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Hayden paid Shawn a visit in jail. Nikolas, Elizabeth, Jason, and Sam gathered at Cassadine Island to talk to Helena. Morgan and Kiki decided to run away. Anna turned to Andre for help. Emma escaped an attempted kidnapping.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 16, 2015 on GH
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Can't We All Just Get Along?

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Monday, November 16, 2015

Carly was giving instructions to a contractor on where to build the ramp for Sonny. Sonny warned the contractor not to touch the roses in front of the house, but the contractor couldn't promise that. Sonny went off on the contractor to just scrap all the plans for the changes to Sonny's house. Carly tried to reason with him, but he threatened that either everything stayed the same -- or Carly moved out.

Carly explained that she wanted to make things easier for Sonny, but he yelled that he wasn't an invalid. Carly asked the contractor for a minute, and the man left. She advised Sonny not to bully the contractor, as he was just doing his job. Sonny refused to be bullied in his own house. "It's all yours," Carly said angrily, and she stormed out of the room.

In the hall, the contractor asked Carly which railings she wanted installed. She just told him to "make it work," and he left. Lucas entered the house, and Carly was happy to see him. She told him of Sonny's moodiness, and Lucas suggested that she needed to relieve her stress by giving Sonny "another target." He advised her to get Sonny's physical therapist to the house, which would help Sonny recover in addition to focusing his energy elsewhere. Lucas needed to get to the hospital, and Carly thanked him for his support.

Recognizing his mistake in yelling at Carly, Sonny asked Morgan to order "two hundred dollars worth" of Carly's favorite flowers and a card that said, "I'm sorry." Morgan turned to leave but stopped walking when he heard Sonny tell Max that Ava was "back in the game." Sonny instructed Max to get his "best guy" to tail Ava, but Morgan burst into the conversation with "I'm your guy."

Sonny asked Max for a minute alone with Morgan. Max went to take care of Carly's flowers. Sonny wondered what Morgan's plan was. Morgan suggested that he act like he wanted Ava back but actually gather information for Sonny. Sonny appreciated Morgan's offer but demanded that Morgan stay away from Ava and the business.

When Morgan was gone, Max returned and wondered if Morgan was going to go against Sonny's wishes. Sonny knew that Morgan would. Sonny informed Max that, once Sonny was back on his feet, he would be able to have a "permanent solution" for Ava. Just then, Carly returned.

Max left, and Carly explained to Sonny about the "necessary renovations" she was getting done. Sonny screamed that he would have a "marriage of equals, or no marriage at all." She accused him of holding their marriage hostage and refused to let him push her away again. He threw his wedding ring and informed her that their marriage could be ended as easily as it had started.

Ava was on her way out with Avery when she opened the door and found Paul. Paul entered the apartment, offering a teddy bear armed with a "nanny cam," and told her that it was time for her to get back to work. Ava admitted that she wasn't sure she was the "right woman for the job." He assured her that he had "full faith" in her, and he told her that he needed her to "facilitate deals" for him.

A few minutes later, Ava returned from putting Avery down for a nap, and she asked for an explanation of Paul's "merchandise." He refused, explaining that he was giving her "deniability" so that he could "take care of my number one." "Is that all I am?" she wondered, and he kissed her. Just then, Morgan was yelling through the front door for Ava to let him in.

Moments later, Ava let Morgan into the apartment. Morgan explained that he had just wanted to give Ava some of Avery's things. He joked that he had been taken off her "guest list," but she welcomed him to see Avery any time he wanted. As Paul listened in from another room, Morgan said that they could never be together again -- even if Kiki had forgiven them and he had forgiven Ava about being Denise -- because of Ava taking over Julian's business.

Ava insisted that she was focusing on her gallery, but Morgan told her to stop lying. He informed her that she was putting Avery in danger. Ava accused him of trying to get information out of her for Sonny. He acted offended, and Ava threw him out of the apartment. Paul observed that Ava had been too smart to give up any information to Morgan. "I bet Morgan isn't," he added.

Robin begged the man to leave Emma alone. He warned Robin that she'd broken the rules, so she would have to face the consequences. Robin watched the screen as a woman told Emma about her lost dog. She asked Emma to help find the dog, but Emma told the woman that she wasn't supposed to go off with strangers. The woman thought they were friends and took Emma's hand. Emma, clearly scared, bit the woman.

Tracy demanded to know how long Hayden was going to "drag it out" with Nikolas. Hayden warned Tracy to "back off," because seduction couldn't be rushed. Tracy threatened to tell Nikolas that there was "a snake in the castle." Hayden promised that, by the time she was done, Nikolas would lose ELQ. Tracy wondered how. Hayden replied that she would be of no more use to Tracy if she told all her secrets. Just then, Tracy heard Emma screaming about "stranger danger."

"That's my girl," Robin said as she watched Emma bite the woman. The man told Robin that her family would be left alone if she fully cooperated. Robin thought her captivity would be "over sooner than you think." She taunted that Jason was alive, and he would find her, which would cause the man's death. The man told Robin that Jason had "bigger problems than you." He informed her that success in her work was the only hope she had of seeing her family alive and in person again.

Jason entered Nikolas' house and instructed Elizabeth to "go home." He accused Nikolas of knowing his true identity ever since the DNA test Nikolas had run. He suggested that Helena had tampered with it. He revealed that he'd seen Danny and Sam, and he still remembered nothing, but he couldn't ignore his wife and child. He again told Elizabeth to leave, but she refused to leave the two men alone.

Nikolas assured Elizabeth that Jason wouldn't hurt Nikolas, because that would hurt Elizabeth. She reluctantly left. When Elizabeth was gone, Jason demanded that Nikolas help Jason get back the life that had been stolen from him -- or Jason promised that he would "take all that matters to you."

Just then, Hayden arrived. Jason threatened to exercise his rights as a Quartermaine and take back his ELQ stock, leaving Nikolas bankrupt. Hayden reminded Jason that he had no proof of anything. Nikolas thought that Helena was the one with the answers, but she was currently frail and dying at the Cassadine compound in the Mediterranean. Jason left to talk to Michael. Nikolas assured a nervous Hayden that Jason "can be handled."

Patrick arrived at his house and saw that Sam was holding Jason's wedding ring. She told him that Jason had been there to see Danny. She admitted that they had been talking about the past, and they had kissed. He wondered what she had wanted to happen. She believed a part of her wanted to see if it helped Jason remember anything, which it hadn't. He asked what she would want if Jason did remember and if she even cared that they were engaged. She insisted that her love for Patrick hadn't changed, but "everything else has."

Sam continued that she wanted Jason to remember for his own sake, for his sons' sakes, and for her sake, even if it meant that she and Patrick had no future. He responded that he couldn't just sit back and wait for her. Just then, his phone rang. He answered it to Tracy, and he urgently told her that he would "be right there." Sam asked to go with him, but he tearfully refused and left the house.

A short while later, Patrick arrived at the park. Emma ran into his arms as Tracy explained what had happened. There was a cop there, and she told Patrick that Emma had given a good description of the strange woman, and an alert would soon be put out for the predator. The cop left, first promising to call with any questions. Tracy left to call Hayden. She left a message warning Hayden not to get distracted by Nikolas' "charms."

Patrick wanted to take Emma home. She wondered if Sam and Danny would be there. To Patrick's surprise, she admitted that Spencer had told her about Jason returning. Crying, she told Patrick that she didn't want Sam to leave like Robin had. He confessed that he didn't know what would happen, but Sam and Danny would figure out what was best for them. He hugged Emma and assured her that Sam loved her as much as she loved him. They both cried.

As Sam looked at a picture of her family from Halloween, there was a knock on the door. Sam opened it to Elizabeth and informed her that Patrick wasn't there. "It's time we talked about Jason," Elizabeth said. Elizabeth knew that Sam had been at Elizabeth's house the night before and wondered why Sam couldn't have waited to drop off Jason's motorcycle. She also knew that Jason had been at Sam's that morning. "We have a son," Sam reminded Elizabeth. "He's still my fiancé," Elizabeth shot back. "He's my husband," Sam spat. Sam realized that Elizabeth was only there to "mark your territory."

Elizabeth asked Sam to let Jason be and decided what he wanted on his own. Sam thought it was ironic that Sam wasn't allowed to talk to Jason while Elizabeth lived with him. She reminded Elizabeth that Jason had his own home, so he didn't even really need Elizabeth or her home. Elizabeth wondered what Sam was going to do about her fiancé Patrick. "None of your business," Sam stated. She continued that Jason had already started to remember things, and when he remembered everything, it was "anyone's guess" what would happen next.

Jason rode his motorcycle and passed by a sign that read, "You are now leaving Port Charles."

Lulu catches Dante and Valerie together

Lulu catches Dante and Valerie together

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

At the apartment, Franco offered Nina a sandwich to take with her to work, but she declined because she was too nervous to eat. She was curious if Franco was anxious about his appointment, but he assured her that a psychiatric evaluation was easy and offered Nina words of encouragement. Kiki sat in the living room and made a snide remark about Nina being unqualified for the job. Franco smiled gently as he told Nina to ignore Kiki.

After Nina left, Franco joined Kiki in the living room to have a talk with her. She expected him to lecture her, but he admitted that he had been concerned about her because of what had transpired in court during the custody hearing. Kiki assured him that she hadn't "hit the bottle" in twenty-four hours. Franco was proud of her, but he wanted her to stop insulting Nina. He explained that being lost wasn't an excuse for Kiki to tear down someone who had been working hard to build her life back up. Franco thought that Kiki could take a page from Nina's book by finding a job.

Kiki sarcastically suggested that perhaps Julian might need of a Chief Financial Officer. Franco refused to rise to the bait because he wanted her to find a purpose in life, which might help her stay away from the liquor cabinet. Franco kissed her gently on the top of the head and left.

A short time later, Kiki was looking at the bottles of alcohol when someone knocked on the door. It was Morgan. He entered the apartment and looked around as he asked where Franco and Nina were. Kiki revealed that Franco had gone to the hospital to get his job back, and Nina had been hired as the new editor in chief of Crimson. Morgan was stunned that Julian had actually hired Nina, but Kiki shifted gears to tell Morgan about Franco's suggestion that Kiki get a job.

Morgan was curious if Kiki had any work experience. She chuckled as she admitted that she had once worked at a crab shack. Morgan suggested that she apply for a waitress position at Metro Court Restaurant, but Kiki doubted Carly would hire her. Morgan disagreed because Kiki had testified on Sonny's behalf during the custody hearing. Moments later, Nathan stopped by looking for Franco, but Kiki explained that Franco was at the hospital.

After Nathan left, Kiki breathed a sigh of relief because she had feared that Nathan had been there to arrest her for driving Carly off the road. Morgan reminded Kiki that they didn't even know if Kiki had been responsible for the accident. He added that even if she had been, no one needed to know. Moments later, Carly called Morgan to ask him to meet her at the hospital.

At Greystone Manor, Carly warned Sonny that she wouldn't tolerate him threatening to divorce her every time he felt stuck in his wheelchair. Sonny argued there was no need to remain married, since they had failed to get Avery away from Ava. He took off his wedding ring and threw it across the room to emphasize his point. Outraged, Carly decided to call his bluff. Sonny warned her that he was serious, but Carly reminded him that she was his wife, not one of his lackeys whom he barked orders at.

Carly kneeled down to look Sonny in the eyes as she took his hands into hers. She assured him that her wedding vows had been from the heart. Sonny softened as he acknowledged that he had lost custody of Avery because of his temper and apologized for lashing out at Carly. Carly explained that Sonny had to stop taking his frustration out on her. She reminded him that he was stubborn, but he was also the determined and indestructible man she had married five times.

Carly promised that Sonny's "setback" hadn't changed anything, but he couldn't afford to fly off the handle and lose his temper as he had in court. Carly promised Sonny that he was stronger than ever, even in the wheelchair. He smiled and kissed Carly. Seconds later, Nathan walked in to discuss Carly's car accident. However, Nathan had to cut the meeting short when he received a phone call.

After Nathan left, Epiphany arrived and announced that Carly had hired her to help Sonny with physical therapy, since Sonny had left the hospital. Sonny objected, but Epiphany pointed out that Sonny seemed determined to remain stuck in the wheelchair, despite his vows to walk again. Carly smiled with satisfaction, but Epiphany ordered Carly to leave because Epiphany needed to focus on Sonny. After Carly left, Epiphany helped Sonny to a table and had him stretch out. Sonny grumbled because he didn't understand how it would help him walk again, but Epiphany ignored him.

Epiphany's temper flared when Sonny decided to take a phone call from Max. She snatched the phone out of Sonny's hand and threw it across the room because he needed to focus on his therapy if he hoped to walk again. Later, Epiphany wrapped up the therapy session after Sonny completed a set of arm curls from his wheelchair. Sonny wanted to continue, but Epiphany advised him to save his strength because he would need it for the following day. After Epiphany left, Sonny picked up the dumbbell and began another set curls.

At the Jerome apartment, Paul explained to Ava that they would need every weapon in their arsenal, including Morgan. Stunned, Ava asked if Paul expected her to sleep with Morgan to gain information about Sonny. "If that's what it takes," Paul replied. Ava refused be pimped out to further Paul's interests, regardless what Paul was holding over her head. "I will not be your whore," Ava clarified.

Ava assured Paul that she had other means to get what they needed. Paul was disappointed by Ava's lack of ambition, but she didn't want any kind of relationship with Morgan. Paul wondered if perhaps Ava might have thrown herself at Morgan if Paul hadn't been hiding in the apartment. Insulted, Ava slapped Paul. Paul realized that he had hit a nerve. He smirked as he claimed that he wouldn't want her to compromise her loyalties.

Ava took another swing at Paul, but he grabbed her wrist before her hand reached its target. Ava warned him to let go, but Paul leaned forward to kiss her. Carly suddenly pounded on the front door, demanding to talk to Ava. Paul ducked out of sight as Ava went to the door. Carly marched into the apartment as the guard apologized to Ava. Ava nodded then turned her attention to Carly. Carly immediately berated Ava for manipulating Sonny in court, but Ava shrugged because it had worked to Ava's advantage.

Carly vowed that Ava would be in for the fight for her life because Sonny and Carly would not rest until Avery forgot who Ava was. Ava calmly thanked Carly for the heads-up and ordered Carly to leave. Carly walked to the door, but stopped when she suddenly noticed a familiar baby blanket tossed onto a box. Carly recognized the blanket as one Morgan had given Avery, but she wanted to know why it wasn't at Sonny's house. Ava confirmed that Morgan had stopped by.

Carly ordered Ava to stay away from Morgan because Carly refused to let Ava hurt him again. Carly explained that she protected her children, unlike Ava who only used them. Carly warned Ava to never to go near Morgan again because Carly had resources that Ava had never dreamed of. After Carly left, Paul emerged from one of the back rooms with a smile on his face. He conceded that Carly was quite the "mama bear." Ava was outraged and ranted about Carly.

Pleased that the real Ava had finally made an appearance, Paul listened to Ava's angry tirade as he pulled off his jacket. Ava assured him that she was tired of living off of table scraps and intended to claim what rightfully belonged to her. Ava promised that she would take what she wanted from Sonny and the rest of Port Charles. Paul suddenly reached out and passionately kissed Ava, but she gained the upper hand by shoving him to the sofa then climbing on his lap to continue the kiss.

At the hospital, Morgan approached Carly. She held out Avery's blanket and confronted Morgan about his visit with Ava. Morgan claimed that he had done it for Sonny and that it hadn't been a big deal, but Carly decided that it was time for Morgan to make an appointment to talk to a psychiatrist.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Liesl was pleased when Franco arrived early for his appointment. She introduced Franco to Andre Maddox and explained that the doctor would be handling the psychiatric evaluation. Andre led Franco to an office and settled behind a desk as asked about Franco's fascination with death. Franco admitted that he had destroyed and taken lives, but he'd been suffering from a brain tumor. Andre clarified that he was more interested in hearing about the crimes Franco had committed after the brain tumor had been removed.

Franco acknowledged that he had helped Nina when she had abducted a baby and fled town, but he had done it because Nina had been unwell, and he had wanted to keep both Nina and the baby safe until he could persuade Nina to return the baby. Andre sensed that Nina was important to Franco. Franco admitted that Nina had been the best thing to happen to him, but Andre was curious if Franco and Nina had consummated their relationship. Franco reluctantly confided that he and Nina hadn't been intimate, in part because there was a big gap in their finances.

Franco revealed that he needed the job to prove to Nina that he was worthy of her. Andre was curious if Franco was just saying what he thought Andre wanted to hear or if Franco was truly committed to living his life with integrity. Liesl popped her head into the office to ask if Franco had passed the evaluation. Andre carefully explained that Franco hadn't failed it, which was good enough for Liesl. She hired Franco on the spot.

After Liesl walked away, Franco grinned and suggested that Andre take a look at Liesl's file. Franco went to the elevator, but Nathan exited the elevator and immediately arrested Franco for causing Carly's accident and fleeing the scene. Nearby, Morgan and Carly watched the arrest with interest.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Julian and Alexis met for a romantic dinner, but Lulu walked up. Lulu apologized for the interruption and explained that she needed Alexis to draw up divorce papers. Alexis reluctantly agreed to take care of it. Lulu thanked Alexis and left. Julian admitted that he was surprised by Lulu's decision, but Alexis warned him to lower his voice because she saw Olivia approaching the table. Olivia was excited to share a story about Leo, claiming that he had said "Mama" earlier that morning.

Julian was surprised because he'd heard that a baby's first words were usually "Dada." Alexis thought Leo seemed to be a little young say anything, but Olivia insisted that Leo was a genius. They each smiled awkwardly until Alexis reminded Julian that he had to get to his office. Julian excused himself, with Alexis quickly following suit.

A short time later, Alexis entered Julian's office to tell him that Kristina would be home for Thanksgiving. Alexis was eager to host a family Thanksgiving dinner in their new home and suggested inviting Brad and Lucas as well as having Leo there. Julian was touched by the suggestion and kissed her. Alexis promised to see him at home and left.

In the restaurant, Olivia approached Lulu at the bar as Lulu sipped on a soda before leaving to fetch Rocco. Olivia seized the opportunity to talk about the difficulty of raising children as a single mother. Olivia assured Lulu that Dante would always take an active role in his children's lives, which meant that Lulu would never be alone. Olivia added that Dante loved Lulu deeply and felt terrible for what had happened. Olivia questioned if there was a chance that Lulu and Dante could work things out. Lulu admitted that she didn't know if she wanted to forgive Dante.

Olivia advised Lulu to consider couples therapy, but Lulu seemed uncertain. Olivia suggested that -- at the very least -- Lulu should talk to Dante before making a decision. After Olivia walked away, Lulu called Dante, but he explained that he was busy with work. Lulu invited him to spend the following day with Rocco. Dante assured her that he would and promised to see her soon.

Meanwhile, Alexis returned to the restaurant. Lulu quickly walked up to let Alexis know that she might not need Alexis' services after all. Alexis was delighted. After Lulu left, Alexis approached Olivia to apologize for her unkind remark earlier when Olivia had wanted to share news with Julian about something special Leo had done. Alexis was embarrassed by her lack of graciousness. Olivia appreciated the apology. Relieved, Alexis invited Olivia and Leo to join Alexis and Julian for Thanksgiving. Olivia agreed to try to visit, but she needed to check with Dante first to see what her elder son had planned.

Later, Kiki approached Olivia about applying for a job.

At Crimson, Maxie was hard at work when Lulu walked in. Lulu smiled because it was clear that Maxie was thrilled to be back at work for the fashion magazine. The conversation turned to Nina and Julian's decision to hire Nina as the new editor in chief. Lulu confessed that she would be amazed if Nina managed to get three issues published before Crimson folded. Maxie cleared her throat as Nina walked in and overheard Lulu's remark. Maxie tried to salvage the situation by explaining that Lulu had dropped off dinner.

After Lulu made a hasty exit, Maxie entered Nina's office to hand Nina a thick binder of everything Nina would need to get herself up to speed on the magazine. Nina noticed that her office had been cleaned up, so Maxie explained that she had organized everything to make it easer for Nina to work. However, Maxie warned Nina that Crimson was in trouble. Nina wondered what she should do to turn things around. Maxie advised Nina to take Crimson back to its roots.

Maxie showed Nina the latest edition of Couture -- Crimson's competitor -- to give Nina an idea of what Nina was up against. Nina was impressed with the magazine's layout and wondered if they could do something similar. Moments later, Julian walked in to get a progress report on Crimson. Nina assured him that she had some ideas to turn things around, including a photo shoot in an exotic location. Julian advised Nina to take a look at the magazine's budget because the money wasn't there, but he suggested that she try upping Crimson's online presence through social media.

After Julian left, Nina felt defeated. Maxie offered Nina words of encouragement by insisting that Nina was smart and stylish and made good decisions because she had hired Maxie. Maxie promised to help Nina make the magazine a success by making certain that Nina properly reflected the new face of Crimson.

Elsewhere, Dante was parked in a car, working surveillance, when Nathan slipped into the back seat to hand Dante something to eat. Nathan wished that he could stay, but he had been ordered to work Carly's accident. Dante assured his partner that it was fine because the academy had assigned a cadet to work with Dante. Shortly after Nathan left, Valerie arrived with two cups of coffee. She slid into the front seat as she greeted Dante. He appeared uncomfortable with the idea of working with Valerie, but he was determined to keep things professional.

Valerie noticed the empty food wrappers strewn about the car. Dante explained that it was common when working a stakeout. Valerie nodded then asked about the case. Dante revealed that they were monitoring the apartment of a drug dealer's wife because the police had been tipped off that the drug dealer had returned to town. Valerie used the binoculars to check the apartment and noticed the wife greeting a man with a kiss. Dante took the binoculars but quickly identified the man as the wife's "boyfriend."

Dante made a snide remark about the wife cheating on her husband, but quickly realized that he didn't have any room to judge. Later, Valerie was surprised when she heard Dante wrap up a phone call with his attorney. She hadn't realized that Dante and Lulu had been talking to lawyers, but Dante explained that he had wanted to check if both parents had to consent for Dante and Lulu's frozen embryo to be implanted. Dante revealed that he and Lulu had put their plans to have another baby on hold, but he regretted mentioning the personal matter to Valerie.

Valerie was curious what police officers would normally talk about during a stakeout. Dante admitted that partners spent a lot of time together and ended up bonding over "crazy stuff." Valerie smiled. Later, Valerie was asleep with her head on Dante's shoulder as Lulu exited a building. Lulu recognized the car as she approached it from behind, so she looked inside. Her expression hardened when she saw Dante and Valerie.

Jason heads to Cassadine Island

Jason heads to Cassadine Island

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

In Metro Court's lobby, Anna left Patrick a voicemail message, explaining that she had heard about Emma's frightening encounter in the park. Anna wanted to talk to him about it and told him that she would meet him at the hospital. Anna ended the call then reached for her purse and coat, but a bottle of pills spilled out. Andre Maddox suddenly appeared and picked up the bottle to return to Anna. He was curious if the St. John's Wort had helped with her depression. Anna denied being depressed but added that her friend Felicia had recommended it because Anna had started a new job that was stressful.

Andre warned Anna that self-medicating was a bad idea, but Anna didn't see any harm in taking herbal supplements. Andre feared that it would only be a matter of time before Anna turned to a sympathetic doctor for stronger medication. Anna denied being an addict, but Andre reminded her that she was struggling with overwhelming guilt and loss, which had sent her into a state of turmoil. He warned her that it would continue to get worse until Anna got to the root of the problem.

At the police station, Dante and Valerie arrived with a handcuffed suspect who complained of being falsely detained and accused Valerie of tripping him. Dante asked a police officer to throw the man in lockup as Valerie followed Dante to Dante's desk with a big grin on her face. She conceded that the suspect had been right about her intentionally tripping him. Dante praised Valerie for her quick thinking, but he warned her that the stunt might cost him his badge. Valerie's smile faltered, but Dante promised to keep the incident out of his report.

Valerie brightened and admitted that she had felt like a real police officer. Dante was curious when she would start the police academy. "Monday morning," Valerie proudly answered. Dante wished her luck and left. After Dante walked away, Valerie decided to send him an email from her phone.

In Metro Court Restaurant, Maxie was on the phone, singing Nina's praises, when Lulu walked up. Maxie ended the call and profusely apologized for not returning Lulu's phone calls. Maxie was shocked when Lulu revealed that she had caught Dante and Valerie spending time together. Maxie wondered if there might have been a reasonable explanation for what Lulu had seen, but Lulu had no way of knowing because Lulu didn't trust Dante to tell her the truth.

Maxie confided that Spinelli had provided Maxie with a software program that would help her hack into Dante's emails, which might provide some answers. Lulu was hesitant, but with some prodding agreed to let Maxie access Dante's email. Moments later, Maxie saw an email from Valerie to Dante, thanking Dante for the previous evening. Lulu read the email and misconstrued Valerie's gratitude to Dante for the exciting evening. After Lulu stormed off to confront Dante, Maxie resumed making business calls.

Maxie ended a call when she heard Valerie at a nearby table, ordering a big breakfast and bragging that she needed the carbohydrates because Valerie had had a big night. Outraged, Maxie marched up to confront Lulu's cousin about shamelessly carrying on an affair with Dante. Valerie was shocked when Maxie mentioned that Maxie and Lulu had read Valerie's email to Dante. Valerie reminded Maxie that it was illegal to hack into someone's email, but Maxie argued that Lulu was married to Dante and knew his passwords.

Maxie was certain that Valerie had intended for Lulu to read the "clingy" little note to Dante and admitted that it was something Maxie might have done at one time, which was why Maxie recognized a home wrecker when she saw one. Valerie denied trying to ruin Lulu and Dante's marriage but added that if she had been, Lulu would have given Valerie all the help Valerie had needed. Valerie informed Maxie that the email had been about work because Valerie and Dante had made an arrest during a stakeout the previous evening.

Valerie suggested that if Maxie were a true friend, then Maxie would urge Lulu to take Dante back before Lulu lost a great guy. After Valerie walked away, Maxie called Lulu and left her friend a voicemail message, warning Lulu not to confront Dante because the email had been a big misunderstanding.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael gently touched Sabrina's belly as he expressed his excitement about Sabrina's sonogram, which was scheduled for later that morning. Sabrina's expression was shadowed with guilt as she smiled, but Michael didn't notice. He was eager to find out if the baby was healthy and how far along Sabrina was. Moments later, Elizabeth entered the living room, looking for Jason because he hadn't returned home the previous evening and she hadn't heard from him. Michael admitted that he hadn't seen his uncle, but he suggested that perhaps Jason simply needed space to figure things out.

Elizabeth remained concerned and wanted to talk to Monica. Michael offered to fetch his grandmother, but Elizabeth declined because she realized that Michael might be right about Jason. Michael explained that he had to run an errand, but he promised to meet Sabrina for the sonogram. Sabrina assured Michael that it would be fine if he couldn't make it, but Michael just smiled and left. Sabrina empathized with Elizabeth's situation because Sabrina had been in Elizabeth's shoes when Robin had turned up at Patrick and Sabrina's wedding. Elizabeth insisted that things were different because Jason had no recollection of his life with Sam and had spent a year building a life with Elizabeth.

Sabrina was curious if Elizabeth knew why Jason had left without telling anyone. Elizabeth suspected it was because everyone had been pressuring him to remember his past, and he needed time to let everything sink in. Sabrina hoped Jason returned home to Elizabeth, but Elizabeth was determined to make sure of it.

In the squad room, Dante read Valerie's email and started to reply, but Michael walked up. Dante assumed that Michael was there to talk to Franco because Franco had been arrested for running Carly's car off the road. However, Michael explained that Jason had left a voicemail message empowering Michael to use Jason's ELQ shares to unseat Nikolas. Michael added that Dante would be able to reinstate the corporate espionage charges once Nikolas was removed from ELQ. Dante promised to take care of it.

Satisfied, Michael asked how Dante had been holding up. Dante admitted that Lulu had called to invite Dante to spend the day with Rocco, which Dante saw as an encouraging sign. Moments later, Lulu marched in. Michael quickly excused himself as Lulu glared at Dante. Dante quietly greeted Lulu, but her temper exploded as she loudly accused him of carrying on an affair with Valerie. Dante's fellow police officers listened as Lulu revealed that she had seen Dante and Valerie parked in an unmarked police car the previous evening, and she had also read Valerie's email to him.

Dante quickly dragged Lulu into the interrogation room to remind her that hacking into a police officer's email was a felony. He explained that Valerie had joined the police academy and had been assigned to work with him. He assured Lulu that he hadn't slept with Valerie since the Fourth of July, but he warned Lulu that if she couldn't find a way to let him rebuild trust, then there was no point in fighting for their marriage.

Meanwhile, Sam arrived home after dropping the children off at school. Patrick greeted her, but his smile faded when she talked about Danny and mentioned that he was fearless like Jason. Patrick quietly admitted that both Sam and Jason were risktakers. Sam revealed that Jason had decided to go after the Cassadines and would need backup. Patrick tensed but asked when she intended to leave. Sam admitted that she had left several voicemail messages for Jason, but he hadn't returned any of her calls.

Patrick suggested that perhaps Jason had needed time to process everything, but Sam argued that Jason only went "radio silent" when Jason went on the road. Sam insisted that she knew how Jason thought, but Patrick disagreed because Jason was not the same man she had married. Sam argued that she had witnessed firsthand that Jason had reacted the same way to situations when Jason had rescued T.J. Sam suspected that Jason would start his quest for answers by going to the World Security Bureau, tracking down Helena, or paying Robin a visit, which meant that he would need Sam's help.

"No, Sam, you want him to need you," Patrick said. Patrick insisted that Sam was chasing after Jason for herself, not for Jason. Sam appeared offended by the accusation, but she quietly told him that she had arranged for Monica to pick Danny up from school and watch him for a few days. Patrick realized that Sam had already made up her mind before she had discussed it with him. Sam argued that Jason was in trouble, but Patrick asked how many times Jason had put himself before both Sam and Danny in the past.

Patrick couldn't understand why Sam was willing to risk the "precious" life they had built together to help Jason. Sam insisted that part of the reason Patrick loved her was because Jason had helped her to become the woman she was. Patrick thought Sam was selling herself short, but Sam reminded him that she had been a greedy, selfish, ruthless con artist when she had first arrived in Port Charles. According to Sam, Jason had seen past all of that and had loved her for who she was. Patrick added that Jason had also repeatedly broken her heart. Sam conceded that she and Jason hadn't had a perfect relationship, but they had gotten past their problems.

Sam claimed that she needed to help Jason find answers. "If you go, I don't know what that means for us," Patrick warned her. Patrick grabbed his things and told her that he had to get to work. He asked her to let him know what she decided, and he left. Sam reflected back on Patrick's emotional wedding proposal, but her thoughts quickly drifted to her motorcycle ride with Jason when he had been Jake Doe. Moments later, Elizabeth knocked on the door. Sam wasn't pleased as Elizabeth sailed past her and asked if Sam had talked to Jason.

Sam admitted that she had left Jason a voicemail message, but he hadn't returned the call. Sam suspected that Jason was searching for answers, but Elizabeth was relieved that Sam had not chased after him. Sam admitted that she intended to track down Jason down because he had no idea what he was up against. Elizabeth argued that Jason only wanted closure and intended to return to her, not Sam. Sam's temper flared because she claimed that Elizabeth had never loved Jason or truly known who he was.

Elizabeth reminded Sam that Elizabeth and Jason had been together long before Sam had "rolled" into town. Elizabeth insisted she had loved Jason for years, but Sam countered that Elizabeth had loved the man that Elizabeth had wanted Jason to be, which was why Elizabeth had tried to change him into someone he could never be -- safe and settled. Elizabeth wondered why, if that were true, Jason had wanted to marry Elizabeth and had gone home with her even after he had learned the truth about his identity.

Sam ignored the question as she made it clear that she refused to lose Jason again. She ordered Elizabeth to leave. Moments after Elizabeth walked out, Sam followed.

At the nurses' station, Patrick apologized to Anna when he saw her approach. He explained that he'd had a busy morning and hadn't had a chance to return her call. Anna admitted that she had been concerned about the incident in the park with Emma because she feared that it might have been a message to Anna. Patrick assured Anna that Emma was safe and had given the police a detailed description of the woman who had attempted to abduct her. He promised Anna that Emma would not be left alone but added that Sam might not be around to help take care of his daughter.

Patrick revealed that Jason had taken off, and Sam had decided to chase after him. Anna thought it was for the best because Sam needed to work through things and have the freedom to pick Patrick without any pressure. Patrick admitted that he thought Sam had outgrown Jason, but he feared for her safety because Jason was dangerous. He was also concerned that Sam didn't fully appreciate the possible grief she might inflict on the people she left behind if anything happened to her. Anna advised Patrick not to guilt Sam into staying because Sam needed to know he loved her enough to trust her.

Later, Sam called Patrick to let him know that she loved him, but she had to go after Jason. Patrick assured Sam that he loved her and told her to be careful.

Meanwhile, Sabrina cancelled her sonogram appointment then bumped into Anna at the elevator. Sabrina realized that Anna wasn't affiliated with the police department any longer, but Anna told Sabrina about Anna's new job. Sabrina smiled because she hoped that Anna could keep Sabrina apprised of any new developments with the investigation into Carlos' murder. Anna tensed as she carefully explained that it was a cold case then quickly slipped into the elevator with a promise to let Sabrina know if anything changed.

Moments later, Sabrina ran into Patrick. Patrick and Sabrina exchanged greetings and talked about her pregnancy. Patrick sobered as he apologized to Sabrina for how he had treated her when Robin had returned. Sabrina assured him that it was fine, but Patrick disagreed because he had new insight into what Sabrina had gone through while Patrick had wrestled with what to do about his marriage to Robin and his relationship with Sabrina.

Nearby, Michael was startled when a nurse informed him that Sabrina had canceled the sonogram appointment.

Elsewhere, Andre was surprised when Anna appeared in his doorway. She realized that she needed help and asked to schedule an appointment.

In Oregon, Jason knocked on Spinelli's door. Spinelli was pleased to see his old friend, even though Jason admitted that he didn't recall their friendship. Spinelli invited Jason inside, but Spinelli was disappointed that Ellie and Georgie weren't there to meet Jason. However, Spinelli was thrilled that Jason was truly alive because the world would have been a darker place without him in it. Spinelli was grateful that fate had returned Jason to them, but Jason explained that he needed to find Helena if there was any hope of Jason reclaiming his life.

Spinelli agreed to help and immediately went to the computer to run a program that would hack into the Cassadine mainframe. As Spinelli and Jason waited, Spinelli talked about how Jason had changed Spinelli's life. Spinelli credited Jason with laying the groundwork for Spinelli to have a rich and full life by befriending Spinelli when Spinelli had been isolated and antisocial. Jason admitted that he had heard a lot of about Jason Morgan, but Jason didn't recall anything about the man he was. Their conversation turned to Sam.

Jason admitted that he thought Sam deserved to be happy, but he was not the man she had married. Jason explained that he was in love with Elizabeth and had made commitments to her that he wanted to honor. However, he couldn't ignore the vows that he had made to Sam. Jason realized that a good woman would get hurt, regardless of what he did. Spinelli gently told Jason that Jason's instincts had always been true, but Jason appeared skeptical. Spinelli pointed out that Jason had gravitated toward the people important in his life like Carly, Sam, and Elizabeth.

Jason reminded Spinelli that Sonny had tried to kill him, but Spinelli argued that Jason had saved Sonny's life when it had mattered. Spinelli advised Jason to trust his instincts. Moments later, Spinelli's computer pinged. Spinelli grinned and announced that Helena was under heavy guard in the west wing on the third floor of the main building on Cassadine Island. Spinelli quickly provided Jason with a detailed map of the island and the building's floor plan. Jason thanked Spinelli for everything and left. "You're already closer to reclaiming yourself than you know, my friend," Spinelli said.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth returned to Sam's, but Sam insisted that she didn't have time for Elizabeth. Elizabeth explained that Laura had agreed to watch Cameron, Jake, and Aiden so Elizabeth could join Sam's search for Jason. Sam warned Elizabeth that it would be dangerous, but Elizabeth was undeterred. Moments later, Spinelli called to let Sam know that Jason was headed for Cassadine Island.

Helena agrees to answer Jason's questions

Helena agrees to answer Jason's questions

Thursday, November 19, 2015

At Metro Court Restaurant, Morgan smiled when he saw Kiki at the bar, reading a packet. Kiki confirmed that she had been hired as a waitress. She admitted that she had called Franco because she had wanted a familiar face around when she started her first shift later that evening, but Franco hadn't answered the call. Kiki was stunned when Morgan revealed that Franco had been arrested for driving Carly's car off the road. Kiki became upset and decided to go to the police station to make things right.

Meanwhile, Nina rushed into the interrogation room at the police station as Nathan escorted Franco to a table. Nina ran to hug Franco, and Nathan rolled his eyes in disgust. Nina assured Franco that she had tried to "spring" him the previous evening, but she hadn't been able to find an attorney. She added that she had called everyone she knew -- except Ric -- but both Scott and Diane had been out of town. Nina's tone was filled with accusation as she asked why Nathan was determined to ruin Nina and Franco's lives.

Nathan calmly explained that the evidence pointed to Franco as the person who had forced Carly's car off the road. Franco denied it, but Nathan warned Franco that they had irrefutable evidence, including an eyewitness description of the car and security footage from the Haunted Star that showed Franco's car leaving the parking lot. Franco insisted that he had been at home with Nina all evening, watching horror movies and handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. Nathan pointed out that Franco's car had been sent to an auto body shop for repairs the morning following the accident, but Franco argued that some "drunk" had sideswiped the car in the garage.

Franco suspected a "frat" boy in the apartment building, but Nathan didn't believe him because an enhanced image of the security footage had clearly shown Franco's license plate number. Franco suddenly grew quiet as he put the pieces together. Nina was stunned when Franco abruptly changed his story to claim that he had left the apartment after Nina had fallen asleep to take a drive and clear his head. According to Franco, he had swerved to avoid hitting an animal in the road, but he didn't recall hitting Carly's car. Nina knew it was a lie, but Nathan ordered Franco to write everything down.

Nina followed Nathan into the squad room to continue to defend Franco. Nathan accused Nina of covering for Franco, but Nina was adamant that Franco hadn't left the apartment. Nathan questioned Nina's certainty, but the alibi quickly fell apart when Nina was forced to admit that Franco and Nina slept in separate bedrooms and hadn't been intimate.

Meanwhile, Morgan and Kiki entered the interrogation room from the hallway. Kiki made it clear that she would not allow Franco to take the fall for the accident because she had been driving drunk. Franco appreciated Kiki's desire for honesty, but he insisted that he wanted to help because Kiki had been through enough. Morgan reluctantly agreed that Franco was right; Kiki shouldn't ruin her life to keep Franco out of jail. Morgan reminded her that she had just started a new job, but Kiki didn't want Franco to pay for her crime.

Franco assured Kiki that it would be fine because he would be let off with a slap on the wrist and a fine. Morgan urged Kiki to listen to Franco. She reluctantly capitulated when Franco implored her to let him do something good for her. Kiki thanked Franco. Morgan added that Franco was "good people."

In the squad room, Nathan suggested that Franco had intentionally run Carly off the road because of Franco and Carly's history. Nina continued to defend Franco until she spotted Kiki. Nina ran over to Kiki to tell Kiki what had happened, but Morgan admitted that he had told Kiki about the arrest. Kiki was annoyed that Nina hadn't called Kiki with the news, but Nina resented Kiki's attitude, since Nina had been at work. Frustrated, Kiki asked where Scott was. Nina admitted Scott was out of town.

Morgan explained that Kiki had a new job, but Nina's eyes narrowed as she studied Kiki closely. After Morgan and Kiki left, Nina entered the interrogation room to ask why Franco was covering for Kiki. Franco tried to deny it, but Nina easily saw through the lie. Nina knew that Franco had a soft spot for Kiki, but Franco reminded Nina that Nina did too. Nina agreed, but she insisted that Franco shouldn't enable Kiki. Franco hated the term, but Nina argued that it applied because Franco was teaching Kiki that Kiki didn't have to face the consequences for Kiki's wrongdoings.

Nina explained that she and Franco had to teach Kiki to take responsibility for her actions and pleaded with Franco not to jeopardize what Nina and Franco had worked hard to build. She reminded him that they were finally in a good place and each had a job, but he assured her that everything would be fine because he would only face a fine for the accident. Nina warned Franco that Nathan had threatened to charge Franco with attempted murder because Nathan suspected the accident had been deliberate.

Nina begged Franco not to take a chance with their future, but Franco insisted that Kiki was doing great and had stopped drinking. Nina disagreed with his assessment of Kiki and feared that Kiki was hanging on by a thread, but Franco asked Nina to trust him. Nina suggested that Franco trust her and left the interrogation room to inform Nathan that Kiki had been behind the wheel when Carly had crashed.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Kiki remained conflicted about letting Franco take responsibility for her accident. Morgan insisted that Kiki had been through enough already, but Kiki feared that she might end up backsliding if she didn't do the right thing. Morgan suggested they could avoid that by leaving town. Kiki was stunned by the proposition, but Morgan pointed out that neither of them had any reason to stay, since Kiki didn't have a relationship with Ava, and Morgan's parents had been pressuring him to see a psychiatrist when he didn't need one.

Morgan suggested that he and Kiki could make Franco's sacrifice count by starting over in a new town with new identities. Kiki smiled because she liked the idea of a fresh new start. Kiki conceded that it was crazy enough to work and agreed to run away with Morgan.

In Nikolas' bedroom, Hayden woke up with Nikolas seductively kissing her shoulder. She smiled as she admitted that it was amazing to be with him. Hayden was happy that they had finally trusted each other enough to take their relationship to the next level. Nikolas wondered if he had told her how much he loved her. Hayden grinned as she confessed that she loved him too. She admitted that she didn't want to ever leave the bed.

"As you wish," Nikolas replied as his smile suddenly vanished, and he began to strangle her. Hayden suddenly woke up from the dream, gasping for breath.

Later, Hayden went to Pentonville to visit Shawn Butler. Shawn was shocked when he saw Hayden and quickly assured her that he had prayed for her recovery every day. He added that he had never intended to shoot her, but she was certain that he would have regretted shooting Jake. Because of his look of confusion, Hayden realized that Shawn had no idea what she was talking about. Shawn was stunned when she revealed that Jake Doe was really Jason Morgan.

Hayden added that Shawn had nothing to feel guilty about because she was 99.9 percent certain that his bullet had gone wild and another assassin had fired the shot that had nearly killed her. Shawn wondered why Hayden would think that, but she refused to elaborate. Hayden explained that she needed to find a way to find the person responsible for the attempt on her life, but she was afraid to tip anyone off that she suspected that she had been the target. Shawn appreciated Hayden's dilemma and gave her the name of someone she could trust to help.

On a flight bound for Greece, Elizabeth and Sam sat together as a flight attendant announced that they should arrive at their destination within the hour. "Can't happen soon enough," Sam muttered loud enough for Elizabeth to hear and agree. The tension was thick as Sam asked why Elizabeth was even there, but Elizabeth reminded Sam that Jason was Elizabeth's fiancé. Sam suspected that Elizabeth's true motivation was to do damage control and keep Jason from remembering his life.

"Sounds like someone's a little more paranoid than I realized," Elizabeth replied with a smirk. Sam argued that Elizabeth had never been able to accept Jason for who he was, but Elizabeth disagreed. Sam didn't believe Elizabeth because she was certain that Elizabeth would have been thrilled if Jason had stayed Jake Doe forever, since Elizabeth couldn't handle Jason Morgan. Elizabeth insisted that she had always loved Jason, but Sam countered that if Elizabeth truly loved Jason then Elizabeth would want Jason to remember.

Elizabeth was confident that Jason wanted a life with Elizabeth, but Elizabeth warned Sam that Patrick might kick Sam out of bed when Patrick realized that he had simply been a placeholder for Jason. "Just someone between your legs until you could hop back on Jason's motorcycle," Elizabeth added with a sneer. Infuriated, Sam tossed a drink at Elizabeth.

Moments later, the flight attendant handed Elizabeth a towel and scolded both women, threatening to have them arrested when they landed if Elizabeth and Sam continued to act up. Elizabeth and Sam apologized for their behavior and assured the flight attendant that they would behave. The flight attendant handed them fresh drinks with clear instructions not to toss them at each other or anyone else. After the flight attendant left, Elizabeth remarked that she had clearly struck a nerve. Sam claimed to love Patrick, but Elizabeth wondered what Sam would do if Jason's memory returned.

Elizabeth was certain that Sam would leave Patrick so fast that his head would spin. Sam claimed that she and Patrick would sit down and have a long talk and work things out. Elizabeth was curious how Sam would feel if Jason still chose Elizabeth over Sam, but Sam argued that Elizabeth would never be able to fit into Jason's life because Elizabeth was not Jason's equal; Elizabeth was Jason's cross to bear. Elizabeth's temper flared as she tossed a drink at Sam.

The flight attendant returned to chastise both Elizabeth and Sam and asked if either woman had ever been inside a Greek prison. "No," Elizabeth answered. "Yeah, a couple of times. Who hasn't?" Sam answered at the same time. The flight attendant was not amused, but Elizabeth managed to smooth things over. Satisfied, the flight attendant took the drinks away. "Oh, and whoever this Jason may be, God help him," the woman said as she walked away.

Elizabeth and Sam burst out laughing. Both women admitted that they were there to help Jason because he was struggling and agreed to work together for his sake. Elizabeth confessed that she hated to admit it, but it was one of the rare times when Elizabeth was glad that Sam was with her because Jason needed both of them. Sam agreed then mentioned that she suspected that Nikolas had been hiding something. Elizabeth defended Nikolas, which didn't surprise Sam because it worked to Elizabeth's advantage for Jason not to remember being married to Sam.

On Cassadine Island, a guard checked the doors as he made his way down the hallway. Moments later, a rope dropped from the ceiling, and Jason silently rappelled down. Jason slipped around a corner as the guard returned, but the man stopped when he saw the rope dangling from the ceiling. Jason managed to sneak up behind the man and quickly overpowered him. After Jason neutralized the guard, he dragged the man out of sight, took his keycard, and approached Helena's suite. Jake inserted the card and used a small electronic device to determine the correct access code.

Jason pulled out a gun and stealthily entered the room. Moments later, Nikolas emerged from the bedroom and closed the door behind him. Nikolas wasn't surprised when he saw Jason, but Jason kept the gun firmly aimed at Nikolas and demanded to see Helena. Nikolas explained that Nikolas was on the island to bid a final farewell to Helena because she had taken a turn for the worse. Jason asked if Helena had passed away, but Nikolas assured Jason that Helena remained alive.

Jason threatened to shoot Nikolas unless Nikolas took Jason to Helena. Reluctantly, Nikolas complied. Helena smiled as she sat up in bed with an oxygen tube under her nose. She explained that she was too weak to greet Jason properly by getting out of bed, but she was delighted by the visit. Jason realized that Helena was ill, but he wanted answers. Nikolas subtly shook his head to warn his grandmother not to say anything, but Helena appeared to delight in playing her mind games by admitting that she wanted to right some of her wrongs before she was reunited with her beloved Mikkos in the afterlife.

Jason was curious what wrongs Helena had been referring to, so she reminded him that she had allowed his son Jake to return home. Helena imagined that "insidious" Elizabeth had been ecstatic to be reunited with her middle child. Suddenly, two guards entered the bedroom, dragging Elizabeth and Sam with them. One of the guards explained that Sam had claimed to be a Cassadine and married to Jason, while Elizabeth had identified herself as Jason's fiancée. Nikolas dismissed the guards as Helena smiled with pure delight.

Jason reiterated that he wanted answers. Helena was eager for redemption and agreed to tell Jason everything he needed to know.

Morgan arms himself to protect Kiki

Morgan arms himself to protect Kiki

Friday, November 20, 2015

Carly approached Patrick at the nurses' station to ask what he knew about Andre. She explained that she wanted to make an appointment for Morgan to talk to Dr. Maddox, but she was curious about Andre's reputation. Patrick curtly explained that he didn't know anything about Andre, but he agreed to check into the doctor's credentials and get back to Carly. Carly asked if Patrick was okay.

Patrick put his phone away and told Carly that he had been checking the weather in Greece because Jason had gone to Cassadine Island to confront Helena, and Sam had followed. Carly conceded that Helena would have all the answers to Jason's questions, but she had hoped that Jason would wait until his memory had returned. Patrick reminded Carly that it had been a year, but she argued that knowing he was Jason might be the key to Jason's memory returning. She added that it had been an encouraging sign when Jason had saved Sonny.

Patrick was happy for Sonny and Carly, but he reminded her that there were other people involved. Carly realized that he was upset because Sam had gone after Jason, but she assured Patrick that it didn't mean that Sam loved Patrick and Emma any less. Patrick feared that Sam loved Jason more then he walked to the elevator. Carly followed him as she pointed out that he had no idea where Sam's head was -- she doubted even Sam did.

Patrick expressed his frustration that Sam was desperate for Jason to remember everything, including Jason's life with Sam. He was hurt that she had dropped Danny off with Monica, but Carly insisted that Sam would have done the same for Patrick if Patrick and Jason's roles had been reversed. Patrick explained that he would never have put Sam in that position because he wasn't like Jason, who had no regard for the loved ones he had left behind. Carly wondered where Patrick had left things with Sam. He admitted that he had gotten out of the way, but Sam had promised that she would return to him.

Patrick wondered if he and Sam were kidding themselves about the future of their relationship. He entered the elevator. After the doors closed, Carly received a call from Nathan, who asked where Morgan was because Nathan had some questions about Carly's car accident.

Later, Patrick left Sam a voicemail message, telling her that he hoped she was safe and returned home soon because he loved and missed her.

At the police station, Nina informed Nathan that Kiki had been driving Franco's car the night of Carly's accident. Nathan accused his sister of covering for Franco, but she insisted that it was the truth. Seconds later, Franco wandered out of the interrogation room. Nathan demanded to know what Franco was doing in the squad room, so Franco claimed that he sometimes got frightened when he was by himself. Franco beseeched Nina to return to the interrogation room to keep him company, but Nina refused. Nina insisted that Franco was innocent, and she threatened to resort to extreme tactics if Nathan refused to properly investigate the crash.

Nina reminded Nathan that she had organized a protest when she had been fourteen years old, but Franco argued that he had confessed to the accident. Franco implored Nina to drop it, but Nathan decided to dig a bit further by making a call to request that the lab enhance the image, taken by a speed trap camera, of the person driving Franco's car on the night of Carly's accident. Franco was furious that Nina had pushed the issue, but she was unapologetic.

Later, Nathan returned with the enhanced image, which confirmed that Kiki had been driving Franco's car. Franco insisted that it was him in a "Khaleesi" costume for Halloween, but Nathan refused to allow Franco to cover for Kiki. Nathan wondered if Franco and Nina knew where Kiki was. Franco denied any knowledge of Kiki's whereabouts, but Nina advised Nathan to find Morgan because Kiki had been with Morgan.

A short time later, Carly stormed into the squad room and became livid when she saw Franco. Carly confronted Franco about running her off the road, but Nathan quickly stepped forward to reveal that Kiki had been driving the car. Carly refused to believe that Kiki would leave the scene of the accident, but Nathan carefully explained that Kiki might not have realized there had been an accident. Nathan added that he needed to find Kiki and suspected that she was with Morgan. Carly tried to call Morgan but couldn't reach him. Carly promised to talk to Sonny and Michael to see if they knew where Morgan was. She left.

Meanwhile, Franco slipped into the hall and called Kiki. He warned Kiki about the recent development and urged her to get far away from Port Charles because the police were looking for her. Nathan rounded the corner and overheard Franco on the phone. Nathan quickly snatched the phone away from Franco and implored Kiki to turn herself in, but the line was dead. Franco claimed that he had no idea where Kiki was, but it had sounded like she had been on a plane.

Nathan and Franco returned to the squad room. Nathan warned Franco that it wouldn't help if Kiki continued to evade the authorities because it would only delay the inevitable and make everything harder for Kiki. Nina urged Franco to cooperate, but Franco remained stubbornly silent. After Nathan walked away, Franco gave Nina the silent treatment. Nina regretted that she had upset him, but she insisted that it had been best for Kiki because Kiki needed to deal with some serious issues, including Kiki's drinking problem.

Franco resented Nina's interference because he was certain that he would have been given a slap on the wrist -- losing his driver's license and doing community service. Franco and Nina continued to argue until Nina asked if Franco intended to end things with her. Franco seemed startled by the question and reminded her that he loved her. He assured Nina that it had merely been an argument and that he would never leave her. Nina relaxed and apologized, but she was confident that Kiki was safe with Morgan. "Oh, right, because nothing has ever happened when there's a Corinthos around," Franco replied.

At a cabin in the woods, Kiki looked around and admitted that she was impressed with the luxurious accommodations, but she noticed that the cabin was isolated. Morgan smiled as he reminded her that it was the reason he had picked it. After he looked around, he emerged from a back room, dressed for ice fishing. He announced that he was headed out to catch dinner and invited her to join him, but Kiki was horrified. Morgan assured Kiki that Sonny and Carly had a fully stocked kitchen. Satisfied, Kiki asked if Morgan had cell service because she couldn't get a signal on her phone.

Morgan explained that the service was spotty then rambled about all the things he would like to do. Kiki was shocked because she realized that he intended for them to remain at the cabin for an extended stay. He reminded her that they had left Port Charles behind them to start new lives, but she disagreed. Kiki pointed out that Sonny and Carly would eventually figure out where they were, but Morgan became increasingly agitated at the idea of returning home because he was tired of living in Michael's shadow and being a failure in the eyes of his family.

Kiki wondered if Morgan had thought about his relationship with Darby, but Morgan insisted that he wanted to find something that he was good at. Morgan invited Kiki to take a walk with him to clear their heads, but Kiki suggested they play a game of cards instead. Later, Morgan and Kiki had nearly finished a bottle of alcohol as Morgan sat in his underwear, while Kiki proudly displayed her winning hand. Morgan grumbled about losing, but ran out the door to take a polar plunge into the water as Kiki watched from the doorway and laughed.

Moments later, Franco called Kiki. Kiki was delighted, but Franco cut to the chase by telling her that Nathan had figured out that Kiki had caused Carly's accident. He urged Kiki to get away from Port Charles and not return then quickly disconnected the call. Morgan returned in a jovial mood as he urged Kiki to take a quick swim in the freezing water. Shaken by the phone call, Kiki explained that she was going to be sick and ran to the bathroom.

Morgan checked his cell phone and saw a text message from Carly asking him to call her because the police were looking for Kiki. He immediately deleted the text message as Kiki returned to the living room and announced that it was time to go back to Port Charles. She admitted that she needed to make things right because the police knew the truth. Morgan pulled on clothes as he tried to persuade Kiki to stay.

Kiki was shocked when Morgan unwittingly revealed that they were not in Sonny and Carly's cabin. She insisted on doing the right thing by turning herself in to the police, but Morgan suddenly tensed when he heard a noise outside. Morgan panicked, certain the police had found them. Kiki's eyes rounded with disbelief as Morgan grabbed a shotgun and bullets, intent on protecting Kiki from capture.

At Volonino's gym, Sonny sat in his wheelchair and looked around as everyone worked out in the boxing ring and on the equipment. Disgusted with himself, Sonny ordered his guard to take him home, but Epiphany entered the gym and instructed Freddie to step away from Sonny. Sonny was infuriated, but Epiphany refused to be intimidated and made it clear that she and Sonny would have a physical therapy session. Sonny argued that the gym was for boxers and added that there was no such thing as "wheelchair boxing."

Epiphany chuckled and advised Sonny to Google it when he got home. She tossed his boxing gloves into his lap and ordered him to put them on. Reluctantly, Sonny complied. After the gloves were on, Epiphany had him work out on a heavy bag. Sonny worked up a sweat as he smiled.

A short time later, Patrick walked in. Epiphany was impressed when Sonny wisely decided to take a break. Patrick seemed uncertain about working out in the gym, but Sonny urged Patrick to give it a try. Patrick agreed because he was in the mood to punch something. Sonny helped Patrick put on boxing gloves and mentioned Jason because Sonny suspected Patrick was upset about the impact Jason's return would have on Patrick and Sam's relationship. Sonny reminded Patrick that things might not turn out the way Patrick feared because Jason had built a new life over the previous year.

After Patrick left, Epiphany praised Sonny for showing Patrick compassion because it had given Sonny an opportunity to get out of his own head. Epiphany explained that Sonny needed to focus on his family and friends because he would not get better if his head wasn't in the right place. Moments later, Carly walked up and asked to talk to Sonny. Epiphany admitted that the therapy session was over, and she left. Carly quickly told Sonny about Kiki's legal troubles and Morgan's involvement. She feared that Morgan might do something "crazy" to protect Kiki if they didn't find their son in time.

On Cassadine Island, Nikolas, Elizabeth, Jason, and Sam were gathered in Helena's bedroom as a frail Helena sat in bed with an oxygen tube under her nose. Helena smiled with delight and talked about finding redemption, but Elizabeth wondered if Helena truly thought it was possible. Helena pointed out that she had already returned Jake to Elizabeth. Helena added that there were more acts of contrition that might help Helena reunite with Mikkos on the other side.

Helena offered to tell Jason everything, but she warned him that he might not enjoy the truth when he heard it. Nikolas and Elizabeth exchanged a private worried glance, but Sam accused Helena of stalling. Helena clarified that she had simply wanted to savor the moment. Sam suggested that Helena was a mere three breaths from dying, but Elizabeth asked Sam to show some compassion because it was clear that Helena was gravely ill. Helena appreciated Elizabeth's defense but cryptically added that there wasn't a selfish bone in Elizabeth's body.

Jason warned Helena to leave Elizabeth alone. Helena shrugged because it was clear Jason's tastes ran toward the "insipid," which explained why he had fallen in love with Elizabeth all over again. Sam grew impatient and asked how long Helena intended to drag things out. "As long as it amuses me, you guttersnipe," Helena coldly replied. Sam had grown weary of the games and demanded to know what Helena had done to Jason.

Helena revealed that Faison had told her of his plan to kill Jason, which Helena had advised against because she had felt that it would be too soon to take Jason out of the game. Sam was outraged that Helena hadn't stopped Faison, but Helena explained that she had arranged for men to pick Jason up and whisk him to Victor's clinic. Sam was furious that Helena hadn't left Jason in the water for Sam to save, but Helena informed Sam that Sam would have recovered a corpse. Infuriated, Sam ranted at Helena and insisted that Helena would never reunite with Mikkos in the afterlife because Mikkos had never loved Helena.

Sam reminded Helena that Mikkos had run away with Sam's grandmother. Helena's smile vanished as she vowed that Sam would regret talking to Helena like that. Helena's tone turned menacing as she cursed Sam -- and everyone Sam loved -- to never know happiness in "this life nor any other." Sam wasn't intimidated, but Helena smiled with satisfaction as she advised Sam to talk to Luke and Laura about the power of Helena's curses. Nikolas stepped forward to remind his grandmother that Helena had provoked Sam, but Helena refused to show Sam mercy.

Jason insisted that Helena tell him what he needed to know, but Elizabeth doubted that Helena would. Elizabeth suggested that they leave, but Helena was curious why Elizabeth was eager to leave when Helena hadn't gotten to the best part of the story yet. Helena promised that what she had to say had the power to change everyone's life forever. Nikolas nervously suggested that his grandmother rest, but Helena continued to make cryptic remarks as Elizabeth squirmed. Elizabeth boldly claimed that Helena didn't have any power left, but Helena was certain that Jason would like to know what Helena's role had been in his memory loss.

Sam's voice filled with hope as she asked if Helena had used a drug to erase Jason's memory and demanded to know if it could be reversed. Helena smiled and looked at Elizabeth.

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