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The forensic evidence from the exhumation of Constance's body backed up the claims in Sage's journal. Luca handled a Newman emergency when Victoria was busy having sex with Travis. Jill returned to town. After Phyllis rejected Billy, he had sex with Bethany and resisted the urge to gamble.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 23, 2016 on Y&R
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Dylan Arrests Adam Dylan Arrests Adam

Monday, May 23, 2016

In the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Luca praised Summer's success in dealing with Newman Enterprises' energy division. Summer gave Luca the credit for helping her compile statistics into a dazzling presentation. Luca said Summer had circumvented what could've been a catastrophic failure. Summer, alluding to her underhanded tactic, said that her aunt, the CEO, likely wouldn't approved of the email sent without her knowledge. Luca noted that Victoria had been distracted by her personal life. Summer asked Luca to explain his statement.

Luca muttered about Victoria and Billy's failed relationship. Summer expressed doubt that Victoria's broken marriage was still affecting her ability to run the company. Luca continued to discredit Victoria. Summer began to doubt her decision to conduct business covertly without having consulted Victoria. Luca assured Summer that Victor would be proud of her accomplishment. Summer noticed Nikki and Michael sitting together. Summer told Luca that Nikki and Michael were probably discussing the divorce.

In a nearby area of the Athletic Club's dining room, Nikki met with Michael. He gave Nikki the divorce papers he'd enlisted a fellow attorney to prepare. Michael urged Nikki to carefully consider her actions because "Victor is in a very, very bad place." Michael added that Victor felt as if his whole family, especially Nikki, had betrayed him. Nikki said her aim had been to help Victor, but she could no longer condone the things he'd done.

Michael advised Nikki to postpone her filing because she wouldn't be able to turn back afterward. Michael warned that Victor might never forgive Nikki. Nikki said, "I love him. I will always love him, and that's why I have to do this, Michael." Nikki added that Victor had already said he'd never forgive her, so there was no point in hanging on. Summer approached her grandmother and reminded Nikki that she should hang on because she was the love of Victor's life.

Nikki was taken aback when Summer cried that Victor had already been punished enough. Nikki asked Summer to remember Victor's crimes against the people he'd hurt. Summer insisted the Victor hadn't expected bad things to happen. Summer said she couldn't overlook the good things Victor had done for his family by only dwelling on the bad. Summer pleaded with Nikki to give Victor another chance. Nikki said it would be futile for her to explain why, but she insisted she had to break away from Victor.

At the Walworth Penitentiary, Victor passionately kissed Dr. Meredith Gates. Meredith backed away and admitted she shouldn't have kissed her patient. Victor disagreed and said, "That is the most real thing that has happened to me in a long time. It felt damn good." Victor explained that it had been tough dealing with his family having turned against him. He said it had hurt him more than he could've ever imagined.

After Meredith bandaged Victor's hand, she noted that his visit with Adam had been upsetting. Victor explained that Adam was his most difficult child because he vacillated between gaining approval and outshining his father. Victor added that Adam had been vicious during his recent visit. Meredith, recalling her difficult relationship with her own father, advised Victor to look past Adam's anger and threats. Victor said talking about his problems with Meredith seemed easy and natural. Victor added that though he'd enjoyed kissing Meredith, they should keep their relationship on a professional level.

Summer met with Victor. She told her grandfather that Nikki had filed for divorce. Victor asked Summer how she'd learned about Nikki's plan. Summer said she'd first heard about it from Michael when he'd informed her and Victoria. Summer added that she'd also spoken to Nikki when Nikki had met with Michael.

Summer said she didn't understand her family. Victor replied, "Nor do I. I guess she's willing to throw it all away." Summer comforted Victor and said she'd always remain loyal. Victor told Summer that she was the future of the family.

After Summer left, Victor was led into the meeting room to see Nikki. He immediately instructed her to say what she'd gone there to say. Nikki caught her breath and said, "I'm filing for divorce." Nikki said she'd tried and failed to save Victor and their marriage. Victor demanded that Nikki tell him the truth. Nikki explained that Victor had made it clear that he'd never forgive her. Nikki cried that she couldn't go on living that way.

Victor said that he wouldn't fight Nikki because they had nothing left. Tears ran down Nikki's cheeks. Victor yelled that Nikki, by aligning herself with Jack Abbott, had insulted him. Victor added that Nikki had manipulated their children and turned them against their father. Victor accused Nikki of cavorting with other men. Nikki defended herself, but Victor continued his verbal attack. Nikki stood and said, "Someday, when you finally snap out of it and realize that you're all alone, you'll have nobody to blame but yourself."

Nikki met with Summer at Chancellor Park. Nikki told Summer that Victor couldn't have cared less when he'd learned about the divorce filing. Summer, after admitting that she'd told Victor about the divorce, replied, "Grandma, that was all an act." Summer explained that Victor had been devastated.

Nikki sighed and told Summer that Victor had faked his reaction in front of Summer because he feared losing the only person still on his side. Nikki told Summer that Victor was no longer the man he had been. Summer cried, "Yes, he is! How can you be doing this to him?" Nikki said her husband had changed into a man obsessed with revenge.

At Adam and Sage's penthouse, Dylan told Adam and Sage that, based on information found in Sage's diary, he'd obtained a court order to exhume Constance's body. Adam said, "It'll clear my name. I can put this crazy accusation behind me and start collecting my apologies." Chelsea seemed miffed and asked why Dylan had delivered the news in person. Chelsea scoffed when Dylan explained that Sage had included specific details about Adam's role in Constance's death. Dylan told Adam he could add information to his statement before the forensic evidence was processed. Adam vehemently insisted that he hadn't killed Constance.

Adam told Dylan that Victor had set him up. Adam added that Victor wanted revenge because Adam had refused to testify on his father's behalf. Chelsea agreed when Adam explained that Victor had hired someone to alter Sage's diary. Dylan seemed doubtful that Victor had orchestrated such a feat from prison.

Chelsea reminded Dylan that Victor had, from his cell, manipulated a board member and had punished Victoria by selling Brash & Sassy. Adam expressed concern that the investigation was a diversion for an even bigger attack. Adam pleaded with Dylan to study the diary more closely. Dylan said he'd drop the case if the investigators found no evidence of foul play.

After Dylan left, Adam swore to Chelsea that he hadn't killed Constance Bingham. Chelsea asked Adam how Victor had been able to pull off his scheme. Adam said Victor might have forged the diary before the trial, so he could use it as leverage. Chelsea agreed that revenge had been Victor's main focus since his conviction. Adam concluded that Victor might've utilized the help of someone hoping to prove himself to Victor.

In her office at Newman Towers, Victoria fished in her purse and discovered that her phone was missing. In a flashback, she remembered having last used the phone in Travis' bedroom. Dan, a colleague, entered unannounced and praised Victor for her handling of the proposal to the energy division. Victoria thanked Dan and said she was grateful they were in agreement. Dan replied, "It's the kind of thing Victor would've done."

Dan glanced at Victor's portrait and said Victoria had been wise to keep the image hanging on the wall for motivation. After Dan left, Victoria phoned Summer. Luca answered. Victoria instructed Luca to tell Summer to meet her at the office immediately. Luca, however, showed up alone. Victoria asked about the email and said that Luca's plan was transparent and futile. Victoria accused Luca of using Summer by gleaning company secrets from her.

Luca, attempting to divert Victoria's probing, asked how the executives in the oil division had received the proposal. Luca noted that he'd given Victoria all the credit. Victoria pointed out that Luca didn't work for Newman, and she asked him about his motives. Luca said he'd merely advised Summer, and he assured Victoria that Victor would have supported the plan.

Victoria insisted that both she and Victor would've never approved of Luca Santori's involvement in Newman Enterprises. Luca warned Victoria not to cut ties with Summer, her only conduit to Victor. Luca added that Summer was the only Newman that Victor still trusted. Luca suggested Victoria use Summer to her advantage.

At Hank's Bar, Victoria approached Travis to retrieve her phone. Travis announced that he had no intentions of sleeping with a married woman. Victoria grabbed her phone and told Travis she was divorced. Travis questioned Victoria's reasons for retaining a picture of her ex-husband on her screensaver. Victoria noted that her ex-husband happened to be in a photo with her children. Victoria, in a rush, excused herself. Travis noted that Victoria was returning to her real life.

Dylan met with Michael at the Athletic Club. Dylan asked Michael if he was aware of Victor using someone outside prison to engineer a plot to frame someone. Michael asked who Victor was supposedly framing and why. When Dylan mentioned Adam, Michael said, "Because Victor is out for revenge against his entire family." Dylan explained that Adam had supposedly poisoned Constance Bingham after she had discovered he had been posing as her grandson.

Adam, Dylan said, had feared that Constance would contact the police. Sage had kept quiet, Dylan noted, because she'd feared Adam. Michael dismissed Dylan's musings. Michael reminded Dylan that Constance had been an old woman when she'd died. Dylan explained that there had been motive, method, and opportunity for murder laid out in the pages of Sage's diary, so Adam might be guilty.

Adam and Chelsea confronted Luca alone in Victoria's office. Adam asked Luca about forging the journal. Luca said he didn't know anything about a journal. Adam said, "You've been working on the outside, doing my father's bidding, ever since you had me fired from that hedge fund."

Luca tried to walk away, but Adam held Luca by the shoulder and demanded he confess what he knew. Luca admitted he'd made calls on Victor's behalf that had led to Adam's firing. Luca said he knew nothing about the diary, but he offered to help determine why Adam was being framed. Dylan arrived and placed Adam under arrest.

Kevin makes a choice

Kevin makes a choice

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

At the cottage, Sharon called Sully a ray of sunshine, and she mused that they would need one that day. Sharon imagined that it was strange for Mariah to commemorate the anniversary of Cassie's death when Mariah had never known her twin, but Mariah insisted that she wanted to be part of the remembrance. Faith asked if her daddy would be there soon, and Sharon informed her that they were going to meet Nick at the cemetery. Faith ran upstairs to get ready, and Mariah suggested that they make Nick feel better by telling him that his son was alive.

Sharon reprimanded Mariah for mentioning Sully's paternity on that particular day, and she refused to lose Sully on the same date she'd lost Cassie. Mariah reminded her that Sully wasn't Sharon's, and lying about it was wrong on every possible level. Sharon questioned what was right about the truth, since Dylan would be destroyed, and Nick would probably take both Sully and Faith from her. Mariah contended that it wasn't fair for Nick to suffer, and the longer Sharon waited, the worse it would be. Sharon wailed that she and Dylan were the only parents Sully had ever known, but Mariah reiterated that Nick deserved to know that he was the baby's real father.

Victor was surprised when Nick visited him, and he mentioned the anniversary of Cassie's death. Nick warned Victor not to even say her name, but Victor defended that he'd loved the child. Nick ordered Victor not to pretend that he cared about Nick's family after Victor had used Nick's dead wife to try to get back at Adam, and he accused Victor of having someone forge entries in Sage's journal. Nick revealed that he knew Adam had blocked Victor from getting out of prison early, and Adam thought Victor had set him up to get even.

Victor was taken aback that Nick had believed Adam's story, and Nick grumbled that he was starting to see Victor for who he really was. Nick recalled the heartbreaking visit that he'd witnessed between Victor and Victor's father, but he thought Victor hadn't learned a thing, since Victor had proven that he was exactly like his dad. Victor encouraged Nick to remember that Sage hadn't told Nick about Adam's true identity because she'd been protecting the love she and Nick had shared, and he suggested that maybe she hadn't been able to stand the idea of putting their relationship through more pain.

Later, in the prison infirmary, Victor asked if Meredith had summoned him because of his hand, and she told him time would heal it, but she was more concerned about him. He accepted that the divorce was just another blow that his family had dealt him, but Meredith referred to Adam's arrest being all over the news. Victor relayed that Nick had stopped by to tell him about it and to accuse him of framing Adam for murder. Victor griped that his family thought he was capable of evil.

At the café in the park, Noah thanked Summer for not inviting Luca to Cassie's ceremony. Summer said Luca had been respectful of the family event, and Noah sarcastically called him a great guy. Summer gushed that Luca was supportive and smart, and she credited him with teaching her a lot about business so she could help Newman. Noah compared Luca to Victor, and he warned Summer that both men would use anyone and do anything to get what they wanted. Noah couldn't believe that Summer was with Luca after everything he'd done to Noah and Marisa, and he reminded her that Victor had done terrible things to Phyllis and Jack.

Summer countered that Victor had also done good things, but everyone had turned their backs on him, including Nikki. Noah thought Nikki was doing the right thing by divorcing Victor, but Summer argued that their grandparents still loved one another, and she thought Victor would forgive everyone eventually. Noah told Summer to open her eyes, since Victor was only interested in revenge, and Victor wouldn't stop until he got it. Summer lectured that they shouldn't be bickering on the day that was supposed to be about Cassie, and Noah agreed that they needed to band together as a family for Nick's sake.

At the penthouse, Chelsea testily asked Dylan to explain to Connor why the boy's father wasn't there, and she chided Dylan for arresting an innocent man. Dylan defended that he hadn't had a choice, since the medical examiner's report had indicated that Constance had been poisoned over a long period of time, and Adam had been the only person with motive. Adam and Michael walked in, and Chelsea ran into Adam's arms. Michael explained that he'd had another attorney arrange for Adam's bail, and Adam insisted that Victor had set him up as payback. Dylan reported that Sage's journal was on its way to forensics, and Adam anticipated that the charges would be dropped once they proved the journal had been tampered with.

Dylan revealed that the evidence showed that Constance had been murdered exactly as Sage's journal had described, but Adam swore that he hadn't hurt Constance. Michael argued that the evidence was circumstantial, and Adam theorized that Victor had gotten to someone in the police department. Dylan doubted that Victor had been able to coordinate such an elaborate plot from prison, but Adam revealed that Luca had admitted to working for Victor, and there was always someone willing to break the law for a payday. Dylan questioned why Victor would have involved Sage's journal, and Adam recalled his plot with Jack to forge a diary to implicate Victor in Walter Palin's murder years earlier.

Michael requested that Dylan leave so they could start working on Adam's defense, and Dylan vowed to find the truth. After Dylan departed, Adam acknowledged that the evidence against him wasn't good, but he had Chelsea and Michael on his side. Adam observed the look on Chelsea's face, and he wondered if she still believed in him. Chelsea admitted that she'd doubted Adam for about two seconds after hearing about the evidence, but she pledged to stand by his side. She hated that she'd let Victor get into her head, and they embraced. Chelsea swore that nothing would ever get between them again.

Michael agreed that the situation reeked of Victor, but he thought Adam's theory wouldn't stand up against the evidence. Adam argued that Victor had created the evidence, but Michael cautioned that it wouldn't be easy to prove Adam's innocence. Adam was sure that Victor wanted him behind bars, but Michael noted that Victor had gotten Adam out of prison multiple times before, and he suspected that Victor had fabricated the evidence to get back in control. Michael imagined that Victor wanted to teach Adam a lesson then swoop in to save his son as he'd done in the past. Chelsea objected that Victor would send Adam "straight to hell" if he could.

Adam maintained that Victor wanted to put him in prison, and he explained how he'd thwarted Victor's plan to work Meredith to have her father reduce Victor's sentence. Adam admitted that he'd visited Victor to perform a victory dance, and Michael admonished him for "poking the bear." Adam prepared to go to the prison to tell Victor that Adam wasn't afraid of him, but Michael advised that Adam was exhausted after spending the night in jail, and the worst thing Adam could do was show that Victor had gotten to him. Adam insisted that they had to do something, and Michael offered to take it from there.

After Michael left, Adam imagined that Victor thought he'd won between the journal and the medical evidence, especially since Adam's word meant nothing. Chelsea thought Michael was the best person to untangle the mess, but Adam expected to have the book thrown at him. Chelsea assured him that everything would work out, and they'd get through it together. Adam anticipated that there would be no proof that someone had tampered with the diary or that the medical examiner's report was incorrect, and there would be no way out of serving a life sentence. Chelsea proposed that they run away with Connor that night.

Michael visited Victor, who huffed that Michael had no right to be there as an attorney after Michael had stabbed him in the back at his trial. Michael announced that he was rectifying the situation, and Victor agreed to talk for a few minutes. Michael declared that Adam had never touched a hair on Constance's head, and Victor surmised that Michael was there on a fishing expedition, but Victor had nothing to say. Michael commented that he'd watched the dance between Victor and Adam for years, and he suggested that they end it.

Victor barked that he'd given Adam everything, and all he'd gotten in return had been viciousness and betrayal. Michael guessed that Victor had wanted to punish Adam, and Victor had succeeded, since Adam had been arrested and humiliated. Michael questioned whether Victor really wanted Connor to grow up without a father, and he believed that Victor loved his family too much to be that cruel. Michael hoped Victor proved him right by ending the war before it passed the point of no return, and he implored Victor to admit that he'd set up his son.

Victor cautioned that Michael was overestimating his ability to play Victor for a fool, but Michael believed that Victor was a father who loved his family despite everything. Michael urged Victor not to let his anger destroy Connor's family, but Victor spat that Adam had betrayed him. Victor ranted that he'd provided his family with an extraordinary lifestyle, and they'd all turned on him. Michael queried whether Victor's anger was worth letting a travesty play itself out, but Victor replied that he didn't have to do a thing, since Adam would be the cause of his own destruction.

Sharon, Dylan, Nick, Faith, Noah, Summer, and Mariah strolled through the park after going to the cemetery, and Sharon thanked Dylan for saying a prayer of remembrance and Mariah for reading Cassie's favorite poem. Sharon remarked that it was still hard to believe they'd lost Cassie, and Nick flashed back to singing softly to Cassie as she lay on her deathbed. Sharon complimented the drawing Faith had made for Cassie, and Faith chirped that she'd heard Cassie had loved horses and tea parties. Sharon noticed that Nick seemed distracted, and Noah wished Nick would talk to them so they could help him.

Nick reflected back on when he'd gone to Cassie's grave the year before to share the news that their family was getting bigger and happier because Sage had been pregnant, but he'd lost his wife and little boy in the year since then, and he'd do anything to hold them in his arms again. Faith extended her hand to Nick and said she was sorry Sage and Christian were gone, but they were in heaven, and Cassie was taking care of them. Noah agreed, and he said the last thing Cassie had told him had been that she'd be his guardian angel. Sharon called Cassie a sweet girl with a good heart, and Nick thought Cassie would have loved having the whole family together.

Nick thanked his family for being there, and Summer suggested that they go back to the house, but Nick wanted to take a walk. Mariah wished there was more they could do for Nick, and Nick replied that he couldn't ask for more than the love of his children. The family exchanged hugs, and Mariah left with Noah. Sharon watched as Dylan joined Nick for a walk. Sharon assured Faith that the sweet things the girl had said had made Nick feel better, but Faith thought that Sully was the best way to cheer her dad up.

Nick confided to Dylan that he'd been convinced that Adam had murdered Constance, but after he'd talked to Adam, he'd been certain that Victor had set Adam up. Nick didn't know what to believe, and Dylan said he might not be able to help Nick find peace, but he could separate fact from fiction. Nick imagined having to face that perhaps his wife had lied to him about a big secret and that his brother was a murderer, and he thought it was easier to accept that Victor had been behind the whole thing. Nick wondered how Victor had even known that Sage had kept a journal that had been filled with intimate details about their lives.

Nick and Dylan returned from their walk, and Faith declared that she had the perfect thing to cheer Nick up. Faith insisted that Nick hold Sully, and Sharon said he didn't have to if he wasn't up for it. Faith begged Nick to do it, and he replied that he couldn't say no to the prettiest girl in the world. Nick took the baby from Sharon, and Faith announced that Sully recognized his name, so she encouraged Nick to say it to make the baby smile. Nick cooed to Sully, and the baby gurgled happily.

Dylan noted to Sharon that it was the first smile he'd seen on Nick's face in a long time. Dylan said Sully had a way of making things better, and Sharon tearfully replied that their son was "such a blessing." Dylan asked if she was okay, and she chalked it up to it being an emotional day. Dylan admired Nick for being a rock despite everything he'd been through, and he added that it was killing him to watch Nick hold their son when Nick should be holding Christian. Dylan couldn't imagine what he'd do if their son was suddenly gone, and he didn't think he'd survive it. Sharon replied that she wouldn't, either, and they embraced.

At the Athletic Club, Kevin read an article about Adam being arrested for Constance's murder, and he explained to Natalie that Adam had posed as Constance's grandson. Natalie was grateful that she wasn't doing business with the Newmans anymore, and she nibbled food from Kevin's plate, claiming that filtering algorithms had made her hungry. He guessed that she had to be nearly done based on the amount of food she'd consumed, and she suggested that they take a break by going on a helicopter ride to Chicago to go to an exclusive pop-up restaurant. He wondered when she'd become a foodie, and she explained that it was all about how hard it had been to get in. He eagerly accepted the invitation, and she planned to meet him back there after she showered and changed.

At the Athletic Club bar, Summer observed that Mariah seemed uncharacteristically upset, and Noah remarked that just because Mariah hadn't known Cassie didn't mean that the twins hadn't had a connection. Mariah recalled that the only reason people had cared about her when she'd first arrived in town had been because she looked like Cassie, and Noah assured Mariah that they loved her for who she was. Noah expected that Mariah and Cassie would have been close if they'd gotten to know one another, and Kevin approached and asked about their long faces. Noah mentioned that they'd just been at the remembrance ceremony for Cassie, and Kevin expressed his regrets and said he was glad he'd run into Mariah.

Summer lectured that Kevin wouldn't have had to rely on a random encounter if he'd split the PassKey profits and treated Mariah like a friend, and Noah pulled Summer aside. Kevin recognized that the day hadn't been easy, and Mariah pointed out that she couldn't remember a twin she'd never known. Kevin referred to the last time they'd talked, when Mariah hadn't had a chance to tell him what had been going on. He invited her to lay it on him, and she responded by kissing him. Noah was shocked when he spotted the buss, and Summer applauded Mariah for finally going after what she wanted.

Kevin didn't understand why Mariah had kissed him, and she apologized and claimed that she'd just acted out in the moment. Kevin recalled that she'd said things had gotten complicated since she'd moved back in with Sharon, and Mariah chalked it up to Cassie's remembrance. Mariah thought that she and Cassie shared a "freaky twin thing" because they'd had the same favorite poem, and she wondered if Cassie had sensed that Mariah's life was messed up. Kevin insisted that it wasn't, but Mariah wished that she was sitting on a ratty couch, watching cheesy movies and eating Chinese takeout. She nervously asked if there was any chance they could get out of there and do that.

Kevin said he'd love to hang out with Mariah, but he hesitated when Natalie returned and asked if Kevin was ready. Mariah started to leave, but Kevin stopped her and told Natalie that he had to reschedule. Natalie protested that Kevin and Mariah could hang out anytime, but he couldn't miss what Natalie had planned. Kevin firmly stated that he couldn't miss the evening with Mariah, and he said he'd call Natalie the next day. Kevin and Mariah headed out, and Noah and Summer approached Natalie, who was flabbergasted by what had just happened. Summer quipped that a new look was no match for an old friend.

Adam confronts Victor

Adam confronts Victor

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

by Mike

At the Chancellor mansion, Billy contacted Phyllis, and when she ignored his call, he left her a voicemail message, letting her know that he had flowers and lunch waiting for her at his place. Meanwhile, Ashley let herself in and hoped, after observing the spread, that Billy was trying to win Victoria back.

Billy insisted that his relationship with Victoria was over for good, leaving Ashley to conclude that he had moved on with someone else. Ashley tried to warn Billy that his relationship with Victoria really would be over for good if he kept making the same "stupid" decisions over and over again, but he made it clear that he wasn't interested in her advice, so she agreed to back off then showed herself out after stressing that she was only concerned because she cared about him.

While lying in bed with Jack, Phyllis found herself thinking about the last encounter she'd had with Billy. When her phone started ringing again, Jack grabbed it before she could stop him, and he warned the caller that her vote would go to someone else if she kept getting bothered -- an allusion to her claim that the earlier phone call had been from a political candidate. "Oh. It's you," Jack soon added, and as he handed the phone to a worried Phyllis, he explained that Ashley wanted to talk to her about something. Ashley asked to see Phyllis right away. "It's about Billy. I think I know what's going on with him," Ashley added.

When Phyllis arrived at Chancellor Park a short time later, Ashley told her about what Billy had arranged for his mystery woman at the Chancellor mansion. Phyllis claimed that she had no idea who Billy was seeing. Phyllis added that Billy was a grown man, and Ashley conceded the point. "I feel bad for this woman, though. Billy's got 'rebound' written all over him. I mean, she is gonna get her heart broken, the poor thing," Ashley mused with a shake of her head.

Meanwhile, Billy entered the Athletic Club and spotted Jack, who was holding a key card. Eyeing the item, Billy wondered if Jack and Phyllis were having problems. "Just the opposite -- my husband and I are having a much-needed getaway," Phyllis explained as she approached and wrapped her arm around Jack's waist. Jack added that Phyllis had surprised him with the idea, which she had referred to as a romantic time-out. "Well, Phyllis is nothing if not surprising," Billy bitterly muttered. Phyllis gave Jack a kiss then headed upstairs with the key card, telling him not to keep her waiting long.

Jack noticed that Billy seemed upset about something, but Billy claimed that he was fine then started to leave after encouraging Jack to have fun with Phyllis. Jack stopped Billy and stressed that he was willing to put their recent issues in the past. "I just want you to find a way to be as happy as me," Jack added. Billy nodded and headed toward the bar, just as Ashley entered the club and pulled Jack aside to talk to him about something. Once the coast was clear, Billy sneaked upstairs to see Phyllis, who had slipped into some lingerie in anticipation of Jack's arrival.

Phyllis protested that Jack could walk in at any moment, but Billy dismissively informed her that Jack was downstairs with Ashley, who was probably fretting about how Billy was throwing his life away for a woman who was bound to crush him in the end. Phyllis insisted that she wasn't trying to hurt Billy; she simply didn't want lives to be destroyed as a result of whatever was going on between them. Billy argued that what was happening between him and Phyllis wasn't just some trivial thing. "I'm starting to think that I can't live without you," Billy added.

Phyllis asked Billy to leave, and he agreed to comply but warned that she couldn't do anything to stop him from believing that they belonged together. "Phyllis, I love my brother, but what you have [with him] is an illusion. It's a memory of what used to exist. What we have -- what we could be -- is real. If you would just allow it to be, it would be real. I know it, and you know it," Billy added before leaving.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Ashley tried to talk to Jack about her fear that Billy was self-destructing again, but Jack insisted that he had just managed to establish a certain level of peace with Billy and wasn't interested in talking about him behind his back anymore. Jack wasn't happy to learn that Ashley had shared her concerns with Phyllis earlier. Confused, Ashley pointed out that Phyllis cared about Billy. "She cares too much, and my marriage has suffered as a consequence," Jack stressed. Jack continued that Ashley needed to back off and let Billy start cleaning up his own messes, just as Phyllis had finally agreed to do.

Billy soon approached and guessed that Jack and Ashley were talking about him. "Don't let me keep you. I know you've got big plans upstairs," Billy told Jack, who nodded and rushed off to join Phyllis. Billy urged Ashley to share her latest plan to save him from himself, but she assured him that she was done meddling. "Apparently, you're a grown man, so, I mean, see fit to live your life the way you want," Ashley added with a shrug. "When does anybody really get [to do] that?" Billy mused before walking away, leaving Ashley looking puzzled.

Upstairs, Phyllis told Jack that they were celebrating a new beginning then gave him a passionate kiss and started undressing him. Meanwhile, Billy was at the bar downstairs, drowning his sorrows. When he asked a passing waitress for a refill, he got the feeling that he knew her from somewhere, and she confirmed that she had once worked at On the Boulevard. Billy claimed that the woman, Bethany, had been one of his favorite employees, but she expressed skepticism, reminding him that she had started working there just before he had sold the place. Billy flashed Bethany a flirtatious grin when she admitted that she'd had a major crush on him back then.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria dodged questions from a reporter about Adam's recent arrest, turning the interview into an opportunity to brag about what she was doing with the company. Victoria then rushed off to see Adam, but as she was complaining about how his arrest had inconvenienced her, Chelsea interrupted to announce that she had finished packing, unaware that she and Adam had company.

Victoria protested that fleeing Genoa City would generate even more bad publicity for Newman Enterprises. Chelsea sarcastically agreed that the company's reputation was much more important than Adam's freedom. Victoria reasoned that Adam needed to stay in town and prove his innocence because running would mean admitting defeat to Victor, but Chelsea refused to let Victoria manipulate her and Adam with that kind of argument.

Adam argued that his departure from Genoa City would be a good thing for Victoria, who would no longer have to worry about him taking Newman Enterprises away from her. Victoria conceded that there was no love lost between her and Adam. Victoria added, however, that Adam was still her brother. Victoria feared that if Victor was capable of framing Adam, he was also capable of showing the rest of the Newmans the same treatment. "He's out to destroy us. We have to stop him, and the only way to do that is if we stick together as a family," Victoria concluded.

At the prison, Dr. Gates jokingly warned Victor that he would have to start punching walls with his left hand because his right hand couldn't take much more abuse. Victor explained that his latest injury had been the result of a visit from Michael Baldwin, who had accused him of framing Adam for murder. "This is all such a mess. Maybe it's time for me to confess," Victor mused.

Gates refused to let Victor do that, believing that he hadn't actually done anything wrong. Victor reasoned that taking the blame might be the only way to prove his love for his family -- and he had nothing left to lose, anyway. Gates insisted that wasn't true, assuring Victor that she was going to find a way to get him released from prison long before serving the full ten years of his sentence. Victor expressed skepticism but promised not to disobey his doctor's order to forget about confessing.

Later, Victor received a visit from Adam, who praised him for being able to pull off such an elaborate setup while behind bars. Victor denied the accusation, arguing that if he had wanted to punish Adam, he would have figured out his own unique way of doing so instead of resorting to a tactic Adam had already used on him years earlier. "That's comforting," Adam sarcastically muttered.

"How does it feel to know that you're innocent, and you shout it out to the world, and no one listens -- not even your own flesh and blood? How does it feel when you know you're innocent, no one listens to you, and the walls keep closing in on you, and the more you cry out, the more the walls keep closing in on you, until you can't breathe? How does that feel?" Victor wondered.

Insisting that Victor wasn't innocent, Adam started to leave, but Victor ordered him to stay. Frustrated, Adam wondered if he would ever know why Victor had always hated him. Adam theorized that Victor's hatred might stem from the fact that he saw more of himself in Adam than in any of his other kids. Victor countered that he had visited often during Adam's childhood and had been quite proud of him when he had returned to Genoa City as a graduate of Harvard. "Don't you remember?" Victor wondered. Adam remained silent for a moment then left without responding.

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Victoria admitted to Chelsea that she wanted Adam to stay in Genoa City because he was just like Victor and was therefore a valuable asset, since the only way to beat Victor was to think like him. Chelsea insisted that Adam was nothing like Victor -- at least not in the ways that really mattered -- and Victoria and the rest of the Newmans would have found that out for themselves if they had ever bothered to give him a chance. Victoria conceded that perhaps Adam should have been given more of a chance. "Or maybe he's more like my father than you would care to admit," Victoria added before showing herself out.

When Adam returned home, he told Chelsea that he had decided to stay in Genoa City and prove that Victor was framing him. "It's the only way we're ever gonna really be free," Adam reasoned. Chelsea seemed worried but agreed to support Adam's decision.

At the prison, Gates tended to Victor's hand, which he had injured once again. Gates wanted to tell the warden that Victor's family wasn't allowed to visit him anymore, but Victor asked her not to do that, stressing that Adam needed him. "I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Adam killed this unfortunate old lady," Victor explained.

"Okay, wait -- they've all been accusing you of setting him up, and all the while, you've had ammunition against him to put him away, and you haven't used any of it? Victor, they don't deserve you," Gates concluded, shaking her head in disbelief.

Jill returns to save Billy from himself

Jill returns to save Billy from himself

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cane escorted Jill to Chancellor Park after picking her up from the airport, and he teased her for not being able to go without visiting Katherine. He remarked that there was no shame in keeping Katherine's memory alive, and Jill half-expected Katherine to swoop in on a broom if they didn't kiss her ring. Cane questioned whether Jill had made a donation to the Winters-Abbott Foundation out of fear that Katherine would strike her down, but Jill recalled that Katherine's years of boozing it up had made Jill's life "hell." Jill bet that Katherine was in heaven, talking to Phillip, Rex, and John about how the tramp was back in town, and she bemoaned that she missed Katherine.

Jill informed Cane that she was funding a hospital wing to be dedicated in Katherine's name, since Katherine had worked hard to get sober and to help others do so, and she was glad Neil and Jack had suggested it. Hilary overheard as she passed by, and she remarked that she was glad Jill felt that way, since Jill had her to thank for the idea. Cane explained that Hilary was on the foundation's board, and Hilary crowed that Jack and Neil had found her to be invaluable. Jill attributed Hilary's board seat to nepotism and Devon's bank account, but Hilary continued to take credit for using Katherine's name to further their cause.

Jill ordered Hilary to stop talking like Katherine had been her best friend, and Hilary conceded that she'd never met Katherine, but she felt like she'd known Devon's grandmother. Jill growled that Katherine would have seen right through Hilary, since Katherine had hated gold-diggers. Hilary pointed out that Jill had been the manicurist who'd stolen Katherine's husband, and Jill vowed to use her clout to keep Hilary away from the foundation's latest project. Hilary announced that she was in charge of the dedication of the Chancellor-Turner memorial wing, and Jill threatened that Hilary would be the one who'd need a memorial if she tried to pull it off.

Cane tried to intervene, but Jill refused to pay money to share a dedication with Hilary. Hilary asserted that Katherine and Rose had both been brave women who'd battled addiction, and their names deserved to be side by side. Jill countered that Hilary's name wasn't on the check, and Hilary pondered what the press would think if Jill pettily reneged on making the contribution. Jill intended to introduce Hilary as a social-climbing parasite who was trying to gain some class by latching onto the Chancellor name, but Hilary argued that Jill didn't have control of the press like she once had, whereas Hilary had good standing in Genoa City.

Jill barked that Hilary only had credibility because of the money Katherine had left Devon, and Hilary imagined that Jill was still stung that it had been much more than Katherine had left Jill. Hilary added that everyone had agreed on the name of the wing, and she turned to Cane for support. Cane reluctantly confirmed that the board had approved the name, and Jill incredulously asked if he was taking Hilary's side. Jill spat that if Hilary wanted her name on something, she could earn it. Jill stalked off, and Cane started to follow her, but Hilary ominously suggested that he remember which side he was on.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Billy flirtatiously pushed Bethany to tell him more about her crush on him, and he questioned how they could revive it. She asked if he had a suite upstairs, and he asked what she was suggesting. She mentioned that she'd seen him descending the stairs earlier, and he said he wasn't staying there, but he had a shack not far from there. Bethany requested a tour, and she declared that her shift had just ended. Billy stated that his had just begun, and they left together.

At Billy's place, Billy and Bethany made out on the couch, but he couldn't stop thinking about his romp with Phyllis. Bethany asked if something was wrong, and he offered to show her the amazing curtains in his bedroom. They proceeded to have sex upstairs, and they heard pounding on the front door, but Bethany purred not to stop. In the foyer, Jill slammed the door behind her and grumbled about the lack of welcome home, and her expression turned to stunned horror as she looked around. She stared at the artwork above the mantel as Billy led Bethany downstairs to try some wine from the cellar, clad only in sheets. Jill demanded to know what he'd done to Katherine's house.

Jill sourly asked if Bethany was Billy's decorator, and Bethany wondered if Billy lived with his mom. Billy clarified that it was his place, and Jill complained about what he'd done with the beautiful house she'd given him. Jill ordered Bethany to put some clothes on, and Bethany went upstairs to take a shower. Jill asked "what the hell" was wrong with Billy, but he pointed out that she'd been the one who'd barged in, and it wasn't a monastery. Jill scowled at the "hideous color" he'd painted the walls, and she quipped that it looked like a bordello for depressives.

Jill said she'd expected Billy to at least respect Katherine's memory by leaving her portrait up, and he led Jill to the foyer, where he'd hung Katherine's portrait so everyone could see it. Jill lectured that he could have left it over the fireplace, but she bet that he'd wanted to prevent Katherine from looking down on whatever he'd been doing on the sofa. Billy recalled that Katherine had wanted him to live his life, but Jill chastised him for doing it by chasing skirts and having cheap sex. Billy argued that he might be in a meaningful relationship, and Jill asked the name of the woman she'd just found him with. Billy stammered that it was Brittany, but Jill wasn't convinced, and Billy wondered when his mother had become a prude.

Jill acknowledged that Billy was a grown man who could have all the sex he wanted, but one of the reasons she'd returned home had been to give him a shove in the right direction after he'd stolen Brash & Sassy from the mother of his children. Billy was sure that Jill knew it had been a smart business deal, but she chided him for turning Katherine's home into a man cave. Jill wailed that she'd thought she'd be able to feel Katherine's presence there, but there was nothing left of their former battlefield.

Billy offered to put the portrait back up on the mantel, but Jill explained that she'd wanted him to have a real home where he could raise his kids and put down roots, and she'd given him the house to make up for all the years he'd railed at her for sending him away to boarding school. She'd envisioned that it would be a place for family dinners and holidays, not bimbos checking out the wine cellar. She realized that Billy might not be a little boy anymore, but he'd never grown up, and he had no sense of priorities. She whimpered that it broke her heart, and she walked out.

A fully dressed Bethany returned downstairs, and she inquired whether it was safe. She cooed that she was ready for the tour, but Billy said he had to take a rain check. She recognized that Jill had killed the mood, but she knew of one thing that had always put a twinkle in his eye when they'd worked together at On the Boulevard. She guessed that her coworkers were about to start a mean game of poker, and she asked if he was feeling lucky.

Bethany suggested that she and Billy get on his bike, win big at cards, and return to the mansion to celebrate. Billy maintained that he had to pass, and she seductively proposed that they take a dip in the pool. He said they'd do it another day, and he told "Brittany" that he'd had a great time. Bethany thanked him for nothing, and she corrected that her name was Bethany as she stormed out.

In an Athletic Club suite, Jack and Phyllis cuddled in bed, and he inquired whether she was still with him or far away again. Phyllis insisted that she was there with Jack, counting her blessings. She gushed that their kids were happy and healthy, Victor was in a cell, and Jabot was finally thriving. She added that she loved Jack and the life they'd built, and he murmured that it felt good to hold her in his arms, but it was even better to know that it would last forever. He proclaimed that it was them against the world, and they were unstoppable together. Phyllis flashed back to having sex with Billy.

Later, Phyllis reflected back on forcing Billy to agree that nothing would happen between them ever again, and Jack called to her and asked if she was okay. She jokingly wished that they'd booked a suite for Mrs. Martinez next door, since Phyllis was famished. Phyllis prepared to pull something together from the mini-bar, but Jack quipped that the club didn't have enough insurance to cover her cooking. He offered to go downstairs to get her some food, and she insisted on joining him. He noted that they were having a lot of togetherness, and he worried that she'd get tired of him. She called him her other half, and she swore that she'd get tired of herself before she got tired of him. They kissed.

Downstairs, Devon asked a sullen Lily if everything was okay, and she testily questioned whether it was okay that his "bitch of a wife" was blackmailing her. Devon advised Lily to keep her voice down, and Lily griped that Hilary got to keep pulling the strings by threatening to put Neil in jail. Devon was sure that Hilary wouldn't go to the cops because she wouldn't put Devon at risk, but Lily couldn't believe that he still thought Hilary cared about protecting him. Lily thought Hilary would sacrifice their entire family to get what she wanted, and she wondered how Devon could love someone who might turn on him at any second.

Devon swore that he and Hilary loved one another, and he didn't agree with what Hilary was doing, but he refused to give up on her or their marriage. Devon pointed out that Cane had done terrible things to Lily, but Lily argued that she and Cane were better together than apart, and she wondered what Hilary added to Devon's life. Devon defended that he and Hilary had worked hard to get to that point, and they'd hurt people in the process. Lily concluded that if Devon and Hilary broke up, he'd feel like they'd hurt Neil for no reason.

Lily asserted that it wasn't a show of love to put up with Hilary's blackmail scheme, and she wondered if Devon had noticed the attention Hilary had been paying to Jack. Devon reasoned that Jack had been the one person who'd given Hilary a chance when no one else had, and he urged Lily not to make trouble. Lily pointedly stated that she wasn't the one doing so. Hilary rushed in and interrupted Jack and Phyllis' dinner, claiming that she urgently needed him.

Phyllis huffed that Jack was off the clock, and Jack agreed that there was no work on his agenda. Hilary insisted that the news couldn't wait until morning, and she announced that Jill was threatening to pull out of the dedication because Katherine was being honored alongside Hilary's mother. Hilary cried that Jill had said venomous things about Hilary and her mom, and Jack recognized that it could be a disaster to lose the endorsement. Phyllis calmly recommended that they resolve the matter by having two separate dedications of two different wings, and she declared that the problem had been solved just in time for her and Jack to have a cozy dinner alone.

Jack loved his wife's clever idea, but Hilary protested that other donors would lose incentive if the foundation arranged too many dedications too early. Jack stated that any donor could see how important Katherine and Rose were to the foundation and its mission, and he considered Phyllis' idea to be fair. Phyllis added that having separate dedications would keep Hilary's mom's journey from being overshadowed in the press, and Jack declared that it was the answer. A defeated Hilary said she trusted his judgment, and she left to make the arrangements. Jack noticed that Phyllis had a glint in her eye, and he repeated that it was them against the world.

Phyllis said she'd always be there to back up her husband, and Jack suggested that they get their food to go. Jill stormed in and demanded an explanation for why she hadn't been told about the shared dedication, and Jack informed her that Phyllis had arrived at a solution to have two separate ceremonies. Jack asserted that Katherine should have her own wing, and he apologized for not planning it that way from the beginning. Jill thanked them for handling it, but she warned that Jack had made an egregious mistake by including Hilary in the foundation. Jill added that they had more important things to focus on, since Billy was going off the rails.

Jill griped that while her life had been great abroad, everything had been "going to hell" in Genoa City. Phyllis remarked that Jill had been the glue that had held the town together, and they just couldn't get along without her. Jill expressed concern that Billy had turned Katherine's home into a man-child's playroom with booze, toys, and random naked women wrapped up in sheets, and Phyllis was taken aback. Jill ranted that Billy was incapable of making good choices, and she expected that he would ruin his life unless they saved him from himself.

In the foyer, Devon stopped Hilary from leaving and asked if she'd been talking to Jack about the foundation. She complained that people were threatened whenever she tried hard to do something good, and she revealed that Jill had poured out insults and had treated her like garbage. Hilary added that Jill had threatened to pull her donation just to see Hilary's mom get thrown into the background, but Devon thought the idea of Rose having her own wing was even more respectful. Hilary grumbled that the press wouldn't care about another lush who'd drunk herself to death.

Devon inquired whether Hilary cared more about the press than the foundation. Hilary said she'd poured her heart and soul into the foundation, and she'd loved her mother, but Rose had let her demons get to her. Hilary expected that Katherine would be presented as a success story, whereas Rose had been the ultimate failure, and Hilary was a failure's daughter. Devon insisted that it wasn't who Hilary was, and he knew what it was like for other people to define him because of his mother. Devon vowed that Rose would get the attention and recognition she deserved, and he'd make sure that the Rose Turner wing changed lives. Hilary marveled that he was the only one who never mistook her motives, and she hugged him and hoped he knew how much he meant to her.

Cane summoned Lily to the park, and he reported that Hilary was holding the kidnapping over his head to get what she wanted. He continued that Hilary had no respect for anyone, including Katherine's memory, and Lily ranted that she hated Hilary. Cane couldn't imagine what he could possibly say to Jill to convince her to share a stage with a woman she loathed, and Lily relayed that Devon didn't believe Hilary would expose Neil, but she couldn't stand by and watch Hilary ruin their lives. Lily thought they had to find a way to stop Hilary if Devon wouldn't, but Cane lamented that Hilary had all the power.

Lily remarked that Hilary had only as much power as they gave her, and she proposed that they take it away by calling Hilary's bluff. Cane inquired whether Lily was prepared to see Neil and Devon put behind bars, and he was determined to find a way to neutralize Hilary so that she wouldn't expose Neil and Devon. Cane cautioned that there was no bouncing back from calling Hilary's bluff if she went to the cops, and Lily didn't want to risk putting her dad in prison. Lily planned to get Devon on their side in order to yank Hilary back in line.

Luca takes action during a Newman emergency

Luca takes action during a Newman emergency

Friday, May 27, 2016

At the Athletic Club, Jill informed Jack and Phyllis that she'd caught Billy at her house, prancing around in sheets with a bimbo, and she worried that her son was spiraling out of control. Jill wanted Jack to set Billy straight, but Phyllis contended that Billy was a grown man, and Jack wasn't his guardian. Jack added that Ashley had voiced similar concerns, and he'd told her that controlling Billy wasn't his job. Jill considered it to be Jack's duty as head of the family, and Jack replied that he'd done all he could to deal with Billy's stunts, but he had his own life to lead.

Jill lamented that Billy's life was a mess, and she didn't want a repeat of what had happened at Abby's wedding. Jill thought that Billy's squandering his second chance at life was a desperate cry for help, and she noted that Jack had painted himself as God's gift to addicts. Jill thought the only answer was for Jack and Phyllis to break the terrible cycle, and she pleaded with Phyllis to convince Jack that Billy needed them. Jill thought it should tell Jack something that both she and Ashley had the same concerns, since the women never agreed on anything. She begged Jack to talk to Billy, and she contended that Jack owed it to her after her enormous donation.

Jack protested that it sounded like extortion, and Jill appealed to him to reach out to Billy because they were family. Jack agreed to give it one last try, and he stepped aside to make a call before he and Phyllis left. Jill observed that Phyllis looked scared, and Phyllis remarked that a lot had happened since Jill had been gone. Jill asserted that Billy had a good heart underneath his recklessness and self-destruction, and she applauded Phyllis for not being a silly woman who would fall for Billy's bad-boy charms. Jill hoped Phyllis would talk sense into Billy to keep anyone from getting hurt, and Phyllis promised to do her best.

As Billy straightened up his living room, he found a bra between his couch cushions. There was a knock at the door, and Billy assumed that Bethany had returned to retrieve her undergarment. He found Luca on his doorstep, and Billy told him to get lost. Luca announced that he was there because of Victoria, and he invited himself in. Luca suspected that Victoria's life was falling apart, and he cited the decline in her business acumen when Victor had outsmarted her from prison. Billy noted that Victor had gotten the best of a lot of people, and he doubted Victoria was falling apart because her daddy had tricked her.

Luca maintained that Victoria was distracted, and executives were losing confidence in her because she was never at the office. Luca added that Victoria disappeared whenever Billy had the kids, and she'd been impossible to get in touch with. Billy stated that he didn't "give a damn" what happened at Newman, and Luca questioned whether Billy didn't care if Victoria was seeing someone else. Billy declared that she was free and clear to do what she wanted with her life, and he ordered Luca to get out. Outside, Luca called Rodney, his investigator, and instructed him to keep his camera ready, since Luca had a feeling Victoria wouldn't stay away from Travis for long.

At Newman Enterprises, Summer told Victoria that she could explain why she'd sent out an email in Victoria's name, and she referred to the problems the executives had had with Victoria's management style. Victoria scolded Summer for letting Luca convince her to rush in and save Newman by drawing up a proposal in Victoria's name, and she lectured that Summer had put the company's well-being and Victoria's reputation in the hands of a lying manipulator. Victoria asserted that she had every right to have both Summer and Luca arrested for fraud, and Summer sputtered in disbelief. Summer recognized that Victoria was looking for someone to blame, but Luca hadn't been the one who'd lied and screwed her over -- Billy had.

Summer argued that Luca had done nothing but support her, and he just wanted a chance to prove himself. Summer urged Victoria to show that she could make logical decisions, but Victoria snapped that she didn't have to prove herself to Summer or Luca. Summer defended that Luca had made Victoria look good, since Victoria had needed to speak to the executives in a certain way. Victoria referred her many years in business, but Summer pointed out that the executives finally considered Victoria reasonable to work with. Summer pushed Victoria to admit that Luca had done her a favor, but Victoria said going behind her back had shown poor judgment on Summer's part.

Summer maintained that Victoria hadn't been communicating well with key members of management, and she thought Victoria hadn't been acting like herself lately. Victoria remained adamant that she didn't want Luca involved, but she conceded that she had been a bit distracted. Jill appeared in the doorway and questioned was what was drawing Victoria's attention away from everything that was really important. Jill insisted on talking about Billy, but Victoria replied that there was nothing to talk about. Jill asked for a moment alone with Victoria, and Summer stepped into the hall.

Jill asked "what the hell" had happened, since Billy was a walking disaster who was making awful decisions and sleeping around. Victoria referred to the times she'd shown up for scheduled visits at inopportune moments, and she grumbled that Billy was back in all his degenerate glory. Jill theorized that Billy was acting that way because he was still in love with Victoria, and she understood what it was like to be crazy about a man who was unable to control his impulses. Jill was sure that Victoria was still in love with Billy, but Victoria was too proud to admit it. Jill encouraged Victoria to make the first move by telling Billy how she felt, since Billy would continue to act like a fool until Victoria set him straight.

Victoria firmly stated that Billy's self-destructive behavior was on him, but Jill asserted that it was on both Billy and Victoria. Victoria said it was time for Jill to leave, since she was tired of being the loyal one who was expected to clean up messes for other people, only to be attacked in return. Jill recalled that she'd been in the same difficult position with Colin, but she'd intervened, and she was glad she had, since they were better than ever.

In the hallway, Summer ran into Luca, and he mentioned that he'd told Billy that Victoria had been distracted at work, but Billy had said he didn't care about Victoria or her family. Summer thanked Luca for trying to get the two back together, but she figured it was a lost cause. Summer told Luca that she'd tried to make Victoria see that she should be thanking him, but she didn't know why Victoria was being stubborn. Luca vowed to win Victoria over, and they overheard Victoria yelling that she wasn't getting back together with Billy, since she'd had enough lies to last a lifetime. Summer thought it wasn't the best time for Luca to plead his case, and he departed.

Victoria stormed out of her office and told Summer that she was going out, so it was Summer's chance to prove that she could act responsibly by keeping an eye on things without making any executive decisions. Jill listened as Summer promised that she'd only call if it was about something important.

A frazzled Victoria entered Hank's Bar, and Travis asked if she was okay. She confirmed that she wasn't, and she wanted him to know some things about her ex. She swore that the photo of her former husband wouldn't be on her phone for long, and she explained that she'd thought that perhaps they'd had a chance to fix things, but she could say with certainty that they weren't getting back together. Travis said he didn't mind that she'd used him, and Victoria called him a sweet guy, but she thought there couldn't be anything more between them. She understood if he didn't want to see her again, and she offered not to stop by the bar anymore.

Victoria started to head out, but Travis called out to stop her. Travis swore that he was clear on what their relationship was and what it wasn't, and he knew he only had a part of "Tori." He admitted that he wanted more, but he was fine with things staying the way they had been, since it was a better alternative than losing her. He pulled her into a kiss as Rodney took photos.

Luca returned to the office, and Summer wished Victoria would stop seeing him as the bad guy. Luca noted that Summer could easily learn the business information she didn't know, but her ability to see the big picture couldn't be taught. He pulled her onto his lap and imagined that most people couldn't see past her beauty to her brain, but he appreciated the whole package. They kissed, but Victoria's computer sounded to indicate there was a new email, and Summer and Luca read something about an urgent offshore drilling operation needing immediate attention. Luca noted that there had been an incident on one of the drilling platforms that had triggered an emergency alert, and he insisted that they get in front of it before it hit the media.

Summer refused to go behind Victoria's back, and she tried to call her aunt. Summer cursed when Victoria didn't respond to any of her messages, and Luca reiterated that they couldn't sit on their hands. He swore that he could help, and he recommended that they send out a simple statement so the press would see that Newman wasn't hiding anything. He planned to control the narrative so that responsibility landed elsewhere, and he told Summer not to worry. He made a call to issue a statement on Victoria's behalf concerning Newman Oil. Meanwhile, Victoria ignored her incessantly buzzing phone as she and Travis began to have sex at his apartment.

At the outdoor café in the park, Michael set a glass of Champagne in front of Lauren and declared that it was a celebration. She asked about the occasion, and he revealed that his hearing had been that day, but he hadn't wanted to tell her about it earlier in case things hadn't gone his way. He announced that he could practice law again, and she cheered and congratulated him. They clinked their glasses together, and he thanked her for pushing him to get reinstated.

Lauren praised Michael for ensuring that a corrupt man hadn't been able to elude the justice system again, and she was glad that Michael's colleagues had felt the same way. Michael warned that he'd be working nights and weekends once Adam's trial started, and Lauren purred that she'd ordered a new couch for her office to take brief recesses when he was working late. He suggested that they go check it out, but she informed him that she was meeting Jill, who was back in town to take care of family issues. Michael imagined that he'd be waiting a long time before he and Lauren could give the couch a workout.

Later, Jill joined Michael and Lauren, and she gushed that she, Colin, and Chancellor were going great, but her happiness was marred by the state of Billy's life. Jill divulged that she'd practically forced Jack and Phyllis to intervene with Billy by threatening to withhold funding for Katherine's wing, and Lauren sympathized that she would do whatever it took if Fen was ever in Billy's shoes. Michael remarked that Jack was the one person Billy looked up to, and he knew that Phyllis also had pull with Billy. Lauren thought Phyllis and Jack would get Billy to listen.

After Jill left, Michael and Lauren enjoyed a dinner of ice cream and Champagne, and he recalled a childhood memory of scrounging up change to go to a corner ice cream parlor when his parents had been too busy fighting and drinking to cook. He said he never could have envisioned the way his life had turned out, and it would have saved him a great deal of heartache and trouble if he'd known he'd grow up to be that fortunate. Lauren affectionately called him a big shot, no-good lawyer, but he replied that he was standing opposite a miracle of a woman who'd never ceased to take his breath away. They kissed, and she became lightheaded. He surmised it was from the Champagne, but she insisted that it was because of him.

Jack and Phyllis arrived to see Billy, and Jack mentioned that they were there at someone else's request. Jack asked Billy to hear them out, and Billy replied that everything had already been said, but he allowed them in. Jack revealed that Ashley was concerned about Billy, and Jill had begged them to intervene because they were all worried sick about him. Jack added that even Phyllis was having trouble with some of Billy's choices, and Billy coolly inquired whether Phyllis was worried about him.

Phyllis admitted that she was concerned, but she didn't think any amount of persuasion would convince Billy to get his act together, since he had to decide for himself when he'd had enough pain and chaos. Jack argued that Billy couldn't see that he was being self-destructive, and it had all started with Billy's obsessive need to get back at Victor. Billy snapped that he took after his brother, but Jack warned that Billy didn't need to hit rock bottom to realize that he needed help. Phyllis insisted that they were there because they cared, and Jack added that they were all at the end of their ropes. Billy offered to tell Jack what was bothering him.

Billy explained that he was in the house alone with no one to share it with, and every plan he'd made had turned to dust. He continued that his marriage was over, and he was sniffing perfume for a job, but he had no one to blame but himself. He admitted that his bad choices and misguided desires were the reason why he didn't get to plan a nice, romantic night with someone, but he didn't want to talk about it. Jack cautioned that isolation was the enemy, and Billy confessed that he'd been tempted to gamble, but he'd gotten the urge under control. Jack thought Billy shouldn't be alone, and he relayed that Ashley was convinced that Billy was seriously involved with a woman. Jack inquired whether there was someone Billy genuinely cared about, and Billy conceded that there had been, but it was over.

Jack assumed that the woman had been Victoria, and Billy allowed Jack to think that it had been, but his glance at Phyllis indicated otherwise. Jack asked what Billy thought had gone wrong, and Billy replied that "she" had been a bright, shining light in his darkest moments, so he'd latched onto her for dear life, but he'd committed too fast by putting everything on the table. Billy continued that she hadn't been able to handle it, so she'd backed away, convinced that it would never work. Jack honestly believed that Billy and Victoria belonged together, but Billy said the problem was that "she" was in love with someone else. Jack refused to believe it, but Phyllis blurted out that she did.

Phyllis guessed that "Victoria" had accepted that her relationship with Billy wouldn't work, since Billy's impulsive behavior had hurt people and was hard to watch. Phyllis pointedly stated that "she" was moving forward with her life because she needed to be a responsible adult, and staying with Billy would have been a disaster for the entire family. Jack encouraged Billy to get his act together and not to give up, and he declared that whatever Victoria had with the other guy paled in comparison to what she'd had with Billy. Jill walked in as Billy looked directly at Phyllis and vowed to do everything he could for the woman he loved, since he knew she loved him just as much.

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