One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on OLTL

Starr was upset when she caught Langston and Cole in a lie. Todd and Blair made love. Rex demanded answers from Roxy about the identity of his real father. Jessica wanted answers from Allison.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on OLTL
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Monday, January 28, 2008

At La Boulaie, Blair requested that Todd and Sam move out. Blair felt they were moving into a new situation without thinking things through and worried their relationship would backfire as usual. Todd disagreed and reminded her of the countless conversations they'd had concerning their recent marriage. Blair told Todd they had discussed several issues but had never discussed their relationship. By continuing their scam of a marriage, Blair felt she would hurt herself as well as Jack and Starr.

Todd refused to move out. Blair was convinced that Todd's leaving would be for the best. Todd contended that moving out would not be good for Sam or Blair. Todd told Blair he needed her and wanted to have a real marriage with her. Blair reminded Todd that when she had expressed the idea of a real marriage, he had told her he hadn't been ready. She questioned how he had realized that he was sure about their relationship.

Todd revealed that he had always realized how much he had loved her but had been afraid to admit the truth. Todd expressed his love to Blair. Blair told Todd she also loved him but was not convinced that they could make the relationship work. Todd urged Blair to put everything else aside and focus on what she really wanted. Lovingly, Blair responded that she wanted Todd.

Blair was adamant about not hurting the children again. Todd felt they should give their relationship another try and insisted he would never give up on her. When Blair questioned what made that time different than the others, Todd responded that searching for Sam had taught them to trust and depend on each other. Todd moved close to Blair and began softly kissing her. She responded, and they were soon sharing a passionate moment. They began frantically unclothing one another, and finally made love.

At the Palace, Rex could not believe Corrine's revelation that Walter might not be his father. Immediately, Corrine regretted her statement and suggested that Rex seek answers from his mother. Rex pleaded with Corrine to tell him who his father was, and she said that she wasn't certain of his parentage. Corrine told Rex that she had received letters from Walter in which he had mentioned Roxy's infidelity during the time Rex had been conceived.

When Rex asked her for the letters, Corrine informed him that she no longer had them. Corrine explained that Roxy had been drinking heavily back then, and Walter had suspected she had been having an affair. When Rex questioned why Walter would stay with Roxy after having that concern, Corrine told him that he should forget about the conversation. Rex informed his aunt that he could never forget that Walter might not be his birth father.

When Rex informed Corrine that Roxy would never tell him the truth, Corrine told him he had no choice but to drop the matter and move on with his life with Adriana. Before leaving, Corrine reminded Rex that she cared for him because she loved him, not because he was Walter's son. As Rex left the restaurant, he remarked to himself that he would get the truth out of Roxy.

At Foxy Roxy's Hair Haven, Addie found Miles intriguing. Addie told him his face was very familiar, and she was sure she had seen him before. Sadly, Miles informed her that he had a new face. Addie told him that she had a new personality. Upon learning they had both lived the majority of their lives in sanitariums, Miles and Addie struck up a friendship. When Miles and Addie began complimenting one another, Roxy became jealous, and Dorian was horrified. Dorian told Miles that he was the last thing Addie needed in her life.

Meanwhile, Charlie had just received news that Jared was at Buchanan Enterprises and informed Dorian of his plans to visit his son. Dorian told Charlie that going to Buchanan Enterprises could end in disaster. She informed Charlie that Viki's children worked for the company, and he might encounter her there. Dorian went on to tell him that Viki might realize his connection to Jared if she saw them together. Dorian reminded Charlie that Jared would go to prison if Viki ever learned the truth. Charlie expressed his need to see his son and told Dorian if he saw Viki, he would think of an excuse.

As thoughts of Viki emerged, Charlie mentioned how much he missed her. Dorian sighed. Despite Dorian's objections, Charlie headed off to Buchanan Enterprises. Addie was receiving highlights and enjoying her conversation with Miles. Dorian interrupted the two in order to speak with Miles. Miles told Dorian that her sister was very nice. Skeptical of his interest in Addie, Dorian told him that Addie might be too nice and mentioned how she had led a very sheltered life.

Jared and Natalie were at Buchanan Enterprises, arguing in Natalie's office. Natalie could not believe Jared had had Jessica committed to St. Ann's. Natalie was further disgusted that Jared had asked her to hire him before he had revealed what he had done. Jared attempted to convince Natalie that he had only called the doctor because he had been convinced Tess had resurfaced. Natalie questioned Jared's motives and told him he had no concern for Jessica's mental health.

Finally, Jared admitted that he had known all along that Jessica had been pretending to be Tess. Jared explained how Jessica had attempted to trick him into admitting he wasn't Asa's son. After Tess had stolen two years of his life, Jared felt vindicated. Natalie questioned the night she had caught him kissing Jessica. Jared said he had only been testing Jessica. Natalie suggested he had played along in order to secure Jessica's board vote. Jared had no answer.

Natalie was appalled by Jared's trickery and wondered why he could not get past what Tess had done to him. As Jared tried to explain his side to Natalie, she cut him off and called Viki to find out information concerning Jessica. Unable to reach her mother, Natalie asked Jared to leave her office. Jared could not believe Natalie had no compassion for the misery he had experienced because of Tess. When she told him to leave, Jared agreed and asked Natalie what time he should report for work in the morning.

Natalie stared at Jared in disbelief and told him he was fired. She informed him she was leaving the office to speak with her mother and expected him to be gone when she returned. Seconds after Natalie left the office, there was a knock on the door. Jared was shocked to discover his father on the other side of the door.

Charlie told Jared he wanted to explain why he had never showed up for their meeting. Jared instructed his father to never contact him again and demanded that he leave immediately. When Charlie refused, Jared questioned if his father would threaten to reveal his secret in order to receive a share of his inheritance. Charlie explained that he only wanted to spend time with his son; he said he had met a woman that had helped him realize how important it was to mend their relationship.

Standing inside her room at St. Ann's, Jessica made every attempt to convince Sister Teresa to allow her to find Nash. The nun informed Jessica she was not allowed to leave until she received her release papers. As Jessica stared out into the hall, she noticed Allison Perkins, who approached her. Allison smiled at Jessica and sang, "I know something you don't know, and I'm not telling." As Allison continued to taunt Jessica in song, the attendant reminded her that she would be late for arts and crafts. Allison convinced the attendant to allow her a few moments with her good friend Jessica.

As Sister Teresa monitored Allison and Jessica, Allison barged into Jessica's room. Allison informed the nun that she had known Jessica ever since Jessica had been a baby. Jessica stated that it was a sad but true fact. Allison continued to sing about having a secret and stole Jessica's hairbrush. In an attempt to shut her up, Jessica asked Allison what her secret was. Allison told Jessica she would only answer if Jessica sang.

In song, Jessica asked Allison to tell her the secret. In an evil voice, Allison whispered in Jessica's ear, "That's for me to know and you to find out." Fed up, Jessica snatched her hairbrush from Allison and said there was a reason Allison was locked away at St. Ann's. Allison appeared very demented. She taunted Jessica about also being at St. Ann's and then began apologizing to the nun for being bad. Allison told Jessica, "I may be crazy, but I still know things." Jessica said she was not interested, and Allison replied that it was Jessica's loss.

Viki entered Jessica's room and was horrified to find Allison there. Allison was delighted to see Viki and announced that it was a family reunion. Looking at Viki's chest, Allison began laughing, bouncing up and down, waving her hands, and singing, "Hi, Ben." Viki stood in shock. Terrified, Viki questioned Sister Teresa about allowing Allison anywhere near Jessica.

When Viki referred to Allison as dangerous, Allison said that Nikki was dangerous too. She told the nun that Nikki had tried to strangle her once. When Viki told Allison to stay away from Jessica, Allison began shadowboxing with her. A shocked Nash walked into the room and asked what was going on. Viki informed him that the woman standing before him was Allison Perkins. Allison extended her hand to Nash and in a peculiar voice said she was an old friend of the family.

Suddenly, Allison stated that Viki was taking care of Ben's heart and attempted to touch Viki's chest. She began screaming, "Ben, Dave, Ben, I miss you." Allison then grabbed Viki and began hugging her waist, causing Viki and Jessica to panic. Nash pulled Allison away from Viki, and the nun screamed for help. As Allison was being carted away, she screamed, "Bye Ben!" and in a deranged voice told Jessica that Jessica knew where to find Allison if Jessica changed her mind.

After Viki composed herself, Nash questioned what had just taken place. When Jessica informed him she would tell him in the car, there were uncertain looks on Nash and Viki's faces. Viki informed Jessica that there was a problem with her release -- St. Ann's was not allowing Jessica to leave until she had been evaluated. Before Jessica could panic, Nash informed them both that he had spoken with the doctor. St. Ann's would release her if she signed a document relieving the hospital of any liability.

Stunned, Nash and Viki watched as Jessica tore the release papers. Jessica informed them that, for Bree's sake, she wanted to remain at St. Ann's and be evaluated. Before leaving, Jessica wanted to be assured she was fine mentally. Viki was upset with her daughter's decision and feared leaving her in the same facility as Allison Perkins.

Jessica attempted to convince her mother she would be fine, but Viki was skeptical and questioned the comment Allison had made about Jessica changing her mind. Jessica dismissed Allison's behavior as insane, but Viki was unconvinced. Unable to change Jessica's mind, Viki told Jessica she would inform Clint and Natalie of the situation.

After Viki left the room, Nash told his wife he knew she was lying to him and demanded to know what she was up to. Nash was certain Jessica's decision to remain at St. Ann's was somehow connected to Allison Perkins. Nash questioned exactly who Allison was. Jessica told him about her past with Allison and mentioned that Allison had told her that Clint wasn't her birth father.

After hearing about Jessica's history with Allison, Nash felt Jessica should not remain in the same facility as Allison. Jessica told Nash she had her own room and would be released after her evaluation. Sister Teresa entered and informed Nash that visiting hours were over. Nash asked Jessica to promise to stay in her room and away from Allison. Jessica kissed her husband and assured him she would be fine and would be home the next day. When Nash left, Jessica sat deep in thought.

As Roxy worked on Addie's hair, Rex entered the salon and wanted to speak privately with Roxy. Roxy told him she was busy but immediately changed her mind when he mentioned his conversation with Corrine, concerning his father. Roxy appeared nervous and stepped away to speak with Rex. Roxy wanted to know what Corrine had revealed to Rex. Rex told her that Corrine had told him Walter wasn't his father.

Roxy dismissed Corrine's claims and told him Corrine was simply jealous that they had become close over the past several years. Roxy told Rex that Walter was his father and to stop questioning her. Rex informed Roxy that he knew she was hiding something, and he left. While Addie waited for Roxy to return, she and Miles enjoyed each other's company. They began discussing goals they wished to accomplish in life.

When Miles mentioned falling in love, he was surprised when Addie exclaimed that was also on her list. Miles asked her if she had ever loved Blair's father, and Dorian immediately interrupted the conversation. She accused Miles of prying into Addie's life. Miles apologized to Addie. Addie told Miles they never discussed Blair's father. Dorian replied that they never would. Addie and Miles discussed how difficult it was to adjust to life outside of the sanitarium. Dorian was disgusted by their newfound friendship.

As Jared and Charlie spoke in Natalie's office, Viki hurriedly rushed toward the door. Natalie stopped her and asked about Jessica's status. Viki said that Jessica would not be released from St. Ann's until she was evaluated. Meanwhile, inside the office, Jared accused Charlie of pursuing reconciliation in an attempt to impress his new girlfriend. Jared said he wanted nothing to do with Charlie and asked him to leave because he was expecting someone. Charlie refused to give up on Jared.

Unable to get Charlie to leave, Jared picked up the phone to call security. As Charlie attempted to stop him, he noticed a picture of Viki, Natalie, and Jessica on the desk. Surprised, Charlie picked up the picture. Angrily, Jared snatched the picture from Charlie.

As Natalie and Viki stood outside of Natalie's office door, Natalie was disturbed by the news about Jessica. She was upset with Jared and wanted to get away. Natalie and Viki left to have a cup of tea. Seconds later, Jared opened the door and pushed Charlie out of the office. Before slamming the door in Charlie's face, Jared said Charlie would have to find another way to get his girlfriend in bed.

Back at St. Ann's, Sister Teresa escorted Jessica to her evaluation meeting. On the way, Allison approached Jessica. Allison began singing, "I've got a secret, and I'm not telling." Jessica told Allison to reveal the secret because Jessica really wanted to know it. Allison placed a dish up to her ear and decided to tell Jessica only one thing. In a devilish voice, Allison said the secret involved Jessica and her precious family. As Jessica stood in shock, Allison laughed and happily skipped down the hall. Jessica was obviously shaken.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blair and Todd spent the night together, and both were decidedly happy about it. He told her he knew she'd be a great mom to Sam and wanted her to stop thinking about Margaret. Before they could get up and go about their day, Addie burst in, wearing an aikido outfit and carrying a tray with breakfast. Todd wondered if she had forgotten to take her medicine, but she only replied, "New and improved." As he laughed uncontrollably, Blair went off to see to the baby, and Todd's mother-in-law informed him that she wanted a heart-to-heart talk.

Addie said she was sorry she hadn't been aware of Todd's dry sense of humor all that time. She wanted "to forge a mature relationship" with Todd and refused to leave until he took care of that. He asked her to avert her eyes while he got out of bed and got dressed, and he suggested they hold the conversation off for a few years. She wanted to know how Sam would be integrated into the family. When he tried to put her off, she grabbed him in a quick movement, pinning him to the wall. She threatened to hurt him if he hurt her daughter and didn't listen to her immediately.

Todd gave in, and Addie stated that she wanted Blair to have happiness and success. She loved Todd, as Blair did, but thought that Blair was not the most important thing in Todd's life. Todd was quick to disagree, pointing out that when he had said otherwise in the past, he had only been lying. His wife and children were the most important things to him, and he would make the marriage work. She warned him again as Blair returned and was informed that they were "bonding."

Downstairs, Starr attempted to make plans with both Cole and Langston, who had the day off from school. Both of her friends were quick to make other excuses. When Cole put Starr on hold to answer another call, it was Langston. Both Langston and Cole told Starr they were speaking to Markko. Langston mentioned that she was meeting Dorian to work on wedding plans for Adriana.

Starr encountered Blair in the kitchen and wondered where she had been, since she hadn't been in her bedroom. She wanted to know where Blair was staying in case of a future emergency. Blair announced that the marriage was no longer in name only. "Congratulations?" was all that Starr could muster.

Starr said she thought the arranged marriage had been working out just fine, but things would be screwed up again. She said her parents were just too exhausting, and Blair agreed but wanted to keep trying for that happiness. She was as happy as she had ever been, she informed her daughter. She vowed to make it work. Starr discovered via Blair that Dorian had needed to run out of town for the magazine and so couldn't be making wedding plans with Langston.

Natalie and Rex met for breakfast at the diner, neither of them looking especially awake. They said that between Jessica being committed and Rex learning that Wally might not have been his dad, it was debatable over whose evening had been worse. Rex wanted Natalie's help in finding his real father and asked her to recall anything at all from their childhood. The only thing she remembered were various uncles who had been in and out, but it was of no help to Rex. She said he should focus on his future with Adriana instead.

Natalie reluctantly agreed to help Rex, though, since he'd always be her brother, and she was far too curious to not be involved. He suggested that they should look for something Roxy might have hidden at the hotel. Langston and Cole, who were actually there on the sly to plan a surprise birthday party for Starr, interrupted Natalie and Rex. Rex presented them with an estimate to have the doings at Ultra Violet, but it was beyond their means.

Langston decided to go through Adriana, as it would be a big feather in her cap if she could get Adriana to reconcile with the Mannings. They all said they felt good about Starr's party. She'd also mention it to Dorian. As Langston and Cole shook hands on it, Starr walked in.

John ushered Gigi and Shane into his small digs, and they tried to figure out where everyone would sleep until Ramsey and Marcie could be taken care of. John talked about teaching Shane some wrestling moves if he was disciplined and well behaved, but Gigi said she would prefer the nonviolent way of life. Shane was worried about his mom testifying at a trial for Marcie, but Gigi assured him that "Morascos don't squeal," and she would refuse to sell Marcie out. John thought that Todd would help them. He advised Gigi to lock up after he left to see Todd. Later, on the prowl for food, Gigi remembered seeing a deli down the street. She told Shane she wouldn't be gone for very long.

At the police station, Michael tried to make a deal with Bo but was unsuccessful. Antonio removed Marcie's handcuffs, although Fish was entirely against it and stated it was not in the rules. Marcie was sure that things wouldn't work out, but Michael was insistent that a lot had happened, and she was back home, where everyone knew and loved her. Nora was not able to make any promises and mentioned that the case was always prominent on the Sun's front page along with the news that the entire school board had been forced to resign because they had hired Marcie as a teacher. Nora said she felt forced to prosecute, since the alternative was to recuse herself.

Michael continued to be optimistic while his wife was the exact opposite. Nora and Bo watched Michael and Marcie and decided that they each hated their jobs sometimes. Michael assured Marcie that she hadn't lost him, but she asked to be taken to her cell. Nora wanted to speak to Bo, who thought it was not the time, as she showed him the coverage on the food fight in the Sun. He asked if she was "planning on keeping up this nonsense with Clint," which threw her for a loop. "Excuse me?" she responded. He rephrased it, "Are you going to keep dating Clint?"

Nora pointed out that he hadn't said exactly that the first time. Bo said he wanted to speak to Matthew, but Nora thought that Matthew had an inkling of what was going on. Bo wanted to know why and what they had been doing. She thought there was definitely some tension showing even though Bo insisted he didn't care that Nora was dating his brother. "You're in denial," she said. He accused her of starting the food fight, and they argued over it all. It was really about them, she told him.

Rex and Natalie went through one of Roxy's boxes at the hotel. They wondered if they were still Sam's godparents. Rex doubted it. He sent Natalie off to work, staying behind to continue searching. Suddenly, someone else was in the lobby, and he hid until he was challenged. "Morasco," Rex blurted. "Balsom," she replied.

John walked into La Boulaie, where Todd thought John could be charged with breaking and entering.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

John walked into the kitchen at La Boulaie. Todd accused him of breaking and entering. John said he was there to make a deal. Todd asked what John could possibly have that Todd wanted to buy. John said, "Your freedom." Todd said John shouldn't offer a potential buyer something he already had. He suggested some jobs for washed-up cops.

John said he might try corrections so he could see Todd every day; Todd wondered why John saw him in that environment. John asked him which was more important, revenge on Marcie or his freedom. Todd threatened Marcie again, and John gave him a letter and told him he might want to rethink things. There were photographs of Lee and Todd with Gigi and Shane in the envelope. Todd was unconvinced, so John pulled out the gun that Todd had used to kidnap Gigi. John said with that evidence and Gigi's testimony, there was enough to charge Todd with abduction charges.

John helped himself to some coffee and cereal and told Todd that maybe the kids would visit him in prison. Todd suggested John go talk to Nora, that there was nothing he could do to help Marcie. John mused that Todd could call a press conference, asking for all the charges to be dropped. Todd could issue a statement thanking Marcie and also write an editorial in the paper to turn the tide of public opinion in Marcie's favor. John gave Todd a choice: it was that or Statesville.

John left. Later, he opened the door to Lee, who told him they had a problem. Todd knew -- the problem was Gigi.

Gigi ran into Rex, who was standing behind the desk of the Angel Square Hotel. She asked him what he was doing there, and flustered, he asked her the same thing. Gigi filled him in on recent events. Rex backpedaled and welcomed her to Llanview, and she chewed him out for disappearing on her years before. Rex asked again what she was doing in his mom's place, and Gigi was surprised; she hadn't known Rex had a mom. Gigi told him she was there for Marcie.

Rex couldn't believe Gigi was still mad at him because he had broken up with her in high school. Rex was starting to think she had been in love with him. She accused him of thinking that he was God's gift, and he admitted that he had been an arrogant jerk in high school, but he had changed. However, he mentioned that she had cleaned out his bank account when she had sold him Marcie's engagement ring, which he'd had to give back. Gigi told him, "Buyer beware."

Rex told Gigi he owned Ultra Violet, and then she mentioned, "We're staying with John." Rex asked, "We who?" Gigi tried to cover her slip and was saved as John walked into the lobby and pulled Gigi aside. He reminded her that she wasn't supposed to leave the room. He didn't want people to know she was there. John took Gigi and Shane back up to his apartment, and Roxy followed them. John told her not to go into his apartment without permission anymore.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Rex accidentally knocked over Roxy's stuffed creature, Morris, that sat on the desk. He was horrified, thinking Roxy would kill him, and ran to pick it up. Stuffed inside the body of the badger was a rolled-up piece of paper. Roxy caught him with the broken Morris. Back upstairs, Gigi yelled at Shane. She and John both told him not to go anywhere with strangers.

Shane was upstairs and bored in John's apartment. Lee went to the door outside and tried to pick the lock. Shane saw the doorknob wiggle, ran, and hid. The door opened. Shane surprised Roxy in the bathroom. They cautiously introduced themselves.

Shane mentioned his dad, and Roxy assumed he was John's son. Shane informed her that his dad was dead. Roxy guessed that Shane took after his dad. Shane said Gigi should have been back already. Roxy offered to take him downstairs to find his mom. They left John's apartment, and Lee emerged from a hiding place. He had clearly seen Shane.

Nora and Bo argued in his office at the police station. Bo told her that they shared only two areas: law enforcement and Matthew. Nora accused him of being stoic and said that whatever détente they'd had had obviously been a fraud. Nora told him he might be content to hate her for the rest of his life, but she was not content to be hated. Bo said he didn't hate her. She asked him why he had thrown her infidelity in her face. Bo regretted doing that.

Nora told Bo he'd been trying to punish her for being involved with Clint. Bo said she was the mother of his son, and he would never want to hurt her. Nora said that when Bo looked at her, he still saw her with Sam. Bo admitted he couldn't shake the memory. He just saw the woman who had disappointed him. Nora told him she had been unfaithful in order to give Bo a child. He couldn't believe that had been her only option.

Nora said he just needed to feel sorry for himself. Bo turned the tables and asked her if she would have left if he'd been the one who'd had the affair. He said she could only see what had happened from her own point of view. Nora said they had lost each other because he wouldn't give her a break. Bo told her he valued fidelity. Bo said it was a waste of time, and there was nothing more to say. Nora disagreed.

Nora said that sleeping with Sam had been a terrible error in judgment, but she needed to know if it was so unforgivable, and if so, why. Bo had forgiven many people for many bad things. He had forgiven Asa and Lindsay. Nora wanted to know why he hadn't fought for her and for their marriage. He said he had turned his back on her because he hadn't had any fight left in him.

Bo apologized for his earlier remarks and said they had a good friendship and that they were comfortable with each other most of the time. He wanted them to get along and wish each other well. He didn't want to fight. Nora didn't want to fight, either, but said they still hadn't dealt with the issue of Nora dating Clint. Bo said it was hard to get adjusted to seeing her with Clint. She asked if that was why he kept trying to sabotage the relationship. He hoped they'd be happy together.

Nora thanked Bo, who had one request. Bo wanted to talk to Matthew about everything together. Lindsay burst in, ruining the moment. Nora left but talked to herself in the hallway, telling herself she had made the right decision about Bo.

Starr asked Blair if she was supposed to pick up Dorian at the airport or if Blair was lying to her, too. Dorian's flight was delayed, but Blair wanted to know why Starr had an attitude. Starr said she had gotten her heart trampled because Cole and Langston had both lied to her, and she had seen them hanging out together. Blair tried to calm Starr down and get the whole story. Starr hadn't confronted Cole and Langston because she already knew what was going on.

Blair didn't think Cole and Langston were seeing each other behind Starr's back. Starr was mad about being lied to. Starr thought it was because they had both lost parents, and they couldn't talk to Starr about it. She felt jealous and left out. Blair comforted her by telling her that Todd had had trouble talking about his childhood, and Blair had thought it had been her fault. But she had given him time, and Todd had been able to open up.

Langston and Cole were at the diner, planning Starr's party at Ultra Violet. Langston teased Cole about not dancing. They made a plan: Langston would teach Cole how to dance. Cole joked that he'd go straight to Broadway. He joked that if the critics didn't give him rave reviews then there was always his mom, who was his biggest fan. Then he remembered his mother was dead. Langston told him the same thing happened to her, and she took his hand. There was an intense moment then they let each other go.

Clint arrived at the diner, and Lindsay made a joke that he was not wearing his salad anymore. He apologized for his behavior, and she said it had all been Nora's fault. Clint asked her pointedly if Lindsay was the innocent party as usual. Clint said none of it would happen again. Lindsay asked why he was dating Nora, as they made an unlikely couple.

Clint defended his relationship with Nora, saying it just felt right. Lindsay wondered why Nora couldn't let go of her anger toward Lindsay. Clint saw through it and asked if Lindsay just wanted Nora to stop trying to prove Lindsay had faked a mental breakdown. They argued over Bo, and Lindsay insisted that her breakdown was real. She said Clint was being insensitive. She left upset.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Talia pulled a car over for speeding in Cherrydale, making sure to call in the license plate numbers. It was Antonio, who'd put a lot into researching Talia's schedule so that they could meet and spend some time together. She had bad news, though; she was pulling a double shift to cover for someone else and would be working until 6:00 a.m. the next day. He had to be back in Llanview for his own shift at the same time. "Nice hanging out with you for these two minutes," she told him.

Talia agreed to administer a sobriety test at Antonio's request. "I'm under the influence of you, " he said, putting his arms around her and kissing her. He took it a step further and asked her to arrest him for resisting arrest so that they could spend even more time together. She thought he'd gone to a lot of trouble to see her, but she agreed, frisked him, and put on the handcuffs. She tried to read him his rights, but he stopped her. He already knew them.

Blair tried to calm down a howling Sam but wasn't very successful. She promised him that things would get better. Dorian and Charlie arrived home, and Dorian asked about Charlie's meeting with Jared. He thought it was too late to be a father and that he should just walk away. Dorian didn't believe that Charlie should take such a major step, and she was sure that Jared really cared about him. She didn't want Charlie to surrender and wanted to help him fix things.

Blair walked through the kitchen where Charlie and Dorian were, looking for a cookie to help quiet the baby. Dorian voiced her disapproval, but Charlie quickly defended Blair. He even played with Sam and helped to distract the baby from his crying. Dorian took Blair aside and warned her that Todd would be banished from the house if he made any more moves like he had with Rex when he'd held Rex over the stove burner. Blair didn't feel sorry for Rex and advised her aunt that she would leave if Todd did, since she was married to him. Dorian wondered how long the marriage would last "this time."

An indignant Blair grabbed the baby and stalked off. Dorian praised Charlie for his handling of Sam and pleaded with him not to give up on his own son. She recommended an A.A. meeting in town that he could go to, that her former husband had attended. She said she would like to honor his memory by getting Charlie and Jared back together. He again told her that he didn't want her help.

Lee went to see Todd and realized that John had paid a visit to Todd and threatened him. Todd said that he didn't have a choice; he either helped Marcie or went to jail. Lee thought that John was just setting Todd up to go to jail anyway and that he did have a choice, since they were in it together. He could guarantee Gigi's silence by eliminating her, and he wanted Todd to go along. They didn't want her testifying for Marcie or letting it be known that they had kidnapped her. He would also be able to return to the FBI.

Blair interrupted Lee and Todd when she wanted to know why Lee was in their house. Todd claimed to owe him money; she wanted him paid and gone. She was angry about him firing his gun at Marcie while she had held the baby. Lee told her it had been accidental. When she walked off, he got back to Todd, trying to get Todd accept the plan of getting rid of Gigi. He would wait for a while outside for Todd to make up his mind. When Todd went outside, he suggested that the former FBI agent leave town. Todd wanted Lee away from his family.

At the hotel, Roxy and Rex fought over the piece of paper that he had found in her stuffed animal, Morris. Michael stopped on his way upstairs and said that he would be cleaning out everything that had belonged to Tommy and would donate it to charity before Marcie got home -- if she did. He wondered how his son was doing. Rex mentioned that he had seen the baby the night that Todd had manhandled Rex, and the baby had been doing fine.

In response to Michael's reaction, Rex reassured him that Blair had removed the baby from the room before the incident had occurred. He added that the baby would be great because of Michael and Marcie. Roxy tried to leave with Michael, but Rex prevented her from doing so. He hurt her feelings when he told her that if she didn't divulge his real father's name, he would never see her again, she could give up the tacky dress she had bought for his wedding, and she would never do Adriana's hair. He was a "big boy now," he told her, and he was after the truth.

"Wally's not your father. It's Charlie Balsom," Roxy blurted out. She proceeded to tell him that he had arrived home with Wally one night, drunk, and they'd had a one-night stand. She knew Rex wasn't Wally's because he hadn't touched her in a very long time. She assured Rex that Charlie didn't know about Rex's existence. Rex was amazed and shocked. He told Roxy how Charlie had saved his life the night that Todd had been trying to harm him. He was anxious to share the news with Charlie, but Roxy didn't think it was wise. She would prefer to keep it between the two of them.

Upstairs in John's apartment, Shane promised not to leave again without Gigi. John told Gigi that he had visited Todd and given him some options, and he had really enjoyed seeing Todd squirm. He asked if she had a problem with Rex because she should let him know if it happened again. She divulged that she had not only attended school with Rex but had dated him as well.

Michael stopped by with the dinner that John had ordered, having seen the delivery boy wandering around. John revealed that his plan to help Marcie was progressing. Shane found the dartboard that Marty had made for John before she died. It had Todd's picture as the bull's-eye. Shane asked many questions about who had given the gift, and Gigi finally sent him on an errand to the other room. John admitted that it was still difficult to talk about Marty. After thinking about it for a few minutes, Rex decided not to talk to Charlie, but he was glad that Roxy had finally been honest with him.

Roxy went to La Boulaie to see Charlie. She told him she needed his help, and it was a matter of life and death.

Friday, February 1, 2008

At the apartment, John told Gigi about Ramsey's involvement in Marty's death. John attempted to convince Gigi that Ramsey should be a major concern to her, not Rex. After John explained his feelings over losing Marty, Gigi remarked she could never imagine how she would feel if someone she loved were killed. Shane overheard his mother's confession and questioned whether she had loved his father. John had a heartfelt talk with Shane about losing his own father as a child.

After Shane left the room, John asked Gigi if she had told Rex to keep her living arrangements to himself. Gigi said Rex had been told that no one was to know that she was staying at John's apartment. She also told him that Rex had no idea she had a son, and Gigi would like to keep it that way. John agreed that it was best Rex knew very little about what was going on. He told Gigi that they could not risk Ramsey finding out her whereabouts.

While visiting Bo at the police station, Rex told Bo that his life was over. When Rex began to reveal the reason for his visit, Adriana burst into the office and told Bo that Rex was in serious trouble. As Rex listened, Adriana informed Bo that Todd had nearly killed Rex. Moments later, Rex received a call concerning an emergency at Ultra Violet, and he left.

Left alone with Adriana, Bo admitted to knowing the truth about Rex keeping Sam's true identity from Todd. Adriana begged Bo to intervene. Bo warned Adriana that if Todd's hand were forced, he might do everything he could to put Rex behind bars. Bo offered to talk with Rex and warn him that it would be in his best interest to leave Todd alone. Adriana thanked Bo for protecting Rex. Bo told Adriana that he would do anything to protect Rex because Rex was like a son to him.

At La Boulaie, Roxy visited Charlie and told him she needed to discuss a life-and-death matter with him. Charlie was flabbergasted when Roxy asked him to pretend to be Rex's father. Roxy refused to tell Charlie why she needed his help but revealed Rex had already been told that Charlie was his father. Charlie told Roxy he could not become involved in her scheme. Roxy begged Charlie to reconsider and told him he had no idea what it was like to have a child hate him.

Charlie tried to convince Roxy that Rex would uncover the truth. As Roxy told Charlie about her past relationships with men, he felt compassion for her but still refused to help. Charlie felt it would be unfair to lie to Rex. Roxy pleaded with Charlie to help her and even offered to give him her hotel. Roxy asked Charlie to consider her request and told him that she would lose Rex forever if he ever learned the truth. Once Roxy left, Charlie sat deep in thought.

At the Buchanan mansion, Nora and Clint informed Jared he was being evicted because he'd had Jessica committed to St. Ann's. As Nora gave Jared one hour to pack his belongings and leave, Dorian entered the room. Dorian requested an interview with Jared to discuss his new role as a Buchanan. Both Clint and Nora were disgusted by Dorian's terrible timing and asked her to leave immediately. Jared told Clint and Nora he was not the only one to blame for Jessica's problems and reminded them that Nash had signed the papers to have her committed.

Clint told Jared that both his daughters had been through hell since Jared had arrived in Llanview. While Dorian looked on as Jared argued with Clint and Nora, Rene entered the room and demanded to know why Jared was being asked to leave. Rene appeared a bit startled at the revelation of Jared having Jessica committed but took Jared's side after he explained his reasons. Rene threatened to leave the mansion if Jared was forced out.

After Rene's ultimatum, Clint and Nora allowed Jared to remain at the mansion. Before leaving, Nora warned Jared that he would have an uncomfortable time as long as he remained at the mansion. Left alone with Jared, Dorian admitted that she was a friend of Charlie's and would like for Jared to consider forgiving him. When Jared refused, Dorian told him that Charlie deserved a second chance from his son.

At Llanfair, Viki and Nash watched lovingly as Natalie fed Bree. Nash was concerned because Bree missed her mother. Viki reminded Nash of Jessica's decision to remain at St. Ann's. Both Nash and Viki realized Jessica had had a reason for refusing to leave the institution but had no idea what it was. As the family discussed Jessica, Miles arrived and was surprised to learn his niece was at St. Ann's.

Everyone was stunned when Addie entered the room, dressed as a chef, and inquired about what was going on. Addie mentioned that La Boulaie had become overcrowded; she told Viki about the residents, including a handsome stranger who Dorian had taken in. Addie thanked Viki for being so kind to Blair throughout the years. Viki was delighted to see Addie and told of her plans to visit Blair and Sam at La Boulaie.

When told that baby Sam was a night owl, Viki stated she would stop by and see her nephew that night. Nash expressed his concern for Jessica being at St. Ann's, but Addie comforted him. She told him that St. Ann's had been her home for many years, and Jessica was safe there.

Meanwhile, Jessica played a game of chess with Allison. Jessica questioned Allison about Allison's comments concerning a Buchanan family secret. Allison made a point of telling Jessica about her family's past problems. Allison teased Jessica about her and Viki's mental health battles and the turbulent relationship she and Natalie had once shared. When Allison referred to Jessica as Tess, Jessica admitted she suffered with a mental disorder but told Allison that part of her life was over. Allison continued to taunt Jessica. Fed up, Jessica demanded to know Allison's secret about her family.

While Gigi and Shane were left alone in the apartment, there was a knock at the door. Standing on the other side of the door, Adriana heard Shane call Gigi "Mom." Adriana told Gigi her name and remarked about the little boy's comment. Gigi opened the door and told Adriana that Shane was her son. Adriana was stunned.

As Charlie sat and replayed Roxy's pleas in his mind, Rex stood on the other side of the door. Rex attempted to knock, but he began to hear Roxy's voice beg him to leave the situation alone. Rex walked away. Seconds later, the doorbell rang. Charlie opened the door, and Viki stood there. Both Viki and Charlie were in complete shock. Meanwhile, Rex visited Bo again and said he needed advice concerning his father.

Miles told Natalie that he still felt uncomfortable around Viki because of the trouble he had caused. Nash and Natalie told Miles that Mitch Laurence had caused the Buchanan family problems, not Miles. Natalie reflected on how successful her family had been at getting past all the heartbreak. Natalie told Nash that she and Jessica never thought about the fact that they had different fathers. Nash added that Jessica considered Clint her father in every way.

Back at St. Ann's, Allison told Jessica the secret concerned her father. When Jessica assumed Allison was referring to Clint, Allison informed Jessica she was speaking of Jessica's real father -- the great Mitch Laurence. Jessica told Allison that Mitch was dead and could no longer hurt anyone. Allison told Jessica that Mitch might be dead, but the secret hadn't died with him; it was very much alive.

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