One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 17, 2005 on OLTL

Viki met Tess. Ginger, the Manning babysitter, confessed to being Margaret's niece. Marcie and Hugh went out on a date. Nora opened her eyes but remained unconscious. Rachel blamed Bo for Nora's condition, and Matthew ran away when he overheard her. Lindsay informed R.J. that she wanted a baby. Natalie was furious that Evangeline and John continued working together.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 17, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, October 17, 2005, 2005

Bo asks Rex to show the police artist's sketch to all his contacts. Meanwhile, Todd faces more questions from a suspicious Blair. Layla can barely conceal her disappointment when Antonio brings Jessica back to the private jet to be reunited with an elated Jamie. Hugh and Marcie's growing closeness continues to grate on Michael. At Statesville, Kratz overpowers Cristian and strings him up in his cell. Antonio quietly asks Layla to stay with her sister until he's had a chance to explain to Jessica why she's been living at the loft. Nash learns about Tess' visit to the Napa family clinic. Prodded by Evangeline, John places an urgent call to the prison warden. Later, the warden and a guard find Cris hanging in a noose and hurry to cut him down. Rex scoffs at Marcie's protestations that she and Hugh are just platonic friends. Todd hesitantly agrees to meet Bo after the commissioner calls him down to the station house late at night. Natalie tells John she no longer cares about Evangeline and "John Doe." Blair does some snooping and is alarmed to discover a photo of a beaming Ginger hugging Margaret. Hugh and Marcie decide to go out on a real date. Warden Stevens reports to John on Cris' apparent suicide attempt. Bo asks Todd to run the sketch of his prime suspect in the next edition of the Sun.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005, 2005

Blair is furious as she looks at the picture of Ginger and Margaret. When Ginger comes home late after a night of partying at Ultra Violet, she is greeted by an icy Blair. She apologizes for staying out late, and Blair responds by saying "Your whoring around is the least of my concerns. How do you explain this?" She shoves the picture in Ginger's face and watches her nanny squirm. Unleashing all of her anger, Blair demands that Ginger explain exactly how she knows Margaret. Scared in the face of this wrath, Ginger tells Blair that Margaret is her aunt. Blair throttles the girl, accusing her of being hired to spy on the Mannings. Ginger confesses that she was, but that she soon realized her aunt was crazy. Blair screams at her, accusing her of putting Starr's and Jack's lives in jeopardy. Ginger vows that she would never hurt those kids and that she loves them deeply. Blair grabs her by the shoulders and drags her out the door, not even letting her collect her things. Ginger takes off for the Palace, where she runs into Spencer. He stops her and asks what's wrong. She tells him about Blair's discovery, and Spencer gives her cash so that she can find a place to stay. It's obvious that Spencer will want something in return in the future, but he pretends to be a nothing more than a good Samaritan.

Spencer is also in the throes of action with the Buchanan men. In fact, the reason he is at the Palace is to answer a summons from Asa. Asa calls Truman over for a meeting with himself, Duke, and Kevin, during which he asks Spencer to switch the location of David's bachelor party to the Buchanan lodge up in the mountains. Spencer says that he is happy with the plans he already has, but Asa won't back down. He manages to persuade Truman to stop by the Buchanan mansion that evening for a round of poker. After dealing with Asa and Ginger, Spencer takes off for the Mannings' penthouse, where he pretends not to know that Blair has just had it out with Ginger. When she shows him the picture of Ginger and Margaret, Spencer offers comfort in the form of a shoulder massage. Neither he nor Blair sees Todd enter the apartment, a jealous glare forming on his face.

Asa makes a comment to Lindsay as she is looking at a picture of Jamie. Having lost a child himself, he is able to sympathize, but he also thinks she needs to hop back in the saddle. Inspired, Lindsay runs to the hospital, where R.J. is visiting Rachel and a still-unconscious Nora. Lindsay tells R.J. that they should have a baby. He is shocked by this request, and tells Lindsay that it's no way for them to mourn the losses of their own children. She says that she realizes this, but that she needs new blood in her life. He agrees to discuss the matter, but also wants reassurance that he is enough for her.

Bo refuses Matthew's request to visit Nora, but Paige interferes on the boy's behalf. She warns Bo that it's possible Nora will never wake up, and asks him how Matthew will feel if he is denied once last chance to visit his mother alive. Bo agrees to take Matthew to the hospital, and Paige arranges for the boy to go into the room. She tells him not to be frightened by the machines, because they are keeping his Mom alive. Matthew gets up on Nora's bed and tells her that he has decided to join the school play to make her happy. He says that he wishes she could come see him; suddenly, Nora opens her eyes!

Antonio comforts Jessica when she wakes up from a deep sleep. She tries to tell him that she's pregnant, but they are interrupted by a knock on the door. It's the social worker, coming to check on Jamie in the wake of R.J.'s arrest. She is shocked to find a half dressed Jessica, and demands to know who she is. Before Antonio can fully explain, the social worker has formed her own opinion and decided that Antonio is sleeping with his ex while Layla is out with Jamie. She tells Antonio that she is going to the judge with this information. Antonio is dismayed, and he is also forced to explain to Jessica that he and Layla were pretending to be a couple. She feels bad for the trouble she has caused and once again starts to tell Antonio about her pregnancy. Suddenly Nash storms into Antonio's apartment, having come to rescue Tess. Thinking he is talking to Tess, he exclaims that he knows she's pregnant. Antonio looks on in shock.

Meanwhile, Dorian visits Viki at Llanfair and presses her for information on Jessica. Viki is reluctant to discuss her daughter, but eventually admits that Jessica has not been acting like herself for months. Dorian brings up the fact that Jessica was always unstable, referencing the time that she was stalking Dorian. Viki reminds Dorian that this was a result of the fact that Dorian ran down Jessica and killed her unborn baby. Dorian is very upset and tells Viki that that was one of the worst moments of her life. She collects herself and accuses Viki of always trying to deny that her loved ones are capable of any wrongdoing. "Sometimes," Dorian says, "people know exactly what they are doing when they do bad things." Viki suddenly has a flashback to the moment that "Jessica" screamed at her and caused her heart attack ... could her daughter possibly have done this on purpose? It becomes increasingly clear to Viki that something is seriously wrong with Jessica.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005, 2005

Todd arrives home just in time to see Spencer comforting Blair a little too intimately. Losing his temper, he throws the doctor out but not before Spencer reveals Ginger's family connection. The men argue and Todd strikes the doctor. He can hardly believe that his children's babysitter has been spying on them. He does believe that Spencer is after a little more than friendship with his wife. Todd admits that he didn't do a background check on Ginger. Blair knows that something has happened to change her husband recently but he denies that anything else is going on. He does stop her from calling the cops so that they can question the girl but has to cut their discussion short. He receives a call from Denton that the victim is about to be ID'd. Blair is feeling scared when he tells her that he does what he does for her. Starr returns home from school, devastated that Ginger didn't show up. She's feeling even worse when she learns the truth about her friend who was really a liar.

As Matthew talks to his mother, Nora opens her eyes, giving the boy false hope. After being examined by both Paige and Michael, it is determined that her movement was only a reflex. As Matthew prematurely plans a welcome home party, Bo is told that Nora is back in a coma. When Rachel arrives to visit her mom, she accuses Bo of causing the tragedy; not the aneurysm itself but the high blood pressure and stress leading up to it. Matthew overhears and refusing to hear Bo's explanation, heads for home with his babysitter. Spencer is called in to examine Nora and advises Paige that basically he doesn't think that Nora will be a problem for her any longer. He taunts Paige with the fact that she can have Bo and Matthew to herself among other things. Paige is appalled and more so when he cautions her that he'll be wanting another favor from her, in order not to expose her past. She thought they were through.

While Viki frets over Jessica and is paid a visit by Layla, Antonio learns about Jess' pregnancy through Nash, who has blurted it out before Jess has a chance to explain herself. Layla wants Jess stopped from ruining Antonio's life, which is guaranteed to happen when the social worker stops by and learns the truth. Viki accuses her of wanting Antonio for herself though she swears she'll be gone after Vega gets permanent custody of his daughter. Layla proceeds to explain how Jess appears to be confused and unaware of who she is; she lets the cat out of the bag and reveals that Jess is at Antonio's. Viki demands she be taken to her daughter, not knowing until that second that she was even in Llanview. In the meantime, Jess asks to speak with Antonio who patiently promises that they'll work things out. Jess is not sure who the father is but thinks that Nash should know the truth about her. Antonio is horrified to find out that the pregnancy was almost terminated though Jess assures him that it wasn't her to make that decision. As Jess tries to carry on, Tess keeps trying to break through. Antonio comes to her rescue and tries to stay calm while Nash has returned and is thoroughly confused. As the guys argue, Jess feels sick and heads towards the bathroom. Nash wants to leave with Tess, especially since he's heard some awful things about Antonio. Antonio tells him that Tess is a storyteller. Viki arrives as the men continue to go at it and asks for her daughter. Nash identifies himself as the "father of her child." Viki is confused and upset.Who's Tess? Antonio goes to fetch Jess but she is gone.

Todd meets with Denton at the Palace and gives him money for a package. The ID has been put off due to a slight problem. Ginger, who has been sitting at the bar drinking, approaches Todd but he refuses to speak with her. He orders her to stay away from his kids or he'll strangle her. The waiter nearby overhears.

Matthew packs up his belongings in his bookbag.

Todd changes his eye color with some new contact lenses. He packs some things in an overnight bag.

Thursday, October 20, 2005, 2005

Evangeline warns an exasperated Layla that she's being used by Antonio. After discovering that Jessica has fled, Viki demands to know who Nash is and why he's referring to her daughter as "Tess." Meanwhile, Tess wonders how to rid herself of Jessica permanently so she can live the life she wants. At Statesville, Cris bitterly accuses John of trying to cover his own tracks now that the truth is about to come out. Blair cautions Todd that his lies and secrets are taking their toll on Starr. Viki comes face to face with Tess. Back at the loft, Antonio reminds Nash that he still doesn't have the whole story on the woman he loves. Starr reminds her parents why leaving Llanview is not the solution to their problems. David confides to Kelly how uncomfortable he is with the elaborate plans Dorian has been making for their wedding. Though John offers to have him transferred to another prison, Cris reminds the detective why he needs to stay put. Antonio elects not to reveal the truth to Nash. Listening to Tess describe her feelings about Jessica, Viki is devastated to realize that her beloved daughter suffers from the same mental disorder which nearly destroyed her own life.

Thursday, October 21, 2005, 2005

The Cramer women gather at the Palace for Dorian's bachelorette party. Meanwhile, Ginger commiserates with Rex in the lobby. When the Cramers enter the lobby, Ginger asks Rex to stand in front of her as a shield. Rex obliges, then asks Ginger why she doesn't want to be spotted. She explains that Blair discovered she is Margaret Cochran's niece and fired her. As the ladies begin celebrating Dorian's impending nuptials on the terrace, Spencer and David show up on their way to the Buchanan lodge for David's own bachelor party! Kelly tells Spencer that she's glad someone else can appreciate the Buchanans, having no idea that Dr. Truman has a hidden agenda. Once David and Spencer depart, Ginger storms onto the terrace, ready to come clean to Blair. Before she can so much as open her mouth, all five Cramers form a line and begin to verbally tear her apart. Starr is hurt that her friend betrayed her, and Ginger tries to explain that she really loves the Mannings. Dorian and her girls are brutal to Ginger, until Rex rushes out to the girl's defense. Blair tells him that she doesn't have to listen to a damn word Ginger has to say. Ginger screams at Blair that if she had really wanted to hurt her, she would have told her that Margaret was pregnant.

Todd hangs out at the police station, hoping to catch a glimpse of the DNA report of the woman who was found in the lake. He nearly manages to read the report, but Antonio catches him and puts an end to his plans. Antonio reveals that Jessica is back in town, but tells Todd to keep his nose out of the situation. Todd admits that he has issues of his own to contend with, but he's visibly relieved to know that his niece is back in Llanview.

On the docks, Viki and Tess come face to face! Viki asks Tess why Jessica needs an alter to protect her, but Tess won't answer her. She reveals that she indeed wanted Viki to die when she had the heart attack, and Viki is stunned and hurt. Tess admits that Nash's love has changed her, and she tells Viki that she no longer wants her dead. She even confesses that Jessica believes they both need Viki's love. When Tess spits out that Viki could never love her, only Jessica, Viki makes a passionate declaration: she says that she loves Tess too, and that she will always be grateful to her for protecting her daughter. She pleads with Tess one more time to tell her what happened to Jessica, and Tess says that Viki knows EXACTLY what took place all those years ago.

Kevin, Asa, and Duke arrive at the Buchanan lodge to prepare for David's bachelor party. There is a sudden noise from within one of the bedrooms, and Asa pulls out a rifle. The noise was caused by none other than Matthew, who has run away from Bo. The men ask Matthew what's wrong, and he says that he blames Bo for causing Nora's collapse. Kevin makes a secret phone call to his uncle Bo, telling him to come to the lodge right away. Asa stokes the flames by telling Matthew that he has a right to be mad at his father! When Bo shows up, he manages to break through to Matthew a little bit; however, his son says that he still holds him partially responsible for what happened to Nora. Bo asks Matthew to come home so that they can continue to talk the matter through, but Matthew insists he's going to stay and play poker with Asa! David and Spencer show up, and Asa wants Kevin and Duke to frisk them for weapons! Bo intervenes on their behalf, and Spencer insists they have come in peace, to play cards. Asa tells him that cards can get dangerous; Spencer doesn't like the implied threat.

Natalie is livid that John and Evangeline are continuing to help the "John Doe" get out of prison. Meanwhile, Van tries to have extra security put on Cristian. Natalie abruptly leaves John at the station to run an errand, and Van uses the opportunity to hash things out with John. She tells her ex that if they don't get Cristian out of Statesville immediately, that they will both have his death on their conscience. Meanwhile, Cristian is led to the visiting room by a guard: imagine his surprise when he realizes that the visitor is none other than his wife, Natalie!

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