One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 4, 2008 on OLTL

Charlie told Viki that Rex was his son. Todd refused to go along with Ramsey's plot to kill Gigi and Shane. Adriana believed that Shane was really Rex's son. Jessica and Natalie helped Allison to escape from St. Anne's. Jack had questions about Todd's past. Bo reminded Antonio that members of the Llanview police force were not allowed to fraternize.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 4, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, February 4, 2008

At St. Ann's, Jessica continues to question Allison about the secret she claims to know about the Buchanan family. When Jessica expresses her hatred for Mitch Laurence, Allison states, "The sins of the father, shall be visited upon the child." Jessica is disgusted by Allison's constant chatter, but at the same time intrigued. When Jessica offers to pay Allison for the information, Allison reveals she wants her freedom. Allison tells Jessica the secret is huge, and demands Jessica help her escape from St. Ann's.

At John's apartment, Adriana is stunned to learn Gigi has a son. When Shane asks Adriana if she knew his father, Adriana begins questioning the child about his age. Gigi immediately excuses her son from the room, and asks Adriana for the reason behind her visit. Without hesitation, Adriana asks Gigi if Shane is Rex's son. Gigi is surprised by Adriana's question, and tells her that Shane is a product of a previous relationship with someone other than Rex. Adriana continues to express her disbelief, and asks Gigi specific questions concerning the time period Shane was conceived. When Adriana states that Rex never mentioned Shane, Gigi informs her that Rex has no knowledge that Shane exists, and expresses her concern for that information to remain private. Doubtful that Gigi is being truthful, Adriana questions why Gigi came to Llanview and is requesting to keep Shane a secret from Rex. Gigi explains she came to town in order to help Marcie's case, and says Shane could be in danger if anyone knew of their whereabouts. When Gigi suggests Adriana should be making wedding plans instead of inquiring about her life, Adriana tells Gigi she and Rex don't keep secrets. In a smug voice, Adriana asks Gigi if she has a problem with her engagement to Rex. Gigi flatly denies any concern about Rex's life, and suggests Adriana forget about her and Shane. After Adriana leaves, Gigi breathes a sigh of relief.

Rex arrives at Bo's office to discuss his father. Bo is caught off guard when Rex reveals he believes Charlie "Balsom" is his real father. Rex explains Roxy's confession about a one-night stand with Charlie, and wants Bo's advice regarding whether or not he should tell Charlie about Roxy's claims. Bo commends Rex on the way he has turned his life around, and suggests he doesn't allow the need to connect with his real father define who he really is. Rex admits he would like to have a relationship with his own father, similar to the one Bo shares with Matthew. Bo tells Rex how proud he is of Rex, and congratulates him on his recent engagement. Once the conversation turns to the upcoming wedding, Rex asks Bo to be his best man. After expressing how important Rex has become to him throughout the years, Bo surprises Rex by declining his request. Bo doesn't want to commit to being Rex's best man. He feels Rex may develop a relationship with Charlie, and later decide he wants his father to be by his side on his wedding day. Rex tells Bo that he has made such a positive impact on his life that there is no one else he would consider. Bo is touched and accepts. When Rex wonders how he will purchase a ring for Adriana with limited funds, Bo offers him Gabrielle's ring.

At the Buchanan mansion, Dorian attempts to persuade Jared to establish a relationship with Charlie. When Jared refuses, Dorian threatens to reveal to the world that Jared is Charlie Banks' son. Immediately, Jared begins to blame Charlie for telling Dorian his secret, but Dorian informs him that she learned of the information directly from Jared himself. Despite learning that Charlie kept his secret, Jared continues to criticize his father. Jared questions whether Dorian has developed feelings for Charlie and offers her money for her silence. Insulted by Jared's offer, Dorian informs Jared of her wealth and tells him Charlie is a good man who deserves a second chance with his son. Realizing that Jared has no desire to mend his relationship with Charlie, Dorian demands that Jared returns to La Boulaie with her, and welcome Charlie into his life. Dorian tells him if he refuses, she will reveal his secret. When Jared questions Dorian's motives, she informs him that perhaps he will learn of them later. Cornered, Jared succumbs and heads to La Boulaie with Dorian.

At La Boulaie, Charlie and Viki are both shocked to see one another. Charlie is elated to see Viki; he immediately grabs Viki and gives her a loving hug. Viki has questions for Charlie. She wants to know his reasons for not returning her calls, and why he is answering the door at La Boulaie. Charlie tells Viki he thought by contacting her, he may complicate her life. He then reveals that he is living at La Boulaie. Astonished, Viki questions whether he has had a drink and wonders about his relationship with Dorian. Charlie says he has remained sober and explains that he and Dorian are friends. Relieved to learn that Charlie is not involved with Dorian, Viki then asks how they met. Charlie deflects questions concerning how he first encountered Dorian, but tells Viki that Dorian admitted knowing Viki after seeing the photo of the two of them. Viki is pleased to learn Charlie still carries her picture, but is appalled by the revelation that Dorian told him that she and Viki were the best of friends. As Viki begins to explain the real relationship that exists between her and Dorian, a surprised Dorian enters the room with Jared.

When Viki sees Jared, she immediately lashes out at him for having Jessica committed to St. Ann's. Viki is surprised when Jared reveals that Tess seduced him and was responsible for him being falsely imprisoned for two years. Viki apologizes to Jared but reminds him of Jessica's illness. After Jared leaves, Viki asks Charlie to come and stay with her at Llanfair. As Dorian looks on, Viki tells Charlie she would love for him to be a part of her life. Happily, Charlie accepts Viki's offer. Disgusted with Dorian, Viki tells Charlie she will wait for him in the car. After Viki leaves, Dorian apologizes for bringing Jared over. She tells him she had no idea Viki would be there. Charlie understands and doesn't blame Dorian. Dorian tells Charlie that she convinced Jared to attempt to mend their relationship, but is unsure how Jared feels after having Viki tear into him over Jessica. Charlie says that although he loves Jared, Viki is justified for feeling the way she does. Before heading upstairs to pack, Charlie tells Dorian he needs to be with Viki, but would like to continue trusting her. Dorian assures Charlie she will never reveal his secret to anyone. Charlie states that he will never forget Dorian for all she has done. Left alone, Dorian remarks that she will never let him forget.

At the penthouse, Todd tells Ramsey he will allow him to stay there until they figure out a way to handle the situation concerning John and Gigi. Both men discuss what they have at stake; Ramsey's concern is his career, while Todd considers prison time. Todd tells Ramsey of John's promise to keep Gigi silent, if he convinces the DA's office to be lenient with Marcie. Ramsey is skeptical of John's ability to prevent Gigi from revealing the kidnapping to the authorities. Ramsey tells Todd that Gigi will want revenge for what they did to her and Shane. He further states that Todd will certainly end up in Statesville if he continues to believe John's false promises. Meanwhile, John is approaching Todd's door. Todd allows John to enter, and John gives Todd an ultimatum. As Ramsey looks on, unnoticed by John, John asks Todd if he is ready to help Marcie or go to prison for what he and Ramsey did to Gigi. Todd questions whether John will also grant Ramsey a pass. Todd tells John that he realizes John still blames Ramsey for Marty's death. Todd expresses concern that John's desire to hold Ramsey accountable may result in Todd's own demise. John suggests Todd worry about himself, not Ramsey. John tells Todd he will deal with Ramsey in his own way, and promises Todd will not receive any repercussions for his part in Gigi's kidnapping, provided he help Marcie. Ramsey continues to listen to the conversation.

Frustrated with Todd's uncooperative attitude, John demands that Todd give him an answer by the next day, or John will notify Bo of Todd's crime. After John leaves, Ramsey comes out of hiding. When Ramsey tells Todd to ignore John's threats, Todd states he has no other choice but to cooperate with John. Ramsey says the authorities cannot send Todd to prison if there is no one to testify against him. Horrified to discover Ramsey would consider killing Gigi and her son, Todd tells Ramsey he is insane. Walking away, Todd says he refuses to hurt Gigi and Shane. He offers Ramsey the penthouse for the night, and tells him they will talk in the morning. Ramsey suggests Todd reconsider the idea.

When Rex returns home, Adriana greets him and attempts to tell him about her meeting with Gigi. Before she can give him any details, Rex gets down on one knee and proposes. He presents her with Gabrielle's ring, and Adriana happily accepts.

Later, Jared is upset when Dorian calls him. He demands to know why Viki was at La Boulaie with Charlie. Dorian tells him not to worry, and informs Jared that neither she nor Charlie will reveal the truth to Viki. Dorian tells him she will contact him later, concerning their earlier meeting.

Charlie and Viki are happy to be together at Llanfair. Viki tells Charlie that she thought she would never see him again, and Charlie tells her that he believes they were meant to be. When Viki begins to explain any negative statements Dorian may have made regarding her past, Charlie says they can discuss it in the morning, and passionately kisses her.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Adriana and Rex both awaken after having nightmares. In her dream, Adriana admires her new engagement ring, only to have Dorian appear out of nowhere to criticize it and everything about Rex, including the fact that he deserted Gigi and her son. Rex dreams about Charlie being his dad. He decides to tell Adriana of the possibility and she thinks that Charlie must know, since he saved Rex's life. Rex isn't sure but explains that Roxy doesn't want anyone to know and he himself is not sure that it's true. They come up with various reasons as to why Roxy wants it secret. Rex promises to never have any secrets from Adriana. She thinks Rex should take a chance and speak to Charlie because the man might be happy about it.

The Cramers discuss the wedding though Blair figures that Adriana and Rex will probably spend their honeymoon in prison. She wants no part of planning her cousin's wedding. Dorian assures her that her daughter will not go to prison. Langston and Cole get together again to discuss Starr's surprise party before they head out to their group therapy meeting. Their plan is to ask Dorian for help, but she seems too stressed out over Charlie moving in with Viki and the discussion of Adriana's wedding. Addie, for one, is happy for Viki, and accuses Dorian of being a Viki wannabe. She states that in the past, Dorian took Viki's name, took a similar career path, and named her house just like Viki did, among other things. She thinks that Viki should have her happiness and Dorian needs to find her own. Blair overhears Cole and Langston whispering and demands to know if they're sneaking around. They disclose the reason and she offers to help them with the party and to keep their secret.

At the diner, Starr spots Markko when she's there to pick up some goodies for breakfast. She wonders if he hasn't noticed Langston and Cole hanging out too much together and lying about it. He claims he hasn't noticed anything different and is quick to make it known that he trusts them. He thinks they understand and share the death of their parents with each other. Nash is happy to spot Jared and after they trade insults, he makes it clear that he wants their war to end immediately. He reminds Jared that his war is with Tess, not Jess, and all of it is affecting the entire family. Jared seems not to care, citing the fact that his two years in prison don't equal Jess's two nights in St. Ann's. When Nat is specifically named as one of the suffering family members, though, Jared is quick to agree to the cease-fire. He informs Nash that in order to make things even, he will throw in one percent of his vineyard stock.

When Nat gets to St. Ann's to take Jess home, she hears that her sister has been hanging around with Allison Perkins. She thinks that Jess has really lost it, even if it's true that Allison really does have secrets. Jess is sure that something is going on that will hurt the entire family, and she asks Nat to help her break Allison out of the facility. She's swiped a key.

In Cherryvale, Antonio is in big trouble with multiple charges stacking up against him. Talia offers to personally teach him a lesson and suggests a punishment like removing trash from the side of the road. She tells her superior officer that she'll oversee it, but suddenly Oliver Fish, Antonio's partner, arrives to bail him out on behalf of Commissioner Buchanan. Talia's boss is shocked to learn that Antonio is a police officer in Llanview, but Talia denies knowing him or Fish (who they manage to keep cutting off whenever he tries to say something). Antonio is immediately released and ordered not to return to Cherryvale. Talia says that it's just not in the cards for them and it seems that everyone is onto them. She thinks that they should call it quits. Just then, Fish messes up the computer and it's determined that someone proficient in computers will need to look at it. Talia and Antonio are about to hatch a new plan in order to spend some time together.

Charlie has breakfast all ready for Viki. She's worried about how he's reacted to her real life, but he informs her that what counts is how she makes him feel and who she is. She wants the true story on Dorian and why he was staying with her. She asks why he's in Llanviddew and if he's located his son. Charlie explains that he met Dorian in Paris, Texas, and learned of another son living in Llanview only the day before. He doesn't want to lose Viki, though. She offers to help him and wants to meet his son, but is shocked to learn that it's Rex. She tells him that Rex is practically a member of her own family. He recounts the story that Roxy invented. She wonders if Charlie remembers seeing Nat when she was small, but he points out that he was only in Roxy's home the one time. Viki reveals that Rex is a private eye and she almost hired him to help her find Charlie. In regards to his other son, Charlie insists that he's not in Llanview and there's no chance of a relationship with him. He's not proud of his one night with Roxy, but thinks he should talk to Rex. He lies that the one-night stand is the reason he thought he would lose Viki.

Starr arrives home. Cole tells her he was waiting around to surprise her but that he and Langston have to leave for their therapy. Blair promises her daughter that she's sure nothing is going on between her friends.

Charlie shows up at Rex's place and tells him they need to talk.

Viki is surprised when Dorian shows up at Llanfair.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Blair opens the door at La Boulaie. Todd and Sam are on the other side. They've brought a bouquet of flowers to say thank you for taking such good care of Sam. Blair puts the flowers in water and apologizes that the transition with Sam has been rough. She mentions that it hasn't helped that Todd has been distracted. He says he's been distracted by his dealings with Lee. He lies and tells Blair that Lee's been paid and sent packing.

Lee, in Todd's penthouse, unpacks a rifle with a nasty-looking scope.

Todd opens the door at La Boulaie. Nora and John are on the other side. Nora says that John's been telling interesting stories about Todd. They enter and Nora tells Todd that without his testimony, she doesn't have much of a case. Blair comes downstairs. She is shocked to hear from Nora and John that Todd is planning to ask the judge for leniency on Marcie's behalf. John brings up Gigi, which confuses Nora and annoys Todd.

Lee is still playing with the rifle when there's a knock at the door. It's Markko delivering food from the diner. He recognizes a photo of Starr with Todd.

Blair tells Todd that she would be proud if he went easy on Marcie, because Blair feels sorry for her. John asks what Todd plans to do. Todd says it's a big decision and stalls for more time. Nora, frustrated by Todd's refusal to answer, glares at John, who tells her he'll get it straightened out. "Do that," snaps Nora, "and don't ever drag me back to this house again!" Nora leaves. John tells Todd that he plans to bring Gigi and Shane to the police station the next day and have them tell how Todd and Lee kidnapped them. John says if Marcie goes down, Todd will go down with her. Todd gets a phone call, apparently about the newspaper. Blair comes downstairs with Sam. John is all smiles to see the little boy. Todd leaves, and Blair wants to know why.

Markko, at Todd's penthouse, asks Lee if this is Todd's place. Lee pays him rudely and slams the door in his face. Todd arrives to find Markko at his front door, looking at a map. Markko introduces himself as Starr's friend and Langston's boyfriend. Todd tells him to get lost and goes inside. Todd tells Lee that Nora and John just double-teamed him, wanting to know if he'd go easy on Marcie. If he doesn't cooperate, Gigi is going to talk. Lee tells him not to worry. He reaches for the rifle and tells Todd that with his rifle, a fellow can "tap a busy waitress from 10 clicks and disappear before you know it".

Blair tells John he shouldn't put much hope in Todd supporting Marcie. John thinks Todd will see the light by morning. John turns his attention to Sam, telling Blair he's beautiful. He asks Sam if he remembers his Uncle John, and jokes that he's still picking oatmeal out of the carpet. Blair asks if John misses him, and you can tell by his face that he really does. He goes to the door and Blair asks him to tell Marcie that she's going to love Sam as if he were her own. John leaves.

Todd tells Lee that he would like to kill Marcie, but not Gigi or Shane. He goes further and tells Lee he's not going to let Lee kill anyone.

Fish declares the computer system at the Cherryvale PD "a relic from the Mesozoic age." Antonio asks if he can recover the computer's files, telling the Chief that computers self-destruct when Talia gets near them. That's why they were in such a hurry to let her go. The Chief sticks up for Talia. Antonio and Talia plot that Talia will convince the Chief that she is a menace to the equipment, and Antonio will convince Fish that he wants a spot in the Cherryvale PD. Talia asks if Bo will take her back in the Llanview PD, and Antonio assures her he will. Talia next breaks the coffee maker, and tells the Chief that she's broken the thermostat, and that's why it's so hot inside the station. Fish recovers the lost files from the broken computer. Antonio suggests that Cherryvale needs a guy like Fish. Fish says he can't bail on Bo, and that he's too valuable to the LPD. The Chief discovers the phones are broken, and Talia tells how she was in the basement and knocked a mop handle into a panel, causing sparks. Fish packs up and heads for the door, and the Chief asks him where he's going, because everything is still broken. Antonio suggests that Fish stay in Cherryvale and Talia return to Llanview with him. The Chief says if Antonio can make that happen, his speeding record will be expunged. Antonio calls Bo and asks for a favor. Bo says he's lucky he's not getting fired for the stunt he pulled in Cherryvale. Bo says he'll make it happen, then tells Antonio one more thing. Antonio and Talia say their goodbyes to Fish, and thank the Chief for expunging Antonio's record. Talia asks what Bo had to say. Antonio says Bo recited the LPD guidelines about fraternizing to him. It means they can't do it, ever.

Adriana arrives at the diner to meet Vincent and Layla. She shows off her new engagement ring. The girls start to work on Adriana's dress, and Vincent excuses himself. Adriana tells Layla that she thinks Rex has a son with Gigi, one he knows nothing about. Layla asks if Adriana asked Gigi directly about it. Adriana did, and Gigi denied that Shane is Rex's son. Layla says that Gigi might have good reason, like her possible jail time, for keeping Shane a secret. Layla tells Adriana that she has to talk to Rex about it.

Rex asks Charlie if Roxy told him that Rex is his son. Charlie agrees hesitantly. Rex is glad the secret is out, but observes Charlie's hesitation, and wonders if maybe he's not happy about finding out he has a grown son. Rex tells Charlie that he will get lost if Charlie tells him to. Rex says he's gotten on a long time without a father, and he'll be fine, but he looks sad. Charlie says he has it all wrong: he's not denying that he's Rex's father and that he's already told Viki about it. Charlie's still conflicted about the situation, though. Charlie says he's not trying to hurt Rex. Charlie feels bad about getting Rex's hopes up. Rex says "no hopes, no disappointments" but Charlie tells him that's no way to go through life. Rex says that Charlie's starting to sound like a dad. Charlie apologizes and Rex says not to worry, it's not his fault. He tells Charlie that it was nice having a father for 5 minutes. Rex asks why Charlie told Viki about their relationship and says he doesn't judge Charlie. Charlie says he hasn't always been a great guy. "Like father, like son," replies Rex. Rex says they can take it slow and get to know each other. Adriana arrives home. Rex tells her that he and Charlie have decided to try things out and get to know each other. Charlie leaves. Rex gets excited, realizing that Father's Day is coming up. He's excited about the idea of his and Charlie's first Father's Day together. Adriana looks sad, and Rex wants to know what's going on. Adriana says she's been keeping something from him and she needs to tell him. She tells him Gigi has a son.

At Llanfair, Viki asks Dorian why she is wandering around in Viki's bedroom. Viki tells her to go away, but Dorian wants to talk about Charlie. Viki's not interested. Dorian asks if Viki "got lucky last night." Viki looks horrified, then shrugs and says, "I know you're frustrated" since Clint walked out on her. Dorian asks if Charlie shared his secret with Viki. Viki confirms that she knows all about Charlie's son. Dorian is surprised he took the risk, especially given the connection with Viki's children. Viki wonders why it should bother her that Rex is Charlie's son. Dorian says she's happy Charlie told Viki, who doubts Dorian's happiness. She asks why, and Dorian says that Rex is going to be her son-in-law, and when Charlie and Viki hear wedding bells, they will all be one big, happy family. Viki asks how Dorian conned Charlie into believing that she is a really nice person with good intentions, but says she should quit while she's ahead. Viki tells Dorian to go home and get a life. Charlie arrives. Dorian goes on about Charlie being the father of the groom. Then she invites them, effusively, to the Go Red Valentine's Ball. Dorian leaves. Charlie tells Viki that he talked to Rex. Viki is happy for him.

Bo and Lindsay arrive at the diner. He tells her he likes having her around. Markko takes them to Vincent's table. Lindsay thanks Vincent for keeping the gallery running while she was at St. Ann's. They talk about her living situation with Bo. Then the conversation turns to the project she's been working on with Vincent. Heart-shaped boxes will be placed around Llanview. People can write their secrets on a piece of paper and put it into the box. Donations will also be accepted for the "Get It Off Your Chest" fundraiser. Bo is happy that Lindsay is involved in work again. Adriana comes up to them and thanks Bo for giving Gabrielle's engagement ring to Rex. Lindsay is touched to hear this, and compliments Bo because he is an amazing guy. Vincent returns with one of the heart boxes. Layla asks what happens to the secrets people will place inside. Lindsay says they'll all be destroyed at the Go Red Ball. Lindsay gives Vincent a hug. Layla and Vincent leave. Bo and Lindsay trade sweet smiles. Bo tells Lindsay she has to lead by example and put a secret in the box. She asks why he thinks she has a secret and he replies that we all have secrets.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

At the diner, the secrets box for the Go Red for Women campaign (to aid women and their fight against heart disease) is filling up. Lindsay wonders if writing down secrets will make peace. Addie and Miles are there for a cooking class and pose for a picture that Lindsay snaps. Just as Addie gives Miles a kiss on the cheek, Roxy walks in. She's curious to know if there's any female in Llanview NOT after Miles. Addie assures her that they are just friends, having a similar background of being institutionalized. She's too old for him, she adds. The three women decide to add their secrets and donations to the box, but at the last minute Lindsay thinks it better that the "secrets stay hidden."

Nash is curious to know what will happen the next time Jess decides to play Tess and tries to reinforce that there will be no more "risky business." Nat and Jared show up at the vineyard at the same time which proves somewhat awkward. He apologizes for all of the business involving committing Jess to St. Anne's but she doesn't want to hear his apology, especially the part about him being her uncle. She has plans with Jess, who makes up a story about helping Viki with the Go Red ball. Nash discloses that he and Jared are now 50/50 partners in the vineyard, to which Jared responds that Nash deserves it. He apologizes again for what he did to Jess in committing her. The guys toast to their new partnership. Jared, full of compliments, tells Nash what a good man he is. Nash quickly agrees. He still has reservations about Jared being an asset to the Buchanans. Jared promises to make a practice of consulting his new partner in the future. After she receives a call from Allison, lying to Nash that it's her mom on the phone, Jess hastens Nat out the door. They are on their way to break Allison out of St. Anne's, though Nat is doubtful that it will work. She especially wonders about breaking in to get Allison back inside after the secret is divulged. Jess is sure that Allison's secret is important and this is the only way to hear it.

Rex and Adriana have a heated discussion about the fact that Rex could be the father of Gigi's son Shane. He can't believe that she even has a son or that she hid that fact from him. He admits that "Shane" was their favorite movie when they dated and according to Adriana, the boy resembles him a great deal. Rex recalls how they both left town though Adriana points out that he left first, possibly leaving Gigi pregnant and alone, which in turn forced her to leave. Gigi was always honest and fair and he would have stood by her if he had known, he insists. He still strongly refuses to believe that Shane is his and is sure he would have known about him if he was really the dad. He doesn't know why Gigi would lie, even now. Adriana points out how they are engaged which is why Gigi would have lied now. Furthermore, Rex is going through father issues of his own, they've both had parent problems and Adriana can't believe that he would deny Shane knowing his father. Adriana wants to know where she stands. Rex tells her that even if he is Shane's dad, it changes nothing. She doesn't want these questions hanging over their heads and no matter what the answer, it's all good. He finally agrees to see Gigi.

John informs Gigi that Ramsey hasn't been spotted in Llanview yet but he's still working on Todd. When Markko arrives with a dinner delivery, he mentions the man that he met when he delivered food to Todd's penthouse. Upon further questioning from John, it's determined that it is indeed Ramsey. John heads out to investigate. Rex arrives shortly after. "Adriana told you?" Gigi asks. He and Shane eye each other wordlessly.

At Todd's penthouse, Ramsey does his best to try to convince Todd that Gigi and Shane should be killed. In fact, he wants Todd to be the one to pull the trigger as he's caught so many breaks, he'll be able to get away with it. Todd knows that the cops would look for them if the Morascos are found dead. Ramsey aims the gun at Todd and then out the window, demonstrating how easy it would be to shoot someone clear across town and no one would be the wiser. He talks about changing targets. Todd asks if his family is being threatened. He just wants to point out all of the options to Todd, Ramsey explains. Todd is sure his interests will be protected if he doesn't go against Marcie and nothing will happen to his family. "You just keep thinking that way and see what happens," Ramsey says. He adds that if Todd doesn't do it, he will. Todd in turn threatens Ramsey. He tells him that he will kill him with his bare hands if he even goes near his family. Todd leaves and misses John by a split second. The door to the penthouse is open and John walks in. Ramsey, who is standing behind the door, knocks him cold with the butt of the gun.

At St. Ann's, Jess and Nat, dressed as nuns, are on the way to getting Allison out of the institution. They are stopped by one of the resident nuns and Allison manages to invent a cover story, with Nat elaborating on it by her side. Nat is not too happy about going along with her sister's latest escapade and points out her own generousness. "Keep polishing up that halo," Allison says sarcastically. They plan on making it look like she's in her bed before they can leave.

Friday, February 8, 2008

As Jessica and Natalie drive away, Allison waves goodbye to St. Ann's. Allison commends her accomplices on a job well done, but Jess and Nat are extremely nervous about helping Allison escape. When Allison demands the girls give her a new identity and make her disappear, Natalie explodes. Allison refuses to divulge any information, until the sisters promise that Allison will never return to St. Ann's. Natalie reminds Allison of her past insane behavior, and the two become involved in a heated argument. Jessica finally calms Allison, and convinces Natalie to play along. When Jessica and Natalie finally agree to help Allison start a new life, far away from St. Ann's, Allison tells them to head for Llanfair, where the secret awaits. Jessica and Natalie are less than thrilled to bring Allison anywhere near Viki, but Allison reveals the secret is not inside Llanfair, but on the grounds.

At Todd's penthouse, John arrives to find the door opened. Upon entering the apartment, John is knocked unconscious by Ramsey, who hits him on the head with the butt of his rifle. Leaving John on the penthouse floor, Ramsey heads off to hunt down the Morascos, with gun in hand.

At La Boulaie, a frightened Jack has awakened from a nightmare and seeks comfort from Blair. Todd listens outside the bedroom door, as Jack begins to tell his mother about his dream. Todd has a quick flashback of Ramsey threatening his family. Todd enters the bedroom and questions Jack about the dream. Jack tells his father the dream was about Todd giving him away. When Todd and Blair attempt to reassure Jack that Todd loves him and would never do such a thing, his parents are stunned when he tells them Todd has already done it. Jack reveals that the kids at school told him that his father gave him away as a baby. Although Blair protests, Todd feels Jack is old enough to know the truth and tells his son what took place many years ago. Todd apologizes to Jack and tells him he was crazy back then, but would never think to do such a thing again. Jack accepts his father's apology. As Blair comforts Jack and tells him how much she loves him, Todd begins to envision Gigi comforting Shane and hears Ramsey's threats against them. Realizing Ramsey intends to kill Gigi and Shane, Todd tells Blair and Jack he has to go to the office. Before he leaves, Blair tells Todd how proud she is of him.

At John's apartment, Rex stands at the door, staring at Shane. As Shane looks on, Rex asks Gigi if Shane is his son. Gigi begs Rex to leave, but he refuses. Shane remembers seeing Rex in Texas, and asks him if he knows his mother and father. When Shane reveals his father is dead and was a Navy Seal, Rex's suspicions are raised. Meanwhile, Ramsey has arrived at the empty office building in Angel Square, across from John's hotel room. Ramsey positions himself where he has a clear shot of John's apartment and the roof. Upon agreeing to speak with Rex on the roof, Gigi tells Shane to lock the door and open it for no one. When Gigi and Rex leave, Shane plays John's slot machine in a location of the apartment where Ramsey has a clear view of him. On the roof, Rex attempts to convince Gigi to tell him the truth regarding Shane's paternity. While continuing to deny that Rex is Shane's father, Gigi reveals she was in love with Rex and he was her first. When Rex reminds her that she once told him she had other lovers before him, Gigi becomes enraged and tells Rex he would be lucky to have a son like Shane. Rex asks Gigi, since she lied about having other lovers, if she is lying about Shane being his son. As Shane plays the slot machine and Rex and Gigi argue on the roof, Ramsey moves his sights back and forth, targeting both mother and son. Each time Ramsey attempts to fire, a sudden movement by Shane and Gigi interrupts him. Ramsey continues to wait patiently for the opportunity to kill Shane and Gigi.

Meanwhile, John regains consciousness and attempts to call Gigi at the apartment to warn her, but his vision is blurred. When John is finally able to dial, his call goes unanswered because Gigi has left her phone in the apartment and Shane is unable to hear because he is wearing headphones. Finally, Shane hears the phone, but John hangs up. Frightened, Shane hides in the closet, out of Ramsey's line of fire. John arrives at the apartment and finds Shane in the closet. Shane tells John he hid because there was no one on the phone when he answered. Shane says this usually means something bad is going to happen. When John questions where Gigi has gone, Shane tells him that Gigi is on the rooftop with a man.

Allison, Jessica, and Natalie arrive on the Llanfair grounds. As they stand outside of Victor Lord's mausoleum, Jess and Nat are horrified by their surroundings. Allison tells Natalie and Jessica to take her inside, if they wish to learn the secret.

As Blair sings Jack to sleep, Todd arrives at the empty office building and finds Ramsey, who is preparing to shoot Gigi. Meanwhile, Rex has begged Gigi to tell him the truth. As Gigi struggles to answer Rex's questions, Rex notices a red dot on Gigi's clothing. Upon realizing that someone is aiming at her, Rex pushes Gigi to the ground. Frantically, Todd runs towards Ramsey.

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