pointed out that there was motive, and an eyewitness, but Natalie related that she didn't believe Jack's story. Natalie thought that they needed to examine every possible suspect. Brody remembered Vimal accusing him of killing Victor, and wondered if Natalie had another suspect in mind.

Just then, Bo entered the police station with Rex, Shane, and Jack in tow. As Jack demanded that Shane be put in jail, Bo handed the gun to Natalie, and asked her to compare it to the bullet that had murdered Victor. Bo put Rex and Shane in his office, and then filled Brody in on the night's happenings. He asked Brody to take Jack to the locker room to get him cleaned up. Brody offered to call Blair, but Bo promised to take care of it.

Bo went into his office, and told Shane that they needed to talk. However, Rex refused to let Shane talk without a lawyer present. Shane refused a lawyer, and insisted that he needed to confess, because his secret was killing him. Bo promised to be as easy on Shane as possible. Rex agreed that Shane should do what he needed to do, and Shane nodded.

Bo asked Shane to tell him about the gun. Shane admitted that it was the same one he'd had on the night of Victor's murder. The night Victor had been killed, he'd gotten the gun out of the safe. He'd taken the gun, and one of the cars, and he'd gone to Jack's to make Jack pay for Gigi's death. He remembered hitting Jack over the head with the gun. He'd wanted to shoot Jack, but couldn't. Bo wondered if Shane could have shot Victor.

Shane clarified that he hadn't shot Victor. He'd been worried that Jack had been unconscious, so he'd taken Jack to the hospital, and had left him there. After that, he'd gone home, put the gun in the safe, and gone to bed. Rex wanted to take Shane home, but Bo wouldn't let him. He explained that Echo had said that the gun had been fired, and asked again if Shane had fired the gun. Shane admitted that he'd never fired a gun, so he'd fired a practice shot at the backyard fence before he'd gone to Jack's.

Brody led Jack through the station after getting him cleaned up, and Jack demanded to go home. Brody said that Jack would go home when Bo allowed him to. Jack threatened to have everyone fired if Shane got away with holding Jack at gunpoint. "Like you got away with Gigi?" Brody shot back. Jack thought that the entire police force was corrupt.

Natalie walked by with the results of the comparative test, and showed Brody the results. John entered the station and wondered what he'd missed. Natalie entered Bo's office, and announced that the gun Shane had didn't match the murder weapon. Bo followed her out of the office. He updated John, and said that the test had ruled out Shane as a suspect.

Bo angrily turned on Jack, and demanded to know why Jack had accused Todd of hitting him over the head when Shane had done it. Jack exclaimed that it didn't mean that Todd hadn't killed Victor. Bo ordered Brody to take Jack home. Bo told John that they were back at square one. Brody overheard Bo say that anyone could have committed the murder.

Friday, October 14, 2011

As Dani rushed around getting ready for school, Téa phoned her daughter from the cabin. Téa advised Dani that she was at home, but was leaving the house and heading over to the police station. Dani glanced around and ran to the door, but she didn't see any signs of her mother. Dani was confused, but she headed out the door. As she left the house, Nate arrived and held out a brightly decorated gift bag.

It was Dani's birthday, and Nate wanted to give her a gift, even though they were no longer together. Nate was mortified when Dani began to cry. "That's not the reaction I was looking for," Nate declared. He waited helplessly until Dani began to compose herself. They each apologized to the other, but Dani assured Nate that it wasn't his fault.

Everyone in Dani's family had forgotten about her birthday with all of the excitement and catastrophes, Dani explained. Her mother had also lied to her that morning about where she was. "I think she's with my real father, Todd," Dani guessed. Dani was scared. Nate assured her that Téa was the smartest woman he knew, and if she had lied, it had been for a good reason. Téa had probably wanted to protect Dani.

Nate had hoped the gift would help Dani feel better for a little while. She opened it up, and she was confused. It was a DVD of the original Manchurian Candidate. Nate recalled how they'd had a disagreement over the remake, because Dani had liked that one so much, and he'd promised to watch the original with her. Awkwardly, Dani announced that she remembered, though it was obvious that she really didn't.

Dani decided to take a mental health day and skip school. She planned to watch the film that Nate had given her. Nate said goodbye and made his way to the door. Dani stopped him before he left, and she asked him to stick around and watch the movie with her.

Nate grinned. He hoped she was sure, because he was aware that he wasn't her favorite person. Dani agreed that he wasn't, but she wondered who else would be able to explain why the original film was the better one.

Todd asked Téa why she had lied about her location to Dani, and Téa shouted that she hadn't wanted to make yet another daughter an accessory to Todd's offenses. "There's been a development with Jack," Téa added. She informed Todd that Rex had been let go as well. Todd wanted an explanation. "Basically, Starr caught Jack in a lie," Téa revealed.

Téa explained that Jack had admitted to Starr that he'd really heard the details of Victor's murder via Shaun's description of a voicemail, but then had denied saying that. Téa noted that Blair had tried to get Jack to tell the truth, without any success. Todd was bitter and assumed that Blair hadn't tried very hard. Téa assured him that Blair had taken a great risk to hide and protect Todd.

Téa advised Todd not to lose hope, though he admitted that he felt like he was in jail again due to being confined at the cabin.

Blair arrived at the police station and demanded to know what Bo was going to do about Shane holding Jack at gunpoint. Bo explained that Shane had merely wanted Jack to confess that he'd killed Gigi, but Shane had actually been the one to confess. Blair was puzzled.

Bo divulged that Shane had confessed that he'd been the one to hit Jack over the head with a gun the night of the murder, but he would have been too scared to commit a murder. Instead, Shane had been worried, and he had dropped Jack off at the hospital. The police had checked the gun in question, and it had not been the murder weapon.

"That's good news for Todd, right?" Blair asked. Bo agreed that it was, since it turned out that Todd hadn't been the one to strike Jack. Bo thought it would be even better if Todd weren't a fugitive and hiding someplace that only Todd's trusted friends knew about. "What are you getting at, Bo?" Blair inquired.

Bo assured her that he was merely speculating on Todd's whereabouts. Blair asked what would happen to Tomas and Starr. Bo advised her that Tomas had confessed to Irene's murder, but he was hopeful that Starr could be arraigned quickly. The only problem was that the mayor was behind Starr's imprisonment. Blair was adamant that Starr not be used as bait to entice Todd to turn himself in.

Bo thought that one of Todd's trusted friends could help both Starr and Tomas. They could convince Todd to turn himself in as the mayor wanted. Bo suggested that Blair use one of the phones in the squad room to call "anyone about anything." Blair stepped away and made a quick call to Téa on her cell phone instead.

Téa was eager to hear that Rex had been arraigned. "Not even close," Blair admitted. She filled Téa in and, after the phone call, headed back to Bo's office. Bo informed Blair that Nora would arrange for Starr's arraignment as soon as possible. Blair smiled. She asked what Bo planned to do about Shane and whether there would be any charges against him.

Bo revealed that there wouldn't be any charges filed against Shane. Blair was angry, and she accused Bo of sticking together with his friends and family members. Bo suggested that Blair think long and hard before she decided to press charges against Shane. Jack would also have charges pressed against him for making false statements and obstructing justice. "Is that what you want?" Bo asked.

Jack should forget about Shane and recant his statement about Todd, Bo suggested. It would all be attributed to the fact that the teen had been confused after getting hit on the head. He'd made a mistake. Bo declared that there would be no consequences, and he thought that Blair would want to protect her son. He understood that more than Blair knew, Bo said as he looked down at an old photo of his son, Drew.

Todd wanted an update as soon as Téa got off the phone. She told him that Shane had pointed a gun at Jack. Todd was crazed to hear that, and he asked if the gun had been the murder weapon. Téa advised him that ballistics had checked the gun and cleared both Shane and Rex. The gun had not been used in the murder. The good news was that Shane had admitted to attacking Jack the night of the murder, and the police no longer believed Jack's story.

Todd wondered if the charges against him had been dropped, but Téa pointed out that there was no murder weapon, and Todd had had a motive. He was also a fugitive. Téa added that the mayor had been pursuing a maximum charge against Starr unless Todd turned himself in. Todd was ready to go, but Téa wanted some guarantees first.

Todd was appreciative of Téa's help, but she made it clear that she was helping Victor and not Todd. She refused to let Todd leave and be railroaded. They needed to find the real killer, and Téa apologized to Victor for not having located the one who had killed him. Todd promised that he was there for Téa, and he would stay at the cabin. She left for the police station.

After Téa was gone, Todd picked up a photo that he found on the floor. It was a picture of Téa and Victor. Todd felt that Victor was torturing them, and he wondered who had killed his brother. Todd thought that because they'd been twins, he should have had some kind of connection to his brother.

Echo had a tray full of pumpkin muffins and coffee for Rex. She admitted that she'd baked them herself in order to make up for doubting him. She couldn't believe that she and Roxy had messed things up. Rex was only grateful that his mothers had tried to protect him. He wondered why the women hadn't just gotten rid of the gun in question.

"It's complicated," Echo replied. "Okay, try me," Rex persisted. Echo sighed. It was a long story, but she guessed she should start at the beginning. Before she could say anything, Shane interrupted them. He was upset that he'd overslept, but Rex assured his son that he could skip school for the day. Rex asked Echo to give him and Shane some privacy so that he could talk to his son.

Rex was aware that Shane had been upset and scared, and he'd had lots of rage. There was no need for Shane to apologize for what he'd done. Shane had been in possession of the gun and he'd been alone, but Rex wished that Shane could have talked to him. Shane acknowledged that everything had been crazy, but he hadn't been able to talk to his father about it. He'd believed that Rex had been the one who had killed Victor.

Shane explained that he'd known that Jack was lying about Todd hitting him over the head, so Shane was aware that someone else had committed the murder. Shane had put the gun away and gone to bed, but then later, he'd seen Rex return home, all muddy and wet. He'd thought that Rex had been lying when he had stated that he'd been to Gigi's grave.

Furthermore, Rex had always talked about getting even with Victor and Jack, Shane added. Shane hadn't been able to go through with killing anyone, and he had assumed that Rex had murdered Victor. He apologized to his father, and Rex hugged him. Rex recognized that they'd been distant ever since Gigi's death.

Rex was aware that he'd been consumed with revenge, but he assured his son that they would have each other's backs. Shane wondered if he were going to get into trouble for what he'd done to Jack. "We'll face it together," Rex promised. He would also listen to Shane without judgment whenever Shane wanted to talk.

Rex knew he couldn't fix everything, though, and he admitted that he had been chasing a ghost. That would have to stop, too, he said as he looked down at the café check where the waitress had written "Don't Give Up." Rex was determined that he and Shane wouldn't give up on each other. He was certain that was what Gigi had meant. They would never forget Gigi, but they had to let her go.

In Anchorage, Kentucky, Kim talked to a comatose Stacy and explained that she'd had to give the signed papers to Cutter. Kim was sorry, because she had wanted to see Clint's expression when he received the papers, all tied with a bow, that returned all of his belongings to him. Somehow, her brother always got what he wanted, Kim proclaimed. She and Stacy would still receive half of the money for Stacy's hospital bills though.

Near the hospital, Cutter was astonished when he found Rama at the Spotted Pony. Rama demanded to know where the real Aubrey was. Cutter replied that he hadn't seen her in years, but Rama knew otherwise. She had received the truth from the fake Aubrey, Rama revealed. Rama wanted the money that Aubrey had stolen from her, and she threatened to go to the Anchorage police if Cutter didn't speak up.

Rama flashed back to the past incident in the Spotted Pony. She recalled trying to track down Aubrey in order to get her money, when she'd seen Cutter leaning over a dead body. She wondered if Cutter had changed his mind and remembered where Aubrey might be. "Maybe I do know where Kim is," Cutter replied. He couldn't tell Rama, though, and he couldn't help out.

Rama reminded him that she had proof from the night of Cutter's crime, and she thought he should reconsider. Cutter accused Rama of bluffing, because she'd threatened him in the past. She'd never called the police, and she never would. Another flashback revealed that Cutter had stopped Rama from calling the police in the past.

On the night of the crime, Cutter had mentioned that the idea of being found in a bar with a dead body wouldn't go over well with Rama's fiancé and future in-laws. Rama had agreed, but she'd taken a picture with her cell phone and run off. She still had the photo, and this time she would go to the police. Her family would applaud her for doing the right thing, and the police would be happy to have the murder solved.

Cutter was adamant that Kim was broke, and she couldn't very well redo all of her plastic surgery. He grabbed Rama, and she cried out. The bartender wondered if she were okay, and Rama assured him that she was. Cutter advised Rama that she couldn't threaten him forever. "Whatcha gonna do, kill me?" Rama wondered. Cutter assured her that he wouldn't kill her. He had another plan, and it was one that would solve many problems.

Kim hoped that Cutter would do the right thing, though she knew she had reason to doubt him. He'd gotten her in trouble before. Kim was aware that Stacy had doubts about Cutter too. Kim flashed back to her previous life as a grifter. Cutter would drug the men in the Spotted Pony, while Kim cozied up to them. Then they would rob the men.

One night, a man had died because Cutter had put too much of the drug in the man's drink. Kim admitted that she had trusted Cutter "within reason," but she'd had no choice. She had needed to go along with him. Suddenly, she briefly expressed doubt that it was actually Stacy lying in the bed, and she wondered if it might really be Gigi. Kim shook it off. She was certain it was Stacy.

Kim received a phone call. It was Echo, and she was calling about the document. Echo wanted it returned. Kim reminded her that they'd had an agreement, but Echo informed her that Rex's gun had not been the murder weapon. "The deal is off," Echo pronounced. "Buyer beware," Kim stated. They'd had a deal.

Echo informed Kim that Rex was innocent of Victor's murder, and Echo vowed to track Kim down and take the papers forcefully. Kim was happy to reveal that she no longer had the papers, and that she'd given them to someone else. She wasn't scared of Echo either. Kim abruptly ended the call.

Kim turned to Stacy and admitted that Stacy had been right. Rex hadn't killed anyone. Kim swore that Stacy would be finished with Rex once Stacy was up and about. Kim was thrilled that she and Stacy would be on "Easy Street" soon enough.

Echo phoned Roxy and advised her that someone else had possession of the documents, but she didn't know who it was.

Téa arrived at the police station. She advised Bo that Todd was ready to turn himself in, but she wanted something in return.

Kim went to the Spotted Pony and saw Rama. "Is that really you, Aubrey?" Rama inquired. "I'm here to settle an old score," Rama asserted.

At the hospital, the unconscious patient wiggled her toes and opened her eyes.

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