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Monday, October 17, 2011

At Liam's house, Katie wished she could celebrate with Bill, but to her, the marriage was a travesty. Nearby, Ridge told Liam and Taylor that he couldn't help but give his blessing to the marriage after he'd seen his daughter's radiance. Ridge told Liam to treat his daughter right. Liam walked off, and Katie said she couldn't believe Ridge was being supportive. Katie figured that Liam was a level-headed guy, which made her question the rushed marriage. Taylor scoffed, but Katie said there were a lot of unanswered questions, including the one of Bill's giddiness about the union.

Bill offered a drink to Ridge, who stated that he liked Liam, but not Bill. Sauntering off, Bill told Ridge not to be a hater when love was in the air. Liam approached Ridge, and Ridge warned Liam not to hurt Steffy, because Ridge's other daughter had already been devastated by the marriage. Liam vowed to do everything he could to make Steffy happy. Taylor wondered where Steffy was, and Bill decided to wind down the party to give the newlyweds time alone.

Outside, Hope arrived on the patio and demanded to see Liam. Steffy doubted that Hope wished to congratulate Liam and Steffy on their new marriage. In response, Hope doubted Liam knew that she'd been in Aspen. Hope said she'd tell him everything, and he'd realize that the marriage had been a mistake. Steffy scoffed, saying Hope needed to accept the marriage. Hope stated that she'd seen the whole thing happen from her stalled gondola. Steffy feigned shock, but Hope asserted that Steffy had known Hope had been up there the whole time.

Hope explained that she'd been ready to give herself to Liam completely and to apologize to him for not putting him first. She cynically guessed she'd been too late, and Steffy agreed, adding that everything had happened for a reason. Hope felt that she and Liam would have worked things out if it hadn't been for Steffy; however, Steffy stated that Liam was sick of being the poster-boy for abstinence. Revealing that "her dad" had given her his blessing, Steffy concluded that Hope's sexual problems had originated with her parents. Hope cut Steffy off and demanded to talk to Liam. Steffy refused to let Hope inside, and Hope bet that it was because Steffy feared that Liam would change his mind.

Steffy said she wasn't afraid of Hope, and Hope's trip to Aspen proved how unstable Hope was. Steffy stated that everything Liam had planned to do with Hope, he'd do with Steffy. Steffy asserted that it was her and Liam's night in their home, and Hope needed to respect their marriage. Hope heard Liam calling Steffy "Sweetheart" as he was inside looking for her. Steffy ordered Hope to leave, and Hope slinked away just before Liam found Steffy on the patio.

Later, Liam and Steffy cuddled on the sofa, and she told him that her father had been amazing with her earlier. Steffy uttered that she wanted to feel the way she did at that moment for the rest of her life. As they made out, Steffy decided to head to the bedroom, but Liam offered to join her once he straightened up the living room. As he cleaned, he found a picture of himself and Hope, and he stared at it until he heard Steffy calling him. He tucked the picture away and went into the bedroom to have sex with Steffy.

In her car in Liam's driveway, Brooke received a call from Donna, who asked about Hope. Brooke said that she and Hope were at Liam's house, and Hope had insisted that Brooke wait in the car while Hope explained things to Liam. Donna wondered if it was too late for the young couple, but Brooke replied that she knew firsthand that it was never too late.

When Hope got back into the car later, she looked devastated. Brooke guessed that her daughter hadn't seen Liam. Hope replied that Steffy hadn't allowed it, and it was too late. Brooke insisted that it was never too late, but Hope didn't know what the point was anymore. Hope cited that it was Liam's first night as Steffy's husband, and he might be happy. To Brooke's dismay, Hope insisted upon going home.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

by Pam

At Jackie M, Nick and Jackie discussed Owen's trip to Hawaii with Bridget and Logan. Jackie insisted that it was a good idea -- her idea -- for the three of them to spend time together. Nick said that he knew something was going on. Jackie talked about how lucky Logan was to have Owen in his life. Nick still thought it had been strange that Jackie had hardly spoken to Owen while he was gone.

Jackie said that she wanted him to enjoy time with his son without her hovering. Jackie seemed emotional and said that she and Owen were connected even though he had been in Hawaii. Jackie added that she'd had an interesting conversation with Bill Spencer, but Nick wanted to know why Jackie seemed so on-edge. Jackie said that she had to leave to go home to her husband.

At the Forrester house, Rick, Eric, and Brooke welcomed Bridget, Logan, and Owen home from Hawaii. Eric played with Logan, and Bridget said that they'd had a great vacation as a family.

Eric teased Bridget about returning to Forrester and designing for him. Bridget said that she had made up her mind, and planned to remain committed to medicine. She said that she didn't want the stress and publicity of the fashion world. She added that it had been a nice change of pace not to have to hide from photographers.

Eric invited Brooke to stay for a while, but Brooke said that she had to return to work. Brooke and Bridget privately discussed Hope, and Brooke asked Bridget to talk to Hope because Hope had been glum since Liam had married Steffy.

When Bridget and Brooke said goodbye, Brooke reminded Bridget that Owen was married to Jackie. Bridget acknowledged her mother's words. Brooke left, and Owen followed. Bridget told Owen that she'd had a wonderful vacation. Owen kissed Bridget on the lips, told her that he loved her, and said he was leaving to meet Jackie.

Rick and Eric noticed the exchange. They quizzed Bridget about her feelings for Owen. Bridget said that nothing had happened in Hawaii, but Bridget admitted that she loved Owen more than she had any right to love him. She respected his marriage, but she loved him. Bridget said that the vacation was nice. Eric and Rick left, and Nick showed up. Bridget was stunned.

At Forrester, Taylor and Ridge met with Steffy, who told them how much it had meant to her for Ridge to show up to celebrate her marriage. Steffy thanked her father. Taylor agreed. Ridge said that he hoped the marriage was everything that she had wanted. Steffy said that she felt their luck had changed. Taylor said that things were looking up for everyone.

Taylor and Ridge shared that they were glad to see their daughter so happy. Steffy was elated and shared her excitement with a friend on the phone. Ridge and Taylor smiled. Brooke entered, and said that she wondered what had really happened in Aspen. Taylor countered that Steffy didn't have to answer any questions, and Ridge refused to reopen the conversation.

Brooke wondered how Liam could break one engagement and get married the next day. Steffy defended her relationship with Liam. Steffy and Brooke argued, and Steffy claimed that she hadn't tricked Liam into marrying her.

Steffy added that her relationship with Liam was private -- unlike Hope's relationship with him. Taylor said that Hope appeared to respect the marriage, and she reminded Brooke that Brooke needed to respect it also.

Brooke said that Hope would fight for Liam. Taylor told her not to do anything. Steffy warned that Liam loved Steffy, and Steffy begged Brooke to give up and suggested a truce. Brooke looked at Steffy and Taylor in disgust.

At home, Jackie greeted Owen with champagne. She asked all about his vacation. They complimented one another. Owen said that he'd had an incredible time, and he kissed Jackie and thanked her for suggesting the trip. They discussed Owen and Logan's adventure on a surfboard in the ocean. They kissed, and Owen realized that something was wrong.

Jackie wanted to know all the details, but Owen said that Bridget had emailed pictures. Jackie said she was desperate to know about how their family vacation had gone. Owen wondered why Jackie was acting so oddly. Jackie said that she wanted to have a beautiful night together.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Bridget had just put Logan to bed, and Nick entered and told her she looked beautiful. He asked how she was doing. Bridget said that she was happy and so was her little boy. Nick confessed that he was confused about the relationship that involved his mother, Owen, and Bridget. Nick asked how Bridget felt about Owen. He wanted to know if Bridget was in love with Owen.

Bridget dodged the question when Rick entered and greeted Nick, who wondered aloud if Bridget had wanted to live with Owen and raise Logan together as a family. Rick backed out of the conversation. Bridget commented that Jackie had perfectly orchestrated every detail of the Hawaiian vacation. Bridget wondered why Jackie had done it. Nick said that his mother had done it out of love for Owen. Nick said that it was good to see Bridget. He left.

At home, Jackie told Owen that she wanted to have a night like no other. She brought up old memories like when she had parasailed and almost drowned. Owen asked why she had sent him away on the vacation. She said that she had wanted him to make memories with his son. She knew that he needed time with his family, his real family.

Jackie suspected that Owen needed his family, but Owen said that he didn't want her to question his love for her. Jackie said that she would never question his love. Jackie added, however, that Logan needed his father to be there for him in the morning and see him everyday.

Jackie cried when she recalled that Nick had grown up without a father. Jackie said that she loved Logan, and she had a chance to do something good for him. She insisted that her decision to send Owen off to live with his family didn't take away anything that she and Owen had shared together.

Owen questioned her making the decision for all of them. Jackie said it had been made when Logan had been born. She knew Owen would be a great full-time dad, and he and Bridget would love each other. She acknowledged her intoxicating years with Owen, but said it was time to go in different directions. She acknowledged that they would always love each other.

Jackie kissed Owen and told him to leave. He told her that she was one classy, selfless dame, and then left. He said that he would always love her and never forget her. Owen looked torn. He left. Jackie sobbed after Owen had left.

Nick entered and Jackie told him that she had sent Owen off to live with Bridget and Logan. She wanted to celebrate with champagne. Nick wondered how she could have set Owen free. Jackie said that children needed a mom and dad, and it had not worked out that way for Nick, but she knew that Owen and Bridget loved each other.

At home, Bridget cuddled with Logan. Owen arrived, and Bridget said that Logan had missed his daddy. Owen asked if she had missed him too. Bridget asked why he wasn't with Jackie. He said that he had been with Jackie, but he planned a life with Bridget and Logan, and it was where he wanted to be.

Owen explained that Jackie had ended their marriage so that he could give Logan the life Logan deserved. Jackie knew how important it was to be a family. Owen said he'd always love Jackie, but he loved Bridget too. He loved her devotion to their son. Owen said that he wanted to be a family and move in together. Bridget and Owen kissed. Owen and Bridget declared their love for one another and for Logan.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

At Nick's house, Nick asked if Jackie had any second thoughts about Owen. Jackie said Owen belonged with Bridget and Logan. Though Jackie still loved Owen, she felt she was doing what was best for him. Nick wondered what was best for her. Jackie figured that sacrifice was hard, but she'd always known that she and Owen would end one day. "So it's you and me again," she proclaimed. She and Nick guessed that wasn't so bad, and they hugged.

At Eric's house, Eric, Rick, and Stephanie were surprised to hear that Owen and Bridget were together. Owen explained that Jackie had insisted upon ending the marriage to let him be with Logan. Stephanie became concerned, but Bridget said Jackie had given Logan the ultimate gift of family. Eric figured that Jackie would need a friend, and Stephanie volunteered to be there for her. Owen expressed that Jackie had been selfless, and he was completely committed to Bridget and Logan. He said Jackie would always be a part of their family, and he was glad to be a part of the Forresters.

Bridget and Owen left, and Rick overheard Stephanie and Eric talking about Jackie's extraordinary choice. Stephanie pulled away when Eric touched her, and after she went upstairs, Rick entered and thanked Eric for allowing him to stay there. Rick asked about the plans Eric had made for Stephanie the other night, and with a shrug, Eric said they'd been all right. Rick stated that he'd noticed the distance between his father and Stephanie. Explaining that an illness could change people, Eric told his son not to worry about him. Rick insisted that Eric needed support, and Rick would give it to him.

At Forrester, Hope arrived after facing reporters about Liam and Steffy. Brooke encouraged Hope to explain everything to Liam, because their relationship deserved that much. Hope asserted that it was pointless, because Liam might have married Steffy anyway. Brooke said someone had trapped Hope in the gondola to ensure the marriage. Suspecting it was Bill, Brooke vowed to get answers. Hope insisted that she had to live with the consequences of overacting to the kiss. Hope sat down to get some work done, and Brooke strode out of the office.

At the cliff house, Liam left Bill and Steffy alone so Liam could take a shower. Bill guessed that, with Hope out of the picture, Steffy and Liam had a bright future ahead of them. Steffy revealed that Hope wasn't gone because Brooke suspected that something was amiss. Bill didn't think it mattered. He suggested that Steffy focus on Liam, because Hope and Brooke would eventually move on with their lives.

Bill exited, and Liam returned to the room. Liam supposed it was back to the real world, but Steffy didn't want to go to work. She hated the thought of being away from him and said her life had begun when they'd gotten married. Before heading to work, Steffy told Liam that she was in love with him and couldn't imagine her life without him. Later, Liam stared at a picture of himself and Hope until he heard a knock at the door. When he answered, Brooke entered and demanded that he hear her out.

Liam figured that it was about Steffy, but he asserted that it wasn't Brooke's business. Brooke questioned the breakup between Hope and Liam and guessed that Liam hadn't even spoken to Hope. Liam contended that Hope hadn't wanted to talk to him, and she'd just left the ring on the mantel. Brooke wondered if he even deserved Hope. She asked if it had ever occurred to him that Hope had taken such actions for a reason. Liam quipped that the relationship hadn't fit in with her career, and Brooke replied that he'd never loved her daughter.

Liam claimed that Hope had meant everything to him, but she hadn't felt the same way. Brooke said he was wrong. She revealed that Hope had arranged the Ajax meeting; however, she'd gotten stuck in a gondola and had been forced to watch him marry Steffy. Brooke demanded to know if he'd gone to the mountain to meet her daughter or to marry Steffy. A flabbergasted Liam said he'd gotten the message, and he'd waited on that mountain. He couldn't believe Hope had been there the whole time.

Back at Forrester, Hope and Steffy encountered each other in Ridge's office. Steffy thanked Hope for not intruding on Steffy's marriage. Hope stated that she never should have gone to the cliff house the other night. Figuring that Brooke had been behind that, Steffy said Hope needed to get her mother to accept the marriage, just as Hope had.

Friday, October 21, 2011

At Stephanie's house in the morning, Pam rejoiced over Stephanie's test results, and she figured that Eric was probably ecstatic. Stephanie, however, reasoned that the tumors might not be gone, and Eric wanted something that Stephanie wasn't sure she could give him. Stephen arrived, and he and Pam exchanged hugs and kisses. Stephen had popped in to tell Pam about the honeymoon he'd booked, and Stephanie groaned as the mushy couple kissed each other goodbye.

Once Stephen had gone, Stephanie complimented Pam and Stephen's intimate connection. Stephanie confessed that she could no longer give such a thing to Eric, but Pam doubted Eric had high expectations during the cancer battle. "Honey, he's a male. Come on," Stephanie responded. Though she couldn't explain why, Stephanie revealed that she had no interest. She wished she could snap herself into the mood, and she helplessly wondered what she was going to do.

At Nick's house, a morose Jackie was still in her robe and didn't want to force herself to go to work. She told Nick that she'd decided to buy her old loft back from Steffy, who'd put it up for sale after the wedding. Nick wondered if memories of Owen in the loft would haunt her. Jackie said that was the point, because the memories had been the happiest of her life. She didn't want Owen to see her sad, because it was a joyful divorce.

The doorbell rang, and as she answered it, she said Owen, Bridget, and Logan were better off. "And they have you to thank for it," Eric said from the threshold.

Nick left, and Eric said he was grateful for Jackie's sacrifice. She was glad not to be alone, and he stated that he and Stephanie would help her through it. He shared the good news about the tumors, and Jackie beamed that Stephanie was lucky to have the supportive Eric. "You want to tell her that?" he wondered. Jackie grew concerned about Eric and Stephanie, but he said that butting heads made them work. Jackie reasoned that some couples really were "until death do us part," and Eric supposed so.

When Eric returned home, he told Stephanie that Jackie was doing well. Expressing his great respect for Stephanie and her trials, he said he didn't mean to ask too much of her. Stephanie wished they could be on the same page for his sake. Eric told her that it wasn't just about desire; it was about feeling the touch of the woman that he loved. She said she understood, but wondered if her willingness to try would be enough. She wanted to be the partner that he needed, but she needed patience. Desiring to be the same for her, Eric said he'd patient, and her understanding was enough for then.

At the cliff house, Brooke deduced that Liam had actually been waiting for Hope at the summit, but he'd wound up marrying Steffy. Confused, Liam said that, unlike Hope, Steffy had been ready to commit. Brooke revealed that Hope had broken off the engagement because, while preparing for the most romantic night of her and Liam's lives, she'd seen him kissing Steffy in the car after the party. Brooke asserted that Hope had been ready to move in and give herself to him that very night.

As Liam soaked in the news, Brooke conveyed her suspicion that Steffy had stopped the gondola. Liam didn't buy it, but Brooke was convinced Steffy had made it happen. Brooke said Hope had become a different person, thanks to Steffy, and Brooke declared that he'd married the wrong woman.

In Ridge's office, Steffy asked Hope to prevent Brooke from interfering in Steffy's marriage. Hope scoffed that she didn't want to talk about the marriage with her mother, or anyone else. Steffy wished they could find a way to get along, but Hope raged at Steffy's audacity. Thomas entered and told Steffy to lay off, because it was a tough situation. Steffy shrieked that it was her marriage and left.

Thomas advised Hope to let Liam go, because it wasn't meant to be. As Thomas hugged the tearful Hope, she apologized for crying on his shoulder. He offered to be there if she ever needed to talk.

Across the hall, Brooke strode into Steffy's office and announced that she'd talked to Liam about why his marriage to Steffy had been a huge mistake. Brooke stated that Steffy had gotten Liam by default; however, Hope hadn't really defaulted. Brooke revealed that Hope had been ready to move in and give herself to Liam until she'd seen him kissing Steffy in the car. Steffy seemed taken aback. Brooke continued to say that Hope's feelings for Liam hadn't changed, and Liam finally knew everything.

Back in Ridge's office, Hope looked at an engagement campaign photo and recalled Liam's proposal. A downtrodden Liam entered the room. He said he'd spoken to her mother, but wondered if what Brooke had said was true.

Hope started to cry, and she explained that she'd been ready to move in with him and be with him. She said that the whole time she'd been preparing for their night, he'd been with Steffy. "It hadn't been like that, but yeah," he mumbled.

Hope stressed that she'd overreacted by giving back the ring; however, when she'd gone looking for Liam the following day, he'd already been engaged to Steffy. Hope said she'd done everything in her power to find him in Aspen. She explained that she'd been on her way up the mountain, but the gondola had stopped. "One day, I'm ready to begin my life with you, and the next, you marry Steffy," Hope incredulously uttered. It had been the hardest thing Hope had ever gone through.

Hope turned away from Liam, but he pulled her into his arms and held her. He conveyed that he'd gone to the mountain after getting the message, and Hope realized that he'd gone to meet her, not to get married. Without another word, she passionately kissed him.

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