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Téa revealed that she was pregnant. Todd confessed to Louie, the homeless man, that he had killed Victor but couldn't remember any of it. Blair decided to have a relationship with Tomás. Jack decided to burn his father's newspaper offices because of Victor's murder, but had to go back to save Rama and Vimal. Natalie didn't believe Jessica's claims about Liam.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 7, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, November 7, 2011

As Neela and Jack stood on the docks, Neela pleaded for Jack to save her from turning into a "baby factory." Suddenly, they heard the voices of Vimal and Rama calling out for Neela. Jack grabbed Neela's hand, and they took off. Vimal fell into the water as he tried to run after his little sister. Rama helped her husband to climb out.

Vimal was close to being hysterical, imagining that some thugs had dragged his sister off. His parents would kill him, Vimal declared. Rama believed that Neela had run off on her own, because the girl hadn't even screamed. Vimal denied that was possible, as Neela hadn't known anyone else in Llanview. "Clearly she met someone," Rama replied.

Jessica showed up at Foxy Roxy's to talk to Natalie, and she was surprised to hear that Natalie had something to say as well. Natalie went first, and she expressed her desire for Jessica to show up at the wedding. "After you hear what I have to say, you might reconsider," Jessica replied. Natalie was certain that she knew what Jessica had to say.

"Trust me, you don't," Jessica responded. Natalie continued to chatter about how much she loved Jessica and wanted her to be at the wedding. Jessica found it difficult to talk, but she finally managed to state that she wanted to talk about Natalie's family that included Brody, Liam, and John. Natalie reminded Jessica that John wasn't a part of the family. "John might be Liam's father," Jessica blurted out.

"What did you say?" a confused Natalie asked. She noted how convenient Jessica's timing had been. Jessica insisted that it had been difficult for her to believe, as well, but Natalie was furious. She suggested that Jessica could have even waited until the wedding itself in order to ruin things. Natalie demanded that Jessica take back what she had said.

Jessica swore that she couldn't, because her statement might be true. Natalie was certain it was a lie, and the only reason that Jessica had shown up was because Jessica was a "vindictive, spiteful bitch." "I'm telling the truth," Jessica maintained. Jessica contended that she was sick of things the way they were, and she was tired of all of the fighting. She had reason to believe that what she'd said was true.

Natalie wanted proof. She accused Jessica of babysitting for Liam in order to conduct her own DNA test. Jessica quickly corrected her sister and revealed that she thought that Victor had been responsible for it. Victor had been the reason she'd seen the report, Jessica tried to explain. She'd gotten the paper from David Vickers right after Victor's death, Jessica added.

Jessica had been certain that Natalie would have wanted to know, but she should have figured out how to tell her better, Jessica confessed. Natalie decided that the entire thing was a prank, and she looked around for cameras. Jessica should have been able to tell a better story than one that involved a dog obtaining a DNA test, Natalie shouted.

Natalie wanted to see the test. Meekly, Jessica confessed that she no longer had it, and she thought the dog might have taken it back. Natalie thought that Jessica's only plan had been to hurt her sister, but Jessica insisted that she would have done it differently if that were the case. Natalie wanted her sister, but Jessica wanted a punching bag, Natalie exclaimed.

She was done, Natalie declared. Jessica wasn't worth it, and Natalie was glad that Jessica had dropped by to prove it. She asked Jessica to leave. Jessica suggested that Natalie run her own DNA test and postpone her wedding, but Natalie wouldn't hear of it. Natalie wouldn't postpone her wedding, and she didn't want Jessica to show up after all. If she saw Jessica, she'd beat her face in, Natalie threatened.

Bo and John discussed Victor's murder, and Bo asked for John's help in running through some ideas. John handed Bo a letter to look at as they chatted. It was a resignation letter, and John was giving his two-week notice. Bo was floored.

"It's time to move on," John announced. He was thinking of looking for a job in Seattle in order to be near his family, John clarified. Bo wondered whether Natalie was aware of John's move, and John replied that Natalie was busy and didn't need any distractions. Bo realized that Natalie would then leave for her honeymoon, and by the time she returned, John would be gone.

John began to talk about Michael and Marcie and their expected family addition, but Bo advised John that Michael would be the first person to give John a difficult time about leaving Natalie and Llanview. John disagreed, but Bo was angry. He assured John that Michael and Marcie didn't need a babysitter. John just didn't want to see Natalie married, the commissioner guessed.

"You're leaving because of Natalie," Bo assumed correctly. He didn't want John to leave, because John was both a great detective and a good friend. John maintained that he couldn't stay in town. Bo wondered if Natalie knew that John still loved her, but John insisted that he couldn't cause any more trouble.

Bo wanted to move on to his murder investigation. He noted that if the mayor were re-elected, there wouldn't be much time left in which to find the killer. The mayor would fire Bo if nothing turned up. John suggested they get to work. Bo noted that he'd found John's initials on a report that had involved Brody as a suspect, and Bo was mystified. John explained that an eyewitness had heard Brody threaten Victor.

Bo didn't think Brody would have killed Victor, and he also ruled out Irene. The woman had been under constant observation when she'd been in prison, and she couldn't have even arranged Victor's murder, Bo continued. The only person Irene had seen was Todd. Bo and John discussed the plausibility of Todd's story

There had been no sign of Louie, John stated. He only hoped that the homeless man was still alive. Bo suggested that Louie might still have the gun, and if the gun turned up, they might be able to find the fingerprints of Victor's murderer. John offered his help for the next two weeks.

Bo noted that he'd wanted to disappear when Clint had married Nora, but he hadn't been able to, because of his son. He advised John that John had his blessing if he wanted to leave right away. John agreed to take Bo up on his offer, and he would finish out the day.

In Todd's office at the Sun, Todd attempted to persuade Louie to give him the gun that had been taken from Dorian's safe. Louie refused. The office door opened, and Tomas walked in. Todd wanted Tomas to leave, but Tomas argued that he was there on Téa's behalf. Tomas had decided to look into Victor's murder, and he was searching for the killer.

Todd introduced Louie as his "trusted associate." Louie made his way to the door to leave, but Todd urged him to stay. Todd advised Tomas that it was okay for Louie to remain in the office while they conversed. Tomas noted that he was looking for the gun that Todd had had in his possession on the docks. "It's right next to the Holy Grail on the Ark of the Covenant," Todd chuckled. "The gun is gone," Todd spelled out.

"Because you gave it to a homeless man you met down at the docks," Tomas clarified. He and Todd began to bicker, as Louie sat quietly. Todd reminded Tomas that the charges for killing Victor had been dropped, but Tomas noted that the fact that the absence of evidence had been the reason why.

Todd thought it possible that Agent Baker had killed Victor, but Tomas stated that Baker had been in custody the night of Victor's murder. Todd wondered if Tomas had actually checked that fact. "Why would Baker kill Victor?" Tomas inquired. Todd suggested that Tomas investigate it, and he sent Tomas on his way.

Louie was upset. He felt that Todd should have told Tomas that the gun was there, but it was obvious to Louie that the gun would prove that Todd had been the killer after all. "I am guilty. I killed my brother," Todd confessed. Louie was angry that Todd had lied to him, but Todd assured him that he hadn't lied the entire time. Louie asked if it had been self-defense, but Todd replied that he couldn't remember the details.

Louie noted that Victor had made Todd's life his own, but Victor's wife loved and missed him. Todd revealed that Téa had been his wife, too, and he had loved her. He'd killed Victor before Victor killed him, Todd maintained. He'd had no choice.

Louie wondered if Todd regretted it. Todd noted that he did whenever he looked into Sam's face. Sam was the only person who had his back, Todd explained. Sam had even drawn a face that looked like Todd on a pumpkin, Todd revealed. No one had ever done anything like that for him.

Todd admitted that he was full of inner turmoil. Louie described how he'd been in a war before, and Todd was involved in a war too. People involved in a war went through unspeakable things, Louie continued. It made one do things. Todd had to forgive himself and live his life. "I forgive you, Todd," Louie said.

"You forgive me?" Todd asked. Louie revealed how he'd known guys in the service who had been used, damaged, and discarded. He couldn't watch it happen to someone again. He held out the gun to Todd. Louie didn't want any money, but he wanted Todd to get some help.

Todd laughed. "My whole life, everyone's always said that to me." He thought that Louie made it all seem true. Louie was afraid that Todd might "fix someone" like he did Victor, and Louie didn't want to see it. He also thought that Todd should watch out for Tomas.

After Louie was gone, Todd was happy. He looked at the gun. "Well, Manning, you did it again. You're a genius. You're in the clear. You got away with murder."

Téa looked at the results of her home pregnancy test. Just then, the doorbell rang, and she quickly put the wand down. Blair and Sam had arrived, and Blair explained that Sam had something to say to Téa. The little boy said thank you, and he hugged Téa, who had stooped down to his level. Sam declared that Téa had given him back his daddy.

Téa was confused. Blair explained that they'd gone through the box of Victor's belongings, and Sam had been able to enjoy lots of memories that he'd had of his dad. Blair reminded Sam to give Téa the drawing he'd made. Sam presented Téa with the picture of himself, along with Victor and Téa. He informed Téa that she was his second mom.

Téa was thrilled and promised to display the picture on her refrigerator. Blair sent Sam off to play so that she could talk to Téa. She'd noticed that Téa had appeared "off" lately. Téa proclaimed that she was fine, and she'd had her mind on many things. Blair mentioned Tomas' pursuit of Victor's killer and disclosed that she'd offered to help until she'd found out that Tomas' number one suspect was Todd.

Blair requested that Téa ask Tomas to back off of Todd, because Blair was certain that Todd wasn't the killer. Todd was connected to Sam, and Blair was sure that Todd would have never wanted to hurt the little boy. Todd had grown to love Sam, as he was the only child that Victor had left behind, Blair added. Suddenly, Téa ran upstairs.

Shortly after, Blair found Sam playing with a magic wand. It was Téa's positive pregnancy test, and Blair advised her son that he couldn't play with it. Téa returned and grabbed the wand. Téa assured Sam that he wasn't in trouble, and she suggested that he go upstairs to play in Jack's bedroom. The boy was reluctant, because he was certain that his brother wouldn't like it. "Exactly," Téa replied.

Blair was sorry for all that Téa had been going through, and there was the added problem with Dani. Blair assumed that the test belonged to Dani, and she began to barrage Téa with questions. "You don't understand. It's not Dani's test. It's mine," Téa finally revealed.

"Téa, are you pregnant?" Blair asked. "I'm having Victor's baby, and he won't be here to see it. How can that be?" Téa asked tearfully. Blair wrapped her arms around a sobbing Téa.

Jack and Neela arrived at the pool house at La Boulaie. Jack admitted that he thought that Neela's story about being a baby factory was made up. Neela confessed that while that part may have been an exaggeration, her parents were forcing her to marry someone she didn't love. She wondered how Jack handled his parents if there were something he didn't want to do. He replied that he told them "not gonna happen."

Jack gathered some towels that Neela could use for bedding, and he promised to obtain some sheets later. The look on Neela's face indicated that she had met the man of her dreams. She advised Jack that he reminded her of someone who was good. Suddenly, Neela's phone rang. It was Rama.

Neela assured her sister-in-law that she was fine and was with a friend. Rama related that Vimal was quite upset. Neela was worried about what her parents would think, but she advised Rama to tell Vimal, "Not gonna happen." Neela ended the call, and Jack praised Neela for standing up to her family.

Neela asked Jack for his name, and she introduced herself. Jack realized that she was Vimal's sister. Neela thanked Jack for saving her.

"I'm certain Neela will be fine," Rama advised Vimal.

Natalie held her wedding dress up in front of the mirror. "Tomorrow, you're going to be Mrs. Brody Lovett," Natalie declared. Then she, Brody, and Liam would be a family. "No matter what Jessica says."

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On the phone with Tomas, Blair wondered if he'd seen the newest issue of the Sun, which had a large picture of Baker under the headline "My Brother's Killer?" She wondered if Tomas thought that Baker could have killed Victor. He thought that they could talk about it later at their "brainstorming session." Tomas hoped that they could talk about something other than work.

A short while later, Calmar arrived. Tomas wondered if Calmar had the information about Baker. Calmar assured Tomas that Baker had been in federal custody when Victor had been killed. Tomas believed that Todd had only suggested Baker as the killer in order to take the heat off of himself. Calmar wondered if Tomas had a selfish motive for suspecting Todd of murder. Tomas was offended by the suggestion, and insisted that he'd promised Téa that he'd find Victor's killer.

Tomas also inquired about the identity of the man that had been in Todd's office earlier. Calmar identified the man as the homeless man named Louie, who Irene had apparently killed. Tomas remembered being in Todd's office and asking about Louie, but the man had said nothing. Tomas thought that Todd had been trying to pay Louie off to get the gun, but hadn't quite convinced him. Tomas got his coat on, and intended to go find the gun. Calmar warned him to be careful, because Todd was dangerous. "So am I," Tomas replied, and left.

"You look horrible," Blair heard, and turned around to see David. She demanded to know why he was there. He explained that his movie shoot in Sweden had wrapped, and that Dorian had sent him to Blair on his way to Washington, DC. Dorian wanted him to "make sure Todd stays out of your life forever." He continued that Dorian thought that Blair still had feelings for Todd. He encouraged her to create a life with Tomas.

Blair admitted that Todd had visited on Halloween, and it had looked like he'd wanted to say something, but he hadn't said anything. "Classic Todd," David scoffed. He said that Todd was too scared to share his feelings, so he advised Blair to stay with Tomas. "You know what, David? You're absolutely right," she said. As David searched for paper and pen in order to record the statement, Blair realized that Todd was too scared, so she would have to make the first move.

Blair continued that she couldn't know where things stood with Todd and Tomas "until all the cards are on the table." She wanted to go find Todd. David stood in her way, and cited that Dorian would kill him if he didn't stop Blair. She pushed past him, and left. "You're no longer my second favorite niece!" He yelled after her. His phone rang, and he was nervous to answer it to Dorian. He lied that he'd taken care of things, and that Blair was done with Todd.

At the Sun, Todd tried to figure out a way to get Tomas "off my back," until Téa entered. She wanted to tell him in person that she was pregnant with Victor's baby. He stammered a congratulations, and she said that it gave her a reason to wake up in the morning. Todd suggested that Tomas would stop obsessing over finding Victor's killer, but Téa thought it would give her closure. She assured him that she knew that he hadn't killed Victor. However, Todd thought that Tomas wanted Todd out of the way, because he was a threat to Tomas.

Téa said that, between Todd's history with Blair, and the fact that Blair was already dating Tomas, Téa was rooting for Tomas. She continued that Todd had hurt Blair too many times, and informed him that Blair had turned herself inside out to get over Todd. She knew that Blair was happy with Tomas, so she advised Todd to "watch out" if he was looking for a fight. He congratulated her again, and she left.

Todd told himself that everything would be all right. He wanted to win back Blair before Tomas got to her. He left his office as Tomas hid around the corner. Todd got in the elevator, and Tomas went into Todd's office. Tomas looked through Todd's desk. Finding nothing, he took a picture off the wall, and revealed a safe. He took out a device, attached it to the safe, and eventually got the code for the safe. He got the safe open, but covered it back up when he heard something outside the office. Blair entered, calling for Todd. "What are you doing here?" she asked when she saw Tomas.

Todd entered La Boulaie and demanded to know where Blair was, because he had something to tell her. David wondered what was so urgent. "I want her back," Todd stated. David lied that Todd was too late, because Blair was on her way to tell Tomas that she loved him.

Neela looked at her phone, and saw that she had twenty-seven missed calls from Vimal. She insisted that she wasn't going back to India. Jack entered, smiling and bearing gifts. He handed her some fruit for breakfast, and gave her some of Starr's clothes. He offered to go back to the Sun to get her suitcase, but she knew that Vimal would follow Jack.

Neela went on about how arranged marriages were of her father's generation, but he always got what he wanted. "Tell me about it," Jack started. He insisted that Todd was using the newspaper to pin Victor's murder on someone else. "He must be evil," Neela observed, and Jack agreed. Jack refused to let Todd get away with it, and Neela wondered what Jack could do. "A lot," Jack stated ominously. Jack said that he'd be back, and that Neela should stay at the pool house. He had "something to take care of," alone. "It's better if you don't know," he said, and left.

Jack quietly entered La Boulaie through the back door. He dug around in a drawer, and pulled out a book of matches.

At the Sun, Vimal worried about his sister. Rama assured Vimal that Neela was fine. Just then, Vimal's phone rang. "Where are you?" he answered the phone, but he realized that it was his father calling. Vimal's father explained that he was at the airport, but that Neela was nowhere in sight. Vimal admitted that Neela hadn't been on the flight. Rama grabbed the phone, and told Mr. Patel that the flight had been overbooked, so Neela would be on the next available flight. Mr. Patel asked to talk to his daughter.

Rama told Mr. Patel that he couldn't talk to her, and he wondered why. Vimal grabbed the phone back, and told his father that Neela was asleep, and added that it was due to jet lag, as Rama mouthed "jet lag." He promised to let Mr. Patel know details of another flight as soon as possible, and quickly hung up. Vimal wished he had called the cops, and wanted to go find Neela. He took Neela's suitcase, and told Rama to stay at the Sun just in case Neela returned. Vimal asked Rama to try Neela's phone again, and left. Rama took out her phone.

Neela was modeling her new clothes in the mirror when her phone rang. "Stop calling me!" she yelled into the phone, but was surprised to hear Rama's voice. Rama insisted that she was trying to help Neela, and begged her not to hang up. Neela refused to marry someone she didn't love. She agreed to talk to Rama, as long as Vimal wasn't there. Rama was surprised to learn that Neela was at La Boulaie.

A short while later, Rama knocked on the door of the pool house. Neela opened the door, and Rama immediately hugged her. She wondered who the boy was that had been helping Neela. Neela replied that it was Jack, "the man of my dreams," and that he'd been amazing. Rama cringed and admitted that she knew of Jack.

At Llanfair, Clint looked at a picture of Natalie, and remembered how Natalie hadn't judged Clint for changing Jessica's and Rex's paternity tests. Viki entered, and agreed that Natalie had grown up since she'd had Liam. Clint regretted that he couldn't be at the wedding, and revealed to Viki that a camera crew would be providing him with a live feed of the wedding on his computer. He thought it was for the best that he wouldn't be there, and sadly left the room to check in with the men running the camera. When he was gone, Viki picked up the phone. "I need an answer, and I need it now," she said as she dialed a number.

A short while later, Clint returned, and Viki wondered what Clint had meant when he'd said that it was better that he wouldn't be at the wedding. He reminded her that he had ruined his daughters' last wedding. The doorbell rang, and Viki answered it to a woman carrying a tuxedo. Viki took it, and thanked the woman. Clint wondered why Viki had gotten his tuxedo dry-cleaned.

Viki claimed that she'd thought that Cord could wear it, but Clint said that the two men didn't wear the same size. Viki lied that she'd had alterations done on it, which angered Clint. Finally, Viki admitted that she'd had Téa petition the court for special permission for Clint to attend Natalie's wedding, but she hadn't yet heard anything. She hadn't told him because she hadn't wanted him to get his hopes up. Clint happily went into the living room to write a toast for the reception.

Viki frantically called Téa as the doorbell rang. Viki was relieved to open the door to Téa. Viki wondered if Téa had heard anything, and Téa revealed that the judge had turned down the request. She apologized, but Viki recognized how kindly the court had acted towards Clint. "At least we didn't tell him," Téa started, but Viki confessed that she'd had to tell Clint, who was writing a toast for the wedding. Viki said that he would have a video feed, and she was sure that Natalie and Brody would stop by after the wedding.

Viki wondered how Téa was doing, and Téa admitted that she'd gotten good news earlier that she hadn't even told Dani. She revealed that she was pregnant with Victor's baby. Viki's eyes widened in shock, and she embraced Téa happily. Téa felt like Victor had reached down, "or in his case, up," and given her a gift. She'd thought that her symptoms had been due to stress, but a pregnancy test had told her otherwise.

Téa became teary, and told Viki how much she missed Victor. Viki agreed, and Téa appreciated that, since "not everyone feels that way." Viki reminded Téa that not everyone had known Victor the way Téa had. Téa had to leave, so Viki thanked Téa for sharing her news, and offered her services if Téa needed anything. They embraced, and Téa left as Clint entered. Clint assumed that the hug meant that he was allowed to go to the wedding.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

At the Sun, Jack declared that he would burn the business down before he let Todd use the newspaper to get away with murder. Meanwhile, at La Boulaie, David told Todd that Blair had just left to tell Tomas that she loved him. After David left, Todd sat on the stairs and wondered how Blair could choose that joker over him. Jack entered and demanded to know why Todd was in his house. Jack whined that Todd had killed his dad, and that Todd had tried to make himself look innocent. Jack howled that every time Todd lied about Victor's murder, Jack hated Todd even more. After Todd walked out, Jack slammed the door.

Jack carried a gas can into the living room and placed it on the floor. He looked at an edition of the Sun and then threw it in the fireplace, as a test. Once the newspaper hit the fire, it immediately ignited. Pleased, Jack claimed that by the time he was done, there would be nothing left of the Sun.

At Llanfair, Viki regretted that she had told Clint that she had asked the courts for special permission, so that Clint could attend Natalie's wedding, since the permission had been denied. Viki saw that Clint was disappointed, but he claimed that he was actually grateful that Viki had cared enough to do that for him. Clint hugged Viki, as David walked into the room and cleared his throat.

When Clint remarked that he had thought that David was still in Sweden, making his terrible movie, David barked at the word "terrible," and then announced that he was on his way to Washington, DC, to be with Dorian. David informed Clint and Viki that he was at Llanfair to verify that Viki had voted for Dorian. When Viki exclaimed that Natalie was getting married, David noted that Clint would be unable to attend the wedding.

David admitted that he was not torn up about Clint's inability to attend his daughter's wedding, because Clint's punishment did not fit his crimes. David also remembered another wedding, where Clint had kidnapped the groom and had thrown him into a Moroccan jail. David reminded Clint that Clint had sent a forged message to Dorian, which had broken her heart. Clint quickly left the room and proclaimed that he would send out an email message to everyone in his address book to vote for Dorian.

In the lobby, Clint spotted David Vickers, Tina's dog, sitting on a paper. When Clint tried to get the paper from David Vickers, the dog yelped. Clint then threatened to have David Vickers shipped off to Morocco, just as he had done with the dog's namesake.

In the living room, David demanded to know what was developing between Viki and her prisoner. David then claimed that Viki looked like a lamb to slaughter, whenever she looked at Clint. When David feared that the smartest woman that he knew, who was also his best friend, was doing something stupid, Viki understood how David felt but insisted that Clint was learning from his mistakes. David declared, "An old dog like Clint does not learn new tricks."

Viki added that Clint was accepting Rex as his son and was even giving Ford the benefit of the doubt for Ryder's sake. David suspected that Clint was being suckered by two of Llanview's biggest bounders. Viki then reminded David that Clint had been close to dying, and she stated that Clint was learning how to forgive. Viki insisted that Clint was trying to make amends to the people that he had hurt, and that Clint deserved a second chance.

After David feared that Viki was falling for Clint again, Viki denied it. Viki reminded David that she and Clint had children together, and that one of their children was getting married. Viki claimed that she had only been comforting Clint, after they had just learned that he had been refused special permission to attend the wedding. David seemed relieved, and Viki asked about Dorian.

David said that since he and Dorian had been separated for three months, they had participated in Skype sex three times a day. Viki noted that David and Dorian had gone through their ups and downs in the past, but that they were happy, because David had changed. Viki revealed that Tina was back in town, and that she was trying to change for Cord. Viki pointed out that if David and Tina could change, Clint could change too.

David warned Viki to be careful. "Because if he hurts you, I'll have Dorian deport him. I know a Moroccan jail cell with his name written all over it." Viki laughed and said that she appreciated the offer. David and Viki hugged and said that they had missed each other. As he left, David declared that he had to leave, so that he could turn Skype sex into real sex. Viki smiled. Clint walked down the stairs and gazed at Viki.

In their apartment, as Brody and Natalie lay in bed, Brody called her the most beautiful bride in the world. When Natalie did not respond, Brody wondered if her silence had to do with John. Natalie revealed that she and Jessica had gotten into a knock-down, drag-out issue, when Jessica had tried to tell her that Brody was not Liam's father, and that John was.

Natalie yelled that Jessica did not want her to be happy, and that Jessica had even said that she had seen the test results as proof. Natalie added that Jessica had claimed to have gotten the paper from Tina's dog, but that David Vickers had taken the paper back. Natalie added that Jessica had indicated that the paper had once been at Victor's house. Brody reflected that Vimal had told him that Victor had known the truth about Liam's paternity. Natalie declared that she had demanded that Jessica get out of her life.

Natalie kissed Brody and indicated that she had told him about the altercation, because she did not want their married life to start out with secrets between them. Natalie then received a message that Roxy and Tina wanted to stop by to help Natalie with her dress. Brody kissed Natalie and insisted that nobody would stop Brody, Natalie, and Liam from becoming a family.

Once Natalie left the room, Brody kissed Liam and noted that Jessica did not have proof that Brody was not Liam's father. Later, after Brody had left the apartment, Natalie held Liam and told him that he was a handsome boy, but that Jessica had to be wrong about Liam being John's son. Natalie received a call, and Nadia revealed that John was leaving town for good.

In the pool house, Neela told Rama that Jack had whisked her away, just like a white knight in a fairy tale, only there had not been a horse. When Rama reminded Neela that Rama had screamed Neela's name at the top of her lungs, Neela pointed out that if she had replied, she would have missed marrying the boy of her dreams, and instead, she would be engaged to the frog. Neela felt that she had known Jack for years, because she had dreamed of him night after night.

Neela claimed that marrying Raajeev would be a fate worse than death and pleaded with Rama to talk to Vimal. Neela asked Rama if she had loved Vimal, when she had been promised to him. Neela then purred that Jack made her feel warm all over, and Rama asked her not to tell Vimal that. Rama admitted that she had always dreamed of someone tall and handsome, who would take her in his big, strong, powerful arms and hold her.

Neela laughed at Rama's dream, when she realized that the man Rama described was not Vimal. Rama stressed that Vimal was faithful, true, honest, kind, and generous enough to forgive, and Rama loved him with all her heart and soul. Rama informed Neela that she would talk to Vimal, and she placed a call to him.

At the police station, John's assistant, Nadia, carried in two boxes and regretted that John had needed to resign. Nadia insisted that John had been a terrific boss. John claimed that he was ready for a change, when Vimal ran into John's office. Vimal wanted to report a missing person and feared that a predator had grabbed a pretty girl. Vimal then added that the girl, Neela, was his sister, and that Rama had talked to Neela last. Vimal cried that he had left 27 messages that Neela had never returned.

Vimal explained to John that Neela had flown from India without their parents' knowledge, and that she had run off without her clothes. Vimal insisted on giving Neela's suitcase to John, because he believed that the dogs would need it for their search. When Vimal asked John to handle the case personally, John refused and stated that he would be leaving Llanview.

Alone, Vimal pondered if John was leaving to get over the painful reminders of losing his son. Vimal believed that the loss of John's son might somehow be connected to the loss of Vimal's sister due to karma. Vimal then realized that he could not let John leave town without knowing the truth about Liam. However, Vimal remembered that he had promised Brody that he would not tell Natalie. Vimal also believed that Brody would kill him if he told the truth. Shaking, Vimal dropped his clipboard on the floor.

When John asked him if Vimal was okay, Vimal cried that he was bad. To calm Vimal, John announced that he had put Neela's information and picture into the system, and Vimal sobbed that he did not deserve John's kindness. Vimal announced that he needed to do something for John, when Vimal's phone rang. After Rama revealed to Vimal that she had found Neela and then requested that Vimal meet her at the Sun, Vimal thanked John for his trouble and indicated that he had to leave.

In the lobby, Vimal told Rama on the phone that he would return to tell John the truth about his son, Liam, as Brody walked by. In his office, John found a picture of John and Natalie, and they were both smiling. John sadly placed the picture in the box. As John turned to leave his office, Natalie walked up to the door.

Back at the pool house, Rama said that Vimal was relieved that Neela was fine and asked Neela to stay until Rama contacted her. Neela agreed and explained that she was waiting for Jack to return. After Rama walked out of the door, Neela prayed that she would not have to marry the wrong boy. Neela looked at a picture of Jack and asked how she could marry a frog, when she had finally found her prince.

At the Sun, Tomas opened the safe, as Blair walked in. Tomas realized that Blair was there to see Todd, and Blair wondered why Tomas was there without Todd. Tomas claimed that he was at the Sun to talk to Todd about Victor's murder, because Baker had been in federal custody at that time. Tomas worried that Baker would sue the newspaper, since Baker had just been released from federal custody.

Blair indicated that she wanted to talk to Todd, as Todd walked into his office. Blair announced that Tomas had discovered that Baker was no longer a suspect, since he had been in federal custody at the time of the murder. When Todd yelled for Tomas to stop trying to turn Blair against him by claiming that Todd was still a suspect, Blair cried that Tomas was only trying to protect Todd. Todd howled that Blair was falling for a fraud, and Blair blared that Todd should calm down and listen.

When Todd demanded that Blair and Tomas get out of his office, Blair pointed out that Todd had not changed at all and was still as paranoid as ever. Once Blair and Tomas walked out, Todd noticed that his safe was open, and that it contained a gun. "Jerk opens my safe, looking for something to put on me. You try and take me down? We'll just see who takes who down."

Jack rode up the elevator of the Sun, as Todd stormed out of his office door. Todd saw that the elevator was in use, so he left. Jack got off of the elevator and walked into the office. Jack then made a call to have the assistant tell the staff that his dad wanted them to take the rest of the day off. Jack smirked, once he finished the call.

When Rama ran into the lobby of the Sun, Vimal requested to know why Neela was not with her, and they walked into Todd's office. Brody then arrived at the Sun. Brody bent down and placed a block against the door of Todd's office. Brody declared to himself that he could not let Vimal tell John the truth about Liam. Inside the office, Rama indicated to Vimal that Neela would stay with them in America, because Rama could not send Neela back to marry a boy that she did not love.

Jack carried in the gas can and poured gas in front of the office door. Jack exclaimed, "I'm not gonna let you trash my dad's paper, Scarface. You're not gonna print any more articles trying to convince people you are innocent. Say goodbye to the Sun. It's over."

Blair returned to La Boulaie with Tomas, who requested to know, "What's going on?" Blair replied, "Well, I've come to my senses. Dorian was right," and Tomas asked, "About what?" Blair softly responded, "About you," and kissed Tomas. Todd peered at them through the patio door windows and then looked down at the gun.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

At Llanfair, Jessica was on her hands and knees, looking for David Vickers and the paternity test. She called out to the dog that she would find the paternity test and make Natalie read it. Just then, Brody entered and asked who Jessica had been talking to. She wondered why he was there, and he replied that he was picking up Cord. He continued that he knew about the so-called paternity test.

Jessica realized that Natalie had told Brody about it. He demanded that she take back what she'd said about Liam if she really wanted to fix things with Natalie. Jessica knew what family meant to Brody, but she believed that Natalie had to know. He insisted that nothing would change the love between him and Natalie, which prompted Jessica to believe that taking another paternity test wouldn't hurt.

Brody accused Jessica of making up the paternity story and suggested that she talk to someone. He coldly told her that no one wanted to see her have a relapse, and that she was acting "borderline delusional." Clearly upset, Jessica walked away.

Rick, Ford, Starr, James, Nate, and Dani stood in Ultra Violet and watched Starr's video for her song "One Life to Live." Everyone liked it, except for Rick, who thought that it had been "the biggest piece of crap that I have ever seen." Rick wanted to change the video, but James reminded him that the deal stated that Starr had the final cut.

Rick handed out papers with the lyrics to a new song he wanted to make a video for. The group skeptically read the shocking lyrics for "Jailbait" aloud. All except for Dani thought the song was trash. Rick then informed the group that "Jailbait" was a product of Starr and Baz. Starr admitted it, but said that it had been recorded for fun, and that no one was supposed to hear it. All agreed that no video should be made for the song, but Rick demanded that they honor their contracts, or "'One Life to Live' will be cancelled!"

Rick didn't want to end "One Life to Live," because he liked the song, but he wanted Starr to do "Jailbait." Rick also wanted Ford to direct the video. James pulled Starr aside and told her that he would be all right if she did the video. Dani told Nate that the second video could be his big break. "How bad could it be?" the group agreed.

A short while later, Rick was putting the finishing touches on a huge jail cell. Starr had a black and white striped prisoner uniform, and Nate was dressed as a cop. They started the video shoot, but Rick demanded that Starr's clothes be torn off. Rick tore Starr's uniform off to reveal a red corset. James demanded that Starr's clothes stay on. "Take five!" a frustrated Rick announced. Just then, Ford saw Jessica enter the club.

Ford and Jessica went outside to talk. She told him about her run-in with Brody, and that she feared that she'd lost Natalie as a sister for good. Ford assured her that she wasn't crazy, and took her in his arms.

As John was packing his things into a box, he found a picture of him and Natalie. He looked at it for a moment, then carefully put it into the box. He picked up the box and turned to leave, but saw Natalie in the doorway. She was disappointed that he would have left without saying goodbye to her. He told her that it was time for him to move on, and that it had been "a long time coming."

Natalie related that it would have hurt her had John left without saying goodbye, which he said was the last thing he wanted. He wanted to go to Seattle before Michael and Marcie had the new baby, in order to get to know Gabe. She didn't think it was like him to leave in the middle of a case, but he replied that there would always be a case. He continued that he'd talked to Bo, and things were under control at the station.

John said that he needed a new start, but Natalie needed to say something before he left. "I wanted things to be different. I wanted Liam to be your son, and I wanted to raise him together," she said. "So did I," he replied, but he thought that some things weren't meant to be. He admitted that he'd miss Llanview, and the two wished each other luck. Natalie left the office, but sadly watched him through the window.

At the Sun, Jack poured gas all over as he made a mental checklist. He'd been sure to empty the building, and to disable the alarms and sprinklers. He lit a match, dropped it in the gas, and left the building.

In the pool house, Neela wondered when Jack would return, because she was scared of someone else finding her there. Jack arrived, and she wondered where he'd gone. Jack lied that he'd gone for a walk to "blow off some steam."

Jack started to flip channels on the television, and said that he was just looking for the news. Neela wondered why she hadn't heard from Rama yet, and mentioned that Rama had gone to meet Vimal at the Sun. Jack instantly became scared, and ran out of the pool house, followed by Neela.

In Todd's office, Vimal and Rama argued about having Neela stay with them. Rama was in favor, but Vimal wanted to send Neela back to India as soon as possible. Unbeknownst to them, the fire raged in the hallway. Rama didn't want Neela to marry someone she didn't love, especially since she'd found a boy in America. Vimal demanded to know what Rama knew. She tried to lie, but eventually admitted that Jack had been the one that Neela had run away with. "That lying bully who -- do you smell smoke?" Vimal interrupted himself.

Vimal and Rama saw smoke traveling into the office underneath the door. Vimal tried to open the door, but realized that it was jammed. Rama pleaded with Vimal to do something to get them out of the building. They both got on the floor to be below the smoke, and attempted to make calls. However, Rama had no service on her cell phone, and Vimal found that the landline had gone dead.

Vimal and Rama joined hands, and declared their love for one another. If they made it out alive, Vimal vowed to show Rama everyday how much he appreciated her. There was a banging at the door, and Jack and Neela entered, wielding a fire extinguisher. The couple thanked Jack and Neela for saving them. Rama wondered how the fire had started, and walked out of the office with Vimal and Neela. Frustrated, Jack threw the fire extinguisher across the room.

Gun in hand, Todd watched Blair passionately kiss Tomas at La Boulaie. Todd heard Blair tell Tomas that Dorian had opened Blair's eyes to what Blair really wanted, "and I want you." They kissed again, and Tomas expressed how happy he was to hear Blair say that. He wondered what had influenced Blair's decision. She explained that she couldn't have moved forward with Tomas if she hadn't known how Todd felt about her, but she'd realized that Todd would never tell her how he felt. Tomas was angry that she'd only chosen him because she couldn't have Todd.

As Todd continued to listen in, Blair admitted that she'd felt something for Todd. She explained how Todd had seemed to want to tell her something important on Halloween, but he hadn't. Outside, Todd said that it was because Irene had been there. "You called?" said Irene.

Tomas wondered if Blair would still be with him if she knew that Todd still loved her, but she replied that she didn't know that, so it didn't matter. She continued that her feelings for Todd were like "the last ember of a dying flame that went out a long time ago." She insisted that her feelings for Todd didn't compare to how she felt about Tomas.

Soon after, Tomas carried Blair up to her bedroom. They began to undress each other, and moved to the bed. "You sure?" Tomas asked her. Blair nodded, and the two made love. Later, they happily lay in bed together.

Todd was angry about being rejected by Blair. "You'll always have your mother," Irene replied. Todd thought that Blair was lying to Tomas, and to herself. He entered the house, and found that Blair and Tomas were gone. "You snooze, you lose," Irene observed. Todd suggested that Blair had told Tomas to leave. "To pick up contraceptives," Irene added.

Irene told Todd that Tomas and Blair were making love, and that Todd should do something to stop them. She put her hand over his hand that was holding onto the gun, and pointed the gun. "You want me to kill Tomas?" Todd asked. He related that he could barely live with the two deaths he'd already caused. She told him to get over it, and get his family back together.

Irene advised Todd to go upstairs, "end Tomas," and "pick up the pieces." Todd realized that he'd never get Blair back that way. He said that he would take care of Tomas without Irene, and Irene disappeared. "I'll do it my own way, and it'll be more effective than killing him," Todd said.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Natalie returned to her apartment and found an anxious Tina waiting for her. Tina was relieved that Natalie had finally shown up, but she noticed that Natalie looked miserable. Tina grabbed a shoe from her dog, David Vickers, and asked whether Natalie was okay. "I had to say goodbye to John," Natalie replied.

Natalie only wanted some time alone, but Tina stressed that they were on a tight schedule, and the limo would be arriving shortly. Natalie revealed that she would never see John again, because he planned to move to Seattle to be with his family. Natalie believed that John was really moving because of her, and she felt terrible. She wondered why John would make such a drastic move if he really had no feelings for her as he'd claimed.

Natalie admitted that she shouldn't care, but she was upset that John would be gone for good. Tina suggested that Natalie call off the wedding, but Natalie declared that she'd had no thoughts to do such a thing. Natalie wouldn't let John ruin her day, especially since he'd had his chance. Natalie admitted that she would have had to rethink things if John had told her he loved her, but she refused to allow Jessica or John to stop the wedding.

Tina was confused about Jessica, and Natalie explained that Jessica had been by to see her. Jessica had told Natalie a story about John really being Liam's father. Suddenly, David Vickers began to bark. "What Jessica said is true, you nitwits," the dog said.

Tina wondered where Jessica would have gotten such an idea, and Natalie explained that Jessica had claimed to see the paternity test. The dog continued to stare and bark, and finally ran off.

The ringing phone was a call to advise the women that the limo had arrived. Tina frantically searched for her dog, and Natalie persuaded her to stay behind to look for David Vickers. Tina was sorry to not be able to attend the ceremony from the beginning, and she was concerned, since she was Natalie's maid-of-honor. Natalie assured Tina that she'd find a new one. Tina was grateful, and she reminded Natalie to get Brody's name right during her vows.

Tina prayed for the return of her dog, who was "a naughty little girl."

Bo had a contemplative moment in the church. "Please bring Matthew back to us," Bo prayed, even as he acknowledged that he hadn't been present in church too often in the past. He hoped that Matthew's return would enable Nora to have her life back too. Nora arrived and thanked Bo for his prayer. She admitted that she'd "logged in" time at the synagogue, as well, and she joked that she'd needed a name tag due to her lack of time there. They both hoped that Matthew would open his eyes.

The Buchanans reminisced about their own not-too-long-before wedding, and the fact that they were "in limbo" between their son being in the hospital, and the imminent birth of their grandchild. Bo noted that Asa had always stated that brains, guts, and hard work would solve problems, however, there was nothing they could do about their situation.

"We can pray," Nora suggested. She thought that Bo was good at it, and she was happy that she'd married him. Bo thought he was the lucky one. He asked Nora to share a dance right there, and they reminisced about their first wedding. Bo told Nora how much he loved her. "I'll never stop," he added. Nora agreed that she felt the same, though she threatened to kill Bo if he called her granny.

Vivian and Shaun spent time at Ultra Violet prior to the wedding. Shaun wondered how Vivian would feel about a wedding of her own, and the doctor choked on her drink. She exclaimed that she had been caught off-guard, and she wondered why Shaun would want to fix something that wasn't broken.

"Is this a proposal?" Vivian asked. Shaun was curious about what her answer would be if it were a proposal, and Vivian admitted that her answer would probably be no. Shaun was angry. Vivian explained that it was due to her own parents, who had argued all of the time. Shaun pointed out that he and Vivian loved each other, but Vivian proclaimed that she didn't want anything to change.

Shaun maintained that he'd always thought Vivian to be traditional, but she replied that she probably wasn't. She wondered if Shaun would leave her, though she assured him that she didn't want anyone else. She pointed out that Destiny would need both of them after her baby was born, and Vivian wanted things to stay as they were. Shaun agreed to leave things the same "for now."

Clint summoned Rex to Llanfair and asked him to walk Natalie down the aisle in Clint's absence. Rex was startled, but Clint assured him that he'd be proud to have Rex take his place. Viki walked in on the men, and while she was thrilled to hear Clint's request, she announced that it wouldn't be necessary. Viki had an email from Dorian, and the senator had made some phone calls. Clint had been given a special dispensation to attend Natalie's wedding.

Rex was sorry to lose the job, but he knew that Natalie would be happy. Clint was ecstatic, and he raced upstairs to change into his tuxedo. He paused to look lovingly in Viki's direction. Rex left for the church.

Brody searched for Tina's dog and grumbled about the dog possibly having possession of Liam's paternity test. Cord found Brody on the floor, searching, and wondered what Brody was up to. Brody claimed to be looking for his boutonniere. He was certain that David Vickers had run off with it. Cord joked that the dog would put anything in her mouth, but he spotted the flower on the table. He wondered if that was the only thing wrong with Brody, and he suggested that Brody was tense.

Brody admitted that he and Natalie had been through a lot to get to the point they were at, and he didn't want anything to ruin their day. Cord reassured him that the bride always had more problems on the wedding day, and he was amazed that Tina had pulled everything together. Brody maintained that he wasn't worried about the ceremony.

Cord ordered him to just get through the day, and he knew what he was talking about. He and Tina had been through it three times already. Cord added that Brody and Natalie already had Liam to help them get through life after the wedding. Viki found the men and revealed that Clint would be attending the wedding after all. She explained the situation and asked for a moment alone with Brody.

Once Cord was gone, Viki advised Brody that he was a good guy and father, and he would be a wonderful husband. She thought he'd already proved it, since he'd already been taking care of Natalie and Liam.

Clint was dressed. He advised Viki that the police had reset his ankle monitor, and he told her she looked beautiful. He would never forget what Viki had arranged for him.

Jessica returned to Ford's apartment with him after she interrupted the filming of the music video. She confessed that she'd needed someone to talk to, because she was wishing that she'd never found the copy of the paternity test. Brody had called her crazy, and she and Natalie had fought again.

Jessica explained that she and Natalie had been cordial to each other in the beginning, but once Jessica had revealed the reason for her visit, Natalie had threatened to hit her sister. Jessica wished she had the copy of the test. Jessica admitted that she couldn't blame Brody for thinking she was crazy, after stating she'd gotten the test from a dog who had taken it back. Ford suggested that Jessica tell John the truth.

After some thought, Jessica agreed that Ford was right. John should know, and Jessica understood Ford's stance, since he'd suffered through the same set of circumstances. She was worried, though, that the test might not be true, and maybe John really wasn't Liam's father. "What if he is?" Ford asked her.

Roxy banged on John's door at the Angel Square Hotel and was startled when he walked up behind her. She demanded that John tell Natalie his true feelings, and she thought that John should advise Natalie that she was marrying the wrong guy. Roxy suggested that John be her date to the wedding in order to say what he had to say. John revealed that he was moving to Seattle and wouldn't be sticking around.

Roxy thought of various reasons for John to stay in Llanview, but the detective had rebuttals for all of them. He confessed that he'd already told Natalie about his move. Roxy couldn't believe that he still hadn't told Natalie his true feelings. Natalie was marrying Brody because of Liam, but she was in love with someone else, Roxy emphasized.

John insisted that he would not stop Natalie's wedding, because she already had her family, and she was only making it official. Roxy still wanted John to say something before it was too late, and she regretted not telling Natalie herself. John urged Roxy to leave before she missed the wedding, and Roxy uttered that he would hate Seattle.

Before Roxy left, she and John shared a drink. She toasted that she hoped that he hated Seattle, but she quickly corrected herself. She hoped that John would find a happy life in his new home with a great wife and kids. He wouldn't find anyone like Natalie though, Roxy pronounced.

Rex arrived at the church and found Bo and Nora dancing. He was glad they were happy, and he confessed that he'd hoped to be just as happy with Gigi. Nora suggested that he not attend the wedding, but Rex disclosed that Gigi would have wanted him to be there for Natalie and his family. Nora gave Rex a hug.

The wedding party and guests began to arrive. Roxy asked Viki for some tips as the bride's mothers, and Viki thought that they just needed to smile. Everyone was surprised to see Clint, and he revealed how he'd obtained the permission to attend.

Roxy admired Shaun and Vivian, and she asked them when their own special day might be. She thought that they would both look great at their wedding. Shaun abruptly advised her that they had no plans, and they weren't thinking about it at all. Roxy wondered why everyone was so touchy.

Natalie was thrilled to see her father. She also had to explain to everyone why Tina wasn't present.

Cord called Tina, and she explained that David Vickers was missing. Cord wondered if Tina had ever heard of a leash, but she promised to get to the church as soon as she could. She told Cord she loved him, and Cord said the same. Tina was worried about her "poor little innocent dog," and she was sorry to miss the wedding that she had planned.

David Vickers arrived at Llanfair, and the little dog was disappointed to see the front doors closed. "How am I supposed to reach that knob?" she wondered. She finally managed to get inside via the back door.

Viki suggested that Roxy be Natalie's maid of honor, and Natalie thought it was a great idea. Viki winked at Natalie and headed out to her seat. Roxy wondered if her daughter really wanted to be Mrs. Brody Lovett, and Natalie responded, "Of course." "What if...?" Roxy began. They were interrupted when the music began to play, and Natalie shoved her mother through the door to walk down the aisle.

Clint was proud as he and Natalie began to walk down the aisle behind Roxy. A smiling Brody waited at the altar. The priest began the ceremony.

John finished packing up his things, grabbed a bag, turned off the light, and headed out the door. His phone began to ring, and he paused.

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