General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 23, 2015 on GH

Helena passed away. Morgan was admitted to the hospital for evaluation. Lulu gave Dante separation papers. Carlos was revealed to be alive. Dante and Valerie kissed.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 23, 2015 on GH
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The Chronicles of Life and Death

The Chronicles of Life and Death

Monday, November 23, 2015

Anna felt like she was wasting Andre's time and informed him that she had nothing to say. Andre intuited that whatever was bothering her had something to do with Carlos. Without confirming his suspicion, she admitted that she'd confided her guilty secret in someone else. Seeing that she still had no relief, he wondered what she needed in order to find peace. "I don't think that's an option for me," she answered, thinking back to when she'd killed Carlos.

Anna began to talk about how she and Duke had had real love, not the "fragile" love that most people shared. She recounted how they'd almost made it out of Port Charles, but Duke had been shot. When he'd died at the hospital, Anna recalled screaming at Julian, who had ordered the mob hit, outside. She remembered seeing Carlos after that, and he'd said that he would get away with Duke's murder. Anna knew that she should have turned him in, but she'd "made him pay. I killed Carlos Rivera," she confessed.

Anna acknowledged that she'd murdered an unarmed man, which was why she couldn't sleep. Andre thought she was making progress, but she said that depended on whether or not he was going to turn her in. He assured her that he was "choosing confidence." She appreciated it and asked him, "What's next?" He told her that she had a lot of work to do to figure out how her experience had shaped her. She admitted that it wasn't her first priority, because the other person who knew her secret had been holding it over her head.

Anna knew that she wasn't supposed to cooperate with blackmailers, but the blackmailer could "blow my life apart." She'd decided to comply until she could "turn the tables," because she had other people to consider. Andre promised to explore that during their next session. She thanked him for listening and being understanding, and she left, citing the need to take a walk. She hoped she would no longer see Carlos' ghost.

A short while later, Anna arrived at the docks. She heard footsteps behind her, turned, and saw Carlos. He ran away, and she ran after him. She looked all over for him but couldn't find him. When she finally gave up, she saw a necklace on the ground that was engraved with "Carlos & Sabrina."

Morgan cocked his gun and ordered Kiki to hide. She begged him not to shoot anyone, and he bounded out the door. She heard a gunshot and screamed. Morgan ran back into the cabin and assured her that he'd only shot at a branch. He directed her to "stay down," and he went back outside.

Michael was helping Sabrina move to his house, but he took a break to ask why she'd canceled her sonogram. She sat him down and explained that, as real as each positive pregnancy test had made the baby, the sonogram would make it even more real. She was scared to get more invested in the baby because there was "a greater chance of loss."

Michael promised to always put Sabrina and the baby first. Just then, Michael's phone rang, but he rejected the call. He vowed to love the baby unconditionally, and he couldn't wait to be a parent. Sabrina gushed that Michael was going to be an amazing father. "I love you," she started. "That's why I need to tell you-" she continued, but she was cut off by Michael's phone ringing again. He apologized and answered the phone to Kiki.

"Morgan needs you," Kiki told Michael urgently. She updated him on what was going on in and around the cabin. She told him what landmarks they had passed, and Michael promised to be right there. "He's coming. Don't call me back," she warned, and she hung up the phone. Michael told Sabrina that something was going on with Morgan but that he would be right back.

When Michael was gone, Felix appeared. He scolded Sabrina for almost telling Michael that her baby could be Carlos'. She wanted to tell Michael the truth, and she trusted that they could work through anything. Felix offered to cancel his plans with his boyfriend just in case things didn't go the way Sabrina hoped, but Sabrina ordered him to spend Thanksgiving with "the love of your life."

A short while later, Felix was gone, and Sabrina worked on packing more boxes. Just then, there was a knock on the door. She was glad to have Michael back, but when she opened the door, she was shocked to see Carlos. She fainted, and he caught her, smiling at her swollen belly.

Carly confided in Sonny that she thought Morgan was trying to "rescue" Kiki from police charges. Sonny thought Ric could take care of things for Kiki, but Carly was more worried about Morgan, who she believed was "building to a manic episode." Sonny called Max so he could look for Morgan. Just then, Michael entered and told his parents that "there's a problem with Morgan."

Michael told Sonny and Carly that Kiki had called him, and he knew where they were. Michael and Carly left, and Epiphany sat down with Sonny. She knew he wanted to go look for Morgan, but she told him that the best thing he could do for Morgan was to work on his recovery. Epiphany knew what it was like to see a child struggle. Sonny recalled that Epiphany had "grieved a son," and he couldn't imagine having to do so.

Epiphany instructed Sonny not to worry, because Carly was "a capable woman." She advised him not to underestimate the love of a mother. Sonny thought the love of a father was strong, too, but he wondered about a father who hurt his son without meaning to. He explained that he'd passed on bipolar disorder to Morgan, but he'd also passed on the attitude about it. He thought they would both learn how to live with the disorder.

Kiki called outside for Morgan to return. When he didn't answer, she went back inside the cabin and searched for Carly in her contacts. Just then, Morgan returned and wondered who she was calling. He grabbed her phone and saw that she had called Michael, but she lied that she'd only gotten Michael's voicemail. She asked Morgan to put the gun down because it made her nervous. Morgan complied and promised that she had nothing to worry about.

Morgan kissed Kiki, and she asked him to slow down. Just then, the door opened, and Michael, Carly, and Max entered the cabin. A shocked Morgan yelled that the cops could have followed them. Carly assured him that no one had followed them as Michael grabbed the shotgun. Morgan began screaming at the three, who all tried to calm him down.

Kiki admitted that she'd called Michael and told him that Morgan was in trouble. Carly wanted Morgan to get a psychological evaluation. He refused to go. Carly promised that she would back off if it turned out that he didn't have bipolar disorder. "Let's go, Kiki," Morgan said, grabbing Kiki. She apologized that she wasn't going to go with him. "Screw all of you," Morgan spat, walking toward the door. Michael blocked his way, and Max held him back. Morgan screamed that he hated all of them as Carly and Kiki watched Max and Michael carry Morgan out.

Jason demanded to know what Helena had done to him so that it could be undone. Helena replied that he'd been conditioned, even thought it had been flawed. Jason recognized that he'd lost his memory when the car had struck him. Helena thought of it as a "happy accident." Jason asked who else had known that he was Jason, and when they'd found out. Helena admired him getting right to the point. Elizabeth didn't think that Helena would give Jason any answers. However, Helena claimed to want to make their trip all the way to Greece worthwhile.

Helena informed Jason that the life he'd had before was gone. She advised him to focus on a goal. She boasted about focusing on family, pleasure, and revenge, which sometimes "all converged." Jason again wanted to know who had known about his identity. Helena finally said that he deserved to know. Just as she was about to talk, she began to stutter, and she passed out.

Elizabeth began CPR on Helena until the doctor arrived. The doctor quickly examined Helena and informed Nikolas that Helena was dead. Nikolas ordered the doctor to revive her, but the doctor reminded Nikolas of Helena's strict orders not to be revived. Nikolas asked for a moment with his grandmother, and everyone left the room. "I assume you didn't think it would end this way. I didn't think so either," he said to her, and he left the room.

Elizabeth knew that Nikolas' feelings for Helena were complicated, but she offered her condolences. Jason wondered why Nikolas was so upset when he was the one who'd killed Helena. He accused Nikolas of poisoning Helena so that she couldn't say that Nikolas had known about Jason's identity. Nikolas accused Jason of "wallowing in self-pity. Your face isn't the only thing that's changed," he spat. Jason grabbed Nikolas by the collar and threw him on a table.

Jason and Nikolas were finally separated, and Nikolas went back to Helena's room. Elizabeth knew they wouldn't find any answers, so she suggested they go home. She pulled Jason away, and Sam followed shortly after.

Nikolas sat by Helena's bedside as the doctor told Nikolas that he'd expected Helena to live at least another few months. He left Nikolas alone with Helena. He wondered how he was supposed to say goodbye. He recognized that it was too late to tell her that he hated her as much as he respected her. "You're elegant, fearless, and you didn't care what anyone thought," he said. He knew he had to find a way to grieve.

Lulu gives Dante separation papers

Lulu gives Dante separation papers

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Patrick entered the living room as he spoke to Emma on the phone, asking if she'd had fun at the Thanksgiving Day parade with Mac and Felicia. He kept his tone light when he promised his daughter that they would have a fun Thanksgiving, even if Sam couldn't join them. Patrick ended the call as Sam arrived home. He carefully asked about the trip and wondered if she had found what she'd been looking for. "Actually, I did," Sam answered.

Sam set her bag down and joined Patrick on the sofa as she told him about the trip and Helena's admission that Jason's memory loss had been a result of the car accident. Sam admitted that Patrick was the only one who could tell them if Jason's memory would return, but Patrick explained that it was impossible to predict. Sam confessed that it didn't matter because it wouldn't change anything. Surprised, he asked what she had meant. Sam explained that she had realized during the trip that Jason no longer felt like her husband; he was a friend. "My husband is gone forever," Sam added.

Sam admitted that she had been overwhelmed with feelings and questions when she had first learned that Jason was alive, but she'd also known that Patrick would always be in her corner. Sam explained that she'd realized that she'd already had her answer, regardless of whether Jason's memories returned or not. "Which was?" Patrick quietly asked. "You," Sam answered with a loving smile. Sam promised that he was not her second choice because she loved him very much and was committed to their life together. Sam kneeled before Patrick and asked him to marry her.

Patrick assured Sam that the gesture hadn't been necessary, but he gladly accepted the proposal of marriage again. Sam beamed with happiness and kissed him with passion. Afterwards, she ducked into the bathroom to quickly freshen up because she was eager to pick up the children and celebrate Thanksgiving as a family.

At the hospital, Dante approached Michael outside Morgan's hospital room. Moments later, Bobbie arrived. Michael quickly assured his brother and grandmother that Morgan was with Sonny and Carly and would be evaluated. Dante pulled Michael aside to apologize for not being around to help when Morgan had been in trouble. Dante admitted that he had been too distracted by his own marital woes. Dante explained that things were not well between him and Lulu because his wife wanted to believe the worst about him, which made him defensive.

Michael felt bad when Dante confided that Dante and Lulu's marriage might be broken beyond repair. Bobbie walked up to talk to Michael and Dante about Thanksgiving dinner. Michael had no idea what to do, but Bobbie decided to take care of everything and left.

In Morgan's hospital room, Morgan questioned why he'd been forced to spend the night in the hospital. Sonny and Carly calmly explained that Morgan needed a psychological evaluation, but Morgan was resistant to the idea. Moments later, Dr. Andre Maddox entered and asked to speak to Morgan privately. After Sonny and Carly left, Andre introduced himself to Morgan. Andre got Morgan to open up about how Morgan had been feeling lately and the stresses in Morgan's life. Morgan revealed that Sonny and Carly suspected that Morgan had bipolar disorder, but Andre was curious what Morgan thought.

Morgan admitted that he hoped his parents were wrong. Andre conceded that it was possible, but Andre would need to run some tests before making a proper diagnosis. Morgan agreed to cooperate.

In the hallway, Sonny greeted his eldest son. After a brief visit, Dante announced that he had to leave because he had to talk to Lulu about spending time with Rocco. Seconds later, Kristina exited the elevator and greeted her brothers and father with hugs. Sonny was delighted by the unexpected visit. Kristina explained that Michael had called her the previous evening to let her know about Morgan's crisis, so she had changed her plans to spend time with her family.

After Dante left, Andre stepped into the hallway. Michael and Kristina quickly excused themselves to give Sonny and Carly privacy with the doctor. Sonny was eager to know if Morgan had bipolar disorder, but Andre explained that it was too soon to tell. Andre conceded that there was a genetic component to the disorder and Morgan had displayed some classic symptoms, but Andre stressed that it was too soon to know for certain. Sonny and Carly thanked the doctor then entered Morgan's hospital room. Morgan was not thrilled with the idea of being stuck in the hospital for a few days, but Carly promised that she and Sonny would be there for their son.

Morgan asked his mother if Carly would fix things by dropping the charges against Kiki. He promised Carly that Kiki had been working hard to pull her life together and had even gotten a job. Carly agreed to see what she could do, and she left. Sonny waited until the door closed then assured Morgan there was nothing to worry about. Morgan was skeptical because he felt like he was on the verge of freaking out, but Sonny assured his son that Morgan had the support of the family.

Morgan talked about how he struggled with his feelings fluctuating between extreme highs and lows. He was also frustrated because he kept messing everything up and had no idea how to fix it. Sonny squeezed Morgan's hand and offered his son words of encouragement.

At the loft, Lulu thanked Maxie for accompanying her. Maxie admitted that she hadn't wanted Lulu to pick up the separation papers alone, but Maxie was surprised that attorneys worked on holidays. Lulu explained that Alexis had drawn up the papers as a special favor to Lulu. "Since Dante said we're over, I thought I might as well make it official," Lulu added as she set the separation papers down on the counter. Maxie asked if Lulu was okay.

Lulu admitted that she hated being in the loft. She just wanted to grab a few things for her and Rocco and leave. Lulu started for the bedroom but stopped when she noticed the family photographs on a credenza. Maxie saw the sadness in Lulu's expression and distracted her with a reminder that they needed to pack. Lulu pulled herself together and entered the bedroom.

Lulu confided that she was tempted to search the apartment for any sign that Dante and Valerie were still carrying on an affair, but Maxie discouraged Lulu from going down that road. Lulu agreed that it wouldn't help the situation and went to the bathroom to collect some things. Seconds later, Lulu returned with a tube of lipstick in her hand, which she was certain belonged to Valerie. Lulu felt betrayed, but Maxie reminded Lulu that the lipstick had been part of a Christmas gift that Maxie had given to Lulu the previous year.

Embarrassed, Lulu confided that she felt like she was losing her mind. She explained that she had never thought that Dante would cheat on her, which was why she couldn't trust him again. Lulu and Maxie looked up when they heard the door open. Dante stood in the doorway and asked what Lulu and Maxie were doing there. Maxie quickly stepped back as Lulu explained that she had dropped by to pick up a few things.

Dante's disappointment turned to hurt when he noticed the separation papers on the counter. He questioned Lulu about the drastic step, but she reminded him that he had been the one to tell her that their marriage was over. Dante clarified that he had asked why they should remain married if Lulu couldn't trust him. "Then maybe we're done," Lulu quoted. She insisted the separation papers had been the next logical step, but Dante disagreed and feared that next she would try to block him from seeing Rocco or the baby if she went through with implanting the frozen embryo.

Maxie stepped forward when the argument became heated and suggested that she and Lulu leave. Lulu calmed down then asked to speak to Dante alone. Maxie hesitated, but Lulu assured her friend that it was fine. After Maxie left, Lulu admitted that she didn't see any alternative except to separate. Dante disagreed because he wanted Lulu to move back in and try to work things out. She argued that the apartment made her skin crawl, knowing that he had slept with her cousin in the bed Dante and Lulu had shared.

Desperate, Dante begged Lulu to give him a chance to regain her trust and suggested that they buy a house for their growing family. Lulu admitted that she couldn't sleep next to Dante. She recalled Dante had told her when she had returned from Canada that once something was shattered, it was gone. Lulu hadn't understood those words until she had learned about his affair. She explained that they couldn't glue things back together and not expect cracks. Dante looked defeated as he watched Lulu pick up her bag and leave with a promise to drop Rocco off the following day.

At Ava's apartment, Paul pulled on his shirt as he reached for his phone. Ava followed him to the living room, wearing a robe and jokingly asked if the text message was about his legal or illegal dealings. Her smile quickly vanished when he told her that Kiki had been arrested for driving Carly's car off the road. Ava insisted that her daughter wouldn't have left the scene of the accident, but Paul revealed that Kiki might have been intoxicated. Ava immediately begged him to make the charges disappear, but he explained that he couldn't risk Sonny or Carly getting suspicious about his connection to Ava.

Meanwhile, Nathan led Kiki into the interrogation room. He assured her that Franco was scrambling to find an attorney, but it might take time because it was Thanksgiving. Kiki assured Nathan that she understood and thanked him. Nathan entered the squad room and grabbed a doughnut to take to Kiki, but Jordan stopped him. Nathan quickly filled Jordan in about Kiki's arrest. Jordan explained that she would have to take over the case, since he had a close connection to Kiki through Nina.

Later, Jordan led Kiki in handcuffs through the squad room. Paul called out to Jordan to ask about the arrest. Jordan listed the slew of charges Kiki faced but added that they couldn't charge Kiki with driving while intoxicated because they didn't have a Breathalyzer test to back it up. Kiki tensed when Ava arrived. Ava immediately advised Kiki not to say anything. Ava assured Kiki that she would find an attorney to represent Kiki, but Kiki informed her mother that she would rather go to jail than accept any help from Ava.

Ava was hurt, but Kiki wasn't moved. Moments later, Carly entered the squad room to ask Paul to drop the charges against Kiki. Carly claimed that she wasn't certain what had led to the accident and wouldn't be able to testify with any certainty in court. Paul made a show of trying to change Carly's mind, but Carly stood firm. Paul agreed not to prosecute and instructed Jordan to release Kiki. Ava thanked Paul, but Jordan pointed out that Ava should thank Carly.

Ava grudgingly thanked Carly, but Carly explained that Carly had done it for Kiki. Ava invited Kiki to join Ava and Avery for Thanksgiving dinner, but Kiki refused to acknowledge her mother in any way and asked Carly how Morgan was. Carly offered to take Kiki to the hospital to visit Morgan, so Kiki left with Carly.

A short time later, Paul returned to Ava's apartment. Ava thanked Paul for dropping the charges against Kiki, but Paul admitted that he had done it for Carly. Ava hoped Paul wasn't falling for Carly's "trailer park allure." Paul chuckled and advised Ava to get her mind out of the gutter. He explained that the better he looked to both Sonny and Carly, the less likely they would suspect him of gunning for Sonny's territory.

Paul reminded Ava that they had to keep their eyes on the prize, which was to take Sonny down. Ava promised that she wanted nothing more. Paul smiled with satisfaction and admitted that circumstances had been doing all the work for them with Sonny's shooting, the disastrous custody hearing, and Morgan's hospitalization. He suddenly noticed the time and announced that he had to get to the Quartermaines' for Thanksgiving dinner. Ava invited Paul to spend the holiday with her and Avery, but Paul explained that he wanted to be with his son.

In the interrogation room, Maxie wrapped up a business call as Nathan passed by. He was stunned that she was working on Thanksgiving, but Maxie explained that Milan, Paris, and Tokyo didn't celebrate the holiday. Nathan wondered if she had packed for their trip to Portland. She assured him that her bags were in the car, but Nathan questioned why she had more than one bag. Maxie reminded him that she was a junior fashion editor and added that she wanted to look great for her daughter. Nathan reached for a ceramic turkey on the cabinet and asked if she had room for it in her bags because he had picked up the keepsake to commemorate their first Thanksgiving with Georgie.

Maxie was touched by Nathan's sweet gesture. She took the turkey then quickly gathered her work files from the table. She promised that she would not spoil their holiday with compulsive workaholic behavior. Nathan smiled when she assured him that he and Georgie would have her undivided attention.

At Sabrina's apartment, Carlos offered Sabrina toast and tea as she quietly packed her belongings into boxes piled up in the living room. Carlos confessed that she had given him a fright when she had fainted the previous evening, but Sabrina assured him that it hadn't compared to how she had felt when she had seen him standing on her doorstep. Sabrina demanded to know how he could be alive when the police had identified his body. Carlos cryptically explained that he had been given a chance to fake his death to further the agenda of another, but nothing mattered to him except that she was having his baby.

Sabrina claimed that the baby was Michael's, but Carlos didn't believe her because Carlos and Sabrina had been intimate around the time of the baby's conception. Sabrina was stunned when Carlos suggested that they run away together and start a new life. She reminded him that her life was in Port Charles and reiterated that Michael was the baby's father, but Carlos knew Sabrina well enough to know when she was lying. He wanted her to admit that he was the baby's father, but Michael suddenly knocked on the door and asked if Sabrina was ready.

Panicked, Sabrina ordered Carlos to hide, but he remained on the sofa, waiting for her to admit that he was the baby's father. Michael continued to knock as Sabrina warned Carlos that Michael and Sonny had reconciled, which meant that Sonny's men would hunt Carlos down if they knew Carlos was alive. Reluctantly, Carlos agreed to go to the bedroom and keep quiet. Sabrina quickly answered the door and apologized for keeping Michael waiting.

Sabrina smiled nervously as she asked Michael to fetch the car and meet her out front, while she quickly looked for a scarf. After Michael left, Sabrina closed the door then approached Carlos as he returned to the living room. She warned him that he had to be gone before Felix returned in the morning. She left. Carlos sat down on the sofa, picked up a stuffed animal, and quietly vowed to stay put.

Across town, Carly and Kiki entered Morgan's hospital room. Morgan immediately apologized to Kiki, but she was relieved that he was okay. Sonny thanked Kiki for testifying in court and calling when Morgan had been in trouble. Carly also appreciated everything that Kiki had done and invited her to spend Thanksgiving with them, even though they might be eating in the cafeteria. Just then, Bobbie arrived with bags of food for the family.

Later, Morgan was surrounded by Bobbie, Michael, Sabrina, Kiki, Kristina, and his parents as everyone prepared to eat. Bobbie assured everyone that Lucas and Josslyn were on their way. Sonny decided to make a toast. Sonny admitted that he wished Dante and Avery could be with them, but he still had a lot to be thankful for. Sonny promised that each person in the room was special to him for different reasons and confessed that Morgan's courage and bravery had inspired Sonny to follow the same path with his own recovery.

Everyone smiled as they raised their glasses and wished each other a happy Thanksgiving.

Dante and Valerie succumb to passion

Dante and Valerie succumb to passion

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Patrick and Emma finished setting the table when Emma noticed that her father had put out an extra place setting. Seconds later, the doorbell rang. Anna was startled when Patrick welcomed Andre and explained that he had invited his colleague to join them because Andre hadn't been able to return home to Chicago for Thanksgiving. Andre seemed equally surprised when he saw Anna standing next to Sam and Danny, but he didn't acknowledge their acquaintance as Emma welcomed the doctor and asked if Andre had a girlfriend. Andre admitted that he was single.

Emma smiled brightly as she revealed that her grandmother was single too. Andre was shocked when Emma pointed to Anna, who smiled awkwardly. After everyone gathered at the table to eat, Emma announced that she had been selected to perform in the school's production of A Christmas Carol. Andre smiled with genuine delight as Emma happily chatted away about the story.

After dinner, Sam, Patrick, and Danny left. Anna finished clearing the table, popped in a movie for Emma, and joined Andre in the living room with two mugs of coffee. She handed one to Andre then sat down in a nearby chair. He quickly assured her that he wouldn't have accepted Patrick's invitation if he had known she would be there because Andre made a point of keeping his professional and personal lives separate. Anna promised it was fine then told him about her discovery on the pier when she had caught a glimpse of Carlos. She showed him the necklace bearing Carlos and Sabrina's names as she explained Carlos' connection to Sabrina.

Anna pointed out that ghosts didn't leave keepsakes behind, which meant that someone had been messing with her head or Carlos was alive. Andre agreed that Anna should investigate the matter, but he offered to listen if she needed to talk. Anna appreciated the offer.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Ava smiled at Avery but admitted that she was disappointed that Julian hadn't invited them to spend the holiday at his house.

At Julian and Alexis' residence, Alexis greeted Kristina with a warm hug as Molly stood nearby. Kristina explained that she'd had dinner at the hospital with Morgan and Sonny, but Alexis assured Kristina not to worry because Alexis understood. "That's what families do," Alexis said. Molly made a snide remark about Julian and Alexis' relationship, but Kristina tactfully changed the subject to gush about Alexis' new home. Molly reminded Kristina that Julian had been to blame for their first home blowing up, which meant that he had owed Alexis.

Kristina conceded that Molly had a point, but Molly warned Kristina that Alexis firmly believed Julian was a reformed man. Seconds later, Julian helped Olivia carry in the food and Leo's baby carrier. Alexis assured Olivia that there was plenty of food, but Olivia doubted Alexis had made anything Italian. Olivia decided to fetch the next load of food when the doorbell rang.

Ava smiled as Olivia opened the door, but Olivia made it clear that she was not in the mood to deal with Ava on Thanksgiving and slammed the door in Ava's face. Ava rang the doorbell again and waited for her brother. Julian invited Ava and his niece inside as Olivia strenuously objected. Kristina jumped up to introduce herself to Ava. Kristina accused Ava of using Avery as emotional blackmail but acknowledged that it had worked because Kristina wanted to get to know her baby sister Avery.

Later, Julian joined Molly and Kristina in the living room as they watched Leo and played with Avery. He thanked Kristina for brokering a truce between Alexis, Olivia, and Ava, but Kristina wished her father could spend time with Avery. Julian admitted that he had tried to persuade Ava to work out a custody agreement with Sonny. Molly was skeptical, but Julian explained that he had figured if he and Olivia could reach a compromise, then Sonny and Ava could as well. Molly appeared to soften when she noticed Julian gaze lovingly at Leo.

Molly admitted that Leo was a "dead-ringer" for Julian. Julian smiled with pride as Kristina picked up on Molly's shift in attitude toward Julian. Kristina jokingly asked if Julian was hanging out with them to avoid "the lion, the tiger, and the bear" in the kitchen. Julian chuckled but confessed that he had hoped to have an opportunity to get to know Kristina and Molly better.

Meanwhile, Alexis was overwhelmed with the number of desserts when Ava added two more pie boxes to the pile. Alexis insisted there was plenty of food, but Olivia argued that there hadn't been homemade cannolis. Nearby, Molly asked Kristina about school and spending more time at home, but Kristina didn't want to spoil her vacation by thinking about school.

As the ladies finished getting the meal together, Olivia mentioned Dante and Lulu. Alexis revealed that Lulu had asked Alexis to draw up papers for a legal separation. A short time later, Ava uncovered a receipt for a caterer. Olivia feigned shock that Alexis hadn't cooked the meal then joined Ava as they good-naturedly accused Alexis of being a fraud.

Later, Alexis and Julian's loved ones gathered around the table. Olivia asked that everyone join hands for a prayer. They all seemed startled, but Olivia insisted that they were family -- despite all the arguing. Ava thanked everyone for agreeing to let her stay as she reached for Alexis' hand, while Molly placed her hand in Julian's. Satisfied, Olivia closed her eyes and said a Thanksgiving prayer.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica glanced at a picture of Edward and Lila as she admitted that she was sad to spend another Thanksgiving without her beloved in-laws and husband Alan. Tracy echoed Monica's sentiment, but Monica suggested that they focus on the good things like Jason being back. Tracy was happy for Monica. Paul and Dillon joined the ladies to announce that they had given Cook II the night off because Paul and Dillon intended to make dinner. Tracy was leery, but Monica assured her sister-in-law that Monica had the pizza place on speed dial.

Monica left to answer the doorbell while Dillon sat down with his parents and broke the news that he had decided to move back to Los Angeles because there was nothing left for him in Port Charles. Tracy reminded him that he still had Paul and Tracy, but Dillon argued that his career was on hold and Lulu wanted nothing to do with him. Paul urged Dillon to reconsider because Lulu might need Dillon's support, but Tracy suggested they discuss Dillon's plans later and focus on Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, Monica greeted Michael with a warm hug as he and Sabrina arrived. Michael explained that he had left without his key, but he was curious if Jason was there. Monica's smile faded because she had no idea if Jason would take her up on her invitation. Michael remained hopeful that Jason would show, because he was eager to share the news about Sabrina's pregnancy. Moments later, the doorbell rang. Monica was overjoyed when she saw Jason on her doorstep.

Monica hugged Jason then greeted Elizabeth and Jake as they followed Jason in. Elizabeth explained that Cameron and Aiden had decided to stay at Audrey's, but Jake had wanted to visit his grandmother. Touched, Monica hugged Jake. Monica realized that Jason's presence didn't mean that he had accepted the Quartermaines as his family, but Jason cut her off to assure her that he was grateful to be there. Delighted, Monica decided to check on dinner. Jake wandered off as Michael approached Jason and greeted his uncle.

Jason congratulated both Michael and Sabrina when Michael told him about the pregnancy. As they chatted, Michael asked if Jason might remember the past since learning who he was. Jason admitted that he had no idea and filled Michael in about the trip to Cassadine Island. Nearby, Jake picked up a large crystal on a side table but dropped it when he overheard Elizabeth and Jason tell Michael about Helena's death. Alarmed, Elizabeth rushed over to check on her son, but he promised that he was unharmed.

Elizabeth wondered if Jake had heard them talking about Helena. Jake nodded but insisted that the news hadn't upset him. Elizabeth assured Jake that it was fine if he wanted to talk about it, and she reached out to hug him, but Jake jerked away from her. Michael quickly stepped forward to take Jake to the living room for cookies. Jason gently asked if Elizabeth was okay, but Elizabeth feared that Laura had been right about Jake needing to talk to a professional. Jason hugged Elizabeth and reminded her that they had a lot to be thankful for.

Seconds later, the doorbell rang. Elizabeth decided to fetch a broom to clean up the mess while Jason answered the door. It was Sam. Sam tensed when she saw Jason because she hadn't expected him to be there. Jason politely invited her inside and started to close the door until Patrick and Danny appeared. Jason welcomed Danny with a warm hug as Patrick quietly asked if Sam was okay. Sam assured Patrick that she'd had no idea that Jason would be there. Sam called for Danny then went in search of Monica to give her a bouquet of flowers.

After Sam and Danny left, Patrick revealed that Sam had told him about what had transpired on Cassadine Island. Patrick realized that Jason might not want to hear it, but it was unlikely that Jason would regain his memories. Jason admitted that he didn't mind, but he was disappointed for the people who had cared about him before the accident. Patrick told Jason that it would be best if Sam moved on and added that Patrick and Sam had been discussing a wedding date. Jason agreed that it was best for everyone.

In the living room, Danny wished his grandmother a happy Thanksgiving. Monica was thrilled that she had her whole family with her for the holiday. Danny scampered off to play with Jake near the fireplace as Monica watched. Monica told Sam that both Danny and Jake were good boys. Sam agreed and added that they were their father's sons. Meanwhile, Sabrina received a text message from Carlos telling her that he wished they could spend the day together, but they would sort things out soon. Michael noticed Sabrina's troubled expression and asked if she was okay.

Sabrina claimed that Felix had sent a text message, concerned that Donny's parents didn't like Felix. Michael assured Sabrina that Felix had nothing to worry about because everyone liked Felix. Nearby, Elizabeth approached Sam to suggest that they find a way to get along for the sake of their sons. Sam reluctantly agreed, but Elizabeth picked up on Sam's anger. Elizabeth made it clear that she had not been responsible for what had happened with Helena. Elizabeth was willing to make peace with Sam, but if Sam wasn't interested, then it wasn't Elizabeth's problem.

After Elizabeth walked away, Sam heard Jake ask if Danny wanted to know a secret about their father that Jake had overheard Elizabeth and Laura talking about. Moments later, the power went out. Michael quickly checked and noticed that the rest of the neighborhood was lit up. Paul entered the living room to announce that they had blown a fuse while trying to deep-fry the turkey, but Dillon would replace the fuse. Dillon appeared to inform everyone that the fuse box had been zapped and that it would take an electrician a few hours to arrive.

Monica was surprised when Jason suggested that they order pizza. Moments later, Paul slipped into the hallway when he received a text message about a shipment arriving the following day. He quickly called Ava to let her know. Ava invited Paul over to her place later in the evening, but Paul declined because he had to focus on his family.

A short time later, everyone gathered around to help themselves to pizza. Sam watched Jason and Elizabeth closely. Monica pulled Jason aside to ask if he recalled that they'd had pizza on previous Thanksgivings, but Jason shook his head. He explained that he had suggested pizza because it had seemed the easiest and quickest thing to order for everyone. Monica was disappointed, but Tracy announced that they had to honor the family tradition of singing a Thanksgiving song first and then eating. Everyone quickly joined in as Tracy and Monica began to sing.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Laura greeted Lulu and Rocco but admitted that she had hoped Lulu would cancel because Lulu and Dante had decided to work things out. Laura was surprised when Lulu told her mother about the separation papers. However, as they talked, Lulu became nostalgic as she admitted that she had loved spending Thanksgiving with Dante. Lulu recalled one Thanksgiving when Dante had accompanied Lulu to the Quartermaines', and Edward had warned Dante not to revert to type by getting someone shot or cheating on Lulu.

Laura felt bad for Lulu but gently advised Lulu and Dante to consider seeing a marriage counselor. Lulu doubted it would work. She admitted that she had hoped that Dante would refuse to sign the separation papers and tear them up, but that hadn't happened. Lulu also questioned if she could ever trust Dante again. She promised that she desperately wanted to get past the betrayal, but she had no idea how. Laura suggested that Lulu sit down to have an honest conversation with Dante to see if they could get on the same page.

Laura realized that it would take time for Lulu to trust Dante again, but until then, Lulu should trust in Dante and Lulu's love for each other. Lulu admitted that filing for separation hadn't solved anything and that she didn't want to lose everything that she loved. Lulu decided to tell Dante how she felt and fight for her marriage.

At the loft, Dante muted the football game on television and looked at the separation papers. He picked up a pen to sign them when he heard a knock. It was Valerie. Valerie handed him a plate of food covered in foil as she explained that she had honored her mother's tradition of cooking a meal for the local police officers who had to work on Thanksgiving. Valerie noticed that Dante hadn't been on duty, so she had fixed him a plate. Dante thanked Valerie, but she became distracted when she saw the football game on television.

Valerie was upset when she realized that the New England Patriots were close to the Buffalo Bills' end zone. Dante was surprised that she was a Buffalo Bills fan and invited her in to watch the game. Valerie quickly pulled off her coat and sat on the sofa as Dante went to the counter to eat. A short time later, Valerie offered to clean up the dishes, but her smile faded when she noticed the separation papers on the counter. Dante admitted that Lulu had dropped them off.

Valerie was curious if her email to Dante had had anything to do with Lulu's decision, but Dante admitted that Lulu was angry and hurt and didn't trust him. He couldn't blame his wife, but he also couldn't spend the rest of his life defending every email and conversation he had. Dante decided there was nothing left to do except to honor Lulu's wish. Valerie watched as Dante signed the papers, but she reminded him that it wasn't too late to rip the papers up if he'd changed his mind. "What's done is done," Dante replied and pointed to the Buffalo Bills' imminent loss to emphasize his point.

Valerie argued that there was still twenty seconds left on the clock, which meant that her team could still score. Dante and Valerie were surprised when the New England Patriots' quarterback threw an interception, and the Buffalo Bills ran the ball in for a touchdown. Valerie whooped with joy. Dante smiled and congratulated her with a hug. Sparks quickly flared to life as the two looked at each other then kissed. After several seconds, Dante pulled away, but the passion didn't dim.

Valerie kissed Dante again and unbuttoned his shirt. Dante pulled off his shirt then stripped Valerie of hers. The two fell to the sofa as they continued to kiss.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, General Hospital did not air. This was a planned pre-emption, and there were no lost episodes as a result.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 30, and picked up where the Wednesday, December 25, episode concluded.



Friday, November 27, 2015

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, General Hospital did not air. This was a planned pre-emption, and there were no lost episodes as a result.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 30, and picked up where the Wednesday, December 25, episode concluded.

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