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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 17, 2005 on GH
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Monday, October 17, 2005

Courtney tells Nikolas that she is pregnant. She also tells him that Emily knows about the pregnancy. He is stunned, but starts to make promises to Courtney about how he will be a father to the baby even if he is not the biological father. Courtney tells him not to make promises he'll regret later. She doesn't know what to think right now and leaves. Nikolas goes to Sonny's house to talk to Emily. He tells her he always thought if he had a child it would be with her, not Courtney or anyone else. Emily tells him not to talk about what might have been. He is stunned when Emily talks to him about 3 AM feedings, and mentions again how she would have been the one with the 3 AM duty if they had a child together. Nikolas mentions his belief that the Cassadine blood is tainted. They start to fight over the decisions each one has made, such as Emily moving in with Sonny. He doesn't realize that Alan was just there and badgered her about being brainwashed by Sonny. Nikolas realizes she's getting mad and they agree to disagree, though. Nikolas decides to go visit Courtney again, but before he leaves Emily tells him to make things right with the woman who may be carrying his child. Little does he know that Jax has shown up at Courtney's place with champagne and ice cream. He makes excuses about writing thank you notes for their wedding gifts, and Courtney asks him to be honest. She wants to know what he really wants. She's not ready to hurt again, nor is she ready to hurt him again. He agrees that he just wants to be in her life, even if it's just as a friend. They decide to donate the gifts to Courtney's new charity, Mothers Without Means and give champagne with the thank you notes. As they talk, Nikolas arrives at the door. Jax excuses himself and Nikolas asks Courtney if she told Jax about the baby. She can't tell him until the paternity test is done, because he will have too much invested and be hurt if it's Nikolas's baby. Nikolas again promises to be a good father to this baby.

Jax goes to see Emily and asks her if Carly was the reason why Liz miscarried their baby. Emily tells him she wasn't there, but Carly didn't realize what was going on so it couldn't have been her fault. She admits that it was Carly who ran out in front of Jax's car, but she didn't mean it. Emily tells him not to dwell on the past, because it only lengthens the pain. He agrees and tells Emily that he's willing to put the past behind him and admits he wants to try again with Courtney.

Liz and Lucky look at a wedding magazine and pick out a cake. When he sees she has a page marked with a wedding dress on it, he asks her to describe her dream wedding. She is reluctant, but finally tells him that she wants to be Cinderella. She will settle for a wedding at Audrey's house, though, as long as it's with the man she loves. Liz leaves and goes to Courtney's house. She asks Courtney not to come to her wedding, and Courtney agrees that she would never do anything to ruin their special day. Liz changes her mind and says that it would be ok for her to come to the wedding if that's what Nikolas wants. Liz can see that Courtney is in love with Nikolas, but Courtney tells Liz that she will let Nikolas go if that's what will make him happy. Lucky runs into Nikolas in the park and asks what is wrong. Nikolas tells him that he just went to see Emily and asked her about Courtney. Lucky tells Nikolas to stop stringing both girls along. He needs to put honor aside and decide on which girl makes him happiest.

Ric goes to see the head of the Ruiz family to try to arrange a treaty between Sonny and them. Before anything can be done, though, they learn that Javier has already taken action against Sonny. As John Durant agrees with Javier Ruiz to ignore the gunfight, the shooting begins on the 10th floor. Sonny and Reese decide to push a bookcase against the door to provide some cover. Reese tells Sonny she loves him, but he instead asks her to make sure his boys are able to see Carly if something should happen to him. She agrees, but is disappointed. They decide not to be sitting ducks any longer and to go after Ruiz and his men. They exit the room amidst gunfire. Reese is shot before they are all taken out. Sonny takes her to a stairwell for cover, but Javier soon finds them.

Jason escapes from the chair he is handcuffed to, knocks out the man with the gun, and aims the gun at Manny. Sam also grabs Manny's gun and points it at him. Before anything can happen, though, the police show up and take Manny into custody. When they leave, Jason tells Sam he must go back to Port Charles. Killing the Ruiz family is the only way to keep the ones he loves safe. Sam admits that she knew this wasn't going to last long, but says she will follow him home tomorrow. She needs time to pack and say goodbye to her brother. Jason believes this is ok since Manny can't get out of jail within 24 hours. He leaves, but tells Sam he loves her before he goes. Just as a thunderstorm starts, Sam gets a phone call from the police telling her that Manny has escaped. She gets a gun and hides behind the couch. A bolt of lightening lights up the window and Manny's face can be seen in the light. Sam goes to the window, unsure if Manny is actually there. As she approaches the window, someone knocks on the door.

Javier tells Sonny he knows that Sonny is out of ammo. He laughs at how Sonny made himself bait and then miscalculated Javier. He aims the gun and tells him to start praying. Sonny tells him he should be the one who's praying, and Javier realizes someone is behind him. He puts the gun down and turns around. Jason is pointing a gun at him. Javier tells him he's no longer Sonny's hit man and doesn't take orders from anyone. He has a conscious now and can't commit murder.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Lucky tells Nikolas he needs to make up his mind about which girl he's going to be with. Nikolas tells him it's not that easy. What Emily and he had, nothing will ever compare to. They will always have that connection, but Courtney and he respect each other. They were equals and it felt good to be together. Lucky can relate, because this is just how he feels with Liz. Meanwhile, Courtney is telling Liz the same thing. Liz realizes that Courtney is in love with Nikolas and thinks she should be honest with him. Courtney tells her that she's leaving town for a little while to sort things out. When Liz runs into Nikolas in the park, she tells him that Courtney is leaving town and he needs to go see her and tell her how she feels tonight.

Mac shows up at the Metro Court and is furious that Durant hasn't sent the swat team upstairs yet. Durant says he's not sure if there's actually a problem. Ric comes in and sees the two arguing and realizes that Durant intentionally stalled the swat team in order to give Javier a free shot at Sonny. Ric is furious and throws Durant up against a wall. Durant asks Mac to step in, but Mac says he's not sure if there's a problem. Durant caves and tells the swat team to go upstairs.

Javier tries to convince Jason not to shoot him, but Jason makes the decision and kills Javier. Sonny tries to get Jason to leave before the cops come upstairs, but they show up before he can leave. Sonny and Reese are rushed off to the hospital. Mac starts to arrest Jason, but Durant stops him. He sides with Jason and tells Mac that Jason was just defending Sonny since Javier had come after him. Jason asks what the catch is, but Durant just tells him to leave before he changes his mind. Ric is also stunned by this revelation and asks if he let Jason go so that the attorney general wouldn't investigate and find out about Durant's involvement. Durant says he can always press charges later if he needs to. He tells Ric that since Jason's back, Sonny has no room for him.

At the hospital, Emily talks to Sonny and realizes that Reese is hemorrhaging. She calls for help and gets Reese into an OR. Sonny thanks her for saving her life. He asks if she can treat him instead of someone strange coming in, but Emily tells him she's not going to put her medical future at risk for him. Monica notices Emily with Sonny. She pulls Emily aside and tells her she needs to come home. She can visit the boys anytime she wants. She says that Emily needs a place to study, and insinuates that Emily isn't staying in the guest house. Emily assures her that nothing is going on between her and Sonny.

Ric, Courtney, and Mike show up at the hospital, concerned about Sonny. Ric assures them that Sonny is fine and tells them about Reese being in surgery. Ric is disappointed when he goes to visit Sonny, though. Sonny blows off the fact that Ric tried to help him and tells him to go find Jason for him. The pain is evident in Ric's face as he leaves.

Courtney finds Emily and thanks her for calling and telling her that Sonny had been shot. Emily tells her that although they all made mistakes, they need to try to get along while they try to put their lives back together. Courtney goes to talk to Sonny, but leaves her purse in the waiting area accidentally. Sonny asks her if she will help ease Mike's fears since he believes everything has happened because of his lack of parenting skills. Courtney tells him she will talk to Mike, but laughs about how no one in their family can be honest since Sonny is basically asking her to tell Mike he loves him. She does admit that she told Nikolas about the baby, though. She's going to leave town for a little while so she can sort things out. Sonny tells her not to run away from her problems but to go and take care of herself for now. When Courtney leaves, it's Jason's turn to visit. He explains that Manny came to visit him and Sam and he realized he had no choice but to kill Manny. The cops showed up and took Manny into custody, though, before Jason had the chance to do anything. He knew something was going on and he had to get back to help Sonny right away. Sonny asks him if he's back for good or if this was just a one time deal, while Sam listens outside the room. Jason asks for his job back if it's still available, and Sonny says there's no question about it. Sam walks in and asks Sonny if he's ok and hugs Jason. They go outside Sonny's room. Sam tells him about Manny escaping prison. They both realize that Manny is coming after them now. They don't know that he's already in Port Charles, though. He's standing over his brother's chalk outline at the Metro Court. Another mobster tells Manny he shouldn't be there and that his father wants him. Manny says he will go to his father when he takes care of what he came to Port Charles to finish.

Nikolas goes to Courtney's apartment and thinks it is too late. Courtney left for the hospital when she found out Sonny had been shot, but left the note she intended to give to Nikolas. He finds it and thinks she has already left town. He takes one more swing by her place later and finds her just about to leave finally. He tells her that he can't stay away from her and kisses her.

Luke finds Skye going into Kelly's and tries to convince her to come home with him tonight. She tells him she can't be with him anymore. She's risked too much to try to be with him and he hasn't returned the favor. Luke asks if she's meeting Lorenzo tonight and she admits that she is. Their relationship has nothing to do with her and Luke, though. She's giving up on Luke because one night with him is too much but yet it's not enough also. Skye is in for a lonely night, though. She leaves Kelly's after being stood up by Lorenzo. As she leaves, Lorenzo calls her and apologizes that business kept him from meeting her. She tells him that's ok, but when she hangs up the disappointment in her eyes is clear. Lucky finds Luke in the park and is surprised to see him. They reminisce about old days and Lucky tells Luke he's getting married and hopes he comes to the wedding. Luke is shocked and tells him he shouldn't get the law involved. If he wants to be with Liz, be with Liz but don't get married. He is unaware that Liz is standing behind them and talks about all the disadvantages to getting married and mentions how Liz already has one kid fathered by another man. Liz stops Luke from ranting any further by stepping out and telling him to knock it off. She reminds him how happy he was with Laura, and they both explain they just want the same thing. Lucky tells him if he can't be happy for them, maybe he shouldn't show up to their wedding and Luke agrees. Liz asks him if he's sure, and Lucky tells her his dad will probably just show up drunk and ruin everything.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Skye is rattled to encounter Manny at Alcazar's place. Sonny awakens to find Emily sleeping in a chair beside his hospital bed. Ric summons Jason to a meeting in the park with Hector Ruiz. At the precinct house, Brook tells Jesse and Lainey how she can't recall anything after she found the rufie in Diego's pocket the day before. Honored to be trusted with Lucas' secret, Georgie encourages him to come out of the closet with the rest of the world as well. Meanwhile, a jealous Dillon wonders if Georgie is falling for her cousin. Ric asks Hector to rein in his surviving son and leave Port Charles for good. Afterwards, Jason demands to know why Ric is suddenly pulling rank. Lucas forces Georgie to swear that she'll keep mum. A beaming Alice dolls up to celebrate Luke's return to the Quartermaine mansion. Monica rails at Sonny for pulling yet another of her children into his dangerous orbit. Diego plants evidence on a student named Kenny who then is promptly arrested as the campus stalker. Ric boasts to a pleased Reese how he brokered a truce between the Ruiz and Corinthos families. Down the hall, Jason complains to Sonny about his brother's reckless behavior. Lainey tells Justus she doesn't believe for one minute that Kenny is guilty of drugging and photographing Brook. Jason begins experiencing severe headaches once again. Skye changes her mind about spending time with Lorenzo. Sonny berates Ric for blind-siding Jason and advises his brother to remember who's still in charge. Manny murders his father after Hector refuses to avenge Javier's death.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Georgie hangs around waiting on Dillon to get done his classes for the day. They go to Kelly's. Dillon notices there is an article in the newspaper that reports the arrest of the campus pervert. Dillon tells Georgie that he doesn't believe that Kenny is the guy who did it. Meanwhile, Maxie finds Jesse packing up his things in his dorm. He tells her that his cover as a student is blown now that everyone on campus knows he is a cop and that Mac took him off the case, which is closed now they think they found their culprit and arrested him. Maxie thinks it could be Kenny but Jesse tells her his gut tells him differently and he thinks he knows who the real culprit is. He tells Maxie that whoever is the real culprit has some axe to grind with Lucas and Dillon since he set them both up and that he also targeted Maxie, Georgie, and Brook Lynn as well. Maxie complains to him that she worries she won't see him as much anymore now that he will be working on some other case. Jesse tells her that he will find a way to see her and will visit her at her dorm as much as possible. Later, Georgie finds her in Jesse's dorm and asks her what is wrong. Maxie tells her that Jesse moved out of the dorm now that his cover is blown and she is worried that she won't see him as much anymore. Maxie asks Georgie what is going on with her and Dillon. Georgie tells her she feels like an outcast and that since Dillon is in college he has made new friends to hang out with and she is left doing high school activities alone. Georgie returns to Kelly's to wait for Dillon. Her friends at school find her there hanging around and ask her to go with them to the football game and then to a party afterwards. Georgie turns them down because she is waiting for Dillon. They tell her that they never see her anymore except at school and that she shouldn't wait around for Dillon all the time. Dillon comes into Kelly's and overhears their conversation. He tells Georgie that she needs to enjoy her last year of high school and encourages her to go with her friends to the game and the party afterward. Georgie reluctantly goes with her friends. Meanwhile, Lucas finds his Uncle and namesake Luke in the park drinking and not too sober. He offers Luke his sandwich that he had left over from Kelly's after Luke complains that he hasn't eaten anything for awhile. Luke thanks him then goes on to warn him away from women and marriage. Lucas acts like he is a ladies' man and has a way with women when in fact he is still in the closet about being gay. Luke complains about women to him but Lucas catches him off guard when he asks him if Laura is in the category of women he is complaining about. Luke tells him that Laura is an angel and is in a category all by herself and then changes the subject. Georgie finds Lucas in the park and comes over to say hi. Lucas lies and tells Luke he is interested in Georgie. Luke tells him that life is too short to care what everyone thinks of him and that he should live his life the way he wants to and do whatever makes him happy. Lucas really listens to what Luke says to him and considers the secret he is keeping. Later, Maxie shows up at Jesse's room above Kelly's with her suitcase. She informs Jesse that she is moving in with him. Jesse doesn't like that idea and tells her she should live on campus and enjoy her freedom at this time of her life. Maxie takes what he says the wrong way and accuses him of not wanting to be with her and that he really wants to have his own freedom to see who he wants. She takes off angry and hurt and he tries to stop her but she leaves his room without letting him explain himself further. Meanwhile, Diego, the real culprit behind the roofies and nude photos, decides to burn the rest of the evidence linking him to the crimes on campus. Maxie goes back to Jesse's dorm to do some thinking. She starts to pick up things on the floor and notices a journal laying near the desk and picks it up. She reads diary entries that complain about how mean Georgie, Dillon, Maxie, and Lucas are treating the person who wrote the diary. Diego walks into the dorm since he shared it with Jesse and asks her what she is doing.

Alexis visits Reese at the hospital and asks her why she would risk her life for Sonny and give up her job with the FBI to be with him when she seems like a beautiful and intelligent woman otherwise. Reese tells her that she is in love with Sonny and that she should be able to relate how she feels since she had a baby by Sonny herself. Alexis corrects her by saying that she had a one-night stand with Sonny and that was it. Reese tries to reason with Alexis about Ric wanting to have a relationship with Sonny. Ric shows up and overhears their conversation. Alexis runs into him on her way out and Reese goes out of her room for testing. Alexis tells Ric that she has been have contractions lately but they are mild right now and could be false labor. Ric asks her why she never called him to tell him. She tells him she called him several times and that he didn't answer his cell phone because he was doing business with Sonny. Alexis accuses Ric of caring more about Sonny than his unborn child and worries that he will miss the birth of their baby because he will be doing business for Sonny. Ric tells her he won't do that. Alexis leaves. Ric talks to Reese later about Alexis. Reese doesn't understand why Alexis can't understand why he wants to be close to Sonny and that he can actually care about more than one person at a time. Ric tells her that Alexis sees things as black or white and there are no gray areas in her life concerning her family and children.

Jason starts getting severe headaches again and takes a couple of his pills. Sam catches him taking more pills than what is prescribed by his doctor and tells him he shouldn't take more than two pills a day. Later, Ric goes to see Jason at his penthouse to inform him that Hector Ruiz has been murdered and to warn him that the cops and Durant think he killed him. Jason tells him he didn't kill Hector. Ric leaves. Sam finds a package laying on the floor after a knock on their door. Jason sees it and takes it from her and opens it carefully. There is video tape inside so they play it on their vcr. It is video tape made by Manny who goes in front of the camera and tells Jason that he will find a way to be with Sam and have sex with her and that he will force Jason to watch. This video message makes Jason very angry. Jason wants to go after Manny and kill him but Sam thinks it is a bad idea since Manny wants him to go after him. Jason gets his gun out and tells her he will take care of Manny and be safe. Sam reluctantly lets him go. Jason calls Max to come upstairs to see him. He tells Max to guard Sam at all times in the apartment and orders some of Sonny's men to guard the outside of the penthouse as well. Sam tells Max that she is taking a shower and that he can watch if he wants but that she doesn't think Jason meant for him to watch her go to the bathroom and take a shower. Max lets her go upstairs and tells her to holler if she needs him. Jason shows up to where he thinks the video tape was made and comes in the room with his gun drawn. He finds the room empty except for a camcorder on a tripod and a TV. Meanwhile, Sam goes into the bathroom and takes a shower. She screams for Max after she turns around inside the shower and sees Manny leering at her from the outside of the shower stall, with at least no shirt on.

In a Paris hospital, Dr. Robin Scorpio consults on a surgery taking place. She tells the surgeon that she doesn't think his patient needs surgery and that the medicine they had him on was starting to work. The surgeon disagrees with her opinion and performs the surgery anyway. Robin stays in surgery to watch. The patient ends up dying on the operating table. The French surgeon apologizes to Robin for insisting on doing the surgery and not listening to her advice. Robin tells him that he had a right to his own opinion and that she really thinks that they should have given the medicine a chance. Robin goes home to an empty apartment and finds there are no telephone messages for her. She takes out a glass and some wine and sits down to look over her files and work. She is surprised when she hears a knock at her door. She opens the door to find the French surgeon she just talked to on the other side of the door. She invites him in and he notices she was busy working on paperwork. He lectures her on leaving time for recreation instead of working all the time. Robin tells him that she enjoys her work and doesn't mind spending a lot of time and that what she does is very American. The surgeon invites her to take a walk with him and seems interested in her romantically. Robin turns down his offer but the man is very persistent and wants to take her out for coffee at a nearby cafe. Robin tells him she thinks he is attractive but that he needs to know that she is HIV-positive.

Thursday, October 21, 2005

Robin explains to a sympathetic colleague how she contracted HIV from her very first boyfriend. A terrified Sam screams for Max, then grabs her gun and fires at Manny as the intruder flees from the penthouse. Diego accuses Maxie of snooping after catching her reading his late cousin's diary. Lucky gently advises Emily not to put her whole life on hold just to look after Sonny's children. Sonny thanks a blushing Reese for everything she's done, then delights her with a special gift to punctuate his gratitude. Robin's fellow doctor suggests that her reluctance to re-enter the dating scene has more to do with a broken heart than with her viral load. Rushing home to check on Sam, Jason realizes that Manny must have been lying in wait in an upstairs closet all along. Reese and Sonny agree to take a romantic ski vacation once she's fully recovered from her wounds. Worried about Jason's health, Sam begs him to speak to Tony. Meanwhile, Sonny hides from Michael his concerns about Carly's badly deteriorating condition. Jesse tells Maxie he's going to pursue the stalker case on his own. Later, Maxie and Jesse put their relationship back on track. Monica encourages a puzzled Reese to move in with Sonny and help care for his kids. Tony warns Jason that a risky operation may be the only option he has left if he continues to get worse. Emily is shocked when Alan threatens to have her expelled from medical school unless she moves out of the Corinthos compound.

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