General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 23, 2016 on GH

Anna said a final goodbye to Duke. Sonny and Michael rescued Sabrina. Alexis turned to Diane for legal advice. Lucas was attacked and left for dead. Nikolas' body landed at the bottom of the cliffs and was swept out to sea.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 23, 2016 on GH
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Prepare the Preparations Prepare the Preparations

Monday, May 23, 2016

In the Metro Court ballroom, Bobbie watched as Valerie danced with two other performers in rehearsal for the Nurses Ball. Valerie greeted her aunt, who wished that Patricia was there to watch Valerie dance.

Felix entered the room, barking orders at the performers, reminding them that the ball was the next day. Brad whispered to Lucas that he didn't know why Felix got so worked up when the show always turned out great. They agreed that the next night's ball would be the best yet. Brad declared that nothing bad would happen, just as a stage light crashed to the floor. When everyone stopped to look, Felix demanded that everyone get back to work and began to order the workers around.

Hayden arrived with Curtis, who was picking Valerie up after rehearsal. He told Hayden how Lucy hadn't given him a choice about performing, but he didn't mind because it was a "worthy cause." Hayden thought that if anyone had the right to complain about their situation, she did about her "personal finances." She dreaded getting a "low-level job." She asked him to let her know if he changed his mind about stealing her diamonds back from Nikolas, and she left.

Curtis watched Valerie dance until she took a break. Valerie hinted to Bobbie that she could join the number, but Bobbie claimed to be tired and hoped she wasn't getting sick. Lucas appeared, worried about his mother. She vowed not to miss the Nurses Ball, since it was her favorite night of the year. Brad and Lucas smirked, and Valerie asked if they knew about a surprise performance. Lucas hinted that the ball would be Bobbie's "favorite ever."

Later, Valerie wore headphones and danced along to her music. Curtis approached and complimented her dancing. She wondered if she could see his act, but he informed her that Lucy had wanted the act kept "top secret." He suggested that they ditch their respective acts and do something together.

On the phone, Nikolas asked the person on the other end to make his last deposit "liquid, immediately." After hanging up, he dumped Hayden's diamonds out into his hand. He took a step and slipped on some DVDs Spencer had left out, scattering the diamonds across the floor. He was scrambling to pick them up when Elizabeth entered, catching sight of the diamonds.

Nikolas demanded that Elizabeth forget what she'd seen. She wondered if the diamonds had belonged to Hayden's father. She urged him to turn Hayden in, and his wife would be out of his life forever. He revealed that the diamonds were his leverage against Hayden and that he'd sold one due to his "cash flow problem." She informed him that Lucy would have understood if he hadn't been able to make his usual donation. "And I thought my life was complicated," she cracked. She warned him to watch his back, hugged him, and left.

Liesl called out to Finn at the hospital and informed him that she'd been doing some research, which was supposed to yield some "interesting results." She disclosed that she'd requested the files on his employment from his last hospital, but the hospital had strict privacy protocols. "Like any hospital anywhere!" Finn exclaimed. She explained that she wanted to make sure that, after Finn had lost two patients in less than a month under similar circumstances, there wasn't a "trail of corpses" behind him.

Finn declared Liesl insane and accused her of violating his privacy. "I couldn't care less," she said. Finn walked away and ran right into Hayden, who wanted to talk to him. She offered him a check for ten thousand dollars. She knew it wouldn't cover what Finn had lost after her father's actions, but she wanted to start making amends on behalf of her father. She insisted that he take the check then she left.

"Are you okay?" Elizabeth asked Finn, who was leaning headfirst against a wall. "Does anyone at this hospital mind their own business?" Finn exclaimed and stormed away. A short while later, he approached Elizabeth at the nurses' station and apologized for taking his anger out on her. "As long as you don't sic your lizard on me," Elizabeth joked. Finn muttered that even Roxy would be ashamed of his behavior, and he walked away with his head down.

Liesl appeared and warned Elizabeth to stay away from Finn because he was not what he seemed. "In what way?" Elizabeth wondered. "I haven't found that out yet," Liesl replied as she glared after Finn. Finn entered a room and looked at Hayden's check.

On the phone with Lucy, Nikolas promised to be at the Nurses Ball with his wife. Hayden appeared in the doorway and demanded to know where he'd gotten the money for a donation. He ended his call with Lucy and talked about "repositioning my assets." She found a diamond on the floor and angrily accused him of selling her diamonds. He grabbed the diamond away from her, but she ran at him to get it back. The two struggled over the diamond, and he ended up pinning her on the floor. They got closer and closer until Nikolas finally stood up.

Nikolas advised Hayden to "pull yourself together before the ball." He instructed her that she was to "play the part of the doting wife." She claimed that she didn't have anything "suitable" to wear, and he suggested that she buy something new. "With what? My good looks?" she challenged. "Hawk this, my treat," he said, handing her an antique teacup. She grabbed the teacup and walked toward the door. Before she left, she told him that, despite the leverage they each had on the other, she knew that she could survive losing everything, but he didn't. When she was gone, he looked at the diamond in the light.

Alexis sat on the couch, reading some papers, and Julian approached behind her and tried to kiss her. She pulled away and claimed that she'd just been startled. He took out a jewelry box and told Alexis that he'd gotten her a gift. He opened it to reveal a sparkling necklace. She wondered if he was trying to buy her silence. He asked if "from now on," she was going to think that every nice thing he said or did for her was only to buy her silence. She apologized and said that she just needed time to process events.

Julian's phone rang, and he answered it to Lucas, who wanted to meet his father at the hospital. Lucas had an important question for Julian and wanted to ask it in person. Julian agreed and hung up. Julian invited Alexis along, but she had an appointment for a manicure in preparation for the Nurses Ball. He left, and she watched him go. She got out the bag with his bloody shirt and made a phone call. "I need you to come over immediately," she told the person on the other end.

At the hospital, Julian met up with Lucas and wondered what was going on. Lucas divulged that he and Brad were getting married at the Nurses Ball the next night, and he wanted Julian to be his best man. Julian wanted nothing more but advised his son to find someone else. With his name in the news and near the top of the suspect list in Carlos' death, Julian didn't want to steal the spotlight from them.

Alexis let Diane into the house and thanked her for the visit. Alexis confessed that she needed to hire Diane. She tearfully explained that she'd believed in Julian's love for her. "Did something happen to make you question that commitment?" Diane wondered. "Possibly," Alexis answered. Diane reminded Alexis that she couldn't be forced to testify against her husband. Alexis admitted that she wasn't worried about protecting Julian. "Are you worried about protecting yourself?" Diane asked. Alexis nodded.

Diane expressed how happy the police and the FBI would be to have Julian "dead to rights." She promised to broker a deal for Alexis, who had never thought she'd be in the position that she found herself in. Diane wondered if Alexis would turn Julian in. Just then, Julian returned and wondered what he'd walked in on. Diane informed him that they were about to go to a manicure appointment together. After Julian briefly filled Alexis in on his conversation with Lucas, the two women left.

Outside, Diane asked if they were going to the police or the nail salon. "Nails," Alexis answered. She thought Julian would notice if her nails weren't done, but Diane didn't think it would matter if Julian was in custody. Alexis didn't want to get Julian arrested the day before his son's wedding. Diane inquired if Alexis was just stalling. Alexis admitted to changing her mind "fifteen times already." As the two women finally left, Julian watched them go.

Bobbie remembered that when Lucas had first come out as gay, it hadn't been very widely accepted. She was glad that the world was changing, and she was "thrilled" to welcome Brad to the family. He admitted his shock that Lucy had allowed the wedding. Felix overheard Brad's comment and asked what was going on. Brad filled Felix in on the wedding and added that he would love for Felix to be his best man.

Lucas returned, and Brad updated Lucas on his search for a best man. Brad said that Felix had been the first person to make Brad consider that being a "soulless, selfish horndog" was not the way to spend the rest of his life. Felix was touched and accepted. Lucas was happy for Brad but admitted that Julian had declined being Lucas' best man. A few minutes later, Lucas got off the phone with Sam, who had agreed to be his "best person." Lucas and Brad shared a kiss in celebration of their "unconventional" wedding for a "conventional" couple.

On the plane, Sonny made sure that Michael knew to follow his lead, because Michael was not supposed to be involved in the business. Michael promised that he wouldn't get involved in anything else after they found Sabrina.

Marcos pointed his gun at Sabrina, regretting that he'd let Carlos talk him into keeping Sabrina. He informed her that the cops, the FBI, and Sonny were all looking for her. She thought that he would be safe if he just let her go with Sonny. He wanted to "tie off" the loose end before it got messier and make sure to cover his tracks. Just as Sabrina began screaming for her life, Michael burst through the door and tackled Marcos.

Sonny strolled through the door, and Marcos froze in fear. Sonny got Marcos' gun, so Michael went to Sabrina. Sonny instructed Michael to take Sabrina to the plane and wait for him. The two left, and Sonny sat on a chair directly in front of the kneeling Marcos. Sonny told Marcos that if he wanted to save his own life, he should tell Sonny what he knew about Julian.

Marcos insisted that he knew nothing about Julian and that Carlos had been a childhood friend of his. Carlos had asked for a favor, so Marcos had helped. Sonny called the favor a "costly" one. As Sonny pointed his gun at Marcos, Marcos wondered if Sonny was going to kill him. "What do you think?" Sonny responded, smiling. "Bang!" Sonny yelled, laughing at Marcos' reaction.

A cop entered, and Sonny directed him toward Marcos. He informed the cop that Marcos had kidnapped a woman and child, and he was a smuggler and extortionist. He assured Marcos that Sonny's associates were going to testify against him. Sonny told an angry Marcos that he should blame Carlos for his predicament for going against Sonny.

In the plane, Sabrina admitted that she had been sure that she was never going to see her son again. She wondered why Michael had gone looking for her after she'd lied and left with Carlos. She confessed that she'd been in contact with Carlos for "months" before leaving Port Charles with him. She had immediately regretted her decision. Michael assured her that she could have asked him for help. She'd wanted to, but she had been afraid, since she'd been with the man who'd shot Sonny and hated the entire Corinthos family.

Michael told Sabrina that Carlos was dead, which she'd found out just before Michael had found her. "God forgive me, I'm relieved," she confided. He told her about how he'd found Carlos on the docks after he'd been stabbed. Sabrina made sure that her son was at the Quartermaine house, and Michael thought her son was "beautiful." The two held hands just as Sonny entered.

Michael asked Sonny what had happened. Sonny summarized that Marcos had said he knew nothing about Julian, and he believed him. Marcos was going to jail, so Sonny had to figure out another way to "nail Julian."

The 2016 Nurses Ball kicks off

The 2016 Nurses Ball kicks off

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Robin was on the phone with Patrick assuring him that she understood that he couldn't make it to the ball because he was lecturing at a medical conference, but she admitted that she'd miss him. Robin wrapped up the call as Emma ran in from outside to announce that it was time. Robin and Emma sat on the sofa, turned on the television, and watched as Donny Sheldon welcomed viewers to the 2016 Nurses Ball and red carpet arrivals.

At the nurses' station, Maxie approached Griffin and advised him to have a long talk with Amy because Amy had been spreading gossip about Griffin being a priest. Maxie was stunned when he admitted that it was true. Griffin explained that he was on a leave of absence, but he remained a priest. "What a waste," Maxie muttered under her breath before shifting gears to announce that she was there to fetch Nathan for the Nurses Ball.

Griffin informed Maxie that Nathan wasn't in any condition to attend the event, but Maxie insisted that she needed someone to escort her on the red carpet. Griffin was caught off guard when Maxie suggested that he take her because he would be the perfect stand-in, since he was a priest. Griffin argued that he didn't have a tuxedo, but Maxie assured him that she could take care of that with one phone call. Griffin was about to object until he received a text message that made him smile.

At Ava's apartment, Scott sported a dark blue tuxedo with satin lapels as he complimented Ava's flattering red gown. She appreciated the praise but decided to broach the subject of Scott moving out when Avery returned home. Scott cut her off by ducking into his bedroom to fetch the tickets for the ball as Kiki entered the living room. Scott was impressed with Kiki's shimmering, form-fitting, soft blue dress. Ava smiled at her daughter as Scott disappeared down the hall. Ava agreed that Kiki looked beautiful, but Kiki was disappointed that Kiki couldn't attend the ball with Morgan.

Ava feigned concern as she asked if anything had happened between Kiki and Morgan. "You could say that," Kiki replied then quickly filled Ava in about Morgan's decision to end things with her. Ava claimed to be sorry but added that it might be for the best. Kiki appeared skeptical, but Ava changed the subject by reminding Kiki that Jerome women didn't sit at home and adding that they would be the belles of the ball. Scott heartily agreed as he returned and admitted that he felt honored to squire two beautiful women to the ball.

At Metro Court, Carly put the finishing touches on the reception area and instructed the bartender to keep an eye on the gift bags to make certain that no one walked off with more than one bag. Carly's good mood soured when she saw Liesl. Liesl, dressed in a beaded burgundy gown with long sleeves, smiled innocently as she greeted Carly. Carly wasn't fooled because she recalled that Liesl had hijacked the opening number of the Nurses Ball for two years running, so she warned Liesl that security would intercede if Liesl tried again. Liesl scoffed and informed Carly that Liesl would never do anything as predictable as taking over the opening number. "I have something much better in mind," Liesl said under her breath with a cunning smile as Carly left.

Backstage, Lucy sent everyone scurrying to get ready for the opening number. Lucy's eyes narrowed when she saw Amy chatting away on the phone about finally performing onstage and bragging that Amy's number would be amazing. Lucy sternly ordered Amy to get changed for the opening number. Amy quickly ended the call and started backing away as she apologized to Lucy. At the same time, Elizabeth entered the area and tripped as Amy bumped into her.

Franco suddenly appeared and caught Elizabeth before she hit the ground. Franco held Elizabeth in his arms as he told Amy to watch where Amy was going. Amy apologized but added that some people didn't have any natural grace or talent. Amy shot Elizabeth a nasty look and walked away as Lucy stared at Amy with disbelief. Elizabeth ordered Franco to put her down but winced when her feet touched the ground because Elizabeth realized that she had twisted her ankle and would not be able to perform. Disappointed, Lucy decided that Elizabeth could help by changing into a gown and promoting the gala on the red carpet. Elizabeth pointed out that she couldn't walk, but Franco offered to escort Elizabeth and be her "crutch."

On the red carpet, Donny introduced his co-hosts -- Abbie Boudreau from Good Morning America and Nina. Abbie was glamorous in a stunning gold and silver dress, while Nina looked vibrant in a yellow summer gown with a delicate lace design. Nina nervously glanced at the camera while Donny and Abbie chatted about the red carpet fashions. The first couple to step onto the red carpet was Lucas and Bobbie. Bobbie garnered praise from all three hosts for her dazzling blue gown with cutout shoulders.

Next, Epiphany arrived wearing an elegant black gown and shimmering gold jacket. Donny was curious where Epiphany's date was, but Epiphany smiled as she cryptically explained that Milo would be at the ball. Abbie was curious who Milo was, so Donny explained that Milo was part of Milo and the Magic Wands -- a popular act that had been added in recent years. Nina revealed that Milo was a "stripper," but Donny quickly clarified that the act was very classy. Nina conceded that it was tastefully done.

Moments later, Anna arrived wearing a dark blue velvet gown with silver sequin accents along the sides of the halter-top style dress. Donny and Abbie praised Anna's fashion taste, while Nina mentioned that Anna had recently been arrested and asked what it felt like to go from enforcing the law to breaking it. Donny tactfully changed the subject and allowed Anna to escape before Nina had an opportunity to ask more awkward questions. Next, Brad and Felix arrived. Donny reminded viewers that Brad had proposed to Lucas during the previous Nurses Ball, so Brad promised that the 2016 Nurses Ball would be just as memorable.

Donny and Felix exchanged a flirtatious glance before Brad and Felix moved on. Next, Jordan arrived with Andre. Donny and Abbie loved Jordan's creamy satin gown with a pink and blue jeweled neckline, but Nina advised Jordan to up her fashion game if Jordan hoped to hold onto a man as "hot" as Andre. Everyone's attention moved to the new arrivals as Nikolas and Hayden made an appearance. Hayden wore a sparkling dark purple gown with flattering cutout accents. Nina quickly informed viewers that Hayden's real name was Rachel Berlin and suggested that perhaps Hayden had a fortune hidden away.

Donny and Abbie recognized the name and Hayden's connection to the infamous Raymond Berlin, but Hayden assured everyone that she'd had nothing to do with her father's crimes and denied having a hidden fortune. Nikolas questioned Hayden's claim by pointing out that if she'd been cunning enough to hide her true identity, then anything was possible. Nikolas smiled and added that Hayden kept things interesting, but she was furious as she followed Nikolas into the hotel.

Hayden blasted Nikolas for suggesting to Donny that she might have money hidden away, but Nikolas was unapologetic. Hayden assured Nikolas that she'd been prepared to put up a front as a happily married couple, but he'd better not push her too hard because she wouldn't hesitate to push back. Nikolas watched as Hayden stormed away.

Nearby, Carly saw Lucy checking on the gift bags. Carly assured Lucy that everything was in order and sent Lucy to get ready. Moments later, Carly's phone chimed with a calendar reminder that Ava intended to fetch Avery in the morning. Carly vowed to stop it from happening.

At the bar, Anna ordered a vodka martini as Andre walked up. Andre made a joke about spies preferring their martinis shaken, not stirred, as Anna chuckled and thanked Andre for saving her life. Jordan walked up and greeted Anna before revealing that she intended to drop all charges against Anna the following day. Anna appreciated Jordan's support. Jordan thanked Anna for keeping Jordan's date entertained while Jordan checked in with the police station. Jordan led Andre away.

Anna watched as Andre showered Jordan with compliments and confessed that he wished they could be alone. Anna decided to slip into the ballroom and looked around as she softly whispered to Duke that she missed him. Moments later, Emma appeared onstage to announce that she had a surprise for her grandmother. Anna was thrilled when Robin stepped out from behind the curtain, wearing a dark blue knee-length dress with a long train flowing down the back. Anna happily greeted her daughter and granddaughter with a warm hug as Emma revealed that Robin had sworn Emma to secrecy until Robin and Emma had arrived for the Nurses Ball. Emma confessed that she'd sent Griffin a text message asking him to attend the ball.

Backstage, Bobbie thanked Lucas for spending time with her before the wedding and her performance. Lucas confessed that he was nervous about the wedding. Nearby, Brad explained to Felix that Lucas had insisted on spending the night apart because Lucas feared that it would be bad luck for Brad and Lucas to see each other before the wedding. Felix wondered if Brad was superstitious, too, but Brad shook his head because he figured nothing could go wrong after everything Brad and Lucas had been through to get to where they were.

Brad was startled when he suddenly saw Lucas and Bobbie standing backstage. Lucas was upset until Bobbie confessed that it had been her doing because she had wanted a moment alone with Lucas and Brad. After Bobbie, Felix, Lucas, and Brad picked up a glass of Champagne, Bobbie acknowledged that Lucas and Brad's road to happiness hadn't always been easy, but she wished them a lifetime of joy.

On the red carpet, ABC reporter Georgie Pennacchio interviewed Carly about the 2016 Nurses Ball, but Carly explained that she'd been sworn to secrecy. However, she promised that it would be one of the best. Nearby, Lucy made an appearance in a black beaded mermaid dress as she gushed to Donny and Abbie about the talented staff at General Hospital and the charity the Nurses Ball raised money for.

Meanwhile, Scott, Ava, and Kiki arrived on the red carpet. Nina didn't hesitate to introduce Ava to viewers as a "home wrecker" and Scott as Ava's "sleazy lawyer." Lucy quickly intervened -- with Carly's help -- by dragging Ava away from Nina to pose for photographs. Ava glared at Carly and waited until the cameras stopped snapping pictures to remind Carly that Ava intended to take Avery home in the morning.

Nearby, Dillon greeted Kiki and offered to get a drink with her, but she declined because she knew he was busy with work. Dillon's expression clouded with concern as he watched Kiki walk away. Inside, Scott noticed Lucy walk past him and called out to her. Lucy tensed but pasted on a smile as she stopped and greeted Scott. Scott complimented Lucy, but she was more curious about Scott and Ava's relationship. Ava made it clear that it was a date of convenience only, but Lucy appeared skeptical and told them to enjoy their evening and to donate.

After Lucy left, Ava realized that she'd forgotten her checkbook at home and asked if Scott would fetch it, but he refused. Annoyed, Ava decided to return home to get the checkbook.

On the red carpet, Maxie and Griffin talked to Donny, Abbie, and Nina. Donny was impressed with Maxie's black form-hugging designer gown, but Nina told Donny, Abbie, and the viewers that Maxie was engaged to Nina's brother. Nina was curious who the man with Maxie was, so Maxie explained that Griffin was Nathan's doctor and the man who had saved Nathan's life. Embarrassed, Nina thanked Griffin as Maxie quickly moved things along by turning to Dillon and asking him to photograph the back of her dress, which featured a stunning jeweled design from top to bottom in an array of colors.

Hayden returned to the red carpet as Franco and Elizabeth arrived. Hayden groaned with frustration when she noticed that Elizabeth was wearing the same dress as Hayden. Meanwhile, Nina was not happy because of Franco's appearance and tried to embarrass Elizabeth by pointing out that both Elizabeth and Hayden had worn the same dress to the gala. Horrified, Maxie quickly stepped forward to assure Elizabeth that the problem could easily be rectified, and she hustled Elizabeth to Crimson to change into a designer dress.

Next, Curtis and Valerie arrived. Donny, Abbie, and Nina agreed that Valerie looked divine in a short peach dress with a floral lace overlay that flowed to the ground. After Curtis and Valerie entered the hotel, Sam and Jason arrived. Sam wore a ball gown with a fitted black top, wide black belt, and black-and-white striped skirt to match Jason's black-tie tuxedo. After a brief talk with Donny, Abbie, and Nina, Sam and Jason posed for pictures. Jason's smile vanished when he saw Franco and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth had changed into a red strapless dress with a bell-shaped skirt splashed with a colorful floral print on a white backdrop. Franco helped Elizabeth as she limped forward. Donny approved of the new dress and told Elizabeth that she looked beautiful. Nina scowled when Franco insisted that a dress was only as beautiful as the woman who wore it. Jason was seething mad when Franco and Elizabeth joined him and Sam for pictures. Franco made a sarcastic remark as he greeted Jason, but Jason cut to the chase and informed Elizabeth that the more Jason remembered the past, the more he disapproved of her relationship with Franco.

Jason conceded that it wasn't the time or place to argue, but he warned Elizabeth that he did not want their son around Franco and assured her that he intended to talk to her at length about it in the near future. After Jason and Sam entered the hotel, Jason apologized to Sam for losing his temper, but she assured him that he'd handled himself perfectly. Jason was surprised when Robin suddenly walked up and greeted him. Sam excused herself to say hello to Emma while Jason and Robin chatted. Jason filled her in about his memories and admitted that he knew why the night was important to her. Robin was happy for Jason and thought it was remarkable that they were both in attendance for the ball.

After Robin left, Nikolas marched up to let Jason know that he was onto Jason's tricks. Jason assured Nikolas that he had no idea what Nikolas was talking about, but Nikolas didn't believe Jason and promised to give Jason a war if that was what Jason wanted. Jason insisted that he didn't want to fight Nikolas, for Emily's sake, but Nikolas was furious that Jason had mentioned Emily's name. Sam defended Jason by informing Nikolas that Jason's memories had returned. Nikolas wasn't impressed because it meant that Jason recalled being a criminal.

Nearby, Maxie and Robin enjoyed a happy reunion as they talked about Maxie's engagement. Emma greeted Griffin and asked if it was true that Griffin was a priest. Griffin admitted that it was, but Emma was confused because she couldn't understand why Griffin didn't want to fall in love and get married. Maxie admitted that she was as baffled as Emma. Emma smiled and twirled to show Maxie the raspberry gown Emma had picked out. Griffin smiled as he confessed to Robin that he might be in love with Robin's daughter.

Meanwhile, Carly used Morgan's key to slip into Ava's apartment. Carly couldn't believe the key still worked but set to work trying to figure out where Ava had hidden the jump drive with the recording of Ava confessing to Connie's murder. Carly stumbled onto the hiding place by accident when she picked up a martini shaker and heard something rattling around inside. Moments later, Carly froze when she heard a key slide into the front door. In the hallway, Ava unlocked her door but glanced in her purse and noticed her checkbook. Annoyed that she hadn't noticed it sooner, Ava locked the door and left.

A short time later, Carly entered a dressing room at the hotel and quickly checked the jump drive to find out what was on it.

Meanwhile, everyone sat down as Lucy kicked off the 2016 Nurses Ball. Techno music filled the ballroom as Epiphany, followed by an array of nurses and doctors, stepped onstage and danced as several people including Felix, Andre, Amy, and Bobbie, rapped about the history of General Hospital, starting with Steve Hardy in 1963. The opening number ended with a loud round of applause.

Backstage, Liesl smiled with anticipation. She had changed into a dirndl and held two hand puppets as she prepared to go onstage and perform a medley from The Sound of Music. However, four male nurses wearing black ski masks appeared and quickly picked her up and carried her away.

Elsewhere, Bobbie felt short of breath and suddenly collapsed.

Lucas catches someone in the act

Lucas catches someone in the act

> Lucas catches someone in the act

Lucas catches someone in the act

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

In Metro Court's ballroom, Ned played the piano as he and Emma entertained the crowd with their rendition of Don't Go Breaking My Heart. The crowd went wild with applause as the song and dance number ended. Ned and Emma took a bow as Lucy joined them onstage to explain that both Ned and Emma were members of two very important families in Port Charles. Lucy revealed that the Quartermaine family had donated considerable money, time, and effort over the decades to help the hospital and the Nurses Ball.

Lucy added that the "adventure-seeking, crazy, wacky, wonderful" Scorpio-Drake-Devane clan had managed to combine medicine with crime fighting. According to Lucy, both the Quartermaine and the Scorpio-Drake-Devane families were a good example for everyone to follow, and she encouraged the guests to open their pockets and donate. Lucy also assured the guests that there wouldn't be any stage crashing like the previous two years because the problem had been solved.

During a short intermission, everyone began to mingle. Emma ran up to Robin and Anna. Robin and Anna congratulated Emma on a wonderful performance and assured Emma that they were both proud of her.

Meanwhile, Epiphany entered a dressing room and heard muffled noises from the closet. Concerned, Epiphany opened the door and saw Liesl gagged and bound to a chair. Epiphany removed the gag to ask why Liesl was locked in the closet, but Liesl sputtered with outrage as she vowed to find the four masked nurses who had abducted her. Liesl demanded to be untied, but Epiphany resented Liesl's tone. Liesl reined in her anger and managed to make a polite request.

After Epiphany untied Liesl, Epiphany asked why Liesl was dressed in a dirndl. Liesl explained that it was for her performance, but Epiphany reminded Liesl that Liesl had not been scheduled to perform and warned Liesl to stay away from the stage. After Epiphany left, Liesl grumbled that everyone enjoyed the songs from The Sound of Music.

In another dressing room, Carly smiled as she removed the jump drive from the laptop. "Ava, you twisted bitch -- your ass is mine," Carly said as she left. A short time later, Carly entered the bathroom and saw Ava applying lipstick. "I thought I saw you slither in here," Carly said as she approached Ava. Ava advised Carly to give it a rest because she wanted Carly "bright-eyed and bushytailed" when Ava collected Avery the following morning.

Carly smiled as she informed Ava that Avery would be staying at Sonny's house because Ava would be relinquishing custody of Avery. Ava laughed and accused Carly of being drunk or delusional. Carly smiled with satisfaction as she held up her phone and showed Ava a bondage sex video of Ava and Paul. Stunned, Ava realized that Carly had broken into Ava's apartment and stolen the jump drive. Carly didn't deny it, but she threatened to post the video online if Ava refused to give in to Carly's demands.

Ava laughed because she wasn't intimidated by the threat. Ava pointed out that she'd done far worse than make a sex tape and invited Carly to do her worst as Ava sailed out the door. Carly wasn't fazed as she pulled out her phone and sent the video to Paul with a threat to post it if Ava failed to cooperate. In the ballroom, Paul looked at the text message from Carly and immediately sought out Ava. Paul dragged Ava to a private corner to question her about the video.

Paul was astounded that Ava had secretly recorded them in the bedroom, but Ava was unapologetic because the tape had been an insurance policy. Paul made it clear that the video could destroy his career, and he ordered Ava to do whatever was necessary to fix things. Ava insisted that it wasn't a big deal, but Paul disagreed and reminded her that he still had the recording of her confessing to Connie's murder. Paul pointed out that he wouldn't have any reason to hold onto Ava's confession if he lost his job.

Furious, Ava returned to the bathroom where Carly was waiting. Carly smiled smugly as Ava demanded that Carly return the jump drive. The argument quickly escalated and turned violent as Ava launched herself at Carly to grab the jump drive. During the tussle, Carly accused Ava of using Avery. Ava's temper flared and provided her with the opportunity to snatch the jump drive out of Carly's tight grip. Ava ran to the toilet, dropped the jump drive in it, and flushed. Carly pointed out that it had been useless because Carly had made a copy.

"It's in the Cloud," Carly added with a grin. Carly advised Ava to accept that Ava had lost custody of Avery and sauntered out the door.

On the red carpet, Kevin smiled when he saw Laura. Laura wore a flattering black gown with a beaded long-sleeved top and plunging neckline. Kevin admitted that he'd hoped Laura could make it to the ball, but she admitted that she had made the decision at the last minute and worried that she might not be admitted, since she hadn't purchased a ticket. Kevin revealed that he had two tickets and invited Laura to be his guest. Laura happily accepted and asked if she had missed any interesting acts. Kevin didn't think it mattered because more crazy things were likely to happen.

In the ballroom, Hayden asked to have a private word with Jordan because Hayden had new information about the shooting that had put Hayden in a coma. Jordan explained that it wasn't the time or place to discuss it, but Hayden remained determined to talk to Jordan until Nikolas appeared and quickly ushered Hayden away.

Nearby, Felix was curious if Brad had misplaced Brad's fiancÚ, but Brad suspected Lucas was backstage, preparing for the wedding. Backstage, Lucas went over his wedding vows, but he was alarmed when he saw his mother's motionless body on the floor. Lucas rushed over to check on Bobbie as she slowly regained consciousness. Lucas questioned Bobbie about what had happened as he helped her sit up. Bobbie explained that she had gotten lightheaded, but she assured her son that she was fine.

Lucas decided to take Bobbie to the hospital, but Bobbie objected because she wanted to see Lucas and Brad exchange wedding vows. Lucas insisted that she be checked out and helped his mother stand up. Moments later, Lucas guided Bobbie to a chair and ordered her to rest while he fetched the car. Lucas spotted Amy taking selfies in a royal blue gown adorned with silver and crystals along the deep neckline. Lucas asked Amy to let Brad know that Lucas had taken Bobbie to the hospital, but Lucas expected to return shortly.

Meanwhile, Franco approached Elizabeth's table to check on her ankle and say hello to Jake. Elizabeth assured Franco she was better, and Jake smiled at Franco. Franco asked how Jake felt about Jake's big debut at the Nurses Ball, but Jake frowned and confessed that he was nervous. Franco confided that it had always helped Franco to think of the audience as a bunch of quacking ducks. Elizabeth smiled -- unaware that Jason and Sam were watching from a nearby table.

Jason told Sam he was certain that Franco had been "working" Elizabeth. Sam agreed, but she feared that the more Jason remembered, the more Jason would hate Franco. Jason admitted that it was too late because he despised Franco. However, Jason was determined to enjoy the evening and not let Franco get to him.

Backstage, Lucy stopped Griffin to implore him to perform in one of the acts. She explained that it was an emergency, and he was desperately needed. After Griffin reluctantly agreed, Lucy tracked down Milo and Epiphany at the bar to ask if they had seen Lucas. Milo and Epiphany shook their heads, so Lucy dashed over to Elizabeth's table to reveal that she needed to move up Jake's act. Jake was nervous, but Lucy and Elizabeth assured him that he would be fine.

Nearby, Franco noticed the expression on Jake's face and realized that Jake was scared. Kiki thought it sounded as if Franco were preparing for disaster. He admitted that he was because it would crush Jake if Jake failed. Kiki realized that Franco genuinely cared about Jake.

Meanwhile, Maxie tried to persuade Dante to perform with Milo onstage, but Dante refused. Lulu admitted that she wasn't in the mood to share her husband with the other ladies. Moments later, Lucy returned to the stage to introduce Jake. Jake sat on a stool and stared with fright at the audience. Elizabeth offered her son words of encouragement, but Jake didn't appear to hear her as the musician standing behind Jake stopped strumming the guitar. Franco immediately stood up and walked up on stage.

"Quack," Franco said as he looked down at Jake. "Quack," Jake replied with a big smile. Eventually, the musician began to strum the guitar as Jake began to sing, while Franco remained by Jake's side and became part of the act. Nina was moved to tears as Elizabeth smiled with gratitude and filmed the number. Laura's expression clouded with concern when she noticed Elizabeth watching Franco with Jake. After Jake and Franco finished the song and left the stage, Elizabeth rushed backstage to praise and hug her son. Jason and Sam also slipped backstage to congratulate Jake.

Jason was proud of Jake's bravery, but Jake gave Franco all the credit. Jason smiled, but it was strained.

During intermission, Robin announced that it was time for Emma to leave because Emma had a sleepover date with Mac and Felicia. Anna was disappointed, but Emma promised to watch the rest of the ball on television.

A short time later, Lucy introduced "Magic Milo and the Magic Wands." The women cheered loudly as Curtis, Griffin, Milo, Felix, and Dillon appeared onstage in fitted black tuxedos. The music started slow as women in short black dresses danced around the men to the beat of a slow sexy song. After the song ended, Maxie admitted to Lulu that it had been a disappointing performance. Suddenly, an upbeat song filled the ballroom as the men danced and slowly stripped. The women cheered loudly as the men ended the performance by turning to flash the crowd their behinds, which had Nurses Ball spelled across their boxer-briefs.

After the performance, Epiphany went backstage to congratulate Milo and make it clear that she was done sharing him with other women for the evening. Maxie also appeared backstage to congratulate Griffin and ask how Lucy had talked him into performing. Griffin admitted that Lucy could be quite persuasive, but he felt bad that he had given in too quickly. Griffin appeared uncomfortable when Maxie assured him that he had nothing to feel guilty about.

Meanwhile, Hayden once again tried to talk to Jordan about the shooting, but Jordan informed Hayden that unless someone's life was in immediate danger, then it could wait until the following day. Nikolas saw Hayden with Jordan and hustled Hayden away. Curtis saw Nikolas' drag Hayden out of the ballroom and excused himself. Valerie assured Curtis that she understood and watched him leave. On the red carpet, Nikolas warned Hayden that she could have a fit at home, but Curtis walked up and ordered Nikolas to release Hayden.

In the ballroom, Sam pointed out that at least Elizabeth had taken Jake home. Jason was relieved that he'd been spared from watching Franco further manipulate Jake, but Sam admitted that she didn't want to get involved because it was between Jason and Elizabeth. Jason explained that he had no idea how to make Elizabeth see that Franco was a threat to Jake. Moments later, Diane approached Jason to deliver bad news. Diane handed Jason a document as she explained that Nikolas was suing him because Nikolas claimed that Jason had purchased ELQ shares with illegal money.

Jason reminded Diane that she had assured him that the money had been clean. Diane promised Jason that Spinelli was the best money launderer in the business and insisted that everything would check out. However, the courts had frozen all of ELQ's assets until the matter was resolved.

At the nurses' station, Finn saw a nurse in scrubs with her back to him and asked her to process paperwork for a patient's discharge. He jumped when Liesl turned to him and asked if she looked like a nurse. Finn was confused because he'd thought Liesl had decided to attend the Nurses Ball. "So did I," Liesl quietly replied.

Later, Lucas arrived at the hospital with Bobbie. Finn rushed over to help Lucas and Bobbie. Finn settled Bobbie in a hospital room and promised to get to the bottom of things. Lucas decided to call Brad and postpone their wedding, but Bobbie insisted that Lucas marry Brad. Lucas was reluctant, but Bobbie stood firm until Lucas left. Meanwhile, Finn was surprised when he saw Liesl still working. She told him that a doctor's job was never done, but she steered the conversation to Finn's previous job.

Liesl was curious why Finn had been fired, but Finn clarified that he'd quit. Liesl asked why, but Finn refused to tell her. Liesl warned him that she would uncover his secrets, and she left.

At the Nurses Ball, Lucy appeared on stage in a white lace gown and talked about love before announcing that two special people had decided to get married at the ball. Lucy introduced Brad, who joined Felix onstage. Next, Lucy introduced Lucas, but Lucas didn't walk out. Sam looked concerned as she stood onstage, waiting for her brother.

At the hospital, Bobbie was asleep as someone in a lab coat approached her bed with a syringe. Lucas suddenly entered the room because he had forgotten something, but he stopped short when he saw the person standing next to his mother. "What the hell are you doing?" Lucas demanded.

A short time later, someone closed Bobbie's hospital room door as Lucas was left behind unconscious on the floor.

As the ball concludes, two lives are in peril

As the ball concludes, two lives are in peril

Thursday, May 26, 2016

At Metro Court, Lucy called for Lucas to join her, Brad, Felix, and Sam onstage, but as the seconds ticked by and Lucas remained absent, it became clear that Lucas would not show. Felix assured Brad there was nothing to worry about, and Sam decided to duck backstage to see if her brother had lost track of time, fussing with his tuxedo. Lucy asked the audience to indulge them for a few minutes as Felix and Brad left the stage.

Maxie excused herself from the table as everyone began to mingle. Robin and Anna remained seated with Griffin as Robin admitted that she was impressed that he was a doctor, a priest, and a stripper. Griffin smiled as he assured Robin that he'd only danced because it had been a worthy cause, but Anna questioned why Griffin had told her that he couldn't dance. Griffin realized that Anna and Robin wouldn't let him live the dance down, but he glanced down at his phone and announced that he was needed at the hospital. Robin assured him that she would be in town for a few days and promised to tell him stories about Duke.

Nearby, Jason approached Carly at the bar to ask if they should look for Lucas, but Carly assured him that Sam had things well in hand. When Jason asked where Michael was, their conversation shifted to Michael and Sonny's trip. Jason told her about Nikolas' lawsuit and the court order freezing ELQ's assets, but he asked Carly not to tell Michael until Jason had had a chance to resolve things with Nikolas. Carly loved having Jason back and assured him that she had complete faith in him.

Backstage, Brad was frustrated when his call to Lucas went to voicemail. Meanwhile, Lucy returned to the stage to explain that they had a few minutes to spare and invited someone from the audience to perform. She was disappointed when no one volunteered, but Sam approached Lucy and whispered something in Lucy's ear. Lucy nodded and asked if anyone had seen Lucas. Amy suddenly perked up and announced that Lucas had left, but Amy had no idea where Lucas had gone.

Lucy, Brad, and Felix retreated backstage as Lucy assured Brad that it wasn't a case of a runaway groom. Brad wasn't as certain because he couldn't imagine what could be more important to Lucas than getting married. Brad also wondered why Lucas hadn't said anything to Brad about leaving. Felix was certain there was a logical explanation for everything because it wasn't like Lucas to ignore calls and text messages. Brad feared that Lucas had had second thoughts, but Felix urged Brad to call Lucas one more time.

Meanwhile, Lucy approached Epiphany and Milo at the bar to plead with Epiphany to move up Epiphany's performance, but Epiphany insisted that it couldn't be done. Desperate, Lucy grabbed both Dillon and Kiki as she informed them that it was time for Dillon and Kiki to change and get onstage. After Dillon and Kiki disappeared behind stage, Sonny, Michael, and Morgan arrived.

A short time later, Lucy introduced Dillon and Kiki to the audience and stepped aside as Dillon and Kiki sang their rendition of Shawn Mendez's Stitches. When the song ended, the audience erupted into applause. Lucy joined Dillon and Kiki onstage and mentioned that they were a cute couple.

At Sonny's table, Morgan excused himself because he wanted to congratulate Kiki. Morgan admitted that he'd done something stupid, but he was certain that it could be fixed. Moments later, Dante and Lulu walked up to talk to Sonny and Michael. Michael revealed that Sabrina had been found and was safe.

Meanwhile, Nina met Dillon and Kiki backstage to praise their wonderful performance. Nina tearfully confessed that Dillon and Kiki made Nina believe that Nina could find love again. Dillon smiled as he watched Nina leave. He was curious why everyone assumed that he and Kiki were a couple, but she didn't care because she'd had fun singing and had completely forgotten about Morgan. Dillon admitted that he'd enjoyed the performance, too, and added that Morgan had been a fool to let Kiki go because she was both gorgeous and fun.

Kiki was startled when Dillon suddenly kissed her. "Wow," Kiki said with a smile as the kiss ended. Dillon agreed and kissed her again -- unaware that Morgan watched from the shadows.

Morgan returned to his family's table. Michael sensed that something was troubling Morgan, but Morgan blamed it on being away from the clinic for the first time in a while. Michael empathized with Morgan, but he was glad to have Morgan back. Nearby, Carly thanked Andre for all the work that Andre had done with Morgan. Andre assured Carly that Morgan was well on the road to recovery, which was why Andre had agreed to let Morgan leave the clinic for the evening.

At the bar, Robin greeted Sonny. Robin wasn't surprised when Sonny vowed to get justice for Duke. The two friends chatted until Jason walked up. Robin smiled because it reminded her of the times when it had been the three of them. Robin acknowledged that the Nurses Ball had been about remembering what they had lost, but it was also about being grateful for what they had. She was thrilled that Jason finally remembered his past and what he and Robin had once meant to each other.

Lucy returned to the stage in a long, slinky dark gown to remind the audience of the history of the Nurses Ball. Lucy insisted that the nurses were the backbone of the hospital who had to put up with patients and take orders from doctors. Moments later, music from Carol Douglas' Doctors Orders filled the ballroom as Dante's cell phone rang. Surprised, Dante checked his phone and answered it. Onstage, Lulu greeted her husband as she sang that she had gone to the doctor because she had a pain inside of her. Next, Milo's phone rang.

Epiphany sang to Milo that there was nothing wrong with her -- except she'd been missing her man. Moments later, Maxie, Valerie, and Amy stepped out on stage to join Lulu and Epiphany as they entertained the crowed with their song and dance number. Everyone clapped and a few whistled when the performance ended.

Later, Maxie and Lulu smiled when they caught Kiki and Dillon kissing backstage. Dillon and Kiki jumped apart and looked guilty, but Maxie admitted that she approved. In the ballroom, Morgan decided he was ready to return to the clinic because he felt overwhelmed. Sonny and Carly decided take Morgan, and Michael stayed behind.

Nearby, Sam questioned why Jason seemed distracted. He admitted that he'd been thinking about Nikolas' lawsuit. Michael walked up and greeted Jason and Sam, but Sam quickly excused herself to give Jason and Michael privacy. Jason noticed that Michael was in a good mood, so Michael told Jason that Sabrina had been reunited with her son at the Quartermaine mansion. Michael promised to focus on ELQ and make Jason proud, but Jason assured Michael that Jason was already proud of Michael. Michael was grateful that Jason had gotten ELQ away from Nikolas and promised not to let Jason down.

Lucy returned to the stage, wearing a white mermaid dress with an intricate shimmering dark blue design, and introduced Robin. Robin thanked everyone for attending the ball and explained that the cause was dear to her heart. She told the audience that it had been an important year for her to attend because she had wanted to share the news that there was a new medication that could prevent HIV, but the news wasn't all good because she'd read a disturbing report that HIV was on the rise among certain segments of society, especially "young gay men of low means."

Robin talked about Stone Cates's struggle with HIV twenty-one years prior. She refused to accept poverty as an excuse for anyone to die from a disease that she had hoped would be eradicated in her lifetime. Anna's eyes filled with tears as everyone applauded and Robin left the stage. Nearby, Amy ran up to ask Felix and Epiphany to perform the final number with her, but Felix and Epiphany refused because it was Sabrina's song. Undaunted, Amy decided to perform solo and marched onstage.

Amy began to sing You're Not Alone, but Sabrina stepped out onstage and joined her. Everyone was shocked except Michael, who smiled as Sabrina greeted her friends during the song and took Epiphany back onstage to join in on the song. After the song ended, everyone clapped, and Lucy thanked everyone for attending. She became excited when she realized that she hadn't ended up in her underwear onstage.

Later, Michael congratulated Sabrina on the performance, but Jordan walked up and instructed a police officer to take Sabrina into custody for aiding and abetting Carlos' escape.

On the red carpet, Curtis was pleased that Hayden had decided to tell Jordan the truth about Nikolas' role in Hayden's shooting, but Hayden admitted that Jordan had told Hayden to meet Jordan at the police station the following day. Hayden added that Nikolas had sold one of Hayden's diamonds to make a sizable donation to the Nurses Ball and to keep everyone from finding out that he was broke. Nikolas agreed to return Hayden's diamonds if she went home with him. Curtis advised Hayden against it because Curtis suspected that Nikolas was playing her.

Curtis was certain that the only way for Hayden to get the diamonds back would be to pry them out of Nikolas' cold, dead hands. Hayden smiled as she admitted that she liked the idea. Nikolas tried to persuade Hayden to leave with him, but Curtis said Hayden wasn't ready to leave.

Later, a storm brewed in the distance as Nikolas stood in his office and took a picture of Hayden's diamonds spread out on his desk. He typed a text message to Hayden, assuring her that they could find a compromise if she returned home, and he attached a picture of the diamonds. Moments later, Hayden replied that she was on her way.

At Metro Court, Curtis noticed Hayden leaving and asked where she was headed. She pointed out that she'd have to go home eventually, but Curtis warned her that it was a bad idea because Nikolas had seemed unhinged. Curtis made it clear that he would wash his hands of Hayden if she left because he was tired of rescuing her. Hayden agreed to spend the night at the hotel and go to the police in the morning, but she reminded Curtis that she didn't have any money. Curtis handed her a credit card to use.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny and Carly retired to their bedroom as they talked about Morgan's recovery. They were happy that Morgan was in a better place.

In Bobbie's hospital room, Bobbie slowly woke up and was horrified when she saw Lucas lying still on the floor.

In the hallway, Finn looked at a syringe in his hand but slipped it into his pocket when Griffin walked up. Finn was curious why Griffin hadn't mentioned that Griffin was a priest, but the conversation was cut short when they heard Bobbie cry out for help. Finn and Griffin rushed into Bobbie's hospital room and saw Lucas on the floor. Griffin immediately began CPR as Bobbie explained that she'd found Lucas barely alive. She wondered if her son's condition was a result of Lucas' diabetes, but Griffin didn't know and asked for a defibrillator.

A short time later, Brad called Lucas' phone. Bobbie answered it and tearfully told Brad to meet her at the hospital because Lucas was in trouble. However, she asked him not to say anything to anyone because she didn't want to ruin the Nurses Ball. Later, Brad arrived and stood in the doorway as he watched Griffin use the defibrillator on Lucas while Finn hovered nearby, checking the monitors. Bobbie and Brad relaxed when Lucas' heart was shocked into a normal rhythm.

After Lucas was settled in a hospital room, hooked to a ventilator, Brad and Bobbie held hands as they stood next to Lucas' bed. They were worried about why Lucas remained unconscious, but Griffin noticed an injection mark on Lucas' neck and asked if Finn had given Lucas a shot. Finn was offended by the question and denied injecting Lucas with anything. Griffin insisted that he'd had to ask. Brad pointed out that there had been two recent unexplained deaths at the hospital.

Bobbie feared that the incidents might be linked to what had happened to Lucas. Griffin didn't know, but he thought it was worth investigating. Finn appeared tense as he listened to the exchange.

At Wyndemere, Jason knocked and entered the castle, looking for Nikolas. Everything was dark as Jason stood in the living room, calling out to Nikolas and explaining that he hoped to work things out. Jason heard a loud thud in a nearby room and decided to investigate. Moments later, Sam arrived looking for Jason. She panicked when she heard the sound of shattering glass. Fearing for Jason's safety, she ran to find out the source of the noise.

As the storm raged outside, Nikolas lay motionless and bleeding on the cliffs.

Nikolas' body vanishes

Nikolas' body vanishes

Friday, May 27, 2016

In Metro Court's ballroom, Anna introduced Robin to Andre. Anna explained that Andre was a good friend, and he'd been Anna's therapist at one time. Andre was happy to meet Robin because he'd heard a lot about Anna's daughter. Andre had also been moved by Robin's speech earlier. Robin appreciated the praise because the Nurses Ball was dear to her heart. Anna reluctantly excused herself when Paul walked up to ask for a minute of her time.

After Anna stepped away, Andre and Robin chatted about Patrick and how welcoming he'd been when Andre had first arrived in town. The conversation then drifted to Anna and the toll Duke's death had taken on her. Robin regretted that she lived far away from her mother, but Andre assured Robin that Anna had a lot of friends to look after her. Moments later, Andre left to find his date.

Nearby, Paul handed Anna documents confirming that the charges against her had been dropped. He assured her that her record had been expunged of any mention that she'd attempted to kill Carlos. Paul smiled as he added that both he and Anna were in the clear. Anna was grateful that the charges had been dropped, but she made it clear that there was nothing between her and Paul. Anna turned to leave but stopped short when she saw the stunned expression on Robin's face. Robin asked if she had heard Paul correctly, but Anna grabbed her daughter's hand and dragged Robin away.

Meanwhile, Ava entered the ballroom and immediately approached Paul to inform him that she didn't care if their sex video was made public because she refused to lose custody of her daughter to protect Paul's reputation. Paul reminded Ava that he wouldn't hesitate to produce the recording of her confessing to killing Connie, but Ava tried to call his bluff by pointing out that people would question why he'd held on to the incriminating evidence for so long. Paul smiled smugly and told Ava that he would simply claim that the recording had recently surfaced, but Ava warned him that no one would believe him. Paul disagreed because he had an "impeccable record" of beating the odds. After Ava stormed out, Paul sent her a text message reminding her of the consequences if the video went public.

On the other side of the ballroom, Robin dug in her heels and demanded an explanation from her mother. Anna stopped and tearfully admitted that it was true that Anna had tried to kill Carlos. Anna told Robin about the night Duke had died and Anna's confrontation with Carlos on the piers. Anna revealed that she had snapped when Carlos had goaded her about the lack of evidence but quickly added that it had been an elaborate ruse because Carlos had been wearing a bulletproof vest. Anna filled Robin in about Carlos' capture and Anna's confession, but Robin was hurt that her mother hadn't told her sooner.

Robin was grateful that Anna wouldn't go to jail, but she wanted her mother to start healing. Anna admitted that she couldn't until Duke had justice, which wouldn't happen as long as Julian remained a free man. Robin empathized but insisted that sending Julian to jail wouldn't get Duke back and that Anna would never find peace through seeking revenge. Robin explained that Anna needed to live the best life possible because it was what Duke would have wanted.

Anna knew that Robin was right because Anna had had a vision of Duke when Carlos had locked Anna in a meat locker. Anna admitted that it had been magical to talk to Duke, but he had vanished before she'd been able to say goodbye. Robin wasn't surprised because Robin doubted that Anna had been ready. Moments later, Robin's phone rang, so she excused herself when she saw it was Patrick. Anna was left alone in the ballroom. Her eyes filled with tears of happiness when she suddenly heard music and Duke's voice telling her it was their song.

Duke held out his hand and asked Anna to dance, but she declined because she had to tell him goodbye. Duke smiled because he had hoped she would say that. Duke assured Anna that he loved her, but he wanted her to move on with her life. However, he suggested that they dance one last tango. Anna happily took his hand and joined him onstage. As Duke and Anna danced, Anna started to tell him what she wished for, but he stopped her because he didn't want her to waste any wishes for him. "I can't come back, Anna," Duke gently explained.

Duke urged Anna to move forward and step into a new life because she still had a lot of living to do. Duke kissed Anna one last time and told her goodbye. "Goodbye," Anna said as she slowly spun away from him during the dance. Seconds later, tears swam in her eyes when she turned back and saw he was gone. Anna wiped the tears away when Robin returned to ask if Anna was ready to go home.

In the lobby, Michael was stunned when Jordan arrested Sabrina for obstructing justice and helping Carlos flee jurisdiction. Michael wondered how it benefited anyone to arrest Sabrina, but Sabrina admitted that she deserved to be arrested. Sabrina regretted her poor choices, but she was prepared to take responsibility for her actions. Michael wasn't satisfied and told Jordan that Carlos had held Sabrina against her will after the baby had been born. Jordan felt bad for Sabrina, but Sabrina's actions had given Carlos an opportunity to kill again.

Michael begged Jordan not to take Sabrina to jail and promised that Sabrina wasn't a flight risk because Sabrina's son was in Port Charles, but Jordan insisted that Sabrina could take the baby and flee. Sabrina explained that she had intended to go to the police station in the morning, but she had wanted to spend one night with her son after being separated from him for weeks. Michael switched tactics by suggesting that Jordan should appreciate Sabrina's situation because Jordan had been in a similar one when T.J. had lived with Jordan.

Later, Andre approached Jordan and asked if she was free for the rest of the evening because he wanted her full attention. Jordan smiled when he kissed her, but her smile quickly faded when her phone rang and she saw it was Curtis. Andre urged Jordan to ignore the call, but she worried that the call might have something to do with her son.

At Greystone Manor, Carly joined Sonny in the living room as he poured himself a drink. Carly reported that Avery was sound asleep and happily added that Sonny would never have to worry about Avery being taken away from them again because Carly had forced Ava to sign over custody of Avery to Sonny. Sonny and Carly sat on the sofa as she filled him in about Ava's intention to take Avery home and Carly's efforts to thwart Ava. Sonny was impressed by Carly's ingenuity in using Morgan's key to enter Ava's apartment and ferret out the scandalous video. Carly admitted that she had no idea what Paul had said to Ava, but Ava had been intent on getting her hands on the video.

Carly told Sonny about the altercation with Ava in the bathroom and revealed that she had let Ava win because Carly had taken delight in informing Ava that the video recording had been backed up on the Cloud. Sonny grinned and admitted that Carly was amazing. Carly was happy that Ava wouldn't get a chance to fill Avery's head with lies about Sonny, but Sonny was grateful that his daughter would have the "best mother anyone could have." He suggested that they retreat to the bedroom, but Carly admitted that she wanted to take a bath first. Carly promised to meet Sonny in the bedroom and went upstairs.

Moments later, the doorbell rang. Sonny was surprised when he saw Ava standing on the doorstep. Ava pushed past him and announced that she was there for Avery.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy was in the living room with "Edward." Shopping bags littered the floor as she bounced the baby on her lap and admitted that she hadn't missed attending the Nurses Ball because she'd had a wonderful day of shopping with Edward. Tracy praised the baby for being exceptionally well behaved and drawing people to him like his namesake had. Tracy carried Edward across the room to show him a picture of her parents, Edward and Lila, as she assured the baby that her parents would be happy that Edward was there.

Tracy admitted that the house had been empty -- with the exception of Monica's grandsons. Tracy conceded that Jake and Danny were engaging when they weren't allowing the puppy to pee in her closet, but Edward was a welcome addition. Tracy continued to talk to Edward until she noticed Dillon standing in the doorway and watching them. Dillon admitted that Tracy looked happy. Tracy placed Edward in the playpen to sleep as she confessed that she loved having the baby around.

Dillon thought Edward was lucky to have Tracy. Tracy was surprised because Dillon and Ned had given her a hard time when Edward had been left on their doorstep, but Dillon clarified that he and his brother had objected to her simply keeping the baby without going through the proper channels. Dillon was certain that she had pulled a few strings, but he knew that she'd followed the law to become Edward's legal guardian. However, he was concerned how Tracy would take it when she had to return the baby.

Tracy insisted that Edward was an orphan because Carlos was dead and Sabrina was missing. Dillon broke the news to Tracy that Michael had found Sabrina and that Sabrina was in Port Charles. Dillon added he'd seen Sabrina at the Nurses Ball, but Tracy became defensive and questioned Sabrina's priorities. Dillon was confused because Tracy had claimed to be close friends with Sabrina. Tracy argued that Sabrina hadn't even stayed to see the baby, but Dillon showed Tracy the note that Sabrina had left in the foyer, explaining that Sabrina had been there while Tracy had been out and would return shortly. Tracy decided that it didn't matter because she was certain that the police had picked Sabrina up the moment they had seen her at the Nurses Ball.

A short time later, Michael and Sabrina entered the living room. Sabrina was delighted when she saw her son in the playpen and bent down to pick him up until Tracy suddenly appeared and asked Sabrina not to touch the baby.

At Metro Court, Hayden thanked Curtis for everything he'd done for her and acknowledged that it would have been a mistake if she'd returned to Wyndemere. Curtis agreed because Nikolas had been out of control. He advised Hayden to stay away from Nikolas and go to the police in the morning. Hayden thanked Curtis for arranging a room for her at the hotel and announced that she would head to bed, but Curtis decided to escort her because he was afraid that Nikolas might return.

Hayden assured Curtis that Nikolas was at Wyndemere, but Curtis refused to take any chances. Hayden continued to send Curtis on his way, but he realized that she intended to go to Wyndemere the minute his back was turned. Hayden denied it, but he didn't believe her. Hayden explained that it didn't matter because Nikolas was waiting for her and eager to buy her silence. Curtis decided to accompany Hayden to Spoon Island because it was the only way to make certain that Nikolas didn't harm her. Hayden promised that Nikolas wouldn't, but Curtis argued that Nikolas had once tried to kill her.

On Spoon Island, Nikolas was motionless and bleeding at the bottom of the cliffs with half his body submerged in the water.

Meanwhile, Sam heard glass shattering and ran into Nikolas' bedroom, calling out Jason's name. She became alarmed when she noticed the shards of glass on the floor and saw Jason standing next to a broken window. She looked around the bedroom and asked where Nikolas was, so Jason pointed to the cliffs below. Shocked, Sam rushed to the window, but Jason told her to call 9-1-1 while he ran out to help Nikolas.

A short time later, Sam joined Jason at the bottom of the cliffs as he started to slide into the water. She explained that rescue was on the way, but it might take awhile because of the storm. Sam begged Jason to wait, but Jason ignored her and swam over to where he'd seen Nikolas' body. Sam waited anxiously until Jason returned to report that it appeared the current had dragged Nikolas' body out to sea. Jason felt bad, but Sam was hopeful that help would arrive soon and quickly locate Nikolas.

Meanwhile, Hayden and Curtis entered Nikolas' bedroom. Hayden and Curtis noticed that it appeared as if there had been a violent struggle. Hayden looked out the broken window but didn't see anything of concern. Moments later, Jason and Sam entered the bedroom and explained that they'd arrived earlier and heard a loud noise in the bedroom. According to Sam, she and Jason had checked the room and seen the broken window. Hayden was horrified when Sam added that they'd seen a body at the bottom of the cliffs, but the current had pulled it away by the time Sam and Jason had gotten to where they'd seen it.

Sam added that she had called 9-1-1, but Curtis glanced at the rocks below and told everyone that no one could have survived the fall. Hayden asked if Jason and Sam were certain that it had been Nikolas' body. Jason admitted that they hadn't been able to tell from the window, but they suspected that it had been. Jason and Sam decided to check if a rescue team had arrived as Hayden began to cry. Curtis wondered if the tears were real, but Hayden was offended and assured him that she had loved Nikolas.

However, the tears quickly vanished when Hayden realized that she needed to locate the diamonds before the police arrived. Curtis watched her tear open drawers and reminded her that it was a crime scene, but Hayden didn't care because she was desperate to find her diamonds.

In the hallway, Jason asked for Sam's phone because he wanted to call Diane. Sam warned Jason that it would make him look guilty if he called his attorney, but Jason knew that he'd be the prime suspect. Suddenly, Hayden marched out of the bedroom, but Sam blocked her path and asked where Hayden was going. Hayden informed Sam that it didn't concern Sam, but Sam disagreed because Sam knew Hayden had been at the castle earlier, and there had been tension between Hayden and Nikolas. Offended by the implication, Hayden reminded Sam that Jason had once pushed Nikolas over Metro Court Restaurant's balcony and had nearly beaten Nikolas to death three weeks earlier.

Sam immediately defended Jason, but Curtis decided to call Jordan. Sam reminded Curtis that Sam had already called 9-1-1, but Curtis ignored her and placed the call. Afterwards, Hayden and Curtis retreated to the bedroom. Hayden insisted that she needed time to find the diamonds, but Curtis was curious what had happened to Hayden being too grief-stricken to think straight.

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