One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 14, 2011 on OLTL

Tina showed up at the church with Liam's real paternity test results during Brody and Natalie's wedding. Natalie called off the wedding after realizing that Brody had known the truth and that John was Liam's father. Brody kidnapped Liam. Ford confessed that he loved Tess but realized she was a part of Jessica. He and Jessica made love. Cord proposed to Tina. It was revealed that Alex Olanov was Cutter's mother. Rex was stunned to see the woman with Gigi's face. Todd teamed up with Baker.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 14, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, November 14, 2011

John gave his apartment a last look and headed out the door. He stopped momentarily when his phone began to ring inside. Deciding against answering it, John gently closed the door.

At Ford's place, Jessica desperately tried to reach John on the phone. She hung up when John didn't answer, and she pondered what her next move might be. Ford suggested that they get Ryder from his grandmother, and take their son back to the nursery at Llanfair. Liam would be there, and they could snip off a lock of Liam's hair in order to run another paternity test.

Jessica was skeptical, but Ford thought it would be a good time. No one would be there except for Liam and Nigel. Jessica reminded him that they would need samples from both John and Brody, and she was unsure as to how they could obtain those.

Jessica was sorry that they would have no time to run the DNA test and get to the truth before Natalie's wedding would be over. She apologized for embroiling Ford in yet another Buchanan family mess. She didn't know how he put up with it. Ford assured her that he was okay with it, especially since he'd noticed a change in Jessica.

Jessica still wanted to get the truth out, even after the way that both Brody and Natalie had treated her so badly, Ford explained. He believed that Jessica was a wonderful sister, mother, daughter, and woman. She was strong. Jessica insisted that she couldn't have done any of it without Ford's help, and he was a great friend.

"Weird, isn't it?" Ford asked. Jessica continued that whenever she needed someone to talk to, Ford was her choice. Her other friends were gone, and she was not talking to Natalie. She grabbed Ford's hand, and he placed his other hand on top. "You're the only friend I have," Jessica insisted.

Ford stated that he had no friends either. While he had his brothers, he'd felt as though he'd made more enemies than friends since he'd arrived in Llanview. Jessica was happy that things had worked out as they had. She thought it was time to leave. "I might as well bite the bullet and go," she said. She wasn't looking forward to running into her happy family post-wedding.

"Don't go," Ford said quietly. He leaned over and kissed Jessica, and she didn't push him away.

Tina and Nigel continued to hunt for David Vickers at Llanfair. Tina was worried about her dog, and she would be unable to leave for Natalie's wedding until the dog was located. After searching the first floor without success, Nigel offered to look in the basement. Tina headed to the second floor.

Upstairs in the nursery, David Vickers barked and talked to Liam, who was standing in his crib. The dog begged Liam to turn over the paternity test, but the baby insisted he wasn't familiar with it. The dog was in a hurry, and she advised the baby that they couldn't allow Natalie to marry the wrong man. Liam noted that Brody was a good guy, but he relented and tossed the paper to the dog.

"Thanks, Liam. You made the right decision," David Vickers barked. Just then, Tina walked in and was elated to have found her pet. She sat down on the floor next to the dog, and she asked about the "chewed-up" paper that David Vickers seemed to be fixated on. Tina gasped as she opened and read the paper. She declared that she had to get to the church to tell the truth. She'd promised Cord that she would "turn over a new leaf," even though she would ruin the wedding.

Shortly after, John arrived at the house and sneaked up to the nursery. "Hey little man. I just came to say goodbye," he said to Liam. John stooped down and proceeded to tell the little boy that his name meant "protected," in Gaelic. John had done his best to protect Liam. He wanted the boy to listen to his mother, because John would no longer be around.

"Step away from that crib, or I shall call the police," Nigel shouted as he walked into the nursery, armed with a cricket mallet. John stood up slowly. "It's okay, Nigel. I kinda am the police," John replied. Nigel apologized. He'd thought there had been an intruder, though he wondered why John hadn't knocked on the door. John explained that he was leaving town and had wanted to see Liam for the last time. John was sorry he'd slipped in without anyone knowing.

Nigel said that he understood. He knew that John had been attached to the baby at one time, and the boy was a good little boy. John couldn't believe how big Liam had gotten. Nigel was also sad that things hadn't worked out, because John, Natalie, and Liam had made a "fine couple and family." John requested that his visit be kept a secret, and Nigel agreed. John had to go, because he had a plane to catch. "So long, kid," John said to Liam.

The woman with Gigi's face stood at the counter at the airport and tried to purchase a one-way ticket to Rio. The ticket agent was skeptical, and asked about the credit card that the woman was trying to use. It had the name of Cutter Wentworth on it. The woman stated that Cutter was her boyfriend. Cutter had arrived and stood quietly behind the woman. He advised the agent that he was Cutter, but he refused to allow the woman to use it. He pulled her aside.

The woman begged to be allowed to use the credit card. She had to get to the doctor in Brazil in order to get her old face back. Cutter advised her that it would be a big operation, but the woman argued with him. She couldn't continue to allow anyone to think that she was Gigi. She hated herself for apparently having been the kind of person who would scheme and change her face. It had been a horrible thing to do, the woman said.

Cutter pointed to the photo of Stacy that the woman had. He wondered if the woman wanted to be her. "That's who I am," the woman replied. She couldn't take a chance that she would hurt Rex and Shane. She admitted that after seeing Rex, she still couldn't remember anything. Maybe she would be able to recall something after she changed her face back and looked at herself in the mirror. Cutter proclaimed that he couldn't allow the woman to go through with it.

The woman was angry. Cutter only wanted her help to scam Rex, and she wouldn't do it. Cutter reminded her that she had stolen the credit card, so she was in no position to talk about a scam. The woman declared that Cutter owed her for trying to sell her to Rex, and she wanted her old life back. Cutter was willing to work it out.

The woman pleaded for Cutter to allow her to do what she wanted. She would pay him back in installments. "Okay, you can use my credit card on one condition," Cutter said. The woman stated that she wouldn't accept it if he still wanted to "milk money out of Rex." Cutter agreed that he wouldn't, but he'd decided to accompany the woman to Brazil.

John arrived at the airport and waited for his plane to board. Shortly after, his flight was announced, and the boarding began.

Clint walked Natalie down the aisle to stand next to Brody. The priest began the ceremony, and Roxy couldn't resist speaking up. "Stop! Padre, I can't hold my peace no longer. I got something I gotta say," Roxy declared. She looked over at Rex, who soundlessly advised her to remain silent. Roxy thought back to a previous conversation with her son. He'd urged Roxy to keep quiet and allow Natalie to move on.

Roxy had second thoughts, and she stated that she was honored to be her daughter's maid of honor. Natalie had her own flashback, as she recalled Jessica's announcement that John could really be Liam's father. Brody interrupted and asked if Natalie were okay. He'd noticed that she seemed a million miles away. Natalie shook herself, and the ceremony started up again.

"I do," Brody proclaimed after the priest recited the vows. The priest began to recite Natalie's vows, but before Natalie could say, "I do," Tina burst through the front doors of the church. Tina called out for the ceremony to stop. "Are we too late?" Tina asked as she marched forward with David Vickers in her arms. Natalie was confused. She recalled Tina saying that they should start the wedding without her, because she'd had to look for her dog.

Tina announced that she wasn't talking about that. "Couldn't this wait until after the ceremony?" Cord asked. Tina declared that she had something to give to Natalie, and she handed over the paternity test results. Natalie read the paper and looked up at Tina, who nodded her head. "Oh, my God, John is Liam's father," Natalie pronounced.

Natalie realized that Jessica had been telling the truth. Tina revealed that it had been in David Vickers' possession, courtesy of Victor. The family was gathered around, and everyone was puzzled. Roxy wondered why Victor would have run a paternity test. Natalie explained that Jessica had stopped by to tell her about it, but the story had sounded crazy.

As the family voiced their questions and concerns, Brody finally spoke up. He couldn't allow Jessica to destroy what he and Natalie had worked for. It was merely another lie on another piece of paper, Brody exclaimed. Natalie stated that she wanted to have another paternity test run. "Over my dead body," Brody asserted loudly. "Brody, we have no choice," Natalie advised him.

Brody refused to think about it. They'd been through enough, he said. Clint was sorry for all that had happened in the past. Bo quickly jumped in and offered to use the resources of the police department. Brody thought the paper could be a fake, and maybe Victor had created it in order to tease John. Viki agreed that Brody could be right, because Victor had hated John. Brody suggested that Victor would have stopped at nothing in order to ruin everyone's lives.

Suddenly, Natalie recalled the threat that Brody had made on Victor's life. "You knew. That's what Victor was threatening you with. You knew that John was Liam's father," she accused Brody. She hadn't been able to figure things out, but she was able to finally put it together. Victor had been aware that Brody had known the truth, and he'd held it over Brody's head. Natalie was determined to have another DNA test run.

Natalie ordered Brody to tell the truth. She advised him that he could continue to deny things, but after the new DNA test was run, everyone would be aware of the truth. Again, she shouted at Brody to tell her the truth. "Yes, I knew," Brody admitted. Natalie wondered how he'd learned the truth, and Brody revealed that it had been Marty who had changed the original test results.

"It was on the tape of Marty's therapy session with Dr. Buhari," Brody stated. Marty hadn't wanted John and Natalie to be happy, Brody added. Natalie broke down. She asked if that was the tape that Gigi had had in her possession. Roxy recalled that she had given Gigi the recorder the day that Gigi was to have married Rex. Brody explained that he hadn't known about the recorder's existence until he had been working to catalogue the evidence after Gigi's death.

Natalie realized that it had been the same blank tape that she'd listened to. "So, you erased it? You knew since Gigi died," Natalie said as tears spilled down her cheeks. As Brody pleaded for them to go on with the wedding, Natalie remained speechless. Brody urged her to think about how they'd gotten together in the first place and made a baby. Quickly, Natalie snapped that the baby was John's.

Brody continued. They'd started out as friends, but things had changed between them. He loved Natalie and Liam. He couldn't let them go after he'd found out the truth, Brody confessed. "But you knew the truth this whole time," Natalie clarified. "I didn't want to lose my family," Brody answered. He said that nothing had changed, and he still wanted to get married.

"No, we can't," Natalie replied. Brody was certain that they could work things out, and he suggested they go somewhere alone to talk about it. "You lied to me, Brody," Natalie said. "You lied to John. It's the same thing," Brody retorted. "Yeah, you're right, it is. But I thought we'd learned from our mistakes last year. So no, I cannot marry you," Natalie responded as she took off her engagement ring. She handed it to Brody. "It's over, Brody," she said.

Everyone stood around quietly and shook their heads sadly. Brody looked around and headed up the aisle and out the door. Rex and Roxy tried to comfort Natalie, who appeared to be in shock. Suddenly, she realized that John was leaving town, and he had no idea.

Brody headed to Llanfair and found Liam in his crib in the nursery. "Hi, son. It looks like I lost your mother. I can't lose you too," Brody told the little boy.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

As Ford and Jessica kissed, they made their way toward Ford's bedroom. However, Jessica stepped on one of Ryder's toys, and broke the kiss. Jessica wondered if what they had been doing was a good idea anyway. They decided to talk about things. Because Ford was "still a guy," he was all right with the direction of things, but didn't want to risk their friendship. Jessica thought that their kiss could have stemmed from recent events, and wanting to forget about them. She then realized that it had been about Tess.

Jessica thought that Ford had wanted to sleep with her so that Tess would return. Ford admitted that he loved Tess, but Tess was a part of Jessica. He continued that he'd kissed Jessica because he wanted Jessica. She kissed him, and led him to his bedroom. The two made love. Later, the two sat in bed, and raved about the experience. They shared a passionate kiss.

Brody told Liam that he'd messed up, and wondered how he would ever be able to give Liam up. He admitted to Liam that he wasn't Liam's father, and that "I'm not even a good guy." Brody couldn't believe that another child had been taken away from him, and related that he didn't care about DNA. He wanted to take Liam on a "father-son adventure," and packed some things for Liam. Just then, a surprised Nigel entered the nursery.

Brody explained that he and Natalie had decided to have Liam at the wedding after all. Suspicious, Nigel said that he would gladly take Liam to the church, since Liam was under Nigel's care for the night. "He's my son, and we're leaving," Brody stated. Nigel took out his phone to call Natalie and ask her for permission.

Roxy couldn't believe what Brody had done. Suddenly, she realized that John was on his way out of town, and had no idea that he was Liam's father. Roxy urged Natalie to go after John, but Natalie was in shock. Natalie wondered how Brody could lie to her for months. Roxy again told Natalie to go to the airport, and Natalie finally snapped out of her shock. Bo handed Natalie the paternity test, and she left with Rex, who'd offered to drive. Tina hoped that Natalie wasn't too late.

Shaun and Vivian couldn't believe what had happened, and Vivian said that the hospital clearly needed to up its security. Nora wondered if the Buchanan family would ever catch a break. Shaun told Bo and Nora that he and Vivian were going to leave. Shaun thanked Nora for helping Destiny with her college essay, and said that his family was praying for Matthew.

Tina admitted that she felt bad for Brody, because she knew what it was like to have to pay for a huge mistake. Clint kicked himself for not realizing that something was wrong with Brody. Tina was upset, because she'd ruined the perfect wedding she'd planned. Cord suggested that there could still be a wedding. Tina looked at him, wide-eyed. Cord got down on one knee. "Tina Lord Roberts, would you do me the honor of marrying me...again?" he asked.

Tina wondered if Cord was serious. Cord admitted that he loved her, and that had never changed. He promised to make things work. Tina wondered if CJ and Sarah would be upset about not being there, but Cord thought that they would understand. As Clint looked disappointed, and Viki smiled on, Tina squealed, "Yes!" and jumped into Cord's arms. Tina told the priest to "start from the top," but he refused to marry them without a marriage license.

Cord conceded that he and Tina could just get married the next day. Tina was scared that he would change his mind, but he promised that he wouldn't. Viki had an idea, and picked up her phone to make a call. As she begged Dorian for another favor for someone Dorian wasn't fond of, Nora made a bet with Shaun that the wedding would happen. Moments later, Viki got off the phone, and announced that Dorian was going to try to make the wedding happen.

A short while later, Tina and Cord were on the phone with Sarah and CJ, respectively. They each happily updated their children on what was going on, and switched phones. They hung up, and were happy that their children were all right with the wedding. Out in the hall, Roxy took a swig from a flask, picked up an envelope, and went back into the church. She handed the envelope to Viki, and said that a messenger had dropped it off. Viki opened the envelope, and was happy to see that Dorian had pulled off getting Tina and Cord a marriage license.

Tina asked Viki if she wanted to be the maid of honor, which Viki accepted. Cord wondered if Clint would be his best man. Clint surprised everyone by accepting. He said that, as long as Tina made Cord happy, Clint was happy. Cord was shocked. Clint continued that, if Cord loved Tina, he shouldn't waste another minute without her.

Nora held out her hand to Shaun for her winnings. "With this family?" Shaun replied. He maintained that he wouldn't pay up until the ceremony was over. Bo and Nora couldn't believe that Brody had lied to Natalie, and hoped that Natalie and John would find their way back to one another. "Better late than never," Bo stated. "Hopefully faster than we did," Nora added.

A short while later, Cord said, "I do." Tina wanted to say her own vows. She told Cord that she wanted him forever, and she vowed to make him proud of her. She promised to always stay by his side. The priest asked for the rings. Tina and Cord didn't know what to do, until Cord remembered that he had Natalie's ring, and Roxy remembered that she had Brody's. Tina figured that the couple wouldn't mind if she and Cord borrowed the rings. The priest declared them husband and wife, and the two shared a kiss.

Nora held out her hand to Shaun, who grudgingly gave her the money. Tina and Cord walked down the aisle, and everyone except Roxy happily followed them. Roxy walked up to the altar, and prayed that Natalie had arrived at the airport in time. She also pleaded for Rex's happiness.

Rex and Natalie arrived at the airport, and looked at the flight schedule. Natalie ran toward the gate that John's flight was at. Rex was happy that they'd made it in time.

The woman with Gigi's face tried to use Cutter's credit card to buy a ticket to Brazil. Cutter arrived, and refused to let her use it. He then changed his mind, and would allow her to use it on one condition -- that he go with her to Brazil. She wondered if he were going to try talking her out of the surgery on the long flight. He genuinely told her that he wanted to help her through the surgery.

The woman wondered why Cutter cared. He replied that he'd tried to take advantage of her, so he wanted to make it up to her. Cutter went to get the plane tickets when Rex appeared. Rex asked where Cutter's accomplice was. A short while later, the flight to Brazil began to board. Rex called out for the woman that Cutter had wanted to pass off as Gigi, and wasn't surprised that she didn't show up. The woman peeked out from around a corner, as Rex told Cutter to go to hell. As Rex walked away, Cutter reassured the woman.

Rex walked past the flight schedules, but stopped when one of the screens read, "DON'T GIVE UP!" He looked around, but the message was gone when he looked back at the screen. He began to walk back towards where he'd just been, and called for Gigi. He got back to the gate where the flight to Brazil was boarding, and was stunned to see the woman with Gigi's face.

John handed his ticket to an attendant, who hoped that he'd enjoyed his stay in Llanview. John remembered the last time he'd been at the airport, when he'd stopped Natalie from going to London. He snapped out of it when his flight was called, and walked towards the gate. Suddenly, Natalie appeared, calling for John to wait.

John asked about the wedding, and Natalie, out of breath, replied that the wedding was off. John wondered what had happened, and if Liam was all right. "He's perfect. He's your son," Natalie blurted out, smiling.

Natalie told a confused John about Marty changing the test, and Brody knowing about it. She continued that Brody had erased the tape that had been found with Gigi when she'd died. She handed him the paternity test, and filled him in on Victor's possession of it, which was the reason that Brody had threatened Victor. Natalie reassured a disbelieving John that Liam was his son. He pulled Natalie into an emotional embrace.

John wondered where Natalie had gotten the test from, and she told him that Jessica had found it. She added that she owed Jessica, who was probably "cursing my name," an apology for saying such nasty things to her. Natalie wanted to take John to see Liam, and wondered when the last time he'd seen Liam had been. He revealed that he'd seen Liam earlier to say goodbye. He admitted to missing Liam, and always feeling like Liam was his. Natalie wanted to take John to see Liam, so John put his arm around her, and they left the airport.

John and Natalie arrived at Llanfair, and went up to the nursery. They were shocked to find an unconscious Nigel sprawled on the floor in the hallway outside the nursery. John made sure that Nigel had a pulse, and advised Natalie to check on Liam. "He's gone," Natalie said hopelessly as John entered the room.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Was it worth the wait?" Blair asked Tomas as they lay in bed after making love. Tomas wondered if Blair had any regrets. "Not on your life," Blair replied. She reminded Tomas that she was with him, while Todd was the father of her children. She was not interested in anything that Todd might be brooding about, she added.

Blair offered to put together a meal, and as she headed out of the bedroom, Tomas received a phone call. It was Calamar, and Tomas advised him that he'd visited Todd's office and planned to return. Tomas was still prepared to prove that it had been Todd who'd murdered Victor, and Tomas would try to find Louie in order to get more information.

Tomas said goodbye to Calamar as Blair returned with a tray full of goodies. She was curious about the phone call, and Tomas stated that he had asked Calamar for help in the investigation, though Calamar had appeared to have more questions than answers. Tomas changed the subject to the food that Blair had carried upstairs from the kitchen. She asked him if there were a new suspect in Victor's murder.

"I don't want to talk about murder," Tomas maintained. Blair was curious if it were because Todd was his number one suspect. She wanted to help Tomas, but he believed that she would tell Todd what was going on, Blair maintained. Tomas contended that he didn't want Blair at risk, and she would be a target if she were involved.

Blair pointed out that Tomas would be a target, as well, but Tomas advised her that he could take care of himself. Tomas wanted Blair to trust him. "I think I can," she replied.

Later, as Blair was sleeping, Tomas stroked her hair. "How am I gonna tell you that Todd's a killer? What's it gonna do to you? To us?" Tomas muttered.

Todd stood on the docks and recalled overhearing Blair telling Tomas that she wanted him. "Miss me?" Baker asked as he leaned over behind Todd. Todd wondered if Baker were there to kill him or make a deal as Baker frisked Todd. The former agent confessed that old habits died hard as he put his gun away. Todd revealed that he had lots of money, and he had a job for Baker.

Baker noted that Tomas was determined to take everything away from Todd again, and Tomas had been asking questions about Todd and the night of Victor's murder. Todd was curious as to how Baker would run Irene's operation with the funds that Todd could provide him with. Todd had all of his money back again. Todd was certain that Baker would do a much better job than Irene. "What would you have me do?" Baker inquired.

"I want you to take care of Tomas," Todd ordered. "He's going after Blair," he added. Baker was disgusted. He couldn't believe it was all about a woman. Todd confessed that it was also about Tomas' murder investigation. Tomas was convinced that Todd had killed Victor. Todd held up the gun in question.

Baker was shocked to think that Todd had actually killed his own brother. Todd admitted that he was capable of anything after what Baker and Irene had done to him. He opened a briefcase. He had half of the money for Baker and would give him the rest after the task had been completed. "Delgado's as good as dead," Baker declared.

Todd was annoyed. He hadn't said anything about killing Tomas, and killing wasn't always the answer, he said. Baker wanted to hear Todd's plan.

At the Sun, the fire chief advised the Patels that someone had deliberately set the fire, and the department was continuing their investigation. Vimal was anxious to leave, but the chief had additional questions to ask. The chief wondered if Jack had any idea about who had set the fire, and if he knew where his father might be. The chief had been unable to reach Todd on the phone.

Jack wasn't aware of any suspects, but he offered to look for his father. He actually started to say Scarface, but he quickly corrected himself. The Patels praised Jack for saving them, and they called him a hero for extinguishing the fire. The chief agreed, but he wondered why Jack had been there. Neela recalled Jack talking about not allowing an evil Scarface to get away with taking the paper away from Victor.

Neela quickly spoke up and advised the fire chief that Jack had offered to help her to find her brother. "He knew Vimal holds my life in his hands," Neela added. "Neela!" Vimal called out. "The same way Jack held your life in his hands and saved it. I have to know what you'll do with mine, Vimal," Neela said. The chief asked to speak to Rama and Vimal alone, and he asked the teens to leave.

Once the younger couple was gone, the fire chief advised the Patels that the office door had been rigged to trap them inside. He inquired whether they had any enemies, and if they could be the targets instead of Todd or the newspaper. Rama was certain that they had no enemies, but Vimal was able to think of one.

Jack put his arm around Neela as they walked away. He asked why she'd said they'd been searching for Vimal. "What else could I say? That you're the one who set the fire?" Neela asked. Jack denied he had done so, but Neela knew he was lying just the way he had known that she had been lying when she'd mentioned her parents turning her into a baby factory.

Jack confessed she was right. Scarface was trying to take everything away that Victor had had in his possession. Jack had sent everyone home from the paper, and he'd had no idea that the Patels were in the office. When he'd learned they were inside, he'd rushed back to the newspaper, Jack insisted. He couldn't let anyone get hurt like the last time. Neela was confused, and she asked if he had set another fire in the past.

Jack assured her that he hadn't, but he was worried that Neela would squeal on him. Just then Vimal and Rama appeared. Vimal thanked the teens again for their rescue. Neela insisted that Jack had been the hero. "He saved you just like he saved me," Neela said. Vimal asked how. Neela replied that Jack had provided her with a place to stay, and she wanted to remain in Llanview.

Vimal advised his sister that she couldn't just run away every time she heard something that she didn't like, but he and Rama had agreed to try to convince his parents to allow Neela to stay. Neela was ecstatic. Vimal proclaimed that he had to call John, but Rama advised him to wait until Brody had been caught.

Rex was stunned when he saw a woman who looked just like Gigi getting ready to board a plane. He called out to her, and the woman turned to face him. "It's you," Rex shouted. The woman quickly turned her back and headed to her plane. The door that led to the plane was closed, and Rex began to pound on it frantically. He demanded that the door be reopened, but airport personnel advised him that it wasn't possible.

"I can't lose Gigi again," Rex bellowed. He continued to bang on the door and yell, attracting lots of attention.

Brody arrived at the airport with Liam. He advised the little boy that it was time to start their new adventure, and the plane tickets to Greece that Brody had in his wallet were exchanged for a trip to Australia instead. Turning away from the counter, Brody ran into a fellow police officer who was working his second job as a TSA agent.

The man began to question Brody about his trip destination, but he was interrupted when he received a call about a ruckus at another gate. He asked an unwilling Brody to help him out, and Brody reluctantly handed Liam over to one of the ticket agents.

Brody found Rex and stopped him from creating a scene. He asked Rex what he was doing, and Rex admitted that he'd had to stop the plane because Gigi was on it. Brody assured Rex that Gigi wasn't on that plane or any other plane, but Rex wanted the door at the gate opened so that he could prove it. Brody explained that a federal law prevented him from doing that.

Brody advised Rex that he'd arranged for the security officer not to press charges against Rex, but Rex was upset that Gigi was gone. Brody announced that Rex was on his own, because Brody had his own plane to catch, and he couldn't provide Rex with any further help. "Gigi, I can't believe I lost you again," Rex uttered.

Rex apologized to one of the airline agents for being out of control He explained that his fiancée had died, and he'd seen a woman who had looked just like her. The agent suggested that a vacation or a break might be a good idea for Rex, and he agreed. He wanted to go where the woman had flown, and the agent revealed that the woman's destination had been Brazil.

Rex booked the next flight, though he was unhappy that it wouldn't be leaving until the following day.

The woman with Gigi's face boarded her plane and took her seat next to Cutter. She confessed that Rex had seen her at the gate and had called out to her. Rex had gone crazy when she'd turned to look at him, and he'd been pounding on the door. Cutter advised her to deny being acquainted with Rex if the incident should evolve into something, and he encouraged her to take a drink.

The woman was upset and anxious, and she quickly downed a shot. Cutter was impressed, and the woman wondered if she had been a drinker. Cutter revealed that she'd been a stripper, so the answer was probably yes. Gigi declared that Cutter knew a lot about her, but she didn't know anything about Cutter. She wanted him to tell her a story in order for her to take her mind off of Rex.

Cutter made light of the woman's request, and he stated that there had been lots of ponies in his life. The woman guessed that Cutter liked horses, but Cutter stated that he hadn't said that. He just thought that people were unreliable, and one could trust ponies more. He finally agreed to tell the woman something about himself, and he spoke about his father who had been named Billy Joe Wentworth.

The man had been poor, but he'd put himself through school while holding down three jobs. He'd emerged as a capable trader, had changed his name to William J. Wentworth, Jr., and had married the prettiest girl in the state. Her name had been Alexandra. They'd had mansions and vacations, and they'd had two children. Alex had not been a perfect wife and mother, and before long, she'd cleaned out her husband and left town.

William had tried his best to locate his wife, but he had been unsuccessful. Depressed and angry, William had taken to his bed. He hadn't been interested in anything any longer, and he had ended up committing suicide. Cutter had been in third grade when he'd found his father dead in his bedroom. Cutter and his sister had been put in foster care. They'd had no money or insurance, and they'd been split up. Cutter had run away from every home he'd been in, in order to locate his sister.

"Oh, my God, Cutter," the woman exclaimed. Cutter continued his story. He had finally found his sister, and he'd "sprung her." He'd tried to take care of her, but his life had gotten sidetracked. The woman was speechless. She finally managed to say that if Cutter ever wanted to talk, she was available. Cutter wondered if she was just like his family had been. "Nobody can count on anyone as people," he lamented.

The woman felt sorry for Cutter, but he told her to forget about it. She wondered about his mother, but he assured her that he neither cared nor knew where his mother might be. He did know that he would wring his mother's neck if he ever saw her again. The woman felt bad, but Cutter thought that the woman had it worse. She was about to have major surgery. The woman was adamant that she get it done. Then she'd deal with Rex.

John and Natalie arrived at Llanfair and found an unconscious Nigel lying on the floor outside of the nursery. Natalie discovered that Liam was missing, and John ordered her to call the police station to report a possible kidnapping. John finally managed to wake up a confused Nigel. "I was attacked," Nigel confessed.

The butler staggered into the nursery with John's help and grabbed onto the back of his neck. Nigel recalled that Brody had wanted to take Liam to the wedding ceremony, but Nigel had thought it strange. He'd offered to help Brody, and the police officer had declined. Nigel recalled Brody walking towards him, but he was blank after that. John urged him to think about where Brody might have gone.

Nigel could only remember the church, and the fact that Brody had said, "He's my son," in reference to Liam. Natalie proclaimed that it wasn't true. "He's mine," John announced. He spoke to various officers at the station and put out an APB for Brody. Nigel was upset and regretful over what had happened. Natalie gently told the butler that she didn't hold him responsible.

Nigel advised Natalie that Brody loved Liam and would never hurt the little boy. He was sure that Brody would realize that the baby belonged with his mother.

After his talk with Rex, Brody returned to the ticket agent and retrieved Liam. The agent went behind the desk to print out the new airplane tickets, but she paused midstream. She advised Brody that her printer was jammed, and she headed over to another desk. Brody whipped around the counter to look at her computer, and he read an alert that was attached to his name.

John was on the phone, and learned that Brody was wanted for questioning for setting a fire at the Sun. John recalled the threats that Brody had made to Vimal in order to keep Vimal quiet. Brody had been located at the airport. John related the information to Natalie, and the pair rushed out of Llanfair.

Baker assured Todd that he would be able to carry out Todd's plan, though he thought that killing Tomas would be easier. "Pretty soon, Tomas Delgado will be just a bad memory," Baker stated. The men shook hands.

Brody hid as airport personnel rushed around. Brody spoke to Liam and explained that they would have to find a new place for the two of them to travel to.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Destiny arrived at the hospital, and found Shaun waiting for her. Shaun informed her that he'd been reading up on what to do in the Lamaze class they were about to take. Destiny told Shaun that she'd gotten a cheeseburger for breakfast, but he suggested that she have an energy bar instead. "It's what the baby wants!" she exclaimed, and she refused the bar. He reminded her that she was in charge, and not the baby. She accused him of calling her irresponsible, and began to yell at him.

Shaun tried to calm Destiny down, and apologized for what he'd said. She admitted that she was scared to be a mother. Shaun assured her that she wasn't alone, took her hand, and led her to the class. Later, the two returned from the class. Shaun said that it had been harder than he'd thought, so Destiny offered him an energy bar. He offered to take her to the Buenos Dias, and the two left.

In Rio de Janeiro, Cutter led the woman with Gigi's face to the office of the plastic surgeon, Dr. Fascinella. The woman couldn't let Rex see her face again, because she felt bad about it. Cutter wondered if the office looked familiar to the woman, but it didn't. They entered the office, and the woman explained her situation to the receptionist. The receptionist pulled the woman's file, and gasped when she opened it.

The receptionist was shocked because she'd never seen such a dramatic transformation. The woman explained that she didn't have an appointment, but needed to see the doctor. The receptionist offered to try to squeeze the woman in. Just then, the door to the back of the office flew open, and a woman in a large hat and sunglasses ran through. She refused to leave until the doctor saw her.

The woman in the hat sat down, and told the woman with Gigi's face that the doctor wasn't a good one. The woman took off her hat and sunglasses to show the scars she had, and it turned out to be Alex Olanov. Cutter openly stared at Alex, which she took to mean that Cutter could see the scars she had. The woman with Gigi's face assured Alex that there were no scars.

Alex got up to yell at the nurses more, and threatened to sue them. Cutter whispered that he thought he knew Alex. The receptionist asked for Alex's name, and she said it. Shocked, Cutter said, "Oh, my God. That woman, she's my mom."

At the police station, Rex looked at his plane ticket, and recalled seeing the woman with Gigi's face at the airport. "It couldn't be," he said, and he vowed to find out what was going on.

On the phone, John yelled instructions, then hung up. Natalie led Rex into the office. John asked for every detail that Rex could remember about his last encounter with Brody. Rex told his story, but left out the part about Cutter's female accomplice. John noticed that Rex was withholding information, so he pressed Rex. Rex finally admitted that he'd seen Gigi get on the plane.

John left the office, so Natalie asked Rex for more information. She wanted Rex to follow the woman, but Rex vowed to help find Liam. Natalie thought that Rex needed to take care of himself first, and told him to follow Cutter and the woman. He finally agreed, and left the office. Just then, John returned, and blurted out that he'd gotten a tip about Brody being at the bus station. He and Natalie bolted from the office.

John and Natalie returned a short while later, and Natalie ranted about how uninformed the tipster must have been. She wondered how John could be so calm, because she worried that Liam was gone for good. John told Natalie that Brody hadn't been trained to hide away, but John had been trained to find anyone. He related that he'd found Liam before, and vowed to do it again. John instructed Natalie to go home and rest, but she refused to go anywhere until Liam was found.

A short while later, John was on the computer, and Natalie looked through files. John watched her, and she noticed. He admitted that he was glad she'd decided to stay. He wondered if she'd found anything in Brody's file, but she replied that what she really needed were his medical records from St. Anne's. Suddenly, John found something on the computer screen. "I think that's where Brody is," he said confidently.

Aubrey arrived at the airport to pick Shane up after the boy returned from music camp. Shane wondered what had happened. Aubrey revealed that Brody had kidnapped Liam. Shane couldn't believe that Brody had done that again, which confused Aubrey. Shane explained that Brody had thought that he was Shane's father, but had kidnapped Shane when he'd found out that Rex was really Shane's father.

Shane continued that it had been just like camping, until Brody had shot Rex. He revealed that Brody had been sent to St. Anne's, and that the whole thing had been due to stress from Iraq. Shane had found out that Rex was his father at the hospital. Gigi had told him that, if he didn't say goodbye to Rex, he'd regret it for the rest of his life. He added that he'd wanted to say goodbye to Gigi, but she'd already been dead when he had. Aubrey assured him that Gigi had heard him.

Rex appeared, to Aubrey's surprise, and wondered how camp had been. Aubrey asked Shane to get a luggage cart for his bags, but he realized that Aubrey just wanted to talk to Rex alone, and left. Rex told Aubrey about Cutter and his female accomplice. She thought that Rex had been hallucinating, but he promised that the woman had been real. He needed to follow them. Shane returned, having not found a cart. Rex assured Shane that he would only be gone for a few days.

Ford made Jessica breakfast, and asked if she had any regrets about the previous night. "Not at all," she assured him, smiling. Jessica wondered if they could keep what had happened between them. Ford promised not to tell Clint, who was only just getting used to the fact that Ford was Ryder's father. Jessica turned on her phone, and was immediately bombarded with messages.

Clint entered the nursery, and expressed that he wanted Liam to "get home safe." Viki entered with Ryder, whom Clint thought was Liam. Viki corrected him, and put Ryder down for his nap. Viki suggested that they ban family weddings, even though Tina and Cord got through theirs. Viki related how the revelations at the wedding had completely stunned her. Just then, the phone rang, and Viki ran to answer it. Jessica asked her mother what had happened. Viki answered that something terrible had happened, and that Jessica should return home as soon as possible.

A short while later, Jessica got off the phone, and told Ford that she had to leave. She updated Ford on what had happened at -- and since -- the wedding. She regretted not sharing the paternity test sooner, and blamed herself for Liam's kidnapping. Ford assured her that it hadn't been her fault, and offered to go to Llanfair with her. "You and Ryder mean the world to me," he told her.

Nigel lay on the couch with ice on his head. Roxy gave him some aspirin, and reminded him to stay off his feet. Nigel told her that she didn't have to stay, but she replied that she had to wait for Shane to get there anyway. Roxy called Nigel a hero, but Nigel didn't think of himself as a hero, especially as long as Liam was missing. Roxy assured him that John would get Liam home safely. Roxy offered to get Nigel food and tea, but all he wanted was her company. He wanted to talk about "us," but Roxy assured him that, if he died, "you'd have no bad karma with me."

Viki and Clint entered the room, and Roxy wondered if Viki had heard anything. She hadn't, so Roxy assured her that John and Natalie had probably gotten a lead, but hadn't had time to call. Viki told Roxy that Jessica was on her way over. Roxy approved, because she thought that Natalie needed her sister.

Clint asked how Nigel was feeling. Nigel wanted to get up to make breakfast, but Clint ordered him to lie back down. Clint reminded Nigel that he was a part of the family, and should have been at the wedding. Nigel thought that, because the sitter had cancelled, it had been his duty to take over.

Roxy wondered if Natalie had texted Viki back yet, which she hadn't. They wished that Natalie would return home, and remembered how she'd sneaked out of the hospital the last time Liam had been taken. Roxy thought that Natalie had gotten her leadership qualities from Viki. Viki replied that Natalie had gotten her resilience from Roxy. "We made a good kid between the two of us," Roxy said, grabbing Viki's hand.

Jessica entered the house with Ford, and immediately apologized for not being there. Ford offered his services if Viki needed anything, but Viki replied that everyone just felt helpless. Jessica wanted to see Ryder, so she and Ford went upstairs. Roxy noticed that Jessica had been wearing the same clothes as the night before, and said that Jessica had done the "walk of shame."

In the nursery, Jessica held Ryder. She wished that she could hold him forever. Neither Jessica nor Ford could imagine what Natalie was going through, and recognized how lucky they were.

The doorbell rang, and Shane entered with Aubrey, who expressed her sympathy at what had happened to Liam. Shane went into the living room, and Aubrey turned to leave. However, Roxy stopped Aubrey, and wondered where Rex was. She informed Roxy that Rex had gone to Brazil, and updated her on Cutter and his accomplice. Roxy thought that Aubrey should follow Rex, because it was her fault that Cutter was in Llanview.

Moments later, Aubrey left, and Roxy helped Nigel to a "real bed." Clint angrily shouted into the phone about finding Liam, as Shane looked on. When Clint got off the phone, Shane said that he was just waiting for Roxy, but he would wait in the foyer. However, Clint wanted to hear about Shane's music camp. Shane assured "Mr. Buchanan" that he didn't have to talk to Shane. Clint asked Shane to call him "Grandpa," but agreed to settle for "Clint."

Shane was sorry for how upset everyone was about Liam. Clint was just angry that he couldn't go out and look for Liam himself. Shane agreed that he got impatient sometimes too. Clint remarked that he didn't know a Buchanan that wasn't impatient. "I'm a Morasco," Shane replied. "So am I," Clint said, with his hand over his heart. He added that they were both Buchanans. Clint asked for Shane's opinion on what they should do for Natalie. Shane suggested that they put away "stuff that can break, because Aunt Natalie likes to throw things."

Rex's flight was called, and he was ready to find out about Cutter's female accomplice. Aubrey arrived, and said that she was ready to get on the flight. She explained to a confused Rex that she was "watching your back." She continued that, if Rex wanted answers, he had to "out-con" Cutter. Shocked, Rex followed Aubrey onto the plane.

Friday, November 18, 2011

At the warehouse on the docks, Todd yelled out Baker's name, and Baker crept out. Baker declared that he still planned to get rid of Tomas, and that the plan was already in motion. Todd noted that Baker was efficient but reminded Baker that he did not want Tomas dead. Baker revealed that Tomas would be contained, and that Tomas' good friend, Claude Calmar, would hand Tomas to them. Baker added that Claude would not have any choice in the matter. Later, Claude, who was tied to a chair in the warehouse, asked Todd what kind of devil's pact he had made with Baker, and Baker demanded that Claude call Tomas.

At Todd's mansion, Tomas talked on the phone to Claude, who told him that he had not found Louie on the docks, as Téa walked in the room. Téa noticed that Tomas' bed had not been slept in, so she guessed that Tomas had just talked to Blair. Tomas admitted that he had been with Blair the previous night and then announced that Blair had chosen Tomas over Todd. While Téa was glad that Blair had chosen Tomas, she realized that when Todd found out, he would be jealous, because Todd still had feelings for Blair, and he wanted her back.

Tomas found it funny that Todd believed that the only reason Tomas wanted to find Victor's killer was to keep Todd out of his love life. Tomas then informed Téa that he hoped to have results on finding Victor's killer, and Téa was relieved, because she wanted to then concentrate on Victor's baby. Tomas was surprised to learn that Téa was pregnant but was happy for her.

Tomas claimed that he would be there for Téa and her baby and then exclaimed that they should celebrate the news. Téa left the room to get a glass of champagne for Tomas and a glass of milk for her, as Tomas' phone rang. Claude suggested that Tomas leave for warehouse #22 on the docks, and as Tomas began to walk out, Téa stopped him. Tomas indicated that he had to leave, but that he also wanted to give her something.

Tomas handed Téa a baby bracelet that had been his, when he had been a baby. When Téa saw that the bracelet had beads that looked like eyes, she stated that they were to protect against the evil eye, "El Mal De Ojo." Tomas wanted Téa's baby to have the bracelet, as a good luck charm, and they hugged. Tomas declared that Téa's baby was lucky to have Téa as a mother and left. Later, Téa laughed at what Victor would have said about a charm bracelet to ward off the evil eye and felt that he would have stated, "Who needs good luck with me as a father."

Back at the warehouse, Claude felt that Todd had killed his brother, and that Tomas had been right all along. Claude also believed that Todd was setting a trap for Tomas to keep him quiet about the murder. Later, Tomas walked into an empty warehouse and yelled out for Louie. Tomas indicated that he wanted to talk to Louie about Todd Manning, and Todd walked out.

At Dr. Fascinella's office in Rio de Janeiro, Cutter realized that Alex Olanov was his mom, as Alex demanded to see her chart from the medical assistant. When Cutter told Stacy that Alex was the mom who had abandoned him, Stacy was shocked that Cutter's mom happened to be at the plastic surgeon's office in Brazil at the same time that they were. Cutter again claimed that Alex was his mom, as Alex threatened the doctor's office with more than a lawsuit and started to leave.

Cutter stopped Alex and announced that he was her son. Cutter explained that Alex had been married to "William James Wentworth Jr. a.k.a. Billy Jo Wentworth a.k.a. Dad." When Cutter again stated that he was Alex's son, Alex declared that she was too young to have a son his age. Cutter asked if Alex remembered her daughter, Aubrey, and the sweet, little red convertible that Alex had driven off in. Alex ran over to the medical assistant and begged her to press the panic button for the unstable young man.

Alex insisted to Stacy that Cutter was very attractive, very wrong, and very deluded. Alex added that they all had tragic pasts, but that Cutter seemed to be doing very well, and that she was sure that his sister was fine also. Alex believed that Cutter's father had also gotten over his tragic loss. Cutter replied, "Got over it? Yeah, he did get over it by blowing his brains out." Alex then covered her face in her hands and cried, "Not Willy." Alex admitted that she was Cutter's mother.

Alex explained that she was a very wealthy woman with an island resort, so that she had to be cautious. When Alex voiced that it had been a long time, Cutter pointed out that Alex had never looked back, after she had taken all of his dad's money and had left them. Alex asked how Aubrey was doing and then remembered that Aubrey had not been much to look at. Alex was sorry about what had happened and cried that she had not been much of a mother.

Alex added that she had gone through so much pain in her life too, and that she was not cut out to be a mom. Alex then revealed that Cutter had not been the easiest child to live with, because he had earned his name by cutting up her mink coat with scissors. Alex stressed that Cutter had been better off without her, and that she was sure that Aubrey had a great personality. Cutter revealed that he and Aubrey had grown up in foster care, and that they could not even get any of their father's life insurance, because their dad had committed suicide.

Alex pleaded with Cutter to let her give her side of the story, and Cutter agreed but wanted to talk someplace private. After Alex walked into another room, Stacy feared that it would not be good for Alex and Cutter to talk alone. Stacy added that she would wait for Cutter, in case he needed back-up. As Cutter walked into the room, Alex thanked him. However, Cutter said that he had to keep a promise that he had made to himself, if he ever saw her again. Cutter started to choke Alex.

On the plane to Rio de Janeiro, Rex and Aubrey wondered what they would find when they arrived in Rio. Aubrey said that she had always been able to tell what Cutter would do, before he would even do it. Aubrey explained that Roxy had convinced her to accompany Rex, so that Rex would not be alone, while he chased ghosts. Rex remarked, "Well, that sounds like Roxy, except all the words were right."

Aubrey commented that she and Rex were friends, and that she was worried about Rex. Rex wondered if Aubrey thought he was crazy, since he hoped to find his dead fiancé at the end of the trip. However, Aubrey denied that Rex was crazy and felt that Cutter had a con that somehow involved Gigi. Rex informed Aubrey that he had seen the words, "Don't give up," on the arrivals and departures board, and that he then saw Gigi, as she had been about to board the plan. Aubrey only saw that Rex was in love.

When Rex asked for explanations, Aubrey answered that they would get the explanations from Cutter in Rio. Rex realized that they would still need to find Cutter in Rio, and Aubrey broke out a deck of cards to clear Rex's mind. After Rex claimed he was good, Aubrey admitted he was cheating and then declared that Rex had the King of Spades up his sleeve. Aubrey showed Rex that she had the Queen of Hearts up her sleeve and declared that between the two of them, they could find Cutter and get all of the answers that they needed.

Once Aubrey and Rex arrived at the doctor's office in Rio de Janeiro, they talked about the cab driver who had happened to remember Cutter and the girl that he had been with. Aubrey then wondered why Cutter would travel all the way to Brazil to see a doctor.

In his office, as John looked at his computer, he expressed to Natalie that he thought he knew where Brody had gone. John discovered that Brody had deposited part of his check each pay period into a savings account, and that Brody had saved up $45,000. Natalie indicated that Brody had started saving it, when he and Jessica were still together. John then saw that Brody grew up in Niles, Michigan, and that his family still had a house there.

John found that Nadine owned the house in Niles, but Natalie believed that Nadine was still in jail. Natalie explained that at one time, Nadine had held both Brody and Rex hostage, so Brody and Nadine did not get along. However, John felt that the house would be a good place to hide out, and he called and asked the Niles police to check out the house. John and Natalie both left for Niles.

On the plane, Natalie voiced that it seemed like 10 years since she and Brody were to be married. Natalie told John about a dream where she had seen the paternity test results that indicated the John was Liam's father. She cried that the dream had been trying to tell her that it was actually a reality. Natalie whined that it was all messed up, and she was upset that she had been unable to remember. John promised Natalie that they would get their little boy back.

In Niles, Brody unlocked the door to a house, and he carried Liam inside the house where Brody had grown up. Brody told Liam that he was a trooper, and that he realized that Liam missed his mom. Brody declared that the paternity test did not mean anything, because he was Liam's father. Someone tried to hit Brody with a frying pan, but Brody grabbed her arm.

Nadine announced that she had been granted an early release from prison, and she thanked Brody for paying off the mortgage to the house. Nadine remembered that all Brody had ever wanted was a family of his own and wondered where Brody's bride was. Brody claimed that last minute family stuff had prevented Natalie from accompanying him, but that Natalie would meet up with him later. When Nadine questioned what Brody was not telling her, Brody stated that he was just tired, as a police officer pounded on the door.

When Brody asked Nadine to cover for him, she answered the door. After the cop asked if Nadine had seen her brother, who was suspected of assault and kidnapping, Nadine replied that her house was the last place where Brody would run, if he were in trouble. Nadine told the police officer that he would need a search warrant, if he wanted to search the place, and the cop left.

Brody thanked Nadine, but she said that she could not continue to cover for Brody. He yelled that he could not lose his son, and that he would lay down his life for Liam. However, Nadine insisted that Brody and Liam could not stay, or she could be sent back to prison. Nadine then questioned if Brody was really certain that he wanted to take Liam away from his mother, and Brody replied that he had never meant to hurt Natalie. Nadine told Brody to be gone by the time she returned from buying cigarettes.

Brody said to Liam, "Well, kid, your Aunt Nadine is right. We can't let her get in trouble again, so I know we're both tired, but we have to keep moving. But I promise, Liam, I'm gonna find a way to get us into Canada, and then we can start over, just the two of us. Come on." Brody opened the door and found John and Natalie on the porch.

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