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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 4, 2008 on GL
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Monday, February 4, 2008

As Marina and Mallet lean in to kiss again, Marina admits it has to do with Cyrus, but not entirely. Just as Marina and Mallet hold hands, Frank walks up. The two cover, but then they realize maybe this date just wasn't meant to be. Dinah tells Mallet she learned good news from her doctor, and wanted to share it with him. Harley admits she doesn't want Cyrus to leave and he kisses her passionately. Dinah walks in on Harley and Cyrus in a state of undress, and promises not to say a word. Harley tells Dinah just how badly she wishes Marina weren't in love with Cyrus. When Frank tells Harley about his encounter with Marina and Mallet she becomes very hopeful that they might have been on a date. Marina tells Cyrus she doesn't want him to leave and goes in to kiss him, as his eyes fall on his ringing phone from Harley. Lizzie asks Jon if there's ever a chance the three could be a real family. Jon says he could never love another woman like he loved Tammy, but there just may be a shot they could be a family. Jon wants Lizzie to leave town with him and Sarah and she finally agrees. But later, Billy asks Jon to stick around and they can all fight Alan, together. Ava calls Bill for a hook-up and the two begin to make love. Bill tries to distract himself from thinking of Lizzie, when she stops by to say goodbye to Bill. Just as Lizzie and Bill seem to genuinely share their feelings, Ava pops up in a towel. She learns that Jon and Sarah are alive, but Lizzie insists she keep the secret from Alan. Later, Lizzie, torn, seems to be rethinking her decision to leave town but seems assured by Jon's presence, and they pack together.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lillian brings coats to Josh for the church's coat drive. She asks how RJ is doing after what happened at the park. Josh realizes that Lillian saw what happened. He questions her about what she saw, and asks where Will was during the incident. Lillian says that Will was just standing there, and makes a comment about how brave he was. When Josh wonders why Will didn't try to help RJ, Lillian explains that she sees people at the hospital who are paralyzed with fear and believes this is what happened in Will's case. Josh ends the conversation there, but has a better idea about what happened that day.

Will comes home from school after calling Cassie and telling her that he isn't feeling good. Just as Cassie is about to snuggle with him on the couch, the principal knocks on the door. He tells her that the psychologist that Cassie hired to evaluate Will contacted him and advised the principal that Will needs professional counseling. He adds that according to the report, Will is a danger to others, so Will is suspended until the principal has evidence that the problem has been solved.

Josh arrives unexpectedly at the farmhouse and Cassie angrily explains that Will got suspended from school. When Josh asks why, Cassie tells him it was the psychologist's suggestion, one Cassie disagrees with. Josh tries to get Cassie to tell him about what happened at the train tracks, but Cassie insists it was an accident, even though she knows that's not true. Josh tries to convince her to get serious help for Will, but Cassie continues to believe that she can help him. While Cassie is in another room, Josh takes Will to the school for troubled kids and plans to leave him there.

At the school, Will is angry that Josh wants to leave him there and says he wants his mom. Josh tries to tell him that both he and Cassie love him, but that the school will help him handle his anger. Josh gets a call and leaves. The teacher talks to Will, and then she leaves the room as well. While Will is alone, Cassie sneaks in and tells him she's taking him home, and hugs him.

Billy meets with Bill, reminds him that Jonathan and Lizzie are family, and tries to get him to rally around Jonathan and Lizzie in the fight against Alan. Bill tries to bargain by suggesting that he run the family business and not Dylan. When Billy brushes him off by saying, "we'll see," Bill reads between the lines and knows that Billy has no intention of granting Bill's request. Bill defiantly says that fighting Alan is not his fight, and he thinks he can do business with Alan. After he says this, he turns and leaves.

Bill arrives at Ava's door. She wasn't expecting him since he said he would be busy, but answers the door wearing lingerie. Bill starts kissing her right away, and his tone reveals he's on a mission to forget about other things, like Lizzie. After sex, they talk about business. Bill hints that he could consider working with Alan. Ava tells him that the timing is bad, because when Alan comes home from his trip and finds out about Sarah, his focus will be there and not on business. Then Bill suggests that Ava not tell Alan about Sarah, because it would cause problems. Ava replies, "So what?" and Bill seems to take that same attitude so that she won't think he cares for Lizzie too much.

Mayor Doris Wolfe wants Jeffrey to prosecute Jonathan for kidnapping Sarah. Later, Reva goes to Jeffrey's office. When he greets her with no enthusiasm, she asks what wrong. He tells her that Doris wants him to prosecute Jonathan. Reva rubs his shoulders and states that surely he can help Jonathan by getting charges reduced or maybe even dropped. Jeffrey snaps back that what Jonathan did was very wrong and that he should receive some punishment. Jeffrey also seems a bit upset that Reva would ask him to do that. Through further conversation, he reveals that he thinks Reva is taking advantage of and using their relationship to help her family.

Jonathan and Lizzie pack to leave Springfield with Sarah before Alan gets back into town. Reva knocks on the door, and the couple hides the suitcases so that Reva won't know that they are planning to leave. Reva says she stopped by to see Lizzie to smooth things over after Lizzie pressed charges against Reva for kidnapping Sarah. Lizzie says that she dropped the charges, but that she still has words for Reva. Lizzie yells at Reva for lying about Sarah's 'death' for so long. In the end, the situation calms down and Reva invites Jonathan and Lizzie to dinner. They accept, with some hesitancy. Jonathan's plan was to not show up and leave town with Sarah. Reva leaves thinking they will come to dinner later.

Jonathan and Lizzie make plans to cover their tracks when they leave. Then Jonathan hands her a passport with a new name. Lizzie is sad that she will never see her family again. Jonathan then hands her a wedding band saying that the fake passport says she's married. Next he shows her a map and points to where he plans to take her and Sarah-to Canada. She isn't thrilled and asks if he could at least settle into a neighborhood where she could meet other mothers. He tells her that isn't a good idea because the more comfortable she gets with neighbors, the easier for their secrets to come out.

They leave for the Bauer cabin before they continue their plans to leave the area. Lizzie again talks about how sad it is to leave everyone forever. She mentions how she'll never see her little sister, Beth's baby. Shortly after they arrive, Reva, Jeffrey, Josh, and Billy show up to try to convince Jonathan and Lizzie to stay and let the whole family help them fight Alan. A short while later, Bill arrives, and notes loudly how the family decided to leave him out of this. Billy said he tried but that Bill didn't want to be a part of it. Bill says that he only came by to check on Lizzie and Sarah. As he asks Lizzie how she's doing, he notices the ring on her finger, and is clearly not happy to think that Jonathan and Lizzie got married. She explains the plan to everyone there. Eventually, Jonathan and Lizzie agree to stay in Springfield. As everyone is talking, Jonathan says that he'll take some more things to the car and walks outside. He calls US Customs and gives them positive information about Alan, and adds that Alan should be released.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

High Stakes

The Cooper family settles down to poker night at Company. Buzz notices Marina is missing. Harley thinks she's on a date. Buzz wonders how that's possible when she just broke up with Cyrus. After a short while, Marina and Cyrus show up. The family is surprised to see them. The two explain that they had a stupid fight, but they realize that they are happier together than apart. The family makes room for them at the table. Harley tries to cover her disappointment that Cyrus and Marina are together.

Throughout the game, Marina and Harley throw comments with double meanings back and forth across the table. Meanwhile, the crew learns that Ashlee knows a lot more about poker than she let on at first. Toward the end of the game, emotions become heated between Harley and Marina. Finally Harley folds her hand and abruptly leaves the game to go meet Daisy.

Cyrus attempts to apologize to Buzz for causing problems in his family. Buzz tells Cyrus that he has two wonderful women in love with him. Buzz urges Cyrus to solve this issue immediately. Cyrus takes Marina outside and asks her to go to France with him. He revives the dream of living in the French farmhouse. Marina contemplates going, but she thinks maybe Cyrus is running away from something. He assures her that it's just about the two of them. Marina asks for one night to think about it.

Harley meets Daisy at the nail salon. As she and Daisy discuss whether or not to get makeovers, Harley discovers a new dress in Daisy's bag. Daisy reluctantly admits that she bought it to wear to Gus's wedding. Harley looks sickened. Daisy feels guilty, but Harley pretends it's no big deal. Harley says that she has a date the night of the wedding. She tells her daughter how much fun it is to be single and dating. Gus has moved on and Harley vows that she is moving on as well.

The next day, Cyrus goes to Marina's to learn that she has decided to go to France. Cyrus has bought the house and their plane tickets for that night.

Meanwhile, Harley puts on a sexy dress and decides to call one of the clients that Frank had referred to her. Preston, the client, thinks it's about the case, but Harley tries to make it a date. As she tries to get personal, he wonders why she dragged him down to Company. Gus approaches and asks if he can speak to her. The meeting ends and Preston seems glad to leave. Harley notes that Gus has his tuxedo for his wedding later in the day. She thanks him for saving her from the disaster at the table, and claims that her client was all over her. Gus thinks she could have handled the guy. Harley boasts that she can handle any man-she just can't keep one for very long.

On Main Street, Dinah approaches Cyrus to tell him how stupid he's being for leaving for France with Marina. She apparently ran into Marina and almost threw up listening to Marina go on and on about the French farmhouse. Dinah presses Cyrus about Harley. Cyrus affirms that he wants Marina. He claims that Marina is fun and easy. She doesn't have a bunch of kids and exes. Dinah continues to dismiss his excuses until he finally admits that he can't be what Harley wants him to be. He doesn't even know what to do with a woman like Harley. He's used to women who can pick up and leave. Dinah thinks that he likes women that he can pick up and leave. Marina is just a much lighter version of Harley. Dinah wonders why he'd go with the lighter version when he could have the real thing. Cyrus asks her why she isn't with her real thing, Mallet, and then leaves.

Gus and Harley enter the church. Gus wonders why Harley would want to go there. He worries about Harley because she's so quiet and she's not trying to destroy the church. Harley says that she isn't angry any more. She has come to believe that it's possible two people can feel that they are meant to be, but then someone else comes along who might be a better match. Gus wonders if her new way of thinking comes from being trapped in that building. Almost dying made her more enlightened. Harley is hopeful, believing that a higher power might keep drawing certain people together for a specific purpose. Gus tells her not to worry about Marina. Harley glances curiously, wondering what he means. Gus saw Marina giving her notice at the station. He tells Harley that Marina and Cyrus are headed for France that night.

Back at Company, Marina and Cyrus say their goodbyes to the family. Coop and Frank are not overjoyed about the news, however, Frank tells his daughter that he's happy for her. He doesn't like it, but she is grown enough to make her own choices. Meanwhile, Buzz congratulates Cyrus on making a choice. Harley finally rushes into Company. Marina turns around and gleefully announces that she's glad Harley has arrived.

Marina announces the trip to France and Mallet wrangles Harley into making a toast. Harley grips the tablecloth. She struggles through her toast, telling Marina and Cyrus that, if they have found what they love, they should hold onto it. As everyone toasts, Harley slips out the side door. Marina and Cyrus prepare to leave. Frank offers to take them to the airport. Cyrus says he needs to get their bags and he'll meet Marina and Frank at the airport.

Later, as Harley panics in her bedroom, Cyrus breaks into the house to see if she is okay. She tells him that she doesn't want his help. She wants him to get out. Meanwhile, Dinah shows up at Company to talk to Mallet. He says that he's in the middle of something, but Marina urges him to talk to Dinah. Frank gives Mallet a police call to handle. Once Frank leaves, Marina offers to take the call. Mallet reminds Marina that she already quit the force. Marina wants to take the call so that Mallet can work things out with Dinah.

Back at Harley's, Cyrus tries to help Harley calm down. Harley tells him that he isn't there because he wants her-he's there because he feels sorry for her. Harley says that he is humiliating her. She tells him that she doesn't want his explanations. It makes the situation worse for her. Harley urges him to go and get on the plane. She tells him that he needs to be with the woman he loves. Cyrus replies, "I am."

At CO2, Dinah asks Mallet if they can stop the divorce. She feels she is getting better and clearer. She understands now that leaving him at first was about the injury and not about being Mallet's wife. She admits she still loves him. Suddenly a uniformed officer rushes up and announces that there is trouble with Marina. Mallet hurries off with him, leaving Dinah without an answer.

Meanwhile, Cyrus admits to Harley that, even as he packed his bags, he realized that he couldn't leave Harley behind. He knows now what he wants. He admits he wants Harley. They kiss and start to make love.

Meanwhile, an unknown man pulls a gun on Marina, throws her to the ground, and takes off in a car.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Gus and Rafe are in the church preparing for the wedding. Rafe sees Gus's cell phone while he looking for the wedding rings. He notices several missed calls from Olivia and asks Gus if he loves Natalia. He reassures Rafe that he is just helping Olivia with some legal things that are confidential and that he loves Natalia. Then he says he has to go to call Josh. Later, Natalia arrives at the church and see Rafe and Gus looking like they are up to something. Gus tells her that he called Josh and Josh said he would come to the church and marry them today, in church rather than getting married at city hall. Even though it's not a Catholic church, Natalia loves the idea. He also tells her that he took a favorite old ring of hers and had it made into a new ring by adding diamonds. Natalia loves his thoughtful surprise.

Natalia knocks on Olivia's door. Olivia opens it thinking it's Gus, and doesn't hide her disappointment when she sees Natalia. Natalia says that she's there to bring her chicken soup, and to inform her that she and Gus are getting married today. Before she leaves, she joyfully rubs it in that she is leaving to marry Gus now. Later, Ava brings Emma back home, and then talks to Olivia privately. Olivia expresses that she doesn't want Gus to get married. Ava tries to shift her focus by saying that she wants as much time with Olivia as she can get, and doesn't want Olivia's time to be shortened by stressing over Gus and his wedding top Natalia. Olivia explains that when she's with Gus, she forgets that she is sick, and that he might not be her future but he is good for her right now. Hearing that Gus helps Olivia to have a precious few good moments, Ava encourages Olivia to go get him.

Gus and Natalia are sharing a last visit before the wedding. They are each saying how they waited so long for this day to come. Natalia says that for many years she prayed but when nothing happened, she didn't think God was listening but now she knows He was. They part ways to prepare for the wedding.

Olivia, now at the Bauer cabin, calls Gus and leaves a message that she isn't feeling good and asks him to come to where she is. Later, Olivia hears a car pull up. When she hears a knock at the door, she opens it and says, "Gus". What she finds is Natalia on the other side of the door saying, "Didn't anyone ever tell you not to mess with a bride on her wedding day?"

Harley and Cyrus give in to their feelings and make love in Harley's bedroom. Afterwards, they cuddle and express how happy they both are. Cyrus suddenly realizes that he was due to meet Marina and rushes to get dressed. He tells Harley that he needs to meet Marina and call the trip off. He also says that he thinks it's best if they tell her about their new relationship.

Harley goes back to the beauty shop and gives a lame reason for why she is there, saying that she want her nails done again. Ruby, the nail technician, notices her smile and asks questions, which begins a conversation about Cyrus. Harley eventually confides that she isn't sure what he will ultimately decide to tell Marina, fearing that once Cyrus sees Marina gain that he might change his mind.

Cyrus returns to Harley's house with a not-so-happy look on his face. Harley is excited to see Gus, but she quickly can tell that he didn't say anything to Marina. Cyrus tells Harley about Marina's experience, and Harley shows immediate concern for Marina. She then realizes that while she and Cyrus were in bed together, Marina was laying in a field where she could have died. Harley states that she and Cyrus are bad, bad, people.

Mallet rushes to Marina after being informed about a distress call from her. He finds her unconscious in a field. He tries, but is unable to wake her. He sees her cell phone on the ground nearby, and uses it to call for an ambulance. He calls again later, shouting that it's been 10 minutes since his last call. Marina speaks with a weak voice saying, "You don't have to yell." Mallet discovers that her knee is badly hurt but that she is otherwise fine. Marina says that her head feels fine and that she probably passed out from the pain. She tries to walk to the car, but even with Mallet's assistance, she can't. He picks her up and carries her to his car. She asks him to call Cyrus and tell him to meet her at the hospital.

At the hospital, Marina gets an unofficial diagnosis of a torn ACL and realizes that she will need surgery to correct it. This also means that she can't fly to France with Cyrus as they had planned. Cyrus rushes in to see Marina, and Mallet leaves, giving them a chance to talk privately. Marina tells Cyrus that she can't go to France now. She then tells him how her life flashed before her eyes when the drug dealer held a gun to her head, and that the only thing that she saw was Cyrus. She says that she is more sure than ever that he is the one for her, and that she is so glad that she didn't break up with him.

Cyrus returns to the hospital to help Marina. Soon after, Harley also arrives to check on her. Marina tells them both how she is happy she is that they are in her life. She tells them that she loves them. Then she asks Harley if she could watch a 'chick flick' with her. Harley responds that she'll get the popcorn.

Dinah enters the diner and sees Matt. She gives him an update on her improved cognitive abilities, and then tells him that her main focus right now is re-establishing a relationship with Mallet. Matt reminds her that she and Mallet signed divorce papers and that a relationship now may be a little far fetched. Dinah tries to convince Matt that she and Mallet have a pattern of breaking up and making up, and that this makes her confidant in knowing that things will work out with them once again. Later, Dinah sees Mallet at the diner just after he checked his cell phone and noticed that Marina did try to call him but he missed the calls. He is puzzled as to why his phone was turned off because he never turns his phone off. Then he asks Dinah if she did it, because he thinks it happened when they were talking. She admits that she did, and Mallet is furious with her, telling her it almost cost Marina her life. She explains that she wanted to talk to him about getting back together, and that she is sorry about how it turned out. He ends the conversation by saying that if she really wants to show that she's changed, she can think of how she almost caused Marina to have to go through what Dinah did when she got shot.

Friday, February 8, 2008


Natalia arrives at the Bauer cabin to inform Olivia that Gus is not coming. After noting how much care Olivia put into her hair and makeup, Natalia tells Olivia that she heard the message Olivia left for Gus. She insists that Olivia will not ruin her day, and that she is getting married and her son is gaining his father. Growing short of breath, Olivia accuses Natalia of living in the past. As Natalia talks about how she has tried to be a friend to Olivia, Olivia suddenly smiles and mutters that she is so much better than she thought. Olivia knows that she is more of a threat to Natalia than she realized. Natalia asks Olivia why she is after Gus, a man who is not in love with her. Olivia states that it is because Gus is not in love with Natalia either and Natalia must realize that or she would not be here on her wedding day. Olivia explains that Gus makes her feel lucky, like nothing terrible could happen to her. He makes her feel charmed. Natalia tells her to feel charmed from a distance. When Olivia states that Natalia cannot stop her from going after Gus, Natalia pushes Olivia into the bathroom with her pills and locks the door. Still out of breath, Olivia struggles to find a way out. Olivia daydreams that she gets Natalia's heart then marries Gus. Olivia's beeper goes off. It is the heart bank telling her that a heart is available. Olivia frantically yells for help since she knows she only has an hour to respond or she will lose the heart.

Gus is getting ready at the church when Lizzie arrives. Lizzie informs Gus that she and Jonathan are staying in town to stand up to Alan. Lizzie asks if the custody suit against Jonathan can be dropped. Gus states that it can but "not today;" he is getting married. As Gus asks Lizzie to stick around for his wedding, Alan calls him to tell him his passport problem is taken care of. He will be home that night. Lizzie overhears and quietly tells Gus that they are not ready yet and asks Gus to make Alan stay. Gus quickly tells Alan that he is getting married and asks if he and Natalia can spend time with him at San Gabriel on their honeymoon. Alan says no and tells Gus to call him when his divorce is final. When Gus ends the call, Lizzie can tell by the look on Gus's face that Alan is coming.

Natalia rushes into the church and comes across Rafe. Out of breath, Natalia mentions that they will need to go to the cabin later since she locked Olivia in the bathroom. Rafe is impressed. Later, the ceremony begins with Josh officiating. As Natalia walks down the aisle alone, Rafe, already serving as best man, rushes over to give her away. When Gus sees her he notes that he wishes her parents were alive to see this. He states that they would be very proud of the woman she has become. After they exchange traditional vows, Gus reads from something he has written. Gus talks about how he always thought he would come back to her, his high school sweetheart, someday when it was safe. He starts to talk about how she was his best friend and his family but he has trouble reading his own handwriting and forgoes what he has written. He tells her that he really loved her back then, almost as much as he loves her now. Gus promises to protect her in a way he was not able to before. Natalia tells Gus that he is the only man she has ever wanted. She states that she waited for him and even when she stopped waiting she compared every man she ever met to him. Natalia states that she is glad she waited. She is glad that she had his son. They embrace and after they exchange rings they are officially man and wife.

As Bill is entering his room, Jonathan confronts him. Jonathan tells Bill to stay out of his and Lizzie's faces since he needs to focus on Alan. Bill replies that he does not like or trust Jonathan and asks how he knows that Jonathan will not take off with Sarah again-without Lizzie. Jonathan replies that he does not. His main concern is protecting Sarah from Alan and he will do whatever it takes. Bill tells Jonathan that Lizzie cannot survive losing Sarah again but Jonathan does not seem to care. Jonathan dismisses Bill by saying that he has to take care of Alan. When Bill asks what happens after that, Jonathan states that there is no after that. Later, Lizzie arrives and warns Jonathan that Alan is coming back that night. Lizzie starts freaking out about how they should have left earlier but Jonathan tells her that they need to stay and make a stand. He says that is what Tammy would want. Jonathan tells Lizzie to go to Gus's wedding with Sarah. He will meet them at the church later since he has an errand to run. Jonathan tells Lizzie that she will be a good mom and states that Sarah will be with her all the time from now on. He says that Sarah will need her now more than ever.

As Remy is entering his room, Jonathan sneaks up on him. Jonathan tells Remy how much he appreciated Remy beating up the guy who killed Tammy. Jonathan then asks for a favor-he needs an unregistered gun. Remy realizes that Jonathan is going after Alan. He states that he does not think it is a good plan but he would probably do the same thing. Remy agrees to do it for Tammy, not for Jonathan. Later, Jonathan is outside the church talking to "Tammy." She urges Jonathan to forgive Alan for Sarah's sake but Jonathan states that he cannot do that. "Tammy" asks how it will end. Jonathan states that either he kills Alan or, if Alan gets to him first, Jonathan will be with her. Either way, Jonathan wins.

In San Gabriel, Alexandra sees Alan packing and accuses him of leaving just because Gus is marrying Natalia-he didn't really think she would leave Gus for him, did he? Alan insists that he merely has to get home. Alex states that she never thought Alan wanted Natalia that much to begin with. Suddenly, Alex brings up Beth and asks when Alan is going to let her go. Alan replies as soon he is convinced she is ready to let him go. Alex suggests that he stay on the island for a while longer with her so he does not have to be there when Beth gives birth. She then asks if Alan ever told Beth he loved her. Alan states that he offered her his empire but Alexandra says that sometimes a woman wants love rather than money. When Alan ask why everyone always leaves him, Alex replies that it is because he chases them away. Alan complains that he used to run a huge corporation and had a family, but he has lost everything. After failing again to get Alan to stay on the island with her, Alex leaves.

Suddenly, Bill enters and tells Alan that he can get it all back-his family, his future, and his great-granddaughter. Alan starts to throw Bill since he knows that Lizzie is not pregnant. Bill tells him that is not it. Bill tells Alan that Jonathan Randall is alive. Bill saw him at Tammy's memorial and he was with a little girl named Sarah. Bill tells him that Sarah is now back in Lizzie's arms. Alan's joy at getting a second chance turns to anger and he promises to make Jonathan pay. Alan states that Jonathan does not deserve to breathe. Bill tells Alan he can do whatever he wants to Jonathan but asks him to leave Lizzie and Sarah alone or else Alan will have to come through Bill. When Alan asks his intentions, Bill states that Lizzie has grown on him. He insists that he would not hurt Lizzie. He wants to protect her from Jonathan. Alan asks Bill what his angle is and Bill notes that Alan will owe him a favor. After all, they do share business associates. Bill promises Alan that he can be a part of Sarah's life. After telling Alan again that he does not care what happens to Jonathan, Bill states that no one can know that Bill was the one who came to him about Sarah. Alan agrees and they shake on it. Bill then leaves.

Later, as Alan is ready to leave for home, Beth rushes in and says that she needs to tell him something. Alan is surprised that Beth flew down and states that he already knows that Jonathan and Sarah are alive and nothing will stop him from seeing his granddaughter. With her back to him, Beth slips off her wedding ring and tells Alan that she left Rick.

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