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Victor attempted to blackmail Elise with their affair years earlier. Adam was beaten in prison. Christian was alive and being cared for by a nurse. Sharon realized that she wasn't really pregnant. Neil and Hilary kissed. Gwen threatened to tell Devon the truth.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 16, 2015 on Y&R
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Victor Strikes Two Deals

Victor Strikes Two Deals

Monday, November 16, 2015

At the hospital, Chelsea and Adam wished they could have more privacy as they kissed and nuzzled in his bed. Adam told Chelsea that he'd been reading about Judge Elise Moxley. Judge Moxley, Adam noted, would be presiding at his appeal. Adam said he'd learned that the judge's husband was Senator Moxley. Chelsea nodded and seemed apprehensive about the uncertainty of their future.

Billy stopped by and thanked Adam for risking his life to save Ashley and Abby from the fire. Billy mentioned that he'd learned that a tough judge, one that Victor couldn't persuade, would be presiding over Adam's appeal. Chelsea, taken aback, said, "Adam saved the lives of people that you love. Does that count for nothing?" Billy replied, "Does my daughter's life count for nothing?"

Billy expressed his uneasiness with Adam appealing his original sentence after claiming he was ready to accept his punishment. Adam told Billy that sooner or later, he'd have to make peace with the fact that Delia was never returning. Billy, angered, replied, "Tell it to the judge."

After Billy abruptly left, Chelsea said she'd hoped that Victor's influence might help overturn Adam's prison sentence. Chelsea expressed her doubts about Adam winning a reprieve from the tough judge assigned to his case. Adam confidently assured Chelsea that he wouldn't be sent to prison. Chelsea's mood darkened, and she replied, "You did it, didn't you? You cut a deal with your father."

Adam wouldn't discuss details, but he said it was his only chance to spend his life with Chelsea and Connor. Chelsea rested her head on Adam's chest and said, "I don't want to lose you." Adam promised she wouldn't. Before Chelsea left, she warned that Victor always ended up on top of the other person who made a deal with him.

Phyllis entered Jack's office just as he was finalizing plans to meet with Senator Jay Moxley. Jack mentioned that the senator's wife, Elise Moxley, would be ruling at Adam's appeal. Phyllis noted that Elise was known as "Maximum Moxley" because she was unwavering in her crusade to harshly punish lawbreakers. Jack said Nikki had told him that Victor hadn't protested the change in judges. Phyllis replied, "Why would Victor want the toughest judge in town to rule over Adam's appeal?" Jack said Nikki had also told him that Victor seemed to be twisting the judge's arm as if he knew that Elise would assuredly rule in Adam's favor.

Phyllis was concerned about Jack missing Katie's party when he said he had plans to meet with Judge Moxley's husband in hopes of discovering what Victor was using as leverage against the politician. Jack said he hoped to prevent Adam from trading ten years in prison for a lifetime of servitude to Victor. Billy arrived after Jack left and asked where Jack had gone. Phyllis explained that Jack was meeting with Senator Moxley. Phyllis added, "He thinks Victor has the senator in his back pocket."

Billy told Phyllis that he'd just visited Adam and noticed that he hadn't acted like a man about to spend ten years in prison. Phyllis asked Billy if he'd be able to cope if Victor managed to overturn Adam's prison sentence. Billy said he felt that Victor was the real culprit because he was responsible for Adam being the way he was. Phyllis asked Billy why he'd agreed to help Victor by offering office space at Jabot. Billy said he had been thinking of Victoria and didn't want her to be caught in the middle.

Phyllis, in reply to Billy, said, "So, your forgiveness doesn't extend to the sins of the father." Billy said he'd make sure Victor paid for what he'd done. Phyllis insisted on helping Billy plot against Victor. Billy declined Phyllis' offer. She replied, "I have my own scars, and I have my own reasons for making sure Victor lives to regret his sins." Phyllis extended her hand and said, "So we're in this together?" Billy hesitated before shaking Phyllis' hand to seal the deal.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nikki and Victoria enjoyed tea. Victoria expressed concern about squabbles erupting at the birthday party. Nikki admitted that she was distracted thinking about what Jack had said to her the day before about Adam's appeal. Victoria suggested that the birthday party be more of an intimate affair due to Victor's harsh attitude toward the Abbotts. Victor overheard Victoria's comment and said, "You know that I would not miss my granddaughter's birthday for anything."

As Victor took a seat next to Nikki, she referred to an article in the local newspaper about Adam's judge and the judge's husband, Senator Moxley. Victor expressed his hope that the judge would be fair to Adam. Victor asked about a gift for Katie. Victoria requested that Victor act civil toward Jack and Billy after having rudely dismissed the Abbotts' offer to help Newman Enterprises get back on its feet.

Senator Moxley entered the dining room, and Victor went to greet him. Victoria asked her mother what was going on. Nikki replied, "I don't know, but I intend to find out." Before Victoria left, Nikki told her not to worry about Victor and Billy getting along.

Victor told Senator Moxley that the write-up in the newspaper had all but declared that he and his wife were Genoa City royalty. Senator Moxley said he knew that Adam was facing a long prison sentence. Victor replied, "Yes, he is, indeed." Senator Moxley explained that his wife never told him how to cast votes in the Senate, and he never told her how to rule in the courtroom. Jack arrived and said he thought he was the only one scheduled to meet with Senator Moxley. Victor quipped that he was always on top.

Jack nodded when Victor said he and Senator Moxley had discussed Judge Elise Moxley's reputation for being impartial and fair. Jack noted that Senator Moxley couldn't be pressured into voting against his convictions. Senator Moxley insisted that he would never attempt to influence his wife's decisions in the courtroom. Victor raised his eyebrows when Senator Moxley thanked Jack for being a generous constituent.

Victor looked at Jack reproachfully. Jack explained that he'd made contributions to "both sides of the aisle." Senator Moxley told Victor he was surprised that Victor had never sent a contribution. After Victor left, Senator Moxley told Jack that Victor had no hold over him. He added, "As for my wife, she'll tell you that money can't buy justice. When it comes to Adam Newman's appeal, Judge Moxley will be completely objective."

Victor returned to Nikki's table. Nikki said, "So, you do have something on Senator Moxley. What it is?" Victor said Senator Moxley was an upstanding man, but Elise Moxley had had an affair. Nikki's jaw dropped. She said, "Elise Moxley? The poster girl for family values? How do you know this?"

Victor said he had his sources. He asked Nikki if she was shocked. Nikki said she'd been married to Victor for so long that nothing shocked her. Nikki said she needed to purchase a gift for Katie. Nikki sent Victor to the party. She said she'd meet Victor at the party later.

After Chelsea left, Judge Elise Moxley stopped by to visit Adam. After a brief introduction, she said, "Your fate rests in my hands." Adam asked if her visit might be improper. The judge explained that there was nothing normal about the case, given the circumstances. She noted that Adam had either lived an incredibly charmed life or had a guardian angel. Adam cited his able attorney, Michael Baldwin, for his good fortune.

Judge Moxley lamented that Adam had received a mere slap on the wrist. Adam said he'd been sentenced to ten years in prison and would miss his son's childhood. Elise replied, "I'm sure Delia's family will miss quite a bit more." Adam said he'd never forget Delia or her family, but he felt his sentence should be suspended or at least reduced. Elise said she'd assessed the case and wasn't convinced that the sentence should be overturned.

Adam said that if Elise had already made up her mind, perhaps he should drop his appeal. Elise told Adam to proceed normally. She said the process should at least appear proper, though it was evident that nothing about it was proper. Elise took a seat at Adam's bedside and told him that Victor, accustomed to getting his every desire met, would ensure Adam's freedom. Elise added that if Adam didn't win his appeal, Victor would ruin her life and her career.

Adam, stunned, seemed to be at a loss for words. Elise cried, "So what would you do in my place? The death of a child goes unpunished, and everything I believe in is compromised because of one mistake I wish to God I could take back." Adam insisted he didn't know what Victor was holding over Elise's head. Nikki entered and said, "I do. The judge was having an affair. Victor told me." Elise looked at Nikki and replied, "Did Victor tell you it was with him?"

In Ben's room at the hospital, Abby arrived and found Ben mumbling about Ashley. Abby awakened Ben. She said, "You were having a nightmare, and you weren't alone. You were with my mother." Ben claimed that he'd probably been dreaming about pleading with Ashley to save herself. Abby told Ben that Ashley had stayed with him.

Abby, comforting Ben, said, "You're safe now. Whatever happened in that building, you can forget all about it." Ashley arrived and noted that Abby had summoned her to keep Ben company. Ashley explained that Abby was worried about Ben being lonesome without a steady stream of visitors. Abby explained that she'd be away helping Victoria with a birthday party.

Ben repeatedly protested and said he'd be fine, but Abby insisted that he needed support. Abby mentioned Ben's nightmare and remarked that both he and Ashley had lived through hell. Ashley said she, too, had been tormented by nightmares. Ashley added that she was coping by focusing on other tasks like planning Abby and Ben's wedding. Ashley added that she'd just enlisted the help of a wedding planner. Ben seemed tense as Abby and Ashley suggested various locales for a destination wedding.

Ashley looked away when Abby kissed Ben before leaving for the birthday party. After Abby left, Ben said, "Any other suggestions?" Ashley urged Ben to forget everything that had happened that night and move on with his life. Ashley insisted she had. Ben told Ashley that she was a lousy liar. Ashley said their situation had changed after their rescue from the fire.

Ashley asked Ben to act excited whenever Abby discussed wedding plans. Ben replied, "Even if you're the one in my dreams?" Ashley told Ben that he persisted to self-sabotage his happiness. Ashley recalled that Ben's first marriage had failed after he'd become a martyr to protect his mother and sister. Ashley added that because Ben had never told his wife that he was innocent of killing his father, she'd left and refused to let him visit their son.

Ashley said that Ben had sacrificed his own happiness again when he'd stepped aside so Victoria and Billy could reconcile. Ashley insisted that Ben not walk away from Abby. Ashley claimed that extenuating circumstances had prompted what they'd said to each other. Ben grabbed Ashley's arm and said she was running scared from him and what they felt for each other. Ashley said she and Ben had connected for a millisecond because they'd believed they'd been about to die.

Ashley pleaded with Ben to embrace Abby's love. Ben replied, "I can't think about the future unless Abby knows the truth about everything." Ashley pleaded with Ben to forget about what had happened. She urged him to carry on with Abby because she and Ben deserved to be happy. Ashley cried, "Don't screw this up."

At Victoria and Billy's house, Abby helped Victoria prepare for party guests. Victoria noticed that Abby's mind seemed preoccupied. Abby explained that both Ben and Ashley had had nightmares about being trapped in the fire. Abby said her mom recalled that when the smoke had closed in, Ashley and Ben had believed they wouldn't be rescued. Ben, Abby said, had talked only about his love for her in what he'd thought were his final moments.

Victoria asked if Abby's plans for an engagement party might be postponed until Ben fully recovered. Abby said she'd didn't plan to wait and still had decisions to make about her wedding. Victoria said it was evident how much Abby loved Ben. Abby tightly embraced Victoria. Victor arrived after Chelsea. He greeted Abby and Katie. Phyllis and Billy arrived.

Victor stepped away to speak privately with Chelsea. Victoria, addressing Billy, said, "No tension today, okay?" Billy replied, "Hey, the Abbotts tried. It's too bad Victor refused to meet us halfway." Victoria shook her head and seemed worried.

Across the room, Chelsea conversed privately with Victor. Chelsea said she'd heard about the deal Victor had made with Adam. Victor pretended not to know what Chelsea was insinuating. Chelsea added that she and Adam no longer kept secrets. Chelsea expressed her fear that Victor hadn't agreed to keep Adam out of prison just to build a father-and-son relationship. Victor grinned.

Jack arrived and quietly told Phyllis that Senator Moxley wasn't in cahoots with Victor. Jack insisted that Victor likely had a different ace up his sleeve. Chelsea overheard, approached Jack, and replied, "Knowing Victor, he's stacked the whole deck." Victoria spoke privately with her dad and pleaded with him to reconsider the Abbotts' offer. Victor walked toward the others and announced that he'd decided to accept the offer extended to him by the Abbotts.

Is Baby Christian Alive?

Is Baby Christian Alive?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

In Adam's hospital room, Nikki reeled when Elise revealed that she'd had an affair with Victor years earlier. Elise explained that she and Jay had hit a rough patch while they'd been focused on their careers, and Victor had been a good friend who had offered advice and comfort. Adam guessed that Victor was blackmailing Elise into reducing Adam's sentence, but Elise preferred to deal with the ugly fallout rather than compromise everything she believed in. Elise refused to allow Adam to avoid paying for his crime, but Nikki cautioned that Elise would destroy her family and marriage for nothing.

Nikki asserted that both Victor and Elise wanted to protect their families, but Victor would run down everything in his path to get what he wanted. Elise snapped that she and Victor had nothing in common, and she stormed out. Nikki told Adam that Victor was playing the biggest trump card he had to get Adam out of prison, and she wondered what Victor stood to get out of the deal. Adam suggested that she ask Victor, but Nikki replied that she already knew the answer -- Adam's soul.

At the tack house, Sage found Nick staring at a birthday card for Katie. Sage remembered that Katie's birthday party was that day, and Nick informed her that Victoria had offered to cancel it. Sage hoped Victoria hadn't, since she didn't want to take away from his sister's joy, and it was a big day for Victoria and Katie. Nick said he was going to stop by the party to say hello, and he invited Sage to join him, but she told him she couldn't.

Nick understood that it was too soon, and he assured Sage that Victoria knew it was a rough time. Sage pushed Nick to attend the party, but he didn't want to leave her alone. She insisted that she didn't want him to miss out on the family celebration because of her, and he told her to call him if she needed anything. Nick departed, and Sage picked up a baby blanket and murmured Christian's name.

Sage slept on the couch and dreamed about a baby crying. In the dream, she had on a straitjacket, and her feet were cuffed to a bed. She called out for Christian and asked where he was, and she assured him that his mommy would be there. "Where's my baby?" she screamed, and she suddenly woke up. Sage caressed the baby blanket.

In his hospital room, Stitch recalled that he'd told Ashley that he loved her when they'd been trapped in the fire, and he'd said it again when he'd regained consciousness. He told Ashley that Abby deserved to know, but Ashley countered that they all deserved to be happy, and she warned him not to screw it up. Dylan stopped by, and Ashley quickly ducked out to go to Katie's birthday party. Dylan asked Stitch what he'd walked in on.

Stitch claimed that he and Ashley had just been talking about the fire, and Dylan inquired how the duo had gotten trapped together. Stitch explained that they'd been making sure the kids had evacuated the building, but Abby had saved them both. Stitch commended Dylan's efforts in the rescue, and Dylan said he'd had to see for himself that Stitch was in one piece. Stitch wondered why Dylan wasn't at his niece's birthday party, and Dylan said he'd wanted to check on Stitch, but he also needed help with something.

Dylan quizzed Stitch about Dr. Neville, and Stitch said he knew nothing about where the doctor had gone after he'd been fired. Stitch wished he could do more to help, since he was going crazy in his hospital bed. Dylan pressed Stitch to tell him what had really been going on with Ashley, and Stitch realized that Dylan was the only person he could talk to. Stitch confided that he'd told Ashley that he loved her when they'd thought they wouldn't make it, and Dylan asked if it was true.

Stitch said he'd thought Ashley was a beautiful woman when he'd met her, and he'd found out she was also brilliant and worldly when they'd worked together in the Jabot lab. Stitch continued that the more time he'd spent with her, the more he'd appreciated how incredible she was, and all of his feelings had poured out when they'd been trapped in the fire together. Dylan pointed out that people said things that they normally wouldn't when they thought they might die, and Stitch said Ashley had said the same thing when he'd wanted to tell Abby about his profession of love for Ashley.

Dylan noted that he and Stitch were a lot alike, since they both wanted love to be simple, but life was messy and complicated. Stitch remarked that he'd thought things had been working between Dylan and Sharon, and Dylan confirmed that they were because he'd shut down his doubts and gone after what he'd wanted. Dylan asked what Stitch wanted, and Stitch declared that he wanted to marry Abby.

At Katie's birthday party, Victor accepted Jack's offer for Newman to share office space with Jabot, and Jack quipped that he hadn't realized that it was a surprise party. Abby chirped that they'd all be working together, and Victoria wondered if Victor was serious. Victor said he'd had reservations, but he'd changed his mind upon further consideration. Jack said he'd also had a chance to think things over, and he asked why Victor still thought the offer was on the table. Billy reasoned that both Newman and Jabot were under attack, so they should try to help one another out. Victor agreed, and he accepted the offer in the spirit in which it had been made.

Abby called Katie a miracle baby who had done the impossible by creating peace between the two families, and Victoria credited Billy and Victor for believing there was enough room for two corporate powerhouses in town. Ashley arrived as Jack questioned whether there was enough room at Jabot for Newman's executive staff, and she barked that it was the first she'd heard of it. Jack pointed out that Billy had tried to tell her, and Billy added that Ashley had trusted him to make decisions when she'd been in Europe. Victor noted that Jabot had bought Newman's assets during that time, and Phyllis suggested that they take Billy's lead by putting the hurtful things behind them and looking to the future.

Nick ran into Nikki outside of Victoria's house, and she was surprised to see him there. He remarked that he would never pass up the chance to celebrate good news, and she thought it would be good for him to spend time with family. He admitted that it was hard to be there, but there was no place he'd rather be. Nick explained that he hadn't wanted to leave Sage alone, but she had opted to be by herself rather than with him. He found it ironic, since he had pushed Sharon away after Cassie had died, but he figured everyone had their own way of dealing with grief.

Nikki wished Katie a happy birthday and gushed that turning one was a special occasion. Nick apologized that he hadn't had time to get a gift, and Victoria thanked him for being there. Meanwhile, Jack asked when Phyllis had decided to forgive and forget, and Phyllis reasoned that it made sense for the companies to join forces to defeat Paragon and possibly put the family feud behind them. Victoria informed Nikki and Nick that Victor had just accepted Jack's invitation to share offices, and she was proud of her father for putting aside his pride for the sake of their family. Nikki knowingly commented that Victor would do whatever it took to help his family.

Victoria instructed Johnny to help Katie blow out her birthday candle, and the guests cheered and clapped. Abby had a talk with Katie about finding Prince Charming, and Chelsea noted that Abby might be changing her own baby's diapers soon. Abby replied that the wedding of the century had to happen first, and she left to check on Stitch. Nick asked Victor about his plans to rebuild Newman, but Victor told him not to worry about it. Nick thought it would be good for him to return to work and have something to focus on, but Victor said they'd talk about it another day. Nikki abruptly left without saying a word to Victor.

Later, Nick informed Victoria that Victor hadn't seemed too eager for him to return to work. Meanwhile, Jack stressed to Ashley that both he and Billy had tried to tell her about the office space arrangement, but she'd been spending all her time at the hospital. Ashley declared that the danger was over, and her full attention was on Jabot. Victoria added that Ashley also had to plan her daughter's wedding, but Ashley insisted that she could run the company as well. Billy and Phyllis returned from upstairs, making small talk about getting Johnny down for a nap.

After all the guests had taken off, Victoria marveled that the party had gone really well, and Billy pointedly stated that he couldn't have asked for a better outcome. Victoria asked what had been going on with Billy and Phyllis, since she knew they hadn't been putting Johnny down. Victoria was suspicious that they were teaming up, since they'd both shown sudden support for Victor. Billy insisted that he was trying to build a bridge between the families, and he said they had to be on the same page because they were both under attack by a common enemy. Billy swore that the last thing he wanted was another war with Victor, and he urged Victoria to trust him. They kissed.

Victor found Nikki at the Athletic Club, and he said he'd thought they'd been making progress, but she had ignored him at the party. She huffed that she didn't want to talk about it, but he pushed to find out what was bugging her. She dryly replied that it was his affair with Elise Moxley, and she informed him that Elise had told her everything, including Victor's attempt to blackmail her. Victor inquired whether Nikki was upset or jealous, and Nikki quipped that she'd be permanently green if she got jealous every time she found out he'd slept with someone else.

Nikki demanded to know when the tryst had happened, and Victor informed her that he had been separated from Ashley, and Nikki had been married to Jack when it had taken place. Nikki haughtily stated that he hadn't hesitated to jump into bed with Elise, but Victor contended that if anyone had cheated, it had been Elise, who had turned to him when her marriage had been in trouble. Nikki imagined that Victor had taken advantage of Elise's vulnerability, but Victor asserted that he'd saved Elise's marriage.

Victor explained that Elise hadn't seen any way to salvage her marriage, but he had encouraged her to go back to her husband because nothing was more important than family. He continued that Elise had listened to his advice, and she and Jay had been back together ever since. Victor called the affair a wake-up call, and Nikki noted that a meaningless affair had become an opportunity years later. Victor proclaimed that he was going to save his son from going to jail, and Elise still had her family, so he didn't see anything wrong with that. "You wouldn't," Nikki coolly replied, and she walked out.

Nick plopped down on a chair at the counter at Crimson Lights, and he told Dylan not to ask how he was doing. Dylan got Nick some coffee, and Nick mentioned that he'd expected to see Dylan at Katie's party. Dylan said he intended to drop off a gift later, and he expressed surprise that Nick had attended. Nick replied that he'd been torn about it, but Sage had insisted that he go, even though he hadn't wanted to leave her alone. Dylan guessed that Sage had needed time to herself, and Nick said it hadn't helped to be around family. Dylan wondered why Nick was there, and Nick said he couldn't go home to Sage.

Nick said he'd tried talking to Sage, but he couldn't seem to reach her or say the right thing. Dylan sympathized that there wasn't a right thing to say, but he thought Nick just needed to say something. Nick lamented that Sage was looking to him to fix everything, but he didn't know how. Dylan thought Sage just wanted Nick to be there to help her get through it.

At Jabot, Ashley reluctantly agreed to Jack's suggestion that they offer the third floor to Newman. Phyllis said Ashley wouldn't regret it, but Ashley warned that she'd throw Victor out at the first sign that he was up to something. Ashley wasn't sure who she should be watching more -- Victor, or Jack and Billy. Jack swore that he would never do anything to harm Jabot, but Ashley lectured that she didn't want to clean up any more messes, and she hated his surprises.

In the hallway, Phyllis told Jack that she had a meeting. Jack stopped her from leaving and asked why she was adamant about helping Victor get Newman back on its feet, since she hated Victor and had vowed never to forgive him for letting Marco loose on their lives. Phyllis replied that she was righting a wrong, and she kissed Jack and walked off.

Over the phone, Ashley mentioned a sharp decrease in Jabot's figures, and she asked if there had been any other unusual activities in other areas of the company. She flashed back to Stitch professing his love her and her kissing him during the fire. She suddenly caught herself daydreaming and told the person on the phone to let her know as soon as possible.

At the hospital, Stitch unenthusiastically looked at the cover of a wedding magazine, and Abby sauntered in and presented him with a cupcake from the party. She mentioned that Nick had been at Victoria's house, so she'd tried not to fawn over Katie. Abby said she'd never thought of herself as the motherly type, but holding Katie had felt natural, and she thought she might be a good mom if she had full-time help. Abby rambled that she and Stitch had to get married and be newlyweds for a few years first, but she noticed his sour reaction, and she asked if he wanted to have kids with her.

Stitch stammered that he hadn't thought about having more kids after the mess with Max, but Abby assured him that he had been great with Max and would be a good father to their kids. She recognized that she'd mentioned the topic out of the blue, but she had been affected seeing Billy and Victoria with Katie, since they'd seemed really happy together. Stitch mumbled that they'd started out that way, and Abby asked if he was implying that Billy and Victoria wouldn't last or that Abby and Stitch wouldn't.

Abby wondered if Stitch thought they were doomed to fail, and he covered by saying his track record made him nervous. She pointed out that she'd had more bad relationships than he'd had, but she'd put them behind her, and it was their chance to get it right. She gushed that they were the real deal, and they'd have an amazing life together with marriage and kids. He said he loved her, and they kissed.

Sage wandered through the hospital, and a nurse recognized Sage. The nurse explained that she worked in the NICU and had been on duty the night Christian had died, and she expressed her condolences. Sage briefly lingered outside Adam's door and eventually entered, and he asked what she was doing there. She said it didn't matter, and she asked how he was doing. He quipped that the good news was that he wouldn't have to trade his face to avoid jail that time, but she remarked that ten years was a long time to be away from his family. He divulged that it looked like he wouldn't be going to prison, after all, but everything had its price.

Sage confided that every morning since Christian had died, she had woken up and thought for a second that he was still with her, and she'd had to relive the pain all over again. Adam asked if she'd shared her feelings with Nick, and Sage explained that every time she'd tried, she'd just wanted the pain to stop, even though she knew that would never happen. Adam stated that the idea of closure was a myth, since he hadn't ever been able to get over anything. Sage smiled and sat on the bed next to him, and she said they were very much alike. She guessed that she'd sought him out during her darkest hour because he'd gotten her through losing Gabriel and Constance.

Chelsea burst in and asked if she was interrupting anything. Adam advised Sage that it wasn't uncommon for two people who'd lost a child to find it hard to reconnect, and Chelsea urged Sage to give it time. Sage said she was sure they were right, and she told Adam to feel better and hugged Chelsea goodbye. After Sage left, Chelsea looked uneasy, and she suspected that something other than grief was keeping Sage from getting support from Nick.

In an undisclosed location, a nurse tended to a baby in a bassinet. She reported over the phone that she'd gotten the baby out of the hospital without any trouble, and he was out of the incubator and doing well. She added that he was a beautiful child. "Aren't you, Christian?" she cooed.

Could an Abbott Be Behind Paragon?

Could an Abbott Be Behind Paragon?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

At the Genoa City Police Station, Paul told Christine that the chief of the Genoa City Fire Department had just called to tell him that the department had finished examining the Newman Enterprises fire scene, and Patty's body hadn't been found. Christine thought that was wonderful news -- Patty was probably still be alive. Paul was obviously pleased his sister hadn't died, but he worried about Patty wandering around on her own, given her shaky psychological status. Paul had more news for Christine -- no bodies had been found in the debris, indicating that Ian Ward was likely still alive.

Chelsea showed up and asked Paul and Christine if they planned on allowing Adam to remain in the hospital until his appeal was heard. Paul informed Chelsea that he had just received new information contradicting Adam's account of what had happened the night of the fire. Chelsea wondered what Paul was accusing Adam of having done. Christine replied, "Lying again. This time about Ian Ward."

Paul told Chelsea that no bodies had been found at Newman Enterprises in the fire's aftermath. Christine chimed in that perhaps Adam had lied to the authorities about what had actually happened during the inferno. Chelsea reminded them that she and Connor had been caught in the burning building, and there was no way that Adam would have risked his wife or child's life or allowed them to die.

Paul said that, given Adam's track record, there was no telling what he was capable of doing. Christine thought that Adam might have fabricated the entire story about Ian Ward having set the fire. Paul received a text message and rushed out. After he was gone, Christine suggested that Chelsea say goodbye to Adam. Christine was planning on having Adam immediately transferred to a secure facility -- and this time, Victor wouldn't be able to stop her.

At Jabot, Jack told Ashley and Billy that he had allocated the vacated third floor to Jabot's temporary tenant, Newman Enterprises. Billy seemed pleased, but Jack reminded their brother that they needed to keep a close eye on Victor. Ashley was still a bit miffed that Billy had offered Jabot's office space to Newman without initially consulting her. Having reluctantly signed off on the deal, Ashley agreed that the Abbotts needed to be on high alert with the Newmans just a few floors away.

Billy began telling Ashley and Jack about the cyber-security measures he'd had the Jabot IT department put in place but was interrupted when Victor and Victoria showed up. Victor was upset that the third floor office space was in disrepair -- old furniture, peeling wallpaper, and leaky plumbing. Ashley sarcastically told Victor she was sorry that their interior design didn't meet his high standards. Fuming, Ashley claimed that she had an important meeting to attend then walked away.

Apparently embarrassed, Victoria said that Newman could "make do" with the smaller space. Victor asked Jack for a private conversation and headed toward Ashley's office. After Victor was out of earshot, Victoria told Jack and Billy that Victor was under a lot of pressure -- Newman would only be able to house a small handful of employees in the Jabot office. Victoria said the situation wasn't any easier on the Abbotts than it was on Victor. Jack replied, "I guess that remains to be seen," then left to find out what Victor wanted.

In Ashley's office, Victor told Jack that the Newman IT people were trying to assess the damage done by Paragon. Jack said that the Jabot staff was closely monitoring their systems for signs of the computer virus, but it looked like it had been "snuffed out" in the blaze.

Ashley, an open laptop in hand, was frantic as she passed by Victoria and Billy. She barged into her office and announced, "We have an emergency. Paragon is back." Ashley said that Paragon was attacking both Jabot and Newman, selling off divisions of both companies.

Billy wondered whether the Jabot building was safe. Ashley, growing increasingly agitated, picked up the phone and called Jabot security -- she wanted to ensure that security was on high alert. Victor demanded to know why Jack had thought the virus had been under control. Ashley insisted that Ian Ward was dead. Victor asked how she knew that Ian had perished in the blaze. He thought that perhaps Ian had escaped. Fortuitously, Paul walked in and said that might be the case.

Victor commanded Paul to have the entire police force search for Ian. Paul said the search was already underway, looking for Ian as well as Paul's sister, Patty. Jack couldn't believe that Patty had somehow survived the fire. Paul reminded Jack that Patty was resilient and had somehow beaten the odds. Both Ashley and Victoria thought it strange that both Ian and Patty had emerged relatively unscathed from the ashes. When Billy surmised that perhaps Ian hadn't even been to Newman Towers the night of the fire, Victor angrily demanded to know if Billy was accusing Adam of "making the whole thing up."

After Victor and Victoria left, Jack informed Ashley that the IT department had shut the Jabot computer system down. Billy seemed cavalier about the severity of the situation. Ashley wondered if her little brother had had an ulterior motive when he had invited Newman Enterprises to borrow some of Jabot's office space.

Victoria returned. Jack reminded Ashley that she had okayed the office share agreement the previous day. He wondered if she was suddenly having a problem with it. Ashley glared at Billy and said she was trying to do the math -- and things didn't add up. Ashley felt that Billy had been too accommodating to Victor and didn't seem all that concerned about Paragon. Ashley stunned Billy when she stated an alternate theory: that Ian and Adam had nothing to do with the return of Paragon. She speculated that perhaps Billy had found a way to control the virus and was planning to use Paragon to finish off Newman.

Billy vehemently denied everything Ashley said. Jack seemed to gravitate toward Ashley's theory. Thoroughly disgusted by his big brother and sister, Billy left.

After Billy was gone, Ashley asked Victoria if she had noticed anything odd about Billy's recent behavior. Victoria said that she hadn't. Ashley stated, "Well, after that performance, I hope you don't blame me for thinking he is up to something." Victoria replied, "I wouldn't. Because I've been thinking the same thing."

In the hallway outside Ashley's office, Billy was on the phone with Phyllis. He said, "Looks like our plan's hit a snag."

In Hilary's Athletic Club suite, Neil asked Hilary how she was doing with the new pills he had given her. Hilary felt that the pills weren't working and that the past few months might always be lost to her. Neil suggested she continue with the pills, since they might take some time to kick in. Dylan showed up to follow up on "the new lead." Hilary had no idea what Dylan was talking about. Dylan informed her that Neil was supposed to have told her about the lead and, pointing an accusing finger at Neil, wondered why Neil hadn't shared the information with Hilary.

Neil said he had been waiting to see if Dylan's lead was credible. Dylan told Hilary he might have identified the doctor who had treated Hilary in Genoa City. Neil was taken aback when Dylan asked him to leave the room so he could question Hilary, but Neil reluctantly acquiesced. Alone with Dylan, Hilary said she didn't think she could be much help, but Dylan hoped that a few questions might jog her memory.

Hilary and Dylan were both frustrated that she couldn't remember a thing about her captivity. She wondered what Dylan's theory of the crime was. Dylan said he thought that Dr. Neville had been trying to awaken Hilary from a coma but had ended up dropping her off at the hospital. Dylan began to heavily interrogate Hilary about the doctor. When he showed her a picture of Dr. Neville, she passed out.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Lily asked Devon how Hilary was doing. Devon said his wife was fine -- as long as he stayed away. Devon whined that Hilary didn't want to have anything to do with him; she only wanted Neil, who had been with Hilary day and night. Lily felt sorry for Gwen, who had to take a back seat while Neil was trying to help Hilary regain her memory. Devon said that the insecure Gwen felt that she had to fight with Hilary for Neil's attention.

The conversation turned to the sorry state of Lily and Cane's marriage. Lily said that Cane was still refusing to move back home. She hoped the extortion charge against Cane would be dropped and asked Devon if there had been any news on the investigation. Devon told her that Dylan had learned of a local doctor who might have been treating Hilary with experimental drugs. Unfortunately, the doctor had vanished. Devon hoped that, if the police did find the doctor, he could lead them to the person who had kidnapped Hilary.

Neil joined Lily and Devon. Devon asked Neil why he seemed tense. Neil replied that Dylan was upstairs, questioning Hilary about the mysterious doctor who Dylan thought was key to solving the kidnapping. Neil wondered what Devon knew about the doctor. As Neil grew increasingly uncomfortable, Devon told him that Neville had been a neurologist at Genoa City Memorial, experimenting with the same drugs that had been found in Hilary's system. The hospital had fired the doctor when they had learned about his unorthodox medical approach.

Neil stated that he was uncomfortable with Dylan questioning Hilary. Devon snidely said that since Dylan wasn't on the police force, he might actually accomplish something. Devon and Neil bickered about whether or not Dylan was qualified to conduct the investigation. An out-of-breath Lily interrupted the argument to tell the men that there was a medical emergency in Hilary's suite.

Devon and Neil rushed into the suite, where Dylan was trying to rouse Hilary. Devon ran to his wife and angrily asked Dylan what had happened. Neil irately shouted, "I told you not to push so hard! I warned you that this could happen." Dylan stated that Hilary had been fine until he had shown her a picture of Dr. Neville.

In a corridor at the hospital, Gwen asked Emma why she hadn't been returning Gwen's calls. Emma defended herself, telling her sister that it had been "crazy busy." Gwen wondered why Emma had given Dylan information about Hilary's case without first mentioning it to Gwen. Emma said that when Dylan had told her that Hilary had been treated with "some far-out drug cocktail," Emma had realized that Dr. Simon Neville had probably prescribed it. Gwen wondered if Emma knew where to find Dr. Neville.

Gwen peppered Emma with questions about Neville's personal life, but Emma, confused about Gwen's curiosity, said she didn't know anything about the doctor and wondered why it seemed to be Gwen's mission to find him. Gwen insisted she was merely trying to help Hilary.

Down the hall at the hospital, Neil, Devon, and Dylan stood by Hilary's bedside as an ER physician told her that he couldn't find anything wrong with her. Hilary guessed that she had fainted because she hadn't been eating properly. Emma stopped by to take Hilary's blood work to the lab. Devon asked the doctor to have the lab run another toxicology screen on Hilary's blood to determine if she still had traces of the experimental drugs in her system. The doctor ordered the extra tests -- then ordered everyone out of the room so Hilary could rest. Devon insisted on staying with his wife.

In the corridor outside Hilary's hospital room, Neil apologized to Dylan for his earlier rudeness. All smiles, in an obvious effort to deflect suspicion from himself, Neil pretended to be Dylan's friend. Neil doubted that the picture of the doctor had caused Hilary to faint then segued into asking Dylan a lot of questions about Dr. Neville. Dylan, purposely tamping down his suspicion about the doctor, said that the doctor might be involved. A concerned Neil rushed off.

As Lily rushed toward Hilary's hospital room, Gwen waylaid her. Lily told Gwen that Hilary had been rushed to the hospital. Neil approached the women. The subtext was clear when Neil told Gwen that Hilary's ER physician had ordered another toxicology screen. An addled Gwen said that she needed to speak privately with Neil. Lily stepped away.

In a heated whisper, Neil pushed the blame for Hilary's collapse on Gwen. It had been Gwen, after all, who had convinced Hilary to take the pills. Neil angrily said that Gwen should have found out what was in the pills before persuading Hilary to take them. In tears, Gwen said she couldn't believe Neil was blaming her for Hilary's collapse. When Neil accused Gwen of making a scene, Gwen snapped that she didn't like being attacked. Neil walked off to check on Hilary.

From the corridor, Neil peered into Hilary's room, where Devon told his wife that even though she didn't want him to be around, he wasn't going to allow anything to hurt her. Emma, clutching some folders, walked by. Neil stopped her and asked if the folders contained Hilary's lab results. Emma slyly said that even if the folders contained Hilary's results, Emma couldn't discuss them with Neil. Neil said that he had been responsible for Hilary "ever since," but he didn't finish the sentence. Emma, her eyes widening, said, "Ever since what, Neil? Oh, my God, are you the one who paid Dr. Neville to treat her?"

Paul was heading toward Adam's room at the hospital when he ran into Dylan. Paul wanted to ask Dylan some questions about the night of the fire, but Dylan asked if the questions could wait. Paul grew livid when he learned that Hilary had collapsed during Dylan's interrogation. Dylan couldn't understand why Paul was so angry, since Dylan had not violated police protocol. After a beat, Paul calmed down and said that Dylan might have missed something in the Newman ballroom. If that were the case, according to Paul, many innocent people would be paying a heavy price.

After Paul told Dylan that Ian's body hadn't been found, Dylan stated that Ian had to have died in the fire. Paul accused Dylan of doing a poor forensic examination of the Newman ballroom. Dylan reminded Paul that the room had been on fire, and Paul had insisted that Dylan get out. Paul berated himself for giving Dylan too much leeway -- Dylan was not a cop, and Paul shouldn't have been treating him like a cop.

At Genoa City Memorial, Topher, disguised as an orderly, entered Adam's hospital room. Adam was shocked to see his and Ian's Paragon hacker accomplice. Topher told Adam that they had a big problem. Topher had hoped that Paragon had died with Ian, but the virus was still running rampant -- apparently being controlled by someone "on the outside."

Chelsea stormed into Adam's room, causing Topher to storm out. Adam noticed the concerned look on his wife's face and asked her what was wrong. When Chelsea told him that Ian's body hadn't been recovered, Adam insisted that wasn't possible -- Adam had seen Ian buried in a debris pile, surrounded by flames and smoke. Chelsea haltingly asked Adam if there was more to his account of Ian's death. Adam asked Chelsea if she thought that he was lying.

Chelsea swore that she believed Adam but admitted she was scared about the implications of Ian's body not being found. Chelsea worried that people might not believe Adam's story -- or, even worse, might think that Adam had helped Ian to escape. When Chelsea said, "Do you want everyone to think that?" she didn't notice that Victor was standing behind her. Staring at Adam, Victor answered Chelsea's rhetorical question, "Oh, I do think that. And a whole lot more."

Victor declared that Ian was alive and that Ian and Adam were still conspiring, running the Paragon Project. Chelsea insisted that Adam was telling the truth.

His voice intensifying with every word, Victor stated the "facts." No one had seen Ian Ward on the night of the fire, and no human remains had been found. Paragon was stronger than ever. Christine, entering the room with an officer, heard what Victor said. She promised that Adam wouldn't be able to do any further damage, as he was about to be transported to the state penitentiary. Christine firmly stated, "It's time, Adam. Your ten years starts today."

Christine told the officer to escort Adam to the hospital garage, where a prison van was waiting to drive him away. As the officer led Adam out of the room, Adam turned to Chelsea and told her that he loved her. Chelsea tried to hug her husband, but Victor held her back, telling her that she couldn't trust Adam. Victor vowed to find Ian Ward and "end this disaster once and for all."

Hilary and Neil Kiss

Hilary and Neil Kiss

Thursday, November 19, 2015

At the police station, Chelsea hoped the judge would let Adam out on bond, but Michael warned that the chances weren't good after Victor had pulled his support. She said they had to find a way to fix it, since she wanted Adam out of prison immediately. Meanwhile, a guard led Adam out of his prison cell and ominously declared that it was time to play with the other "kiddies," since Adam couldn't hide behind his rich daddy there.

Michael recalled that Adam had been devoted to destroying Victor for a long time, but the need to win Victor's approval had always had a primal hold on Adam. Chelsea mentioned that she'd been present when Adam and Victor had reached out to one another, but Michael warned that it never lasted. Michael prepared to head to the prison, and Chelsea insisted on going with him, since she needed to look Adam in the eye to see if he had been willing to risk their life together to get back at his father.

At the prison, Chelsea started to embrace Adam, but the guard barred them from having physical contact. Chelsea realized that Adam was hurt, and Michael recognized that the guards didn't always step in when they should. Chelsea insisted that they go to the warden, but Adam told her to leave it alone, since he didn't want to talk about it in the limited time they had. Michael wanted to discuss Victor withdrawing his support, and Adam expected Victor to use his hold over Judge Moxley against Adam. Adam recognized that Victor thought Adam had helped Ian escape, and Chelsea said they needed to convince Victor otherwise.

Chelsea suggested that they find Ian and force him to admit that he'd been working on his own, but Michael doubted Ian would confess to endangering lives and destroying millions of dollars of property. Adam said his only chance of getting out of prison was his appeal, and Chelsea thought they needed to get Victor to believe Adam so Victor would force an acquittal. Michael thought it would blow up in their faces, and he stepped out to give Adam and Chelsea a moment alone. Adam said she looked beautiful, and he asked how she and Connor were doing. She wanted him to see for himself when he got home, and he said the fact she had faith in him meant everything.

Chelsea believed that the day Adam and Victor had connected at the hospital had meant just as much to Victor as it had to Adam, but Adam thought they had to let it go. Chelsea vowed to find a way to make Victor help Adam, but Adam said he shouldn't fight the way things were supposed to work. Adam requested that Chelsea never return to the prison, since he didn't want her to see him like that. She urged him not to give up hope, and he said he would continue to hope from the inside, but he wanted her to stay away. Later, a guard roughly shoved Adam back into his cell, and Adam wiped blood from his mouth.

At Jabot, Victor interrupted a meeting between Jack and Billy and asked if they were making plans for a company that soon wouldn't exist. Victor reported that Ian's corpse hadn't been found in the wreckage from the fire, and he was sure that Adam had made the story up and that Adam and Ian had been working together the whole time. Jack questioned whether Victor wouldn't give his son the benefit of the doubt, but Victor huffed that the virus was destroying both of their companies. Billy wondered why Victor hadn't kept the news to himself to allow Paragon to do its worst to Jabot, and Victor reiterated that they had a common enemy.

Jack asked if Adam had confirmed Victor's suspicions, but Victor relayed that Adam had pretended to be shocked that Ian had made it out alive. Jack pointed out that many of them had barely done that themselves, and he chided Victor for thinking the worst of Adam. Victor noted that Jack considered himself to be Adam's surrogate father, but he contended that Adam wouldn't hesitate to throw Jack under the bus if it meant destroying Victor in the process. Jack asked how Victor intended to punish Adam, but Victor barked that he didn't "give a damn" about Adam, since he was concerned about Ian. Phyllis offered to help, since Ian was her biggest fan.

Victor said he had a team of people looking for Ian and trying to find out who had been behind the latest launch of the virus, and Billy thought it was safe to assume that Ian was guilty, since Adam was locked up. Phyllis suggested that they lure Ian out by using her as bait, but Jack refused to involve her. Jack wanted to discuss the matter with Victor privately, and Phyllis huffed that she would look after herself, just like she always had. Billy followed Phyllis out of the office, and Victor remarked that Phyllis was the only one with guts in Jack's family. Jack argued that it would make more sense to use Nikki as bait, but Victor countered that Phyllis had gone to war with worse people than Ian.

In the hallway, Phyllis worried that Jack might have figured out what she and Billy were up to, but Billy was confident that Jack believed Ian had been too stubborn to die. Billy anticipated that Victor would go after Ian, leaving them free to take down Newman. Phyllis confirmed that she was still on board after everything Victor had put her and Jack through. Victor exited the office, and Phyllis hoped he'd reminded Jack that they were all on the same side. Billy clarified that they were all on the same side against Adam, and Victor stated that he had no qualms about that, since Adam had unleashed havoc on all of them. Billy reveled in the fact that he'd been right about Adam all along, and Victor remarked that it took one punk to recognize another.

Later, Phyllis dared Jack to tell her not to go after Ian, and Jack warned that it would be a mistake, since he expected Billy to take a difficult situation and make it worse. Jack suspected that Billy had pulled Phyllis into his plans, and he cautioned that they were bound to get busted, since Victor had an army of people working for him. Jack understood that Phyllis wanted vengeance on Victor, but he refused to let Phyllis and Billy walk into Victor's crosshairs. As Billy listened via a bug, Jack implored Phyllis to tell him what Billy had planned.

Chelsea confronted Victor in the Athletic Club foyer, and she asserted that Adam was telling the truth about Ian. Victor recalled that Adam had once lied about going blind to get out of prison, but Chelsea argued that Adam had run into a burning building to save her. She mentioned that Adam had been wincing in pain at the prison, and she worried that he'd continue to be beaten. She pleaded that Adam shouldn't be in a cell just because Victor wanted to punish him, and Victor countered that Adam had betrayed both of them.

Chelsea begged Victor to convince the judge to set Adam free, but Victor replied that the best thing she could do would be to move on with her life, since Adam hadn't changed one bit. Chelsea maintained that Adam had changed, and she'd thought Victor had been ready to embrace and accept his son. Chelsea stressed that she knew Adam wasn't lying, but if Victor didn't, they might not just lose Adam to prison -- they might lose him forever.

In the hospital corridor, Emma confronted Neil about paying Dr. Neville to treat Hilary, but Gwen intervened and said it was none of Emma's business. Emma noted that Gwen had been asking a lot of questions about Dr. Neville, and Gwen explained that she wanted Hilary to get her memory back so they could all move on with their lives. Emma returned to work, and Neil thanked Gwen for stepping in. Neil said he'd been trying to find out about the results of Hilary's latest tests, since the doctors would have a lot of questions if they found Dr. Neville's medication in her system. Gwen said they had to find the answers fast.

Down the hallway, Dylan told Paul that people had opened up to Dylan because he wasn't a cop, and he pointed out that he'd turned up the lead on Dr. Neville. Paul grabbed Hilary's latest toxicology screen results from a nurse, and he discovered that the levels of the drug combination that Dr. Neville had administered had increased in Hilary's system. Dylan wondered who was still dosing her.

In an exam room, Hilary told Devon that he didn't need to be there, but he insisted on making sure she was okay. He regretted that he hadn't been with her on the hike, and he stated that his job was to protect her. Hilary snapped that he just wanted her memories to flood back so she'd fall into his arms, but she only wanted Neil. Lily walked in as Hilary jerked away from Devon's touch, and she assured Hilary that it was okay, but Hilary replied that she wouldn't be okay until Neil got back.

Later, Paul and Dylan informed Hilary that her toxicology screen had indicated that the same compound medication was still in her system at elevated levels. Hilary insisted that she was fine, and Dylan recognized that she was scared and didn't know who to trust. Dylan cautioned that the medication could be dangerous, and he urged her to tell them who had given her the meds. Hilary claimed that she'd met Dr. Neville in the park, and he had advised her that she might die if she didn't take the drugs. Dylan asked if Dr. Neville had been the person holding her while she'd been in a coma, and she replied that the doctor had been the only person she'd seen when she'd woken up in a hotel room somewhere.

Dylan wondered why Hilary hadn't mentioned the hotel earlier, and she quickly covered by saying that her memories were jumbled and returning gradually. She demanded to know why Paul and Dylan were treating her like she'd done something wrong when she just wanted her life back, and she asked where Neil was. Dylan pressed for details about the hotel room, and Hilary snapped at him to stop. Paul apologized and vowed to find whoever had taken her. Dylan warned Hilary that people had their own agendas, and if something didn't feel right, it probably wasn't.

Neil sat with Hilary, and he said he was grateful and ashamed that she'd covered for him by saying she'd received the pills from Dr. Neville. She worried that Paul and Dylan would figure out that she'd lied about Dr. Neville keeping her in a hotel room, but Neil encouraged her to get some rest and not worry. He added that she didn't have to take any more pills, but she said they'd been working, since she'd been having memory flashes. She relayed that Dylan had told her not to trust anyone, but she said she trusted Neil. Neil assured her that she could always trust him.

Gwen peeked inside Hilary's room, and Paul pledged to use all his resources to track down Dr. Neville. Paul left to check out the park surveillance footage, and Devon asked Dylan about the toxicology report. Dylan revealed that Hilary had been dosed with a drug cocktail again and that she'd claimed she'd met Dr. Neville in the park before she'd collapsed. Devon said that was impossible, since he'd followed Hilary to the boathouse, and she had been at the club until she'd been taken to the hospital. Dylan wondered why Hilary would lie about how she'd obtained the medication.

Neil exited Hilary's room and said she wanted to leave the hospital, and Dylan warned that she could end up there again if she continued to take the medication. Dylan thought Neil had the best chance of getting Hilary to talk, and he encouraged Neil to try to find out more from her about Dr. Neville. Gwen agreed that Neil was the only person Hilary trusted, and Neil promised Gwen that they'd find out what they needed to get back to their lives. Devon went to check on Hilary's release, and Gwen groaned that Neil was back to holding Hilary's hand around the clock. Neil promised it would all be over soon, and he kissed Gwen. Meanwhile, Hilary flashed back to making love with Devon, and a horrified look crossed her face.

At the police station, Dylan told Paul that he thought there was something more to Hilary and Neil's connection, since she freaked out whenever Neil was more than two feet away. Paul considered the major players, and Dylan mentioned that Devon didn't believe Hilary had obtained the medication the way she'd said she had. Paul asked if Dylan thought Neil knew the truth, and Dylan noted that Neil had gotten what he'd always wanted -- Hilary's complete devotion. Paul remarked that it left Gwen on the outside, and Dylan theorized that perhaps Gwen was more involved than they knew.

Joe offered to buy Cane a drink at the Athletic Club bar, but Cane replied that he'd had enough. Joe apologized for the fight that had left Cane's arm in a cast, and Cane remarked that he could have died after someone had locked him in a storage room during the fire. Cane recounted that he'd only been able to get out when the door had opened after the ceiling had collapsed, and he asked how things had been in the ballroom. Joe said it had been chaotic, but he'd tried to keep people calm while they'd waited for the helicopter to return. Cane dryly assumed that Joe's heroics had happened before Joe had taken Abby's place on the helicopter.

Joe recounted that Abby had been holding up the evacuation because she'd wanted to stay behind and save Stitch, so Joe had boarded the chopper to keep things moving. Cane questioned how Joe had escaped from a burning building when Cane had been left to die, and Joe asked why Cane was convinced that Joe was out to get him when Joe was trying to be his friend. Cane accused Joe of trying to get his wife into bed again. Lily overheard.

Lily divulged that Dr. Neville had given Hilary more medication, and she hoped Cane's name would be cleared if the police tracked down the doctor. Cane sarcastically stated that he'd still tried to extort money from Devon, and Lily recognized that he hadn't. Cane coolly said her faith in him was touching but late, and Lily griped that she'd repeatedly told Cane that she was sorry, but he was angry and defensive all the time. Cane insinuated that Joe had left him in the storage room to die in the fire, and Lily shook her head at the person Cane had become.

Lily said she couldn't be there, and she walked away. Cane dared Joe to go after her, and Joe said if Cane was half the husband he said he was, he'd take Joe's advice. Joe told Cane that he was fighting an uphill battle by remaining angry with everyone in his life, and he recommended that Cane stop putting his wife and kids through the misery. Cane hissed for Joe to "burn in hell," and he stalked off.

Across the dining room, Gwen moaned to Devon that Hilary had asked her to pretend to be Devon's girlfriend, but Hilary and Neil were upstairs while Gwen and Devon were left out. Devon thought Neil was the only one who could find out who had hired Dr. Neville, but Gwen suggested that perhaps the odd doctor had been working on his own. Gwen groused that Hilary needed to snap out of it right away.

Gwen commented that Hilary had never wanted Neil the way she'd wanted Devon, but Devon said Hilary needed Neil. Gwen wondered about what she and Devon needed, and Devon questioned whether she was jealous of a woman who had been in a coma. Gwen lamented that Neil was slipping away because he'd been spending time with Hilary, and there was also all the guilt since the whole thing had started. Devon asked what Neil had to be guilty about.

In her hotel room, Hilary berated herself for lying and sneaking around when Neil had been vulnerable and blind. She understood why Neil had wanted to destroy her marriage to Devon, since what they'd done had been wrong, and Neil asked if she remembered that she and Devon had fallen in love. Hilary said she'd been someone with no heart or soul, just like the woman she'd been when she'd arrived in town to hurt Neil. She said she felt guilt and disgust when she thought about Devon, and her only feelings of love were for Neil.

Neil admitted that seeing Hilary and Devon together when he'd first regained his eyesight had triggered a fury inside him, and he was ashamed of it. Hilary asked how he could even be in the same room with her, and he conceded that she hadn't been a saint, but he'd gone to a dark place. He recalled wanting to get his revenge on the plane, but it had gone down. Hilary flashed back to Neil tending to her after the crash, and she mused that he had never stopped saving her. She leaned in and kissed him, and he responded.

Let's Do the Time Warp Again

Let's Do the Time Warp Again

Friday, November 20, 2015

At the tack house, Sage clutched Christian's baby blanket, and Nick arrived home. He noted that it was beautiful outside, and he suggested that they walk down to the stables and feed the horses. Sage complained that it was a little chilly, and Nick offered to build a fire and watch movies with her. She mumbled that maybe they'd do it that weekend, and he blurted out that he couldn't handle the avoidance. He said Christian had been a brave, amazing soul, and he knew it was hard, but they had to be brave, too.

Sage whimpered that she didn't want to be brave, and she didn't want to talk about it. Nick picked up a drawing Faith had made for Christian, and he commented that there was a lot of love in it. He thought they had to get through it together instead of what they had been doing, and Sage testily asked if she hadn't been doing it right. Nick said he didn't want to push, but he felt like Sage was shutting him out, and she replied that she felt like he had expectations about what she should be doing. Nick referred to Cassie's death, and Sage firmly told him that she was sorry that he had to relive burying a child, but it didn't give him the right to tell her how to deal with her son's death.

Sage recognized that her remark had been uncalled for, and Nick apologized for upsetting her. He reiterated that he didn't want to push her, but he wanted them to find a way to get through it together, and she admitted that she did, too. Nick stressed that he needed her to help him get them through it, and she wailed that she didn't know how to do it. He thought there was only one thing they could do.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan spoke with Sharon over video chat, and he informed her that Hilary had been found. Dr. Anderson sat out of the camera's view as she observed Sharon. Dylan asked how their little Bears fan was doing, and Sharon replied that she became more excited every day to meet their son. Dylan wanted to visit for Thanksgiving, but Dr. Anderson shook her head disapprovingly. Sharon changed the subject to how Faith was doing, and Dylan remarked that she was a strong little girl. Dylan hesitantly told Sharon that Nick and Sage had lost their baby, and Sharon freaked out.

Dr. Anderson whispered for Sharon to breathe, and Dylan asked if someone else was there. Dr. Anderson gestured for Sharon to end the chat, and Dylan guessed that the news had stirred up memories of Cassie's death. He urged Sharon to think about the life they'd have with their son, and the doctor became more adamant that Sharon wrap things up. Sharon said she'd be late for therapy, but Dylan insisted on making sure she was okay. Dr. Anderson reached for the computer and disconnected the chat. Dylan wondered what had happened, but a map that appeared on his screen distracted him.

Sharon questioned why Nick and Sage's baby had been taken instead of another child, and Dr. Anderson urged her to focus on herself and her little boy. Sharon said she'd done everything possible to give her baby a good start, but she worried about something happening that was out of her control. Dr. Anderson assured her that all the tests had indicated that Sharon's son was healthy, and Sharon's only job was to look forward to being a mom again. Sharon stared into the mirror and envisioned that she had a pregnant belly, and the doctor prepared a syringe.

Dr. Anderson blamed Dylan for upsetting Sharon, and she instructed Sharon to rest and to take her medication. Sharon protested that she'd just had a shot an hour earlier, and the doctor said Sharon was confused because of the overstimulation. The doctor administered the injection, and Sharon rambled that Dylan had once lost a child, so their baby was really important to him. Dr. Anderson told Sharon to sleep, but Sharon insisted on calling Dylan to tell him that the baby would make everything okay. The doctor told Sharon to make the baby her first priority, and Sharon dozed off. Dr. Anderson remarked that Sharon was a strong, brave woman who wasn't ready to handle things yet, but the doctor would take care of everything.

Dr. Anderson called a nurse and asked how their angel was doing, and the nurse reported that Christian was getting stronger and sweeter every day. Dr. Anderson peered in at a sleeping Sharon and proclaimed that she had big plans for the little boy. The nurse cooed to Christian that everything would be fine, since Dr. Anderson knew what she was doing, and the doctor couldn't wait for him to meet his new mommy.

Later, Sharon told what she thought was her unborn child that Faith would be an epic big sister, and Mariah and Noah were excited to meet their new baby brother. She thought the baby already had dibs on his daddy's heart, but a concerned look suddenly crossed her face. Sharon realized that she hadn't felt the baby kick in a long time, and she rushed over to the mirror. She panicked at the sight of her svelte figure, and she cried, "There's no baby!"

At a therapist's office, Nick said he'd convinced Sage to go to the Halloween party, and he was afraid she blamed him because she hadn't been with Christian when he'd died. Nick said he needed to talk about his son, but Sage shut down whenever he tried to have a conversation. Sage relayed her fears about losing Christian, and she thought it had somehow been her fault. Sage stated that if she said or heard one more word about her son, she would crack wide open. She mentioned her dreams in which Christian called for her, but she hadn't been able to get to him. Nick asked why she'd never told him, and Sage admitted that she'd been afraid that he would leave her.

Sage suspected that Nick had only stayed married to her because Christian had been sick, but Nick swore that he would never leave Sage. She said she wanted to believe that, and Nick wondered why they felt that far apart if they both wanted the marriage to work. Sage said Christian had kept her and Nick together, but since Christian had died, she was just a woman who had lied to Nick. She explained that her grief was for her son but also for the life that she and Nick would never have together.

Nick insisted that he still wanted a life with Sage, but he didn't want to mess up, and he'd made every mistake possible after Cassie's death. Nick thought that everything he'd said after Christian's death had been wrong, so he'd started to say nothing, but he'd meant his vows. He maintained that Sage hadn't just saved him from a bear trap -- she'd saved him, and he loved her. She sobbed that she loved him, too, and they embraced.

Sage and Nick exited the therapist's office, and he asked if the session had been good for her. She nodded and said she was glad they'd gone. Dr. Anderson approached, and Nick introduced her to Sage. Nick asked how Sharon was doing, and Sage inquired whether the doctor could discuss Sharon's case. Dr. Anderson explained that Sharon had given permission for her to speak with Faith's other parent, and she reported that she'd seen improvement with every session. The doctor added that Sharon was counting the days until she could hold her baby in her arms, and an upset Sage bolted.

Dr. Anderson expressed her condolences to Nick about Christian, and she recognized that she should have been more sensitive. Nick asked how she'd known about Christian, and the doctor claimed that she and Dylan had discussed how to tell Sharon about the baby's death. Nick assumed Sharon hadn't taken the news well, and Dr. Anderson observed that Nick seemed to be holding it together. He replied that he was just putting one foot in front of the other, but some days were harder than others. The doctor said she'd be happy to help him work through it, since she offered a unique perspective.

At the Athletic Club, Gwen griped about Neil spending time with Hilary, and she referred to Neil's guilt. Devon asked what Neil had to feel guilty for, and Gwen said Neil had wanted Devon and Hilary to suffer for cheating on him. Devon pointed out that Neil had forgiven them at their wedding, and he demanded that Gwen tell him if she knew something. She claimed that she was looking for a reason why the people they loved were in a hotel room together, but Devon accused her of lying.

Gwen asserted that she wasn't the problem and that Hilary was, since Hilary was hanging all over Neil. Gwen groused that Neil was more concerned about his cheating, lying ex than he was about Gwen, and Devon told her to relax. Gwen snapped that Devon needed a reality check, since there was a possibility that Neil and Hilary would end up together. Devon was sure that his wife would remember the love they'd shared, but Gwen reminded him that Hilary had broken her marriage vows to Neil, so there was no reason to think she wouldn't do the same thing to Devon. Devon received a text message from Dylan about a possible lead on Dr. Neville, and he hurried out.

Devon rushed to the coffeehouse, and Dylan informed him that one of the trackers on the hospital supplies had been activated. Dylan pointed to where the tracker was on the map, and Devon realized that the person who'd taken the supplies was still in Genoa City. Dylan explained that the tracker was on the pharmaceuticals that Dr. Neville had given Hilary. Devon looked at the map and noticed the tracker had stopped moving, and the person with the meds was at the Athletic Club. Devon exclaimed that Hilary was also there, and the men ran out.

In her hotel room, Hilary told Neil that he'd never stopped saving her, and they fell back onto the bed in a passionate kiss. Neil pulled back and said he couldn't do it, since he didn't want to hurt Devon or Gwen. Hilary reasoned that she and Neil had been married and that they loved one another, and she felt in her heart that he was still her husband. Neil regretted letting the kiss happen, and he wondered if he'd done it to get back at Devon. Hilary insisted that the kiss hadn't been payback, since she believed that Neil still wanted her. She added that he had every right to want to get back at Devon, and no one would blame Neil after what Devon had done to him.

Hilary insisted that she knew how she felt, and she praised Neil for trying to be fair and honorable even though Devon had never worried about being fair to Neil. Hilary said Devon had never paid for hurting Neil, but Neil contended that Devon had been paying for it from the moment she'd fallen off the cliff, and he called Gwen an innocent victim. Hilary asked if what he had with Gwen was the same as what he and Hilary had shared, and Neil replied that it was very close. Hilary declared that she was back and that she still loved him, and she wondered if there was any chance for them. She tenderly caressed his face, but he apologized and walked out.

Dr. Neville arrived at Hilary's door, and she coldly informed him that she had collapsed after she'd taken the pills. She ordered him to go, and she tried to slam the door in his face, but he stopped her and said she couldn't do that, since he was there to help. Dr. Neville explained that neural receptors were a tricky thing, and he needed to make some tweaks. She refused to take the medication, and he understood her pain and fear, but he assured her that everything she wanted was on the other side. He wanted to run some tests on her at his motel, but she warned that the police were looking for him, and she wondered why he had risked everything to help a stranger.

Dr. Neville recounted that he hadn't been popular when he'd been growing up in Ohio, but his mother had been his saving grace, and she'd fallen ill when he'd been a teen. He continued that his mother had been in a coma for five years, and it had been like watching a firefly trapped in a jar. He remembered thinking how wonderful it would have been if he could have taken the lid off the jar, and that was why he'd dedicated himself to freeing people who'd been trapped like his mother had been. Hilary cautioned that he might lose his medical license, and she asked if he wasn't afraid of that. He replied that trouble didn't scare him, but ignorance did, and he handed her the pills.

Neil met Gwen downstairs, and he hoped she understood that he hadn't been ignoring her. She suggested that they pour the pills down Hilary's throat until Hilary got a clue, and Neil argued that Hilary was lucky to be alive. Gwen curtly added that Hilary was lucky to have him by her side at all times, and she groused that it felt like she was the only one who hadn't forgotten who she was in a relationship with. Neil contended that they owed Hilary a huge debt of gratitude for lying to the police to protect them. Gwen pointed out that she had also lied to the police to protect him.

Neil called Gwen an amazing woman, and he recognized the risks she'd taken, but he thought she had no idea what Hilary had been dealing with. Gwen snapped that she hadn't risked everything only to have him get back together with the ex who had broken his heart, but Neil argued that he still needed Hilary to clear his name. Gwen groaned that Hilary was becoming increasingly dependent on him, and he was feeding into her delusion. Neil revealed that Hilary had remembered things about Devon but that she didn't remember her feelings. Neil thought Hilary would sort through it in time, but Gwen snapped that there was no more time, since things were out of control.

Gwen suggested that Hilary didn't remember loving Devon because she was a "heartless, manipulative bitch" who didn't know what love was. Neil defended Hilary, and Gwen angrily asked if Hilary was the only one stuck in a time warp or if Neil was in it, too. He remained silent, and Gwen realized that he wanted Hilary back. Neil admitted that a part of him was drawn back to Hilary, but he swore that he had real feelings for Gwen. Gwen spat that Hilary had cheated on him with his son, but Neil believed that Hilary was genuinely sorry, and he thought that maybe Hilary's heart had been his all along.

Gwen thought that Hilary was messing with Neil's head, and she pressed him to consider what Hilary had done to him. Neil said he remembered all of it, but he also remembered what he and Hilary had had together, and he felt like he needed to go after it. Gwen incredulously asked if he was breaking up with her, but Devon interrupted and asked where Hilary was. Neil said he'd just left Hilary in her room, and Devon reported that Dr. Neville might be with her. Devon and Dylan raced upstairs, but Gwen stopped Neil from following them. She warned that Neil would regret it if he left, and he stared at her for a moment before he walked away.

Devon and Dylan burst into Hilary's room, but it was empty. Devon found a box containing bottles of pills, and Neil appeared in the doorway. Devon worried that Dr. Neville had kidnapped Hilary again, and Dylan left to check with security. Devon blasted Neil for letting Hilary out of his sight, and he ranted that the mistake might cost Hilary her life, since they didn't know what the doctor would do to her. Neil was sure that Dr. Neville wouldn't hurt her, and Devon asked how Neil knew that.

Dylan ordered security to let him view the surveillance footage to help find the boss's wife, but Hilary appeared and announced that she was safe and sound. He asked if she'd seen Dr. Neville, and she confirmed she had, but she insisted that she was fine. Dylan understood that the doctor was a link to her kidnapper, but he cautioned that the doctor's treatment had landed her in the hospital. Hilary declared that she wanted the truth, but all she'd learned was that Dr. Neville was a bit odd. She mentioned that the doctor might have returned to his hometown in Ohio.

Upstairs, Neil reasoned that doctors were trained to help people, but Devon argued that the kidnapper had paid Dr. Neville, so he didn't have faith in the doctor's ethics. Neil pointed out that Dr. Neville could have left town, but the doctor had opted to stick around to help Hilary get better. Devon wondered why Neil was defending Dr. Neville, and he noted that Neil sounded like he knew the doctor personally. Gwen appeared in the doorway and prompted Neil to tell Devon the truth -- or she would.

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