Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on GL

Marina and Cyrus broke up. Cyrus connected with Harley, and Marina connected with Mallet. Jonathan and Lizzie agreed to raise Sarah together after both attempted kidnapping the girl. Cassie was in denial about how serious Will's issues were.
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on GL
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Monday, January 28, 2008

To prevent Alan from seeing Sarah, Reva knocked him out with the car's hood. Reva ran into the church with Sarah, looking for Jonathan. As soon as Josh walked in, he recognized the baby. Reva told Josh everything, and he promised to keep her secret. Reva and Josh agreed to try to convince Jonathan to stay in Springfield with Sarah and fight Alan with his family's support. Jonathan saw Josh and was about to hit him over the head, but Reva stopped him, and she and Josh tried to convince Jonathan to stay, to no avail.

Later, Alan spied Sarah's doll. Rescued and dazed, Lizzie was in shock to see Jonathan alive. When Jonathan told Lizzie that he had lived, but Sarah had died in the car crash, she grew infuriated and railed at him. Bill helped Lizzie up and figured out her plan to go to the cabin and get pregnant. Lizzie pulled away from him, too focused on Sarah. Jonathan held Sarah, looking through the window, conflicted.

The judge agreed to marry Marina and Cyrus that day, but Cyrus was not thrilled with the idea. Harley realized that Marina had put Remy up to pretending to be Immigration so Cyrus would marry Marina. Marina begged Harley to not rat her out and to let her tell Cyrus on her own. After Marina told Cyrus partial truths, Harley finally was honest with Cyrus and told him she wanted to take the risk of being with him. He told her he was tired of her flip-flopping. Later, Marina arrived at home and found Cyrus' things were missing.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Reva arrived at the farmhouse. Josh answered the door and stepped outside to talk to Reva privately. He asked Reva about Jonathan's whereabouts, saying that he hoped Jonathan would decide to let Lizzie and others know that he was alive. Reva told Josh that Jonathan had never said he would do that.

Cassie joined Reva and Josh outside and asked Reva why she had stopped by. Reva answered that she thought they all might go to the memorial together. Cassie said that she had shed so many tears at Tammy's memorial that she wouldn't be going to baby Sarah's memorial then went back inside. Josh expressed to Reva that he didn't really want to perform the service for someone he knew was still alive. Reva said that she thought Jonathan might show up at the memorial with Sarah because he tended to like to make a grand entrance.

Alan arrived at the farmhouse, asking Josh if Reva had told him about how she had left an injured Alan by the side of the road. Josh noticed the doll in Alan's hand and asked if it was for the memorial service. Alan responded that he had found it near where Reva had hit him on the head with her car hood then asked Reva if it looked familiar. Reva knew that it was Sarah's but created a story and told Alan that she didn't know anything about it.

Alan told Josh that he had some "talking points" that he wanted Josh to read at the service, trying to ensure that no one took the opportunity to point fingers at anyone else. Josh said that he could mange just fine and didn't need Alan's talking points. Alan told Josh that if Josh didn't respect Alan's wishes for the private occasion, then his services would not be needed. Josh was happy to be relieved from duty and went inside.

Alan and Reva were alone. Alan said he could tell that Reva and Josh were up to something and asked what it was. Just then, Bill arrived and helped Reva get out of the moment. Alan told Reva to get a good lawyer for rendering him unconscious then sarcastically added, "Oh, that's right. You sleep with one, don't you?"

After Alan left, Bill, in his unique sassy style, told Reva that he knew there were dead people walking around Springfield and that her son looked pretty darn good to him. When Reva responded by asking him what he knew, it confirmed Bill's suspicion that Reva had known Jonathan had been alive all along. He then discovered that Josh also knew but that Cassie didn't.

Reva and Bill had a heated exchange about Jonathan -- Bill thought Jonathan should stay away, and Reva wanted Bill to stay out of it and not tell anyone that Jonathan was alive. Bill's position stemmed from a desire to protect Lizzie from being hurt by Jonathan again. Reva told Bill that she would support whatever decision Jonathan made.

Josh read a note that Cassie had left on the table that said she had taken RJ and Will to the park. At the park, Cassie left the boys to play while she went to get them some hot chocolate at a nearby concession stand. Will tried to get RJ to play soccer, but RJ wasn't interested in playing with Will and told him to go play by himself. Will taunted RJ by saying that RJ was afraid that Will might beat him in a game. RJ snapped back that he wasn't afraid of anything.

Will took the ball from RJ and tossed it. It landed on the other side of the fence, right on some railroad tracks. RJ tried to get Will to go get it, saying Will was the one who had thrown it there. Will told RJ to get it, since he was not afraid of anything. RJ realized the spot he was in to prove that he was not afraid and climbed over the fence. As he stepped inside the railroad tracks to get the ball, his foot got stuck. RJ asked Will to help him, but Will just looked at him and said nothing.

RJ heard a train approaching and told Will to go get his mother. Will heard the train whistle yet did nothing and said nothing. He just looked at RJ with a devilish grin. Cassie returned with the hot chocolate and saw RJ on the tracks. She heard RJ's cries for help and realized that he was stuck. She jumped across the fence and tried to pull him off but realized that his boot was wedged between the rails. She quickly untied his bootlaces, took his foot out of the boot, picked him up, and carried him to a safe place seconds before the train passed that same spot.

Cassie was happy that RJ was okay and hugged him. Then she scolded him for being on the tracks when he had known better. RJ told Cassie that Will had thrown his new ball on the tracks and then dared him to go get it. Then RJ said he was leaving to go home and walked away. An angry Cassie walked over to Will and scolded him for his actions while grabbing him roughly. Then she quickly stopped and hugged him, apologizing, and said they would work it out.

Cassie returned home with Will. Josh asked what had happened that had caused RJ to return home alone and missing a boot. Cassie recounted the story about what had happened at the park, downplaying the seriousness of it. But even she was shaken by it and said that she had reached a decision. Josh thought that meant that Cassie would allow Will to be placed in the special home for troubled kids.

Josh was shocked when Cassie said that she thought Josh and RJ should move out. She explained that she thought Will needed more time to deal with his issues. Josh tried to convince her that it was best left to the professionals and that the best treatment for Will would be the home for troubled kids. They argued back and forth about it.

Josh told Cassie that Jonathan and Sarah were alive and that Reva had known all along. Cassie realized why Reva hadn't mourned the same way Cassie had and why Reva hadn't wanted a memorial service for Jonathan. Cassie said she was happy that Reva hadn't lost her child.

Jonathan was in the room that he and Tammy had shared at the Beacon, looking for Sarah's doll, as he prepared to leave for the airport. Tammy's spirit appeared to him and told him that he could make things right again. She added that he knew what to do. Jonathan knew that meant letting Lizzie know that Sarah was alive, and he didn't want to do that. He was afraid of losing Sarah if Lizzie and the Spauldings found out about her.

Tammy told Jonathan that when Sarah grew up, started asking questions, and realized that Jonathan had kept Lizzie out of her life, he might lose Sarah anyway. Jonathan struggled with his thoughts but prepared to leave as planned anyway.

Lizzie was at the Spaulding mansion, standing by the egg-shaped memorial statue that Alan had created not long after Sarah's "death." Lizzie thought about Sarah and wondered aloud how difficult it would be to get through the day. Bill arrived with flowers, saying he was there to support her. Lizzie told him she didn't need his help and that she was upset, blaming him for chasing away Jonathan. Bill responded that Jonathan had left on his own and added that he thought Lizzie was better off with Jonathan gone. Lizzie told Bill to leave and then walked away.

Beth arrived without Rick. Appearing to be sincere, Alan asked her where Rick was, knowing he had arranged for Rick to be "on call" at the hospital. Beth responded that he had been needed at the hospital. Alex asked Alan for a private moment. She told him that his chance with Beth had passed and that he should accept that. Alan replied that sometimes relationships could be renewed again.

Alan excused himself to comfort Lizzie. Beth and Lillian did the same. Alan told everyone that it was time to begin the ceremony. Lizzie asked where Josh was. Alan informed her and everyone that Josh would not be presiding over the service then added that he would be the one to lead the service. Everyone took his or her seat.

Alan began the memorial by saying that they were there to remember Sarah Spaulding. Suddenly, Reva appeared and firmly corrected him, saying "Randall -- that would be Sarah Randall." Alan offered Reva the chance to join them, but she rejected the offer and told him to continue. Alan went on, and the words rang harshly in Lizzie's ear. Finally, she stood up and walked away, telling Alan she wouldn't listen to him justify what he had done.

Lizzie retreated to her room in the mansion and cried in her bed. Then she heard the sounds of a baby and lifted her head to look in the direction of the sound. She saw baby Sarah's head peeking from around a dressing screen and said, "If this is a dream, I don't want to wake up." Then slowly more of Sarah was revealed, until finally Jonathan was shown holding her and walking toward Lizzie.

Lizzie realized that her baby was alive and burst into joyful tears. Jonathan handed Sarah into Lizzie's waiting arms. Lizzie lovingly pulled her daughter close and held her tenderly. Mother and child were finally reunited.

Alan knocked on Lizzie's door to see if she was okay after she left the memorial, crying. Lizzie handed Sarah to Jonathan while she dealt with Alan. Alan started off sounding like he was trying to extend an olive branch. Lizzie was angry about the earlier events, and their conversation turned into each making one negative comment after another.

Alan invited Lizzie to the healing getaway that he had planned, but she declined the offer. She also informed Alan that she was not pregnant. Alan retorted harshly that she couldn't get anything right. Lizzie ended the conversation and went back to hold her daughter. Jonathan told Lizzie that he hoped she could see why he'd had to take Sarah away -- to protect her from Alan.

Alan returned to where Beth was in the mansion and continued to try to get her to go away with him. Since Rick and Lizzie were not going, Alan told Beth it would be just the two of them. Beth told him she was not going on that trip with just him. He reminded her of how much she had loved it there and showed her a picture.

Beth looked at the picture, remembering fond memories, and told Alan that he had to stop living in a dream world. He responded to her by warmly saying, "Some dreams never die." Then he placed the picture down and walked away, leaving her with her thoughts and memories. Lillian looked on from across the room, shocked to see Beth's contemplative facial expressions.

Lizzie let Jonathan know how angry she was that he had let her believe that Sarah was dead. He tried to explain that he had needed to do it to protect Sarah, but all Lizzie could think of was the grief she had endured alone. She told him she was not afraid of Alan, and she took control of the situation. Bill heard the arguing and rushed into the room to assist Lizzie.

Bill told Jonathan to leave, or he would call security. Lizzie said with conviction that she'd stop the plane right on the runway if Jonathan tried to leave with Sarah. Jonathan saw that he couldn't win and opted to leave, but only temporarily. He faced off with Bill as the men tried very hard to keep their self-control. Jonathan left, saying he'd be back. An elated Lizzie was thrilled to have her daughter in her arms and was happy with the knowledge that she didn't have to let her go, at least not that night.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lizzie and Bill got Sarah settled into Lizzie's old room at the Spaulding mansion. It was nighttime, and Lizzie tried to quiet a fussy Sarah. She appeared to give Bill the brush-off, saying that Sarah needed bonding time with her mother. Bill expressed concern that, if he left, Jonathan might return. Lizzie thought Jonathan had taken Bill's threat about Alan seriously. Bill left. Alone and distraught, Lizzie said that Sarah didn't have to cry because her mother was right there with her.

Outside the Spaulding mansion, Jonathan spoke to figment Tammy. She commended his decision to let Lizzie know that Sarah was alive. It was the first night of Sarah's life that Jonathan had ever spent without his little girl. He told Tammy that he missed both her and Sarah. He was anxious to enter the mansion before Bill returned. He planned to leave for Canada that very night with baby Sarah.

Curious about his behavior, figment Tammy asked Jonathan what was in his bag. Hesitantly, he said that, even though Tammy was only imaginary, he still didn't want to tell her what he was about to do. He headed toward the house.

Inside the house, Jonathan knocked on Lizzie's bedroom door. She refused to let him in, threatening to tell her grandfather that he was alive if he didn't leave. Jonathan reminded Lizzie that Sarah was their daughter. He urged her to let him in because he knew how to stop Sarah's wailing. Lizzie let Jonathan into the room, and he showed her how to rub Sarah's belly and hum. Lizzie wanted to know more of his tricks to help her get her motherly routine together.

Jonathan confirmed that Lizzie's grandfather was out of the country. He suggested that he and Lizzie take Sarah to the Bauer cabin and spend the next day together getting reacquainted. He said when they returned, they could deal with Alan. Lizzie took that to mean that he was staying in town. She was concerned that he'd leave and take Sarah. He swore he wouldn't do that to her. Just then, Bill showed up.

Jonathan announced that he and Lizzie were just about to leave with Sarah. Lizzie invited Bill to join them on the cabin trip. Jonathan protested, but Lizzie said having Bill there would make her more comfortable. Later, while Lizzie made a phone call, Bill and Jonathan loaded the car. Jonathan was rude to Bill, saying that Bill had done his hero routine the day before and could leave.

Bill planned to stick around and monitor the situation with Lizzie and Sarah to see how it all played out. Jonathan said he had already explained to Lizzie that he wouldn't take Sarah away. Bill was curious about why Jonathan would stay in town. He wondered if Jonathan wanted to stay because of Lizzie. Jonathan assured Bill that Lizzie was not the reason.

Seeming to shake off the idea of jealousy, Bill said that he hadn't thought Lizzie would be the reason. Tauntingly, Jonathan reminded Bill that he had once been married to Lizzie. Jonathan said, "If I wanted that, I could have that."

Bill chuckled uneasily, saying that he just wanted to make sure Jonathan didn't hurt Lizzie. Jonathan commented that Bill had not treated Lizzie very well either. Jonathan said that Bill was welcome to have Lizzie; however, Jonathan reminded Bill that he was the one who had a real bond with Lizzie. That bond was Sarah.

Meanwhile, inside, Lizzie explained recent developments to Gus. She sought his help because Sarah belonged with her, not Jonathan. After Gus absorbed the fact that Jonathan and Sarah were alive, he agreed with Lizzie that she should not have to lose her baby. He said he would help her keep her daughter for good.

Outside, Lizzie found Jonathan at the car and wondered where Bill was. Jonathan told her Bill had gone to get food. Jonathan urged Lizzie to dump Bill because they did not need a third wheel on their trip. Bill jogged up with a bag of groceries and a folder. Even though Bill said the folder didn't concern Jonathan, Jonathan looked inside it. He found plans for Springfield's redevelopment project. Outskirts Bar would be demolished as a result of the construction.

Lizzie seemed surprised by the news, and Bill asked why Jonathan even cared. Jonathan pressed Bill to learn what would be constructed in place of the bar. "Anything I want," Bill said. Lizzie asked Jonathan if he was okay. Jonathan nodded, calling Outskirts a dump and saying Bill could do whatever he wanted with it.

As everyone else got into the car, Jonathan announced that he would drive. Clandestinely, he checked his bag and examined a small, round jar of clear liquid. For a moment, he glimpsed figment Tammy close to the car. She looked concerned about what Jonathan could be planning.

Lizzie, Sarah, Bill, and Jonathan arrived at the Bauer cabin. Jonathan became defensive when Lizzie questioned him about whether he had warm clothes for Sarah and about what type of stroller he used for her. Bill said the stroller looked like junk. Jonathan said that just because it was not designer, didn't mean it wasn't good.

Jonathan said that he might not have raised Sarah the way Lizzie would have, but together, he and Sarah had done "damn well." Lizzie replied that she wasn't criticizing him. Lizzie received a phone call from Gus. She pretended that it was Beth on the line. Jonathan went outside to get more things from the car.

On the phone, Gus asked Lizzie to keep Jonathan in town for as long as she could. Gus was in the process of building a legal case for her to get custody of Sarah. Gus advised her to find out everything she could about Jonathan's activities since he'd been away from Springfield. He told her that they might have to play dirty. Lizzie said that she was ready.

Once Lizzie was off the phone, she told Bill that she'd be fine if she were alone with Jonathan. She asked him to leave. Bill believed that, if he left, nothing would stop Jonathan from taking Sarah. Lizzie alluded to a plan that she had, saying that it hadn't really been Beth on the phone with her earlier. In order to work her plan, she needed to be alone with Jonathan to loosen him up. Bill worried, but Lizzie assured him that she knew what she was doing. Bill agreed to leave.

Jonathan returned inside and said he found it odd that Bill had left. Lizzie explained that Bill finally understood that they needed time alone to bond with Sarah. Jonathan offered her wine, but Lizzie claimed that she had stopped drinking when she thought she was pregnant. She said maybe she'd have it later. Jonathan murmured under his breath, "Definitely later."

Lizzie tried to build trust with Jonathan and find dirt on his past. Lizzie listened to Jonathan relate details about how difficult it had been moving around and keeping Sarah safe from Alan. He hadn't been able to hold down a well-paying job. It had been hard to keep food on the table. He had felt that he hadn't even known how to raise a child. He'd had one relationship with Aubrey, which hadn't worked out. He had felt that Aubrey was at risk just by being with him. Sadly, he added, "And she wasn't Tammy..."

Lizzie fondly spoke Tammy's name. Jonathan asked to talk about something else. Lizzie said she knew that he missed Tammy and admitted she really missed her, too. Jonathan became incensed, raging that Tammy's death was partially Lizzie's fault. With his finger in her face, he dared her to deny it.

Upset, Lizzie admitted that she also blamed herself. She had known exactly what she had been doing when she had gone to her grandfather, pleading for help. She said she had just closed her eyes and pretended not to know what Alan would do, but admitted that she had known.

Later, Lizzie realized that Sarah had a fever. Lizzie asked to take her to Cedars, but Jonathan refused because Alan owned half the hospital, and he'd find out that Sarah was alive if they went there. He frantically asked Lizzie to check Sarah's temperature, and he went outside. Figment Tammy appeared and seemed to know what Jonathan feared that Sarah's fever meant. He asked Tammy what to do.

Lizzie stepped outside. She heard Jonathan say Tammy's name. Lizzie tried to force him to realize that Tammy wasn't there and standing around talking to her wasn't going to help. Lizzie, however, was there. She wanted him to listen to her opinions about what to do. He told her to be quiet so he could think. They yelled at each other.

Lizzie told Jonathan that she was not the airhead she had been. She had taken charge of her life. She would take charge of the situation with Sarah's fever also. She stomped inside. He followed her, wondering what she would do. She said she planned to call her uncle Rick. He was a doctor, and he hated Alan more than Jonathan did. Rick would not tell Alan the truth about Sarah.

Some time later, Jonathan opened the cabin door. Beth slapped Jonathan in the face and marched into the cabin. She demanded to see her grandchild. Rick walked in behind her. With tearful joy, Beth beheld Sarah. Beth, Lizzie, and Rick huddled around the cradle, and Jonathan implored Rick to be thorough in his examination. Beth paused and looked appalled when she saw Lizzie reassuringly clutch Jonathan's hand.

Bill finally made it back to the Beacon. Outside one of the rooms, Olivia approached, saying that her staff had informed her that a guest wanted to see her. Technically, Bill said he supposed that he was a guest. She asked why he hadn't given his name. He said it was because he had wanted her to actually show up. He asked her whose room it was that he stood beside. Reception had said that there was no name listed on the register.

Olivia shrugged to say she didn't know whose room it was. Bill claimed that Jonathan was staying in the room. Olivia looked at him quizzically and said that Jonathan was dead. Bill continued, saying that Olivia was a good aunt. She had done a favor for her nephew, Jonathan, by harboring him undetected at the Beacon. Olivia said if Bill knew so much, then he didn't need her.

As Olivia left, Bill asked her about Emma. He was surprised that the Spauldings hadn't gone after Emma, because she was a Spaulding, after all. Bill said he was glad that the Spauldings had never asked him testify in a custody battle where he'd have to be honest. He said that he had a tendency to blab about things and knew things that might be hurtful to Olivia should a custody case arise.

With a pretentious grin on her face, Olivia asked what things Bill knew. He recalled how Olivia had set his father up to take the first drink that had knocked him off the wagon of sobriety. He then asked her to let him into Jonathan's room because he wanted to go through Jonathan's things.

Up at the cabin, Rick diagnosed Sarah with a cold. Rick prescribed some medications, and Jonathan relaxed, saying, "Good...Good..." From the other side of the room, Beth snapped that it was not good. While they were all glad to know Sarah was alive, she wanted to know who had given Jonathan the right to inflict that kind of misery. Beth said that Jonathan needed to be in jail. Rick countered Beth, saying that Jonathan had done the right thing. Rick said he believed that Alan was a threat and added that when Alan was involved, one needed to do whatever one had to do to protect one's family.

Rick packed his medical bag. He hailed Jonathan's actions and said Jonathan deserved a medal for keeping Sarah free from Alan's influence. Rick asked for Beth's understanding. Alan had hurt every person present. Beth didn't understand. She said she was still upset that they had believed the child had been dead. Rick and Beth argued, but Beth couldn't forgive it yet. Beth talked to Lizzie and warned her not to let Jonathan out of her sight. Rick and Beth left.

Both parents were relieved that Sarah only had a cold, however, Lizzie picked up on how tense Jonathan was. She wondered if something had happened to Sarah before. Jonathan admitted to Lizzie that Sarah had had anemia. He'd had to get her a bone marrow transplant. Lizzie became upset, wondering how he had even gotten a donor. Jonathan told Lizzie that she had been the donor.

Back at the Beacon, Bill and Olivia argued more. Olivia finally caved in. She opened the door to the hotel room. Bill said thanks. Olivia replied that she hadn't done anything, and she stalked off. On Jonathan's laptop, Bill found evidence that Jonathan planned to flee with Sarah that night.

Meanwhile, Lizzie and Jonathan were inside the cabin, yelling and screaming at each other. Finally Lizzie calmed down. Lizzie said that Jonathan had saved Sarah's life. He said that they all had: he, Lizzie, and Reva.

Jonathan prodded Lizzie to have her wine, but Lizzie said she didn't want to because she was still reeling from learning the truth about her trip with Reva. Jonathan asked if she liked her tattoo. Lizzie showed him the butterfly on her hip. Since she understood the reason she had it, she said she loved the tattoo.

As Lizzie and Jonathan talked, he slipped something into her wine. He handed her the glass. Holding it, Lizzie confessed that she had conferred with Gus about gaining custody of Sarah. She apologized for mistrusting Jonathan and said since she understood everything that Jonathan had done for their daughter, she knew that they both would do whatever it took to keep Sarah safe. Together, she told him, they could do anything.

Jonathan toasted to that. Before Lizzie could drink, there was a knock on the door. Bill was there, claiming he had left his wallet. He asked Lizzie and Jonathan to look for it. As they did, Bill switched the two wine glasses. Suddenly he claimed to have found his wallet. Jonathan asked Bill to leave. Bill noted that the two of them were having drinks.

Lizzie promised to tell Bill all about the evening later. Bill handed them their glasses and stayed in the room. As Jonathan and Lizzie drank, Bill mentioned that he had thought "the two of you" would be gone already. Lizzie said that they weren't in a rush. Bill said that he was talking about Jonathan leaving with Sarah.

Lizzie thought Bill was off base. Bill asked Jonathan if he was planning to leave with Sarah. Jonathan denied it and said that he thought Bill had a cab to catch. Bill asked Jonathan if he had a plane to catch and produced plane tickets. Jonathan tried to get up, but the effects of the drugs disoriented him.

Bill revealed that he had found a prescription in Jonathan's room. He accused Jonathan of trying to drug Lizzie and steal away with Sarah. Jonathan stumbled as Lizzie realized that Bill was telling the truth.

Bill hustled Lizzie and Sarah out of the cabin. Meanwhile, Jonathan fell to the floor. Figment Tammy cradled his head, saying, "I was afraid this would happen." Dazed, Jonathan called Tammy's name.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dinah's doctor told her that she had made great progress on her cognitive tests. She reported that she felt like herself again and that it scared her a little. Billy arrived in time to hear that, and asked her to talk over coffee. He made it clear that his intentions were honorable and reminded Dinah of his feelings for Vanessa. When Dinah politely declined, Billy suggested that maybe they could do that another time.

Olivia tried to move a couch in her room but stopped when her breathing became difficult. Gus and Natalia stopped by to see if she needed anything. Gus's phone rang, and while he answered it, Natalia made sure Olivia knew that she and Gus were still making plans for their wedding and that it would happen. Natalia said that she would take Emma for hot chocolate while Gus and Olivia did some paperwork to help Olivia be a top candidate to receive a heart transplant.

When Natalia returned, Olivia let Natalia know that she and Gus had had a productive meeting. Gus left. After playing with Emma for a while, Natalia left to pick up more medications for Olivia. Olivia called Gus and told him she was feeling dizzy and was having a hard time breathing, as a ploy to get him to go to her while Natalia was away.

Natalia had become aware of Olivia's sneaky ways to get Gus's attention. Before Olivia could finish her call to Gus, Natalia returned, took the phone from Olivia, and told Gus that she would help Olivia. Olivia made it clear that she was still going after Gus. Natalia assured Olivia that she was confident that Gus loved her. Olivia taunted her that Harley had said that all the time.

At the farmhouse, Cassie talked to the doctor who was there to evaluate Will. The doctor told Cassie that Will was very troubled and needed more than Cassie could provide. Cassie didn't like that evaluation. She said that she would handle Will herself and asked the doctor to leave. Will entered the kitchen and asked Cassie for a cookie. Cassie said they needed to talk some more to try to fix the problems.

Will said that he wanted to have a cookie first and then talk. Cassie said no again and began to talk to him about the seriousness of what had happened at the train tracks. As Cassie was down on her haunches to talk to Will, he pushed her and knocked her backward to the ground. He quickly said he was sorry, and she hugged him, saying they would fix it, though she showed concern over what had just happened.

Reva and Jeffrey arrived at the Bauer cabin to look for Jonathan. Jeffrey broke the door down, and they entered, calling for Jonathan. They found him passed out on the floor. After they got him to wake, they asked what had happened. Jonathan told them Lizzie had taken Sarah. Reva thought that maybe Cassie could help with getting Sarah back. They all left to go to Cassie's house.

Cassie heard someone at her door, turned to see who it was, and was pleasantly surprised to see Jonathan with Reva and Jeffrey. She hugged Jonathan tightly and cried, saying she was happy to see him. Jonathan was also happy to see her and to see the farmhouse again. He looked around, and everything reminded him of Tammy.

Reva explained that Lizzie had Sarah and that they were trying to get the baby back before Alan found out about her. Cassie said that she'd do whatever she could to help. Jeffrey left to continue to work on helping Jonathan. As Will eavesdropped, he heard Jonathan tell Reva and Cassie how he would do anything to get Sarah back, even kill or die for her. Jonathan stayed to babysit Will while the others went to see Lizzie.

Jeffrey saw Dinah on Main Street and asked if she knew where Bill was. When Dinah asked why Jeffrey was looking for Bill, Jeffrey told her "for kidnapping." Dinah was surprised by that and asked for more information. Jeffrey told Dinah about Jonathan and Sarah being alive, and how Lizzie had the baby and Jonathan wanted Sarah back.

Dinah, now questioning her recently diagnosed "improved" cognitive status, wasn't sure she could believe that Jonathan and Sarah were alive. Jeffrey convinced her that it was true, but Dinah didn't know where Bill was. She and Jeffrey exchanged digs about each being used as glorified assistants to their "partners." Later, Dinah was in her room, playing a memory game with pictures of people she knew to build her mental abilities. She finished the activity then picked up a picture of Mallet and held it close to her fondly.

While Jonathan babysat for him, Will hugged Jonathan and called him his hero, as Will saw a kindred spirit in Jonathan. Through conversation, Jonathan revealed that his father had died after falling off a boat and drowning. Jonathan told Will that although they had some similarities, he didn't want Will to be like him.

Reva and Cassie met Gus, who was representing Lizzie, at the Spaulding mansion. Cassie made a strong case for both parents working things out before Alan heard about the situation and got his hands on Sarah. Gus agreed and said he'd do what he could. As Reva and Cassie left, Reva asked about how things were going with Will. Cassie replied that she was handling it, and they left. Reva's face showed concern.

Before they entered the farmhouse again, Reva stopped Cassie and asked if Cassie wanted to talk about anything. Cassie seemed puzzled by the question. Then Reva said that she had seen Josh and RJ with their suitcases. Cassie responded that it was nothing. Reva said that it hadn't looked like nothing. Cassie said it was about Will, she was helping him, and that was all she would say for the time being.

Reva and Cassie entered the house and found Will napping on Jonathan's lap. Jonathan got up to talk to the two women and to get an update about what had happened in their meeting. They all stepped outside, and Jonathan got the information about the meeting. Gus arrived on official police business. He wanted to talk to Reva and asked her if she had taken Lizzie out of town to have a medical procedure performed on her.

Inside, Will, who had been faking his nap, got up and got a book about boats from the shelf. He flipped through it for a while. Then he called Josh. He said that he missed Josh and that he wished they could do something go boating.

Friday, February 1, 2008


Lizzie tried to calm Sarah, who was crying uncontrollably. Finally, Beth arrived, and Lizzie said she could not get Sarah to stop crying. When Beth tried to open the blinds to let in the sun, Lizzie objected because she wanted it dark because the baby had not slept all night. Lizzie said that she had tried everything, but Sarah would not stop crying. She wondered if Sarah was sick again, but Beth thought the child missed her father.

Lizzie pointed out that she was Sarah's mother. She believed Sarah should know that instinctively. Beth stated that for her entire life, Jonathan had been Sarah's sole protector, so that was what she was accustomed to. Lizzie said that she hated that Jonathan had made her a stranger to her own baby. When Lizzie stated that he had planned on drugging her and skipping town with Sarah, Beth defended him.

Lizzie could not believe that Beth was taking Jonathan's side over Lizzie's. Beth said that she was not but pointed out how well Jonathan had taken care of Sarah. He had obviously made sacrifices in order to protect her from Alan. Lizzie replied that Beth was lucky her baby was a Bauer -- Alan had no stake in her life. Beth said that Lizzie and Jonathan needed to work things out, since a child united two people, whether they liked it or not.

Jonathan was in his room at the Beacon, trying to call Lizzie, when Bill arrived. Jonathan dragged Bill inside and demanded to know where Lizzie was. Bill offered to help Jonathan get inside the Spaulding mansion and get his daughter. Bill made it clear that he wanted Jonathan to take Sarah and go away. Jonathan asked what was in it for Bill, and Bill said he wanted to give a relationship with Lizzie a shot and didn't want a kid in the picture. Disgusted, Jonathan called Bill a scumbag but accepted his help.

Later, Bill got Jonathan inside the mansion and told him to stay put while he retrieved Sarah. Bill rushed out, and Jonathan grew suspicious and tried the door. It was locked. Suddenly, two policemen arrived to arrest him. As he tried to keep from being dragged away, Lizzie arrived, asked what was going on, and told them to let him go. When they left, Lizzie handed him Sarah and told him that she had no idea what that had been about.

Jonathan informed Lizzie that Bill had set him up. Bill returned, saw Jonathan holding Sarah, and demanded to know what Jonathan had done. Lizzie blasted Bill for his actions, since her daughter could be in danger if Alan should learn of Jonathan's arrest. Jonathan was the father of her child, and Bill had upset her. Bill told Lizzie that he had convinced Jonathan to stop by, claiming to help Jonathan kidnap Sarah. Shocked at his actions, Lizzie threw Bill out. Later, Lizzie and Jonathan bonded over Sarah and promised no more kidnappings.

Beth was on Main Street when she overheard Ava on the phone with Alan, telling him that his passport problem was taken care of. It was being sent to his villa on the island. Beth asked Ava when Alan was returning home, and Ava says Alan wanted to return as soon as possible. Later, Beth told Rick she needed to take a train to Chicago for a weekend bash with the ladies. When Rick left, she called a man about a boat to San Gabriel.

At the Beacon, a woman wearing a pearl necklace recognized Cyrus. The woman, who was leaving her room, was one of Alexandra's friends who'd had her bank account nearly decimated by him. Cyrus apologized, but she flirtatiously dismissed it, since she had gotten the money back anyway -- and then some -- when she had divorced her husband.

After the woman left, Cyrus broke into her apartment and walked out with a string of pearls. Marina caught him red-handed. Cyrus said that was what he did; he stole, and she lied. He told her that Harley thought Marina was pushing for marriage because she did not trust him. Marina denied that, and Cyrus admitted that both women might be better off without him. Cyrus told Marina that was not him -- he was not the type of guy who married and held a full-time job.

Marina asked if Cyrus would prefer life in prison and then realized that for him, this kind of life was life in prison. Cyrus asked Marina if she had ever been the type of woman who lied. He even pointed out that she had been ready to flee with him to Europe. He did not think they could keep it going, and Marina agreed. It was the end.

Later, as Cyrus packed his things, Marina wondered when he had stopped loving her. Cyrus insisted that he never had and hated that she had forced his hand because of her doubts about him. Marina admitted that sometimes she wished she had been in that building with him. Cyrus said that was a horrible thing to say and, with tears in her eyes, Marina agreed.

Marina mentioned the bond that Harley and Cyrus shared, leading Cyrus to look away. That seemed to verify Marina's point -- he could not even think about Harley without feeling guilty. Marina asked how he would feel if some man were with her when she had been kidnapped, and when they had returned, Cyrus had suddenly been the third wheel. She asked what it was about Harley -- and wondered if it were because she needed him more. Marina told Cyrus she was going to miss him and stated that she had thought he was the one. In tears, Cyrus told her he wished he could have been.

Marina found Harley and grilled her about what she had said to Cyrus. Harley said that she thought Cyrus just needed space. Marina told her aunt to stay out of it. Harley softly replied that she did not know if she could and explained that it was because they lived in a small town. Marina did not quite buy that excuse and again told Harley to stay out of it.

Later, Frank found Harley cleaning at the restaurant and asked what was wrong. Coopers cleaned when they were cornered. Harley denied it, and Frank mentioned Cyrus' immigration case. He thought Cyrus was faking the problem to trap Marina into marrying him. Harley told him he was wrong and soon told him that it had been Marina. Harley explained to Frank that Harley and Cyrus were very close friends, and Marina had gotten jealous and had seen Harley as a threat. Frank thought that was ridiculous, but the look on Harley's face said otherwise.

Harley went on to admit that she might have blurred a few lines. Frank thought that meant that Harley was vulnerable and Cyrus had taken advantage, but Harley said that it had not been like that. Harley talked about her panic attacks and how Cyrus knew how to take care of her. He was good to her and for her. As Harley talked about needing Cyrus, Frank got the impression that she did not regret having feelings for Cyrus. He started to go and find Marina, but Harley promised that she would fix it and headed off.

Harley went to talk to Marina, but she was gone; only Cyrus was there, packing his things. Harley told him that he could not move out. Cyrus stated that he was off to plunder and pillage so he could not mess up any more lives. Harley insisted that he and Marina could work things out. She could not take the thought of both him and Marina being miserable.

Harley insisted that if he left Marina, he might miss his one chance at happiness. Harley insisted that Marina was crazy about him. She stated that he could get Marina back. She told Cyrus to send Marina flowers, do anything to make it work. Cyrus stated that Marina was done fighting. Marina had left. As Harley insisted that he had to fight for Marina, Cyrus pulled Harley into a passionate kiss.

Marina went to Company to meet with Mallet. She snapped at him when he ragged on her about her extra-long lunch hour and then gained control of herself and insisted that they get to work. She stated that she was not the kind of girl to blow her career over some guy. Mallet gently asked her what Cyrus had done.

Mallet took an upset Marina outside, and she noted that everyone had warned her about Cyrus, but she had not listened. Mallet told Marina she was too hard on herself -- just like her aunt. Marina grew a tad uncomfortable at the mention of Harley. Mallet told Marina that she deserved better. She would find somebody better. Marina wondered if she just had and kissed Mallet.

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