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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 7, 2011 on GH
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Monday, November 7, 2011

Things got heated at Jake's when Sonny walked in and saw Carly planting a kiss on Johnny. Unaware that Carly was trying to get a rise out of Shawn, who was sitting at a table with his date, Ranelle, a stripper at Johnny's club, Sonny lit into Johnny and accused him of taking advantage of Carly. Both Carly and Johnny had strong words for Sonny. Shawn interceded, as Johnny and Sonny were about to engage in fisticuffs outside.

Kate arrived and asked if she were late for the party, momentarily defusing the situation. She traded barbs with Carly, who she called "trailer park trash." Carly responded by referring to Kate as a "boardwalk tramp." Kate accused Carly of throwing herself at Sonny and asked why Carly was so possessive of a man she had betrayed. As Sonny looked on, Carly told Kate she was welcome to Sonny. Carly flounced away. Kate went to the bar.

Shawn and Johnny joined Ranelle, but when Johnny wanted another drink, Shawn told Coleman that serving Johnny another drink would be like throwing gasoline on a fire. Carly joined Johnny and so did Sonny, who once again invited Johnny outside. Johnny was ready to mix it up, but Carly suggested that she and Johnny leave instead.

As soon as Johnny and Carly were gone, Sonny told Shawn that Shawn was not doing his job as a bodyguard for Carly. Shawn said that he had been observing the situation and that there had been no problem until Sonny had started throwing his weight around. Shawn said that he was off-duty and that he was also entitled to a personal life.

Sonny joined Kate. Shawn apologized to Ranelle for their ruined evening. He worried that he should check up on Carly. Ranelle told Shawn that he had more of an interest in Carly that he was willing to admit to Carly and that it was obvious that Carly had an interest in Shawn. Shawn said he would take her home, but Ranelle said she would take a taxi. Shawn offered her cab fare, but Ranelle was too disgusted with Shawn to take it.

Sonny told Kate that he had been looking for her, and would have kept looking until he found her. He made it clear that Johnny had distracted him, not Carly. Sonny said that he just wanted to sit down and talk to Kate. Kate wanted Sonny to show her how much he remembered about their past. She asked Sonny to show her how much she meant to him by choosing the song on Jake's jukebox that they had first danced to and asking her to dance.

Sonny said he was confused because he thought that Kate's past as Connie was off-limits. Kate said that she was making an exception because Connie had not gotten shot at the altar. Kate said that she wanted to go back to a time when things were not so complicated, a time were she had held Sonny and had never wanted to let him go.

Johnny and Carly laughed and talked in the alley behind Jake's. Johnny said that he was aware that Carly was using him to make Shawn jealous. Johnny told Carly that she had grossly miscalculated if she expected Shawn to follow them. When Carly flirted and told Johnny that he was there, Johnny told her not to take too much comfort in that. Then Johnny said that Carly was forgetting the significance of the day. Carly said it was Josslyn's birthday. Johnny said apart from that, his sister Claudia had been murdered two years before and that the right people still had not paid for it.

Matt was with Liz when she regained consciousness. She said that her lungs hurt. Matt said that was to be expected and that her prognosis was good. Liz was fixated on finding the person who had saved her life. Matt said the thanks should go to Spinelli. Matt was convinced that Liz had only imagined the rescuer, who she said had plucked her out of the ocean, carried her to the beach, and then run away. Matt cited all kinds of scientific and psychological explanations for what Liz thought she had seen and remained convinced that Liz's hero was a figment of her imagination. Liz was not swayed.

Though Liz's grandmother and brother were taking care of Cam and Aiden, Matt encouraged Liz to get in touch with Lucky so he could help with the childcare. Liz did not want to contact Lucky in Ireland while he was engaged in his quest for Siobhan. Liz said that she would not call Lucky home and validate Siobhan's last words to Liz -- that Liz was a black hole of emotional need who would suck out Lucky's soul.

Maxie arrived looking for Matt. She went ballistic and accused Liz of going after Matt. Maxie called Liz "a manipulative slut" and blamed her for all the problems on the boat. Maxie was angry because Matt had not shown up for her birthday dinner and did not accept his explanation that he had been saving Liz's life. Maxie sounded selfish and shallow. She accused Matt of buying a gift for Liz, but not for her. In a fit of pique, Matt gave the gift he had purchased for Maxie to Liz. Maxie stormed out.

Matt apologized for Maxie and said that Maxie spoke without thinking and sometimes sounded self-absorbed. Liz said she understood and asked if Matt was trying to make Maxie jealous. Matt said he had tried that once as a youngster and learned a very painful lesson when he had lost the girl he really liked after dating another to make her jealous. As Matt was about to leave, Liz started coughing. When Matt examined her, he noticed that Liz's temperature was increasing.

Spinelli was in the P.I. office, spinning his basketball and doing an Internet search. He was looking for information on the mysterious lights he had seen on Spoon Island when he had found Liz on the beach. Spinelli read a folklore legend that termed such lights, "will-o'-the-wisp." It said that the lights were travelers who often lured people to their deaths. As Spinelli speculated about what spotting the lights meant to him, Max and Milo burst in and told him to find Sonny's $20 million or find out that he was expendable.

Spinelli went back to the computer while Max and Milo worried that they might actually have to harm Spinelli, and neither wanted to do so. Max and Milo looked over Spinelli's shoulder and noticed that he had wagered correctly on a legal sports book. They thought that Spinelli had gambled with Sonny's money. After another successful wager, this time for Max and Milo. Spinelli realized that although he had lost his cyber skills, he had gained the knowledge of odds and statistics that would make him an expert gambler. Max and Milo were so happy that Spinelli had won money for them, they gave him more time to get Sonny's money back and left Spinelli to his musings.

As Spinelli thought about how to raise the wagering capital he would need to win Sonny's money back, Maxie rushed in and kissed him. Spinelli asked if she had had a fight with Matt. When Maxie said she had, Spinelli asked if Maxie thought that she was acting appropriately. Maxie admitted she was not and rushed out again. Spinelli mused that things were looking up.

In Ireland, Lucky stood in the church courtyard with the innkeeper, Mrs. MacInerny, who was obviously frightened. Lucky was skeptical when she told him that elves lived in the courtyard. She asked if he believed in God. Lucky said he did. Mrs. MacInerny said that it was the same thing. Lucky told her that Siobhan had had a premonition about her death and that Lucky wanted to fulfill her last request of him.

Lucky showed Mrs. MacInerny the message, "go" that had been spelled out in stones and wanted to know if she had left it. When she said she had not, Lucky said that he could not understand why Siobhan would have him show up in Ireland and then tell him to go home. Mrs. MacInerny could not wait to get out of the courtyard and advised Lucky to do the same. Lucky did not heed her advice. Instead he sat down by the well and fell asleep. When he awoke, the stones spelled out, "Go home."

Held captive in a windowless cell, Jason watched a monitor helplessly as Franco walked towards Sam, who was taking a shower. Just as Sam collapsed from the drugged beer she had consumed, Franco caught her in the shower curtain and carried her to the bedroom while Jason screamed for Franco to stop. Jason pounded on the cell door but could not budge it. He watched as Franco laid Sam on the bed and began taking off his shirt. At that point, Franco looked at the bedroom camera and said that he wanted privacy. As Jason shouted, "No." Franco put his shirt over the camera and blotted out the picture.

A tearful and distraught Jason clenched his jaw and seemed to be getting madder and madder as one of Franco's signature mechanical monkeys could be seen and heard clapping on the monitor. It effectively blocked out the audio feed just as Franco's shirt blocked the video feed in the cabana bedroom. Jason was forced to imagine what Franco was doing to Sam.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

At the loft, Lulu apologized to Dante for the messy apartment, but Dante assured her that it was fine, because it looked as if Lulu had been living in it. The conversation then drifted to Kristina's going away party. Lulu confessed that she had been concerned about Olivia, because Olivia had experienced a few dizzy spells at the dinner. She urged Dante to check on his mother, so Dante called Olivia. Later, Dante assured Lulu that Olivia was fine, so their family obligations were done for the evening. He then admitted that it had been a good idea not to announce their engagement at Kristina's party, because it would have taken the attention away from his sister.

However, Dante admitted that he needed to hear Lulu remind him that she wanted to marry him, because a part of him worried that she had reservations about going through with the wedding. Lulu smiled uncomfortably, and then confessed that the loft reminded her of the night that she had intended to accept his proposal. She told him about the special evening that she had planned, because she had felt like an idiot for not accepting his proposal immediately. Lulu became chocked up with tears as she told Dante about the moment that Olivia had called, when Lulu had realized that Dante would not be home that evening. Dante held Lulu, as tears slid down her face.

Dante revealed what it had been like to wake up in the hospital. He realized that he'd had it easy compared to Lulu, because Lulu had been forced to deal with the anxiety of not knowing whether or not Dante would survive the gunshot wound. Lulu admitted that she had been terrified of losing him, so Dante promised her that he would never put her through that again. He suggested that they make some new memories, starting with the proposal. Dante asked for the ring, which Lulu handed to him. He proposed marriage to her, so she tearfully accepted, as Dante put the ring on her finger.

Dante realized that a lot of couples didn't make it, but he insisted that their love had gotten them through difficult times, so he was confident that they would last. Dante kissed Lulu, and then started to make love to her, but she quickly pulled away. Lulu insisted that Dante needed to rest, and to recuperate. Dante was stunned when Lulu announced her decision to leave, so he promised her that he would behave. Lulu agreed to stay, but only if she slept on the sofa. Dante wasn't happy, but he reluctantly agreed to her terms.

After Dante fell asleep in bed, Lulu checked on him. She kissed him gently, and then went to the kitchen to retrieve a bottle of wine from the refrigerator. Lulu poured herself a cup of wine, and then quickly downed it as she jotted down a grocery list.

On the piers, Carly reminded Johnny that Michael had paid, "and then some," for Claudia's death. Johnny clarified that he blamed Sonny for pushing Claudia past the point of no return, and that Anthony had put Claudia there. Johnny also conceded that he had failed to save his sister, so he felt partly responsible for what had happened to Claudia. Carly argued that Claudia had been disturbed. She agreed that Sonny and Anthony hadn't helped matters, but Claudia had been "messed up" from the beginning. Johnny insisted that all Claudia had ever wanted was to be loved.

According to Johnny, Anthony had refused to love Claudia, and had recently hinted at some deep, dark secret that Johnny didn't know about. Carly suggested that no one could save another person's soul; the best that they could do was save their own. Johnny revealed that there had been a time that he hadn't believed that a person could be a lost cause, but he agreed that Carly had a point. The atmosphere between them suddenly shifted when Johnny moved closer to Carly. Carly stepped back, prompting Johnny to wonder where she was going. "Is there a problem here?" Shawn wondered as he suddenly appeared.

Johnny insisted that he and Carly had just been having a conversation. Carly quickly added that she and Johnny were done, so Johnny smiled politely, and then warned Carly to stay away from Sonny. After Johnny left, Carly demanded to know what Shawn was doing there. She insisted that she was capable of taking care of herself, but Shawn appeared to have his doubts. He explained that he just wanted to make certain that she got home safely, but Carly sensed that there was more. Shawn pretended that he had no idea what Carly was talking about, so Carly accused Shawn of not being able to handle what was going on between them, because she was white.

"Are you crazy?" Shawn asked. He insisted that he didn't care about that, but Carly didn't believe him. She wondered why he had been with Ranelle, instead of with her. Carly couldn't decide if Shawn were a player, or the world's last gentleman. Shawn claimed to be the latter, and then admitted that part of the reason that he kept his distance from her was because he was determined to keep things professional between them. Carly demanded to know the other reasons, so Shawn reminded Carly that she had been drinking that evening. He refused to take advantage of her.

Carly scoffed at the excuse, so Shawn pointed out that Carly was also married to Jax. Carly argued that it was a technicality, but Shawn insisted that it didn't change anything. He also suggested that Carly was still upset, because Jason had recently gotten married. Carly became defensive as she ordered Shawn to stop acting like he was interested in her, if he weren't. Shawn warned Carly that she wouldn't want to be involved with him, anyway, but Carly resented the comment. She challenged him to look her in the eye, and then tell her that there was absolutely no attraction between them.

Shawn stepped away, and then looked out at the harbor. Moments later, he told her to leave, but Carly refused to budge until she had an answer. She noticed that Shawn seemed to be staring at something in the water, so she followed his gaze. Carly's jaw dropped when she saw what Shawn was looking at.

At Jake's, Kate invited Sonny to select the song on the jukebox that had played the first time that Sonny had asked her to dance. Sonny declined, because he didn't want to go down memory lane. According to Sonny, it was painful. Kate suggested that the best way to move forward was to confront the demons of his past. "What if I want to face the future?" Sonny asked. Kate questioned his sincerity, because he always seemed to talk about their past, and constantly referred to her as Connie. According to Kate, it was clear that Sonny had some unfinished business.

Kate pointed out that he had bought the house where he had grown up, and where he and his mother had been abused by his stepfather. Kate suggested that ownership was power to Sonny, and that he could be relentless when he wanted something or someone. Sonny didn't disagree, but he argued that he tended to lose whatever, or whoever, all over again, when he went down that road. Their conversation then drifted to Carly and Johnny leaving together. Sonny made it clear that Carly was free to do as she pleased.

Kate seemed skeptical, but she let the matter drop. She then admitted that she knew that Sonny had been behind Kristina's sudden acceptance to Yale. Coleman chose that moment to walk up, and then drop a coin into the jukebox. Seconds later, a horrible slow song began to play, so Sonny reached down, and then unplugged the jukebox. Sonny held out his hand, and then invited Kate to dance with him. Kate pointed out that there wasn't any music playing, but Sonny insisted that he heard the faint sounds of the song that they had first danced to.

Kate smiled, and then took his hand. Coleman stood at the bar as he watched Sonny and Kate sway to the imaginary music. Moments later, Sonny whispered that the song was over. Kate wondered what would happen next. "What happened then?" Sonny asked, referring to the first time their dance had ended. Seconds later, Sonny kissed Kate.

Sonny thought that they should call it a night, so Kate wondered if it were an invitation. Sonny suggested that they take things slowly, because he was worried that he would blow it if they didn't. Sonny explained that he didn't want to spend time with Kate, simply because he was "in a mood." He offered to walk her to the car, but Kate declined, because she wanted to finish her drink. After Sonny left, Kate returned to the bar. Coleman made it clear that he didn't appreciate being used by Kate to get Sonny's attention, and that he didn't have any interest in being Sonny's flunky.

Kate was sorry that Coleman was jealous, but she insisted that she liked Jake's, so she didn't have any desire to find another bar to go to. Coleman accused Kate of being cold, except in bed. He told her to finish her drink, and then ordered her to leave. Kate took her time sipping the drink. Coleman watched from the shadows as Kate walked out. Kate made her way to her car, unaware that Johnny walked a few steps behind her.

In her apartment, Olivia looked at the home pregnancy test kit that she had picked up. She quickly stuffed it into the bag, and then tucked it behind a pillow on her sofa when someone knocked on the door. It was Steve. Steve was curious how the dinner party had gone, so Olivia invited him inside, and then gave him a brief recap of the evening. She then thanked Steve for saving Dante's life. Steve was concerned about Olivia, because he thought that she looked pale.

Olivia blamed it on the food that she'd eaten at Sonny's, but Steve insisted that he knew what was really going on. Olivia tensed until Steve suggested that Olivia was still upset about what had happened on the boat with Lisa. Olivia latched onto the excuse, so Steve invited her to talk about it. Olivia insisted on feeding Steve first, so she dashed off to the kitchen to fetch some food. Seconds later, Steve received a phone call.

Steve wondered if the person on the other end of the phone had received his messages, and then explained that he had been worried sick. Steve insisted that the hospital was expecting the person, so he needed to know when the person would arrive, because people at the hospital would need to be prepared. After Steve ended the call, he sat down on the sofa. Steve felt something behind the pillow, so he checked. Moments later, Steve discovered the bag with the pregnancy test kit. He quickly returned it to its hiding place, and then made an excuse to leave when Olivia returned to the living room.

Olivia was relieved to see Steve go, so she told him to call her later. After Steve left, Olivia poured herself a glass of wine, and then read the instructions for the pregnancy test. She looked at the glass of wine, and then set it down. Moments later, Sonny knocked on her door.

In an undisclosed location in Hawaii, Franco strummed a ukulele as Jason stood in the white room, demanding to know what Franco had done to Sam. Jason appeared tortured as the television screen continued to show static. Jason desperately searched for a way out of the room, until the door quietly slid open. Jason slowly made his way to the door, looked down the hallway, and then left when he realized that it was empty. Moments later, a barefooted Franco entered Jason's temporary prison. It appeared that Franco had blood on the soles of his feet.

Meanwhile, Jason returned to the bungalow, where Sam slept soundly in bed. He gently shook Sam until she woke up. Jason wondered if she were okay, so she assured him that she was fine. Jason was curious what she recalled. Sam seemed confused by the question, as she slowly told him that she remembered finding his note, taking a sip of beer, and then showering. Sam reminded Jason that he knew the rest, since he had entered the bathroom, while she had been in the shower.

Jason looked stricken as he pushed Sam for more details. Sam wanted to know what was going on, but Jason refused to tell her anything. He insisted that she tell him everything that had happened. Sam admitted that her memory was fuzzy, but she recalled Jason being in bed with her. "It wasn't me in bed with you," Jason quietly admitted. Sam was confused, so Jason added that he hadn't left her the note either. "Then who was it?" Sam demanded to know. "It was Franco," Jason answered.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

At the piers, Shawn spotted a body floating in the water. Carly suggested that it could be anyone, because Sonny owned the warehouse. Shawn relaxed when he recognized the body of Lisa Niles, because he was certain that Sonny hadn't killed the doctor. Shawn decided to call the police, and then suggested that Carly leave. Carly refused to budge, because she didn't have anything to hide. She suspected that Shawn's primary reason for wanting her to leave was to avoid discussing their relationship.

Carly's stubbornness frustrated Shawn, but Carly was unmoved. She couldn't understand why Shawn refused to open up to her. Carly was certain that a woman had hurt Shawn, so she wanted to know what had happened. Shawn was curious if Carly truly cared about what had happened to him, or if she were upset because he refused to confide to her. Shawn reminded her that information was power, so Carly accused Shawn of refusing to give anyone power over him. "No, does that answer your question?" Shawn asked.

"Which one?" Carly wondered. Shawn was spared from having to respond when police sirens filled the air. Shawn urged Carly to leave, but Carly refused. Seconds later, Officer Padilla and Ronnie walked up. Ronnie wasn't surprised to see Carly and Shawn at another crime scene near a warehouse that Sonny owned. Carly quickly reminded Ronnie that the property was for sale, but Ronnie suspected that Sonny was somehow responsible for the body floating in the water.

Ronnie wanted to know what Carly and Shawn were doing at the pier. Carly admitted that she and Shawn had been drinking at Jake's, but Ronnie was certain that there was more to their story. Shawn admitted that he and Carly had been looking for some privacy, prompting Ronnie to wonder if Carly and Shawn had some kind of warehouse fetish. Ronnie vowed to make Sonny pay, if Sonny had anything to do with Lisa Niles's death. Ronnie then wondered if Sonny knew that Carly and Shawn were involved. Carly made it clear that Sonny didn't have a say about her private life, but Ronnie reminded her that Sonny was very territorial.

Ronnie was curious if Carly and Shawn might have killed Lisa to keep Lisa quiet about Carly and Shawn's affair. Shawn scoffed at the suggestion, but Ronnie pointed out that someone had obviously killed Lisa. Later, the coroner took Lisa's body away, so Ronnie insisted that Carly and Shawn accompany him to the police station to give an official statement. Carly suggested that people weren't eager to help the police, because they were always treated like suspects. Ronnie argued that he hadn't used that particular term, but he did believe that there might have been a motive. "On what planet?" Carly asked.

Ronnie once again suggested that Carly and Shawn were eager to keep their relationship under wraps from Sonny, but Carly and Shawn insisted that they didn't have anything to hide. After Ronnie stepped away, Carly admitted that she had been surprised that Shawn had been willing to give the impression that he and Carly were involved. Shawn explained that he had been trying to stay consistent with her original story, on the night of Dante's shooting. Carly smiled as she wondered why, if that were the case, Shawn still continued to hold her hand. Shawn immediately released Carly's hand, but Carly continued to grin. She informed Shawn that they would have to continue their charade until the investigation died down, so he was stuck with her.

At Jake's, Steve ordered a drink, so Coleman wondered what was going on with the doctor. Steve explained that he wasn't in the mood to talk, but Coleman continued to push for answers. Eventually, Steve talked about being haunted by past choices, and decisions. Coleman empathized, because of his relationship with Kate. Steve admitted that he had never considered Coleman and Kate to be a couple. Coleman chuckled, and then confessed that few people had.

Coleman revealed that Kate had the cold and frigid act down pat, just like Lisa Niles. Coleman wondered if Steve were spooked knowing that Lisa was on the loose. Coleman confessed that the woman rattled him, even though he hadn't been the one to fire her, as Steve had done. Matt suddenly appeared at the table; he suggested that Coleman had never slept with Lisa either. "Or did you?" Matt wondered. Coleman admitted that he had thought about it, but she had been way too hung up on Patrick to be interested in Coleman.

After Coleman left, Matt took Coleman's vacated seat. Matt and Steve talked about Liz's near-death experience. Matt felt responsible, because everyone had been on the chartered boat to celebrate Matt's success. Moments later, Steve and Matt received pages requesting that they return to the hospital.

At the Drake residence, Patrick arrived home in bare feet. He quietly set his wet shoes by the front door just as Robin flipped on the light. Robin was curious where Patrick had been, so he explained that he hadn't been able to sleep. Patrick claimed that he had gone out for a walk, and then ended up getting caught in the neighbor's sprinklers. Robin chuckled, and then admitted that she had been concerned when she had realized that Patrick was gone. Patrick assured her that everything was fine, and then began to talk about second chances, and how good their life was.

Patrick admitted that he didn't want anything to get between them, so Robin promised him that nothing would. Robin hugged Patrick, but his expression seemed troubled. They snuggled together on the sofa as Robin mentioned that Emma would be awake soon, and wanting birthday cake for breakfast. Robin confessed that she didn't want to go to work, so Patrick suggested that they take a mini vacation. Robin didn't think that it was the right time, but Patrick argued that there would never be a good time for them to get away. He then reminded Robin that tomorrow wasn't guaranteed for anyone.

Robin agreed, so she decided that a short vacation with Patrick and Emma was in order. Patrick smiled with delight and then began to tickle Robin. Her laughter suddenly died when she realized that she had opened the cut on her arm. Patrick offered to patch Robin's arm up, but Robin insisted on going to the hospital, because she didn't want to risk exposing Patrick and Emma to her HIV. Patrick reminded Robin that he and Emma lived with it everyday, but Robin explained that she was still rattled by Lisa's threat to infect Patrick with the tainted blood. Robin promised that she would be back before Emma woke up, so she suggested that Patrick read the newspaper if he couldn't sleep.

After Robin left, Patrick fetched the newspaper. He read the headline, which was about Lisa's disappearance. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Steve and Matt were surprised when Robin approached the nurses' station. They claimed that they had asked Epiphany not to call Robin, because they were confident that they could have found someone to cover for them while they slept off the drinks that they had consumed. Robin had no idea what Steve and Matt were talking about, so they admitted that they had been drinking at Jake's. Matt explained that he hadn't known that he'd been scheduled to be on duty, because the work schedules were out of whack.

Robin confessed that everything had seemed off kilter since she had left the boat. Steve assured Robin that Robin wouldn't have to worry about Lisa anymore. Moments later, Officer Padilla walked up to inform the doctors that no one would have to worry about Lisa, because Lisa's body had washed ashore. According to Officer Padilla, the coroner had indicated that Lisa's death hadn't been accidental.

At Olivia's apartment, Olivia hid the pregnancy test stick behind her back, while she tried to explain to Sonny that she wasn't up for a visit with him. According to Olivia, she had eaten too much at his dinner celebration for Kristina. Sonny ignored Olivia's excuses, as he entered her apartment and then explained that he was there to talk about Kate. Sonny knew that Olivia had asked Kate to help him when things had fallen apart after Brenda had left him. Sonny wondered if he had a chance with Kate. Olivia managed to hide the test stick in a napkin, as she explained that she didn't want to get involved in Sonny and Kate's business.

Olivia claimed that she needed something to drink, so she dashed off to the kitchen to hide her pregnancy test stick, and to grab a glass of water. She then returned to the living room to reiterate that she couldn't comment on what was going on with Kate. Sonny argued that Olivia loved to be the authority on everything and everyone, so she knew Kate better than anyone, but Olivia argued that she had known Connie, not Kate. Sonny thought they were the same person, but Olivia disagreed. However, Olivia suggested that perhaps Kate was afraid of getting her heart shattered again by Sonny.

Sonny assured Olivia that he just wanted to thank Kate for helping him during a difficult period. Olivia reminded Sonny that there were other ways of showing gratitude, rather than taking a woman to bed. Sonny revealed that he had bought Kate flowers, had invited her to dinner, and had asked her to join the family celebration. Olivia pointed out that Kate didn't feel like a part of Sonny's extended family, because Kate had stopped seeing them in that light when Kate had left Bensonhurst. Moments later, Kate called to tell Sonny that her car had broken down. Sonny assured Kate that he would be there shortly, and then ended the call.

On the side of the road, Kate called Maxie, but reached Maxie's voicemail. Kate complained about Maxie not answering the call, but then ended the call when she noticed headlights in the rearview mirror. Moments later, Johnny approached Kate's car to find out if Kate needed help. Kate was curious what Johnny was doing out at that time of night, so Johnny explained that he had been driving around. Johnny offered to take a look at Kate's engine, but she assured him that it wasn't necessary, because she had already called someone to help her. Johnny wondered if Kate didn't trust him, so Kate relented by agreeing to let Johnny look under the hood of the car.

Johnny explained that he needed a flashlight and wrench, so he sent Kate to his car to fetch the items from the toolbox. Kate returned with the requested items, but Johnny decided that the car would need to be towed to his shop, where he had the proper tools to work on the engine. Kate declined his offer, and then reminded him that she had already called someone. Moments later, Sonny and Olivia arrived. Kate was not pleased to see her cousin with Sonny. Olivia suffered a bout of lightheadedness as she took a look at the engine. Kate and Sonny became concerned, but Olivia insisted that she was fine.

Kate and Sonny didn't believe Olivia, because Olivia continued to sway on her feet. Sonny asked Johnny to take Olivia home. Johnny reluctantly agreed, so he led Olivia to his car. Kate complained that the tow truck hadn't arrived, so Sonny wondered why she seemed to be in a rush. Kate pointed out that Sonny had obviously been busy, so he accused Kate of being jealous. Kate denied it, but Sonny admitted that he was glad that she had called him.

Sonny began to reminisce about a time that they had kissed while they had been stuck on a Ferris wheel. Kate smiled as she sternly ordered Sonny to put his dimples away. Sonny continued to turn on the charm, as he moved closer to kiss Kate.

At Olivia's apartment, Olivia wondered if it had been a coincidence that Johnny had happened to find Kate stranded on the side of the road. Johnny assured her that it had been, but Olivia pointed out that the bolts from Kate's brand new car had been stripped. Johnny feigned shock as he questioned if she were implying that someone had intentionally sabotaged Kate's car. Olivia admitted that it looked that way, so Johnny decided to take her word for it, since she knew more about cars -- and people -- than he did.

In Hawaii, Sam refused to believe that Franco had been in the bungalow with her. She insisted that it had been Jason, but Jason explained that the beer that she had sipped from had been drugged. He revealed that the same thing had happened to him, which was how he had ended up waking up in a room with a television monitor, so that he could watch what had transpired. "Watch what?" Sam nervously wondered. Jason gently explained that Franco had put cameras in the bedroom of their bungalow. Sam anxiously asked what Jason had seen, and then demanded to know what Franco had done to her.

Jason's eyes filled with pain as he told her that he had seen Sam get dizzy in the shower, and that Franco had carried Sam to the bedroom. Jason admitted that he had watched Franco take off his shirt, and then drape it over the camera, so that Jason couldn't see what had happened next. Sam became upset when she realized that the implication was that Franco had sexually violated her. Sam insisted that it was crazy, because Franco couldn't have known what they had been planned for the evening. Jason quietly explained that Franco had been spying on them, using cameras that had been hidden all over the bungalow.

Sam became distraught as she argued that they didn't know for certain what Franco had done to her, since Franco had covered the camera. Jason vowed to find Franco, and then kill him. Sam's eyes filled with tears as Jason then gently suggested that he take her to the hospital to be examined. Sam refused to go; she insisted that she just needed to shower. Jason didn't think that it was a good idea, but Sam was adamant that she just needed to get clean. Jason relented, so he wrapped Sam in a robe, and then walked her to the bathroom.

Sam insisted that she needed some time alone, so she went into the bathroom alone. Meanwhile, Jason returned to the bedroom, where he slid to the floor as he listened to Sam take a shower. Jason's eyes welled up with tears as he heard Sam vigorously scrub herself, and then begin to sob. Eventually, Jason went to the bathroom, grabbed a towel, turned off the water, and then wrapped the towel around his wife as she sat on the floor.

A short time later, Jason held Sam as they curled up on the lounge chair under the stars. Sam thanked Jason for keeping his promise to always end their night by gazing at the stars. Jason admitted that he knew that they made her feel safe. Sam assured Jason that he made her feel safe, but Jason seemed tormented by her quiet confession.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

In Hawaii, Jason fetched Sam's necklace from the bungalow. Sam explained that she couldn't return to the bungalow, because of what had happened with Franco. Jason offered to collect her things, but Sam didn't want anything else inside the bungalow. She confessed that she couldn't stop thinking about Franco, and then wondered if it were possible that Franco might still be in Hawaii. Jason blamed himself for not finishing things with Franco when he had the chance. Sam assured Jason that they would deal with Franco together, so Jason vowed that he would not take his eyes off of Sam again.

Sam had no idea where to start their search for Franco, so Jason decided to go to the place where Jason had been held captive. The moment that they entered the white room, Jason realized that Franco had been there. He pointed to the tag that Franco had left behind. "NO2CCAH5" was spray-painted on the wall in bold red paint, with an "X" through the "O". Jason suspected that it was Franco's new signature, and that the intention had been to garner a reaction from Jason. Jason told Sam about waking up in the room to see Sam on the monitor, while Franco closed in on her in the shower.

Jason's temper flared as he tore the television monitor out of the wall, and then shouted, "Is this what you want, Franco? You want me to lose it?" Sam immediately reached out to Jason, to calm him down, and then urged him not to play into Franco's hand. Sam suggested that they figure out the meaning of the graffiti, so Jason decided to snap a picture of it with his cell phone. Meanwhile, Sam spotted something in the pile of debris near where Jason had thrown the television monitor. It appeared to be a room key that read, "Maholo 5."

Jason warned Sam that it might be a trap, but Sam reminded Jason that they were in it together. Jason admitted that he just wanted to see her smile again, but she insisted that she just wanted their nightmare to be over. Later, Jason and Sam entered the hotel room that the key had led them to. They were startled to find a dead woman sprawled on the floor, wearing a grass skirt, and holding a small figurine that was dressed in a similar fashion. Franco's tag appeared on a nearby wall, along with the message, "Aloha." Jason called the police to report the murder, and then suggested that they leave, since he had seen what Franco had wanted Jason to see.

Sam realized that Jason didn't think that it was over with Franco. Jason pointed out that Franco liked to play games, so it would never be over. Jason recalled a conversation he'd had with Franco, when Franco had told Jason that he and Jason were the same. Jason warned Sam that Franco wanted Jason to find him, so that they could finish things once and for all. Sam promised that she would be at Jason's side when that happened.

In Ireland, Lucky told Mrs. MacInerny about the messages that he had seen in the churchyard. She assured him that she hadn't been responsible for them, but Lucky wondered who else it could have been. Mrs. MacInerny pointed out that Lucky was grief-stricken, and hadn't slept well, so perhaps he had subconsciously left the messages. Lucky insisted that it didn't make sense, because he had traveled all the way to Ireland to follow his wife's wishes. The innkeeper suggested that perhaps Lucky had been driven by guilt, and a need for absolution. According to the Mrs. MacInerny, only God and Lucky could provide that.

Mrs. MacInerny suspected that Lucky didn't have a lot of faith, so Lucky changed the subject by asking if the innkeeper had ever used the well. She revealed that her husband had fallen ill after they had opened the inn, so he had died at a very young age. According to Mrs. MacInerny, her husband had promised to return one last time to tell her that he loved her, so she had gone to the well in the hopes of receiving a message from him. She admitted that twenty-three years later, she was still waiting to hear from him. Lucky felt bad for the innkeeper, but he doubted that Siobhan would send him to Ireland just to urge him to return home.

Mrs. MacInerny suggested that perhaps Lucky shouldn't question the messages too much, because God worked in mysterious ways. Lucky confided that losing his wife had shaken his faith, so Mrs. MacInerny advised Lucky to put aside his arrogance, and disbelief, to trust in his heart. Lucky wondered what to do if his heart told him that the well was merely a well, nothing more. Mrs. MacInerny assured Lucky that someone was trying to tell Lucky something, so she insisted that he start listening. She suggested that he return to the churchyard, because it was the last night of a full moon. Mrs. MacInerny explained that, if Lucky were willing to listen, there was more to be heard.

After Mrs. MacInerny left the room, Lucky fetched his jacket and then left. A short time later, he returned to the churchyard at St. Margaret's Chapel. He placed the rosary in the well, and then sat down to wait for a message. Lucky fell asleep, and then dreamed of holding Aiden, as he assured his young son that everything would be okay. The front door to Liz's home suddenly blew open, as Jake called out, "Daddy." Lucky was startled awake, and then glanced at the ground to see a message written in stone that read, "Go home, Daddy" "Jake?" Lucky cried out.

At the Haunted Star, Luke was shuffling cards when he sensed that Tracy had entered the casino. Luke confessed that he had been expecting her, so Tracy wondered why Luke was still in Port Charles. Luke ignored the question as he asked Tracy why she wasn't with her new beau, Anthony Zacchara. Tracy reminded Luke that she detested Anthony, and that she had expected Luke to help her deal with the elder Zacchara. Luke thought that, for a woman who claimed to want Luke gone, Tracy seemed to grasp at straws to keep Luke in town. Luke then referred to Tracy as "wife," but she quickly clarified that her new title was "ex-wife."

Tracy then shifted gears to find out if Luke had seen any of his children. Luke admitted that he had talked to his sons, but he had kept his distance from Lulu. Tracy thought that Luke owed Lulu a visit, but Luke decided to treat Lulu like the adult that she claimed to be. Luke then insisted that he didn't owe anyone anything. Tracy was curious if that included his grandson. Luke was frustrated, because it seemed as if everything went back to Jake.

Tracy explained that she had been referring to Aiden. Luke pointed out that Aiden was a Cassadine. Tracy realized that Luke didn't know about the paternity test, which had confirmed that Aiden was Lucky's son, so she told Luke about it. Luke was stunned; he wondered how long everyone had known, so Tracy admitted that it had been a few months. Luke was hurt that no one had mentioned it, prompting Tracy to remind Luke that he had been unavailable for quite some time. However, she insisted that Aiden deserved to have a relationship with Luke.

Luke insisted that he didn't have any use for a grandchild. Tracy was disappointed by Luke's attitude, but Luke wondered what he was expected to do with a child. Tracy suggested that he could simply be present in Aiden's life. Luke thought that Aiden would be better off without him, prompting Tracy to angrily demand to know why Luke had returned. Luke explained that he wasn't a missionary, so it wasn't his job to save people. Tracy argued that Luke was a parent, and that his family was falling apart at the seams.

Tracy assured Luke that Luke's children loved him, so they deserved guidance and support from him. Luke disagreed. Tracy reminded him that he owed it to Jake, but Luke complained that he was stuck on a merry-go-round with Jake. Irritated, Tracy suggested that Luke enjoy the ride, because she was done. After Tracy walked out, Luke went to the bar, unscrewed the lid to a bottle of scotch, and then stared at it.

In Liz's hospital room, Liz woke up as Matt jotted down some notes on the chart. Matt was relieved that Liz had slept well. Liz assured him that she felt better, so she was curious when she could go home to her boys. Matt explained that he couldn't discharge her until her fever had gone down and she was out of danger from developing an infection. Matt then sat down and revealed that he had some good news to share. "The crazy bitch is dead," Matt said.

Matt explained that Lisa's body had been found. Liz was a bit confused, because she recalled that Matt had mentioned earlier that Lisa was dead. Matt suggested that it might have been wishful thinking if he had said that. Liz thought that it was likely that she had just imagined it. She admitted that it had been difficult to tell what had been real from what hadn't been real since she had been fished out of the water. Matt chuckled as he reminded her of her claims that she had been rescued by a man who had "zero percent body fat," Liz smiled, and then decided to thank the hero in front of her, who had saved her life twice.

Matt quickly downplayed his role in saving her life, so Liz reminded him that she needed to get home to take care of her sons. Matt assured her that they were in good hands, so he advised her to focus on resting.

At the hospital, Lulu was concerned about Dante's breathing while he had slept the night before, so she insisted that he see a doctor. Dante assured her that he was fine, but Lulu refused to take no for an answer. Dante was surprised when he spotted Officer Padilla at the hospital. He wondered if the young police officer were working double shifts, and then reminded her that he had already answered all of her questions about the warehouse shooting. Officer Padilla revealed that she was working on another case, so Dante wanted to know what it was. Officer Padilla reminded Dante that Dante was on medical leave, so it didn't concern him.

Mac called out to Dante as Officer Padilla walked away. Dante insisted that he was ready to get back to work, but Mac refused to consider it, because Dante needed time to recuperate. Moments later, Lulu returned to Dante's side to explain that Steve wasn't available, so she had arranged for Dante to see another doctor. Lulu confided to Mac that Dante had experienced difficulty breathing while he had slept, so it was important for Dante to take it easy. Lulu decided to visit Liz while Dante saw the doctor, so she excused herself and then walked away.

In Liz's hospital room, Liz admitted to Lulu that she was eager to go home, because she wanted to see her sons, especially since Lucky was away. Lulu confessed that she'd had no idea that Lucky had gone to Ireland until Ethan had mentioned it. Liz suggested that Lucky was chasing down Siobhan's memory, so Lulu advised Liz to give Lucky some time. "For what?" Liz asked. Lulu reminded Liz that Lucky and Liz had always loved each other, so love conquered all.

Liz chuckled, as she admitted that she and Lucky had conquered a lot; however, she sometimes thought that they looked for ways to screw things up, because they were afraid of being happy. Lulu wondered if that might be what Lulu was doing with Dante. Lulu explained that she wanted forever with Dante, but it might not be possible, because of Dante's career. Liz pointed out that at least Dante was on the right side of the law. Lulu argued that Lucky and Liz had been a perfect couple, but they hadn't been able to make it work, so Lulu wondered if she and Dante would last. Liz quickly reminded Lulu that she and Lucky had not been perfect together, so she warned Lulu not to use their relationship as some kind of role model.

Liz explained that she and Lucky hadn't been able to find balance between their idealistic dreams, and their realistic expectations, so it had been best for them not to be together. Lulu didn't think that Liz sounded convincing. Liz insisted that it didn't matter, because Lucky had made up his mind.

At the Webber house, Steve tried to feed Aiden, but Aiden flung his food in Steve's face. Meanwhile, Cam rode a scooter through the house, which Steve was certain Liz would not have approved of. Cam was curious when his mother would be home, so Steve decided to distract Cam by suggesting that Cam find a quiet video game that they could play. Cam raced to his bedroom, while Steve carried Aiden to the playpen to put his youngest nephew down for a nap. Steve confided to Aiden that it was clear that Steve was a disaster as a parent, and then began to talk about finding the pregnancy test in Olivia's apartment. Steve admitted that he had panicked when he had seen it, because their relationship was still too new.

Moments later, Olivia arrived to help Steve out with the boys. Olivia immediately realized that Steve was in over his head when she saw how messy the house was. She sent Steve to play with Cam, while she picked up and then settled Aiden down. A short time later, Steve returned to the living room, but stopped at the bottom of the steps when he overheard Olivia talking to Aiden about what it had been like to raise Dante as a teen mother, and then speculate what motherhood would be like at her current age. Olivia was unaware of Steve's presence as she carried Aiden to the other room to change his diapers.

Later, Cam talked to Olivia about his brother, Jake, who had died. Cam confessed that he missed Jake. Meanwhile, Steve received word that Lisa's autopsy results were in, so he wanted to go to the hospital. Olivia assured him that she could handle the boys. Olivia was curious if Lisa had drowned, but Steve explained that he wouldn't know until he got to the hospital. He promised to call her and then left.

Later, Aiden woke up from a short nap. Olivia noticed that Aiden had a bruise, so Cam explained that Aiden got them all the time. Olivia assured Cam that it was normal for boys, and then picked Aiden up. A short time later, Lulu arrived. Olivia was curious what was going on with Dante and Lulu's engagement, so Lulu explained that she wanted to wait to announce their engagement until her family was together. Lulu assured Olivia that she wore the engagement ring when she was with Dante and that Dante knew how Lulu felt.

Olivia warned Lulu not to put herself and Dante through the torture of pretending to want to get married, if Lulu didn't think that things would work out.

At the nurses' station, Officer Padilla announced that the autopsy results for Lisa were in. Matt was confident that they would confirm that Lisa had died by drowning, but Officer Padilla revealed that Lisa had been dead before she had hit the water. Dante and Matt listened as Officer Padilla told Mac that Lisa had died from a blow to the head with a blunt object. According to Officer Padilla, it appeared that the murder weapon had been a tool of some sort, because it had traces of carbon and rust on it. Dante was curious if there had been any more details, but Mac reminded Dante that Dante was not part of the investigation. Dante argued that Mac would need all the help that he could get with the investigation, but Mac refused to consider assigning the case to Dante.

Steve walked up a few minutes later, and then asked what was going on, so Matt revealed that Lisa had been killed. Mac clarified that it was an official murder investigation, so everyone on the chartered boat would have to be interviewed again. Steve suggested that perhaps Lisa had been killed in self-defense, but Officer Padilla argued that it was unlikely, because the person who had killed Lisa hadn't reported it. Mac instructed Officer Padilla to have the chartered boat searched for clues -- and the murder weapon. Officer Padilla reviewed the passenger list, starting with Liz.

Mac pointed out that Liz could be eliminated as a suspected, because Liz had been tossed overboard, while Lisa had still been alive. Officer Padilla added that the captain had been murdered, so he was ruled out as a suspect as well. She then went over the other suspects, including Robin, Patrick, Maxie, Steve, Matt, and Olivia. Dante was startled when he heard his mother's name. Dante suggested that Mac was wasting time, questioning people who hadn't killed Lisa, but Mac pointed out that they were the only suspects, unless someone else had managed to slip onto the boat. Matt insisted that whoever had killed Lisa had deserved a medal, and then left.

Steve offered to help in any way that he could, but he agreed with Matt's assessment. Steve warned Mac that no one would mourn Lisa's loss. Mac didn't disagree, but he insisted that he still needed answers. Later, Dante revealed that he had been given a clean bill of health, so he begged Mac to be put on the case.

In a hotel room, a woman cut out an article about Lisa Niles, and then set it on a table. Nearby, the clown costume, which had been worn by the mystery person stalking the hospital's hallways on Halloween, was seen on the sofa. The woman donned a lab coat, folded the article, and then tucked it into her purse. She grabbed the large plastic syringe from the sofa, and then left the room. A short time later, the woman stepped off of the elevator at the hospital. She smiled as she greeted Steve. "Maggie," Steve replied.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Carly found Shawn at Kelly's and apologized for her previous behavior. Though Shawn did not want to discuss it, Carly insisted he talk to her. Shawn pointed out that it was Veterans Day. Carly reminded Shawn that the friendly fire incident he'd been involved in had not been his fault.

Shawn prepared to deliver a care package to the son of the man Shawn had killed. As Shawn talked, Carly realized that Shawn's father had died when Shawn was a boy. Shawn talked about his dad, Big Ray, who had been shot while shopping for groceries. Carly admired Shawn for opening up to her.

Matt insisted that Liz stay in bed, despite her resolve to leave the hospital. In a fevered state, she began to hallucinate. She was convinced that Matt had rescued her the night Lisa had thrown her overboard, but Matt explained that he'd been on the boat that night.

Liz started to hear Jake calling to her. Monica sedated Liz and asked Epiphany to call Steve. Jason visited Liz, who begged him to help her save their son from trouble.

Lucky returned to the inn after visiting the churchyard. The innkeeper prompted Lucky to dig deeper for answers, but Lucky began to doubt his experiences. She asked Lucky about his son. Lucky explained that Jake was not Siobhan's child, but his ex-wife's.

The innkeeper wondered whether Lucky had seen Jake that night. Lucky recounted the dream he'd had while asleep at the churchyard. When Lucky had awakened, the word "daddy" had been spelled out in stones. The innkeeper urged Lucky to stay in the village to try to learn what the spirits were attempting to communicate.

Steve made it clear to Maggie that their past would not interfere with their professional relationship. He told her he didn't appreciate her having skulked around the hospital on Halloween. Maggie replied that what she'd learned that night had convinced her that the hospital needed her.

Steve reminded her that she'd never been one to follow the rules and admonished her not to make waves. Maggie referred to the incident in Memphis. Olivia arrived, and Steven introduced her to Maggie. Maggie left to get back to work.

Olivia asked Steve out on a date for the following night in New York. Steve reminded her that they were suspects in Lisa's death and shouldn't leave town, so they decided to postpone their big city night. Olivia asked Steve about his past with Maggie as Maggie eavesdropped.

Sam and Jason returned to the penthouse. Sam was not heartened by all of the wedding presents that awaited them. Jason urged Sam to talk to someone about what Franco had done to her. Sam focused on making Franco pay, though she felt responsible for having minimized the danger he'd posed.

Jason told Sam, in no uncertain terms, that he loved her and would support her, always. After Jason left for his doctor's appointment, she began to open presents. Rage overcame her, and she smashed the boxes.

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