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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 17, 2005 on GL
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Monday, October 17, 2005

At the hospital, Danny's set to have a DNA test taken to see if baby Hope might possibly be Michelle's. Marina explains that with what's already on file at the hospital, the results can be had in a matter of hours. Cassie takes Hope home, praying it won't be for the last time. Jeffrey sees her pain and helps make the night special for her. Across town, Danny and Marina make desperate love, each aware it could be for the last time if the results come back and complicate their lives.

Later, Danny and Marina bring the results to Cassie's, who hadn't expected anything this quickly. But Danny wanted to open the envelope with everyone together, in the same room. Cassie is heartbroken when she realizes Danny is in fact the father of baby Hope. She kicks Danny out, insisting she's going to keep Hope for the time being. Danny, knowing he has to act fast, tells Marina he's got to find Michelle.

Bill begins the day truly not knowing if he's going to go to Venezuela or not. He's reluctant to leave Olivia, angry though he is at her. But he's also hesitant to leave Billy if his drinking is going to cause the same problems they did previously. Billy assures his son he's going to be attending AA meetings and will get his drinking back under control. Bill decides to leave. He seeks out Olivia to break the news to her.

Billy later tells Reva he has no intention of going to meetings, especially now that Bill is leaving him. He admits now is the time he needs a drink more than ever. Reva realizes she has a long road to go if she's going to help Billy.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bill tells Olivia he's leaving her and going to Venezuela. Crushed, Olivia tries everything she can think of to keep him from going but his mind is made up. Josh, Reva and Billy arrive and there is an awkward scene with Olivia. After, Bill has painful goodbyes with both Olivia and Emma and finally takes his leave.

Later, a crushed Olivia is visited by Josh who has coming looking for Bill. But sad and alone, Olivia asks him to stay for a while.

As Sandy orders Fallon to discover the source of the mysterious note which was sent to him, Tammy makes a plan to prove her love to him. She brings him up to the roof where she has set up a romantic scene for him. She makes a heartfelt speech about why she wants to marry him but Sandy cryptically says he has something to take care of before he can commit to her fully.

Meanwhile, Jonathan spots Fallon and curious, follows him. Later, however, he accidentally walks in on Tammy's emotional speech to Sandy and is heartbroken. He runs into Fallon and tries to get information about Sandy's past. Ava comes to see Sandy and asks if he thought he could hide from her forever!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Cassie struggles with the knowledge that Hope is Michelle and Danny's child. Jeffrey must come to grips with his own loss, realizing that much to his surprise, he's fallen in love with this beautiful little child as well. They discover Danny has hired a guard to keep watch on the farm, to ensure that Cassie won't run away with the baby. Meanwhile, Danny and Marina try to track down Michelle. For Marina it's a search charged with conflicted emotions knowing that she could lose Danny forever if they do in fact track Michelle down. Meanwhile, as Michelle sits alone in the Bauer cabin, trying to come to terms with the death of her baby and unaware of the drama that's swirling all around her, Edmund is desperate to get out of jail and find her. Edmund still doesn't know that the DNA has confirmed that Danny and Michelle are the birth parents and he is convinced he still may have a chance with Cassie. In order to win his freedom, he makes an unlikely pact with Alan who helps Edmund get the information that Michelle is staying at the cabin. The two twisted minds work together in order for Edmund to win his release and to misdirect Danny. Later, with Danny tricked and Edmund on the loose, Michelle has no idea of the danger she's in. Ava and Sandy reveal that they know each other from a previous life, and that they share a secret that could impact on Sandy and Tammy's future. Later, after reassuring Jonathan that she plans on being with Sandy and helping him to recover from his accident, she runs into Sandy and Ava together. They cover and Sandy agrees to go home with Tammy while Ava, unwilling to back down, tells Jonathan to find out what Sandy is hiding.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Harley holds off a hostile takeover at Spaulding while trying to keep the flame alive with Gus. Mallet is perturbed to see them kissing. A scared Dinah shoves Mallet and demands to know why he let Edmund go. Mallet hugs her and promises that Edmund won't get to her. Mallet catches her when she tries to steal his gun. Dinah's probation officer arrives. Mallet tells the officer that he will take care of Dinah from now on. Dinah wants to know Mallet's angle.

Beth visits Alan in jail where he is reading Blake's torrid romance novel. Alan is not worried that Harley will run Spaulding pharmaceuticals into the ground because he has set the hostile takeover in motion. He wants Beth to set Harley up with files showing inflated profits. Beth cozies up to Harley.

Alan annoys Gus with a special reading of Blake's book. Gus calls Harley to warn her that she is being played by Beth and Alan. Harley doesn't let on to Beth that she knows she's being played. Harley puts on a disguise, determined to find someone who will tell her the truth about Spaulding's financial situation.

Danny is desperate to get out of jail so that he can find Michelle. Marina tries to convince Frank to let Danny go. When he refuses, Marina gives Danny the key to his handcuffs.

Michelle tries to let go of her pain over the baby's "death." Edmund surprises her at the Bauer cabin. He unplugs the phone and keeps her from calling Danny. A storm is coming. Edmund wants to take Michelle for a drive and goes to get the car. Michelle discovers that Edmund has just been released from jail on kidnapping charges. He realizes that she is on to his deception and restrains her from leaving.

Danny races against time to find Michelle but his car won't start.

Edmund's anger explodes before Michelle. She is the one thing standing in between his happiness with Cassie.

Danny arrives at the cabin and a terrified Michelle runs into his arms.

Thursday, October 21, 2005

Sandy's getting ready to leave the hospital when suddenly Jonathan arrives. After mocking Sandy, Jonathan shows him the note he found on Sandy "I found you." Jonathan tells Sandy that he's sniffing around into his background and he'll figure out what Sandy's hiding. When Jonathan walks out, Sandy gets a call from his lawyer, Fallon, telling him that Ava is at the Beacon. Sandy immediately calls Ava, who's just found out from Tammy that Sandy is moving in with her. Sandy tells Ava to meet him up on the hospital roof. Later, on the rooftop, Sandy tries to convince Ava that he's changed. He tells her that he's met someone and plans to marry her. He asks her to make things easy for him and Ava says she will on one condition - he give her the ring. Sandy refuses since that's the ring intends to give to Tammy. He tries to offer her cash, but Ava insists that she wants something that really matters to him. Suddenly, Fallon arrives and Sandy tells him to give Ava anything she wants to get her out of there. He then leaves. Fallon attempts to buy off Ava, but she refuses to budge stating that she wants to show Sandy that there are some things money can't buy. Just then Jonathan (hot off a conservation with Tammy in which she told him he would just be her friend and nothing more) arrives on the roof and sees Fallon with Ava. Ava and Fallon try to make like they don't know each other, but Jonathan's not buying it. When Fallon leaves, Jonathan demands to know how Ava knows Sandy and his lawyer. An upset Ava warns Jonathan to stay out of it, but he just presses harder. Ava is getting more and more upset, leading Jonathan to think that Sandy hurt her. She tries to tell him that she can't risk it but Jonathan continues to badger her, asking her how he hurt her. Ava blurts out that he married her!

Meanwhile, Tammy has taken Sandy home to the Beacon where he asks her to marry him.

Cassie is outside Company saying a premature goodbye to Hope. Dinah stumbles upon them and tries to tell Cassie that they need to do something about Edmund since he's escaped. She tries to get Cassie to see that Edmund's still a threat and needs to pay for what he did, but Cassie isn't interested. Suddenly, Mallet arrives. Apparently, Dinah ditched him by lying to him that she was going to be with her father. Dinah promises to make it up to him by buying him a sandwich and goes inside Company while Mallet stays outside and talks with Cassie. After a while, Mallet realizes he's been ditched again.

At the Bauer cabin, Michelle is frantic because Edmund has just knocked out Danny. When Edmund tries to get her to leave the cabin with an unconscious Danny--so they can be "together forever"--Michelle stalls by asking for more time in her family's cabin. As she's discussing pleasant memories, Danny awakens and tries to knock out Edmund. However before Danny's able to get Michelle out of there, Edmund wakes up and attacks Danny, strangling him. Michelle stops him by knocking Edmund out. As Danny tries to calm an hysterical Michelle, Edmund suddenly gets up and runs out of the cabin. Alone, Danny tries to calm Michelle and finally tells her that her baby's alive--Hope is their baby.

Edmund is frantic to get away and flags down a car driving by. He gets in and is shocked to see that the driver is Dinah!

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