General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on GH

Robin announced her pregnancy. Sonny had a one-night stand with Anthony Zacchara's daughter. A car struck Sam as she fled from the Text Message Killer. Maxie made a grisly discovery.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on GH
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Jason supports Elizabeth when she ends things with Finn

Jason supports Elizabeth when she ends things with Finn

Monday, January 28, 2008

At Kelly's, Maxie went upstairs to see Coop. She started screaming when she saw him hanging from the ceiling. Mike, Logan, Lulu, and Jason rushed upstairs. Jason surveyed the scene while the others went downstairs to call 9-1-1. Jason noticed an open window. He went downstairs and questioned a distraught Maxie.

Mac and his detectives arrived. Maxie told them the same thing that she had told Jason. She and Coop had been planning to go away to Canada for a few days. Mac elicited from Logan that he had seen Coop after Maxie had. Logan told Mac that he had borrowed money from Coop. He did not disclose finding the DNA test results or his conversation with Coop, in which Coop had denied being the Text Message Killer, but he indicated his suspicions of an unnamed "other."

Logan told Mac that when he had left Kelly's, Coop had been having coffee. The lurking dishwasher confirmed Logan's alibi. A search of the body revealed the missing DNA test results, which were a match for Coop. When the tread on Coop's boots also matched those found near Georgie's body, Mac and his detectives concluded that Coop had committed suicide because he had been the Test Message Killer. Maxie refused to believe it, but Mac thought it was her grief talking.

After the police left, Jason met Spinelli outside Kelly's. Jason was skeptical because he had received a call from Coop moments before his death. "What," he asked rhetorically, "could a guy who is about to kill himself want to tell me?"

Liz was unhappy to find Sam with Jake when she went to Lucky's home to pick up her son. Sam tried to make amends, but Liz did not trust her and told her to make plans to break up with Lucky. Liz threatened to tell Lucky that Sam had stood by while Jake had been kidnapped and that she had hired men to threaten Liz and her children. Sam pleaded with Liz and said that she was falling in love with Lucky. A noticeably weak and limping Liz showed her the door as she said that Sam was incapable of love and that she did not deserve a good man like Lucky.

Before Liz finished her diatribe, she noticed that her leg was bleeding and nearly passed out. Sam was helping her to the couch when Lucky arrived. Liz said that she was fine and just wanted to go home. Lucky pointed out the obvious: she was in no condition to care for herself or her children. On top of that, the fire damage to her house had not been fully repaired. Lucky wanted her to go to the hospital, but when Sam volunteered to watch Jake, Liz balked.

At the nurses' station, Patrick and the new-to-General Hospital Dr. Devlin greeted each other as old friends. Patrick showed Devlin around. When they returned to the nurses' station, Patrick was quick to notice Devlin's obvious interest in Leyla. Patrick razzed Devlin about going to California to become a plastic surgeon. Devlin responded that he had also done reconstructive surgery for cancer patients, which had led him to his specialty, oncology. Perhaps, suggested a rakish Devlin, he was not as shallow as Patrick thought.

As Monica waited for the hospital elevator, she sipped from a bottle of water that she had laced with vodka. When the doors opened, Tracy emerged with a process server, who promptly served Monica and departed. Tracy was suing Monica for malpractice because she had botched Luke's bypass surgery, and he had almost died. Monica said Tracy was lashing out because Luke had disappeared.

Monica and Tracy hurled insults at each other, but when Tracy implied that Alan's death had been Monica's fault, even his ghost told Tracy she had gone too far. Monica slapped Tracy and then followed her into the elevator. When the doors closed, the sounds of their fight could be heard from the other side of the door. When the elevator doors opened, Tracy was on the floor, and Monica was choking her. They stopped the fight and regained their dignity as they exited the elevator.

Kate found Sonny in his office at the coffeehouse. She said that she had been worried about him. He told Kate that he was okay because he was over her. He lambasted her for rejecting him. She responded that she loved him but had figured out that he did not love her. Sonny was incredulous.

Kate said that when Sonny had recreated their youthful memories and then proposed, she had realized that he loved Connie Falconeri, not Kate Howard. She told him that she loved the lost boy he had been as well as the man he had become, despite the violence that accompanied his life. He defended himself, but it became apparent that he did not care for Kate Howard's life because he did not believe that Kate was capable of loving anything except her career. Kate admitted that she still loved Sonny and asked how they would get past the hurt.

Sonny says that he and Kate could make sure that history did not repeat itself a third time, or they could pretend that she had never gone to his office in the storm, or he could pretend that he had never known her. Kate said she could not do that. Sonny retorted that he did not want to, either, but he would have to do so. He cleared his throat and said, "Doesn't Couture magazine have a deadline you need to go to?" A stunned Kate walked out, leaving a cold-hearted Sonny alone.

Two older boys, who had sold Michael a gun, taunted him about Sonny. He stood his ground and did not show any fear. When questioned, he told them he wanted the gun to protect his mother and his friends from anyone who would hurt them. As he was about to leave, the boys asked if he wanted bullets for the gun. When he checked, Michael saw that the gun was not loaded.

Michael wanted bullets but had no money to buy them. The boys snickered and told him to return when he had the cash. As they walked away, Michael pointed the gun at their backs and muttered that he would see them again.

Ric had coffee at the Siren on Martha's Vineyard and conversed with the waitress, who was also the woman he had met at his family home. He told her of his dilemma. He was undecided about what to do with the Port Charles pier properties that Skye had deeded to him and that both his father and Sonny coveted. He asked the woman's opinion, but she told him that the answer was in his heart. They laughed together. A shadowy figure watched them through the restaurant window.

At the Zacchara estate, Trevor talked to the woman in Italy. Afterwards, he assured Vaughn that his plans were underway. "What plan?" inquired Johnny. Trevor smoothly diverted Johnny and turned the conversation back to Johnny's recent behavior. He underscored Johnny's need for Trevor's wisdom and experience.

When word reached Trevor and Johnny that the APB on Johnny had been canceled, a smug Trevor advised Johnny to follow Trevor's advice to the letter. "And if I don't?" Johnny asked. "I've got miles to go before I sleep," gloated Trevor, "and you would be surprised at how many tricks I've still got up my sleeve."

Meanwhile, in Italy, a curvaceous woman in a clingy black dress and red stilettos held a plane ticket to Port Charles.

Chase confronts Finn

Chase confronts Finn

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Monica hired movers to move Tracy out of the Quartermaine mansion. Tracy entered and was furious. She told them to leave her stuff alone. She asked what was going on, and Monica told her they were performing an exorcism. Monica sent the movers out and explained that she was kicking Tracy out.

Tracy didn't think Monica could do that, but Alan reminded her that he had given the house to Monica. Edward entered, and Tracy was stunned to find out that Edward knew about her being kicked out. Tracy tried to take a family vote, but Edward sided with Monica to kick Tracy out. Edward listed all the things Tracy had done to the family. Monica said that Tracy needed to drop the charges.

Monica mentioned Alan's forged will. Tracy had cheated Emily out of her inheritance. Tracy noticed that Monica was drinking a lot, and she mentioned that. Monica said she was just celebrating. Tracy offered a truce. Monica said Tracy was too late for a peaceful ending. Tracy warned Monica that if something happened to her husband then Monica would be the one out on the streets. Tracy left and went to the Metro Court.

Ian approached Nadine and Regina and flirted with them. When he walked away, Epiphany told the girls not to encourage him, pointing out that one Patrick Drake in the hospital was enough. Meanwhile, Ian walked over to Patrick, and they talked about Leyla and about Patrick's pants being taken away. Patrick asked if Ian thought he would stoop to payback. Leyla finished up talking to Epiphany about a patient. When she walked past Patrick, she gave him a dirty look.

Robin and Kelly talked about men. Kelly gathered from the conversation that Robin had not told the father of her baby that she was pregnant. Robin said that the father couldn't care less. Kelly asked how Robin felt about that.

Later, Robin and Patrick talked about a deceased patient when suddenly a young woman was taken in, and she passed out. Patrick, Ian, and Leyla examined the woman. Patrick ordered a CT scan. The woman said she had started passing out ever since she had gotten pregnant.

Patrick left and ran into Robin in the hall. She started to say something to him but changed her mind and left. Patrick overheard Ian ask Leyla out. When Ian walked out of the room, Patrick said that Ian knew the rules. Ian reminded Patrick that Patrick had put Leyla out to play.

While at the police station, Jason called Spinelli. He asked Spinelli to obtain Coop's phone records. He wanted to know who Coop had talked to before he called Jason. Spinelli gathered that Jason still didn't think Coop was the killer. They hung up, and Spinelli got to work.

Jason and Jerry watched as the mayor, Alexis, and Mac gathered the press around for a conference. Alexis announced that Cooper Barrett, a police cadet, had been the Text Message Killer and had killed himself. After the press conference, the mayor walked over and congratulated Alexis on a job well done. Jerry overhead it and also offered his praise.

Alexis asked Jerry what he was doing there, and he said he was there for a traffic ticket. He still didn't think it was safe her for her be walking alone. She thought she was fine. They talked about Ric and Skye and how they were not together anymore. Alexis mentioned that Skye had given something to Ric that could cause him to self-destruct.

At the police station, the reporters asked Jason if he was satisfied with Coop being the killer. He said, "No comment." The reporters asked if the killing had been mob-related. Mac said, "No comment."

Maxie walked into Kelly's and sat down at Spinelli's table. She told him that Coop hadn't been the Text Message Killer, and he hadn't killed himself. Spinelli was going to help her find out who the real killer was. Spinelli told her she needed to be at the hospital, getting help for her grief.

Maxie told Spinelli not to tell her how to grieve. She told him to help her unless he wanted to find out how bad the bad blonde one could really be. If he had ever cared about Georgie, he would help Maxie find Georgie's killer. They went up to Georgie's room. They talked about how Georgie had loved Spinelli, and he had never known it.

Spinelli started to write down all the victims' names and what they'd had in common. He still had a hard time believing that Coop hadn't been the killer. Maxie offered up some interesting information and told Spinelli about Coop being number three. Spinelli realized that someone else knew Coop's true identity: Jerry. They discussed that maybe the real killer hadn't meant to kill, but once he had, something in him had just snapped. Maxie thought it was a game for the killer.

At Kelly's, Logan offered to help Lulu finish up her shift. She asked him why he was being so nice to her, and he told her that she saw the best in Johnny, and he would just have to deal with that. She asked if they could just stop talking about Johnny. He offered even better and decided to take her out. Johnny watched them from outside.

Lulu thanked Daniel for taking her shift. They talked about Coop and how everyone was relieved that he was gone. Daniel told her to enjoy her night off, and Logan and Lulu left. Daniel started to mess with the blender and threw it when he couldn't get it to work.

Liz slept in her hospital room while someone sneaked in. She woke up after having a nightmare about the fire and Jake. Sam was there. Sam tried to calm Liz down, but Liz wanted to know what Sam was doing there. Sam said she was there to make peace.

Sam said she and Lucky should have talked to Liz first about them dating. Sam went on to explain that if they had talked to Liz first, she might not have been so upset when she found Sam at home with her kids. Sam asked Liz to allow Sam to be with the kids. Liz said Sam was kidding herself if she thought Liz would allow Sam to be anywhere near her kids. Lucky overheard as Liz told Sam that Sam would never be allowed near Liz's kids after what Sam had done.

Sam thought that Liz was still trying to emerge as the town saint. Liz mentioned that she was raising two kids as a single mom. When she was not working, she was doing laundry, changing diapers, and cleaning up puke. She questioned why Sam still thought Liz was trying to be a saint and told Sam to guess again. Liz said that nothing had changed, and Sam left.

Ian and Leyla sat at a table at Jake's and talked about the patient and how he had offered plastic surgery to her. Leyla asked how he had gotten involved with plastic surgery. He said he had done it for the chicks. Ian told her that he knew she had only gone out with him to get under Patrick's skin.

Meanwhile, the girls were at Jake's and made a toast to Leyla, who was getting back at Patrick by being with Ian. Ian tried to run a line on Leyla, but she told him he had the face of a wanted poster and the mind of a wedding crasher. She asked him if he and Patrick had kept score in medical school. She said she was looking forward to working with him, but that was it. The girls laughed when Leyla walked away.

Logan and Lulu also showed up at Jake's. They talked about how he had been friends with Coop and how Coop had turned out to be the killer. Logan admitted that he could not have known Coop as well as he had thought he had. They noticed that Johnny was there, and the two men got in each other's faces. Johnny said he had only gone there to get something to eat, but he would love the excuse to hear some bones crack.

Johnny told Logan that if Logan couldn't make things work with Lulu, it wouldn't be Johnny's fault. Johnny left. When Lulu and Logan got ready to leave, Lulu went outside first. She saw Johnny was still there. He was waiting for his car. He asked how she was doing. Lulu told him not to worry about her, but Johnny told her not to tell him what to do.

Alexis got some wine out at home and suddenly heard a noise. It was Jerry. She told him that she couldn't represent him, since she had become the district attorney again. There was something else, though. It was about the piers. He started to get closer to her and told her it was not just about the piers.

Jerry leaned in to kiss Alexis, but Sam interrupted them. Sam apologized, but Jerry said he had just been leaving. He told Alexis to be careful. Sam walked in, and Alexis asked if she was okay. She didn't know. Meanwhile, Lucky entered Liz's room and demanded to know what she and Sam had been talking about.

Tracy tried to check in at the Metro Court but was turned away when her credit cards were rejected. She had been taken off the Quartermaine account, and her assets were frozen.

At the hospital, Patrick talked to Epiphany about Ian. Epiphany thought Patrick had competition with Ian. Robin walked over to show Patrick the results of their patient's autopsy. He told her to stop obsessing over it like she was obsessing over having a baby. He told her to "go to the sperm bank already" and get herself pregnant. She said she didn't have to because she was already pregnant.

Things get heated when Molly confesses to T.J.

Things get heated when Molly confesses to T.J.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

At the hospital, Patrick argued with Robin. He told her to go to a sperm bank, and she blurted out that she was pregnant. He was stunned but happy for her. Other hospital personnel noticed them hugging. Patrick announced that Robin was pregnant. Cassius congratulated him. He quickly denied that he was the father, and Robin did, also, even though she knew that he was. Patrick looked longingly at Leyla while she and Dr. Devlin made eyes at each other.

Jax returned home to a happy, energetic Carly, who had been researching ways to get pregnant. She had been looking for ways to make the process fun instead of stressful. She bubbled that it was the perfect time and ran upstairs to dress in a sexy negligee. She was so manic that Jax stopped her attempted seduction. He gave her the fertility icon he had taken back from Hawaii. He spun a tall tale for her, and when she laughed, he told her that he loved her and wanted her to be happy. They were both radiant as they made love.

Alexis and Sam drank wine and chatted in Alexis' lake house. Alexis encouraged Sam to be honest with Lucky. Kate dropped by. Sam decided to take Alexis' advice and left to find Lucky. Kate was there to ask for Alexis' help with Sonny.

Before Alexis could say anything, there was a knock on the door, and Diane entered to congratulate Alexis on becoming acting D.A. When she saw Kate, the truth was revealed. Kate told of Sonny's proposal and her subsequent bolt. Diane thought Kate had done the right thing, but Alexis was not so sure. They argued good-naturedly for a while, and then Kate admitted that, despite her fears, she did love Sonny.

After Alexis suggested that Kate find some common ground with Sonny, Kate had an idea. She left to act on it. Alexis and Diane continued to banter. Diane said all she needed was a good bottle of wine and a tender steak at the end of the day, but Alexis was a romantic and wanted a man -- or at least good sex.

In Sonny's office, Jason and Max were talking business. Max exited when Sonny stormed in. Sonny demanded to know why Johnny was still alive. Jason tried to reason with Sonny. Johnny was not the enemy; Trevor and Moreau were, Jason explained. Sonny remained vitriolic and unconvinced. He demanded that Jason kill Johnny.

Jason responded that maybe Sonny should be paying less attention to Johnny and more to Michael, who Jason had caught taking the gun from Sonny's bottom desk drawer. Sonny was defensive and accused Jason of using Michael as an excuse to justify keeping Jake's parentage secret. Jason got Sonny back on track by telling him that his only concern was for Michael, who was too old to accept simple explanations. Jason urged Sonny to take some personal time. He knew that Kate had turned down his proposal and so had Carly.

Sonny was about to blow his top again when Kate stopped in. Jason used that as a reason to go elsewhere. Kate apologized for hurting Sonny and running away. She had been scared, but she did not want to give up on the relationship. Kate shared that the reason she was there was that she wanted to find some common ground that would allow them to start over.

When Kate mentioned Michael and Morgan and told Sonny what a great father he was, Sonny became irate and called her a phony. He immediately escorted her to the door and told her to go back to New York and stay out of his life. He gave her no opportunity to respond as he slammed the door in her tear-stained face.

Lucky confronted Liz in her hospital room. He had overheard her conversation with Sam and wanted to know what Sam was hiding from him. Liz told him to talk to Sam, but Lucky insisted that Liz trust him and tell him the truth. Finally, she did reveal that Sam had watched Jake's kidnapping and done nothing. Then, later, Sam had hired men to pretend to threaten Liz. Lucky was stunned.

Lucky left the hospital and went to the docks, where the same boy who had sold a gun to Michael tried to sell drugs to Lucky. Lucky blew off steam and ran the boy away. He picked up a plastic bag filled with pills that the boy had dropped during their struggle. As Lucky contemplated the pills, Jason appeared on the stairs behind him. He watched as Lucky tossed the pills into the water.

Lucky noticed Jason and bitterly inquired if Jason were wondering what Lucky would do with the pills, or wondering if Lucky could still be trusted with Jake. Lucky told Jason, "You know I'd like to swear that I'd never take another pill, but that's a dangerous road for a recovering drug addict. But you could be with the person day in and day out, look them in the eye, into the heart, think you know them, and be dead wrong." As he walked away, he looked Jason in the eye and said, "But I don't have to tell you that."

Curtis visits Heather

Curtis visits Heather

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Monica continued to drink heavily while trying to deal with Emily's death and Tracy's recent malpractice suit against her. Edward entered the room and talked with her about it. Luke returned home and announced himself. Monica and Edward informed him that he and Tracy were no longer welcome in Monica's house. Luke asked her why she was kicking them out. Monica told him that Tracy had just sued her for malpractice because she had frozen during Luke's surgery.

Monica pointed out that Luke would have died if she hadn't insisted he have the surgery to begin with. Luke promised to find Tracy and convince her to drop the lawsuit. Monica also told him that he had helped forge Alan's will. Luke didn't deny what he had done and offered to convince Tracy to compensate Monica for the money they had stolen. Monica told him that giving her cash wasn't what she waned; she was upset that he and Tracy had not respected Alan's last wishes in his will.

Lulu showed up and welcomed Luke home with a hug. She was in the dark about why Monica was angry with Tracy and her father. Monica and Edward clued her in. Edward told Lulu that she was welcome to stay there as long as she wanted. Lulu told them that if Luke went, she would go also.

Lulu and Luke talked alone about why he had left town without telling anyone. Luke told her he had felt stifled being in the hospital and having everyone hover over him. Luke asked her where she intended to live. Lulu told him she could go live with Nikolas or Logan, or both of them could live with Lucky. Luke rejected that idea because he thought they would cramp Lucky's style. Tracy entered the room, and she looked angry. Lulu left them alone to talk.

Monica wasn't too pleased to see Tracy return to her house and tried to kick Tracy out again. Tracy said that she wasn't leaving until she was allowed to leave with the pearls Lila had given to her in Lila's will. Edward warned Tracy to stay away from Lila's jewelry or anything else in the house that didn't belong to her, or he would have her arrested. Monica allowed Tracy to stay for a little while but told her to leave in five minutes, or Monica would have her arrested for trespassing.

Luke tried to convince Tracy to drop the lawsuit against Monica and then fix what they had done to Alan's will. Tracy pretended to go along with his idea but then surprised him by knocking him over onto a nearby chair. Luke tried to make up with her, but Tracy wasn't interested. She took her wedding rings off and dropped them into his drink. She told him to either divorce her or leave town and not return for seven years so she could declare him dead.

Liz woke up and found Lucky sitting in a nearby chair, watching her. She asked him what he was doing in her room. He explained that he had been thinking about how many mistakes he had made lately with her and Sam. He apologized to her for how he had betrayed her when they had been married. She told him he didn't need to apologize again.

Lucky told Liz that he had stopped by his house earlier and had looked through the window. He had seen Sam sitting at the table with candles all around the house. He told Liz that he felt like everyone had kept things from him to protect him. Liz told him that Sam had admitted that she loved him. He told her that made it even worse.

Lucky left and headed back home. He found Sam sleeping on the couch when he arrived. She woke up when she heard him walk in the door. He asked her why she had lit up the house with candles and put wine on the table. Sam told him that she had decided she needed to tell him something she had been keeping from him.

Lucky thought Sam was going to come clean with him about the stunts she had pulled to hurt Liz and Jason. Instead, Sam told him that her feelings for him had nothing to do with getting back at Liz and Jason like she had originally tried to do. She told him that she thought they could make each other happy. Lucky kissed her but then said that he wished he could believe her, but he couldn't.

Lucky pulled away and told Sam that Liz had told him the truth about how Sam had watched Jake get kidnapped and had done nothing to stop it, and how she had hired men to scare Liz and the children in the park. Sam tried to explain herself to him, but Lucky wasn't interested. He told her to get out of his house immediately and stay out of his life.

Carly showed Jax the newspaper headline about how Cooper Barrett had been the Text Message Killer and how he had committed suicide. She told Jax that they should have listened to her on the night of the ball when she had said she'd thought Cooper had been the killer. Jax was concerned more about Michael and how he had been behaving lately at home and at school. Michael happened to be eavesdropping on their conversation.

Carly agreed with Jax that they needed to talk to Michael and get things cleared up. Jax left the house to meet with the contractor. Carly decided to lock the door to the house after she kissed him goodbye.

Meanwhile, Jason showed up at his office and found Nikolas there, waiting for him. Nikolas showed him the newspaper and asked if Jason thought Cooper Barrett had been the killer. Jason didn't give an answer but explained that Alexis had made a statement to the press, and the police had enough evidence pointing to Cooper. Nikolas tried to get more information from Jason, but Max entered the office and said he needed to talk to Jason right away. Nikolas thought he was in the way and planned to leave the office, but Jason asked him to stay and wait.

Emily appeared to Nikolas and suggested that they go over what had happened that night, and she thought they should act out what he had said to her right before he blacked out and couldn't remember. Nikolas didn't want to do it at first, but she persuaded him that it might trigger a memory for him that could be helpful. Nikolas and Emily reenacted what had happened, and Nikolas seemed to have remembered something. He yelled at her like he had that night. Jason ran over and asked Nikolas what was going on.

Nikolas said that he was trying to go over in his head what had happened that night but couldn't remember anything about who might have killed Emily. He didn't think he could have hurt her or that she could have hurt him by hitting him, but somehow his blood had ended up on her dress and mask. He asked if Jason was 100% sure that Cooper had been the killer. Jason said that he wasn't that sure.

Nikolas asked if Jason thought Nikolas could have killed Emily. Jason said that he didn't think Nikolas had killed her either. Nikolas said that he couldn't actually place Cooper in the room that night, either, and thought they had a problem if Cooper wasn't the killer.

Meanwhile, Carly called Michael downstairs to talk to him. She told him all about how Cooper Barrett had been the killer and that Michael didn't have to worry about her safety anymore. Michael remained worried about her because there were still bad guys out there. Carly told him that for the moment, she was safe. Michael asked her if he could be excused so he could go back upstairs. Later, Jason went over to Carly's house to tell her that his instincts told him that Cooper wasn't the killer. Michael was on the stairs, overheard them talking, and became worried about his mother's safety.

Nikolas went to the hospital and checked up on Liz, who was sleeping in her room when he got there. Emily appeared to him outside of Liz's room. Nikolas wondered why he was checking up on Liz when she had been Emily's best friend, not his. Emily pointed out to him that he cared about Liz, also. She suggested to him that he keep in contact with his family and not isolate himself all the time.

Nikolas felt that Emily was the one he wanted to see all the time and be with. Emily suggested that she give him a rest for a while so he could spend more time with his family. Nikolas touched her cheek, and they walked off together. Nadine, the nurse, saw him and overheard him talking to "Emily."

Kate walked around Port Charles and looked at the brownstones that reminded her of her childhood neighborhood. Damian, the new waiter at Kelly's, approached her from behind and asked her to join him for some coffee after asking her if she was Kate Howard. He told her that he would like her to join him so they could discuss business. She was a little nervous around him because it had looked like he had been following her. He explained to her that he was a photographer and took pictures of women.

Damian apologized for bothering Kate when Jax started walking toward them. Damian took off. Jax recognized the waiter and asked her if he had been bothering her. She told Jax that she had been worried at first that the guy had been stalking her. Jax asked her what she was doing in Port Charles since he had thought she'd moved back to Manhattan. She told him that she'd had a falling-out with Sonny, and she had hurt him badly. Jax reminded her that Sonny wasn't one of his favorite people.

Kate told Jax that Sonny wasn't the man Jax thought he was and that she knew him well. Jax asked her what was wrong. She decided to confide in him, since she thought of him as a friend. She told him she was really a fraud and that he would be surprised to find out where she was from. Jax was confused at first about what she was trying to tell him. She told him that he was mistaken about her background and that she hadn't grown up abroad. She made him promise not to tell anyone, including Carly, what she was about to tell him.

Meanwhile, Sonny booked himself into a hotel room somewhere outside of Port Charles. Max told Jason where Sonny was staying. Jason told Max to make sure someone was watching out for Sonny to be certain no one followed him inside the hotel or the lounge when he was at his most vulnerable. Sonny met a mysterious dark-haired woman at the bar when he ordered a drink. He told the bartender he would pay for whatever the "lady" was having. She bought him a drink after he bought one for her.

The woman wrote a note on a napkin and had the bartender deliver it to Sonny. Sonny read the message that said, "I'm not a lady." Sonny left the bar but returned later and had the bartender hand the woman a message as well as a copy of his room key. The message said, "I'm not a gentleman." The woman talked on her cell phone to someone and said to have a car waiting for her out front.

The woman went to pay for her tab, but the bartender told her that Sonny had taken care of it for her. She showed up at Sonny's room. He told her she was late and that he didn't like to be kept waiting. The woman told him she didn't like a man to pay for things and put a bill into his front pocket. Sonny grabbed her and kissed her passionately after she tried to dismiss him. He grabbed her and shut his door.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Claudia walked out of the bathroom at the hotel. She was getting dressed to leave. Sonny asked her why she was leaving so soon. She told him that it had just been a night of passion, and she didn't need to stay any longer. They didn't know each other's names, and they didn't need to. Sonny asked for a number in case he wanted to contact her again. She said they shouldn't be together. People like them ruined everything in their path.

Sam and Lucky continued to fight about Sam's role in Jake's kidnapping. Lucky said he suddenly understood why Liz had been so upset to see Sam there with Jake. He realized why Liz insisted that Jason couldn't be a part of Jake's life, and he blamed it all on Sam. He got Sam her coat, told her to leave, and said he hoped he never saw her again as long as he lived.

Sam stood on the docks and received a text message. She realized it was from the Text Message Killer and immediately called Lucky. She tried to explain that she had gotten a text message, but he didn't want to hear it. He said he was not interested in seeing some text message that she'd had a friend send to her. He was done with her. He hung up when Lulu walked in.

Sam received another text message. It said, "I see you. Do you see me?" She started to run off the docks, but she ran into the killer. They fought, and Sam managed to get away. She ran to the nearest house, but no one was home. The Text Message Killer went after her again, but Sam managed to fight him off again. He rolled down the steps and lay motionless. Sam ran over to him and started to take his mask off, but he woke up, and she tried to escape again.

Lucky welcomed Lulu into the house. She said that she understood the Text Message Killer thing was supposed to be over, but she was still too freaked out to stay at Wyndemere. She wouldn't go back to the Quartermaine mansion right away, and she was definitely not going to be staying with Logan. She realized that Lucky wasn't listening. She asked him if it was about Sam, Liz, or Jake. He said it was all of the above.

Lucky and Lulu talked about how their family wasn't doing very well in the love department. Lulu said they'd had the perfect role models, too. Luke had always loved Laura, and Laura had always loved Luke. Lulu and Lucky continued to talk, and she told him it sounded like he might want to get back together with Liz.

At the hospital, Trevor and Johnny talked business. A nurse arrived and told them that Anthony was settled in his room. Trevor told Johnny that Anthony had taken a turn for the worse, and Johnny needed to be prepared for his father to die. They went in to see Anthony, and Johnny asked Trevor what he had done to Anthony. Johnny's father woke up and asked why they were talking about him like he was already dead -- he said he was going to be fine.

Anthony said he wanted to talk to Johnny, and Johnny stepped over to the bed. Anthony told his son that he was getting a new nurse. He didn't trust the ones "around here." They were all ugly and old. Suddenly, a woman stepped into the room. Anthony noticed and commented on what a hot new nurse she was. She said, "Hello, Daddy."

Tracy ran into Monica at the hospital, and the two argued over Luke's surgery. Tracy said the first thing she was going to do when she won the malpractice suit was get back in the family house. Monica said Tracy was just plain hateful. Tracy told Monica that her surgery privileges had been suspended -- and to cut back on her evening cocktails, also.

Jason went to talk to Carly at her house. Before he left, he noticed that she was not feeling good. She changed the subject and asked how he was doing. She knew she was not supposed to butt in, but he was a father. Jason was saved when his phone rang, and he left.

Jason answered the phone, and it was Liz. She was upset. She continued to have nightmares about Jake and Sam. Liz told Jason that she had told Lucky about Sam. She needed to see him. Jason understood because he needed to see her. He offered to pick her up, but she said she would take the back way and meet him at the safe house. He agreed and rushed off to get a fire started before she got there.

Meanwhile, Carly sat down and heard a thump upstairs. Michael had been playing with his new gun and had dropped it. He hid it when Carly went upstairs and asked him what was going on. He pretended that he had been sleeping and had just knocked some books off his nightstand. She bought the excuse and went back downstairs.

Carly tried to eat something, but she looked like she felt very sick. Carly looked at the fertility god that Jax had given to her and thought she might be pregnant. Kelly agreed to meet with Carly late in the evening for an exam. Carly wanted it to be official before she told Jax. Kelly warned her not to get too excited until she actually had good news.

Jax and Kate continued to talk about Kate's past. She asked him to promise not to tell anyone what she had told him. It started to rain, and he offered for her to go to his house. Carly was gone when they got there. Sonny stopped over, and Jax opened the door while only wearing a robe. Kate arrived downstairs, also wearing a robe.

Patrick approached Robin at the nurses' station, and she asked him why he was staring at her. She told him she had a child inside of her, not a bomb. He said he had just been wondering what he would be thinking at that moment if the baby were his. Robin left to check on Liz. She tried to get a cab for Liz, but Liz said she would be fine.

Liz asked why Robin was so tense, and Robin told Liz that she still hadn't told Patrick that he was the father. He seemed to be stalking her, though. Liz advised Robin to tell him soon if she planned on telling him at all -- the sooner the better, and the less mad he would be. Liz left.

Robin returned to the nurses' station. Patrick walked over to her. Robin asked him what was wrong. He said he didn't know. She told him when he found out to let her know, or not. She walked away.

Liz tried to make it to the safe house, but she was having problems concentrating on driving because of how tired she was. She got honked at as she drove, and she started to doze off. Carly was also on the road, returning from her appointment with Kelly. She appeared to be crying. She reached for her cell phone. Another dangerous driver sharing the road was Monica. As she drove, she reached for her flask.

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