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Phyllis was arrested for stealing the photographs. Chloe celebrated that Delia was in remission. Victor confronted Billy about not leaving town. Cane went to Myanmar to find Chelsea and clear Billy's name. Jill and Victoria went to Myanmar to find Billy.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 7, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, November 7, 2011

Phyllis, clad in her underwear, listened to a phone call made to Ronan Malloy's office phone. Ronan, partially undressed, had answered the call via speakerphone and heard a recording of Nick repeatedly state, "I'll kill you." Phyllis became flustered after Ronan contacted crime-scene investigators to trace the origin of the call. Phyllis told Ronan that someone, likely Adam, was trying to make Nick seem guilty. Before Phyllis left, Ronan told her that their lovemaking sessions would have to wait until after he solved Diane's murder case.

Nick and Avery made love in Avery's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club. While Nick showered, Phyllis phoned and spoke to her sister. Phyllis, who was anxious to warn Nick that Ronan knew about the threatening recording, told Avery that she was searching for Nick. Avery said that Nick was in her room, and she promised to keep him there until Phyllis arrived. When Nick heard a knock at the door, he asked Avery if she expected a visitor. Avery claimed she didn't. Nick was still shirtless when Avery opened the door to let Phyllis in. Avery went downstairs to discuss her room arrangements at the front desk.

Phyllis told Nick that for some reason, he became intimately involved with women who hated her. Phyllis claimed that having sex with Sharon, Diane, and Avery was Nick's way of lashing out at her in anger. Nick insisted that he hadn't set out to hurt Phyllis. Phyllis told Nick that before stopping by, she'd phoned Avery, looking for him, so she could share important information. Phyllis said that her sister had wanted her to find Nick and Avery together. Phyllis warned that Nick didn't know Avery as well as he thought he did.

Nick asked Phyllis why she'd called him. Phyllis lashed out at Nick and told him that he never protected her interests because he didn't care about her. Fighting back tears, Phyllis said, "I was calling to let you know that you just jumped up a few notches on Ronan's suspect list because someone sent him the audio of you threatening Diane." Phyllis added that she'd overheard the audio recording on the speakerphone in Ronan's office. Phyllis explained that she had defended Nick, but she warned that she would not do so in the future.

Nick reminded Phyllis that he'd confronted Diane in the park after she attacked Phyllis. In a sarcastic tone, Phyllis said, "Oh, you're so noble, Nick. Thank you! I suppose you'd claim that you killed Diane for me." Nick replied, "I was not the one chasing her with a rock that night, did you forget that part? Did you tell Ronan about the footage in the warehouse?" Phyllis said she didn't tell Ronan anything. Nick thanked Phyllis for letting him know about the phone call made to Ronan. Phyllis moved in close to Nick and replied, "Go to hell!"

After Phyllis stormed out, Nick phoned Ashley and told her that Ronan knew about the audio recording. Ronan showed up to confront Nick. He explained that Phyllis had told him he'd find Nick in Avery's room. Ronan asked Nick to tell him what he knew about the phone call. Nick refused to answer questions without his lawyer being present. Ronan said he knew that the recording had been left on Ashley's voicemail. He added that someone else had found Ashley's phone after she misplaced it.

Nick asked Ronan why he'd taken a call in his office with Phyllis, a journalist, present. Nick added that though Ronan and Phyllis had worked together to free Sharon, he wondered why Ronan had so freely shared sensitive information with Phyllis. Nick noted that Ronan was consulting with Phyllis, a suspect, as if she were a detective. Ronan said that he just enjoyed spending time with Phyllis.

Nick asked Ronan if there was something going on between him and Phyllis. Ronan replied, "If there were, how would that make you feel? Would you feel jealous or angry?" Nick glared menacingly at Ronan. Ronan concluded that Nick would be angry, but not as angry as he had been with Diane. Before Ronan left, he warned that he'd be keeping an eye on Nick and Phyllis.

In the dining room at the club, Avery sipped iced tea. Phyllis told Avery she could have her "sloppy seconds." Avery stunned Phyllis when she announced that she planned to move to Genoa City. Phyllis sunk into a seat across from Avery and said, "You came here to deliver your own brand of justice because I left that freak show that was our home." Avery told Phyllis that she was trying to justify leaving her family. Phyllis claimed that Avery had been brainwashed by their parents.

Tearfully, Phyllis asked, "Are you telling me that you believe he's innocent, and you don't believe that she turned a blind eye?" In a hushed tone, Avery replied, "There is no way that Daddy bilked those people out of their life savings." Phyllis maintained that their father stole from innocent, vulnerable people who believed they would live the rest of their lives in comfort and security in a facility. Avery claimed that their dad had been a scapegoat. She added that the facility was to blame for what had happened. Phyllis claimed that the evidence was overwhelming. Avery contended that the evidence was circumstantial.

Avery heatedly told Phyllis that she'd made matters worse by leaving their father. Phyllis claimed that their father was crazy. Avery reminded Phyllis that she'd accused their father of theft, but she thought nothing of stealing photographs. Avery asked Phyllis how her children would feel if they knew what she'd done. Phyllis warned Avery that she was crossing the line.

Phyllis threatened to start a war with Avery if she went after her children. Avery explained that she was staying in town because she had another case. Before Phyllis stormed out, she told Avery to watch her step. Daisy phoned Avery and congratulated her for helping set Sharon free. Avery said, "Now let's do the same for you, so you can get back together with your daughter."

At the Newman ranch, Victor told Adam that he hadn't forgotten his son's claim that he could have greatly benefited Newman Enterprises had Victor not ousted him. Victor promised Adam a position directing the company's long-term planning if he accepted a job at Newman Enterprises. Adam claimed that Victor was setting him up. Victor told Adam that he'd have an opportunity to prove his business acumen, and he promised to give Adam an equal footing with Victoria.

Later, in a conference room at Newman Enterprises, Victor told Adam that if he proved himself to be a loyal associate, he might regain his seat on the board of directors. Victor added that initially, he would limit the risks he was willing to take. Adam claimed that both parties were taking risks. Victor agreed that it would benefit them both to consult their respective attorneys.

When Victoria ran into Adam in an office at Newman Enterprises, she threatened to have security escort him off the premises. Adam announced that Victor had hired him. Victoria, shocked, walked out and headed to her father's office to confront him. Victoria entered Victor's office and demanded to know why he had hired Adam. Victor explained that he wanted to keep an eye on Adam. Victoria said she feared that Adam would sabotage the company. She blamed Adam for the call to the Securities and Exchange Commission that had gotten in her trouble. Victor said he understood why Victoria had reservations, but he told her that she would have to accept Adam as a colleague.

Victoria later told Adam that their father had told her to work alongside Adam. Adam acknowledged that he and Victoria would not become the best of friends, but he promised to make a valuable contribution to the company. Victoria said, "Possibly, if we had any babies that needed kidnapping or deaths that needed faking, but as it is, we don't have any use for someone with your skill set around here." Adam replied, "Touché, but Dad doesn't agree with you."

Victoria warned that she'd be watching every move Adam made. Adam suggested that Victoria could shadow him like an intern. Victoria threatened to get Adam fired before the ink dried on his contract. Victoria returned to her father's office. Victor asked, "How did it go?" Victoria responded, "He fell for it."

At Crimson Lights, Jack, Tucker, and Ashley met to make plans for an upcoming fundraiser. Victoria arrived to help. Ashley suggested that proceeds be donated to a group that assisted burn victims. Ashley asked Jack if Genevieve's housekeeper might speak at the event. Victoria agreed that a speaker would benefit their cause.

Tucker announced that McCall, Unlimited, would co-sponsor the event. Jack noted that though they were fierce competitors, they had the capacity to work together for the good of others. Ashley mentioned that they also shared family ties through marriage. Victoria explained that she had decided to move on without Billy because he hadn't returned to Genoa City. Ashley told Victoria that Billy had been at his very best while he was with her.

Later, alone together, Ashley and Tucker made plans for their wedding. Ashley was saddened that Billy wouldn't be available to walk her down the aisle. Ashley said Jack would have the honor, and she acknowledged that Jack was a new man after regaining ownership of Jabot. Tucker agreed that Jack was in good spirits. Ashley noted that both she and Jack had been given fresh starts thanks to Tucker. After Tucker stepped away to get a coffee refill, Ashley received a phone call from Nick.

Ashley became tense after Nick called and told her that Ronan knew about the audio snippet, which had been recorded on Ashley's lost cell phone. Tucker thought that Ashley was apprehensive about their wedding. Ashley said, "If Diane could reach up from hell and destroy my wedding day, she would do it." Tucker, confused, asked Ashley what had brought up Diane.

Ashley, nervously drumming her fingers on the table, asked Tucker how he'd come in contact with poison sumac in the park the night Diane was killed. Tucker said, "I told you that I fell into it. What are you asking me?" Ashley apologized and told Tucker to forget she'd asked. Tucker told Ashley that he'd give her a play-by-play again if she wanted him to. Ashley told Tucker that the ongoing investigation was casting a pall on her wedding plans.

At the hospital, Genevieve tried to comfort Myrna as a nurse prepared to remove bandages covering burns Myrna had sustained during an explosion at Genevieve's home. Myrna resisted the nurse's initial attempt and explained that she didn't want anyone to see her scars. As the nurse again tried to loosen the bandages, Genevieve told Myrna that only Jack might see her while visiting at the house on the lake that Genevieve reported had been repaired. Myrna became upset and told the nurse to leave her bandages alone. Later, Genevieve fitted Myrna with a lacy veil to cover her scars. Genevieve promised Myrna that her appearance wouldn't drive Jack away.

Jack arrived at Genevieve's with a gift basket for Myrna's homecoming. Myrna didn't speak when Jack asked her how she was. Genevieve made excuses for her housekeeper's silence and explained that Myrna, whose face and hair were obscured by the veil and a scarf, was exhausted. Myrna shook her head and agreed that having her bandages removed had been an exhausting ordeal. Myrna clutched the card Jack had attached to the gift basket. Genevieve remarked that she was fortunate to have a wonderful man like Jack in her life. Myrna crushed the card, and she bolted from the room when Jack lovingly embraced Genevieve.

After Genevieve checked on Myrna, she assured Jack that he wasn't to blame for the housekeeper's hasty exit. Genevieve explained that Myrna was concerned about her appearance. Jack said that he had intended to ask Myrna to speak at the fund-raising event. Genevieve warned that Myrna was not comfortable around strangers. Jack, noting that he was quite loveable, agreed to get to know Myrna better before broaching the subject. He added, "Once she gets to know me, what's not to love?"

Genevieve told Jack that Jabot stood to attract much attention from the benefit gala, but Genevieve added that she wasn't in favor of sharing the limelight with Beauty of Nature. Jack replied, "The cause is bigger than the rivalry." Jack suggested Genevieve consider Beauty of Nature to be another division of Jabot because it would become just that in the near future. Before Jack left, he told Genevieve to stay home and help Myrna get settled.

After Jack left, Genevieve called out to Myrna and told her that Jack had left. Myrna returned downstairs and joined Genevieve. Myrna removed her veil, and revealed herself as Patty. Genevieve was none the wiser about her housekeeper's true identity. Patty said, "I didn't want Jack to see me like this."

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On the patio at the coffeehouse, Lily met with Cane. He gave her a croissant because he remembered that she had enjoyed them in Paris. Cane's phone rang, and he decided not to take the call. Lily enjoyed the pastry and said she was going to exercise it off with a run in the park. Cane couldn't join her because he had work.

Inside Crimson Lights, Lauren and Michael had coffee with Daniel. Michael tried Eden's latest espresso and complimented his sister on making a decent cup of coffee. Daniel ordered a coffee from Eden, but when Phyllis showed up with Lucy, Daniel walked away. Lauren and Michael wondered why Phyllis wasn't at the magazine office. Phyllis explained she was spending the day with Lucy. At the counter, Daniel told Eden that he was upset about Phyllis' relationship with Lucy because he thought the child was going to be hurt in the long run.

When Michael was away from the table on the phone, Lauren watched Phyllis with Lucy and said that she was a sweet child. Phyllis said that she had exorcised all of the Carter family out of Lucy, but Lauren reminded Phyllis that Lucy was still Sheila's grandchild. Phyllis said that she hated having to take Lucy to visit Daisy in prison and added that every time, Lucy reacted badly. The child wanted nothing to do with Daisy. Lauren told Phyllis that she was still angry that Phyllis had helped Daisy in her efforts to win custody of Lucy. Phyllis said she'd had to help Daisy in order to protect Lucy. Lauren tried to understand, but she wondered about Avery's involvement with Daisy.

At the state prison, Avery met with Daisy to discuss the case. Daisy was skeptical, but Avery declared that she was committed to getting Daisy released and reunited with Lucy. Daisy wondered why Avery cared so much. Avery explained that she intended to right a wrong. When Avery asked about Daisy's well-being, Daisy complained that she'd been attacked by another inmate and was suffering headaches and dizzy spells. In an attempt to be completely honest, Avery told Daisy that Phyllis was her sister. Daisy surmised that Avery wanted to get back at Phyllis by taking Lucy away from Phyllis and reuniting the child with Daisy. Avery said that revenge was not her motive.

Ronan walked into Crimson Light and exchanged a furtive look with Phyllis while saying hello to Lauren. Ronan walked to the counter. Michael returned to Lauren and Phyllis, telling them that he'd just learned that Avery had filed a lawsuit against Phyllis. Michael asked Phyllis why she'd taken the photos of Heather and Adam from Avery's defense table in the courtroom. Phyllis explained that Ricky had offered to sell them to her, and Phyllis had just been taking them back.

Michael made a call and learned that Avery had gone to the prison, probably to visit Daisy. Phyllis was freaking out and wanted to leave to see her sister. Phyllis asked Daniel to take care of Lucy for a short time. Daniel had no choice but to take the baby. Michael agreed to drive Phyllis to see Avery.

At the prison, Michael and Phyllis discovered Daisy in the visitor's room. Before they could get any questions answered, Avery appeared and told Michael and Phyllis that she was working to get Daisy released and reunited with Lucy. Phyllis and Avery got into a major fight over Lucy. Avery declared that Phyllis had used Daisy to get custody of Lucy then turned her back on Daisy. Michael said that Avery would never win Daisy's freedom because of the horrible things that Daisy had done.

Avery refused to be dissuaded. Phyllis said that Daisy was a dangerous freak, and no court in the country would give Lucy back to Daisy. Avery pointed out that Phyllis was a less-than-stellar character, too, yet she had been awarded Lucy. Avery walked away with Daisy, and Michael held onto Phyllis to keep her from going after Avery.

Billy called Cane and left a message. Billy wondered if Cane had been able to track down the girl in Myanmar. Billy was anxious to clear his name, and Chelsea was the key. Cane returned the call to Billy later on and asked Billy to stop calling him because he was still working on the case. Billy was insistent, and Cane insisted he was doing the best he could. Billy was grateful.

Victoria ran into Jill in the park and was curious that Victoria wasn't at the office. Victoria explained that she'd been working at home and needed to get out of the house. Victoria admitted to Jill that she'd signed the divorce papers. Both women agreed that they were furious with Billy. Jill believed that Billy had disappeared because he was wracked with guilt and probably hiding out.

Jill and Victoria agreed that men were difficult to understand. Lily approached them and agreed that she didn't understand men either, like Cane. Jill asked Lily to open up to her. Lily said she sensed that Cane was keeping secrets from her again. Jill assured Lily that Cane was a good man. Victoria agreed and suggested that Lily give Cane a chance to explain himself. Lily said that Cane had assured her that he loved her unconditionally.

Gloria was thrilled when Kevin appeared at Gloworm because she needed his help. Kevin went to work behind the bar. Gloria welcomed Devon into the restaurant and explained to him that Angelo wanted Devon to help Angelina with her music career. Angelo walked in and said that he expected Devon to make Angelina a star.

Angelina was curious about Kevin, and even after learning that he'd recently gotten engaged, she wanted to go out with him. Gloria confided to Kevin that she was working on Angelo to get some money to keep Gloworm open. Gloria knew that Angelo was a loan shark and was prepared to "pay the vig." Kevin suggested that Gloria turn to Michael for help, but Gloria refused to do that. Gloria assured Kevin that she knew what she was doing.

Angelina went to the piano and sang "Frankie and Johnny" -- badly. Kevin and Gloria were stunned, but Angelo loved his daughter's performance. Devon applauded politely at the end of the number, but he was very uncomfortable with Angelo's pushy attitude. Angelina flirted with Kevin as he made her a drink.

Kevin mentioned that he was in love with Chloe, his fiancée. Noticing Angelina's tacky wardrobe, Kevin also mentioned that Chloe was a fashion consultant. Angelina asked Kevin out on a date. Meanwhile, Devon told Angelo that music was a tough business and perhaps Angelina should try something else. Angelo wanted Devon to make sure that Angelina won the upcoming singing competition that would land her on a television show. Angelo said he had faith in Devon's ability.

At the bar, Gloria flirted with Angelo, and he said that Gloria had the secret of looking youthful. Gloria wished she had some money so she could help Kevin start a business of his own. Jill went to the bar and asked Gloria to show her to a table. While Gloria went to bus a table, Angelo invited Jill to sit at the bar with him. Gloria watched angrily.

Devon gave Angelina some songs to work on before their next meeting. Angelina told Devon that she wanted him to hook her up with Kevin. Later, Devon spoke to Kevin, but he declared he would not take Angelina out on a date, despite Angelo's intimidation. Devon then lied and told Angelina that Kevin really liked her. Gloria was surprised when Angelo gave her a check. Gloria wasn't sure if she could repay Angelo, but he explained that the money he had given her wasn't a loan. Angelo announced that he and Gloria were partners.

Cane asked Ronan for help on a case he was working. Cane was trying to find a woman in Myanmar, and he hadn't had any luck with the police department. Ronan said that the government types in that part of the world were not reputable. Later, in Ronan's office, Cane spoke with one of Ronan's contacts in Myanmar. Cane asked about Chelsea Larson, an American who'd been working there. The official had no record of her. When Cane asked about the arrest of Billy Abbott, he learned that there was no record of Billy's imprisonment. Ronan was intrigued and suggested that someone was hiding something.

Daniel cared for Lucy at the coffeehouse. Lauren said Daniel was very good with the child. Daniel insisted he didn't want to be a dad. Later, Michael and Phyllis returned from the prison. Phyllis was determined to never give up Lucy or let Avery win for Daisy. Michael advised Phyllis to avoid stirring up any more trouble with Avery. Daniel blamed Phyllis for creating this situation by going after custody of Lucy in the first place.

Ronan approached and said he was there to arrest Phyllis for stealing the photos from Avery. Daniel picked up Lucy while Ronan handcuffed Phyllis. Avery walked in, and Phyllis lashed out at her, accusing her of going too far. Daniel's phone rang. It was Daisy, and she taunted Daniel by saying that she'd be getting Lucy back. Daisy then informed Daniel that Avery was Phyllis' sister.

Billy watched a video of his island wedding to Victoria and missed his wife. Later, Billy nearly ran into Victoria in the park. Back at the motel room, Cane told Billy that the Myanmar police had no record of Billy's incarceration. Billy wanted to go back to Myanmar to find Chelsea and clear his name. Cane offered to go overseas for him. Cane said he'd leave as soon as he spoke with Lily.

Billy offered to write a list of places he'd visited while he was in Myanmar. Lily was running in the park when Cane finally found her. Cane said he had to help a friend, and he was flying out of the country. Cane asked Lily to trust him. Lily worried that Cane might be doing something dangerous, and she asked him to be careful. Lily promised to be waiting for Cane. Cane kissed Lily goodbye.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

At the police station, a cop led Phyllis into Ronan's office. Phyllis declared that her arrest was ridiculous because she hadn't done anything wrong. Ronan said that as much as he might want to, he could not make her arrest go away because Phyllis had taken the photographs off Avery's defense table in court. Phyllis blamed her actions on Avery and accused her sister of gaming the system. Ronan said that his hands were tied, and Phyllis would have to answer for her criminal actions.

At Crimson Lights, Nick ran into Michael and learned that Phyllis had been arrested for stealing the photographs of Adam and Heather she had published in the magazine. Nick saw Ricky across the way and thought he could convince him to drop the charges. Nick explained to Ricky that Avery had a grudge against her sister. Ricky was surprised to learn that Avery and Phyllis were sisters. Nick said that Avery had used Ricky to get Phyllis arrested. Nick wondered if Ricky liked being a professional pawn.

Michael arrived at Ronan's office with Ricky and Nick. Ronan wondered if Ricky had been coerced into going, but Ricky said he was there of his own volition. Phyllis asked to speak to Ricky alone. Michael and Ronan agreed and walked out. Phyllis apologized for stealing the pictures, but she felt that, sooner or later, they would have been published anyway. Ricky wanted to know if Phyllis thought Avery -- her sister -- had been using him. Phyllis informed Ricky that Avery had an agenda. It was Avery's plan to take Lucy away from Phyllis and reconcile the child with Daisy, her birth mother.

Ricky was intrigued until Phyllis mentioned that Ricky knew about deranged birth mothers because Isabella had been nuts. Ricky told Phyllis that Heather's career had been ruined because of the pictures, but Phyllis' apology was insincere. Ricky said he would not drop the charges. Phyllis was concerned about being away from her children, but Michael explained that Nick had posted bail and she'd be released shortly.

Daniel went to see Avery and asked her why he'd never been told that she was his aunt. Avery admitted that she and Phyllis were sisters, but she couldn't say any more than that. Daniel wondered why Avery was defending Daisy when she'd done so many heinous things. Avery said that Daisy had been a Sheila's victim and had been used all of her life. Avery even claimed that Phyllis had used Daisy to get Lucy. Avery was determined to protect Daisy's rights to her daughter. Daniel told Avery that she had no idea what she was talking about, but he was impressed with her rhetoric. Daniel wondered if Avery was really just trying to stick it to his mother.

Chance and Nina visited Delia at the hospital. Chloe said that Delia would be going home soon. When Chloe mentioned her Christmas wedding to Kevin, Delia hoped that she would be able to dance at the wedding with her daddy. Privately, Nina asked Chloe if she knew why Ronan had walked out on all of them after his transplant surgery. Chloe had no idea. Back in Delia's hospital room, Chance gave the child a gift. Delia said she'd dreamt about her daddy visiting her. Chance told Delia that even though he wasn't there, Billy was thinking about her all the time.

Nina and Chloe returned to the room and heard Chance say he might have to leave town again. Delia understood that Chance loved her just like her daddy did. When Delia fell asleep, Chloe mentioned that the twinkle in Delia's eyes came from Billy. Chloe was ticked off that Billy wasn't there. Chloe thought that Chance was right about Billy loving Delia.

Billy met with Cane in the park. Billy was worried that if Cane went to Myanmar, he might end up in jail like Billy had. Billy was also concerned that Cane might lose Lily again. Cane said that Lily trusted him and he'd told her that he had to go out of town. Billy showed Cane articles he'd printed out from websites that reported that Americans were being jailed in Myanmar for no reason. Billy warned Cane to be careful. Cane wished he had a photo of Chelsea, the girl who might clear Billy's name. Cane could use the picture to track the girl down. Billy said he'd find one before Cane flew to Myanmar.

At Gloworm, Paul embraced Chris and was happy to see her again. Chris was in town on Justice Department business and asked what was going on with Paul. She learned that Heather had left town permanently, and Ricky had been responsible. Paul said that Ricky was apologetic about what he'd done, but Paul wasn't sure why his son had done what he had.

Chris wondered how much Ricky knew of Isabella, his mother. Paul admitted that he didn't know Ricky very well. Chris recalled that when she had first arrived in town, Isabella had seemed normal. In flashback, Paul remembered meeting Isabella. Paul recalled how she'd appealed to his need to help other. Chris said that Paul had become Isabella's hero, and Chris had doubted her sanity for a while because she'd feared Isabella.

Nina received a call from Paul that Chris was in town and they were at Gloworm. Chris and Paul greeted Michael when he walked into the restaurant. Paul mentioned that they'd been talking about Isabella. Chris said that nobody had known back then how evil Isabella was. Isabella had stalked Chris, even showing up in her bathroom with a kitchen knife.

Michael thought it would be better to forget about the terrible things that had happened. Isabella had tried to kill Paul when he was giving Chris CPR but Michael had stopped her. Chris was grateful that Paul and Michael had saved her life. Michael blamed himself for having taken Isabella to town.

Nina entered Gloworm and joined them. Paul mentioned that he wished he knew more about his son. Nina felt the same way about Ronan. Nina and Chris both assured Paul that there was no reason to suspect that Ricky was like Isabella. Nina suggested that Paul speak to Ricky about his mother. Chris and Nina offered to back up Paul if necessary.

Chance arrived the table as Paul left. Michael and Chris were glad to see Chance back from his military duty. Nina asked Chris to help her and Chance get answers about Ronan's mysterious actions after the liver transplant. Chris agreed to do her best.

Nick went to see Avery in her hotel room. Avery apologized for going ahead with the lawsuit. Nick wasn't buying Avery's rationalization for pursuing the case. Nick asked why Avery had tipped off Phyllis that he and Avery had made love. Nick felt that Avery had an ax to grind against Phyllis, and he resented being used. Avery wondered why they needed to hide the fact that they'd made love if Nick and Phyllis were no longer involved. Nick said he wasn't going to play games with Avery.

Phyllis thanked Daniel for caring for Lucy while she was at the jail. Phyllis was ready to fight to prove her innocence. Daniel asked Phyllis about Avery. Phyllis didn't want to talk about her sister. Daniel questioned Phyllis, wondering why she lied about her past. Phyllis said that Daniel, Summer, and Lucy were her family, not Avery. Phyllis felt that her past had been filled with evil people whom she had to leave behind.

Daniel asked if Avery had hurt Phyllis, but Phyllis wouldn't explain their relationship. Daniel reminded his mother that Phyllis had rejected Billy and Victoria as Lucy's parents because they weren't family. And yet, Avery was part of Phyllis' family. Phyllis told Daniel that Avery didn't deserve to be a part of their lives.

Daniel learned that Danny had never known about Phyllis' past. Phyllis declared that they had a good life, and that didn't include anyone from Phyllis' past. Daniel said he wanted to know about Phyllis' past, and he was determined to get answers. Daniel explained to Phyllis that he'd ask his Aunt Avery.

Daniel went to Avery's hotel room, and she invited him in. Daniel was frustrated that when he asked Avery about her relationship with Phyllis, Avery wouldn't answer. Avery wished that things were different. Meanwhile, at Crimson Lights, Phyllis confronted Nick. Phyllis said that Michael had gotten her out on bail, but Ricky would not drop the charges. Phyllis pointed out that the magazine had been through worse troubles than the lawsuit.

Nick was fed up. Phyllis wondered if Nick meant he was fed up with their relationship or the magazine. Phyllis and Nick agreed they might have reached the end of their time together. Nick backed off, saying that the magazine was not going to be ruined by a couple of photographs. Phyllis asked for a truce, and Nick agreed. Nick said that a truce implied neutrality. Phyllis couldn't agree to remain neutral about Nick.

Paul and Ricky shared a coffee at Crimson Lights. Ricky thought Paul seemed very serious. Paul wanted to know why Ricky was doing the things he did. In the park, Ronan handed Cane a visa and said he'd pulled a lot of strings to get the documents for Cane. Ronan urged Cane to be careful and get back fast. At Billy's motel room, Cane and Billy had a final meeting before Cane's departure. Billy wished he could go himself. Billy urged Cane not to get in trouble while in Myanmar.

At the police station, Chris, Chanc,e and Nina walked into Ronan's office. Chris told Ronan they were there for answers. Chris told Ronan that it was time for him to stop dodging their questions.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

In their apartment, Tucker and Ashley looked at their wedding invitation on the laptop before giving it a final approval. Ashley said she was ready to okay it because she liked what they'd planned. Ashley loved the idea that they would have a small wedding before Thanksgiving with just family and friends in attendance. Ashley would have Jack give her away, and she hoped that Billy might be home by then. Tucker said he would not invite his mother because of their estrangement, and Tucker didn't think it was likely that Devon would attend. Later, Tucker poured two glasses of champagne, and Ashley proposed a toast to second weddings. Ashley felt that she and Tucker were quite a pair because she'd been married numerous times, and Tucker had never been married before.

At Gloworm, Devon greeted Sofia and Neil, who were there with baby Moses. Devon explained that he'd been roped into helping Angelina with her musical career. Neil and Sofia were getting ready for the baby's christening. Devon offered to help out if they needed a hand. Sofia said that Tucker would be the godfather and Olivia the godmother. Neil objected to Tucker because he had never been a father to Devon. Sofia reminded Neil that Tucker had been her first choice, and Tucker was looking forward to being the godfather. Sofia refused to rescind the offer to Tucker despite Neil's objection. Devon said it was all right with him and Neil decided not to fight over Sofia's decision.

Kay walked into the mansion after picking up the mail. Kay handed Jill her letters, and one item in the batch was an invitation to Neil and Sofia's baby christening. Kay was upset that she had not received an invitation, but Murphy thought that their invitation would arrive in the next day or so. Kay was sure that Neil hadn't invited her because of their falling-out. Kay told Jill and Murphy that she'd kept a secret that she shouldn't have kept and was suffering the consequences of her action. Jill believed that Kay and Neil would move past the disagreement and find a way to be friends again.

At the coffeehouse, Paul informed Ricky that Adam had used him to get the photos of Heather and Adam kissing. Ricky said he had been working on Sharon's defense when he shot the pictures. Paul pointed out that Ricky had taken the photos to Phyllis with the idea of selling them before giving them to Avery for Sharon's trial. Paul said Ricky's actions were underhanded. Paul felt that he barely knew his son.

Paul wondered if Ricky had hurt Heather as a way of getting back at Paul for being an absentee father. Ricky declared that Heather had been a prosecutor who kissed a witness. Ricky admitted that he'd had serious second thoughts about doing anything with the photographs, but Avery had filed the motion to the judge. Ricky swore that he'd never meant for Heather to lose her job and move out of town.

Ronan was in his office when Chris, Nina, and Chance demanded answers from him. Chris questioned why Ronan had bolted right after the liver transplant. Ronan resented Chris questioning him like a suspect. Ronan stonewalled. Chance and Nina left the office so that Chris could grill Ronan.

In the park, Nina told Chance that she expected an explanation from Ronan. Chance said that he'd accepted that Ronan was unable to open up to him. Chance was glad that Ronan had survived the liver transplant. Nina appreciated how selfless Chance had been about his brother. A mother and son entered. The lady said her son was a Boy Scout and he'd been assigned to decorate the park for Veteran's Day. Chance offered to help the kid. Nina later told Chance that the scout had reminded her of Chance when he was a boy. Nina wished she'd had a chance to know Ronan as a child.

Chris continued questioning Ronan. She said that knew that Ronan had gone undercover after recovering from the transplant, but she was shocked that Ronan had returned to Genoa City to be a police detective. Chris asked if Ronan was finally ready to deal with the fact that he had a family. Chance and Nina returned, but Ronan was still unwilling to give them any answers. Nina announced that she was done trying to build a relationship with Ronan. The ball was in Ronan's court.

Chance told Ronan that he didn't deserve a mother as wonderful as Nina. Chris was shocked that Ronan accepted things as they were. Chris walked out in a huff. Ronan was emotional and bashed the suspect board angrily after they left.

At Crimson Lights, Nina, Chris, and Chance had a cup of coffee and discussed what had happened in Ronan's office. They saw Ricky and Paul across the way. Chance left to do an errand while Nina and Chris went to say hello to Paul and Ricky. Paul introduced Chris to Ricky as his ex-wife and good friend. Ricky said he'd heard about Chris and was happy to meet her.

On the patio of the coffeehouse, Nick told Phyllis that they were still connected in many ways. Phyllis agreed that things were very complicated between the two of them. Nick offered to buy Phyllis a coffee, but she turned him down. Phyllis wondered why they were acting so polite. Nick said it was preferable to fighting. Phyllis longed for the make-up sex she and Nick shared. Nick said that they were better off as colleagues, not lovers. Phyllis reluctantly agreed. Phyllis hugged him, and it looked like a goodbye.

Phyllis went to Ronan's office and caught him at the end of his emotional breakdown from Nina, Chris, and Chance's visit. Ronan said he couldn't deal with Phyllis and walked out. Ronan went to his apartment and began to undress. There was a knock on the door and Phyllis walked in uninvited. Ronan asked why Phyllis was there. Phyllis admitted that she'd overheard what Nina had said to Ronan at the office and Phyllis, was concerned about Ronan's reaction. Ronan reminded Phyllis that she'd been arrested earlier. Phyllis confessed to him that she had a lot of experience with messed up families.

Phyllis told Ronan that she'd broken up with Nick because of his interest in Avery. Phyllis blamed Avery for Daisy possibly getting Lucy back. Phyllis didn't think it was coincidental that her problems with Nick and Daisy were connected to Avery. Phyllis admitted to Ronan that she'd left home as a teenager and never wanted to renew those family ties. Ronan said he owed Chance and Nina his life and didn't know how to deal with that.

Phyllis wondered if Ronan felt incapable of loving his mother and brother. Ronan couldn't articulate his feelings. Ronan told Phyllis that he'd never confided that information to anyone. Phyllis responded to his trusting her by kissing him. Ronan began to undress her.

At the coffeehouse, Nick placed an ordered, and Avery stepped up to pay for it. Avery wanted to apologize to Nick. Avery said that she knew she'd committed a crime of negligence by not telling Phyllis that Nick and Avery had been alone together in her hotel room. Avery said she'd had a lapse in judgment. Nick wondered why she'd done it, and Avery said that she felt tired of being the good sister. Avery had gotten the chance to hurt Phyllis and, without thinking of the consequences to Nick, Avery had done it.

Nick said that Avery had done what Phyllis might have done, but he gave Avery credit for apologizing. Avery told Nick that she liked him a lot and not because he'd been involved with Phyllis. Nick said he believed Avery. Nick said that he thought Avery was smart and talented -- and very hot. Avery found it hard to compete with Phyllis. Nick said that Avery had sex appeal. Nick and Avery went back to her hotel room and began to make love.

Sofia and Neil went to Ashley and Tucker's with Moses. Tucker was determined to be a good godfather to Sofia's son. Neil criticized Tucker for never having searched hard enough to find Devon as a child. Sofia loved the idea of Ashley and Tucker's fall wedding. Tucker asked Sofia to stand up for him in the ceremony. Sofia agreed, and Tucker thanked her for being like family to him.

Devon called Roxy to say that he was anxious to see her again. A man hand-delivered Tucker and Ashley's wedding invitation to Devon. The messenger then delivered an invitation to the Chancellor mansion, but it was addressed to Chloe. Kay looked at the envelope and told Murphy that she assumed it was a wedding invitation. Also in the living room visiting were Paul, Chris, Nina, Jill, and Chance. Chris thought that Tucker and Ashley were already married. Jill said they they'd decided to have another ceremony.

Nina revealed to Kay and Murphy that she'd told Ronan that she was giving up on him. Paul was frustrated with his son, too. Jill added that Billy was a problematic child. Murphy advised all three of them not to give up on their sons. Kay suggested that Paul invite Ricky to the mansion for dinner. Paul got Ricky on the phone and asked him if he wanted to join them for an impromptu pizza party. Ricky, who was sitting alone on a bench in the park, said he was busy, but he'd try to make it. Later at the mansion, Ricky watched from the window as everyone was eating pizza and having fun.

Neil and Sofia went to Crimson Lights for coffee. Neil ordered a triple espresso so he could stay awake for the late-night feedings. Sofia offered to move back to her apartment so that Neil could return to his regular routine. Neil wanted Sofia to remain with him through the holidays. Neil explained that he loved being involved in helping to raise Moses.

Ashley and Tucker were enjoying the evening at home together. Tucker hoed that Devon would attend their wedding. Ashley pointed out that Abby had had a change of heart and would be there, so Tucker shouldn't lose hope. Devon read the invitation to Tucker and Ashley's wedding as he walked through the park. Shaking his head, Devon tossed the invitation into the trashcan.

Friday, November 11, 2011

At the Chancellor mansion, Chance, Murphy, Paul, Christine, and Nina returned from attending the Veterans Day parade. Christine asked where Katherine was, and Murphy explained that she had stayed behind to speak with some Purple Heart recipients. Chance was humbled to have witnessed such a big turnout at the event. Christine was surprised when Murphy remarked that Katherine had regularly visited the veterans' hospital, and Chance commended Christine for her own volunteer work.

Paul pulled Nina aside and asked what was going on underneath her content façade. She admitted that Ronan was on her mind, and Paul wished that Ricky had joined them the prior evening. Nina refused to let her issues with Ronan overshadow the time she had left with Chance. Paul sensed that Christine's visit to Genoa City was out of the ordinary, but she simply stated that she liked being there on Veterans Day. She also hoped to get through to Ronan, and Paul vowed to wear Ronan down. Christine was grateful that Nina had Paul to lean on.

Chance answered the door, and Murphy observed that Nina hoped it was Ronan. Nina and Murphy agreed that the holiday reminded them of how short life could be. Chance returned and announced that he'd received his orders. Chance revealed that he had been assigned to the Pentagon to train for an intelligence position, and he had to report for duty the following week. Chance had no idea he had even been under consideration for such a prestigious role, and Christine proudly remarked that only the best of the best worked there. Nina looked suspicious.

At the hospital, Esther and Jill prepared to play tea party with Delia, and Chloe stepped out into the hallway and ran into Victoria. Victoria noticed Chloe's emotional state, and Chloe sobbed that she couldn't stand to see her daughter confined to her bed anymore. Victoria assured Chloe that soon they'd get news that the transplant had worked, and the women hugged. Meanwhile, Victor finished a meeting with a colleague, Arthur, at Gloworm. Victor answered his phone and was surprised to learn that Billy wasn't where he was supposed to be.

Jill, Esther, and Delia dressed up in gaudy hats and accessories for their tea party. Meanwhile, Chloe prepared herself for the worst, but she swore to be strong for Delia, and Victoria assured Chloe that her loved ones would support her. Chloe lamented that Billy wasn't there, but she praised Victoria for being a great stepmom to Delia. Victoria asked about Kevin's whereabouts, but Chloe wasn't sure where he was. Victoria answered a call from Victor, who asked to speak with her right away, but Victoria explained she was at the hospital, waiting for Delia's test results. Victor worried that Delia might need another transplant.

Victoria told Jill to go easy on Chloe, but Jill called Chloe a good mother who had made up for Billy's absence. Victoria confided that she hadn't been able to stop thinking about Billy, and she was concerned that he was in trouble, because he'd never been completely out of contact with everyone before. Victor arrived and requested to see Delia, and the threesome entered Delia's room. Victor called Delia a brave girl, and he presented her with a picture of his newly acquired pony. He explained that he'd named the pony Pinkerton, after Delia's stuffed horse, and he suggested that she visit Pinkerton after she left the hospital. Delia hugged Victor.

In the hallway, Jill wondered why Victor suddenly seemed so interested in Delia, and she asked why he was keeping an eye on the child. Victor claimed that Delia was important to Victoria, so therefore Delia was also important to him. Jill chided him for not making enough effort to find Billy. Victor countered that he'd helped Billy in his own way and that he'd continue to do so, despite his intense dislike for Billy.

Jill entered Delia's room and informed Chloe that Dr. Larson was ready to speak with her. Victoria volunteered to read a book to Delia, while Jill, Chloe, and Esther assembled in the hallway. The doctor informed them that there was no sign of infection and that the leukemia was undetectable, so Delia was in remission. The women joyfully hugged, and Dr. Larson advised them that they'd still need to be cautious about Delia's health, but she was happy with the results. A smiling Chloe ran back into Delia's room and exclaimed that she'd just gotten the best news ever.

Jill called Murphy, who announced to everyone at the Chancellor home that Delia was in remission, and the group cheered. At the hospital, Jill continued to spread the good news. Victor said that he had to leave to tend to business, and Victoria said they'd discuss his meeting with Arthur later. Victoria wanted to say goodbye to Delia, but she asked Jill to join her for coffee afterward to discuss a personal decision she'd made.

Delia squealed in delight at the thought of leaving the hospital. Victoria, Jill, and Esther wished Delia goodbye, and Chloe marveled at the number of visitors they'd had that day. Delia asked about Kevin, and Chloe wondered where he was, too.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria declared her determination to find out why Billy had really left town. Jill warned that Victoria was opening herself up for disappointment, but Victoria hated to see Delia wonder where her dad was, and she knew Billy hadn't stopped loving Delia. Jill pointed out that Jack, Tucker, and Victor had already attempted unsuccessfully to find Billy. Victoria said Billy might have tried to avoid others, but he wouldn't do that to her, and she had gotten a tip that Billy had been spotted in Myanmar. Victoria asked Jill not to tell anyone of her plans, and Jill promised that she wouldn't try to stop Victoria, because Jill planned to join her.

Katherine arrived home and was happy to hear about Delia's prognosis. Murphy said it was a blessing that Delia was too young to understand what she had been up against. Katherine commented that the military personnel she'd met that day weren't so lucky. Murphy added that Nina hadn't taken her time with Chance for granted, and Chloe was appreciative of her second chance with Delia.

Murphy realized that Katherine was upset about her estrangement from Tucker, but she insisted that she wasn't moping. Murphy reminded her that she had a choice to either move on and forget about Tucker, or stop playing games and fight for a relationship with her son. Later, Katherine knocked on Tucker's door, and he looked unpleasantly surprised to see her.

Chance asked Christine if she'd been behind his new assignment, but she insisted that she'd had nothing to do with it, though she had given him a glowing recommendation when the Pentagon had contacted her. She said his record spoke for itself, and he was excited for the challenge. Nina asked for a moment alone with Chance, and she suspected there was more to the assignment than he'd let on. He admitted that after he finished his training, he'd be sent back to the Middle East. She wasn't surprised, and he expected her to be upset, but she supported him and respected him for doing important work. They hugged, and she mused that she loved him.

In Billy's motel room, Kevin confronted Billy about disguising himself as Santa on Halloween to covertly spend time with Delia and Victoria. Kevin complained that he'd had to lie to Chloe to cover for Billy, but he'd managed to convince Victoria that her encounter with Santa had been a drunken dream. Kevin wanted to end his association with Billy, but he wanted Billy to know that Delia's test results would be in that day, and he offered to send a text message once they were available. Billy announced that he'd found a way to clear his name, but he needed Kevin's help.

Billy explained that Cane had traveled to Myanmar to search for a woman who could clear Billy's name. Billy insisted that he had been set up, but he needed to prove it; he asked Kevin to retrieve a photo of the woman by hacking into Victor's computer. Kevin called Billy's idea crazy, and Billy scoffed at the thought that Kevin couldn't do it. Kevin thought he was capable, but he felt the risk was too great. Billy pointed out that if Billy could stop hiding, then Kevin would no longer have to lie to Chloe.

Billy begged Kevin to help him make things right. Kevin proclaimed that he didn't care about Billy, who maintained that Kevin should do it for Delia's sake. Kevin started to leave, but Billy said they were alike in that they'd do whatever they needed to for their families. Kevin ran a program to break through firewalls, and he was irritated when Billy repeatedly expressed impatience. The computer began to make a beeping noise, and Billy worried they'd been caught, but Kevin crowed that he was well on his way to accessing Victor's files.

Kevin complimented the efforts of Victor's technology team, but he remarked that it was unfortunate that Victor hadn't hired Kevin. Kevin gained access to the files and began searching for photos. He answered a call from Chloe, and he repeated that the transplant had worked. Billy struggled to remain silent and gestured wildly to express his excitement. Kevin said he'd be there as soon as he could, and he quickly hung up. Billy realized just how scared he'd been, and he sincerely thanked Kevin.

Kevin and Billy looked through Victor's files, and Billy recognized Chelsea in one of them. Kevin emailed the image to Cane, and he packed up to head over to the hospital. Billy thanked Kevin, who acknowledged that he'd had fun hacking into Victor's computer. Billy sighed in relief. Later, Kevin and Chloe kissed at the hospital. She wished he had been there to hear the good news in person, and she asked where he'd been.

Billy answered his door to Victor, who was seething because Billy was still in town. Victor informed Billy that Delia would be all right, and he ordered Billy to leave town, since another transplant wouldn't be necessary.

In Myanmar, Cane entered a bar, where a female bartender greeted him. He mentioned that he was looking for a woman named Chelsea Lawson. The bartender said she hadn't heard the name, and she asked him to describe the woman, but Cane claimed that he didn't know anything other than she was an American friend of a friend and was a surfer. The bartender recommended the best beach for surfing, and she told him his beer was on the house.

Later, Cane received Kevin's message with Chelsea's photo, and he was shocked when he saw a picture of the bartender. He turned back toward the bar, but Chelsea was gone.

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