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Caroline and Ridge decided to stop talking about the secret at the office. Liam set a romantic scene and proposed to Steffy. Thomas tempted Steffy to bet that he could get Ivy, and Steffy worried about Wyatt getting hurt. While Wyatt was on a business trip, Thomas seduced Ivy.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 16, 2015 on B&B
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Ivy inspires Thomas and irks Wyatt

Ivy inspires Thomas and irks Wyatt

Monday, November 16, 2015

At the sky lounge, Ivy was shocked that Steffy liked the risks Ivy had taken with some new designs. Steffy guessed that Ivy had taken Wyatt with her for backup in case Steffy hadn't. Wyatt replied that he was just a cheerleader. Steffy noted that Ivy and Wyatt were getting serious. Ivy asked Wyatt to fill Steffy in on the marketing because Ivy had to get to a fitting.

Steffy stated that Ivy wasn't a model. Ivy conveyed that she was doing Thomas a favor. Wyatt quizzically said Thomas had a line of models at his door. Steffy quipped that her brother liked to play hard-to-get. Wyatt said he didn't condone it. Ivy claimed it was just a fitting, and she scampered off.

Steffy asked if Wyatt had a problem with Ivy and Thomas working together. Wyatt didn't, but he doubted that work was on Thomas' mind. Steffy felt that if she could put away her differences with Ivy, then Wyatt could do it with Thomas. Wyatt remarked on the fun of watching the cousins spar.

Steffy asked if his relationship with Ivy was fun. Wyatt asked what Steffy's interest was in Ivy and Wyatt's relationship. Steffy said things seemed really good between the two, and Wyatt deserved someone who was fully committed to him. Wyatt believed he had it, but there was just one problem. "Your stupid brother," Wyatt quipped.

Steffy guessed that Thomas was rubbing people the wrong way, and Wyatt assumed that she'd talked to Liam. Wyatt had been irritated since the last meeting and said Thomas was trying to ensure that the Spencers knew he had it out for them. Steffy suggested that Wyatt not react to it. Wyatt replied that if he ignored it, then guys like Thomas would think they could get away with anything.

Steffy asked what Thomas was trying to get away with. "Being a jerk for starters," Wyatt responded. She said she'd called Thomas out on how he'd been in the meeting. Wyatt indicated that he wouldn't have a problem with it -- if that was where it stopped.

Wyatt accepted instances of conflict in business, but Wyatt didn't like Thomas getting personal. Wyatt relayed that Thomas wasn't even being subtle anymore, but if Thomas thought the Spencers were too comfortable in his family business, then Wyatt believed Thomas was getting too comfortable with Wyatt's girlfriend.

Wyatt was sick of Thomas thinking he could hit on every woman in the building and acting as if he was the playboy heir to the throne. Steffy said it wasn't always a game for Thomas. Wyatt suggested that she tell Thomas to find someone serious else to be with and someone to teach him respect. "He doesn't want to learn that lesson from me," Wyatt concluded.

In the corridor, people strode by, and Thomas pretended not to be listening at the door of the CEO's office. Michelle, a model, called his name, and he told her that he'd been meaning to message her back. He asked her to text him after her fitting, and they might meet up later.

In the CEO's office, Caroline didn't think she and Ridge should discuss the topic at the office. Ridge said they shouldn't discuss it at all anymore. She was frustrated because Ridge kept telling her not to stress, "but you..." she began. Ridge agreed that he needed to focus on their little family, not the past.

In the hall, Thomas peeked back into the CEO's office. Caroline said Thomas wanted a relationship with Ridge, but Ridge insisted that Thomas would never know.

Thomas entered. He said the door had been open, and he'd heard his name. Ridge replied that it had been nothing. It hadn't seemed like nothing to Thomas, who stated that he was a big boy and could take whatever they had to say to him.

Ridge quipped that there were a lot of conversations in the CEO's office, and a lot of names got mentioned. He stated that it had nothing to do with Thomas, who needed to let it go. Thomas had overheard Ridge say that Thomas would never know, and Thomas asked what it was he'd never know.

Ridge pretended that Caroline had wanted Thomas to know that she thought he could handle more design responsibility and a bigger workload. "Seriously?" Thomas asked. Ridge said that he and Caroline were about to have a family and raise a kid, so there would be more on Thomas' plate. Thomas claimed to be ready for it, but Ridge said he hadn't seen the evidence of it.

Thomas stated that Ridge would. Thomas understood that he still needed to prove himself. Ridge said it was what designers did with every season and every collection. Thomas believed that he could handle it if that was what it took to rid them of the tension between them.

Thomas left for a fitting. "That was too close," Caroline told Ridge. She was on edge, worrying that Thomas might be outside the door. Ridge tried to calm her down, but she was antsy about how weird it was that Thomas kept walking in on them. Ridge didn't think it was a concern because they wouldn't discuss the issue anymore. Caroline noted that they weren't the only ones discussing it.

Caroline griped about Pam, Liam, and Brooke. Caroline was sure someone would put it together. Ridge told her to take a breath, but she retorted that she'd do it when he started treating his son like a trusted team member. Ridge roared that he didn't trust Thomas, and Caroline said to pretend before it blew up in their faces. Hugging her, Ridge promised it would be okay.

Ridge and Caroline sat on the sofa. As Caroline tried to calm down, she felt the baby move. She put Ridge's hand over her stomach, and he grinned, saying he could feel something. He decided that "this" was their truth. He said they'd love each other and be there for the baby always. The couple kissed.

In the design room, Ivy stood on a pedestal in a blue dress. Thomas circled her, and she noted that he was staring at her. He claimed to be taking it all in and asked if he was making her uncomfortable. He wasn't, but she was surprised that he wasn't being flirty. She said she'd been warned about him. He replied that she'd been misinformed, and he had more than corny lines to make a woman feel beautiful.

Ivy noted that she, Steffy, and Wyatt were curious as to why Ivy was the model. Ivy asked if the fit models had gone on strike. Thomas stated that he'd wanted to see Ivy in the dress because she'd inspired it. Thomas ran his hands along the lines of the gown, strumming her hips and stomach. She was surprised she'd been the inspiration, and he replied that she'd been on his mind a lot.

Ivy thought it was hard not to think of the person whose life one had saved, but Thomas would have saved anyone from the falling light. Thomas replied that it was true, but he wouldn't have had as much fun. She guessed he was having plenty of fun with the dress. He claimed that the dress represented everything he admired about her, but he also wanted it to capture her unpredictability and sexiness.

Clearing her throat as he ran his hands up her arms, Ivy admitted that the dress was sexier than she was. Thomas hoped she didn't mind that he'd been fantasizing while designing, and Ivy replied that she couldn't control his imagination. He joked that he couldn't, either, but she told him to try.

Thomas claimed to be working on it. He said he'd imagined that exact scenario many times. He'd imagined the anticipation of her appointment to try the dress and that it would be just business at first. Once he saw each line that he'd drawn wrapped around her body, he wouldn't be able to help himself.

Thomas moved in to kiss her. "Thomas!" Ivy exclaimed, pulling away.

Ivy asked what Thomas thought he was doing. Thomas called it kissing. She replied that he couldn't do that, and there was a line. He asked where the line was, and she insisted that it was where she said it was. He asked if she'd liked it. Ivy replied that she had a boyfriend and was trying to keep things professional. Thomas said he didn't see a ring on her finger.

Ivy asked if any woman without a fiancÚ was fair game. Thomas stated that he was interested in her, not just any woman. Ivy said they'd harmlessly flirted, but a kiss was completely different. He believed it was so because she'd felt something. Ivy claimed to be with Wyatt and said they were very happy. Thomas moved in to kiss her again. She pulled back but then allowed him to kiss her.

Prepping for proposal

Prepping for proposal

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

by Pam

At Forrester, Ivy broke her embrace with Thomas after they had kissed. Ivy told him he couldn't kiss her, but Thomas noted that she had not stopped him. Ivy walked away. She walked behind the screen to change out of the blue dress that Thomas had designed for her. When she returned, she advised Thomas that she and Wyatt were a couple.

Thomas was unconvinced that Wyatt and Ivy belonged together. Thomas maintained that Wyatt had been a familiar shoulder to cry on after Liam had dumped Ivy. He had been convenient, and he had prevented Ivy from moving forward and dating again.

Ivy argued that Thomas was after every woman at Forrester. Thomas said that Ivy was special. She dazzled whenever she entered a room. Ivy wondered what made her so interesting to Thomas. Thomas said she had class, and even on her worst day, she outclassed everyone in a room at Forrester. Ivy said they were cousins, and he knew nothing about her.

Thomas noted that they were not blood relatives, and he agreed that they had only seen one another a few times until Ivy had started working at Forrester. Thomas said he wanted to kiss her again, and he grabbed her shoulder, but she pushed him away. Ivy left.

At Liam's house, Liam prepared flowers in a vase, and Bill and Katie barged in. Bill advised Liam to pack his bags for Greece. Liam said he couldn't go, but Bill said it was nonnegotiable. Liam said he had plans, and Bill told him he could take Steffy with him. Liam balked, and Katie figured out that Liam was about to propose to Steffy.

Liam admitted Katie had guessed right, and Katie arranged the flowers. Bill joked that he felt Liam and Steffy already acted like they were married. Liam pointed out that was why he wanted to do something big and romantic. He noted that when Steffy had first returned, he'd felt they would never get back together again. He didn't want anything to be routine.

Bill joked that he would hire a skywriter. Bill asked if Liam had a ring. Liam said he was prepared, but he had not yet figured out what to say. Bill said Liam would figure it, and Bill hugged his son.

In Steffy's office, Wyatt told Steffy that Thomas needed to stop insulting the Spencers. Steffy said that she had spoken to Thomas. Wyatt added that Thomas was romantically in pursuit of Ivy. Steffy doubted that Thomas was after Ivy, but Wyatt said that Thomas was after every woman.

Wyatt wondered what might have happened if Steffy and Wyatt had connected. Wyatt said that Steffy had given up her life as a party girl in Paris to return to a boring life with Liam. Steffy argued that life with Liam wasn't boring because she had found the man she wanted to be with.

Wyatt hoped that Liam appreciated Steffy. Steffy said that he did, and she appreciated Wyatt's comments. She liked consistency in men. They agreed they would have been a good couple together.

Wyatt laughed and said it would have been a daily "duel to the death." Steffy said there was "no such thing as one perfect match." She was happy to return home to Liam every night. Wyatt left.

Later, Thomas showed up in Steffy's office, and Steffy wondered what his relationship was with Ivy. Thomas said he had kissed her. Steffy told him to stop because Ivy and Wyatt were a good couple. Thomas was unconvinced. He said that Ivy had kissed him back. Steffy was disgusted.

Steffy advised Thomas to stop regressing to high school tactics. Thomas felt he could end up with Ivy or at least have an affair with her. Steffy was disgusted and rolled her eyes.

In Thomas' office at Forrester, Ivy entered to retrieve her purse. She looked at the blue dress that Thomas had designed for her, and she flashed back to Thomas' hands on her body. Wyatt interrupted and asked how the fitting had gone. Ivy replied that it had been fine. Wyatt admired the blue dress that Thomas had designed.

Wyatt asked to see the dress on Ivy, but Ivy said she didn't want to model it. Wyatt wondered if Thomas had behaved himself, and she said he had. She disclosed that Thomas had designed the dress with her in mind. It had made her uncomfortable.

Wyatt said that Ivy should not be uncomfortable because she was one of the most beautiful people in the building. Ivy said she wanted to be a good girlfriend. Ivy asked Wyatt to kiss her. He did, and they made out.

While the Wyatt's away ...

While the Wyatt's away ...

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

by Pam

At Forrester, in Steffy's office, Thomas bragged that he could get Ivy away from Wyatt. Steffy was unimpressed. Thomas wanted to make a bet that he could do it, but Steffy refused. Thomas dared her to call his bluff, but Steffy told him to stop.

Steffy called Thomas childish, but he said they had made similar bets in past years as adults. Steffy said it was wrong. She said that Ivy and Wyatt seemed like a good and happy couple. Steffy accused Thomas of targeting Wyatt. She felt he had issues with anyone named Spencer. Steffy maintained that Wyatt didn't deserve Thomas' wrath, and she believed Ivy was committed to Wyatt and wouldn't cheat on him.

Thomas countered that Ivy had dated Wyatt on the rebound after a failed relationship with Liam. Steffy said it was a not a game. Thomas said he was going to get her away from Wyatt. Steffy ordered Thomas to get out of her office. Thomas took that as a dare.

In the jewelry office at Forrester, Wyatt and Ivy talked about how much they cared for each other. Wyatt kissed her and said he had to leave on a business trip to San Francisco. He had to meet his mother on the jet. They would be gone overnight. Ivy was disappointed that she would be alone that night.

Wyatt tried to talk her into joining him and making it a long weekend. He encouraged her to pack a bag and meet them at the jet. Ivy said that Ridge wanted some new designs on his desk the next day, so she couldn't leave.

Ivy kissed Wyatt and thanked him for being so good to her. "While I'm gone, keep a safe distance from Thomas," Wyatt suggested. Wyatt said he would miss her, and he had visions of her on her side of the bed all alone. Ivy confessed that she didn't want to stay at his house alone because it creeped her out. She said she would stay at the Forrester mansion and spend some time with her Uncle Eric. They kissed. "Hurry back," Ivy said.

In Steffy's office, Wyatt stopped in to pick up some things before he left for San Francisco. Steffy asked Wyatt if things were going well with Ivy, and he said they were. Wyatt said that Liam seemed happy with Steffy. She said they had waited a long time, and she fell more in love with him every day. Steffy was glad they could all get along.

At Liam's house, Bill and Katie were happy for Liam because he had decided to ask Steffy to marry him. Liam said he didn't want to live without her. Liam admitted that he was nervous. Katie and Bill assured him that Steffy would never refuse his proposal. Lim agreed, but he said she was mysterious. They all agreed that Steffy and Liam belonged together. "Don't screw it up," Bill ordered.

Bill and Katie hoped that Wyatt could also find the right woman. Liam said he felt that Wyatt and Ivy were going strong. Bill hugged Liam, and then Katie hugged him too. Liam thanked them for their support.

At the Forrester mansion, Thomas was on the phone. He told someone that she looked amazing in a dress, and he promised to call later, but when Ivy entered, he said he had to leave.

Thomas greeted Ivy and called her "the most beautiful hallucination." Ivy said that she planned to stay at the mansion because Quinn and Wyatt had to fly to San Francisco. She admitted it made her uncomfortable to stay at the beach house by herself. She planned to change her clothes and make some soup. Ivy went upstairs and Thomas looked thoughtful.

Later, Ivy entered the kitchen and found Thomas had set a table for them, and he had wine ready. He told her that he had ordered dinner from her favorite restaurant. She thanked him for his thoughtfulness. He toasted to their success and their endeavors and to the elegance and grace of Ivy.

Ivy laughed uncomfortably. She recalled that he'd been on the phone earlier, making plans with someone. Thomas admitted that he had changed his plans after Ivy entered. He said he couldn't stop thinking about her. "That kiss meant something -- to both of us," he said. He promised they would have a night to remember. Ivy smiled nervously.

At Liam's, Liam had lit candles, and Steffy entered and found roses and romance. She thanked him and kissed him. Liam said they had been so busy that they needed to take time for themselves. "It would be nice to return the focus to us," he said. They sat down on the couch, and Liam noted that Steffy was distracted.

Liam wanted Steffy's undivided attention. He poured wine and told her to leave the workday behind. She said she had let go of the past and moved forward. Steffy said it was because of Liam.

Liam and Steffy discussed that Wyatt and Ivy really cared about one another too. Steffy wondered if Ivy was serious about Wyatt. Liam said he felt Wyatt and Ivy had a shot at happiness. Steffy looked worried.

Thomas makes inroads with Ivy

Thomas makes inroads with Ivy

Thursday, November 19, 2015

In San Francisco, Wyatt and Quinn arrived at their hotel. Quinn joined Wyatt in his room and cooed about how exciting the private jet ride had been. He seemed preoccupied, which she translated into him being no fun. She wanted to eat out, but he reminded her that they had an important meeting very early the next morning.

Quinn called Wyatt cranky. She said she knew "that face," and he was missing Ivy. Quinn exclaimed that it had only been a few hours. She imagined Ivy pining for him at the beach, but he said Ivy, too afraid to be alone at the beach house, was spending the night at the mansion.

Wyatt wished he'd encouraged Ivy to go with them, but Ivy had needed to finish work at the office. He missed her and wished she was there. "So call her!" Quinn exclaimed. He said he would -- once he got some privacy. Wyatt asked if Quinn was tired, but wiggling herself, she said she'd had an energy drink on the plane and was "Whoo! Buzzing!" She told him that she'd raid his mini bar while he called Ivy.

In the mansion's kitchen, Thomas' food order arrived. Ivy said he hadn't had to go to the trouble, but he replied that he'd found it hard to eat alone with a gorgeous woman in the house with him. Ivy insisted that it was for one night, and once Wyatt's trip was over, she'd be back at her boyfriend's house.

Thomas hoped for an extended trip, though he didn't know how Wyatt could tear himself away from Ivy. Ivy said it was a business trip, and she and Wyatt could afford to be apart for one night. Thomas hinted that a lot could happen in one night.

The cousins ate dinner, and Ivy complimented the food from the restaurant named the Ivy, after the plant. Thomas fed her a sample of his risotto and said there was red velvet cake for dessert. Ivy appreciated all the effort he'd gone through to make it a lovely evening.

Ivy got a call from Wyatt and went to take it in the living room. Thomas text-messaged Steffy to ask her to guess who'd be across the hall that evening. He added a kangaroo emoji. He wandered into the living room. Ivy stared at him conspicuously after she'd told Wyatt that she wished she was there, too. Wyatt asked if she was getting work done, and she said she was -- a bit here and there.

Wyatt was glad that she was staying at her uncle's and added that it would be horrible for her to be all alone at the beach house. Ivy said nothing as she stared at Thomas. After the call, Thomas asked if she were really there only due to anxiety about being alone at the beach house.

Ivy didn't get Thomas' point, and Thomas wondered if she was trying to get another kiss out of him. Growling, Ivy said the kiss had been really nice but wrong, and technically, she still had a room in the mansion with all her stuff in it. He claimed to be glad she was there with him in the big, scary house and added that a storm was on the way.

Thomas indicated that the rest of the housemates were at a fundraiser in Laguna, so it was just him, Ivy, and Maya's portrait. Ivy was ready to turn in, but he insisted that they had too much cake to finish off. Ivy turned him down. She'd had a lovely evening, but "that's that." She walked away, but he said it didn't have to end. "Goodnight, Thomas," she asserted, and smiling, she headed upstairs.

Later, Ivy went to the kitchen in her nightie to get some water. She flashed back to Thomas saving her from the light fixture and later kissing her. Thomas entered with no shirt. She stammered that she was just getting water. He replied that he couldn't sleep, and he'd been thinking about her.

Back in San Francisco, Quinn tried to strategize for the meeting, but Wyatt was distracted. She guessed it was because Ivy was at the mansion. He asked why it would matter, and Quinn asked if Thomas was staying at the same house. Quinn stated that Thomas had been giving Liam and Wyatt a hard time, and Thomas felt threatened and somehow inferior.

Wyatt agreed, but he scoffed when Quinn said that Thomas was getting to him. Quinn relayed Thomas had put Wyatt in Wyatt's place, made him feel like an outsider, and had blatantly hit on Wyatt's girlfriend. Quinn doubted Thomas would respect Wyatt's relationship. Wyatt exclaimed that he trusted Ivy, who'd never fall for a womanizer like Thomas.

Wyatt said Thomas could just keep making a fool of himself. Quinn relayed that she didn't trust Thomas, the spoiled brat who took what he wanted. Wyatt declared that Thomas wasn't taking Wyatt's girlfriend if Wyatt had something to say about it. Quinn advised Wyatt to keep an eye out because Ivy's track record with men before him was "meh, you know." Quinn didn't want him to be na´ve. She warned that people were shady, and his girlfriend was sleeping beneath the same roof as Thomas.

At the cliff house, Liam set a romantic mood for Steffy and let he know that he'd pushed her meetings in the morning back so they could sleep in. He asked what Bob Hope movie they'd watch. When Steffy let him pick, he decided that something was off about her. She claimed that it was no big deal, and it wasn't about them. Liam pressed her to tell him if it was something he should know about.

Steffy felt that Liam could read her like a book. Liam said he could tell when her mind was wandering. She apologized for being preoccupied and recalled that they'd promised not to talk about "them." Liam guessed it was about Ivy and Wyatt. Steffy didn't know how much she should say about it.

Liam didn't think Steffy needed to say more. He felt that she'd made great efforts with his brother and to give Ivy another chance. It showed him how remarkable Steffy was. Liam admired her beauty and brains. Yanking her into his lap, he exclaimed, "My God, those lips!" The two kissed.

Liam went to open a bottle of Montrachet that Bill had gifted him from France. In response to Thomas' message, Steffy texted, "You're terrible. Go to bed." Sipping the wine, she remembered that the bottle had cost as much as a car and guessed Liam wasn't kidding about it being a special night.

Liam recalled how special the walk down memory lane Steffy had created had been. He said that the night wasn't about their past; it was about the future and the life they'd build. Liam had once thought it was about adventures, and even though they'd do all kinds of crazy things, being there with each other, their movies, and wine; working together; and raising a family were the real adventures.

Liam said it never got old with Steffy, and they kissed.

Thomas seduces Ivy

Thomas seduces Ivy

Friday, November 20, 2015

At the cliff house, Liam and Steffy cuddled on the sofa, sipped their wine, and listened to the storm. Liam got up to get more wine, and Steffy looked at her text messages. Thomas hadn't responded to her yet. Liam remarked upon the intensifying storm and how good it was for the drought. He suggested that they sleep in and celebrate. Steffy didn't react to the word "celebrate."

Liam went upstairs to close windows, and Steffy called Wyatt to see if he was ready for the meeting and if he'd called to wish Ivy goodnight. She hinted that he should do it and score some points. When Liam returned, she ended the call. Liam wondered if she was nervous for Wyatt and his meeting. Steffy said she'd just wanted all to make sure everything was okay.

The thunder startled Steffy, and she suggested that she and Liam return to cuddling. Her phone sounded, receiving the bet comment from Thomas. She frowned. Liam noticed, and she said it was her brother being himself. Liam decided that he wanted to unplug from the devices and have her to himself.

Steffy liked unplugging and wanted to do it more often. She never wanted to be "that couple." She didn't want to be at a restaurant together but completely into their phones. She knew women who'd been "so in love," but then their relationships had eventually taken a back seat to other things.

Liam said he wasn't worried about their connection, and after the honeymoon, kids, and jobs, they'd still find times for rainy nights. Steffy started prattling in agreement but stopped short, realizing that Liam had said honeymoon. She asked what he was saying.

Liam said that when Steffy had been in Paris, he'd missed the quiet moments just as much as the wild ones. Steffy had energized him and made him take chances that he wouldn't have otherwise -- like the one he was about to take right then.

Liam knelt before Steffy and said she inspired him to hold her but also to dance, laugh, and scream in the rain. She was the only woman to draw out both instincts with him. He thought they'd be great parents and balance quiet moments with stormy ones. He wanted to spend his life with her, if she'd let him, and he wanted to keep making more history with her.

Liam opened a ring box and asked Steffy to marry him. The glassy-eyed Steffy exclaimed that she would. A montage of their relationship played. He placed the ring on her finger, and they kissed.

In San Francisco, Quinn tried to assess Wyatt's anxiety about Thomas and Ivy being at the house together. Wyatt wasn't worried about them living together; he just didn't like Thomas' flirting. The house was enormous, and he figured that they weren't even in the same wing and didn't cross paths.

Quinn, who'd been drinking from a mini bottle, was sleepy and decided to head to her room. Wyatt told her not to stay up sexting Deacon. She said the same went for Wyatt and Ivy. Quinn burst into laughter and said to never mind. Wyatt told her that she was rude and hurtful.

Quinn didn't see Ivy as a sexter and asked if Ivy didn't remind him of the goody-two-shoes Hope. Wyatt asked how being moral and good was bad. Quinn asked how things had turned out with Hope. He asserted that it wouldn't mean that he and Ivy wouldn't turn out well, and he wanted Quinn to stop making him get into his head about it. He was with a loyal, trusting woman, and he liked it.

Quinn wanted Wyatt to be happy, but she wondered if Ivy's pollyanna persona would hold his attention -- especially when another woman had been on his mind a short time back. Assuming she meant Steffy, Wyatt said there had never been a chance; Steffy had been on a mission to get Liam, whom she had gotten, and there was no way Wyatt could have changed her mind.

Quinn was annoyed that a woman would waste her time on a "twit" like Liam. Wyatt hoped Quinn's comments didn't mean she was about to do anything weird again. Quinn denied she would. He said he just had to "check in" on it occasionally. He didn't want her thinking that he was upset about things not working out with Steffy. He had no reason to be because he was with Ivy, and he loved Ivy.

In the Forrester kitchen, Thomas said he'd been unable to sleep while wondering if Ivy was also thinking there was something better to do with the person across the hallway. Ivy walked around the island to separate them. She asked if he'd been imagining them playing bridge, but he replied that it was a four-person game. He was thinking of chess. She claimed to be a good player and quipped that people didn't last very long with her.

Thomas rounded the island, and when thunder and lightning startled Ivy, she bumped into his chest. He figured that she was scared, and chess might be a good idea. Placing his hands on her waist, he asked if it would be her room or his. Ivy removed his hands and said he was really something, but one thing she knew for sure was that playing chess wouldn't help either of them sleep.

As Ivy hurried out, Thomas was saying, "If you change your mind..." He meandered into the foyer, where Ivy was headed up the staircase. She told him she'd see him in the morning. After she'd gone, he checked his phone and sent Steffy a reply, telling her she'd seriously lose the bet.

In her room, Ivy muted her phone ringer. There was a knock at the door, and she said, "Come in." Thomas opened the door and stood on the threshold, staring at her. She asked if he needed anything, and he replied that they both did. Ivy stated that she was with Wyatt. Thomas replied that Wyatt was in a different city, but she said that didn't matter.

Thomas asked if Wyatt appreciated her and told her how brilliant and sexy she was. Ivy said Wyatt did. Thomas didn't think a guy like Wyatt could possibly appreciate her the way that Thomas did. He pulled her in for a kiss. Ivy pulled back, saying his name like a curse word. She said she'd told him that she wasn't interested in that -- or him -- not like that.

Thomas asked if Ivy didn't feel what he was feeling. She exclaimed that she was with Wyatt. Thomas persisted, saying they were young, and it was the time of their lives to be wild, do something daring, and do something crazy. He asked her to be a little crazy with him.

Thomas kissed Ivy, and Ivy gave in. As they fell onto the bed together, Wyatt called her. She couldn't hear the phone ringer because she'd turned it off.

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