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Dr. Anderson presented Sharon with Christian and claimed he was Sharon's son. Neil confessed everything about his role in Hilary's accident to Devon. Joe seduced Lily again, and Cane found her in Joe's bed. Cane and Lily found a suspicious hoodie in Joe's safe.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 23, 2015 on Y&R
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Sharon Welcomes a Baby Boy

Sharon Welcomes a Baby Boy

Monday, November 23, 2015

In a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Gwen insisted that Neil tell Devon the truth about Hilary. Neil agreed, but he asked Gwen to let him talk to Devon in private. Angrily, Gwen said, "So you can blame it all on me?" Neil assured Gwen that he'd take full responsibility. After Gwen left, Neil admitted that because he'd hated what Devon and Hilary had done to him, he'd followed them to Virgin Gorda.

Neil recalled that his compassionate speech at Devon and Hilary's wedding had been part of his plan. Neil admitted that he'd set up the prostitute that had visited Devon's bachelor party, so he could show Hilary the video of the prostitute leaving Devon's place. Devon said, "So you were the man seen arguing with Hilary?" Neil said he was. Devon asked if Neil had pushed Hilary off the cliff. Neil said he hadn't.

Neil explained to Devon that Hilary had evidently fallen after she'd run away from him. Neil added that he'd pulled Hilary from the water and had performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, but she hadn't woken up. Neil had feared that no one would believe him, so he'd secretly flown Hilary back to Genoa City. Devon grabbed the front of Neil's shirt, thrust him against a door, and yelled, "You had my wife the whole time and never said a word to me?" Neil insisted that he'd changed his mind after Hilary's accident and had thought only of helping her recover so she could return to Devon.

Neil swore to Devon that Gwen was innocent. Neil explained that he'd enlisted Simon Neville's help because Hilary had failed to regain consciousness. Devon cried that the doctor had given Hilary experimental drugs that had hampered her memory and caused her to collapse. Devon accused Neil of saving Hilary so people wouldn't declare that he was a murderer. Neil had no answer when Devon asked what he would've done if Hilary had died. Devon said, "You would've saved your own ass and watched me spend the rest of my life in prison!" Neil insisted that he'd had a change of heart, but Devon didn't believe him.

In the lobby of the Genoa City Athletic Club, Dylan rushed out the front door. Lily asked Hilary where Dylan had gone in such a hurry. Hilary said that Dylan had gone to Ohio to search for Dr. Neville. Hilary seemed relieved and said she was hopeful Dylan's search might end the mystery surrounding Hilary's disappearance. Hilary's guarded reaction surprised Lily, and she asked why Hilary wasn't happy about the development.

Joe entered the Genoa City Athletic Club through the front door and watched from a short distance as Lily and Hilary continued their discussion. Hilary told Lily that although she remembered what she and Devon had done and said to each other, she still felt nothing for him. Hilary said she wanted to return to her old life with Neil. After Hilary walked away, Joe approached Lily and asked if she was okay. Lily said that both her marriage to Cane and Devon's marriage to Hilary were crumbling. Lily cried that her family seemed to be imploding. Joe said Lily needed a break. Lily grabbed her purse and left with him.

Hilary lingered at the bar and contemplated sending a text message to Neil. In a flashback, Hilary recalled harsh words she'd exchanged with Neil after discovering that he'd kept her hidden at their dream house. Gwen approached Hilary. Hilary asked Gwen if she'd seen Neil. Gwen nodded and irritably noted that Neil had devoted every waking minute to Hilary.

Hilary insisted that Neil cared for Gwen as much as she cared for him. Gwen replied, "Not anymore. He made his choice, so I made mine." Hilary asked Gwen if something had happened with Neil. Gwen said that Neil had ended their relationship. Gwen added that Devon would ensure that Neil served time in prison. Hilary became irate when Gwen said she'd pressured Neil to confess to Devon.

As Hilary made her way back to her suite, Devon was still confronting Neil. Devon told Neil that he was destroying their family. Devon cried that Lily would be devastated when she learned about Neil's deception and false extortion plan. Neil replied, "I don't know anything about those extortion charges. I didn't have anything to do with them." Devon said, "So Cane was just trying to screw me over for my money, whereas you just wanted to hurt me?"

Neil apologized to Devon. Devon said he realized what he'd done to Neil was wrong. Devon warned that what Neil had done was a crime. Devon threatened to summon the police. Hilary entered the room and told Devon he wouldn't involve the police. Hilary stunned Devon when she said she knew the truth about everything. Devon was crushed when Hilary said that though she'd regained her memory, she wasn't in love with him.

In Paul's office at the police station, Cane told Paul he'd need help to clear his name. Cane insisted that someone had planted the evidence indicating he was the extortionist. Paul scoffed and said he needed a name. Cane said it was Joe Clark. Cane said, "Joe slept with Lily, and he's been following her around like a dog ever since." Paul said Cane's suspicions about Joe weren't evidence.

Cane said Joe was pressuring him to take a plea deal, which would get him out of the way. Paul said Cane was jealous of Joe for having slept with Lily and wanted to even the score. Cane replied, "This man will do whatever it takes to have Lily to himself." Cane said that Joe had tried to kill him during the fire at Newman Towers.

Paul wasn't convinced that Joe had tried to kill Cane. Cane pleaded with Paul to recall what had transpired between Joe and Avery. Cane asked Paul to question Joe. Cane said he was confident that Paul would agree that he was telling the truth about Joe Clark's attempt to kill him.

At Crimson Lights, Lily and Joe talked while they drank coffee and enjoyed a chocolate dessert. Lily thanked Joe for helping to lift her spirits and for being a good friend. Joe quipped that he was the type of friend who'd walk her dog and do her dishes. Lily replied, "Can you build me a house?" Joe laughed and said he had a free weekend. Joe's phone rang. After the call ended, Joe told Lily that Paul had summoned him to the police station.

In Paul's office, Paul asked Joe where he'd been when the ransom had been placed in Chancellor Park. Joe said he couldn't recall, but he had likely been at work because he was always working. Paul said he'd heard that Joe had been spending a considerable amount of time with Lily. Joe insisted that he and Lily were just friends. Paul asked if there had ever been more to their relationship. Joe denied that his relationship with Lily was more than just a friendship.

Paul reminded Joe that he'd openly pursued Avery even though she had been engaged. Joe's initial response skirted his involvement with Avery, but he vehemently denied framing Cane for extortion. Joe insisted he hadn't locked Cane in a burning building. Joe rose from his seat and leaned close to Paul. Joe proclaimed that he hadn't raped Avery. Paul ordered Joe to sit down. Paul asked Joe if rejection unleashed his anger. Joe threatened to sue the police department for harassment.

While Paul questioned Joe, Cane waited outside Paul's office. Cane remembered an encounter with Joe after Lily had slept with him. Cane had told Joe that Joe had taken advantage of Lily during the time the couple had been apart. Cane had also told Joe that he wouldn't forgive him. Cane recalled having asked Joe why he was still in town. Joe had replied that he had a business to run.

Lily entered the station and angrily confronted Cane about having made accusations against Joe. Cane said that Joe had tried to murder him because Joe wanted Lily. Lily told Cane that he was the one destroying their family. Joe emerged from Paul's office and invited Lily to leave the station with him. Lily left with Joe.

Cane told Paul he couldn't just let Joe walk away. Paul explained that witnesses had confirmed that Joe hadn't left the ballroom during the fire. Paul said he believed Joe was up to something and was covering it up. Cane sighed and shook his head in disgust. Paul noted that Joe enjoyed a challenge, but taking another's man wife wasn't a crime. Paul added that without proof of Joe's involvement in the extortion, there was nothing he could do.

At Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Dr. Anderson asked Nick how he was managing to stay strong. Nick said some days were more difficult than others. Dr. Anderson offered to help. She said she could offer a "unique perspective." Sage joined Nick, and he told Dr. Anderson that he and Sage had already found a therapist. Dr. Anderson noted that after working with Sharon, she felt as if she'd known Nick and Sage forever. Sage seemed confused and disturbed by the psychiatrist's inappropriate comment.

Addressing Nick, Dr. Anderson said she was aware of the heartache he and Sharon had suffered when Cassie had died. The doctor added, "I'm so sorry you have to go through this again." Dr. Anderson rambled on about hearing Sharon recall her life experiences with Nick, beginning in high school. Nick replied, "I thought Sharon was in Fairview just so she could get her meds leveled out." Nick and Sage seemed concerned when Dr. Anderson claimed that Sharon identified with Sage because she, too, had learned "the ends the Newmans would go to protect their own, manipulate outsiders, and do whatever it takes to shelter themselves and their empire."

Nick said he didn't appreciate Dr. Anderson's attitude or her derogatory remarks about his family. Sage said that Nick's family had warmly welcomed her and had offered her emotional support. Dr. Anderson apologized for the misunderstanding. After Dr. Anderson was summoned back to the psychiatric facility, Nick thanked Sage for standing up for his family. Sage replied, "My family."

At the tack house, Victor arrived, and the nanny told him that she didn't know when Nick and Sage would return from their appointment. Faith rushed into the room and hugged her grandfather. Victor offered to stay with Faith. Faith noted that Sage often cried and was sad about the loss of baby Christian. After the nanny left, Faith showed Victor a drawing she'd made of Christian in heaven.

Faith said her dad had told her that Christian was in heaven with Cassie. Victor said Christian was in heaven and knew that Faith loved him. Faith said she was sad because she'd never gotten to meet her little brother. Victor encouraged the youngster to remember all of the people who loved her. Faith rattled off the names of her family members.

Victor was still admiring Faith's artwork when Nick and Sage returned. Sage took Faith upstairs to put the child to bed. Nick said that he and Sage had sought the help of a therapist. Nick asked if Victor had stopped by for a reason. Victor replied, "It's about Adam." Nick said that Adam had repeatedly attacked their family by working with Ian to help launch the Paragon Project. Nick told his dad to cut Adam loose.

Victor said he couldn't let Adam go because he needed an ally against Billy Abbott. Victor noted that Adam's rescue of Chelsea and Connor had convinced him that he hadn't colluded with Ian to set the blaze at Newman Towers. Victor said he believed that Billy was partly to blame for the Paragon Project. Victor noted that thwarting Billy would be a dirty fight. Nick replied, "Which is what Adam is good at, and I'm not. This is why you didn't want me back at Newman Enterprises. You wanted me to focus on Sage."

After Victor left, Nick told Sage that what Dr. Anderson had said about Victor doing whatever was necessary to protect the Newman empire was true. Sage asked Nick if he'd fought with his father. Nick replied, "I think I just got kicked out of the family business." Sage said Nick had ethics and compassion, so he should be grateful his father wouldn't pressure him to do something he would hate. Sage told Nick not to foster hatred for being rejected and to instead focus on moving forward as they dealt with Christian's death.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victor paused in the lobby. He pressed numbers on his phone and waited for a response. Victor left a message for Judge Moxley. Victor said, "Just reminding you about the conversation we had before. Please get him out." After the call ended, Victor seemed lost in thought.

At the Fairview Psychiatric Facility, Sharon awoke and felt her abdomen. When she determined that her belly was flat, she became hysterical. Clutching her midsection, Sharon assessed the shape of her body in a mirror to confirm what she'd felt with her hands. Sharon cried out, "No! No!" A nurse entered Sharon's room. Sharon, sobbing, said, "There's no baby! I need to know why my baby's gone."

Sharon rambled about Nick being involved and said she had to find Nick. The nurse held the door closed when Sharon grabbed the knob. Sharon cried, "I'm going to get my child back!" The nurse withdrew a hypodermic needle from his pocket and delivered a sedative medication into Sharon's arm. Sharon stopped yelling, and her body became limp.

As the nurse locked the door to Sharon's room from the outside, he encountered Dr. Anderson. The nurse explained that Sharon had become agitated and had demanded to know about her baby. Dr. Anderson thanked the nurse for handling the situation. The doctor noted that Sharon suffered from delusions. The nurse reported that he'd had to sedate Sharon. Dr. Anderson peered through the window and watched Sharon sleeping.

Dr. Anderson entered Sharon's room and watched her sleep. Dr. Anderson, talking soothingly to a sleeping Sharon, told her that she hadn't lost her baby. Later, Dr. Anderson, cradling an infant, entered Sharon's room and awakened her. Dr. Anderson placed the infant in Sharon's arms and congratulated her on the birth of her son. Sharon cradled the squalling infant and said, "My baby is here! He's really here?" Dr. Anderson smiled and nodded.

Neil Prepares to Turn Himself In

Neil Prepares to Turn Himself In

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

At the prison, a guard led Adam to the visiting room, where Adam asked Victor how much the after-hours visit had cost. Adam called for the guard, but Victor ordered Adam to sit down. Victor called Adam a lucky man because he had a wife who was willing to fight for him, even though Adam had lied to Chelsea repeatedly. Victor mentioned that Adam had told her that Ian had died in the fire and that Paragon had died with Ian, and Adam maintained that it was the truth. Victor said Adam's loving wife had accomplished something very few people ever had -- she'd convinced Victor to change his mind.

Victor recognized that if Chelsea's assertion that someone had set up Adam was true, the person who had relaunched the Paragon virus was still out there, trying to take down Newman Enterprises. Adam thought Victor's change of heart had nothing to do with Paragon's resurgence, and Victor reiterated that Chelsea had persuaded him to believe Adam. Victor cited other inconsistencies that bothered him, and he reasoned that Adam wouldn't have spared Ian when the fire might have killed Chelsea and Connor. Adam wondered if Victor believed Ian was running Paragon on his own, but Victor revealed that he suspected someone else who would never team up with Adam -- "Billy Boy" Abbott.

Adam scoffed at the idea that Billy had been responsible for the Paragon recurrence, since Billy could barely operate a computer. Victor thought Billy had had an accomplice who was very knowledgeable -- Phyllis. Adam noted that both Billy and Phyllis would love to see Victor suffer, and Victor was adamant that he needed to strike first, but he didn't want to do it alone. Adam guessed that Victor intended to blackmail him by threatening to tell Chelsea that Adam had fathered Sage's baby unless Adam helped. Victor smirked.

Victor said he wouldn't add to Nick and Sage's pain by revealing that Adam had been Christian's father, and he'd already called the judge that evening to get Adam out of that "hellhole." Adam recognized that Victor had held onto his bargaining chip with the judge for years, and he appreciated Victor using it to get him out, but he imagined that Victor wanted him to help fight Billy and Phyllis in return. Victor said he needed a partner who thought the way he did, and he asked if Adam was willing to do it.

Victor asked if Adam wasn't interested, and Adam replied that Victor couldn't blame him for being wary, since Adam had never been Victor's "go-to son." Victor said Nick was grieving, but Adam guessed that Victor had turned to Adam because Nick had a conscience, whereas Victor was convinced that Adam had been born without one. Adam pointed out that Victoria would do anything for Victor, but Victor griped that Billy was Victoria's Achilles heel. Adam noted that he was all Victor had, but Victor insisted that it had been his choice. Adam balked at stabbing Jack in the back, but Victor countered that Adam wouldn't be going against Jack, only Billy and Phyllis.

The guard returned, and Adam said it looked like his time with Victor was up. Adam added that everything about their past history told him it was a bad idea to go along with Victor's plan, but lucky for Victor, Adam liked a long shot. Victor stated that Adam didn't have much of a choice, and Adam confirmed that he was in.

At Fairview, Sharon ecstatically cuddled the baby, but she was baffled about why she had no memory of giving birth. Dr. Anderson claimed that she'd given Sharon something for the pain during the delivery, and it had probably interacted with her other medication. The doctor added that it had been what Sharon had been waiting for, and she questioned whether Sharon was happy. Sharon declared that her prayers had been answered, and she wanted to call Dylan. Dr. Anderson urged Sharon to enjoy the moment, and she promised that she would call Sharon's family to let them know the baby had arrived.

Sharon said she wanted to make sure she wasn't dreaming, and Dr. Anderson assured her that her little boy was real. Sharon gushed that he was beautiful, and the doctor commented that the baby looked happy to be where he belonged -- in his mother's arms. Sharon observed that the infant seemed strong, and she thanked Dr. Anderson for making sure Sharon had taken care of herself and her baby. Sharon added that admitting herself to Fairview had been the best decision she'd ever made, and she asked who Dr. Anderson thought the baby looked like. The doctor replied that the boy was the spitting image of his father.

Mariah was surprised when Kevin showed up at the Underground, and she remarked that the empty milk carton in the fridge had indicated that he was back in town. He asked if she was upset about the milk or something bigger, and she replied that she'd been racking her brain to figure out a way to get around the "cone of invincibility" at Fairview. Mariah suggested that he hack the facility's security feed to find a way for her to get in, but he mentioned that he was about to leave for Switzerland to help the Abbotts with Paragon. Mariah questioned how Victor felt about it, and Kevin reported that Victor was totally on board. Mariah warned that if Victor had said he was on board, he really wasn't.

Mariah answered a call from an unknown number, and Dr. Anderson announced that Mariah had a new baby brother. Mariah worried that the baby had been born too soon, and the doctor lied that Sharon had mistakenly thought she'd suffered a miscarriage, but she'd never really lost the baby, so it had been a full-term delivery. Mariah inquired whether Dylan was with Sharon, but Dr. Anderson reported that Sharon still insisted on having no visitors. The doctor requested that Mariah let the rest of the family know about the birth, and she abruptly hung up. Mariah told Kevin that she had a new little brother, but she was puzzled about why Dr. Anderson had called her instead of Dylan.

Mariah arrived at Fairview, and she approached Dr. Anderson and refused to leave until she saw Sharon and the baby. The doctor said she'd feel the same way in Mariah's position, and she led Mariah over to Sharon's room. Mariah peeked in at Sharon holding the baby, and she noted that Sharon looked really happy. Sharon spotted Mariah and gestured for her to enter, and Mariah said she'd thought Sharon hadn't wanted any visitors. Dr. Anderson allowed Mariah to go in, and Sharon introduced the baby to his big sister. Sharon said she'd been terrified that she'd suffer the same fate as Nick and Sage, but her son was there, thanks to Dr. Anderson.

Mariah told the baby not to ever trust Victor, but Sharon was more concerned with her son getting to know the people he'd be close to. Sharon handed the baby to Mariah, who marveled at how little he was. Mariah worried that she'd drop the tot, but Sharon asserted that he was perfectly safe in Mariah's arms, and she couldn't wait to see him in Dylan's. Mariah mentioned that Dr. Anderson had told her that Sharon hadn't wanted any visitors, and Sharon chalked it up to a misunderstanding. Mariah realized that Dylan hadn't returned her call, and she sent him a text message.

In Hilary's hotel room, Devon insisted that Hilary had to remember their love if she remembered everything, but she lamented that she'd broken Neil's heart when he hadn't deserved it. Devon pointed out that Hilary had almost died because of Neil's actions, but Hilary defended that Neil's only mistake had been to love both of them. Hilary insisted that Devon accept that she didn't love him and that she wanted to be with Neil, but Devon refused to forgive and forget. Devon called the police.

Devon asked to speak to Paul, and Hilary urged Neil to do something. Neil replied that there was nothing to do, since he'd known that would happen eventually. Paul informed Devon that there was a lead on Dr. Neville, and Devon replied that he'd learned something himself, but he wanted to talk in person. Paul invited Devon to stop by his office, and Devon left.

Hilary held the elevator door to keep Devon from leaving, and she implored him to think about Neil. Devon ordered her to let go of the elevator, but she refused to let him turn Neil in to the police, and she boarded the elevator with him and stopped it. She proclaimed that she'd do anything to save Neil, and she asked what Devon wanted. Devon replied that he just wanted his wife back. Hilary dryly asked if Devon wanted her right there and then, and she started to take off her clothes.

Devon protested that it hadn't been what he'd meant, and she wondered if he expected her to move in with him and pretend to be his wife. She offered to do it if that was what it would take to save Neil, and Devon told her that he didn't want a fake relationship. Devon stressed that he wanted the woman he would give his life for, and he called Hilary his soul mate. He found it hard to believe that she'd pushed him out of her mind after everything they'd sacrificed to be together, and he begged her to tell him that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. Hilary inquired whether he wouldn't send Neil to prison if she shared Devon's feelings, and Devon restarted the elevator and refused to go along with it if she was just doing it for Neil. They exited the elevator and faced Neil.

Hilary complained that Devon wouldn't listen, but Neil declared that he was done with the lies and secrets, and it would be a total relief to be honest. Hilary argued that Neil didn't deserve to go to jail, but Neil said he didn't want to be the stranger he saw in the mirror anymore. Devon suggested that Neil turn himself in, and the men left for the police station together.

Hilary returned to her hotel room and looked through the wedding album. She slammed it down in disgust and told herself that she loved Neil, not Devon. She flashed back to her most recent kiss with Neil, and she flopped down on the bed and cried. She sobbed that she couldn't lose Neil.

Dylan arrived at a motel room, and he knocked on the door. Dr. Neville called out from inside and asked if Hilary was there, and Dylan busted the door open. Dylan introduced himself to Dr. Neville, who said he didn't appreciate Dylan kicking in the door like a "cowboy on steroids." Dylan said he had some questions, and the doctor asked to see some identification. Dylan doubted Dr. Neville was legally operating a laboratory in his motel room, and the doctor warned Dylan not to touch his sensitive medical research.

Dylan swore that he wasn't there to interfere with Dr. Neville's work, and the doctor pointed out that Dylan was breaking and entering if he wasn't a cop. Dylan asked who had hired the doctor to treat Hilary, but Dr. Neville claimed that he had no idea who had taken him to an undisclosed location, and there was no way he could even find his way back there. Dylan assumed that the secrecy had been necessary because the doctor's treatment was unconventional, and Dr. Neville explained that there had been complications, so he'd dropped Hilary off at the hospital. Dylan noted that Dr. Neville had returned to give Hilary more pills.

Dylan questioned why Dr. Neville had risked everything to stay in Genoa City, and the doctor replied that he'd returned out of concern for his patient. Dylan argued that the doctor needed to earn a living, and he asked who had paid Dr. Neville. The doctor insisted that medicine was a passion to him, so it wasn't about the money but was about saving lives. Dylan mentioned that Hilary had told him the doctor was leaving town, and he wondered why Hilary was covering for Dr. Neville. The doctor said he'd told her that he planned to head back to Ohio, but his patient still needed him, so his work wasn't done. Dr. Neville added that he wasn't the bad guy, and Dylan demanded to know who was.

Dr. Neville asserted that his motives had always been good, and he wasn't about to betray someone who'd trusted him enough to place a loved one under his care. Dylan deduced that the person who'd hired Dr. Neville loved Hilary, and the doctor snapped that Dylan was wasting his time. Dylan referred to Dr. Neville's mother, and the doctor explained that he hadn't been able to save her, but he wanted to give people hope that their loved ones could get their lives back.

Dylan proposed that in exchange for the name of the person who'd held Hilary, Dylan would make sure everyone knew about Dr. Neville's work, and he would help the doctor to get a reduced sentence. Dr. Neville snickered at the thought of someone with no authority offering such a thing, but Dylan revealed that his dad was the police chief, and Paul really wanted to find out who had held Hilary hostage. The doctor agreed to tell Dylan on one condition. Later, Dylan called Paul and informed him that he'd found Dr. Neville at the Old Lake Motel. Paul prepared to send a squad car, but Dylan said he'd promised the doctor that only Paul would show up.

Dylan assured Dr. Neville that Paul was a man of his word, and he received Mariah's message, asking him to call her as soon as possible. Dylan called Mariah, who handed the phone over to Sharon. Sharon excitedly told Dylan that their little boy was there. Meanwhile, Dr. Neville prepared a syringe, and he crept up behind Dylan and stabbed him with the needle. Dylan crumpled to the floor, and Sharon heard scuffling sounds and moaning. Sharon begged Dylan to say something, but Dr. Neville ended the call.

Sharon repeatedly tried to call Dylan, and she left a frantic message. Dr. Anderson entered and asked what was wrong, and Mariah explained that Sharon's call with Dylan had been cut off. Mariah joked that Dylan might have just fainted from the baby news, but Sharon worried that she'd heard Dylan moan before the line had gone dead, and she suspected that he was in trouble. The doctor thought Sharon was overreacting, and she wanted to give Sharon something to calm her down. Sharon vehemently protested and insisted on making sure Dylan was okay.

Paul arrived at the motel room and called out for Dylan. He rushed over to an unconscious Dylan and felt for a pulse.

At the police station, Kevin informed Neil and Devon that Paul had been called out on a case, and the men decided to wait. Devon asked if Neil was having second thoughts. Neil stated that he'd been in prison on the inside, and he needed to lose his freedom in order to set himself free. Neil promised that he wouldn't implicate Hilary or Gwen, and he'd take responsibility for everything. Neil bet that while he was in jail, Devon and Hilary would fall in love all over again.

Devon recalled that for months, he'd imagined finding the person who had taken Hilary from him, but it had ended up being Neil. Devon grappled with the idea that the only way for him to get payback was to send his father to prison. Neil said he deserved to go to jail for what he'd done, but Devon pointed out that Neil hadn't meant for things to go that far. Neil maintained that he had to take responsibility for playing God, but Devon argued that Neil had also saved Hilary's life.

Neil clarified that he'd rescued Hilary for his own benefit, since he'd needed her to wake up and clear his name, but he couldn't carry the guilt any longer. Devon realized that he'd have to carry the burden if he sent Neil to prison, but Neil asserted that Devon wasn't responsible for Neil's mistakes. Devon said he couldn't let Neil destroy his life.

Devon Relents as Neil Repents

Devon Relents as Neil Repents

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

In Dr. Neville's motel room, Paul roused Dylan back to consciousness. Gasping for air, Dylan managed to mumble that Dr. Neville had knocked him out with an injection. Dylan said that he wanted to see the baby, but Paul had no idea what he was talking about. Dylan said that Sharon had given birth at Fairview. Although Paul tried to convince Dylan to "get checked out," Dylan insisted on seeing his son.

At Fairview, as the baby cooed in his cradle, Sharon vehemently insisted to Mariah and Dr. Anderson that something had happened to Dylan -- Sharon had heard him moan while she had been on the phone with him -- then the call had disconnected. Mariah thought Sharon was overreacting. Dr. Anderson feared that Sharon might upset the baby and insisted that she take her medication. Sharon snapped at Dr. Anderson and told her that she didn't need to be doped up -- she needed to find out what was going on with Dylan. Dr. Anderson volunteered to make some calls. Before she left the room, the doctor handed the pill bottle to Mariah and asked her to convince her mother to take the meds.

Sharon acquiesced and took the pills. Although calmer, she was still worried about Dylan. Mariah begged her to relax -- it was probably nothing more than a dead phone battery. Dr. Anderson returned with a bottle of warm milk and information -- she had called the police station and learned that Dylan was in Genoa City, meeting with Paul.

Dylan barged in, and Sharon was thrilled to see that he was okay. Dr. Anderson and Mariah smiled at the happy family scene -- Sharon handed the baby to proud papa Dylan. In a hushed voice, Dylan "oohed" and "aahed" as he introduced himself to the baby. Speaking to Sharon and the baby, Dylan said they were going to be a great family.

Sharon wondered if Dylan had thought about a name. When Dylan admitted that he hadn't, Sharon told him that she wanted to name the boy after Dylan's fallen war comrade, Sully. Touched, with tears in his eyes, Dylan thought that Sullivan McAvoy was a great name.

Dr. Anderson returned and found Dylan and Sharon, babe in arms, sitting on the couch in Sharon's room. Dylan thanked Dr. Anderson and told her he couldn't wait to take Sharon and their son home. She told Dylan that she couldn't release Sharon just yet. The doctor wanted to observe Sharon in case she exhibited signs of postpartum depression. Dylan said that was fine -- but he was going to stay at Fairview with his wife and son. The doctor replied, "Of course. I would expect nothing less."

At the tack house, an upbeat Sage noticed Nick was in a sullen mood and correctly attributed it to Victor having forced him out of Newman Enterprises. Sage told Nick that Victor had pushed him aside because Nick was a man of high moral character. Nick smiled and thanked her for the compliment. His dark mood began to lift, and, noticing that Sage seemed upbeat, he told her how glad he was that they had gone to a marriage counselor.

Faith joined them, claiming that she couldn't sleep. Sage related that when she had been young and felt restless, Constance Bingham had read to her. Faith thought that sounded like a lot of fun. Nick contentedly gazed at his wife and his daughter as Sage began reading chapter one of Anne of Green Gables.

Faith was thoroughly enjoying listening to Sage read. At the end of a sentence, Sage handed the book to Nick, saying, "Your turn." Initially reluctant, Nick took the book and started to read when Faith egged him on. A knock at the door interrupted Nick. It was Mariah with some good news -- Sharon had given birth. Faith was thrilled that she had a baby brother, but Nick and Sage suddenly looked a bit depressed.

Mariah rambled on about the baby -- he was in great health, and he was the cutest baby ever. Faith ate it up and asked Nick if she could go see her little brother. Before he sent Faith up to bed, Nick said he would check with Sharon's doctor to find out when a visit would be possible. Once Faith was out of earshot, Mariah apologized to Nick and Sage for her insensitivity. Mariah had seen the light on and had wanted to let Faith in on the news. She also wanted to give Nick and Sage a heads-up that Sharon and the baby would probably soon be returning to the ranch.

Nick glared as Sage walked Mariah to the door. Mariah continued to apologize, but Sage assured her that she had nothing to worry about -- a new baby was really exciting. Sage said she was thrilled for Dylan and Sharon.

After Mariah left, Sage told Nick that they should send Sharon a gift. Nick told Sage that she didn't need to try so hard -- it would be natural for Sage to feel a little envious about Sharon and Dylan's baby. Sage stated that she wasn't "trying," she was doing what the therapist had suggested, "Breathe and keep living." She told Nick that after the holidays, they should visit the baby.

Nick looked at Sage quizzically and said that not even the therapist expected Sage to be around a newborn. Sage insisted she was fine. Nick headed upstairs to tuck Faith in. Sage began to pick up in the living room and found Christian's blanket. She held it tightly to her chest.

At Crimson Lights with Colin, Cane insisted that, in order to get closer to Lily, Joe had framed Cane for extortion. Cane shocked his father with another theory -- that Joe had tried to kill Cane the night of the Newman fire. When Cane said that Paul needed proof in order to arrest Joe, Colin sinisterly whispered that he would "get some proof."

Cane wondered what Colin's plan was. Colin said he would lure Joe downstairs to the club's dining room to discuss a "lucrative business proposal." Colin told Cane to sneak into Lily's office and grab the club's master key and, while Colin and Joe were meeting, Cane was to sneak into Joe's suite and look for incriminating evidence.

With Joe at his Athletic Club suite, Lily said she still could not believe that Cane had tried to have Joe arrested for attempted murder. Joe said he didn't care if Cane lashed out at him -- but he didn't want Cane to "take Lily down." Just before Joe passionately kissed Lily, he told her that she was strong -- and wasn't going through the crisis alone. Joe and Lily began making love.

Joe and Lily slept in each other's arms. Joe woke up when his phone rang. Colin was calling him from the lobby. As Cane looked on, Colin told Joe that he had a potentially lucrative business proposition for Joe. If Joe was interested, he was to meet Colin in the dining room in ten minutes. With dollar signs in his eyes, Joe agreed to meet Colin. Lily woke up, but Joe told her to go back to sleep -- he would return shortly.

At the police station, Neil insisted to Devon that he was going to confess to Hilary's kidnapping as soon as Paul returned. Devon tried to talk Neil out of admitting culpability. Devon stated, in essence, that the sins of the father were no worse than the sins of the son -- after all, Devon had been sleeping with Hilary when she had been married to Neil.

Neil felt that Hilary would ultimately remember the loving life she'd had with Devon. Devon shook his head and said it wasn't really about Hilary -- it was about father and son and how they needed to heal their broken relationship. Before Neil had a chance to answer, Paul joined them.

Paul ushered Neil and Devon into his office and updated them on what had happened at Dr. Neville's motel room. Dylan had been on the verge of cutting a deal with Dr. Neville. The doctor had said he would reveal the name of Hilary's captor for a lenient sentence -- Dylan would also ensure that the world knew about Dr. Neville's great research. Devon nervously asked Paul if Dr. Neville had given Dylan a name. Devon was relieved when Paul informed him that the doctor had never had any intention of giving information to Dylan -- as a matter of fact, he had drugged Dylan and escaped.

Paul reminded the men that they were meeting because Devon had claimed to have a new lead on Hilary's kidnapper. Devon lied and said he had thought he had a new lead, but it had turned out to be a dead end. Paul vowed that the police would catch up with Dr. Neville. Devon turned to Neil and suggested they return to the club and tell Hilary that nothing had changed. Neil, with the weight of the world seemingly off his shoulders, told Devon that was a good idea.

Hilary paced anxiously in her Athletic Club suite then grabbed a suitcase. She tried to sneak out of the club. In the lobby, a reporter accosted Hilary. Hilary asked the reporter to go away, but the reporter informed her that the police knew the identity of the person responsible for Hilary's abduction. When the reporter asked Hilary to comment, Hilary said that she had been seriously injured while in Virgin Gorda, and the person who had held her had been the person who had helped her. As Joe listened to the conversation from the foot of the stairs, the reporter asked Hilary if she was defending her kidnapper.

Joe joined Colin in the dining room. Pointing to the lobby, Joe said, "It's quite a mess there. And it looks like your son is right in the middle of it." Colin said he had no problem with crossing lines and breaking rules -- as long as the person knew what he was doing. Otherwise, Colin philosophized, a person would get what he deserved.

Colin continued, telling Joe that Ethan had been a big disappointment to his family, while Joe had been a great comfort to Lily. Joe changed the subject -- he wanted to hear specifics about Colin's business proposal. When Colin said that they were merely having a conversation, Joe began to walk away, but Colin told him to wait.

Joe returned to his seat, and Colin said that he was putting a large part of Chancellor Industries on the market. Joe chuckled and wondered if Jill knew that her husband was giving her company away. Colin said that if Joe brought a sweet enough deal to the table, Jill would back Colin. Joe pushed for details -- Colin didn't have any.

Cane tiptoed into Joe's suite. Startled, Lily, still in Joe's bed, sat up. She asked Cane what he was doing there. Cane replied, "Do you mean besides looking at my wife in another man's bed?" Lily repeated her question. Cane claimed that Joe had been framing him and playing Lily "for the long haul." Lily, her voice cracking, begged Cane to leave. When Cane said that he wouldn't leave until he found evidence proving that Joe had been setting Cane up, Lily called him delusional.

Cane, practically boasting, told Lily that Paul thought Joe was up to something. Lily said if Joe had been framing Cane, the police would have arrested him and would have conducted a legal search. She patronized Cane, picking up commonplace items and proclaiming them conclusive evidence against Joe. Lily opened an armoire in the sitting area and picked up a pair of Joe's shoes. Cane noticed a safe sitting on a shelf in the armoire. He reminded Lily that she had the combination to every safe in the club and implored her to open Joe's safe.

Lily absolutely refused. Cane argued that if Joe were innocent, there wouldn't be anything incriminating in the safe. Cane told Lily it was his only chance to clear his name and show that Joe was not the good man he was pretending to be. Lily relented and said she would open the safe -- but after that, Cane would have to leave. Lily began pushing keys on the digital lock, and the safe clicked open.

After covering his hand with a piece of plastic, Cane pulled a black hoodie out of the safe. He told Lily that the man who had dropped off the ransom note, as well as the man who had taken the bag of money in the park, had been wearing black hoodies. Lily snapped that a lot of people had black hoodies. Cane wondered how many of those people kept their hoodies in a safe.

Fed up with Colin, Joe said he could never broker a deal with no information -- not to mention Colin's criminal history. He stormed out of the dining room.

Joe returned to his suite and called out Lily's name. Lily hurriedly dashed from the sitting area to the main room. He looked around and noticed that some things were out of place. Lily explained that she had been looking for an extra blanket. Joe told her they were in the bathroom closet. He stepped into the bathroom while Cane, standing behind a curtain, looked on. When Joe was in the bathroom, Lily grabbed Cane and nearly pushed him out the door.

Joe returned from the bathroom with a blanket and draped it around Lily. She thanked him but told him it was getting late, and she needed to go home to the twins. Joe told her that he had a great bottle of wine to share, but she took a rain check and left. Apprehensive, he began looking around the suite.

Cane rushed down the stairs but Colin stopped him before he could leave. Cane showed Colin the hoodie, which he had stashed under his coat, then ran off.

Cane barged into Paul's office and dropped the hoodie on the chief's desk. He told Paul that the forensics team might want to take a look at it.

Back in the lobby, the reporter told Hilary that Genoa City Memorial Hospital had fired Dr. Neville because of his unorthodox treatment protocols. Hilary told the reporter that she had been through a terrible ordeal and just wanted to move on with her life in peace and in private. Neil and Devon returned to the club just in time to hear the reporter ask Hilary if she wanted to speak about the people who had paid Dr. Neville to treat her.

Trying to dodge the reporter's inquisition, Hilary stated that she had fallen while in Virgin Gorda, and Dr. Neville had taken care of her. The reporter wondered if Hilary was implying that, against all odds, Dr. Neville had been in Virgin Gorda at the same time as Hilary, found her nearly dead at the bottom of a cliff, then had her flown back to Genoa City so that he could treat her.

Hilary said the reporter could believe anything she wanted, but Dr. Neville had saved her life and should be rewarded, not punished. Devon stepped in, stopped the interview, and escorted the reporter and her cameraman out of the club.

Hilary wondered why Neil was there, since he had gone to the police station to turn himself in. Neil told her that had been his intention, but Devon had stopped him. Devon stated that none of them had been wholly innocent, and he didn't think Neil should be the only one punished. Hilary thanked Devon, who didn't respond and walked off.

In Hilary's suite, Neil told her that he was stunned that Devon had apparently forgiven him. Hilary stated that Neil had to be very proud of his son. Hilary hoped her statement to the reporter would end the criminal investigation of her abduction. There was an awkward tension between Hilary and Neil. Finally, Neil stood up and told her he should probably leave. He asked Hilary if she would be okay. She replied that she would be fine. Neil was halfway out the door when Hilary wished him a happy Thanksgiving. He walked back in, gave Hilary a big hug, and then left.

Colin noticed Devon alone at the bar. Colin sauntered over and ordered a drink and asked the bartender to charge it to Cane's tab. Devon asked Colin if Cane planned to pay his tab with the money that Cane had extorted from Devon. Colin smiled and said, "Tell me what it's like to eat crow." Devon said he had followed his heart and done what he had thought was right. Colin reminded Devon that no good deed had ever gone unpunished -- then admitted that he really didn't know if that was true, since he had never done a good deed.

Devon said the important thing was that he had healed a big wound with his father -- and the time he had spent with Hilary meant everything to him. Colin offered some advice, "Be careful of the epitaphs. Your faith in human nature may yet be restored, but this isn't over yet. Not by a long shot."

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and the Restless did not air. This was a planned pre-emption, and there were no lost episodes as a result.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 30, and picked up where the Wednesday, December 25, episode concluded.



Friday, November 27, 2015

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and the Restless did not air. This was a planned pre-emption, and there were no lost episodes as a result.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 30, and picked up where the Wednesday, December 25, episode concluded.

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